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2008 Chicago Open Tossups by Minnesota
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One person by this name requested Emperor Honorius to call Emperor Arcadius to a Synod in Thessalonica, and held power when Alaric I laid siege on Rome. Another person by this name was the first Dominican to hold his office, and also gave a funeral eulogy on St. Bonaventure at the Second Council of Lyon. Yet another pope by this name issued the bull Summis Desiderantes which targeted witchcraft, and threatened to excommunicate those who read the theses of Pico della Mirandola in Rome. One more pope by this name took Olimpia Maldachini as his mistress, and issued a bull in opposition to the peace of Westphalia. FTP, identify this shared papal name, the most famous of whom summoned the Fourth Lateran Council and launched the Albigensian Crusade and Fourth Crusade.
Answer: Innocent
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Johannes Voorhout's painting of this man is entitled Domestic Music Scene, and Pachelbel's Hexachordon Apollinis was dedicated to him. His compositions include 32 variations of his harpsichord aria La Capricciosa, a pair of cantatas called Mit Fried und Freud, and a trio of Variations on an Aria by Lully. His Swedish contemporary Gustav Duben collected many of his surviving works, and was the dedicatee of his setting of Arnulf of Louvain's Salve mundi salutari, a set of seven compositions addressed to parts of Christ's body. Also the creator of the Abendmusik organ concerts at the Marienkirche, FTP, identify this man who composed the cantata cycles Was frag ich nach der Welt and Membra Jesu Nostri, a Danish composer of the Baroque era who inspired a famous walk to Lubeck on the part of J.S. Bach just to see him.
Answer: Dietrich Buxtehude
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An organic halide reacts with an organic group bound to this element in the Negishi coupling, and a thioester reacts with an organic group bound to a halide and to this element in the Fukuyama coupling.Besides aluminum, indium, and tin, it can be used as a catalyst in the Barbier reaction, and beta-hydroxy esters are formed from the reaction of aldehydes and alpha-hydroxy esters in the presence of this element in the Reformatsky reaction. In the Simmons-Smith reaction, it forms a metal complex with copper, and like Grignard reagents, organic groups bound to it have a Schlenk equilibrium.FTP name this metal that also has uses as a sacrificial anode and in galvanizing steel, which has a namesake DNA-binding finger protein and is element number
Answer: zinc
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The speaker of this poem accuses the reader of being a "mummy, in time" after claiming that "You shift your sea-space blindly." Animals described in the poem include "gray lean spiders," a toothless "hound bitch" and a "blind crab," and its author proposed that the Narcissistic motif in this poem was broken with the line about a jaguar leaping "For his own image in a jungle pool." The first stanza mentions "splayed leaves" that "pile up, of nature the causal sacrament, / To the seasonal eternity of death," after this poem opens "Row after row with strict impunity" in describing objects that "yield their names to the element."Exalting "Stonewall, Stonewall" before describing sunken hemp fields like Malvern Hill and Antietam, FTP, name this poem that commemorates Civil War casualties in a Southern graveyard, by Allen Tate.
Answer: "Ode to the Confederate Dead"
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This man wrote essays such as "Response Cries," "The Lecture," and "Radio Talk," which are collected in Forms of Talk. He summarized rituals as "situated social fuss" and sought to extend Durkheim's ideas in maintaining social order in his "Nature of Deference and Demeanor." Blumer criticized him for limiting his field of study to "face-to-face association" in a review of this man's Relations in Public. He discussed the way that commercials influence our conception of male and female in his Gender Advertisements, and spent time with mental patients to produce his Asylums, and he is also known for his Frame Analysis. But, he is best known for using a dramaturgical approach in a work that discussed a title action in terms of an actor performing to an audience. FTP, identify this author of The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life.
Answer: Erving Goffman
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This ruler took in a man named Bultu to be a vizier, in the process quelling some of the Binawa highway robberies in his kingdom. H.R. Palmer's translation of his empire's namesake epic Girgam says that this "fair-skinned" man's exploits included 1000 raids and 330 wars. Like Mansa Musa, he took a lavish hajj, and he brought back Turkish musketmen to help in his conquests, which he used in his later campaigns against the Bulala ethnic group, who were supported by the Tubus. His grandson Ali bin Umar was the last strong ruler of his empire, and details about his rule come from his biographer Ahmed bin Fartuwa. He served as the "Mai" of an empire with its capital at N'Gazargamu, which was ruled by his Saifawa Dyansty and centered around the area of Lake Chad. FTP, name this late sixteenth-century ruler during the height of the Kanem-Bornu empire.
