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2009 FIST Tossups by NYU + Editors 4
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The participants in this plan included James Montgomerie, who won a skirmish against Conde de Canillas, while others like Robert Pinkerton and Thomas Drummond were taken prisoner at various points by Don Juan Pimienta. It was written about in an account of another participant, Lionel Wafer. This event was planned by William Paterson, who boasted that he'd found "the Key to the Universe" in a proposal submitted to the Marquis of Tweeddale. That proposal was effectuated by five ships - including the Unicorn, Dolphin, and the Endeavour. It was largely prompted by the recent Glencoe Massacre, which caused widespread famine in the participant nation, leading its king James VII to approve plans to set up a site that would be dubbed "New Caledonia." FTP, name this failed scheme to establish a namesake Scottish colony in 1698 on the isthmus of Panama.
Answer: Darien expedition/scheme
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In Hawaiian mythology, the hero Kana does battle with one of these at Haupu, allowing Hina to return to her husband. One of these is rescued by Urashima-Taro, which leads him to visit the princess Otohime and acquire a jewel box that tragically turns him into an old man. After Hunahpu is decapitated in the House of Bats, Xbalanque replaces his head with one of these. Vietnamese legend says that Le Loi was given a great sword by a golden one of these, who took it back after it served its historical purpose. One of these is invited to share yams with Anansi, who contrives to eat them all, but this figure gets his revenge. This bandit Sciron kills passersby by kicking them into one of these while they're washing his feet, until his defeat by Theseus. Another figure takes this form to support Mount Mandara during the churning of the ocean. FTP, name this form taken by Vishnu's second avatar Kurma, in order to use its hard shell.
Answer: turtle (accept "turtle shell" - up until "golden one," just to escape confusion)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A form of this reaction is accelerated by Furstner and Langemann's synthesis of dactylol used gem-dimethyl substitution, via the Thorpe-Ingold effect. A method for carrying out a variant of this reaction uses resorcinol as co-catalyst and is named for Mortreux. A modified catalyst for this reaction employs a chelating isopropoxy group and is named in part for Hoyveda. The mechanism of this reaction features a metallocyclobutane intermediate and was proposed by Herison and Chauvin. This reaction's catalyst features two tricyclohexyl phosphine ligands and two chlorine ligands, with a benzyl carbene bound to its ruthenium center - that catalyst is named for Grubbs. FTP, name this equation for which the 2005 Nobel Prize was awarded, whose canonical case involves the cleavage of a double bond followed by recombination of the fragments into more alkenes.
Answer: olefin metathesis
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This author wrote about Jugo de la Raza, who buys a book at a stall on the Seine and is possessed by it, so that he can't bring himself to burn it or put it down, in How to Write a Novel. This author of Teresa: Rhymes of an Unknown Poet also wrote about a physician whose patients desert him when he decides to write sci-fi and fantasy instead, "The Madness of Doctor Montarco." In a work narrated by Angela Carballino, her brother Lazaro returns from America and interacts with a priest who has lost his faith - Saint Manuel the Good, Martyr. His oeuvre also includes a novel in which the protagonist loves Eugenia before meeting the author himself and dying. Augusto Perez is the protagonist of that work, and he wrote about the idea of spiritual anxiety in The Tragic Sense of Life. FTP, name this man who updated the story of Cain in Abel Sanchez, a member of "Generacion del 98" who also wrote Niebla.
Answer: Miguel de Unamuno y Jugo
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The fourth movement of this piece drew inspiration from a woodcut by Moritz von Schwind; the composer describes it as "now iconic and merry, now uncanny and brooding." Its second movement was originally written for a series of tableaux vivants based on the poem "The Trumpeter from Sakkingen" by Joseph von Scheffel - that movement was rediscovered in a manuscript given to Jenny Feld, and played by Benjamin Britten at the Aldeburgh Festival in 1967 - this omitted Andante had been dubbed "Blumine" by the composer. The second part of this piece was first entitled "Commedia Humana" and included a "funeral march in the manner of Callot." Originally subtitled as a "Tone Poem in the Form of a Symphony," it draws its usual title from a novel by Jean Paul and often quotes from its composer's Songs of a Wayfarer. Followed in succession by the Resurrection Symphony, FTP, name this first symphony by Gustav Mahler.
