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2009 FIST Tossups by Editors 1
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In one story, this figure is sent to the island of Fuarfed to aid the king Malorchol in battle against Tonthormod, while in another he is driven to set sail after dreaming of the shadow of Trenmor. He wins three games of chess when Diarmuid helps him by dropping berries on the piece he's supposed to move. He relates that he came to the aid of Crothar, the king of Croma, to console the lover of his deceased son Malvina. He is given the horse Embarr, but when its golden saddle breaks, the fact that this figure had spent the last 300 years in Tir-na Nog with his lover Niamh causes him to turn into an old man upon touching the mortal soil of Ireland. His name stems from his mother Sedb being turned into a deer. FTP, name this father of Oscar and son of Finn MacCool, a famous poet in Celtic myth.
Answer: Ossian (or Oisin)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This man's literary work includes a fairy tale in verse about a Bear King, Re Orso, and his short story "The Black Bishop," not to mention his poems like "Dualismo" collected in Libro dei Versi. He sparked a feud by giving a toast "to the health of Italian art! That it may escape the circles of the old and idiots, and remain young and genuine!" His only completed opera contains the aria "Ecco el mondo" in the second act when the title character is given a glass globe in which the earth is reflected - that opera is Mefistofele, which premiered at La Scala to bad reviews. This member of La Scapigliatura is better known for writing a work which includes "O Monumento" and "Cielo e Mar," as well as the "Dance of the Hours" - he based that work on "Angelo, Tyrant of Padua" by Victor Hugo. FTP, name this man who wrote the libretto for La Gioconda, and the librettos for Simon Boccanegra, Otello, and Falstaff while working with his frequent partner Giuseppi Verdi.
Answer: Arrigo Boito (Enrico Giuseppe Giovanni Boito or "Tobia Gorrio")
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A ring-opening variation on this reaction is carried out with sodium amalgam and is named for Emde. This reaction is reversed in an "alkimide group determination" test that adds hydrogen iodide to a tertiary amine named for Herzig and Meyer. Its second step employs silver oxide, and water serves as a source of hydroxide ions. A different reaction that generates the same product from an N-oxide is named for Cope; that product is formed in this reaction because the beta-hydrogen that must be lost is, due to steric hindrance, selected from the least-substituted position. Methyl iodide is repeatedly added to give an ammonium iodide salt in this reaction, resulting in formation of the less-substituted alkene. FTP, name this elimination which violates Zaitsev's Rule.
Answer: Hofmann elimination
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One landform on this island was allegedly created when a man was running with his grandmother on his shoulder, but he tripped and she flew through the air and into a lake, creating what is now called Treasure Island. Another tourist attraction here is the "Cup and Saucer Trail," named for two small hills which climb its major escarpment. On its western shore is a passage known as the False Detour Channel, which separates it from Drummond Island. One of its few towns with any population is Gore Bay, and this island can be reached via a swing bridge at Little Current. It's a northwesterly continuation of the Bruce Peninsula and to its east lies Georgian Bay. FTP, name this largest island in a freshwater lake, which belongs to Ontario and sits in the northern stretch of Lake Huron.
Answer: Manitoulin Island
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This artist depicts a shadowy raven circling above a fire in one canvas, while another shows a raven witnessing the burning of a house under a crescent moon. A rifle leans up against a wall with a pool of blood at its base in the canvas The Survivor, while a bird cage is the focus of a work entitled Elective Affinities. This artist, whose works' titles were often provided by Louis Scutenaire, showed a woman's nightgown hanging on a wall with real breasts coming out of it, and black high-heeled shoes with real toes protruding, in The Philosophy of Boudoir. In another canvas, a large yellow gramophone sits on a table and a man in a suit listens to it, with a suitcase on the floor and a presumably dead person lying behind him on a red couch. In addition to The Menaced Assassin, he depicted geometrically-arranged floating men in Golconda. FTP, name this man who wrote "This is Not a Pipe" in The Treachery of Images, and positively loved bowler hats.
