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2009 FIST Tossups by Editors 3
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High-profile members of this organization included Fritz Altidor and the ambassador Clinton Knox, who created scandal when he became an honorary member. The actions of this group were famously opposed by Hector Riobe, who committed suicide in a cave upon hearing that his mother had been tied to a horse, after he incited an incident at the Kenscoff army post. This organization was later supplemented by a group known as the Leopards, after originating under the leadership of Clement Barbot. Composed largely of peasants called houngan, its common name alludes to the "gunnysack" used by a bogeyman to kidnap children out late at night. Also known as the Militia of National Security Volunteers, FTP, name this paramilitary force set up by Francois Duvalier to maintain order in Haiti.
Answer: Tonton Macoutes (or Les Boubou Macoutes, or MVSN or Militia of National Security Volunteers before mentioned)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One poem by this author ends by declaring "Large resolutions, little deeds / Thus, filled with aims unreached, life speeds until the blotted record reads, `Failure!' at last." That poem is "Ghosts of the Old Year" which follows a piece entitled "If I Were Paris." Another poem by this author directs "let us here erect a stone, to mark the place, to mark the time," adding "let that stone an altar be, whereon thanksgivings we may lay." In "Saint Peter Relates an Incident of the Resurrection Day," he satirically presents a gathering at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This author of Along This Way and Fifty Years and Other Poems is better known for a novel about a character who takes a job at a cigar factory in Jacksonville as a "reader" before moving to New York to play ragtime and bearing witness to a lynching. FTP, name this author of God's Trombones and Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man.
Answer: James Weldon Johnson
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One text on this subject considers how the forces involved in this phenomenon, called Bjerknes forces, cause certain structures to approach the Blake pressure. An advance allowing a simple, stable system exhibiting this phenomenon was made by Gaitan and Crum. The entities concerned in this phenomenon are described by the Keller equation, which considers viscosity and compressibility, or the simpler Rayleigh-Plesset equation. Schwinger theorizes that this phenomenon emerges due to the dynamic Casimir effect, and, more concretely, this phenomenon can be said to emerge from cavitation. FTP, name this phenomenon in which bubbles stimulated by sound waves emit light.
Answer: sonoluminescence
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In one chapter of this work, the author considers the "modern problem of choice" between the Scylla of world-renunciation and Charybdis of world-acceptance, after noting the double role of Faust as creator and destroyer. That chapter is entitled "The Song of the Month" - this work's first chapter, "Concerning the Two Kinds of Thinking," distinguishes between "thinking in words" and directed thinking, which is a modern acquisition. Recently translated by Beatrice Hinkle with introduction by William McGuire, much of the work analyzes the "autosuggestibility" of a woman known as "Miss Frank Miller," whose description of a sea-journey is one of her "phantasies" - the author interprets those as stemming from her idea of love and her libido's organization as hero escaping the mother role. Subtitled as "A Study of the Transformations and Symbolisms of the Libido," FTP, name this 1911 work often cited as the beginning of the break from Freudian thought, written by Carl Jung.
Answer: Psychology of the Unconscious (accept "Symbols of Transformation" before the subtitle is given)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In Buddhist tradition, this religious practice was first endorsed by the Maha-parinibana Sutta but its scope was expanded by the Astamaha-pratiharya, which pays tribute to the story of the taming of the elephant Nalagiri and the offering of honey from a monkey. In Hindu tradition, one who performs this action is known as a yatri, since it is referred to as yatra, and popular examples are the Char Dham and Tirtha-yatras. One type of this practice in Muslim tradition is ziyarat or ziarah, which is shirk according to Sunni orthodoxy. A more famous example of it involves the casting of seven stones at white pillars representing temptation, and is often coupled with the umrah. FTP, name this religious practice exemplified by the hajj, which usually involves the visiting of sacred places.
Answer: pilgrimage (accept any reasonable equivalent like "spiritual journey" or visit, etc.)
