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2007 Chicago Open Tossups by UCI
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His portraits of prisoners, including one of the murderer Sarah Malcolm, were eventually auctioned off at the so called Battle of the Pictures arranged by Christopher Cock. His few failures include an attempt to imitate Correggio in Sigismunda and he cultivated a rivalry with William Kent that was chronicled in such works as Bad Taste of the Town. He outlined his ideas on art in the treatise The Analysis of Beauty and his later works include the genre pieces Frank Mathew Schutz Vomiting and An Election. But he was most successful creating series, such as Four Stages of Cruelty and Industry and Idleness, that entertained while teaching moral lessons. For ten points identify this painter of Marriage a la Mode and The Rake's Progress.
Answer: William Hogarth
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Notable translators of this man's works include Richard Le Gallienne and Sir William Jones, who first attempted the project in the 1770s. He often injected himself into his lyrics in order to expose hypocritical prayer leaders or celebrate his poetic status and some of his works have acquired such titles as "The Stairway of Existence" and "My Fame Has Spread Candle-like." A great drinker, many of his poems address the effects of wine on love and piety. Though he composed matonawis and rubaiyats, he is best known for a large collection of ghazals arranged alphabetically by such subjects as birds, flowers, and Allah. For ten points, identify this 14th century poet from Shiraz, a Sufi author who wrote a namesake Divan.
Answer: Hafez or Hafiz Shams-ud-Din Mohammad
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Emmy Noether rediscovered this man's theorem characterizing automorphisms of simple rings. He found a namesake p-adic method for certain types of Diophantine equations, and gave the modern version of the axiom of replacement shortly after its introduction by Fraenkel. The theorem that any countable theory with a model has a countable model is named for this man and Lowenheim. Herbrandization is the dual of the process named for, FTP, this Norwegian logician whose namesake functions remove existential quantifiers from formulas.
Answer: Thoralf Albert Skolem
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Kurt Schneider formulated a set of "first-rank symptoms" for this phenomenon. Explanations for it include Gregory Bateson's double-bind theory advanced in an essay collected in Steps to an Ecology of Mind. The classification of its symptoms as positive or negative, [PAUSE] its being renamed to emphasize that it is not confined to young people, [PAUSE] and an emphasis on symptoms such as flattened affect, are all due to Eugen Bleuler [OY-gen BLOY-ler]. Waxy flexibility is seen in the catatonic type, while the paranoid type manifests delusions. FTP name this mental disorder formerly known as dementia praecox, which is often confused with multiple personality disorder.
Answer: schizophrenia
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One cruiser named for this man was sunk in Drobak Sound on the approaches to Oslo, while another was sunk at the Battle of Dogger Bank. He began his career as a Swedish Hussar, and he lost the battles of Montmirail and Champaubert, though he defeated Marmont at Mockern and Macdonald and Katzbach. Dismissed from his governorship of Pomerania in 1812 for his ardent support of another war, at Auerstadt, he repeatedly led unsuccessful cavalry charges, and refused to surrender with the rest of Hohenlohe's corps. In March 1814, he defeated Napoleon at Laon, spelling the end of the First Empire, and it was his forces that occupied Leipzig during the battle of the same name. FTP, name this Prussian general, most famous for his march to the guns at the Battle of Waterloo.
Answer: Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher
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One of this author's works revolves around an abduction initiated by the unscrupulous Hargreve Pollexfen and recounts the madness of Clementina Porretta, yet his first publication of note was the volume The Apprentice's Vade Mecum. His best known work was adapted for the stage by Carlo Goldoni and spawned an immediate sequel by John Kelly of the Universal Spectator; he was inspired to write said tale while compiling a volume of model letters, Letters written to and for Particular Friends, on the most important of occasions. That novel featured such characters as the kind Mr. Williams and the morally suspect Mr. B and was subtitled or, Virtue Rewarded. For ten points, identify this printer and author who wrote the early novels Clarissa and Pamela.