Answer: Titan Symphony (or Mahler's First Symphony in D Major before "first symphony")
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This man wrote that the development of "plastic sexuality" has led the ideals of romantic love to be replaced by "confluent love," in The Transformation of Intimacy. In one work, he identifies four components - procedural rules, moral rules, material resources, and resources of authority. He writes that "everyone still continues to live a local life, and the constraints of the body ensure that all individuals, at every moment, are contextually situated in time and space" - and discusses concepts like the "knowledgeability of the Agent" and "duality of structure." A chapter entitled "Living in the World: Dilemmas of the Self" is contained in his Modernity and Self-Identity. Also known for advocating the politics of the "Third Way," his most influential book The Constitution of Society outlines his theory of "structuration." FTP, name this British sociologist and buddy of Tony Blair.
Answer: Anthony Giddens
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Upon taking control of this organization, one man declared that it was "a ship without a rudder or sails or masts, on short allowance of provisions and water." A "brief history" of it was written by David Dewey in response to a national commission demand, and the most comprehensive monograph on it was written by Ralph C.H. Catterall. It floundered upon losing the support of Governor George Wolf, who had backed it during the administration of William Jones, the former Secretary of the Navy. The most famous man to run this organization owned an estate called Andalusia and edited the literary magazine Port Folio - that man took over after Langdon Cheves. FTP, name this institution whose most famous president was Nicholas Biddle, until it was destroyed by Andrew Jackson.
Answer: Second Bank of the United States (prompt on Bank of the United States)
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The Whipple observatory originated the use of this effect to detect atmospheric high-energy gamma ray photons. The use of a periodic diffraction grating can produce this effect at any velocity, and photonic crystals can force this effect to occur at obtuse angles, its reverse-cone form. This effect results from an excess of negative charge in secondary particle showers, scaling with the square of net charge, according to the Askaryan effect, while the former type of this effect is known as the Smith-Purcell effect. The energy emitted per unit length by this effect is proportional to the integral of permeability times frequency times quantity one minus one over beta squared refractive index squared; that integral is performed over all frequencies such that velocity is greater than speed of light over the refractive index, the Frank-Tamm formula. FTP, name this cause of a nuclear reactor's blue glow, the consequence of charged particles traveling faster than the speed of light in a medium.
Answer: Cherenkov radiation
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Joan Didion cites this poem in Slouching Towards Bethlehem at the end of "Notes of a Native Daughter," writing that perhaps she's been playing out its central figure. The author of this poem wrote that it was one of only two he penned at Liverpool, the other being "Felix Randal," and this piece provides the title of a 2008 novel by Francine Prose. The text sees the narrator declare "Ah! As the heart grows older / It will come to such sights colder." He later says that "no mouth had, no nor mind expressed, what heart heard of, ghost guessed," before proclaiming "it is the blight man was born for." The poem begins with him asking "Margaret, are you grieving, over Goldengrove unleaving?," as it addressed to a young child. FTP, name this poem full of sprung rhythm and written by Gerard Manley Hopkins, which is titled after two seasons of the year.
Answer: "Spring and Fall"
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A region to the west of this body of water is called the "Putrid Sea," or the Sivash, which is separated from this body by the Arabat Spit. Once known as Lake Maeotis, its southern portion features a passage once known as the Strait of Yenikale. The northeast features the deposits at the Gulf of Taganrog and it is fed from the east by the Kuban River which enters it at Temryuk, while a larger city on its shores is Mariupol. Notably plagued by an invasion of Mnemopsis leydi, this body is known as the "Fish Sea" in one language. It is separated from a larger body of water to its south by the Isthmus of Perekop, as well as the Kerch Strait. FTP, name this body of water north of the Black Sea.
