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2008 EFT Tossups by Rosenberg 2
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
A type of differentiable manifold in which each tangent space has an inner product that varies smoothly is named for this man. His namesake sphere is an extension of the complex plane, while his namesake surface is a one-dimensional complex manifold. With Cauchy, he lends his names to a set of equations which determine whether a function is holomorphic, though his namesake hypothesis about the distribution of the zeros of a namesake function has yet to be solved. FTP, name this German mathematician whose aforementioned zeta function gives the distribution of prime numbers and whose eponymous sums are a method of numerical integration.
Answer: Bernhard Riemann
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
Karen Swann describes this poem as a case of "harassing the muse," since we only hear one side of the story, and the title is taken from a poem by Alan Cartier. The narrator is shocked at first, given that the squirrels have all finished their harvest, but we then learn how the speaker was given "honey wild, and manna dew." The titular character sings "a faery's song" and takes the speaker to an "elfin grot." The speaker then falls asleep and dreams of "death-pale" figures who warn him that he has been tricked, and the poem opens with the aforementioned narrator asking what bothers the "knight-at-arms." FTP, name this ballad centering on a seductive woman who deserts a knight after their brief encounter, a work by John Keats.
Answer: "La Belle Dame Sans Merci"
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
Theodore Duret claims that the women in this work have a "roguish charm" which only this work's artist could create. In the upper right, a woman with a feathered hat touches her gloved hands to her face, and a man in ablack top hat has his back turned to us. On the right, a man sits backwards in his chair to the left of a woman in a blue dress. The artist's future wife Aline Charigot cradles a Bob, a black dog, while a man in a brimmed straw hat leans against the balcony next to her. Set at the Maison Fournaise, FTP, name this painting which a table with plenty of food and wine for a meal eaten on the Seine waterfront, an Impressionistic work by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.
Answer: Luncheon of the Boating Party
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
This man was known to have masqueraded under the names Orontes, Moeris, and Diodotus of Erythrae, and Arrian calls him the governor of Assakenois. as well as by the Achaemenid dynasty. He successfully repelled an invasion by Seleucus I Nicator, but retired after the onset of a 12-year famine and fasted to death. Heavily influenced by his mentor Canakya's text Arthasastra, in his earlier years he defeated the Nanda kingdom after taking the throne of the Magadha kingdom, and established his center of power at Paliputra. FTP, name this grandfather of Ashoka and founder of the Mauryan empire.
Answer: Chandragupta Maurya
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
The Bartoli synthesis uses three equivalents of them to produce indoles, and another reaction that uses them results in the production of enol lactones, the Fujimoto-Belleau reaction. Their utility is limited by the Boord reaction, and they are instrumental in the production of the drugs Taximofen and Naproxen. Because they dimerize by the Schenk equilibrium, they must be coordinated to solvents like THF or diethyl ether. Also used in the ring opening of epoxides, they act as strong nucleophiles to produce alcohols from aldehydes or ketones, and as bases, they produce the corresponding alkane when dissolved in water. FTP, identify these magnesium halide organometallic reagents, named for a Frenchman.
Answer: Grignard reagents
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
Through bribery, one character in this novel is made a chevalier in order to give his wife a fancier funeral, and another character hides in the nunnery at Grandview Garden due to her illness. Another character hires a sorceress to bewitch her son's half-brother and Phoenix, but her efforts are thwarted by a lame priest. Opening with the story about an object abandoned by Nuwa, this story also sees one character attempt to marry Precious Virtue to her cousin, which results in the death of Black Jade. After passing the Imperial exams with flying colors, Pao-yu is nowhere to be found. FTP, name this classical Chinese novel about the downfall of the Jia family, written by Cao Xuequin.
Answer: Dream of the Red Chamber or Honglu Meng or Dream of Red Mansions or Story of the Stone
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
A fish couple and a pot full of pure water are numbered among its eight auspicious symbols, and the endless knot is another prominent motif. Its cosmogony divides the universe into seven parts, including the Nigoda, where the lowest life-forms reside, and its members practice Satya, or truthfulness, as well as aparigraha or 'detachment.' Visions of a famine by one of their leaders led to the schism between the "white-clad" and "sky-clad" sects, and its followers perform a fivefold bow when reciting the fundamental prayer, the Navakar Mantra. Based on the teachings of men like Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara, FTP, identify this Indian religion which teaches that the way to bliss is through nonviolence and renunciation.
