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2008 Chicago Open Tossups by Teitler
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This person's tenure in The Wanderers influenced the incomplete Student Nihilist and the revolutionary cycle The Meeting, Arrest of a Propagandist, Refusal of the Confession, and They Did Not Expect Him. One work of his, intended as a "study in laughter," finds the central character and his assistant, who are at center drafting an epistle, as the only people without scalp locks. Another features a walking stick later copied by Vasnetsov that has inflicted a temple wound on the Christ-like second title character. The subjects of perhaps his most famous work were later re-treated by Campfire. This artist's best-known historical canvases are probably the aforementioned Ivan the Terrible and his Son Ivan, and Zaporozhian Cossacks. FTP, name this late-nineteenth-century Ukrainian Realist, the creator of The Volga Boatmen.
Answer: Ilya Yefimovich Repin
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This man declined an offer to return his family's ancestral holdings in Seville while serving as a diplomat to Pedro the Cruel. In a later diplomatic effort, he negotiated the safe passage of the besieged Damascenes.In one work, he cited the Biblical account of Moses's army as an example of historical information that, if accepted blindly, leaves one "lost in the desert of baseless assumptions and errors." In that treatise he listed failures to place events in their social context and account for changes in social customs as two of the seven errors of historians, and used the concept of "group feeling" or `asabiyah to account for the development of large states. FTP, name this man whose unfinished History of the World opens with the Muqaddimah, an Arab historian from Tunisia.
Answer: Ibn Khaldun or Wali al-Din 'Abd al-Rahman ibn Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr Muhammad ibn al-Hasan Ibn Khaldun
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The rotation rate of this object is the angular momentum partial of the mean perturbation. Both this object and one of the vectors from which it is derived are conserved by systems with S O-naught three comma one and S O four symmetries. It is given by the cross product of the linear and angular momenta divided by the coupling constant, minus the formal charge times the radial unit vector, and is proportional to the eccentricity vector. Along with angular momentum, it is a constant for motion in an inverse-square central force. FTP, name this vector in orbit theory that is sometimes named for Lapalce, but is usually named for two Germans; a mathematician who has a numerical integration algorithm with Kutta and a physicist with the same name as another whose namesake law is Le Chatelier's principle for electromagnets.
Answer: the Laplace-Runge-Lenz vector (accept Laplace-Runge-Lenz vector before "Laplace" and prompt on it afterwards; prompt on "RL vector" or "LRL vector" or "A")
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Upon receiving a man named "something like Archbold," the narrator of this work pretends to be slightly deaf and insists on giving a complete tour of his accomodations, including his quarters, which are arranged in the shape of a capital L.At the end of this work, the southern hill of Koh-ring reduces visibility, but the narrator is able to detect his ship drifting by looking at a white hat that he gave to another character.That character saved most of his comrades during a gale but strangled one man, leading to his imprisonment aboard the Sephora.FTP, name this short novella in which a young captain hides Leggatt, written by Joseph Conrad.
Answer: "The Secret Sharer"
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In one ritual honoring this god, the first ox to eat grain spread over his altar was killed, then, in a show trial the axe that struck the ox was condemned and thrown in the ocean.One of this god's oracular sites was established on the orders of a black dove at the same time as Ammon's oracle at Siwa, and provided suppliants with oracles based on the rustling of leaves on the sacred oaks, one of which was used in the prow of the Argo.This god tested and then punished Nyctimus's father Lycaon in his role as the patron of guest-friendship, or xenia.FTP, name this god who maintained an oracle at Dodona and rewarded Baucis and Philemon for their hospitality to him and his son Hermes.
Answer: Zeus
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Following this clash, Sultan Ahmed III sheltered the defeated commander and was eventually convinced to declare war. After that commander retreated, his second-in-command surrendered at Perevolochna on the Vorskla. A strategic blunder at Lesnaya severely limited one side's supply and reinforcement, and a critical turn during this battle was the capture of Roos' detachment. The siege precipitating it was the first phase of one side's plan to strike at the other's capital, a plan that was bolstered by the defection of Ivan Mazepa. Among the defeated commanders, Rehnskiold was captured and Lewenhaupt fled, pursued by Menshikov. FTP, name this battle of 1709; the raising of a siege of a Ukrainian city that saw Charles XII smashed by the Peter the Great, effectively deciding the Great Northern War.