Answer: Sea of Azov
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This lesser-known work of this man includes a marble statue of St. Eligio, situated above a panel showing the saint shoeing a horse. He created a relief depicting the Assumption of the Virgin at the Porta della Mandorla on the north facade of the Duomo in Florence, which may have been completed by his student Luca Della Robbia. Another of his works was commissioned by Maestri di Pietra e Legname and features a bas-relief at the bottom depicting sculptors seated at workbenches hammering on several creations including a column and a nude boy. That piece, on the north side of Orsanmichele, depicts a semi-circular group of toga-wearing men on a pedestal facing out at the viewer from their niche. FTP, name this Renaissance architect of the Four Crowned Martyrs.
Answer: Nanni di Banco (accept "Nanni" or "Banco" - he's referred to as both)
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The expulsion of Jesuits from this country from 1607 to 1767 was written about in a book by RB Cunninghame Graham entitled A Vanished Arcadia. This country is also the subject of The Politics of Exile by Paul Lewis. One of its earliest leaders executed his fellow consul Fulgencio Yegros, after which he placed all church employees on the state payroll, banned college education, and ended free trade - actions which led his reign to be called the "hermit state." That man, who went by the nickname "El Supremo," was Dr. Jose de Francia. Its opposition parties have included the Renovation Movement and a left-wing group known as the Febreristas, who set up a short-lived administration here in 1937, but soon gave way to leaders like Higinio Morinigo and Jose Estigarribia. FTP, name this country also ruled by Alfredo Stroessner and Francisco Solano Lopez.
Answer: Paraguay
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Nightside energy release due to the formation of a near and far x-line, resulting in "flux ropes," is an attempt to explain one feature of this region called the "near-earth neutral line" model. Instabilities in the entity that creates this region are measured by the K-index. A z-pinch called Birkeland currents occur here, and, in a namesake layer, which separates the plasma sheet from the ring current, this region displays Alfven waves. It exhibits "substorms," and its inner edge is made up of a layer where Schumann resonances may occur and which has sub-layers like Kennelly-Heaviside, that being the ionosphere. Ganymede is the only non-planet in the solar system to possess one of these, which contain a torus of plasma called the Van Allen belt. Generally denoted B, FTP, name this region of the atmosphere caused by interactions with the solar wind, named for the field that permeates it.
Answer: magnetosphere
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At one point in this film, a character is told to buy 48 gladioli flowers to celebrate the birthday of the mother of her boyfriend Adi, which she reluctantly attends and sits through an uncomfortable dinner, but she forgets the flowers. At another point, she secretly opens a briefcase and pops open a switchblade knife inside, but must hide it in her pocket when the man returns. That man, who goes by the name Mr. Bebe, is angered by her failure to book a room at the Unirea hotel, a result of one of Gabita's several lies. Gabita also falsely claims that Otilia is her sister, and forgets to bring the plastic sheet that was meant to catch her blood. Directed by Cristian Mungiu, FTP, name this 2007 film about two women who obtain an illegal abortion in Communist Romania, which won the Palme d'Or and is titled after the true age of the aborted fetus.
Answer: 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days or (4 luni, 3 saptamani si 2 zile)
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Near the end of this work, one character poses the riddle of what "goes round the house, and round the house, and never touches the houses." That character assures another that he's secured two horses for her "that will fly like Whistle-jacket," after she frets that she'll be sent to the house of her Aunt Pedigree, which is ten times worse than being locked up. In the preface to this work, the author notes that taking on a "comedy not merely sentimental was very dangerous." A character mistakenly believes he's arrived at Buck's Head Inn, which is confused with the Three Jolly Pigeons, but he's set straight by the woman with whom he desires to elope Constance Neville. The collection of jewels owned by Constance is coveted by the mother of Kate Hardcastle, but Kate is happily allowed to marry Marlow in the end by Tony Lumpkin. FTP, name this five act play by Oliver Goldsmith.