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This man served as a ticket taker at the Theatre des Varietes before being kicked out for repeated theft, though he often boasted of the time he spent as a furnace merchant, and promoted the imagery of twin furnaces as a trademark symbol. He married former nun Marie Goupil whom he met at the Fraternal Society of Patriots of Both Sexes, prior to him being named deputy procureur at the Paris Commune as a member of the Cordeliers. Known for circulating an image of a man holding a hatchet and a revolver and standing over a kneeling priest, he referred to himself as the original Pere Duchesne. He's also the namesake of a political party embraced by the sans-culottes, leading to his death by guillotine in 17 FTP, name this radical and often obscene journalist of the French Revolution.
Answer: Jacques-Rene Hebert
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Minor characters in this work include Shih En, the son of a prison camp warden at Meng-chou who battles Chiang Men-shen for control of the Happy Forest Tavern and makes a gift out of a hundred taels of silver. A central female character is sold into the house of Commissioner Wang and Lady Lin after her father dies, and learns to play musical instruments there, before she's given as a bride to the dwarf Wu Chih, who is murdered by the protagonist of this work. That protagonist visits an Indian monk at the Temple of Eternal Felicity to obtain pills which lead to his eventual death by overdose. Before that, Ximen Qing takes P'an Chin-lien as his Fifth Lady and he has a maid named Pang Chunmei whose rise is reflected in the title of this work. It borrows several themes from The Water Margin, and was written under the pseudonym Lanling Xiaoxiao Sheng. FTP, name this work sometimes called The Golden Lotus which is famous for being chock full of sexual fetishism.
Answer: The Plum in the Golden Vase (or The Golden Lotus before mentioned or Chin P'ing Mei anytime)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Journet et al found that, in leaf mitochondria, the addition of this compound helps inhibit oxygen consumption during amino acid oxidation. The reaction of the 2-pyrone in macrophomic acid synthesis sees this compound decarboxylated and coordinated to a magnesium ion before either a Michael addition or a Diels-Alder sequence. An acyltransferase forms 2-methylcitrate from propanoyl-CoA and from this compound. A carboxykinase in the mesophyll forms this compound from carbon dioxide and PEP. In the urea cycle, alpha-ketoglutarate and aspartate react with a transaminase to give glutamate and this compound. It naturally forms pyruvate over time, especially when aided by its namesake decarboxylase. FTP, identify this four-carbon dicarboxylic acid, which is formed in the oxidation of malate and which, in the first step of the Krebs cycle, reacts with acetyl-CoA to form citrate.
Answer: oxaloacetate
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In an article on this painting "and the story of Helen", Edith Balas interprets it as an allegory depicting Euripides' account of Helen, while others have linked this canvas to the poetry of Agnolo Poliziano. The figure in the center may represent Semiramide Appiani, in celebration of her marriage to Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de Medici, for whom this work was commissioned. The leftmost figure in a red tunic with a sword at his waist reaches his right hand up in a pointing gesture. The far left of this painting, now housed at the Uffizi, sees a blue figure reach his hands down to grasp a woman who has flowers spilling from her mouth. FTP, name this painting showing Zephyrus, Chloris, the Three Graces, Mercury, and Venus, a celebrated work by Sandro Botticelli.
Answer: Primavera (accept La Primavera or The Spring)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One passage in this work concerns a man who keeps wild birds in an aviary at his home - in one sense, the man has the birds because he possesses them, but in another sense he only has the birds under his control. Early on, the work claims that the midwife is the "true and only matchmaker," - unlike a procuress, a midwife knows the difference between a true birth and a wind-egg. The work begins with Terpsion meeting Eucleides outside of his house in Megara, where we hear that the title figure is suffering from dysentery. That figure is asked to define a syllable and to define the letters that compose a syllable - that passage, often called the "Dream Theory" or "Dream of Socrates," suggests that simple objects may only be perceived and not known, after this work defines knowledge as true judgment plus an account. FTP, name this Platonic dialogue which, like the Meno, concerns a mathematician and his theory of knowledge.