Answer: Jainism
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
In one section of this work, the author calls Euclid's methods 'perverted' since he tends to ignore the importance of perception. In another part, the author draws upon the concept of Tat tvam asi, but dispels the idea that renunciation leads to suicide. In the preface, the author compares the effects of the works of Kant to operating on a blind man's cataracts, and in book 3 argues that art allows us to transcend conflict, and that music grants immediate access to its subject. In the opening he states that one who attains wisdom becomes certain that what he knows is only an eye that sees a sun and a hand that feels the earth. FTP, name this work which considers the unobservable truth as a "thing-in itself", penned by Arthur Schopenhauer.
Answer: The World as Will and Idea or The World as Will and Representation or Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
Recent research has shown that Pif1 directs the movement of these objects, and the cancer drug Cytarabine causes destabilization of them. Enzymes which act on them are governed by RPA, and these objects were first confirmed using a pulse-chase experiment with tritium-marked substrates. Enzymes like RNAse H and FEN1 remove the RNA primers which begin these objects, and phosphodiester bonds are then formed as they are linked together by ligase. Occurring because DNA polymerase only works in the 5-prime to 3-prime direction, FTP, name these pieces of DNA formed on the lagging strand during replication, named for a Japanese husband-and-wife team.
Answer: Okazaki fragments
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
In one story by this author, a hunter comes across a group of five boys, one of whom relates the story of a paper mill haunted by a goblin as they sit around the campfire. In one of his novels, an aspiring artist and his illegitimate half-sister vacation to the Rhine where they meet a man known only as N.N, and the teenager Vladimir Voldemar vies with his father for the affections of Zinaida in his novella First Love. In addition to Asya, On the Eve, and A Sportsman's Sketches , he wrote a novel in which a medical student runs afoul of the Kirsanov family and even distances his closest friend Arkady. FTP, name this Russian author who created the nihilist Bazarov in Fathers and Sons
Answer: Ivan Turgenev
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
In an earlier conflict at the same location, James Negley encountered the forces of Edmund Kirby Smith atop Cameron Hill. One general here waited at Orchard Knob near the enemy line of rifle pits, and the pursuit following this battle was thwarted at Ringgold Gap. Patrick Cleburn successfully delayed Sherman's advance on the final morning, but Carter Stevenson failed to hold Lookout Mountain in the 'Battle above the Clouds.' Joseph Hooker broke through to Missionary Ridge on the final afternoon, further damaging an army which had been defeated under William Rosencrans at Chickamauga two months earlier. FTP, identify this battle of 1863 where Ulysses Grant defeated Braxton Bragg at a namesake city in southeast Tennessee.
Answer: Third Battle of Chattanooga (accept Second Battle of Chattanooga before 'Orchard Knob')
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
Chances are you didn't see this man playing Chauvelin in the 1982 adaptation of The Scarlet Pimpernel, or as Dr. Peter Cleave in Asylum. It's more likely you saw him portraying James Whale in Gods and Monsters, or playing himself on The Simpsons and getting struck by lightning because people keep saying "MacBeth". He provided the voice of Iorek Byrnison in The Golden Compass, and you may have seen another of his characters trapped on a bridge and shouting "You shall not pass!" FTP, name this British actor and gay rights activist, best-known for playing Magneto in X-Men and Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings.
Answer: Sir Ian McKellen
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
This man claimed that, like Hitler, Maxim Gorky fell mentally ill with the futility of existence in an essay on the "Legends" of Gorky's youth. Together with his wife and Helen Kivnick, he analyzed the results of the "Guidance Study" in Vital Involvement in Old Age, and applied his psychoanalytic theory historically in a work chronicling the life of a reformer. His studies of Sioux Indian children in collaboration with Alfred Kroeber contributed to his theories on personality development. He won a Pulitzer for Young Man Luther, and his essays were later collected in Childhood and Society. FTP, name this German-born psychologist who posited eight stages of psychosocial development and coined the phrase "identity crisis".
Answer: Erik Erikson
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
In one scene of this opera, a quarrel between two lovers results in the quartet "Addio dolce svegliare alla matina" at an inn near a toll gate. In a previous act, one of those lovers sings "Quando me'n vo," to the chagrin of Alcinodoro, while in another scene a philosopher goes to pawn his overcoat. In another episode, two characters celebrate their love in the duet "O Soave Faniculla" before accompanying their friends to the Latin Quarter. Pretending that he cannot find a lost key, the lead tenor, Rodolfo, sings "Che Gelida Manina" to a character who later dies of tuberculosis, Mimi. FTP, identify this opera about the titular group of four Parisian intellectuals, a work by Giacomo Puccini.