Answer: Rene Magritte
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One character in this play refers to himself as the "King of Hell," saying "I inhabit that region of exact freedom" and "weigh those who are dead, like me." Later, another character declares "I want to build an empire?so that the empire will, in exchange build me," to which his lover responds that it will build him a tomb. Directions in the play state that when dressed, a general should take on gigantic proportions by means of invisible foot-gear, broadened soldiers, and excessive make-up. Arthur serves as "the executioner" and is killed trying to get money for his silk shirts, while Chantal is assassinated near the end and her lover Roger requests to be the Chief of Police, only to castrate himself later. FTP, name this play about Madame Irma, who runs a namesake brothel in the midst of revolution, written by Jean Genet.
Answer: The Balcony
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
While attempting to escape from this battle, the losing commander abandoned his tipped-over carriage, which contained sixteen thousand dollars and a pair of women's satin slippers. The winning battle plan involved a feigned attack on the right at Telegraph Hill using troops under Gideon Pillow, while the real attacking force under David Twiggs and Robert Patterson charged the left at La Atalaya. The retreating army was pursued to Perote by General William Worth and the victorious army continued its march to Jalapa, having taken control of a crucial mountain pass thanks to the reconnaissance of Robert E. Lee. Taking place less than a month after the capture of Veracruz, and two months after Buena Vista, it saw Winfield Scott quickly rout Santa Anna. FTP, name this 1847 battle in Mexico, fought in the vicinity of a certain "fat hill."
Answer: Battle of Cerro Gordo
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The nature of this phenomenon was explained by Bars, Deliduman, and Andreev theorizing a spacetime with two time dimensions. A subclass of Feynman diagrams amusingly called penguin diagrams is used to visualize this phenomenon, and the CKM matrix contains a complex phase to account for it. Along with baryon number violation and thermal disequilibrium, this is one of the Sakharov conditions. This phenomenon introduces a vanishingly small theta-bar term into the QCD Lagrangian, motivating a global chiral U(1) symmetry called Peccei-Quinn theory, which introduces a Goldstone boson called the axion to explain why the strong force does not experience it. The B-factory experiments expanded this discovery beyond the decay of neutral kaons, which were found to exhibit this property by Cronin and Fitch. FTP, name this discovery that the laws of physics are not the same if you flip both of two namesake properties of a system.
Answer: CP-violation [or charge-parity symmetry violation; certainly prompt on CP-symmetry]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This composer wrote newspaper columns under the pseudonym "Seven Octaves," discussing such figures as George Swaine Buckley. His first symphony was orchestrated in original form by Igor Buketoff and is subtitled "A Night in the Tropics," written prior to his 13-minute opera entitled Escenas Compestres. During a bout with typhoid fever, he stayed at the sanatorium of Eugene Wollez and composed the piece "Bamboula," which titles a biography of this composer by S. Frederick Starr. Late in life, he composed the popular pieces The Dying Poet and The Last Hope. FTP, name this 19th century American piano virtuoso who is undoubtedly the best-known Creole composer born in Louisiana.
Answer: Louis Moreau Gottschalk
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In a seminal early work on this phenomenon, Enrico Morselli cited the findings of the Belgian researcher Adolphe Quetelet. It was analyzed by Ginsberg in 1971 through experiments in Reno, Nevada. It is described as the "fruit of progress, of education, of civilization" in a work discussing the reconciliation of "agrarian feudal social order" with newly-emerging capitalist industrialism. That work is titled after this "and the Meaning of Civilizaton" and was written by Tomas Masaryk, the Czech president who also wrote about this subject as a "mass phenomenon." George Domino created a five-factor "opinion questionnaire" related to this phenomenon, which was linked by Masaryk to decline in religious faith. More famously, it was divided into altruistic, egoistic, fatalistic, and anomic types in a work subtitled "A Study in Sociology." FTP, name this subject of a monograph by Emile Durkheim, the act of killing oneself.