Answer: the Battle of Poltava
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The formation of these structures is associated with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease and type IV Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.A type of scarring known as "tree-barking" is related to the formation of these in tertiary syphilis, and they may be described as fusiform or saccular.Small ones named for Charcot and Bouchard may be found distal to the circle of Willis."True" ones affect the adventitial, medial, and intimal layers of the entities from which these arise, and they can be caused by a copper deficiency as a subsequent result of elastin weakness. FTP, identify these structures sometimes associated with atherosclerosis and most commonly found in cerebral vessels and the aorta, a weakening and bulging of the arterial wall that may result in blood vessel rupture.
Answer: aneurysms
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This author's popular hymn "Still, still with Thee, when purple morning breaketh" appeared in the aptly titled volume Religious Poems.Tina and Harry go to live at the farmhouse of Crab Smith in a work by this author which is narrated by Horace Holyoke.In addition to Sam Lawson's Oldtown Fireside Stories, this author of Poganuc People wrote about such characters as Miss Prissy Diamond, James Marvyn, and the old Dr. Hopkins, who gets engaged to Mary Scudder, in the 1859 novel The Minister's Wooing.FTP, name this author of Dred who may be better known for a controversial novel published during the 1850s, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Answer: Harriet Beecher Stowe
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Its 17th chapter shows that no one can transfer all things to the sovereign power, and discusses the reasons why a certain ancient state could both perish and could scarcely exist without sedition.Its final chapter concludes that the state is never safer than when piety and religion are taken to consist solely in the practice of charity and justice, and refers to a line from Tacitus in claiming that "in a free state everyone is allowed to think what they wish and to say what they think."Earlier chapters ask whether the prophetic gift was peculiar to the Hebrews and show that the Pentateuch was not written by the person after whom it is named.FTP, name this work from 1670 which discusses the Bible and the state, a philosophical text by Spinoza.
Answer: Theological-Political Treatise or Tractatus theologico-politicus
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In an interview, this work's creator noted its natural juxtaposition to "Ay Bay Bay." Fictional elements of its setting include King Snake malt liquor, the magazine Grillz, Club Ice, and Raphael de la Ghetto High School, where its frame story is set. Demangins the objects of the title action over sports pages or magazines, it features a Clockwork Orange-inspired sequence in which a young man is forced to watch footage of a non-standard yellow clip being loaded into a gun, which then fires texts by Donald Goines and Zora Neale Hurston. This song by Bomani Armah, a.k.a. "your boy D'Mite," a.k.a. notarapper, became infamous after its music video aired on 106 & Park in 20 FTP, name this satirical piece built on Beethoven's Fifth Symphony that ostensibly encourages literacy and that is notorious for airing on BET.
Answer: "Read a Book"
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A 1975 Supreme Court decision involving this state and a man named Hass discussed whether evidence provided by a suspect who isn't able to contact a lawyer prior to reaching a police station is usable.The 1877 case which established that a defendant has to be served within a state for personal jurisdiction to obtain, Pennoyer v. Neff, started out as a suit over unpaid lawyer bills in this state's courts.A 1970 case involving this state established that states were free to set their own voting ages for state elections, though that decision was set aside by the 26th Amendment.This Western state has been represented in the Senate by such men as Charles McNary, Wayne Morse, and Mark Hatfield.FTP, name this state whose other politicians include Ron Wyden and Bob Packwood.