Answer: She Stoops to Conquer
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This thinker advised "get into the habit of working, so that you are self-sufficient and need no external help" in his "Advice to My Daughter," who was then a toddler. Under the pseudonym Dr. Joachim Schwartz, he claimed that "nature forms us equally" in his tract "Reflections on Negro Slavery." He contended that "habit can so familiarize men with violations of their natural rights that they neither think of protesting nor believe they are unjustly treated" in his "On Giving Women the Right of Citizenship." In a better known work, he argues that truths which at first can only be grasped by men capable of profound thought quickly come to be proved by methods not beyond the reach of ordinary intelligence. In addition to that work, Sketch for a Historical Picture of the Progress of the Human Mind, he formulated a namesake "jury theorem" on the wisdom of large decision-making groups. FTP, name this Enlightenment figure who also has a namesake voting paradox.
Answer: Marie-Jean-Antoine-Nicolas de Caritat, Marquis de Condorcet (accept either underlined part)
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The success of the winning army in this battle was quickly muted by a loss that resulted in the Truce of Esplechin in the same year. This contest was preceded three years earlier by the Battle of Cadzand at the same site. The winning force grew in strength by meeting up with Robert Morley and dividing itself into three sections, with archers on the outside flank. The other side included a force from Genoa under Egidio Barbavera, which escaped while the main force under Nicolas Behuchet and Hugues Quieret was destroyed. The king leading the winning force tried to follow it up with a siege of Tournai, but was rebuffed and returned to his queen Philippa of Hainault. A landmark victory for that king Edward III over Philip VI, FTP, name this 1340 battle, probably the most important naval engagement of the Hundred Years War.
Answer: Battle of Sluys
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At one point, this character plays euchre with his object of affection and holds back his good cards so that she wins, after which he suggests they play for dimes and, when she says that gambling is bad, he tells her not to moralize until she sees who wins. His first wife insists on him obtaining season tickets to the races for their entire family to establish social standing, and she attends with Bart Taylor, while he prefers to spend time viewing the performance of "Under the Gaslight" at Avery Hall. He's followed to Canada by a private investigator hired by Fitzgerald and Moy, to whom he eventually pays 9,500 dollars. He and his second wife initially live across the hall from Mr. and Mrs. Vance, but money problems force them to move into an apartment in a different part of town. He'd been introduced to that wife by Charles Drouet, her former husband. FTP, name this man who falls from saloon manager to homeless in New York City in Sister Carrie.
Answer: George Hurstwood (accept George or Hurstwood)
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A recent study suggests that one compound used for this procedure, deferasirox, is useful as an adjunctive therapy for the fungal infection mucormycosis. In Alzheimer's disease transgenic mice, another type of this procedure has been found to inhibit beta-amyloid buildup, and one type that acts on calcium has controversially been used to treat atherosclerosis. This procedure is often used to alleviate the effects of treatments for thalassemia major like constant blood transfusions and the suppression of erythropoiesis, leading to iron overload. This type of treatment has been administered to autistic patients after autism was speculated to be caused by mercury poisoning. Compounds used in it operate by creating multiple bonds with a center atom at unsafe levels in the body. FTP, name this treatment in which compounds like EDTA and DMSA are used to remove heavy metals from the body.
Answer: chelation therapy
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This artist created a grid of barbed wire splashed with red paint representing blood in a work entitled Lace Curtain for Mayor Daley. He wrote that "the human in language is literature, not communication" in his essay "The First Man Was an Artist," published while editor for Tiger's Eye - in other settings, he denied that art is concerned with the problem of beauty and famously quipped "aesthetics is for the artist as ornithology is for the birds." Later in life, he painted a series of lithographs dubbed the 18 Cantos and a series entitled Who's Afraid of Red Yellow and Blue?. His more famous work includes an eighteen-foot wide red canvas entitled Vir Heroicus Sublimis, now housed at MOMA, and a massive sculpture called the Broken Obelisk which sits outside the Rothko Chapel in Houston, as well as the fourteen paintings in his celebrated Stations of the Cross group. FTP, name this abstract expressionist famous for canvases featuring long vertical lines that he called "zips."