Answer: Samuel Richardson
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The little river of this name is diverted into the reservoir at Fort Loudon by the Tellico dam. The larger one is joined by the Clinch River shortly after its formation from the junction of the Holston and French Broad rivers. It gave its name to the army commanded by Oliver Howard and James B. McPherson, while its later history featured dam construction at Pickwick Landing, Guntersville, and Watts Bar. FTP, name this American river redeveloped by a New Deal agency.
Answer: Tennessee River
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With Feynman, he lends his name to a type of vortex found in rotating superfluids. His equation gives the dipole moment of a molecule in terms of the dielectric constant of the pure dipole liquid, and his hard-rod model of liquid crystals predicts lyotropic phase transitions driven by positional entropy. He extended the Debye-Huckel theory to account for Brownian motion and proved that the matrix of transport coefficients in an irreversible process is symmetric. The solution to the two-dimensional Ising model at the critical point came from, FTP, this physical chemist and 1968 Nobelist, the namesake of a set of reciprocal relations between thermodynamic forces and flows.
Answer: Lars Onsager
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An essay about him in Edward Said's book On Late Style describes his defiant romanticism amid more advanced composers. One of his earliest orchestral works was a Burlesque for Piano and Orchestra in D minor written for Hans von Bulow, and his two horn concertos in E-flat major were composed 59 years apart. His finest song cycle uses verses by Hesse and Eichendorff for the Four Last Songs for soprano and orchestra, and he portrays his household life as a husband and father in the tone poem Symphonia Domestica. FTP, identify this composer of operas such as The Woman Without a Shadow and Arabella, and tone poems like Aus Italien, Don Quixote, and Death and Transfiguration.
Answer: Richard Strauss (prompt on "Strauss)
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He was preceded by Rene of Chalon in the title from which he took his dynastic name. It was upon his shoulder that Charles V leaned during the latter's abdication ceremony, he became politically isolated due to his support of Hercule Francois, Duke of Anjou, as king for his country. While Margaret of Parma allowed him to help attempt to restore order following the Beeldenstorm, he was outlawed, prompting his retreat to Nassau, by the Duke of Alba. His assassin, Balthasar Gerard, shot him at his home in Delft on the hope of a reward offered by Philip II of Spain. FTP, name this leader of the Dutch war of independence
Answer: William of Orange or William the Silent
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In one play, a character with this name is jokingly accused of quarreling with men who crack nuts, because he has hazel eyes. In another play, a gentleman of this name at the court of Charles V ambushes the title character with the help of his friends, Martino and Frederick, then retires to his secluded castle after Doctor Faustus puts horns on his head. The first character with this name urges his lovesick cousin to "Examine other beauties." In his first appearance, he orders the servants Abraham, Balthasar, Gregory and Sampson to put up their swords in deference to the prince's peace shortly before Tybalt attacks him. FTP name this nephew of Montague in Romeo and Juliet.
Answer: Benvolio
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One species in this phylum uses 5-methoxytryptamine to control its circadian rhythms; that species, Gonyaulax polyedra, is bioluminescent, as is the genus Linguolodinium. Another species produces the poison saxitoxin, which blocks sodium channels and is responsible for some forms of foodborne illness. Some species have a cellulose armor called a theca, and underneath their plasma membranes are small vesicles called alveoli. They have a transverse and longitudinal flagellum set inside two grooves, and along with the apicomplexans and the ciliates, make up the alveolate superphylum. FTP, name these protists whose name comes from the greek word for "whirling", that are responsible for red tides.
Answer: Dinoflagellates or Dinoflagellata
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He was hoodwinked in a bad trade in which he received mushrooms enchanted to look like 12 golden shields. With his future father-in-law he was part of a group of seven men who spent seven years under a spell feasting and listening to birds in Harlech. W. J. Gruffyd hypothesized that the Mabinogi originally focused on the life of this hero, the foster-child of Teyrnon. He was given names meaning "Golden-Hair" and "anxiety," and lived for a time with his mother, his wife Cigfa, and his father-in-law Manawydan. The blood and bones of several puppies were used to disguise the disappearance of, FTP, this son of Pwyll and Rhiannon.