Answer: suicide
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One story about this figure says that he imprisoned Manuchehr at a mountain gorge with his son Naotara. He has two beautiful wives, Savanghava and Eranavak, and a brother named Spitiyura who aids him. One source says that he is subdued by Thraetona, but that he will break free at the end of time and devour a third of the population until he is killed by Keresaspa. This figure is credited with attacking Yima and cutting him into two pieces, but another source says he's brought to justice by the fire spirit Atar who chains him underneath Mount Demavend. His three heads represent pain, anguish, and death and his wings are said to obliterate the stars when spread. FTP, name this storm serpent who is a descendant of Angra Mainyu and a servant of Ahriman in Zoroastrian legend.
Answer: Azhi Dahaka (also accept Zahhak or Zohhak or Dahag - or you can even take Ahi or Vritra/Vrita)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One writer from this country wrote about "the Sorceror" who calls his third testicle his sister Estrella in the novel The Lizard's Tale. Another writer from here wrote about anti-hero Remo Erdosain, who gets caught up with a man known as The Astrologer, in the novel The Seven Madmen. In addition to Luisa Valenzuela and Roberto Arlt, another writer of this nation wrote the novel The Angel of Darkness and told of surrealist painter Juan Pablo Castel who murders his beloved Maria Iribarne in the novel El Tunel. Another novel from this nation centers around a man who gives the name Faustine to a woman who speaks of Canada, only to discover that the two suns and two moons he observes on the supposed island of Villings are the result of twin realities. In addition to Ernesto Sabato and Adolfo Bioy Casares, another writer from here tells of a man who travels with Sergeant Cruz and battles a black payador. FTP, name this birthplace of the author of Martin Fierro and the author of "The Garden of Forking Paths."
Answer: Argentina
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Martin Kay developed a type of this process that uses the namesake structure to store hypotheses; examples of that type of this process include the Earley one and the Cocke-Younger-Kasami ones, which run in n cubed time, while packrat ones may run in linear time at the cost of far greater storage use. LL(k) ones are examples of top-down ones, and bottom up examples include shift-reduce ones, which employ handle pruning. The first phase of this process is enhanced by using recursive capabilities of Backus-Naur form, but naively it will merely use a system of regular expressions to tokenize the input, followed by a syntax analysis to ensure that the tokens form a valid expression, followed by a semantic analysis to determine what the input does. FTP, identify this phase of program compilation that analyzes the output of a lexer for grammatical structure.
Answer: parsing algorithms [accept word forms like parsers; accept "I won't say more because I know some of you parse everything I say."]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One ruler of this family fought a civil war against the chancellor Gaspar Bekes upon ascending to one title, and after victory, he departed leaving his brother Christopher in charge. That man initiated the elite selected infantry of peasants and launched a siege on Pskov from Mirozhsky Monastery after winning a battle at Velikiye Luki. That figure rose to power because the Sejm refused to be governed by a German king, namely Maximilian II, so he was married to Anna Jagiello and declared king following the death of Sigismund II. Another figure from this family was a resident of Cachtice Castle, and was referred to as the "Tigress of Cachtice." That daughter of George VI was also called the "Blood Countess" for her alleged habit of killing servant girls and bathing in their blood. FTP, give this Hungarian family name of the Polish king Stephan, or the reputed vampire Elizabeth.
Answer: Bathory (accept Stephan Bathory before Tigress)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This theory is paired with functionalism in a 1985 article by John McDowell, which looks at Brian Loar's argument against it. Ted Honderich authored a paper on the "argument for" it, writing that it cannot survive the charge of epiphenomalism, while another paper asks whether "supervenience" can save this theory, and was written by Jaegwon Kim. It assumes the "Principle of the Nomological Character of Causality" and applies its formulator's "principle of charity," also central to his method of radical interpretation. It posits the creation of "token-identities" through the impossibility of type-identities. First introduced in a paper entitled "Mental Events," it claims that those mental events are identical to certain physical events but cannot be reduced to them by strict laws. FTP, name this mind-body theory formulated by Donald Davidson.