Answer: Theaetetus
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
At one point, the main character of this opera asks his housekeeper Amelfa to guess what he was dreaming about, and to his delight, she succeeds on her third try. Early on, another character suggests disbanding the army and then suddenly mobilizing it again to achieve a surprise attack, after which everyone applauds to the comic dismay of General Polkan. Later, a beautiful woman emerges from a tent and sings the "Hymn to the Sun," identifying herself as the Queen of Shemakhan. The opera ends with a clap of thunder after the Astrologer has been killed by King Dodon's scepter, and Dodon himself has been killed by the title creature. Based on a poem by Alexander Pushkin, FTP, name this Rimsky-Korsakov opera about a certain fortune-telling bird.
Answer: The Golden Cockerel (Le Coq d'Or)
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This U.S. state passed the Fernald Law, making it illegal to export hydroelectric power out of state. In the 1920s, it was led by Governor Owen Brewster, who succeeded Percival Baxter with the backing of the Ku Klux Klan. Two million acres of its land was known as the Bingham Purchase, for William Bingham, and its native sons include Treasury Secretary William Pitt Fessenden. The June Riot was an uprising against a mayor in this state, the future presidential candidate Neal Dow, who sponsored an 1851law named for this state which banned sale or manufacture of alcohol. Also the birthplace of House Speaker Thomas "Czar" Reed, a noted Senator from this state opposed McCarthyism with her "Declaration of Conscience" speech - that was Margaret Chase Smith. Also the home state of a man exposed by the Mulligan Letters, FTP, name this birthplace of a certain "continental liar," James Blaine, whose boundaries were disputed during the Aroostook War.
Answer: Maine
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One convention sometimes named for this man is dealt with by an algorithm that begins by converting to prenex normal form, then counting the number of quantifier alternations; that algorithm is named for Tarski and Kuratowski and that convention is connected to Turing degrees by Post's theorem, the arithmetical hierarchy of sets. This man sometimes names a logic with an "unknown" value as well as an s-m-n theorem. He also names a unary operation on a set of strings that returns the smallest superset that returns the empty string and is closed under concatenation, known as his namesake star. He is best known, along with the man who proved that the nth prime is greater than n ln n, for a function f that, given x, returns not x of x, and so applying it to itself, say f of f returns not f of f, a paradox that some resolved by introducing types to the lambda calculus. FTP, name this mathematician who names a paradox with Rosser.
Answer: Stephen Cole Kleene
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In the preface to this work, the author writes that the ultimate solution is to build an Academy for 9,743 people. One section explains what happens "when a Man's Fancy gets astride of his Reason" and "Imagination is at Cuffs with the Senses" - that section was referred to in some "observations upon" this work made by William Wotton. First published with an appendix entitled "The Mechanical Operation of the Spirit," it is dedicated to the "Honorable John Lord Somers." Its sections include a "Digression on Madness" and a discussion of a group called the Aeolists, who believe that learning happens through wind, so they love burping. The work concerns three characters who inherit coats from their father - those characters Peter, Jack, and Martin represent three types of Christianity. FTP, name this work whose title stems from the item thrown overboard to distract an attacking whale, a satire written by Jonathan Swift.
Answer: A Tale of a Tub (works by Swift and Jonson)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This thinker defined science as the "habit of demonstrating propositions" or "inferring conclusions by legitimate sequence from certain and immutable principles" in his Preliminary Discourse. He used that definition to write that philosophy "is the science of all possible things, together with the manner and reason of their possibility," deriving that notion of possibility from the Principle of Contradiction. This author of German Metaphysics eulogized the philosophy of Confucius in a controversial lecture, after which he was expelled from his post at the University of Halle and exiled by Frederick William I, only to be called back later by Frederick the Great. Interestingly, he shares his full name with a 20th century composer of experimental works like the Peace March series. FTP, name this German thinker, who was arguably the most important philosopher between Leibniz and Kant.