Answer: Pryderi or Gwri Golden-Hair
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Elected to the Senate in 1829 as its youngest member, he was an important voice in drafting his home state's Constitution two years later. It was before construction finished on his grand estate Buena Vista that this man served as the Chief Justice of Delaware; a position he resigned to support the presidency of William H. Harrison. His greatest political triumph occurred during service as Zachary Taylor's Secretary of State and featured various disputes about the status of Honduras. For ten points, identify this American statesman whose name lives on in a treaty that guaranteed neutrality across the isthmus of Panama and was signed with his British counterpart Henry Bulwer.
Answer: John M. Clayton
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Part II describes various travelers including "a curly shepherd lad" and "an abbot on an ambling pad." Its opening stanza concludes with the Reaper listening and whispering about the work's namesake subject. The action is set in motion after the title character declares, "I am half sick of shadows," and spots a man singing "Tirra Lirra" on horseback. It first appeared in 1832's Poems, Chiefly Lyrical, but was revised ten years later to include the now familiar ending, "She has a lovely face/ God in his mercy lend her grace," uttered after the title figure is discovered dead in her boat by Lancelot. For ten points, identify this poem about a woman who is cursed to weave a magic web and experience the world through a mirror, a work by Alfred Lord Tennyson.
Answer: "The Lady of Shallott"
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The first in-depth studies of this movement were conducted by George Rentz, who wrote his thesis on the religious and political influence of one of its central figures. That figure was influenced by Hanbali doctrines and the writings of Ibn Taymiyya to preach against celebrating Mawlid, the birthday of Muhammad, and other practices smacking of idolatry or polytheism. One name for this movement comes from that figure, whose friendship with a Najd chieftain has given this movement added prominence. FTP name this school of Islam that seeks to eliminate innovation, the dominant form in Saudi Arabia.
Answer: Wahhabism or Salafism
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He argues for a "cassette theory" in the essay "Are Dreams Experiences?" and his paper "On Giving Libertarians What They Say They Want" suggests that free will is compatible with determinism. This latter view would be revisited in a 1984 book called Elbow Room. In a 1991 book, he discussed the "cutaneous rabbit" experiment to critique what he referred to as "Cartesian materialism," proposing instead a so-called "Multiple Drafts" model of the title concept. This work, Consciousness Explained, also argues against the reality of qualia. For 10 points, identify this American philosopher, whose more recent books deal with the consequences of evolutionary theory and include Freedom Evolves, Breaking the Spell, and Darwin's Dangerous Idea.
Answer: Daniel Clement Dennett
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This model involves a four-fermion interaction with spin and momentum conservation, resulting in a singlet bound state allowed by the instability of the Fermi surface under an arbitrarily small attractive force. The energy gap between the Bloch individual particle model and the state predicted by this model is consistent with the isotope effect. The density of states near the Fermi surface and the electron-phonon interaction strength determine the temperature for the second order phase transition to the state described by this theory. The Meissner effect is correctly predicted by, FTP, this model using Cooper pairs to explain conventional superconductivity.
Answer: BCS or Bardeen Cooper Schrieffer theory
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A counteroffensive on the north, Operation Kutuzov, changed the momentum of this battle, which featured fierce fighting at Ponyri Station, also in the north, which stopped Model's offensive. More than a month after the initial offensive, the counterattack liberated Kharkov for the final time, while the southern thrust was stopped on the plain of Prokhorovka. Strongly opposed by Guderian, the German attack was broken off on news of the Allied invasion of Sicily, and the operation, code-named Zitadelle, would be the last German offensive on the Eastern front. FTP, name this July and August 1943 battle, the largest tank battle in history.
Answer: Battle of Kursk
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A group of strangers is brought together after they are awarded a cruise on a mystery ship in his The Winners, while his poem The Kings considers the fate of the Minotaur. In another of his works a man spends so much time at the aquarium admiring the title creatures, that he actually he becomes one. That story, "Axolotl," as well as "Continuity of Parks," where a reader is killed by the story, were first published in the collection End Game and Other Stories. Another tale, which centers on the photographer Robert Michael and was published as "The Devil's Drivel," would become the basis of Antonioni's film Blow-Up. Yet he remains best known for a book about Horacio Olivera and his search for the enigmatic La Maga, whose pages instruct the reader to jump forward or backward in the text. For ten points, identify this Argentine author of Hopscotch.
