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2008 Chicago Open Tossups by Susan
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A stage version of this work by Georges Coulogne featured the additional characters of Philosophy and Morality, who comment on the hero's adventures before reappearing as a whore and a playboy. Wearing a nightdress, the title figure defeats a knight wearing his own white armor to demonstrate that the armor belongs to him and not Itobad.Earlier, that title figure had saved the life of Almona by arguing that women be forbidden to kill themselves when their husbands die.This work's protagonist is horrified when his traveling companion, a hermit, drowns a little boy, but the hermit is revealed to be the angel Jesrad, who teaches this figure about evil before sending him to the city.After failing to marry Semire or Azora, the title character becomes king by marrying Astarte. FTP, name this first philosophical story by Voltaire about a Babylonian hero.
Answer: Zadig ("Zadig, or the Book of Fate")
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Important early members of this organization included Igal Roodenko and James Felmet, two New York-born Jews who served ninety days in jail and thirty days on a chain gang for their part in a certain event. Its founders included Joe Guinn and Homer Jack, while other key leaders include Anna Murray and Wilfred Ussery, its national chairman for a very brief time. Its second director retired in order to design a planned town called Soul City in North Carolina which quickly fell through. It adopted the banner "Truth, Logic, and Courage" years after it evolved from the Chicago branch of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, with the urging of founders like George Houser and James Farmer in 19 Later led by Roy Innis, it was initially formed to promote nonviolent sit-ins and freedom rides, before it began to turn militant. FTP, name this civil rights organization with a four-letter acronym.
Answer: CORE (or Congress of Racial Equality)
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The helium emission lines of these objects were seen before the discovery of helium, and were therefore thought to be a new series of hydrogen lines.M82, the Antennae Galaxies, and other starburst galaxies contain a very high concentration of them, while over 200 are known in the Milky Way. They are subclassified based on whether their emission lines are dominated by nitrogen or by carbon and oxygen. When these objects are found in binary systems, they are often surrounded by pinwheel nebulae, resulting from their characteristic shedding of their outer layers.Notable examples of these objects include Gamma 2 Velorum. For ten points, what are these supermassive stars named for their two discoverers?
Answer: Wolf-Rayet (Ray-ay) stars
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Michael Marrus applied this work's ideas to the historiography of the Holocaust, and its author was characterized as the "Magus of the North" by George Watson. Its author traced the influence of a man he termed the "Voltaire of reaction," Joseph de Maistre, upon the central figure of this work. Its author outlines the paradox of the "pyramid of authority," in which more powerful men have a diminished effect upon the ordinary people at the base, and he expanded upon this work in The Proper Study of Mankind. Bearing a title derived from a work of Archilochus, this work mentions Dante, Ibsen, and Proust, as well as Balzac, Joyce, and Pushkin, as examples of the two titular types.FTP, name this critical "essay on Tolstoy's view of history," a work by Isaiah Berlin which classifies the worldview of people as representing two different animals.
Answer: The Hedgehog and the Fox: An Essay on Tolstoy's View of History
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This figure received his sword, Rhindon, during his first quest, and his reputation for prowess in battle stemmed from his victory in the Ettinsmoor War, in which he defeated a group of giants.His defeat of Maugrim was a key victory in the Battle of Beruna Ford, and Glozelle killed his opponent Miraz following a duel this man fought thirteen hundred years later.He was recognized as a ruler by Tirian, who met this man after he died at the age of twenty-two in a railway accident.He had disappeared from his kingdom, along with his sisters and younger brother, while hunting the White Stag, when they inadvertently returned to England.FTP, name this eldest Pevensey sibling, the High King of Narnia.
Answer: High King Peter Pevensey
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An early draft of this work featured a description of the "jawbone"-like white scar of Henry Lee Higginson. One of the sketches that became this poem was entitled "One Gallant Rush", and, in an article on the writing of this poem, its author described as "Tahitian" the snow-shovels and fish mentioned in it.On Boylston Street, the narrator sees an ad for a Mosler safe, described as the "Rock of Ages" for surviving the bombing of Hiroshima.The narrator recalls when his "nose crawled like a snail on the glass" of a building that now "stands in a Sahara of snow," that building being the old South Boston Aquarium.FTP, name this poem by Robert Lowell which discusses Robert Gould Shaw's Civil War regiment.