Answer: anomalous monism
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
At one point, the main character's mother asks for a box of toys to be brought to her and she removes a doll named Goldcrown, some tin soldiers, and a toy train which we're told belonged to Benjamin who became an actor. In another scene, the main character can't answer the question "what is a doctor's first duty?" - he's told that it is to "ask forgiveness," and then he's told that he's been "found guilty; guilty of guilt." That scene is analyzed by Carol Gilligan in chapter four of In a Different Voice, entitled "Crisis and Transition," where she critiques Erik Erikson's comparison of a female character to Cordelia. The main characters encounter Akerman, played by Max von Sydow, at a gas station after a car accident has led them to pick up a bickering couple as hitchhikers. FTP, name this film about the old doctor Isak Borg who travels with Marianne to Lund to receive a degree, a 1957 work by Ingmar Bergman which symbolically uses the title fruit.
Answer: Wild Strawberries
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One story in this collection follows Rosaleen O'Toole, who struggles with the impotency of her aging husband Dennis after 25 years of marriage. In another story, a maid tells the tale of a prostitute Ninette who gets abused and kicked out of her brothel only to be lured back by a mystic ritual. In addition to "The Cracked Looking-Glass," another story sees the archeologist Givens aid the husband of the title woman, who is deserted when he joins the army. The title story ends with the main character waking up and yelling "No!," after dreaming of a man who'd committed suicide in prison with sleeping pills, and who calls her a cannibal and murderer. The stories "Magic" and "Maria Concepcion" are joined by that title story, in which Braggioni repeatedly tries to court Laura, a Catholic schoolteacher who has come to Mexico to aid the revolution. FTP, name this collection by Katherine Anne Porter titled after a certain tree and its symbolic blossom.
Answer: Flowering Judas (and Other Stories)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One disorder affecting this organelle is, when X-linked, caused by a defect in ABC protein transporter D1, and, when autosomal, is caused by defects in PEX 1, 5, 10, 13, and That disorder is called Addison-Schilder disease or ALD, while another is characterized by the buildup of phytanic acid. This organelle is also responsible for rhizomelic chrondrodysplasia punctata and pipecolic acidemia, and features a pathway that first invokes alpha-methylacyl-CoA racemase, to produce (S)-isomers for BCOX, the product of which is hydrated and dehydrogenated by D-bifunctional protein. A disorder in this organelle causing malformed myelin sheaths is called Refsum's disease. These organelles accept twenty-seven carbon thioester precursors and generate the twenty-four carbon compounds cheno-deoxycholic acid and cholic acid, both bile acids. Their best-known function is catalyzed by the fittingly-named enzyme catalase. FTP, name these organelles that beta-oxidize fatty acids and detoxify peroxides.
Answer: peroxisomes
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A proverb in this language holds that "you must take care of the root to heal the tree," and a collection of its folktales was published by Charles Colcock Jones. The seminal study on this language was written by Lorenzo Dow Turner, who observed that speakers often use "basket names" to refer to themselves, and identified components of this language drawn from Vai and Mende dialects. Associated with Bunce Island, Ian Hancock has identified its connection to the Krio Language. Encountered prominently in the Sea Islands, its speakers trace their origins to trading customs in Sierra Leone and refer to themselves as "Geechee." FTP, name this language spoken in coastal South Carolina and Georgia and often referred to as "broken English," a Creole blend of African and English.