Answer: La Boheme (do not accept RENT)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
This event's spearheader wrote a forward to a work about it by Jiri Valer subtitled "Anatomy of a Decision." Its goals were outlined in the Action Programme, while in its aftermath, student Jan Pach set himself on fire. A call for openness during this event was written into the manifesto "The Two Thousand Words" by Ludvik Vakulik. Only Franti?ek Kriegel refused to sign the Moscow Protocol which followed this event, which began with Ludvik Svodoba's elevation to the presidency. Cut short due to an invasion by the Warsaw Pact, FTP, identify this period of political liberalization under First Secretary Alexander Dubcek in Czechoslovakia in 1968.
Answer: Prague Spring
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
One character in this work quotes from Nietzsche that "God is dead" upon learning that his father's prayers have done no good. Another character relates the tale of his adventures with the prostitute Fat Violet, and in an earlier scene he tries not to be seen trimming the front hedge. Another character reminisces about her dreams of becoming a concert pianist while alone with the drunken Cathleen, and that character at one point claims she enjoys the fog yet is immensely troubled by the sound of the foghorn. Jamie claims that Dr. Hardy is a quack who would send Edmund to a third-rate sanatorium, and Mary battles morphine addiction in, FTP, what Eugene O'Neill play which chronicles the internal struggle of the Tyrone family?
Answer: Long Day's Journey Into Night
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
One section of this work contains a passage depicting a goat-herd resting with his faithful dog, while another movement depicts a calm fireplace and uses pizzicato to represent the rain. Originally, they were published under the title "The Contest between Harmony and Intervention". The last of these is in F minor, and the accompanying sonnet compares the brisk, rushing tempo to the north wind. The last movement of the second, written in G minor, is likened to a thunderstorm, and the third ends in a triumphant allegro representing a hunter's song. FTP, name this set of violin concertos originally published as part of the Opus 8 of Antonio Vivaldi.
Answer: The Four Seasons or Le Quattro Stagioni
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
Mayer and Atzrodt have developed models to investigate the use of this property in actuators, and wafers possessing this property are used to control scanning microscopes in the nanometer range. Lead zirconate titanate is the standard medical imaging material which uses it, and PVDF is one of the few polymers to display it. It is exhibited by ceramics like barium tantalite and lithium niobate, and its converse is eletrostriction. First discovered in Rochelle salts and quarts by Pierre and Jacques Curie, FTP, identify this ability of certain materials to produce an electric potential in response to applied stress.
Answer: piezoelectricity (accept equivalents like "piezoelectric effect")
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
A bronze-age people established the settlements of Erice and Egesta here and were called the Elymians. Euphemius declared himself Emperor here, and with the help of the Aghlabids established the "Emirate" of this place. Roger de Hautevelle defeated a Saracen garrison here, and Peter III of Aragon instigated a rebellion against Charles of Anjou here, which he supported by sending his army to Trapani. The Peace of Caltabellotta ended the aforementioned War of the "Vespers" of this place, while the Edict of Bayonne established the `Kingdom of the Two' of them. FTP, name this island to which Alcibaides led a disastrous Athenian naval expedition during the Peloponnesian War.
Answer: Sicily
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
He rescued Achilles from the river god Scamander. A son of this god named Cacus plundered Heracles' cattle and paid with his life, and he was once carried to Olympus on the back of a donkey. In another story, the future Athenian king Erichthonius was produced when this god's semen fell from Athena's thigh. According to the Iliad his wife was a Grace called Aglaea, and this god's actions allowed for the emergence of a daughter of Metis. He constructed his palace on Lemnos after falling for nine days and nights, though he was later thrown off Olympus again for siding with his mother Hera in an argument. FTP, name this Greek equivalent of Vulcan, the god of smiths and fire.