Answer: Oregon
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One musician with this last name founded and led the group Dameronia; a second musician with this surname recorded with both of his older brothers, pianist Hank and trumpeter Thad; and a third formed the "All-American" rhythm section with Walter Page, Freddie Green and Count Basie.The third prompted Charlie Parker to practice by throwing a cymbal at him during a concert, the second played drums in John Coltrane's Classic Quartet for such albums as A Love Supreme, and the first played drums in Miles Davis's First Great Quintet.The first also added a nickname based on his Pennsylvania birthplace to distinguish himself from the third.FTP, give the last name shared by drummers Elvin, "Papa" Jo, and "Philly Joe."
Answer: Jones
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The first volume of this novel, which ends with one character remembering how he was accused of being a stealer of candles, takes place on Saint Francis of Assisi's Day and the two days before it.Characters in it include an urchin named Bismarck, who is first seen ringing the bell of Wamba in the company of Celedonio.More central is the canon theologian, Don Fermin De Pas, who is also appointed vicar-general.This first novel by a professor of law at the University of Oviedo is set in the fictional town of Vetusta.FTP, name this realistic novel written in the 1880s whose title character is Ana Ozores, the best known work by Leopoldo Alas.
Answer: La Regenta or The Judge's Wife or The Regent's Wife
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This term replaced "primary precipitate" in describing crystal grains that have settled in layered igneous formations, with the prefixes ad- and ortho- denoting the amount of crystallized interprecipitate material.The structures of this name have their bases at the lifting condensation level, and lend their name to the updraft-dominated first stage of thunderstorm development.The Lynmouth floods brought an end to the British government project of this name, in which RAF pilots conducted seeding experiments.These vertically-developed structures can grow past the congestus stage, transitioning to a related cloud type consisting of towers with characteristic anvil head tops.FTP, name this cloud type typically associated with fair weather, characterized by a cauliflower-like puffy top.
Answer: cumulus (accept cumulate before "lifting condensation level")
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
While serving as a rampart-builder, this character was forced to give the best three parts of his dinner each night to a blind satirist whose mouth grew out of his chest.This character eventually died from a wound inflicted decades earlier by Ceithlenn of the Crooked Teeth.He also made the sun stand still for nine months to hide his affair with the river-goddess Boann.He was unable to bed the daughter of Indech until he took a massive dump, following a spy mission during which he ate a pit full of his beloved porridge prepared by the Fomorians.FTP, name this father of Aengus Mac Óg and Brigit, a leader of the Tuatha De Danann who possessed a magical club and cauldron, known as "the good god."
Answer: the Dagda Samildanac or Dagda mor mac Eladan or Dagda mor mac Eithenn or Eochaidh Ollathair or In Ruad Rofhessa or Fer Benn Bruach Brogaill Broumide Cerbad Caic Rolaig Builc Labair Cerrce Di Brig Oldathair Boith Athgen mBethai Brightere Tri Carboid Roth Rimaire Riog Scotbe Obthe Olaithbe; prompt on "the good god"
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One member of this dynasty defeated King Areus in the Chremonidean War and regained control of the League of the Islanders, a protectorate established by its founder. A later member of this dynasty defeated Cleomenes III while allied with Aratus of Sicyon and the Achaean League. The pretender Andriscus claimed to be the son of this dynasty's final member, who was defeated by Lucius Aemilius Paullus almost 30 years after its penultimate member was defeated by Titus Quinctius Flaminius.In addition to the battles of Pydna and Cynoscephalae, its members saw losses at a siege that resulted in the construction of the Colossus of Rhodes and in a battle against Lysimachus, Cassander, and Seleucus at Ipsus.FTP, name this dynasty that ruled Macedonia following the death of Alexander, named for its one-eyed founder.
Answer: the Antigonid dynasty
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
His research into art and museums yielded the texts The Love of Art and Photography: A Middle-Brow Art.He described the education system's reinforcement of socioeconomic inequality in The Inheritors, and analyzed the events of May 1968 in Homo Academicus.He was featured in the documentary Sociology is a Martial Art, released shortly before his 2002 death.He discusses "Libido and illusio" at the start of a chapter on "Symbolic Violence and Political Struggles" in a work critiquing "scholastic reason," Pascalian Meditations.FTP, name this Frenchman whose texts Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste and Outline of a Theory of Practice develop his concepts of field, habitus and cultural capital.