Answer: Julio Cortazar
2007 Chicago Open Bonuses by UCI
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These surface waves are produced by interference of SH-waves, and typically exhibit horizontal polarization. FTPE:,
[10] Name these waves that can only propagate in shallow waveguides.
Answer: Love waves
[10] Long-period Love waves are labeled in honor of this geophysicist. He collaborated with Richter on the development of the Richter scale, and lends his name to the core-mantle boundary.
Answer: Beno Gutenberg
[10] The dispersion relation for Love waves is typically written in terms of the shear modulus, one of this pair of constants describing the elastic response of materials. The bulk modulus can be expressed as the first one plus two-thirds times the second one.
Answer: Lame constants
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Identify the following related to the military career of Eugene of Savoy, FTPE.,
[10] Prince Euguene's decisive victory over the Ottomans in this September 1697 battle was a major factor in forcing the Ottomans to accept the Peace of Karlowitz two years later.
Answer: Battle of Zenta
[10] In 1707, Eugene unsuccessfully attacked this naval base in southern France. Later, a 1793 siege of royalist rebels would be the first time Napoleon came to prominence, while later still Vichy France scuttled its fleet here in November 1942 to prevent the Germans from getting hold of it.
Answer: Toulon
[10] Though tactically an allied victory, this September 1709 battle fought under the leadership of the Duke of Marlborough, massive allied casualties prompted the Tory party to seek a withdrawal from the alliance.
Answer: Battle of Malplaquet
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He had to flee Avignon in 1328 after an investigation he conducted led him to accuse Pope John XXII of teaching heresy. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this Franciscan philosopher whose works include the Seven Quodlibets and the Summa Logicae.
Answer: William of Ockham
[10] William of Ockham is associated with this metaphysical doctrine, which denies the existence of abstract universals like "whiteness" and "humanity." It is contrasted with realism.
Answer: nominalism
[10] William's Summa Logicae is in part a commentary of the Isagoge, a book by this philosopher who also wrote On the Cave of the Nymphs, a Life of Pythagoras, and Starting Points Leading to the Intelligibles.
Answer: Porphyry
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For ten points each, answer these questions on a school of literary criticism.,
[10] First introduced in a 1946 namesake essay and later elaborated in the 1954 volume, The Verbal Icon, this two-word term describes the problem of seeking to find out what authors themselves meant when they wrote their work.
Answer: intentional fallacy
[10] Name either of the two critics who penned the essay "The Intentional Fallacy."
Answer: W.K. Wimsatt, Jr. and Monroe C. Beardsley
[10] Along with Robert Penn Warren and John Crowe Ransom, Wimsatt and Beardsley were members of this school of literary criticism that advocated close reading of texts and rejected the biographical approach of literary analysis.
Answer: New Criticism
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Orchestral works of Tchaikovsky, 10 each.,
[10] This 1876 tone poem depicts a character met by Dante in the second circle of hell, who committed adultery with her brother-in-law Paolo and is punished by being tossed in an endless night by furious winds.
Answer: Francesca da Rimini (prompt on Francesca)
[10] This patriotic piece was inspired by the murders of Serbian Slavs by Turkish soldiers. It was originally known as the "Serbo-Russian March."
Answer: Marche Slave or Slavonic March
[10] The principal melody of this work for cello and orchestra is Tchaikovsky's own, but, as its title suggests, the style is a nostalgic throwback to the 18th century and reveals the composer's admiration for Mozart.
Answer: Variations on a Rococo Theme for cello and orchestra
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Identify these figures associated with William the Conqueror, FTPE:,
[10] William's hold on the Duchy of Normandy was secured early in his life by this King of France, son of Robert II and father of Philip I, who defeated rebellious Norman barons at Val-es-Dunes in 1047, but later came to fear William's power and attacked him in 1054 and 1057.
Answer: Henry I
[10] William's eldest son, he led an army of the First Crusade, but lost the Duchy of Normandy when his younger brother Henry defeated him at Tinchenbrai.