Answer: Christian Wolff (or Christian von Wolfus)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
At one point, this character gets in trouble when he lets a pet Myna bird named Elvis fly out the window after it had been making fun of him. In another incarnation, his neighbor Clarence Appleton spreads rumors that he's having an affair with Tracy King. Originally created in a novel by Gwen Davenport, his name gets comically mispronounced by Angela Shostakovich as a constant joke. He appears in an SNL sketch, where he's nicknamed Brocktoon and Chris Farley suggests keeping the actor who played him in a big jar in his basement, at a fan club chaired by Tom Hanks. In two movie sequels, he "Goes to College" and "Rings the Bell," after first appearing in the film Sitting Pretty, where he was played by Clifton Webb. He took a job working for sportscaster George Owens, played by Bob Uecker, while he was played by unlikely sitcom star Christopher Hewett. FTP, name this proper British dude who warmed our hearts as a housekeeper on TV in the 80s.
Answer: Lynn Aloysius "Mr." Belvedere
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This composer is the subject of a work by Kathryn Bailey subtitled "Old Forms in a New Language." His Quartet for clarinet, saxophone, piano, & violin was composed for the 60th birthday of architect Adolf Loos. This tutor of British composer Humphrey Searle had his "Slow Movement" piece for string quartet inspired by a hiking trip with his future wife Wilhelmine Mortl. The twinkle in the eyes of his daughter Amelie reportedly led him to create his cantata Das Augenlicht which was, like several of his pieces, drawn from the poetry of Hildegard Jone. Also known for atonal work based on poetry of Stefan George, FTP, name this student of Arnold Schoenberg, an Austrian composer of the twelve-tone school who was killed in 1945 by an Allied soldier.
Answer: Anton von Webern
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This compound is secreted by Entamoeba histolytica in the intestines, and a change in body color from green to black and brown accompanies this compound's triggering of swarming behavior in locusts. The gastrointestinal tract features its secretion by enterochromaffin cells. A major receptor for this compound is the only one in a family of seven that is a sodium/potassium pump, is found in vagus nerve terminals, and is antagonized by antiemetics like ondansetron. Flushed skin and diarrhea occur in patients with carcinoid tumors that secrete this hormone. This hormone is released by the raphe nucleus, and the aforementioned major receptor for this compound is 5-HT FTP, name this monoamine neurotransmitter whose reuptake is selectively inhibited by a class of antidepressant drugs.
Answer: serotonin
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A historian writes that, when this emperor was threatened by a conspiracy of Calpurnius Crassus, he gave his cohorts swords and sat next to them at the games to prove he was unafraid. He replaced Acilius Aviola as head of the water supply with Sextus Julius Frontinus, author of a text on water management. He's credited with developing the system of alimenta, giving cash to families with children from mortgaged lands. His name adorns the Forum Transitorium that he dedicated, connecting the Forum of Augustus with the Forum and Peace. Supporters of the previous emperor revolted against him under Casperius Aelianus, who raided the Imperial Palace and took him hostage, after which this already-elderly man died of a stroke in the Gardens of Sallust. FTP, name this successor of Domitian, who was the first of the five good emperors and adopted Trajan to succeed him.
Answer: Marcus Cocceius Nerva
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One character in this play astutely notices that he's being served Beaujolais wine and says it's too cool, while another character responds to a question of whether he likes goose stuffed with chestnuts by asking if there will be red cabbage. The protagonist yells at his maid Anna for using unnecessary silverware and reveals that he has made a fortune from manufacturing hair lotion - though he later receives news that his loyal employee Knechtling, who invented the lotion formula, has committed suicide. He's approached by a former circus wrestler named Sepp Schmitz, who introduces his more refined friend Willi Eisenring. This play has alternately been subtitled as a "learning play without a lesson" or a "morality without a moral" - its main character, Gottlieb Biedermann, invites two men to live in his attic despite the fact that they are stockpiling a bunch of gas canisters. FTP, name this one-act play by Max Frisch.