Answer: Pierre Bourdieu
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A chemical of this type is oxidatively coupled to an organo-copper reagent in Castro-Stephens coupling, which is also one mechanism for the copper-catalyzed Ullman reaction between two of these molecules. The most direct way to synthesize these compounds breaks aromaticity by creating a cyclodienyl cation intermediate, while other synthesis methods for them using diazonium salts are reactions named for Schiemann and Sandmeyer. As these are generally not susceptible to simple nucleophilic substitution, they are much less reactive than their alkyl analogues, which is also the case for the non-alkyl Grignard reagents that can be prepared by reacting them with magnesium. FTP, name these compounds that consist of a substituent derived from a simple aromatic ring bound to an atom from group 17, exemplified by chlorobenzene.
Answer: aryl halides [accept halogenoarene or haloarene; prompt on "aryl" or "halide" or "cyclic" before "cation"]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One of these for piano and orchestra provides the music for "Rubies," the second movement of Balanchine's ballet Jewels.Some of these were written "for Siegfried Palm" and "for oboe and eleven stringed instruments" by Penderecki.Another work given this name includes Clairon, Monsieur Taupe, and the two suitors Olivier and Flamand.Another of these closes J.S. Bach's Partita in c minor; Bach also wrote one "on the departure of his most beloved brother."This word describes 24 pieces written by Locatelli, whose virtuosic violin pieces inspired Paganini to write his opus 1, consisting of 24 of them.FTP give this musical term, which gives its name to a one-act opera by Richard Strauss and lends its name to a Rimsky-Korsakov composition when appended with "espagnol."
Answer: capriccios (accept "caprice" somewhat grudgingly before "Clairon")
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Ezra Pound translated a work by this author about a woman named Laecania, whose teeth are only white because she bought them last night.Walter Savage Landor imitated a work by this author in a poem on "the Georges" which begins "George the First was always reckoned / Vile, but viler George the Second."Ben Jonson wrote numerous imitations of this man's work, and wrote a poem to this man's ghost which suggests that this man gave far nobler poems to his "Domitian" than Jonson could to his James.The last of this author's 15 volumes of poetry were written in retirement in Spain, where he died around AD 1FTP, name this Roman poet, a friend of Quintilian and Juvenal known for his satiric epigrams.
Answer: Martial or Marcus Valerius Martialis
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This book closes by asserting that "they who fight with Ormuzd" will sometime hear their "muster roll" called, and ends with a quotation from Plutarch saying that men's souls will behold God directly once they are freed from the body.In one of this book's shortest chapters, this author's conclusion is said to prove the truth perceived by Marcus Aurelius that we "are made for cooperation."After showing that six "proposed remedies," such as combinations of workmen and government direction and interference, are insufficient, the author concludes that the only true remedy for the "unequal distribution of wealth" is "We must make land common property."FTP, name this "inquiry into the cause of industrial depressions and of increase of want with increase of wealth," an 1879 book by Henry George.
Answer: Progress and Poverty
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One group of these structures includes CFA, Cable, and CS1, which consists of Coo proteins, and one group of them has proteins with N-methyl-phenyl-alanine at their amino termini. Their synthesis relies on the type II secretion pathway and the presence of the rlrA islet and tra locus.Another group of these structures are "mannose-sensitive" and can bind to various sugars on eukaryotic cells, while type IV is involved in twitching motility.Other groups may be used in biofilm formation, but they are most associated with initiating a process encoded by the I or F plasmid.FTP, name this appendage that brings together bacteria for genetic exchange during conjugation.
Answer: pilus [or pili; accept fimbriae]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One polity that ruled this area in the nineteenth century traced its descent to Altun Bishik, an almost certainly fictional descendent of Babur. Long before the aforementioned Kokand Khanate, this region was occupied by settlers from Alexandria Eschate, the site of which hosts a modern city having namesake Gates that form the western boundary of this region. The Mirzachul steppe is found outside the aforementioned Khujand Gates. Adyr zones mark the edges of this depression and are cut by numerous streams that form the Kara Darya and Naryn Darya, whose confluence here forms the Syr Darya, the main river of this region. FTP, name this roughly triangular depression bounded by the Tien Shan and Gissar and Alay systems; an agricultural heartland shared among Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan.