Answer: Barnett Newman
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The composer of this opera was convinced to pursue it by his friend Sybil Seligman, who commissioned a translation of its text. At one point, a character reads the Fifty-first Psalm of David, though the original text had a book entitled "Old Joe Miller's Jokes." Another character expresses frustration in the first act by declaring "Che terra maledetta," after which the romantic conflict is established by the aria "Chi c'e per farmi I ricci?" In the second act, another character's knowledge of Nina Micheltorena is asked into by Ashby, and later that character sings the aria "Ch'ella mi creda libero." Based on a play by David Belasco, it also features Wowkle and Billy, who are urged to marry in a church, and Jim Larkens who simply longs to go home. Ramirez is the secret identity of Dick Johnson, who is saved by his beloved Minnie. FTP, name this opera set in the American west, by Puccini.
Answer: The Girl of the Golden West or La fanciulla del West
2009 FIST Bonuses by NYU + Editors 4
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This thinker provides a Platonic dialogue on the "Moral Foundations of Commerce and Politics" in Systems of Survival and argues for the emergence of a sovereign Quebec in The Question of Separatism. FTPE:,
[10] Name this author of the landmark 1961 book The Death and Life of Great American Cities.
Answer: Jane Jacobs
[10] Jacobs criticized this fellow urban planner, the subject of Robert Caro's book The Power Broker. From the 30s through the 60s, he coordinated the construction of much of New York City, including the state park system.
Answer: Robert Moses
[10] Jacobs frequently feuded with this man over the humanization of cities. This author of Sticks and Stones wrote about the emergence of the polis in The City in History.
Answer: Lewis Mumford
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One important politician in the history of this country is Apirana Ngati, who won election to the Cabinet on the United Party ticket. FTPE:,
[10] Name this country which was once plagued by the Musket Wars.
Answer: New Zealand
[10] This Maori church was founded in the early 20th century by Tahupotiki Wiremu, at a town on the North Island of New Zealand, and named for his surname. Its adherents held that he was able to communicate with the Holy Spirit via a ray of sunlight that emerged from a cloudburst.
Answer: Ratana Church or movement
[10] Of course, the Ratana Church constantly bewailed this 1840 treaty, which is pretty much the prime low point for Maoris. It was pimped by William Hobson, complete with some dubiously translated provisions.
Answer: Treaty of Waitangi
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name some post-Standard Model theories of modern physics, FTPE.,
[10] This theory extending general relativity to five-dimensional spacetime requires a scalar field called the radion, but would manage to unify electromagnetism and gravity.
Answer: Kaluza-Klein theory
[10] Predicting particles like the photino and the selectron, this likely-broken relationship predicts that "sparticles" exist for every known fundamental particle.
Answer: supersymmetry [or SuSy]
[10] This Harvard physicist proposed the first supersymmetric standard model with Savas Dimopoulos. He's better known for papers advancing the theory that there must exist massive particles that, like the photon, are scale invariant, which he terms "unparticle physics."
Answer: Howard Georgi
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The main character rejects the schoolteacher Lily Hirschorn and falls in love with Stella Salzman, the wayward daughter of his matchmaker Pinye Salzman. FTPE:,
[10] Name this short story in which Leo Finkle is studying to be a rabbi at Yeshivah and seeks a wife.
Answer: "The Magic Barrel"
[10] In this novel, Frank Alpine works for a grocery store owned by Morris Bober after having helped to rob the store, and he has a tragic love for Bober's daughter Helen.
Answer: The Assistant
[10] "The Magic Barrel" and The Assistant are works by this Jewish-American author, who wrote about Roy Hobbs in The Natural and Yakov Bok in The Fixer.
Answer: Bernard Malamud
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name these famous diamonds, FTPE.,
[10] Currently housed at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, this diamond appears blue to the naked eye due to trace amounts of boron, and is said to have brought a curse on all those who possessed or handled it.
Answer: Hope Diamond
[10] At 6103.75 carats, this diamond which produced the "Star of Africa" was the largest gem-quality diamond ever found, and has been cut into the Estrella and Sudnine pieces, the largest of which is mounted in the British Crown's "Sceptre with the Cross."