Answer: The Firebugs (or Biedermann und die Brandstifter, Biedermann and the Firebugs, Biedermann and the Fire Raisers, The Arsonists, etc.)
2009 FIST Bonuses by Editors 3
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Lupe's pimp Alberto, who measures his penis with the blade of his dagger, chases the main characters as they flee in an Impala. FTPE:,
[10] Name this novel in which seventeen-year-old Juan Garcia Madero joins the "visceral realists," and together with Ulysses Lima and Arturo Belano, winds up in the Sonoran Desert searching for the Mexican poet Cesarea Tinajero.
Answer: The Savage Detectives (Los Detectives Salvajes)
[10] This popular novelist from Chile wrote The Savage Detectives, as well as Amulet and the posthumous 2666.
Answer: Roberto Bolano
[10] The visceral realists repeatedly suggest kidnapping this writer, who represents the opposite of their credo. He wrote "I travel your body like a forest" in his Aztec-calendar-inspired poem Sun Stone.
Answer: Octavio Paz
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This spectral feature arises from interactions with neutral hydrogen in the intergalactic medium. FTPE:,
[10] Name this feature, wherein certain objects with a redshift of above about z equals six exhibit no spikes in flux on the blue side of the Lyman alpha limit.
Answer: Gunn-Peterson trough
[10] One class of those aforementioned distant objects includes optically violent variable ones and BL Lac objects. This subset of AGNs has the relativistic jet pointed directly at the earth.
Answer: blazars
[10] Name those distant objects, sources of tons of radiation, which possess active galactic nuclei, and are named for being "quasi-stellar" radio sources.
Answer: quasars
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This man famously dreamed that he was a yellow butterfly and woke to ask himself if he was a man who dreamt of being a butterfly, or a butterfly currently dreaming of being a man. FTPE:,
[10] Name this man who may have written the seven "inner chapters" of his namesake Taoist text, which was later transcribed by Guo Xiang.
Answer: Zhuang Zi (or Chuang-tzu, Chuangtze)
[10] This is the principle of inaction in Taoism, which Zhuang Zi described by writing that one who follows the Tao does less and less, such that "he eventually arrives at actionless action and there is nothing which is not done."
Answer: wu wei
[10] Zhuangzi is sometimes said to have written that when the principle of wu-wei reigns over the people's interests, the ruler of the state will be endowed with this blessing. This concept holds that the gods ensured the well-being of humanity and chose rulers who would do the same.
Answer: "mandate of heaven" or T'ien ming
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
With a soundtrack by Florian Fricke of the band Popol Vuh, this film ends with the title character stranded on his raft surrounded by monkeys and proclaiming he will marry his daughter Inez and found a pure dynasty. FTPE:,
[10] Name this movie starring Klaus Kinski as the tyrannical second-in-command to Pedro de Ursua, a soldier on a doomed expedition to El Dorado.
Answer: Aguirre, the Wrath of God (or Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes)
[10] That film is a product of this German director, whose diary was collected in Of Walking In Ice, and who was the subject of a documentary where he eats his shoe.
Answer: Werner Herzog
[10] This companion film to Aguirre, also starring Kinski, tells the story of a man in Peru who sets out to pull a steamship across a hill from one river to another, so he can harvest rubber trees. Its filming was the subject of Les Blank's documentary Burden of Dreams.
Answer: Fitzcarraldo
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This emperor's biographer Bana relates that he battled his rival Sasanka and moved his capital to Kannauj after uniting it with Thanesar. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Indian emperor who ruled from 606 to 647 A.D. and erected a bunch of Buddhist stupas according to the Chinese pilgrim Huan Tsang, in addition to writing a few plays.
Answer: Harsha-vardhana
[10] Harsha ruled in the wake of this dynasty which dominated India from roughly 320 to 550 until rulers like Chandra and his son Samudra.