Answer: Gullah (prompt on Creole)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A crowned figure and the lower half of a classical statue are separated by a large column in the background of one depiction of this that also includes a wailing, red-eyed child dressed in white to the left of the main action. Along with that work by Pietro da Cortona, one by Giordano shows grey-robed men looking sadly on at the struggles at the center of the painting. A sculpture of this event was originally situated in the Loggia di Lanzi and depicts an upward spiral of three figures, created by Giambologna. A white-clad woman with outstretched arms strides forward as men prepare to attack each other and women clutch babies underfoot in a depiction of the aftermath of this event by Jacques Louis David, the "Intervention" of the title figures. In one of two depictions of this event by Poussin, a red-clad Romulus stands on the left and stretches out his hand to order the title action. FTP, these are all scenes of what incident in which some Romans marched in and carried off a lot of potential wives?
Answer: rape of the Sabines (or abduction of Sabines)
2009 FIST Bonuses by Editors 1
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Harriet Woodville is instructed to marry Young Bellair but pursues Dorimant in this work, while Bellair marries Emilia. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Restoration comedy of intrigue that also features the irrepressible Sir Fopling Flutter.
Answer: The Man of Mode
[10] This character is the "Man of Property" in John Galsworthy's Forsyte trilogy, whose wife Irene would rather hang out with the architect Phillip Bosinney and Young Jolyon.
Answer: Soames Forsyte
[10] This Scottish author wrote the epistolary novel Julia de Roubigne and The Man of the World, which were follow-ups to his popular tale of Harley, who makes a trip to London to secure a property grant in The Man of Feeling.
Answer: Henry Mackenzie
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
After studying under Jean Baptiste Lemoyne, he became director of sculpture at the porcelain factory in Sevres and wrote an essay entitled "Reflections on Sculpture." FTPE:,
[10] Name this 18th century French sculptor whose works include the marble Cupid's Warning
Answer: Etienne Maurice Falconet
[10] Falconet is most famous for a bronze equestrian statue of this ruler situated in St. Petersburg, dubbed the "Bronze Horseman."
Answer: Peter the Great (or Peter I of Russia)
[10] Falconet also created a marble statue of this ancient figure with a lion for the Academie des beaux-arts. More famously, a statue by Pierre Puget in the Louvre shows this man being devoured by a lion while a broken trophy lies on the ground.
Answer: Milo of Croton (or Milo of Crotona, prompt on just Milo)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This author of Mad Men and Medusas laments in her best known work that woman's condition has "become an area of silence within contemporary socialism." FTPE.,
[10] Name this British feminist who wrote about "Freud, Reich, Laing and Women" in Psychoanalysis and Feminism, but is most famous for the 1984 book Women: The Longest Revolution.
Answer: Juliet Mitchell
[10] In the above book, Mitchell calls this 1949 two-volume work by Simone De Beauvoir the greatest single contribution. It relates how women have come to be relegated to the status of "Other," through surveys of history, mythology, and literature.
Answer: The Second Sex (Le deuxieme sexe)
[10] Mitchell also praises the theory of patriarchy and socialist perspective of this author, who is best known for her 1970 book Sexual Politics.
Answer: Kate Millett
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A parametric plot of both of these functions gives the Cornu spiral, also called a clothoid. FTPE:,
[10] Give the name for these functions, given as the integral from zero to x of sin of t squared dt, or the same for cosine
Answer: Fresnel integrals
[10] Fresnel integrals come up when describing the near-field version of this phenomenon, as opposed to the Fraunhofer or far-field type.
Answer: diffraction
[10] This effect is where ultrasonic waves cause variations in water's density and therefore its index of refraction, leading to the apparent diffraction of the light as though it passed through a diffraction grating of separation equal to the sound wavelength.
Answer: Debye-Sears effect
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This man's identically-named son was the president of the Union Pacific Railroad and wrote books like Chapters of Erie and Railroads, Their Origin and Problems. FTPE:,
[10] Name this man who was appointed ambassador to Great Britain by Abraham Lincoln, serving from 1861 to 1868.