Answer: Cullinan Diamond
[10] This geographically-named diamond, discovered by a female slave in Brazil, landed in the possession of Prince Mulhar Rao of Baroda in British India, who was later deposed of his throne after being proven guilty of poisoning recalcitrant subjects with diamond dust.
Answer: Star of the South or Estrela do Sul
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer the following about ancient sculpture, FTPE.,
[10] Discovered by Josef Szombathy in an Aurignacian deposit in Lower Austria, this perhaps 24,000 year old statuette of a bulbous female may be connected to a mushroom cult.
Answer: Venus of Willendorf or Woman of Willendorf
[10] This Etruscan terracotta sculpture, probably by Vulca, is part of a larger work depicting the title figure and Heracles during the latter's Third Labor.
Answer: Apollo of Veii
[10] A large cache of animal art was unearthed by James Mellaart and others at this Neolithic site on the Konya Plain in Turkey, including statues of aurochs' heads and a mother goddess seated between leopards.
Answer: Catal Huyuk (Catalhoyuk)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This collection includes such stories as "An Ounce of Cure," "Day of the Butterfly," "Boys and Girls," and "Walker Brothers Cowboy." FTPE:,
[10] Name this collection whose title story focuses on an annual piano recital at which a retarded girl triumphs.
Answer: Dance of the Happy Shades (and Other Stories)
[10] The Progress of Love and The Moons of Jupiter are other collections by this author of Dance of the Happy Shades.
Answer: Alice Munro
[10] Alice Munro is a noted author from this country. So is Mordecai Richler, Michael Ondaatje, and Robertson Davies.
Answer: Canada
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
He was ostracized in the wake of aiding Sparta with a helot uprising in 461 BC, thanks to the efforts of his political rival Ephialtes. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Athenian statesman, the son of Miltiades, who claimed to have dug up the bones of King Theseus in Scyros.
Answer: Cimon (Kimon)
[10] Cimon was a driving force behind the power of this naval alliance headed by Athens, which he used to cleanse Scyros of pirates.
Answer: Delian League
[10] In this 466 BC battle, Cimon won a smashing victory over the Persians by defeating about 200 Phoenician ships in the water and capturing 80 more on land. It eventually led to the Peace of Callias, named for Cimon's brother-in- law.
Answer: Battle of the Eurymedon River
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One classic example of this group of organisms consists of the unicellular slime molds, which assemble into a single colonial organism upon a chemical signal. FTPE:,
[10] Name this group of eukaryotic organisms, once a kingdom containing organisms like protozoa.
Answer: Protista [or protists]
[10] This protist has an extraordinarily AT-rich genome, at over eighty percent of base pairs. It also features two or three different 18S subunit proteins. It evades the human immune system with its var, stevor, and rif genes, the last of which forms proteins that this protist exports to the red blood cell surface.
Answer: Plasmodium falciparum
[10] This group of protists lack classical mitochondria. Many have bare cristae, either shaped like discs, like the euglenozea and percolozoa, or tube-shaped, like the jakobids. Most have two or four or more flagella.
Answer: excavates [or Excavata]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This man's lesser-known works include The Spectre of Comparisons and Under Three Flags. FTPE:,
[10] Name this professor at Cornell better known for writing about "printing press capitalism" in his landmark study of the origins of nationalism, Imagined Communities.
Answer: Benedict Anderson
[10] This French Marxist, a student of Louis Althusser, extended Anderson's ideas of how populations reproduce themselves as nations, arguing for cycles of historical reciprocity. These ideas are contained in his essays with Immanuel Wallerstein published in 1991 as Race, Nation, Class: Ambiguous Identities.
Answer: Etienne Balibar
[10] On a somewhat different note, this thinker wrote about cultural nationalism and the renewal of culture in the wake of the African diaspora in The Wretched of the Earth. He also wrote Black Skin, White Masks.
Answer: Frantz Fanon
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
To hell with Lazarillo de Tormes and the picaresque! Answer stuff about the birth of the pastoral novel, FTPE.,
[10] This 16th century Portuguese author is credited with writing the first Spanish pastoral novel, a Castilian work in seven books alternately entitled La Diana or Diana Enamorada.