Answer: Robert III or Robert Curthose
[10] One of William's closest advisers was this Lombard Archbishop of Canterbury who was instrumental in securing Papal approval for the invasion of England, and foiled the plot of the Earls of Norfolk and Hereford.
Answer: Lanfranc of Pavia
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It is derived by taking the reciprocal of the Michaelis-Menten equation. FTPE:,
[10] Name this double reciprocal plot useful in enzyme kinetics.
Answer: Lineweaver-Burke plot
[10] The y-intercept of a Lineweaver-Burke plot is equal to the reciprocal of this quantity. It is unchanged by competitive inhibition.
Answer: Maximum velocity or V-max
[10] This other linear plot graphs reaction velocity vs. substrate concentration; it is more error-resistant because it gives equal weight to all data points, unlike the Lineweaver-Burke plot
Answer: Woolf-Eadie-Augustinsson-Hofstee plot
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Douglass North received a share of the 1993 Nobel in Economics for his work in helping establish this field. FTPE:,
[10] Name this field of "new economic history" utilizing statistical and econometric methods to analyze economic history.
Answer: cliometrics
[10] This author of Without Consent or Contract and Railroads and American Economic Growth shared the Nobel with North, also for work on cliometrics.
Answer: Robert Fogel
[10] Fogel and Engerman co-authored this controversial study on the economics of slavery, arguing that slavery was a profitable system.
Answer: Time on the Cross: The Economics of American Negro Slavery
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following about sprites and literature, for ten points each:,
[10] Perhaps the best known sprite is this mischievous character who serves Oberon, the King of the Fairies, in A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Answer: Puck or Robin Goodfellow
[10] This man's 1814 opera Undine revolves around the story of a water sprite who loves the knight Huldebrand. He might be more famous for the literary works The Devil's Elixir and "The Sandman."
Answer: Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffman
[10] In this man's play The Sunken Bell, Henrich escapes the drudgery of human existence by beginning an affair with the beautiful sprite Rautendelein. This playwright also wrote The Weavers and The Beaver Coat.
Answer: Gerhart Hauptmann
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following on creation myths involving the mutilation of large corpses, FTPE.,
[10] In Chinese myth this primordial giant grew ten feet a day, pushing the heavens and the earth apart. After thousands of years of growing, he exploded, producing the sun, moon, rivers and seas. The fleas on his body became men.
Answer: Pan-gu
[10] In Aztec myth this god used his foot to lure the earth-monster Cipactli or Tlaltecuhtli to the surface of the waters. He then replaced his bitten-off foot with an obsidian mirror. He and Quetzalcoatl worked together to form the earth from the monster's body, but in later myths he was Quetzalcoatl's enemy.
Answer: Tezcatlipoca
[10] When Odin, Vili and Ve and chopped up Ymir's body to form the cosmos, they unleashed a deluge of blood. This grandson of Ymir and his wife survived in a hollow tree trunk and became the ancestors of the frost giants.
Answer: Bergelmir
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name these Catholics from the age of the English Reformation, FTPE.,
[10] This Yorkshire native served in the Spanish Army of Flanders before conspiring with Robert Catesby and Thomas Percy to plant barrels of gunpowder in a cellar under Parliament.
Answer: Guy Fawkes
[10] An English cardinal, he founded a Catholic college at Douai in northern France and defended "true, sincere, and modest" English Catholics from Lord Burleigh's charge that Catholicism equalled treason.
Answer: William Allen
[10] Known for his libels against Anne Boleyn, this English priest convinced his Spanish patrons to smuggle him into Ireland, where he was killed during the second Desmond war.
Answer: Nicholas Sander (or: Sanders)
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This process reduces a nucleus's mass number by 4 and its atomic number by 2. FTPE:,
[10] Name this radioactive decay process involving emission of a helium nucleus.
Answer: alpha decay
[10] Independently of Gamow, this man developed a similar theory of alpha decay with Gurney. With Franck, he lends his name to a principle stating that nuclei remain stationary during electron radiative transitions.
Answer: Edward Uhler Condon
[10] With Nuttall, this man noted a relationship between emitted alpha particle energy and decay lifetime. He also conducted an experiment with Marsden involving alpha particles.