Answer: Charles Francis Adams (Sr.) (prompt on just "Adams")
[10] C.F. Adams served as a vice presidential candidate on the ticket for this party in 1848 - this party ran Martin van Buren that year and John Parker Hale in 1852.
Answer: Free Soil Party
[10] C.F. Adams succeeded this man as ambassador to Great Britain. This former vice president was a secretary to Albert Gallatin and his father was Treasury Secretary for Madison.
Answer: George Mifflin Dallas
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
His early publications include Matter and Consciousness and Scientific Realism and the Plasticity of Mind. FTPE:,
[10] Name this neuro-philosopher who rejects the "folk psychology" of beliefs and feelings in support of "eliminative materialism," and teaches at UC-San Diego with his wife Patricia.
Answer: Paul Churchland
[10] Paul Churchland studied under this long-time teacher at the University of Pittsburgh, who formulated the "Myth of the Given" in his Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind.
Answer: Wilfrid Sellars
[10] In the The Engine of Reason the Seat of the Soul, Churchland elaborates on the role of complexity in this famous thought experiment, initially introduced by John Searle as a critique of strong artificial intelligence.
Answer: Chinese Room argument
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Its third verse begins "all the flowers that you planted, mama, in the back yard, all died when you went away." FTPE:,
[10] Name this wrist-slashing song famously recorded by Sinead O'Connor, which opens by noting "it's been seven hours and fifteen days since you took your love away."
Answer: "Nothing Compares 2 U"
[10] A Hawaiian version of "Nothing Compares 2 U" fittingly plays over the credits to this movie, which also features a rock opera based on Dracula.
Answer: Forgetting Sarah Marshall
[10] This actor plays Darald, a newlywed desperate to find the mythical clitoris in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He's better known as the chipper page Kenneth on 30 Rock.
Answer: Jack McBrayer
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This work follows Jose Cemi who is stricken with a mysterious disease and is taught to live as a poet by his mentor Oppiano Licario, whose name titles its posthumous sequel. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 1966 book, the best known work of Cuban author Jose Lezama Lima.
Answer: Paradiso (or Paradise)
[10] Like several works of Garcia Marquez, Paradiso was translated by this pre-eminent Spanish scholar who wrote the memoir If This Be Treason: Translation and its Dyscontents.
Answer: Gregory Rabassa
[10] Rabassa also translated this novel by Julio Cortazar, narrated by Horacio Oliveira, which contains a bunch of expendable chapters and some main ones that can be read out of order.
Answer: Rayuela or Hopscotch
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One objection to this theory is that predicted variations in solar intensity do not explain observed variations in climate. FTPE:,
[10] Name this theory in which namesake cycles, named after a Serbian, represent periodic variations in the earth's climate - corresponding to precession, the earth's axial tilt changing, and the elliptical orbit changing in eccentricity.
Answer: Milankovitch theory/cycles
[10] Climate change is caused through this mechanism, the process by which Milankovitch cycles alter the net irradiance from the sun at the tropopause.
Answer: solar forcing (or radiative/radiation forcing)
[10] Some scientists believe that if ice ages were to advance glaciation past thirty degrees from the equator, albedo-induced cooling would lead to a positive feedback loop, which would lead to this scenario. This phrase was coined by Joseph Kirschvink in 1992 to refer to the state of our planet in Proterozoic times.
Answer: Snowball Earth
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Dedicated to Emanuel Karl Liebenberg, this piece was written after the composer moved into the house of his brother Ferdinand, and its difficulty once led him to declare "Oh, let the devil play this stuff." FTPE:,
[10] Name this four-movement piece for solo piano which begins in allegro con fuoco before descending to adagio. It was arranged thirty years later for piano and orchestra by Liszt.
Answer: Wanderer Fantasy (or Fantasy in C Major)
[10] The Wanderer Fantasy was the piece which led this composer to put aside his Eighth Symphony in B Minor, or his Unfinished Symphony.