Answer: Gupta Dynasty
[10] This ancient city, which served as the capital of the Gupta Dynasty, had earlier been described in detail by Megasthenes when it was the capital of the Mauryan empire.
Answer: Pataliputra
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Part of the U.S. Open Series, the women's event here this year was won by Elena Dementieva, who defeated Serena Williams and Sharapova FTPE:,
[10] Name this tennis tournament, sometimes called the Canadian Open or Masters, whose site alternates between Montreal and Toronto.
Answer: Rogers Cup
[10] The men's champion at the Rogers Masters was this guy, who lost to Federer in the finals of the U.S. Open in 2008. His current ranking of fourth in the world obviously makes him the next great hope from Great Britain, and hence, doomed to fail.
Answer: Andy Murray
[10] The great Cinderella story of the U.S. Open was this female player from Marietta, Georgia who beat Petrova, Dementieva, and Sharapova. She's like Justine Henin, but American, which is awesome.
Answer: Melanie Oudin
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The three main-portions of this collection are entitled "Mirabell: A Book of Numbers," "Scripts for the Pageant," and "The Book of Ephraim," which drew from its author's occult studies of ouija boards. FTPE:,
[10] Name this massive epic poem, which incorporated part of its author's previous collection Divine Comedies.
Answer: The Changing Light at Sandover
[10] This poet wrote The Changing Light at Sandover, as well as other collections like The Black Swan.
Answer: James Merrill
[10] Merrill attested to hearing the voice of this poet friend of his, and their "Homosexuality and Poetic Influence" is the subject of a book by Piotr Gwiazda. This man's poems include "September 1, 1939" and "The Unkown Citizen."
Answer: Wystan Hugh Auden
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Their namesake solved the Ising model in two dimensions. FTPE:,
[10] Give the name for the result in statistical mechanics that suggests that microscopic reversibility requires that a matrix generally called L, which relates heat and matter flows, must be symmetric.
Answer: Onsager reciprocal relations
[10] Lord Kelvin gave a special case of the Onsager relations, which produces the fundamental equations governing this effect, in which a temperature difference in the presence of two different metals is converted to a voltage drop.
Answer: Seebeck effect
[10] Another effect linking electrical current and heat is this one, in which heat added to a system leads to charge carriers leaving the surface of a conductor, much like ordinary thermionic emission. However, an electric field lowers the work necessary to leave the surface. Its namesake also names a class of diodes.
Answer: Schottky emission
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Pay homage to the great treatise The American Beaver and His Works by answering stuff about dams, none of which are in America, FTPE.,
[10] The Cabora Bassa Dam is located on this river, which also includes a dam that impounds Lake Kariba.
Answer: Zambezi River
[10] Two dams named for this city cross the Nile and impound Lake Nasser in Egypt. The first was notoriously funded partially by the Russians, and led to relocation of sites like Abu Simbel.
Answer: Aswan [High Dam]
[10] Sometimes called Volta Dam, this dam naturally impounds Lake Volta and creates hydroelectric power for Tema and Accra in Ghana.
Answer: Akosombo Dam
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This work opens by analyzing the structure of Weimar democracy and then discusses the rise of a "totalitarian monopolistic economy," asking at the end "Has Germany a Political Theory?" FTPE:,
[10] Name this book written by Franz Leopold Neumann in 1942 about the rise of Nazism in Germany, which is subtitled "The Structure and Practice of National Socialism."
Answer: Behemoth: The Structure and Practice of National Socialism
[10] Behemoth was a primary influence for this later book, in which the author argues that the "Theory of Balance" has become a "romantic Jeffersonian myth," and devotes chapters to the "Conservative Mood" and the "Higher Immorality."
Answer: The Power Elite
[10] The Power Elite was written by this American sociologist, as was The Sociological Imagination and White Collar.
Answer: C(harles) Wright Mills
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
It formed partly from a merger of MAP and MACE, and it succeeded in overthrowing Eric Gairy with the help of a military force known as the Twelve Apostles. FTPE:,
[10] Name this movement formed in 1973 by Maurice Bishop in Grenada.