Answer: Johannes or Hans Wilhelm Geiger
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following about World War I outside Europe, FTPE:,
[10] Most German colonies in Africa were quickly brought under Allied control, except in Tanganyika, where this German officer tied down large Allied forces while fighting a guerilla war.
Answer: Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck
[10] Japan seized the German concession in China, centered around this city in Shandong, ceded to Germany as part of the reparations for the Boxer Rebellion
Answer: Qingdao (pron. approx.: Tcheeng-dao, also spelled Tsingtao or Ch'ing-tao)
[10] Revolters in the Hedjaz against the Ottoman Empire during the war were assisted by this British liaison officer.
Answer: Thomas Edward Lawrence
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
This XBOX 360 game won five 2006 game of the year awards, including IGN's and Gamespot's.,
[10] FTP name this third person shooter in which you play as Marcus Fenix.
Answer: Gears of War
[10] General RAAM leads this race that emerges from the ground to fight the humans.
Answer: The Locust
[10] This character rescues Marcus from prison in the opening of the game and is the second playable character in Cooperative mode.
Answer: Dominic Santiago
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Related sounding works and their authors, for ten points each:,
[10] His 1969 collection The Street depicts life in a poor Jewish section of Montreal, just like his bet known work, The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz.
Answer: Mordecai Richler
[10] This African-American author's best known work is her 1946 novel The Street which focuses on life among the Harlem poor. She also wrote The Narrows and Life Among the Saints.
Answer: Ann Lane Petry
[10] This man's 1919 short story about a police strike, "The Street," is a far cry from his more well known works of terror such as "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" and "The Call of Cthulhu."
Answer: Howard Phillips Lovecraft
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following about a sculptor, for ten points each:,
[10] Well known for his depiction of elongated, emaciated figures, often mounted on large, heavy bases, this man's 1951 work, Dog, is one of the few mature pieces that doesn't depict a man or a woman.
Answer: Alberto Giacometti
[10] Named for a certain setting and time of day, this Giacometti sculpture resembles a miniature stage set, filled with evocations of the artist's own dreams, including the skeleton of a pterodactyl and a spine suspended in a cage.
Answer: Palace at 4 a.m
[10] Before he turned to Cubism and more elaborate styles Giacometti studied the simplicity of this Romanian's style as exemplified in such works as The Kiss and Sleeping Muse.
Answer: Constantin Brancusi
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One example of this phenomenon is an adult axolotl retaining its gills. FTPE:,
[10] Name this evolutionary phenomenon where adults maintain juvenile traits.
Answer: Paedomorphosis
[10] One type of paedomorphosis is this effect, where somatic development slows while sexual development continues, resulting in sexually mature juveniles. Gould argued that it has occurred in human evolution.
Answer: Neoteny
[10] Paedomorphosis and neoteny are important concepts in this field of biology that compares development across several species.
Answer: Evolutionary Developmental Biology or Evo-Devo
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Identify these cities of South Africa, FTPE.,
[10] Africa's busiest port, this city in kwaZulu-Natal is known in the Zulu language as eThekwini.
Answer: Durban
[10] The capital of what was formerly the Orange Free State, this city is the seat of South Africa's highest court and, as such, is considered the country's judicial capital.
Answer: Bloemfontein
[10] This city alternated with Pietermaritzburg as the capital of kwaZulu-Natal from 1994 to 2004. Capital of Zulu king Cetshwayo capital, it was also the site of the last battle of the Anglo-Zulu War.
Answer: Ulundi (or, properly, uluNdi)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Author and his work, for ten points each:,
[10] Early works by this South African writer include No Good Friday and Blood Knot.
Answer: Athol Fugard
[10] This Fugard play begins at Styles' photo studio where a man has come to send a picture back to his wife. As the play continues it is revealed that Robert has been forced to swap passbooks with a corpse to take up the deceased man's identity.
Answer: Sizwe Bansi is Dead
[10] This Fugard novel, named for its title character, the leader of a gang of small-time thugs, was adapted into an Academy Award winning film in 2005.
Answer: Tsotsi

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