Answer: Jorge de Montemayor
[10] Montemayor's work provided inspiration for this Shakespeare comedy, which features a dog named Crab, as well as Valentine and Proteus, who pursue Silvia and Julia.
Answer: Two Gentlemen of Verona
[10] Written in imitation of the Diana of Montemayor and Gil Polo, this first work of prose fiction by Cervantes sees Elicio and Erastro long for the title character en route to a wedding of Daranio and Silveria.
Answer: La Galatea
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Edward III attempted to appoint John Ufford as archbishop of Canterbury instead of this man, but Ufford was killed by the Plague and this man ascended, though he served for only forty days. FTPE:,
[10] Name this medieval philosopher known as Doctor Profundus, who wrote Tractatus de proportionibus and formulated the "mean speed theorem."
Answer: Thomas Bradwardine
[10] Bradwardine offered a theory of insolubles that was copied by this contemporary, who wrote the Summulae de dialectica but is best known as the namesake of a conundrum involving equidistant bales of hay.
Answer: Jean Buridan (Buridanus)
[10] Like tons of other people, Bradwardine composed a refutation of this heresy, named for a man allegedly from Britain who partnered with Celestius and was condemned at the Council of Carthage in 418 AD.
Answer: Pelagianism
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Noted conductor Sir Charles Mackerras has cited this work's repeated motives as justification for calling its composer the first minimalist. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this sacred musical work whose text is in Old Church Slavonic, and is named for the script in which Old Church Slavonic was written.
Answer: Glagolitic Mass or Msa glagolskaja
[10] Despite being an atheist, this composer scored one of his greatest hits with the Glagolitic Mass. However, he is still better known for his operas Jenufa and The Makropolous Affair.
Answer: Leos Janacek
[10] Janacek also composed this orchestral rhapsody based on a novel of the same name. The title character is personified by the trombone, and movements include "The Death of Andrei" and "The Death of Ostap."
Answer: Taras Bulba
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This man, known as "Old Crocodile" for his tenacity, signed the Nkomati nonaggression accord with Samora Machel. FTPE:,
[10] Name this African politician who ascended to his highest office by defeating B.J. Vorster.
Answer: Pieter Willem Botha
[10] PW Botha also entertained diplomatic relations with this African president, who promulgated the Mulungushi Reforms and was succeeded by Frederick Chiluba.
Answer: Kenneth Kaunda
[10] This other African president was an advocate of "conciencism" and built power after his "Dawn Broadcast" in 1961. He ruled Ghana until his overthrow during a tour of Asia in 1966.
Answer: Kwame Nkrumah
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This process is followed by transfer to a polyvinylidene fluoride membrane and subjected to mass spec in Far Eastern blotting. FTP:,
[10] Name this process, which employs capillary action to draw analyte through the namesake stationary phase, silica spread over a rectangle of plastic or glass.
Answer: thin-layer chromatography
[10] This form of chromatography binds to the analyte using coulombic interactions. It may be used to purify proteins by using a stationary phase that will bind at one pH, then varying pH.
Answer: ion-exchange chromatography
[10] This equation gives the resolution between two peaks of a chromatogram as the product of half the square root of the second peak's plate number times the second peak's retention factor k over one plus k times separation factor minus one over separation factor.
Answer: Purnell equations
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Answer the following about the historical subjects of national epics, FTPE.,
[10] This Kievan Rus prince of Novgorod from the 12th century is the subject of a lay discovered in 1795 describing his "campaign" against the Polovtsians and his brief capture under Khan Konchak.
Answer: Prince Igor Svyatoslavich (accept just "Igor" or "Prince Igor")
[10] Miklos Zrinyi's epic of Hungary describes the peril or siege of this polity, named for a fortress which called a "mole hill" by Suleyman, who stormed it against the resistance of Nikola Zrinski in 1566.