Answer: New Jewel Movement (or NJM or New Joint Endeavor for Welfare Education and Liberation)
[10] New Jewel's manifesto was closely allied with the goals of this current president of Nicaragua, a Sandinista who took power in 1985 after the Junta of National Reconstruction.
Answer: Daniel Ortega
[10] Bishop was executed and both Bernard Coard and Hudson Austin were deposed as a result of the operation with this codename, by which Reagan invaded Grenada.
Answer: Operation Urgent Fury
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
When this figure was robbed of the bones of the dead by Xolotl, he sent quails after him, and the bones fell during the escape, creating a race of humorously sized men. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Aztec god of the dead who appears as a skeleton and lives in a windowless house with his similarly named wife.
Answer: Mictlantecuhtli (Miclantecuhtli)
[10] The Inuit god of death Anguta serves this better-known daughter of his by retrieving dead souls with his maimed hand in the realm of Adlivun. This beautiful goddess of Eskimo myth had her fingers chopped off reaching for her boat.
Answer: Sedna
[10] This leader of the Fomorians in Celtic myth could turn men to skeletons with the death gaze of his one eye, and hid his daughter Ethlinn in a crystal tower to prevent her progeny from killing him, but Lugh fulfilled the prophecy against him anyway and crushed his eye with a stone.
Answer: Balor (or Bolar)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
While a closely analogous family of compounds called neo-these has a 4-phenylcoumarine backbone, these compounds share a 2-phenyl-1,4-benzopyrone backbone. FTPE:,
[10] Name this class of compounds, which includes quercetin and luteolin.
Answer: flavonoids
[10] These Gram-negative bacteria release Nod when exposed to flavonoids. They fix nitrogen in a symbiotic relationship with legumes.
Answer: rhizobia [or rhizobiales; or rhizobium]
[10] The flavonoids are generally synthesized beginning with this amino acid with a benzyl side chain.
Answer: phenylalanine [or Phe; or F]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This conflict began when the Comanche medicine man Isa-tai organized a Sun Dance and convinced Quanah Parker to launch a raid which resulted in battle at Adobe Walls. FTPE:,
[10] Name this war fought in Texas from 1874 to 1875 between the U.S. army and a force of Kiowa, Comanche, and Cheyenne tribes.
Answer: Red River War
[10] The Red River War broke out because the U.S. failed to enforce buffalo-hunting restrictions in this 1867 treaty, which amended the previous Little Arkansas Treaty. This treaty was the subject of the fascinating 1903 Supreme Court case Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock.
Answer: Medicine Lodge Treaty
[10] This general played a key role in the battles of Palo Duro Canyon during the Red River War, but is better known for hunting down Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce and storming Puerto Rico in the Spanish-American War.
Answer: Nelson Miles
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This man's namesake list is composed of 100 "core vocabulary" words used to establish family relationships between languages based on the number of cognates they have. FTPE:,
[10] Name this founder of the studies of lexico-statistics and glottochronology, an American linguist who authored the posthumous The Origin and Diversification of Language.
Answer: Morris Swadesh
[10] Anna Wierzbicka has attempted to find universal examples of these morphological units in language. It is the minimal unit of a linguistic series with semantic meaning, so it is used for headwords in dictionaries - an example is "find" serving as one of these for finds, found, and finding.
Answer: lexemes (or lemmas)
[10] Swadesh wrote about the origin of the wolf ritual with this man, his teacher, whose thought is collected in Culture Language and Personality. Perhaps you also know this man's collaboration with Benjamin Whorf on a hypothesis of linguistic relativity.
Answer: Edward Sapir
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This work takes place in the fictional Mellstock, where the village idiot Thomas Leaf is one of twelve kids to survive infancy, and the suitors of the central female include Farmer Shiner and Parson Maybold. FTPE:,
[10] Name this novel in which poor Dick Dewey longs for the schoolmistress Fancy Day.