Answer: "For the Union Dead"
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An assault against this group was led by Lucius II, but his forces were turned back, and he was reportedly killed by a flying stone. Its participants first elected Giordano Pierleoni as leader, but he was deposed during a time of popular support for Eugene III. Arnold of Brescia provided doctrinal support to this movement, and for his part was excommunicated and hanged. Its army under Oddo Frangipane was defeated at Monte Porzio by the combined forces of Tusculum, Albano, and the man who would later be defeated by the Lombard League, Frederick Barbarossa. However, it made a pact with Pope Clement III in 1188, which recognized the authority of its senate. FTP, name this 12th century popular group which wrested control of government away from the civil and papal authorities in the namesake city.
Answer: Commune of Rome (or "Roman Commune," prompt on just "Rome")
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The N-terminal area of this protein features several repeated glutamine residues, though having too many of these residues leads to spino-cerebellar ataxia It participates in several complexes, including SL1, PCAF, and SNAPc.Roger Kornberg and Stephen Burley first identified its saddle-like structure, consisting of two domains with pseudo-twofold symmetry.Its primary action is accomplished with four phenyl-alanine residues in the C-terminal area, which is more than 80% conserved across eukaryotes.Unique because it uses a beta sheet and binds the minor groove, it recruits several of its so-called associated factors to form TFIID ["T F 2 D"] and recruit RNA polymerase. FTP, identify this protein named for its action in attaching to a pyrimidine rich area in gene promoter regions.
Answer: TBP [or TATA (box) binding protein]
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In a review of one of this man's films entitled The Organ and the Vacuum Cleaner, Serge Daney described his use of high, low, and trivial sound.He collaborated on a script about the Sisters of Bethany with Jean Girardoux, and he refused to use Claude Laydu in any further films after casting him as a cancer-ridden cleric from Ambricourt.Tolstoy's short story "The Forged Coupon" inspired this man's last film, in which the innocent oilman Yvon becomes an axe murderer after being wronged in a pawnshop.In one of his films, Mozart's Mass in C minor plays while a group of men empty buckets into a latrine; Louis Malle assisted him in the production of that film, whose main character was Fontaine, a Resistance fighter captured by the Nazis.FTP, name this Frenchman who directed A Man Escaped as well as L'Argent and Diary of a Country Priest.
Answer: Robert Bresson
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One of the defenders of this movement wrote Telemachus and Dialogues of the Dead as moral instruction for a royal heir, while another advanced the cause for sainthood of Jeronimo Simon.Juan Falconi was an early supporter of this belief system, which was criticized by Paolo Segneri.The author of Dux Spiritualis was its prime defender within the Catholic Church, while another of its defenders publicly fought with Bossuet after publishing his Maxims of the Saints.This sect gained a foothold in the French court when Bishop Fenelon's spiritual directee Mme. Guyot converted Mme. de Maintenon to this heresy.Championed by Miguel Molinos, FTP, name this mystic Christian philosophy which advocated passive contemplation of God.
Answer: quietism
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In one of this man's stories, a recently married sculptor becomes obsessed with a gift his friend sends him, and his wife Suzette must smash this gift, a Chinese doll, to save her marriage to Recaredo.In addition to "The Death of the Empress of China," he wrote a work inspired by Leconte de Lisle's "Le reve du jaguar" entitled "Estival," which appeared in his earliest collection.Poems and short stories such as "Balthazar's Marvelous Afternoon" and "El Rey Burgues" were also contained in that collection, and this man, dubbed the "boy poet" for his childhood verse, collected other poems in Songs of Life and Hope. In one poem, he refers to a title figure as a "professor of Energy" and an "Alexander-Nebuchadnezzar." The author of the collection Azul and the ode "To Roosevelt,"FTP, name this journalist and poet from Nicaragua who championed modernismo.
Answer: Ruben Dario or Felix Ruben Garcia Sarmiento
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The death of this man was written about in a 1999 book by Amy Knight. Born in the town of Urzhum in Vyatka Province, which was later renamed for him, he became a Bolshevik organizer in both Tomsk and Vladikavkaz before helping to lead the conquest of the Caucasus in the Russian Civil War.In 1926, he replaced Grigorii Zinoviev as the Communist party boss of Leningrad, and was in turn succeeded by Andrei Zhdanov in late 1934, soon after which Leonid Nikolaev shot and killed him on December FTP, name this man after whom Leningrad's Marinskii Ballet was renamed, whose assassination helped accelerate the Soviet Union's movement toward the Great Purges.