Answer: Sziget (Peril of Sziget, Siege of Sziget, Szigetiana, Sigeta, Szigetvar)
[10] The character of Siegfried in The Song of the Nibelungs has been connected to this chief of the Cherusci who . defeated Publius Varus at the Battle of Teutoberg Forest in 9 AD.
Answer: Arminius or Hermann or Armin
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Identify the following related to topology, FTPE.,
[10] A topological space has this property if each open cover has a finite subcover. On the real line, this is equivalent to a set being closed and bounded.
Answer: Compactness
[10] Frechet generalized this result, which gives conditions under which a set of continuous functions from a compact metric space to a metric space is itself compact in the compact-open topology. Those conditions are that the set be equicontinuous, pointwise relatively compact, and closed.
Answer: Arzela-Ascoli theorem [accept in either order]
[10] This theorem states that the product of any collection of compact spaces is compact. The namesake of this theorem formally developed the topology of the product of spaces, and this theorem is a corollary of the Alexander subbase theorem.
Answer: Tychonoff's Theorem
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The second of these works shows Niccolo da Tolentino unseating Bernardo della Ciarda at the title event. FTPE:,
[10] Name this set of three paintings, now divided between the Uffizi, Louvre, and National Gallery, which depicts a lot of soldiers in a wooden, almost toy-like manner.
Answer: Battle of San Romano
[10] This Florentine painted the Battle of San Romano series as well as a Funerary Monument to Sir John Hawkwood which hangs in the Duomo of Florence.
Answer: Paolo Uccello
[10] That monument to Hawkwood is paired with this other Florentine's painting of the same Niccolo da Tolentino. He also painted a notable version of The Last Supper in the refectory of Sant'Appolonia. It is hypothesized that he studied under Uccello, though this remains unconfirmed.
Answer: Andrea del Castagno
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Name these measures used in comparative politics, FTPE.,
[10] Defined as the area between the 45-degree line and the Lorenz curve, this measure of statistical dispersion first introduced by its Italian namesake in "Variability and Mutability" is used to show income inequality in a population.
Answer: Gini Coefficient or Gini index
[10] This measure created by the UN combines rankings of life expectancy, educational attainment as measured by adult literacy and gross enrollment at all levels, and logged GDP per capita. The current winner is, of course, Norway.
Answer: HDI or Human Development Index.
[10] This organization's eponymous measures of civil and political rights are 7-point scales often used as ordinal measures of democratic governance. They are collected in the annual "Freedom in the World" report.
Answer: Freedom House
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Name some characters from an American novel, FTPE.,
[10] This officially unnamed title figure's oratory skills come to use in the Communist organization The Brotherhood, led by Brother Jack, which he's invited to join after making a speech to prevent an elderly couple from being evicted.
Answer: "the Invisible Man"
[10] The Invisible Man often feuds with this character, a Black Nationalist modeled after Marcus Garvey. Originally subtitled "The Exhorter," by the novel's end he has become "The Destroyer," and leads a race riot dressed in Ethiopian garb.
Answer: Ras
[10] Early on, the Invisible Man is expelled but given seven letters to secure employment by this black president of his college who, despite the predictions of Homer Barbee, proves to be a slave for the white man.
Answer: Doctor A. Herbert Bledsoe
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Name these Biblical leaders, FTPE.,
[10] After succeeding Shallum as king of Samaria, this man destroyed the city of Tiphsah and "ripped open all the pregnant women." He'd later become King of Israel and use tax money to bribe the King of Assyria into leaving his land.
Answer: Menahem
[10] After receiving a message from God, this ruler frees the Jews from captivity in his empire and brings them and their religious artifacts back to Jerusalem for the purpose of building a temple, an action for which he is greatly honored in the Judeo-Christian tradition.
Answer: Cyrus the Great [Also accept Cyrus II or Cyrus the Elder]
[10] While not technically a ruler, this judge held court under a self-titled Palm between Ramah and Bethel, where "the children of Israel came up...for all judgment." She would help organize the Israeli battle plans during the Battle of Thabor and gave Barac the needed confidence to fight against the more advantaged Canaanites.
Answer: Deborah

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