Answer: Franz Schubert
[10] The B minor Entr'acte from this work is sometimes considered the finale to the Unfinished Symphony. This most famous incidental music by Schubert is named for a now-defunct play by Helmine von Chezy, and its second movement is the basis of a namesake quartet by Schubert.
Answer: Rosamunde (or "Rosamunde, Princess of Cyprus")
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This man's most influential work was likely his Institutiones, which transcribes works for monks to study and elaborates on the seven liberal arts. FTPE:,
[10] Name this author of a "History of the Goths," who was appointed quaestor and then praetorian prefect under the Ostrogoth Theodoric in Ravenna, to whom he generally served as secretary after the fall of Boethius.
Answer: Cassiodorus (Flavius Magnus Aurelius Cassiodorus Senator)
[10] This German historian edited the Variae or letters of Cassiodorus. In addition to having really cool hair, his massive but unfinished History of Rome first published in 1848 runs to Julius Caesar, and was amended to run to Diocletian.
Answer: Theodor Mommsen
[10] Cassiodorus translated the Jewish Antiquities by this First Century A.D. historian of the Jewish War. He wrote about Jews.
Answer: Titus Flavius Josephus (Yosef Ben Matiyahu)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Often shown in a brimless black hat with his father Daikoku, he is a member of the Shichi Fukujin or Seven Fortunate Gods. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Shinto god of fishermen.
Answer: Ebisu
[10] Another fish related story of Shinto tells how Ho-ori lost the fishhook of his brother Hoderi. Ho-ori was the grandfather of this mythical first emperor of Japan, often depicted carrying a bow.
Answer: Emperor Jimmu Tenno
[10] This son of Empress Jingo was born with a symbolic bow guard on his arm. Known as the Emperor Ojin during his life, he is associated with eight banners, and is the primary Shinto god of war.
Answer: Hachiman-shin (or Yawata no kami)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This poem ends by saying of the title figure, "The question that he frames in all but words / Is what to make of a diminished thing." FTPE:,
[10] Name this poem first published in 1916 in the collection Mountain Interval, which says that the "highway dust is over all."
Answer: "The Oven Bird"
[10] This bird-addressed poem by William Cullen Bryant declares "all day thy wings have fanned, at that far height, the cold, thin atmosphere" and asks whither "dost thou pursue thy solitary way?"
Answer: "To a Waterfowl"
[10] This short poem by Lord Tennyson, subtitled "A Fragment," describes a creature "close to the sun in lonely lands," who stands "ringed with the azure world."
Answer: "The Eagle"
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One example of these diagrams shows SN2 reactants at the upper left corner and products at the lower right, while the other two corners feature intermediates; in one, the leaving group hasn't left yet, while in the other, the nucleophile hasn't added. FTPE:,
[10] Name these diagrams, whose potential energy surfaces represent reactions where two bonds change simultaneously.
Answer: More O'Ferrall-Jencks diagram
[10] Analyzing the predictions of this statement is actually interesting when you're not just looking at a lame one-dimensional reaction-coordinate diagram, of course. This statement says that the transition state will more closely resemble the adjacent state closer to it in energy.
Answer: Hammond-Leffler postulate
[10] This equation, central to transition-state theory, sets the pre-exponential factor of the Arrhenius equation equal to Boltzmann's constant times the absolute temperature over Planck's constant.
Answer: Eyring-Polanyi equation (accept either Eyring or Polanyi)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This battle featured successes for the respective cavalries under Jean de Gassion and Grafen von Isenburg. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 1643 battle of the Thirty Years War, which saw the defeat of Francisco de Melo's Spanish troops and their tercio formation.
Answer: Battle of Rocroi
[10] Rocroi was a victory for this young French general who later fought for the Spanish with John of Austria at the Battle of the Dunes.
Answer: Prince de Conde (or "Louis II of Bavaria" or the Duc d'Enghien)
[10] In between those battles, the Prince de Conde was captured and then exiled after the Peace of Rueil during the second one of these French civil wars.