Answer: Sergei Mironovich Kirov
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The namesake seas of this material were the predominate form of seawater chemistry during the late Mesozoic, and are favored in times of lower magnesium concentration.It has two metastable polymorphs, vaterite and aragonite, which have dihexagonal dipyramidal and orthorhombic structures, respectively, in contrast to the trigonal rhombohedral crystals of this mineral. The standard for the Mohs hardness of 3, examples of it with exceptional transparency are given the name "Iceland spar."Such crystals are notable for displaying strong birefringence. The primary constituent of limestone and marble, for ten points, name this mineral composed of calcium carbonate.
Answer: calcite
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The anonymously published 'Gyffard' is a rare example of a full polyphonic setting of this piece using faburdon, and the chorus in Stravinsky's televised opera The Flood sings parts of its text.Berlioz described as "Ninivetish" and "Babylonian" the climax of the Judex crederis in his setting of this piece.One by Handel closely copies a setting by Urio and features a trumpet fanfare following the chorus "We believe that thou shalt come to be our judge."Bruckner's setting of this piece was written between his seventh and eighth symphonies, and Lully fatally injured himself while conducting this piece, whose text is traditionally attributed to a prayer of St. Ambrose.FTP, name this common text, a hymn often sung in celebration, which begins "We praise thee, O God".
Answer: Te Deum
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This social scientist discusses "economics of flexibility" in his "The Role of Somatic Change in Evolution" and talks of "economics of consciousness" in his paper "Style, Grace and Information in Primitive Art." His work on the behavior of sea otters and porpoises led to a book co-written with Jurgen Ruesch, 1951's Communication: The Social Matrix of Psychiatry. He discussed the kinship system of the latmul people and analyzed the place of the title ritual in relations between the wau, or mother's brother, and laua, or sister's child, in his 1936 book Naven, which was based on the time he spent in New Guinea. He also worked with Jackson, Haley, and Weakland to develop the double-bind theory of schizophrenia, and summarized his diverse life work in the 1972 collection Steps to an Ecology of Mind. Also the co-author of Balinese Character, FTP, name this anthropologist, cyberneticist, and psychologist, best known as the husband of Margaret Mead.
Answer: Gregory Bateson
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In a book on "Europe and" this modern country, Daniel Hall cited Godfrey Harvey's landmark history of it.A pirate kingdom was founded here by Philip de Brito centered at its city of Syriam.Following his attempts to start a bank and a railroad in this country, Consul Frederic Haas was recalled back to France. During a war in this nation, a force led by Grant and Campbell destroyed a stockade at Kemmendine, and the king of Ava signed a treaty with England, after the defeat of the Mon kingdom here with its capital at Pegu.This nation was the site of the 8888 uprising in 1988, during which a speech was given at Shwedagon Pavilion which resulted in its speaker being placed under house arrest.FTP, name this Asian country, the home of Aung San and Aung San Suu Kyi.
Answer: Burma or Myanmar
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Hope and Lightbown attempted to develop a chronology for this work, which was the subject of a book by Andrew Martindale.Sharing its name with a work on a similar theme by Jacopo Argentoratensis, this work was painted after its artist's Camera Dipinta.In one part of it, the artist replaced a mocking buffoon with a nursing mother guarded by a giant, and several early sketches for it differently portray the doors of the temple of Janus.Originally painted for Ludovico Sforza, this work's tenth, unpainted panel was to have featured a group of Senators, and its existing panels feature corselet bearers, elephants, and captives, as well as a chariot carrying the title figure.Displayed in the orangery of Hampton Court Palace, FTP, name this set of nine canvases by Andrea Mantegna which depict the successes of a Roman leader.