Answer: the Fergana Valley
2008 Chicago Open Bonuses by Teitler
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He discussed differences in behavior near gasoline drums that were and were not labeled "empty" in his essay "The Relation of Habitual Thought and Behavior to Language."FTPE:,
[10] Name this man whose article "Blazing Icicles" similarly combined his interests in fire prevention and linguistics.
Answer: Benjamin Lee Whorf
[10] Whorf's articles "The Flux-Outlet Theory: A Concrete Representation of Gravity" and "Why I have Discarded Evolution" led this man to dismiss Whorf as a mystic.This man's own works include one on differences in how we recollect and generate regular and irregular verbs, the book Words and Rules.
Answer: Stephen Arthur Pinker
[10] Pinker attacks Whorfian determinism in this work's third chapter, "Mentalese."He also says that three-year olds are grammatical geniuses in its ninth chapter, "Baby Born Talking—Describes Heaven."
Answer: The Language Instinct
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Sperner's lemma was first used in a proof of the 2-dimensional case of this theorem. FTPE:,
[10] Name this theorem which states that for any continuous function f from the unit ball of dimension n to itself, there must be a point x such that f of x equals x.
Answer: Brouwer fixed point theorem
[10] This theorem shows that a fixed point exists for a continuous function whose graph is confined to the closed unit square, by implying that such a function is surjective.It states that the range of a continuous function on a closed interval contains the interval whose endpoints are the images of the domain endpoints.
Answer: intermediate value theorem
[10] According to a theorem named for this man, all functions arriving from the differentiation of a function have the intermediate value property. He is also the namesake of a type of integration along with Riemann.
Answer: Jean Gaston Darboux
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer the following about immigration legislation in the US, FTPE.,
[10] The Magnuson Act overturned this 1882 act that had forbidden the immigration of a specific race of people. This act had had its terms renewed by the Geary Act.
Answer: Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
[10] This Senator hated the New Deal, Communists, and foreigners despite being the son of Irish immigrants. With Francis Walter, he co-sponsored a 1952 piece of legislation that revised the immigration quota system and allowed for the deportation of immigrants for subversive activities.
Answer: Patrick Anthony McCarran
[10] This doubly-named 1946 act was the first to allow immigration from the Philippines and India.
Answer: Luce-Celler Act
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The fifteenth section of the Erotes of Pseudo-Lucian describe this work and its surrounding temple. This sculpture was purportedly once requested by and refused to Nicomedes I of Bithynia in exchange for massive debt relief. FTPE:,
[10] Name this fourth-century BCE sculpture, of which the Louvre's Kaufmann Head was once claimed to be the head.
Answer: the Aphrodite of Cnidus or Cnidian Aphrodite
[10] The Aphrodite of Cnidus is probably the best-known work of this classical sculptor, also known for the Apollo Sauroctonos and Hermes with the Infant Dionysus.
Answer: Praxiteles
[10] This hataira whose nickname means "Toad" is said to be the model for the Aphrodite of Cnidus, as well as Apelles' Aphrodite Anadyomene. One episode in her life is detailed in the Saint-Saens opera named for her, while her relations with Praxiteles are detailed in a poem by William Wetmore Story.
Answer: Phryne or Mnesasete
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name these essay collections by Octavio Paz, FTPE.,
[10] This collection outlines Paz's theory of poetry, including its role as a means of accessing "pure time" outside of history.It is titled from a quotation from Heraclitus.
Answer: The Bow and the Lyre: The Poem, The Poetic Revelation, Poetry and History or El arco y la lira: El poema; La revelacion poetica; Poesia e historia
[10] This essay collection-cum-prose poem discusses the nature and origin of language and depicts the partly-ruined holy city of Galta.It is named for Hanuman.