Answer: Hephaestus
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
His first election to parliament saw him replace John Martin, and a lack of response from a later prime minister led him to issue the "vote-Tory" manifesto. He successfully won a lawsuit against The Times concerning Richard Piggott, and was the main influence behind the "No Rent" manifesto which was abandoned in the 'Kilmainham treaty.' Though popular as the first president of the Land League, forged letters surfaced claiming that this man had supported the Pheonix Park murders, and the IPP rejected his leadership after he was named in a divorce proceeding between William and Kitty O'Shea. FTP, name this chief advocate of Irish home rule during the 1880s.
Answer: Charles Stewart Parnell
2008 EFT Bonuses by Rosenberg 2
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
This album was heavily influenced by pianist George Russell and his emphasis on `modal' composition, which represented a departure from the chord-laden style the artist hoped to eschew. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this album which featured the talents of John Coltrane and Bill Evans among others and featured hits like `Freddie Freeloader' and `So What'.
Answer: Kind of Blue
[10] Kind of Blue is regarded as the magnum opus of this jazz trumpeter, whose other discography includes Birth of the Cool and Milestones.
Answer: Miles Davis
[10] Teo Macero, producer of Kind of Blue, also lent his talents to this Davis album which experimented with rock elements on tracks like Pharaoh's Dance and Spanish Key.
Answer: Bitches Brew
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
Say hello to Brown Quizbowl's favorite poem! Its second stanza opens with "An aged man is but a paltry thing/ a tattered coat upon a stick." FTPE:,
[10] Name this poem in which the speaker searches for some form of immortality in the titular city.
Answer: "Sailing to Byzantium"
[10] "Sailing to Byzantium" is the first poem in this Irish poet's collection The Tower. He also authored the Second Coming" and "Leda and the Swan."
Answer: William Butler Yeats
[10] The Tower also contains this poem, where the speaker is guided by "a kind old nun in a white hood" and dreams of an old lover he knew in his youth as he is stared at by the titular group "in momentary wonder."
Answer: "Among School Children"
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
Answer some things about Russian Tsars who reigned through harsh times, FTPE:,
[10] Despite introducing the seemingly egalitarian zemski sobor, this tsar led Russia into the disastrous Livonian war and used the oprichinki to control the country with an iron fist. You know, the guy who went mad.
Answer: Ivan IV (or Ivan the Terrible)
[10] This former court adviser to Ivan was elected Tsar of Muscovy after the death of Feodor I. Though he reformed the judicial system and entered into negotiations with Livonia, he also banished the Romanov family and instituted an extensive spy network, and the end of his reign inaugurated the Time of Troubles.
Answer: Boris Godunov
[10] Boris Godunov was the first Tsar who was not a member of this royal house, which had held power since the days of the Kievan Rus in the 9th century.
Answer: Rurikid
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
Answer some things about solution chemistry, FTPE:,
[10] At high concentration, the equilibrium constant a solution cannot be described by concentrations. Instead, coefficients of this quantity, which can be calculated by the Debye-Huckel equation, are used.
Answer: Activity
[10] Adding a common ion to a solution creates a pressure on the equilibrium. This is explained by this principle named for a French dude.
Answer: Le Chatlier's Principle
[10] This type of solution can be easily disrupted using a needle or other condensation nuclei. In general, this term refers to a type of solution that contains more solute than it should.
Answer: Supersaturated solution
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
In honor of the High Holidays, name some figures from the Old Testament, FTPE.,
[10] This man gave a widow an unlimited supply of food, and then revived her dead son. He also caused plenty of trouble for Ahab and disappeared in a tornado of fire.
Answer: Elijah
[10] When fighting the Philistines, this Judge narrowed down his army by having them drink from a river and seeing who lapped up the water like dogs.
Answer: Gideon or Jerubbabel
[10] Judges also describes how this compatriot of Deborah defeated the forces of Sisera and the Canaanites at Mount Tabor. Sisera fled but was later killed by having a tent peg driven into his skull.
Answer: Barak
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
Answer some things about data structures, FTPE:,
[10] These structures consist of a series of nodes, each consisting of a data field and a pointer to the next node, except of course for the last one, which has a null pointer.
Answer: linked list
[10] This data structure is arranged such that each node has at most two children, which are typically designated left and right. Arranging nodes in order produces the `search' variety.
Answer: binary tree
[10] This type of self-balancing binary tree developed by Rudolf Bayer have the critical property that the longest path from a root to a leaf is no more than twice as long as the shortest path from the root to a leaf in the tree.