Answer: Fronde
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
He won the Prix de Rome in 1848 with his canvas Zenobia Discovered by Shepherds on the Bank of the River Araxes, after which he depicted Napoleon III "Visiting the Flood Victims of Tarascon." FTPE:,
[10] Name this French Academic painter who painted the Ruins of the Tuileries and several mythological scenes like the Battle of Lapiths and Centaurs.
Answer: William Adolphe Bouguereau
[10] Gustave Courbet wrote that he wanted to create something that would make Bouguereau vomit in painting this canvas, an 1850 depiction of two peasants with tattered clothes working on a road.
Answer: The Stone Breakers
[10] This African American painter, who briefly studied under Bouguereau, is known for depicting a little boy sitting on the lap of his grandfather in The Banjo Lesson.
Answer: Henry Ossawa Tanner
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One function associated with these sites is langar, or the provision of free food to visitors of all faiths. FTPE:,
[10] Give this term for a Sikh temple, a term first introduced by Guru Hargobind to refer to any gateway through which a guru could be accessed by the faithful.
Answer: gurdwara (or gurudwara)
[10] The term gurdwara can be applied to any building meant to house this holy scripture of Sikhism, which was compiled by Arjun, and which is faced during the ardas or common prayer.
Answer: Adi Granth or the Guru Granth Sahib
[10] This term is used to refer to the raised platform on which the Adi Granth is displayed. This word literally means "throne," and is applied specifically to five holy gurdwaras including the Akal or "eternal" one which is attached to the Golden Temple at Amritsar.
Answer: takht
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His recent novel Cion once again concerns the professional mourner Toloki who boards with a middle class family in Athens, Ohio. FTPE:,
[10] Name this modern South African playwright of And the Girls in their Sunday Dresses who also wrote about Toloki in the novel Ways of Dying.
Answer: Zakes Mda (Zanemvula Kizito Mda)
[10] Mda wrote several articles about this fellow South African writer, who wrote about a native village in Botswana in A Question of Power, and also wrote Maru and When Rain Clouds Gather.
Answer: Bessie Head
[10] This play by Athol Fugard concerns the differences between the black waiters Sam and Willie, whose dancing partner has left him, in the tea room owned by Hally.
Answer: Master Harold…and the Boys
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This thinker wrote about a "pre-logical" or "mystical" mentality in works like How Natives Think, arguing that primitive peoples see cause and effect but make the wrong connections. FTPE:,
[10] Name this French anthropologist, a student of Durkheim who wrote Primitive Mythology.
Answer: Lucien Levy-Bruhl
[10] Franz Boas tackles similar subjects in this classic work, first published in 1911 as a series of lectures - in it, he rejects a per se notion of primitive thought and focuses on the problem of race in modern society.
Answer: The Mind of Primitive Man
[10] In The Savage Mind, Levi-Strauss likens mythical thought to this French term, referring to a handy-man who builds and creates from "whatever is at hand," rather than trying to exceed social or conceptual boundaries like a modern scientist.
Answer: bricoleur or bricolage
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Many varieties of this protein were employed by Lichtman and Sanes to create the Brainbow. FTPE:,
[10] Name this protein, whose function is defined by an F-S-Y loop in a beta barrel, and which has yellow and cyan variants often used together.
Answer: green fluorescent protein [or GFP]
[10] Name that technique that often employs yellow and cyan fluorescent proteins, in which, if two chromophores are sufficiently close, dipole-dipole interactions transfer energy from one chromophore to another.
Answer: FRET [or Foerster resonance energy transfer; or fluorescence resonance energy transfer; or electronic energy transfer; or EET]
[10] Its "fiber" form uses interphase chromosomes and stretches them out using techniques like chromosome combing; generally, this technique that locates DNA sequences sufficiently similar to a given fluorescent probe.
Answer: FISH [or fluorescence in situ hybridization]

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