Answer: The Monkey Grammarian or El mono gramatico (also accept "The Grammarian Monkey")
[10] This collection discusses Mexican cultural identity, with sections on "The Pachuco and Other Extremes" and "The Day of the Dead."Paz argues that their cultural heritage leads Mexicans to hide behind masks.
Answer: The Labyrinth of Solitude or El laberinto de la soledad
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Near the end of this film, we see the main character Kanji Watanabe singing softly on a swing in the snow.FTPE:,
[10] Name this Akira Kurosawa film in which a bureaucrat learns he has stomach cancer and decides to spend his last months working to drain a mosquito-infested pool in a slum and turn it into a park.
Answer: Ikiru (prompt on To Live, Living or Doomed)
[10] This actor portrayed Kanji Watanabe in Ikiru and Kambei Shimada, the leader of the Seven Samurai, among other roles in Kurosawa films, as well as the scientist Kyohei Yamane in the first two Godzilla movies.
Answer: Takashi Shimura
[10] In this Kurosawa film, Shimura plays the sake brewer Tokuemon, who was given Kohei's wife Nui after Kohei racked up a large gambling debt.Tokuemon is supported as mayor by Ushitora, in opposition to Seibei's candidate, the silk merchant Tazaemon.
Answer: Yojimbo
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name the following Christianity-inspired rebellions in Asia, FTPE.,
[10] This rebellion against the Qing dynasty was led by Hong Xiuquan (pronounced "shoe chuan"), who believed himself to be the brother of Jesus and declared himself "king of heaven."
Answer: Taiping rebellion
[10] In this 1637 to 1638 uprising, a group of mostly Christian peasants led by teenager Masuda Shiro rebelled against the local daimyo; the failure of this rebellion caused the Tokugawa shogunate to strictly enforce its ban on Christianity.
Answer: Shimabara rebellion
[10] This Korean uprising shares its name with a religious movement that contained Christian elements despite its founder Choe Che-u's distaste of Western influence.Simultaneous Japanese and Chinese attempts to quell the rebellion led to the First Sino-Japanese War.
Answer: Tonghak or Donghak uprising
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
He established the "fourfold restraint" that became the basis of the five "great vows" taken by followers of his successor.FTPE:,
[10] Name this religious figure, the 23rd Tirthankara of the modern age.
Answer: Parshva or Parshvanatha
[10] Parshvanatha is thought to have lived about 250 years prior to this 24th Tirthankara, who is considered the founder of modern Jainism.
Answer: Mahavira or Vardhamana
[10] By following those ascetic vows, Mahavira attained this state of absolute enlightenment, in which the jiva is completely isolated from the nasty ajiva.
Answer: kevala or kevala jnana
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The PEGylated version of one type of these molecules is used as a treatment for hepatitis C infection.FTPE:,
[10] Name these cytokines that inhibit viral replication and increase MHC expression.
Answer: interferons
[10] The activity of interferons is mediated by members of this family of kinases, which form a prominent signaling pathway with STAT proteins.These kinases possess both a catalytically active and an inactive pseudokinase domain, a feature which gives them their dualistic, less "ordinary" name than their original moniker.
Answer: Janus kinases [or Jaks; prompt on "just another kinase" since that is their old name]
[10] STAT proteins bind to Jaks and later dimerize through this conserved domain of about 100 amino acids that proteins use to bind to phosphorylated tyrosine residues.It is named for its discovery in a proto-oncogene related to the viral cause of certain tumors in chickens.
Answer: SH2 [or Src ("sark") homology 2]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name each of the following soul songs, FTPE.,
[10] Originally released in '67 by J.J. Jackson and the Greatest Little Soul Band in the Land, this song was later de-souled by Huey Lewis and the News. It ends with the singer noting "You hurt me once, you hurt me twice / Oh, but baby, that don't cut no ice."