Answer: Under the Greenwood Tree
[10] This author of Under the Greenwood Tree also wrote about characters like Eustacia Vye and Jude Fawley.
Answer: Thomas Hardy
[10] The Deweys make another appearance in this short story by Hardy, published in his Life's Little Ironies. Illustrated by William Hatherell, in this story, Car'line Aspent hears the bewitching music of Mop Ollamoor, the title musician, who's contrasted with the domestic Ned Hipcroft.
Answer: "The Fiddler of the Reels"
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An expedition here was reportedly made by the Fifth Dynasty pharaoh Sahure, while later trips were made by Mentuhotep III and finally Ramses III. FTPE:,
[10] Name this kingdom allegedly in existence from 2500-1170 in Eastern Africa. It's frequently cited as a source of myrrh, ebony, rare wood, and exotic animals like giraffes - as attested by scenes on the temple of Hatshepsut.
Answer: Kingdom of Punt
[10] Sahure included scenes of Punt in his pyramid at Abusir, which was just north of this necropolis for Memphis. It was the default burial ground for pharaohs of the Fifth Dynasty, though the most famous monument here may be Djoser's Step Pyramid.
Answer: Saqqara
[10] The pyramid of Fifth Dynasty pharaoh Unas is famous for containing a bunch of spells belonging to this religious corpus. It was gradually replaced by the Coffin Texts after the passing of the Old Kingdom.
Answer: Pyramid Texts
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This drug causes DNA crosslinking as a chloride ligand is displaced by water, and that water is displaced by coordination to basic sites in DNA. FTPE:,
[10] Name this popular cancer drug, which triggers apoptosis when repair mechanisms fail. It has largely been superceded by analogous drugs with fewer side effects that replace those chlorides with ethandioate or cyclobutane-1,1-dicarboxylic acid ligands.
Answer: cisplatin
[10] Cisplatin exhibits this geometry, as does Zeise's salt. As its dz^2 [dee zee squared] orbital is stabilized relative to octahedral, it is favored in many sixteen electron complexes.
Answer: square planar
[10] This square planar catalyst has a rhodium center, three triphenylphosphine ligands, and a chloride ligand. It catalyzes alkene hydrogenation.
Answer: Wilkinson's catalyst
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Let's name some compositions by Franz Liszt, FTPE.,
[10] This composition from a cycle of 13 of its type was written as an overture to Goethe's play about the titular Italian poet. This piece's "lament" and "triumph" sections form its usual subtitle.
Answer: Symphonic Poem No. 2, or Tasso: Lament and Triumph (lamento e trionfo)
[10] Liszt wrote a set of variations on a waltz by this composer, who created "Six Sonatinas on Five Notes" entitled Pleasures of Youth. He also did a Pastoral Mass and Two Cute Sonatas.
Answer: Anton Diabelli
[10] The second movement of this work uses viola and oboe to depict Gretchen, and in the final movement, a male chorus sings excerpts from another Goethe work.
Answer: Faust-symphonie (or Faust Symphony)
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Dr. Fizzpowder is consulted by the mother of Wendla Bergmann, a foil to the male protagonist in this work, which sees a gay affair between Hanschen and Ernst. FTPE:,
[10] Name this play in which the 14-year old schoolboy Melchior Gabor discovers the secret of sexual reproduction, after which he's expelled and his awkward friend Moritz commits suicide.
Answer: Spring Awakening: A Children's Tragedy (Fruhlings Erwachen)
[10] Spring Awakening was originally written by this author of the awesomely-titled novella Mine-Haha: The Corporal Education of Young Girls. He also wrote the plays Earth Spirit and Pandora's Box.
Answer: Frank Wedekind
[10] Earth Spirit and Pandora's Box both revolve around this female character, a prostitute who provides the title for a famous opera by Alban Berg in which she's murdered by Jack the Ripper.
Answer: Lulu

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