Answer: Triumphs of Julius Caesar or Triumph of Julius Caesar or Trionfo di Giulio Cesare
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One method to synthesize substituted versions of these compounds begins with a Knoevenagel condensation between a beta dicarbonyl group and an alpha halogen ketone, and is known as the Feist-Benary synthesis.One of these with a hydroxyl side chain reacts with bromine and methanol to produce dihydropyran in the Achmatowicz reaction, while in the Paal-Knorr synthesis, a 1,4-diketone reacts with an acid catalyst to produce one of these.Changing one reactant in that same reaction can produce their sulfur and nitrogen analogues, thiophenes and pyrroles, respectively, all three of which are aromatic due to an unshared lone pair of electrons.FTP identify these compounds whose namesake is a doubly unsaturated, five-membered heterocyclic ether, which when fully saturated becomes the tetra-hydro version commonly used as an aprotic solvent.
Answer: furans [generously prompt on "ether" until "thiophene"]
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This figure described herself as "an eel hiding in the water, a rush out of reach" to a man who claimed to have feasted on "the ruin of a chariot." She shares the epithet "great-bladdered" with a similarly named swan princess whom her husband killed; he also killed her brothers Seibur, Ibur, and Catt.Needlework and a sweet voice were among her seven gifts, and this victor of the War of the Women defeated Fedelm of the Fresh Heart and Lendabair at Bricriu's feast.A sea-god's cloak of forgetting removed her memory of her only jealousy, which was of Fand, the wife of Manannan.To win her from her father, Forgall the Wily, this woman's husband trained with Scathach, where he learned the trick of the Gae Bolg.FTP, name this woman, the wife of Cuchulainn.
Answer: Emer (pronounced EEM-er or AY-ver, but accept anything in the ballpark)
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This figure eats only cheese and biscuits after arriving late to a celebratory dinner at La Prima Donna in Caryl Churchill's Top Girls.Arguments about the Chinese fashion of making tea and the presence of Mr. Granby eventually part the Bolingbrokes in a novel about a "modern" one. A play about this figure contained a poem entitled "Golden Showers" by Thomas Dekker, and a more famous account of this woman declares her to be the daughter of the peasant Janicula.That work is followed by an "envoy" in which women are urged not to follow her example lest Chichevache swallow them up.A humiliating procession in a smock and the loss of her two children are some of the trials imposed upon her by her husband, the marquis of Saluzzo.FTP, name this patient wife of Walter, who appears in the Clerk's Tale.
Answer: Griselda
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Under this model, two rays can be used to create a diversification cone, according to a 1955 article by Lionel McKenzie.The 1941 article "Protection and Real Wages," co-authored with Wolfgang Stolper, proposed a corollary to its central theorem - another corollary, the Rybczynski theorem, holds that when prices remain constant, an increase in the amount of one factor of production leads to an increase in the output of the industry that uses that factor intensively.In apparent contradiction to this theory, a 1954 article found that, despite the country's abundance of capital, U.S. imports embodied a higher ratio of capital to labor than U.S. exports.FTP, name this model countered by the Leontief paradox, which holds that comparative advantage results from differences in relative factor endowments across countries, proposed by two Swedish economists.
Answer: Heckscher-Ohlin-(Samuelson) model (or H-O Model)
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It is seen in novel organic systems including the organic triradical 5-dehydro-m-xylylene and in poly(3-dodecylthiophene).The anomalous small moment variety of it is seen in heavy fermion superconductors.The only pure element to exhibit it at room temperature is chromium, but it is common in alloys and transition metal oxides.A mechanism known as exchange bias can couple them to ferromagnetic materials, an effect exploited in the manufacture of giant magnetoresistance hard drive read heads.The Ising model predicts this effect when the value of J is negative. Materials demonstrating this property usually become paramagnetic above the Neel temperature.For ten points, name this effect in materials where neighboring spins are oriented in opposite directions.
Answer: antiferromagnetism
2008 Chicago Open Bonuses by Susan
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Answer some things about mythological theft, FTPE.,
[10] Brian, Iuchar [oo-KHHAR], and Iucharba [oo-KHHAR-ba], the sons of this man, had to steal the apples of Isberna and many other items to pay the blood-fine for killing Cian [KEE-an], the father of Lugh [LU].
Answer: Turenn
[10] This great serpent, a son of Danu, stole all of the waters of the world, after which he was killed by Indra.
Answer: Vritra (or Ahi)
[10] This Thracian king was troubled by the Harpies, who stole his food until the sons of Boreas killed them.
Answer: Phineus
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The question author is deeply possessive of his Agilent 1100, a system for this technique. FTPE:,
[10] Name this lab technique, essentially a variant of column chromatography, in which the mobile phase is forced through a packed column at upwards of 100 bar.