Answer: red-black tree
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
It was eventually supplanted by nearby La Venta, and its population had all but vanished by 800 BCE. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this ancient city in the modern-day Mexican state of Veracruz, which is probably the best place to look if you're searching for colossal stone heads.
Answer: San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan (do not prompt on `Tenochtitlan')
[10] San Lorenzo was the cultural center of these Pre-Columbian people, whose heartland was located on the Gulf of Mexico's southern coastal plain.
Answer: Olmecs
[10] This other pre-Columbian civilization was centered in the valley of Oaxaca in cities like Mitla and Monte Alban, the latter of which contains the stone figures called `Los Danzantes.'
Answer: Zapotecs
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
The protagonist's uncle in this novel spends most of his time playing with a miniature set of military fortifications on the bowling green. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this nine-volume comic novel, whose publication began in 1769, centering on the life of a titular `gentleman.'
Answer: The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman
[10] Tristram Shandy is a work by what English whose nonfiction works include Journal to Eliza and The Sermons of Mr. Yorick.
Answer: Laurence Sterne
[10] The character Mr. Yorick also features in this other Sterne novel; where he leaves Britain for the mainland and befriends characters like Madame de L-.
Answer: A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
The composer stated that all the variations in this work are based on a hidden theme which is never revealed. FTPE:,
[10] Name this composition dedicated to the composer's "friends pictured within," which includes the famous "Nimrod" movement.
Answer: Enigma Variations
[10] Enigma Variations was written by this British Composer. If you're playing this tournament, you've probably walked to the sound of his first Pomp and Circumstance march.
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
ANSWR: Sir Edward Elgar,
[10] This Elgar oratorio is based on a poem by Cardinal Newman and relates the story of a man's journey from his deathbed to purgatory.
Answer: The Dream of Gerontius
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
The two figures at the left of this work were derived from a painting by Holbein representing gamblers in the presence of death. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this biblical painting located in the Contarelli chapel which depicts the titular tax collector gesturing to himself in surprise as a figure on the shadowed right stretches his arm out.
Answer: The Calling of St. Matthew
[10] This Italian artist painted The Calling of St. Matthew, and the figures in that work are modeled quite similarly to the ones in his other paintings like The Cardsharps.
Answer: Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio
[10] Comissioned by Laerzio Cherubini, this Caravaggio work aroused scandal because of the central figure's bare feet and the use of a prostitute's corpse as the model.
Answer: Death of the Virgin
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
It's amazing just how much you can learn by playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl, if only because of its countless references to other video games. FTPE:,
[10] If all you care about is brute strength, you really can't go wrong with Ike, the protagonist of an entry in this fantasy RPG series subtitled `Path of Radiance,' and a supporting character in its disappointing sequel `Radiant Dawn.'
Answer: Fire Emblem
[10] Brawl marks the first new appearance in over 15 years by Pit, the protagonist of this series where you shoot arrows at Greek-inspired monsters in honor of the goddess Palutena, or so we're told.
Answer: Kid Icarus
[10] And of course, Brawl features two third-party characters, namely Sonic the Hedgehog and this soldier who seems to like complaining to Colonel Campbell when he's not battling FOXHOUND and Metal Gear.
Answer: Solid Snake
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
Answer some things about free speech Supreme Court Cases, FTPE:,
[10] Students were guaranteed the right to wear armbands protesting the Vietnam War, as those constituted a protected form of symbolic speech.
Answer: Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District (accept either)
[10] In Hazelwood v Kuhlmeier, the court ruled that these things do not enjoy the protection afforded to independent ones, so the principal is allowed to censor references to issues like teen pregnancy.
Answer: student newspapers (accept obvious equivalents)
[10] During the 2002 Olympic Torch relay, a group of students in Juneau displayed a banner with this phrase on it, resulting in the case Morse v. Frederick. The court ruled that the school principal was justified in suspending a student for the use of drug references and obscene language.
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
Because Japan's original animistic religions had no common continuity, this term can encompass anything from gods to rocks. FTPE:,
[10] Give the term for the spirits or deities of Shinto, whose origins are described in the Kojiki
Answer: kami
[10] This kami is considered the embodiment of the primordial sky. With his wife and sister, he plunged a spear into the ocean to create the islands of Japan.
Answer: Izanagi
[10] This kami, the god of the oceans, was created when Izanagi wiped his face of grime. He had something of a rivalry with his sister Amaterasu and slayed the serpent Yamata-no-Orochi.