Answer: "But It's Alright" (do not accept "It's Alright")
[10] Often attributed as the first soul recording, this song finds Ray Charles noting that the titular person is "Way up town" and is "good to [him]," in as much as "She gives [him] money / When [he's] in need." It is the source of the refrain from Kanye West's "Gold Digger."
Answer: "I Got a Woman"
[10] Appearing on The `New' Look, this biggest hit of whip enthusiast Fontella Bass led to the disputes over writing royalties with Chess executives that eventually destroyed her career. The '65 single of it backed by "Soul of a Man" was found in John Lennon's jukebox.
Answer: "Rescue Me"
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
His political novels include A Spoil of Office and A Member of the Third House, while he expounded the views of Henry George in Jason Edwards: An Average Man.FTP each:,
[10] Name this American writer, who put forth his doctrine of "veritism" in Crumbling Idols.
Answer: Hannibal Hamlin Garland
[10] Garland hit it big with this 1893 collection of eleven short stories, including "God's Ravens" and "A Good Fellow's Wife."
Answer: Main-Travelled Roads
[10] The first of Garland's autobiographical works, this 1917 book was followed up by volumes about the daughter and trail-makers of the titular region.
Answer: A Son of the Middle Border
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
He once wrung the necks of several ducks while providing music for their dance, then lost his delicious duck supper to some wolves when his foot was caught in a tree.FTPE:,
[10] Name this son of Inyan the rock, a culture-hero and trickster-figure of the Lakota.
Answer: Iktomi or Unktome
[10] Iktomi appeared in a vision to a Lakota elder and created the first of these objects by weaving on a hoop with feathers, horse hair and beads on it.
Answer: a dreamcatcher
[10] Iktomi is associated with this creature, as seen by his weaving the first dreamcatcher.In another mythos, a culture-hero and trickster-god associated with this creature gained ownership of all stories from his father Nyame.
Answer: spider
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Convoked after a three-year lay-off, this body was dissolved shortly after John Hoskyns made a speech threatening a second Sicilian Vespers. FTPE:,
[10] Name this session of the English Parliament that was dissolved shortly before the death of the Lord Privy Seal and alleged crypto-papist Henry Howard, the Earl of Northampton.
Answer: the Addled Parliament of 1614 (accept either underlined part)
[10] The crappiness of the Addled Parliament was irksome to this King since it deprived him of tax revenues for his various extravagant expenditures. His Barry-esque interminable, drawling lectures had earlier made him the target of 1604's Apology of the Commons and 1607's "Parliament Fart."
Answer: James I of England or James VI of Scotland (prompt on "James")
[10] James I was forced to call the Addled Parliament after this otherwise habile chief minister botched negotiations for royal revenue via the so-called Great Contract. He then died in 1612.
Answer: Sir Robert Cecil, 1st earl of Salisbury or Baron Cecil of Essendon or Viscount Cranborne (accept any underlined part)
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Answer each of the following about deriving the Navier-Stokes equation, FTPE.,
[10] One way to derive the Navier-Stokes equation is to take the first velocity moment of this PDE, which gives the one-particle phase space density. In the absence of collisions, it is called the Vlasov equation.
Answer: Boltzmann transport equation (prompt on "transport equation")
[10] Conversely, taking the zeroth velocity moment of the Boltzmann equation yields this statement of conservation of mass for a fluid, which is sometimes called one of the Navier-Stokes equations.
Answer: mass continuity equation
[10] The Boltzmann equation can in turn be derived by ensemble averaging the Klimontovich equation, which represents particles as a phase density formed by sums of these functions. They are zero almost everywhere, integrate to unity over all space, and possess the sifting property.
Answer: Dirac delta functions (prompt on "delta functions")
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At the beginning of this work, Palamede falls in love with Doralice, even though she is married to Rhodophil and he is scheduled to marry Melantha in three days.FTPE:,
[10] Name this comic play set in Sicily, which first appeared in 1673.
Answer: Marriage a la Mode
[10] This English author wrote Marriage a la Mode, as well as All for Love and Absalom and Achitophel.
Answer: John Dryden
[10] At the end of the play, this character is almost executed on the advice of Argaleon but ends up marrying Palmyra anyway.