Answer: HPLC [or high performance liquid chromatography; or high pressure liquid chromatography]
[10] In contrast to gradient elution, in which the mobile phase changes composition over time during HPLC, this term refers to the flow of a mobile phase of constant composition through the column.
Answer: isocratic
[10] Used to assess the efficiency of packing in an HPLC column, this empirical equation calculates the reduced plate height as a function of the reduced velocity and three namesake coefficients.
Answer: Knox equation
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer the following about…a guy...who comes up a lot, FTPE.,
[10] This author of Between Facts and Norms and member of the Frankfurt School is known for discussing "deliberative democracy" and other things in his 1981 work The Theory of Communicative Action.
Answer: Jurgen Habermas
[10] Habermas's first major publication was this 1962 work, which makes an "Inquiry into a Category of Bourgeois Society," and discusses the evolution of rational-critical debate and the rise of the title entity between the state and society.
Answer: The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere
[10] Last year, Habermas published this work, a debate with Joseph Ratzinger over the role of reason and religion in public life.
Answer: The Dialectics of Secularization
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name these dissenting groups during the era of the English Civil War, FTPE.,
[10] This is the generic term for supporters of Parliament against the king.The term was apparently first used around 1641 to mock the short-cropped hair of the Puritans.
Answer: roundheads
[10] This nonconformist group founded by Gerrard Winstanley in 1649 championed the formation of self-sufficient agricultural communities of the common people and announced that Britain had been under foreign subjugation since the "Norman yoke."
Answer: the Diggers or True Levellers (DO NOT accept or prompt on "Levellers")
[10] This charmingly-named radical sect was formed in the war's aftermath by a tailor named John Reeve, the "Prophet of God," and his cousin, who gave them their name.They believed that the Millennium was nigh and that they could damn their opponents to hell, which lent them new credibility when several of their leading critics in the Quaker movement suddenly died.
Answer: the Muggletonians
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Immanuel Kant arranged for the anonymous publication of this work, leading it to be attributed to him rather than its true author.FTPE:,
[10] Reportedly written over the span of five weeks in 1792, name this work which implicitly criticized traditional aspects of Christianity, such as original sin, by claiming that the actions of God must pass the scrutiny of moral law.
Answer: Attempt at a Critique of All Revelation
[10] This author of Attempt at a Critique of All Revelation developed a philosophical system he dubbed Wissenschaftslehre, and wrote other works like The Vocation of Man and Addresses to the German Nation.
Answer: Johann Gottlieb Fichte
[10] Fichte carried on a correspondence with this fellow Kantian, though he publicly criticized this man's "Principle of Consciousness." This former priest wrote three works on "Elementary Philosophy" and Letters on the Kantian Philosophy, and was replaced by Fichte in Jena.
Answer: Karl Leonard Reinhold
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name these fictional journalists, FTPE:,
[10] Tortured by his employer, Shrike, this advice columnist is shot by the crippled Doyle after sleeping with Doyle's wife Faye.
Answer: Miss Lonelyhearts
[10] In this titular short story of a Sherman Alexie collection, the narrator fights his assimilationist urges after hooking up with a hitchhiking Lummi boxer.
Answer: The Toughest Indian in the World
[10] After abandoning his wife Marcia Gaylord, this scoundrel sues her for desertion in a novel by William Dean Howells.
Answer: Bartley Hubbard (accept either name)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Identify the following from geometry for ten points each.,
[10] This is defined as the convex hull of any finite set of points. It can be considered a generalization of polygons and polyhedra to arbitrary dimensions.
Answer: polytope
[10] This is the term for the simplest possible polytope, and is the generalization of the tetrahedron to an arbitrary dimension.Its namesake method is important in linear programming.
Answer: simplex
[10] The existence of this invariant that is constant under solid dissection was used by its namesake to answer Hilbert's third problem in the negative.
Answer: Dehn invariant
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer the following about the fall of Mexico, FTPE.,
[10] This Nahua woman was given to the Spaniards as a slave; she became an interpreter for the Spanish army and the mistress of Cortes, and is often considered a traitor to the Aztec cause.
Answer: Malintzin or La Malinche or Dona Maria
[10] The conquest of Mexico is widely considered to have ended with the fall of this capital city, built on an island in Lake Texcoco.