Answer: Susanoo
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
They possess pairs of color and anti-color like blue-anti-red, but surprisingly, only eight types exist. FTPE:,
[10] Identify these gauge bosons which mediate the strong force and hold nuclei together.
Answer: gluons
[10] The behavior of gluons and quarks is described by this non-abelian gauge theory. Among its properties is confinement, meaning that it takes an infinite amount of energy to separate two quarks.
Answer: Quantum Chromodynamics
[10] QCD also predicts this property, by which the strong force diminishes at short distances, so quarks can move about without restriction within the confines of a baryon or hadron.
Answer: asymptotic freedom
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
Answer some things about the geography of Australia, FTPE:,
[10] Located on Port Phillip Bay and at the mouth of the Yarra River, this second-largest Australian city is the state capital of Victoria.
Answer: Melbourne
[10] Notable for the 'Morning Glory' cloud phenomenon, this body of water on the northern side of Australia forms a large wedge at the border between the Northern Territory and Queensland.
Answer: Gulf of Carpentaria
[10] On the opposite side of the continent is this body of water between the mainland and Tasmania. By traveling across the treacherous 'Rip' into Port Philip Bay, it is possible to reach Melbourne from here.
Answer: Bass Strait
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
It opens with a speech by Lars Familiaris, who relates how the titular object was found. FTP:,
[10] Name this play where Euclio seeks to find a husband for his daughter Phaedria, who unknown to him is already pregnant.
Answer: Pot of Gold or Aulularia
[10] Aulularia is among the surviving plays by this Roman author of Bacchides and Rudens.
Answer: Titus Maccius Plautus
[10] Unlike Plautus, all the works of this later playwright, such as The Brothers and Andria, have survived intact.
Answer: Publius Terentius (Terence) Afer
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
This philosophical system's texts were destroyed in the Burning of the Books, and this philosophy's idea of the perfect man is summed up in the concept of Junzi. FTPE:,
[10] Name this philosophy that exemplifies filial piety and respect of ones ancestors. Its founder compiled the Analects.
Answer: Confucianism
[10] Confucious' most important follower was this man, who compiled a namesake book. He was a disciple of Zisi, Confucious' grandson.
Answer: Mencius or Meng Zi
[10] The main competing school of classical Chinese philosophy was Legalism, which became the dominant force during the Qin dynasty. This man's namesake book is the central text of Legalism.
Answer: Han Fei Zei
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
Name these Canadian Prime Ministers, FTPE.,
[10] This first Prime Minister of the Dominion was instrumental in the drafting of the 1867 British North America Act, but bribery allegations, dubbed the `Pacific Scandal', forced him to resign.
Answer: Sir John Macdonald
[10] After serving as Minister of Justice and Attorney General under his predecessor Lester Pearson. He was praised for his opposition to separatists during the October Crisis, and oversaw Canada's final independence from British Parliament.
Answer: Pierre Trudeau
[10] This only female prime minister served for only five months in 1993, and was forced out when the Progressive Conservatives were soundly defeated that year. She didn't do much as Prime Minister, but Encyclopaedia Brittanica tells us she strengthened gun control laws as Attorney General.
Answer: Kim Campbell
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
The proteins encoded by it control immune response by recognition of both self and non-self antigens. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this area of the genome, found on chromosome 6 in humans, which controls the structure of the human leukocyte antigen molecules.
Answer: Major histocompatibility complex (MHC)
[10] Antigens displayed by the class II MHC bind to receptors on the `helper' variety of these lymphocytes, which also come in a cytotoxic, or `killer' form.
Answer: T cells
[10] Class I MHC proteins, on the other hand, bind to this co-receptor for the TCR. It exists as a dimer and can also present itself in natural killer cells.
Answer: CD8
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: History
Name these Henry James works, FTPE:,
[10] The governess Mrs. Grose hears strange things in a country estate and fears that the children, Flora and Miles, are possessed by the spirits of previous servants.
Answer: The Turn of the Screw
[10] James explored feminist themes in this novel in which reactionary lawyer Basil Ransom visits his cousin Olive Chancellor and falls for her protege, the orator Verena Tarrant
Answer: The Bostonians
[10] Catherine Sloper falls for the charming but poor Morris Townsend. Her father, the physician Austin, forbids the two to marry, and so Catherine wastes away as a spinster living in the titular New York locale.
Answer: Washington Square

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