Answer: Leonidas
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Its second chapter discusses the first title concept as "precarious and as stable," while its seventh discusses the second title concept along with "life and body-mind."FTPE:,
[10] Name this philosophical work, based on a series of lectures the author delivered in 1925.
Answer: Experience and Nature
[10] Experience and Nature was written by this American philosopher of The Quest for Certainty.
Answer: John Dewey
[10] Experience and Nature was the first set of lectures named for this German-born founder of The Monist; later series include Hilary Putnam's The Many Faces of Realism.
Answer: Paul Carus (or the Carus Lectures)
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The title character of this work tricks her employer into thinking that she is marrying Tempesta.FTPE:,
[10] Name this comic intermezzo about the maid Serpina, originally paired with the opera Il Prigonier Superbo.
Answer: La Serva Padrona or The Servant Mistress or other translations involving "maid" or "servant" and "mistress"
[10] This Italian composer wrote the music for La Serva Padrona.
Answer: Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
[10] Pergolesi's La Serva Padrona was held up as a shining example of comic opera in this conflict that pitted the Italian comic operatic tradition against the French operatic tradition exemplified by Rameau and Lully.
Answer: Querelle des Bouffons or War of the Buffoons or Quarrel of the Buffoons or War of the Comic Actors
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Answer the following related to the work of astrophysicist Chushiro Hayashi, FTPE.,
[10] Stars with masses greater than about half the Sun's mass reach radiative equilibrium and move from Hayashi tracks to this man's namesake tracks before entering the main sequence.This man's iterative method of calculating stellar structure uses a mesh of fixed Lagrangian zones.
Answer: Louis George Henyey
[10] Hayashi showed that electron-positron pair production had important effects on the abundances predicted by the Alpher-Bethe-Gamow model of nucleosynthesis following this event.
Answer: The Big Bang
[10] Within the Hayashi forbidden zone of the HR diagram, a star cannot achieve hydrostatic equilibrium while undergoing this process, whose onset can be predicted using the Schwarzschild stability criterion.
Answer: convection
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At the beginning of the novel, the title character is seen working on a tragedy about Aethelbert. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 1928 novel, whose protagonist also writes a poem about an oak tree before being appointed ambassador to Constantinople.
Answer: Orlando
[10] Orlando begins in the reign of this English monarch, who makes him a royal steward.
Answer: Elizabeth I
[10] After becoming a woman during the 19th century, Orlando marries this man.
Answer: Marmaduke Bonthrop Shelmerdine, Esquire
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The basin of the Souris River, which this state shares with Saskatchewan and Manitoba, forms part of its Drift Prairie region. FTPE:,
[10] Name this U.S. state in which the Drift Prairie and Badlands are the major elements of the physical geography.
Answer: North Dakota
[10] This river formed by the confluence of the Bois de Sioux and Otter Tail joins the Souris system near Winnipeg. The drainage of this system dominates eastern North Dakota.
Answer: the Red River of the North
[10] This saline lake is the largest natural body of water in North Dakota. Recent flooding of it prompted construction of a controversial outlet from it into the Red/Souris system via the Sheyenne.
Answer: Devil's Lake
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Derived by considering the effects of reorganization energy on the reaction diagram, this theory gives the rate of electron transfer as a function of temperature. FTPE:,
[10] Name this important theory of electron transfer that was later modified by Hush and that predicted a namesake inversion region that was finally measured in 1996.
Answer: the Marcus-Hush theory of electron transfer
[10] Marcus theory can be used to calculate both the pre-exponential factor A and activation energy for use in this simple equation that relates the reaction rate to A times e raised to the power of negative activation energy over the product of R and temperature.
Answer: Arrhenius equation
[10] To derive his theory, Marcus applied the work of this chemist who developed a theory of transition states. An equation named for him and sometimes also Polyani states that the reaction rate is proportional to the kinetic temperature times e to the minus activation Gibbs free energy over kinetic temperature.
Answer: Henry D. Eyring

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