Answer: Tenochtitlan
[10] The Spaniards were aided greatly by their alliance with this confederation, a traditional enemy of the Aztecs led by Xicotencatl the Elder, who had previous fought the Aztecs in some conflicts delightfully known as the Flower Wars.
Answer: the Tlaxcalans or Tlaxcaltecans
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In honor of Big Brown, the horse that just wasn't good enough, answer these questions about playing the ponies, FTPE.,
[10] Horseracing bets use this system of wagering where bets are placed in a pool, which, after taxes and the house cut, is divided proportionally among the winning bets.
Answer: pari-mutuel wagering
[10] Hitting this wager requires picking the winner and runner-up in the correct order of finish, and would have netted you 659 dollars on a 2 dollar bet at the 2008 Belmont.
Answer: exacta
[10] New York was the last state to approve the use of this potent loop diuretic in racehorses. Meant to prevent pulmonary hemorrhage, its use for a given horse is shown on the racing form.
Answer: Lasix or furosemide
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer the following about Chinese drama, FTPE.,
[10] Tang Xianzu is the author of this Ming Dynasty work, which centers on Du Liniang, who dreams of a lover named Liu Mengmei. She proceeds to die of lovesickness and haunts Liu until he exhumes her body and she is resurrected.
Answer: The Peony Pavilion
[10] In this Yuan Dynasty drama by Guan Hanqing, the title character is a young widow who is wrongly executed for murder. Her ghost convinces her father to become an investigator and prove her innocence.
Answer: The Injustice to Dou E or Dou E Yuan or The Injustice to Tou O or Tou O Was Wronged or Snow in Midsummer
[10] This Bertolt Brecht play centering on a Solomonic judgement was inspired by Hui-Lan Ji, a Yuan Dynasty verse play by Li Xingdao.
Answer: The Caucasian Chalk Circle or Der Kaukasische Kreidekreis
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name these things about evening worship, FTPE.,
[10] Evening services in the Catholic and Anglican churches are often associated with this church hour, which precedes compline.
Answer: vespers
[10] The Anglican Evensong service begins with these sung or spoken responsorial prayers. Notable musical settings of them have been written by Bernard Rose and Thomas Tallis.
Answer: preces
[10] This prayer, the song of St. Simeon, is typically sung or recited at Evensong services.Its English translation begins, "Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace."
Answer: Nunc dimittis
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer the following about electrical conduction in the heart FTPE.,
[10] These modified cardiac muscle cells carry electrical impulses from the bundle of His to the ventricles.
Answer: Purkinje fibers [do NOT accept "Purkinje cell"]
[10] The principal spike seen on an electrocardiogram, this combination of waves represents the depolarization of the ventricles.
Answer: QRS complex
[10] Usually associated with long QT syndrome, this term taken from a ballet movement identifies a form of ventricular tachycardia.
Answer: Torsades de pointes [or TDP]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer these questions about the fall of the Tokugawa shogunate, FTPE.,
[10] This 1868-1869 conflict with retainers still loyal to the shogun continued for well over a year after that shogun, Tokugawa Yoshinobu, had himself surrendered and submitted to the authority of the emperor.
Answer: Boshin War
[10] The northernmost home island of Japan was renamed Hokkaido after this breakaway republic led by Enomoto Takeaki was reabsorbed in 1869. It had its own flag, featuring a chrysanthemum on a blue background.
Answer: Ezo Republic
[10] Success in the Boshin War secured the status of this emperor, who oversaw the swift modernization of Japan in his rule lasting from 1867 to 1912.
Answer: Meiji emperor or Mutsuhito
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Commissioned late in their designer's career, they include the Henry Adams Building in Algona and the Home Building Association Company in Newark, Ohio.FTPE:,
[10] Name this set of buildings designed by a Chicago-based architect, many of which are decorated with winged lions.
Answer: the jewel boxes or jewel box banks
[10] In addition to his "jewel boxes", this Chicago School architect designed the Wainwright Building and mentored Frank Lloyd Wright.
Answer: Louis Sullivan
[10] Sullivan's Chicago School colleagues Daniel Burnham and John Root built and had their offices in this Chicago building, while his student Frank Lloyd Wright redesigned its lobby.Located on LaSalle Street, it is the oldest high-rise in Chicago.
Answer: The Rookery
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This English poet's novels include Henry Brocken and the classic Memoirs of a Midget.FTPE:,
[10] Name this Georgian poet who also wrote the collections Peacock Pie and Come Hither.
Answer: Walter de la Mare
[10] De la Mare wrote a critical study of the work of this author of the play Lithuania.He's better known as the poet of the War Sonnets, and for writing "that there's some corner of a foreign field that is forever England."
Answer: Rupert Brooke
[10] In this work, de la Mare's most widely anthologized poem, the Traveller visits a house in the night and knocks twice upon the door, but is not answered.
Answer: "The Listeners"
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name these Revolutionary War battles, FTPE.,
[10] This indecisive 1778 battle in New Jersey, the last important engagement of the northern front, involved an attack by George Washington and Charles Lee on Henry Clinton's British forces.
Answer: Battle of Monmouth
[10] This 1781 engagement in modern-day Greensboro, North Carolina, was a victory for the British under Cornwallis over a force led by Nathaniel Greene.When Charles James Fox heard that the British lost a fourth of their men, he announced that "Another such victory would end the British army!"
Answer: Battle of Guilford Court House
[10] At this 1781 battle near Camden, South Carolina, the British under Lord Rowden won a tactical victory over Greene's Continental Army, although Rowden was forced to withdraw to Charleston because of a lack of men.
Answer: Battle of Hobkirk's Hill
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Identify the following about some subatomic particles which were ordered in "extra-large," for ten points each.,
[10] This lepton with a mass 3600 times that of an electron is large enough to decay into hadrons.
Answer: tau particle or tauon
[10] The most massive of known elementary particles, this heaviest quark was discovered in 1995.
Answer: top quark
[10] The heaviest observed triquark, this particle consists of a down, strange, and bottom quark, and was discovered in 2007.
Answer: Xi sub b or bottom Xi or cascade B
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Name some works of noted Renaissance composers, FTPE.,
[10] This most famous mass by the Franco-Flemish composer Josquin Desprez originated the technique of sogetto cavato, using the vowels in the Latin name of its dedicatee Ercole d'Este to yield the solmization syllables of the hexachord.
Answer: Missa Hercules dux Ferrariae (or "Hercules, Duke of Ferrara" or similar translations)
[10] The simplicity and beauty of this most famous mass by Palestrina reportedly convinced the Council of Trent not to ban polyphony.
Answer: Missa Papae Marcellior Pope Marcellus Mass
[10] Thomas Tallis is best known for this 40-voice motet, broken into eight choirs of five voices apiece, which may have been first performed at Arundel House.
Answer: Spem in Alium
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Name these Anglo-Marxist historians, FTPE.,
[10] His collection Customs in Common includes the essays "The Moral Economy of the English Crowd in the Eighteenth Century" and "Time, Work-Discipline, and Industrial Capitalism," but this pioneering social historian is best known for his 1963 book The Making of the English Working Classes.
Answer: E(dward) P(almer) Thompson
[10] This journalist and historian wrote diplomatic history like The Twenty Years' Crisis and a multi-volume history of the USSR, but is more famous for his volume What is History?
Answer: E(dward) H(allet) Carr
[10] Born in Egypt and raised in Vienna by Jewish parents, he co-edited The Invention of Tradition with Terence Ranger and co-wrote a history of jazz called Captain Swing. He also wrote histories of Europe like The Age of Capital and The Age of Extremes, and helped attack primordialist notions of nationalism in Nations and Nationalism Since 1780.
Answer: Eric Hobsbawm
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Answer the following about the adventures of a certain pope, FTPE.,
[10] This pontiff, an enemy of Dante, promulgated the bull Unam Sanctam, and rose to the papacy after the abdication of Celestine V.
Answer: Boniface VIII or Benedetto Caetani
[10] In this 1303 incident, Boniface VIII was imprisoned in his summer residence by Guillame de Nogaret and was physically attacked by Schiarra Colonna.
Answer: "outrage at Anagni" or "slap of Anagni" or "schiaffo di Anagni" (basically, accept anything with Anangi in the answer)
[10] De Nogaret and Colonna were emissaries of this Capetian king, who also kicked the Jews out of France and got Clement V to disband the Knights Templar.
Answer: Philip the Fair or Philip IV of France (or Philip le Bel, I guess, but not Philip the Handsome)

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