Answer: Mai Idris Aluma [or Mai Idris Aloma]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This quantity is the ratio between the mass of the electron neutrino and the mass of the muon neutrino. Andre Geim's work suggests that the most exact value of this is equal to the amount of light absorbed by graphene divide by pi. The square of this is equal to the ratio of the rest mass of the electron and the Hartree energy, and many scientists have proposed studying the 21 centimeter line of the CMB to study the change over time of this quantity. The best estimate for it was obtained by considering the magnetic moment of an electron, and the Quantum Hall Effect has also been used to calculate it's value. First proposed to account for the splitting of the spectral lines of the Hydrogen atom and famously miscalculated by Eddington, for 10 points, identify this constant approximately equal to 1 over 1
Answer: Sommerfeld fine structure constant
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Irving Bacheller's The Turning of Griggsby begins with Reverend Appleton Hall recounting this man's life, and is subtitled "Keeping up with [this man]."This man is described as "falling on thy foes / as fell the Norse god's hammer blows" in an elegy to him, which claims that "Some die too late and some too soon."That poem, "The Lost Occasion," was a literary reconciliation with this man by a poet who earlier claimed of him, "When faith is lost, when honor dies, / The man is dead!" This subject of the John Greenleaf Whitter poem "Ichabod" is the namesake of the titular "Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County." FTP, name this man raised from the dead to defend Jabez Stone from Scratch in a Stephen Vincent Benet work about the "Devil and" him.
Answer: Daniel Webster
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
When Agni hides in the waters to avoid receiving the office of Hotar, this figure finds him and alerts Varuna. Once kicked to death by Shiva, he has an assistant Chitragupta, who is the keeper of the book Agrasamdhana, and his wife is sometimes said to be Dhumorna, a personification of fire. He is the Lokapala of the south, in which role he is called Dakshi-nasapati, and in Buddhist myth he is served by Ox-Head and Horse-Face. The son of Saranyu and Vivasvat, this green-skinned figure now rules over the realm of Naraka and rides a black buffalo around, armed with a noose and a mace, although he was formerly the first mortal on earth. FTP, identify this Hindu god of death, judge of mortals, and ruler of the underworld.
Answer: Yamaraja [accept Yan Wang, Yanluo, Emma-O, or Enma-Daio before "Hindu"]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
On this song's release as a single, it was accompanied by the tracks "Wrecking Ball" and "The Ballad of the Tragic Hero," and its music video ends with a monkey clapping for the band. Its singer notes that "fingertips have memories" and that his "can't forget the curve of your body." Other sections of this song describe the singer's desire to "publish zines/and rage against machines" and his struggles with "paranoia paranoia," leading him to claim "everyone is coming to get me" and express the desire to go "underground with the moles." In its chorus, lead singer Sean Nelson notes that "I'm so hot `cause I'm in hell" after claiming that "I'm not sick, but I'm not well." FTP, identify this first single off 1998's Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone?, a hit for Harvey Danger.
Answer: "Flagpole Sitta"
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One member of this class of proteins in yeasts, Ydj1, aids in translocation across cell membranes, and the TCP1 complex is one of these that contains two rings and is ATP dependent. The pro-sequence of pro-subtilisin and alpha-lytic protease are examples of these that covalently bind while performing their characteristic function, and a prominent example of one subclass of them is the GroEL/GroES complex in E. coli.BiP and PDI aid each other as these in humans, and 60, 90, 100, and 70 are all members of a subfamily of these that respond to heat shock. Laskey first observed them when nucleoplasmin helped the formation of nucleosomes in vitro. FTP, identify these proteins, which aid in the folding of other proteins.
Answer: chaperone proteins
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A definitive moment in this battle saw lieutenant Nicholas Desvernois defeat a white-bearded man in a one-on-one showdown; his winning army was supported by a small flotilla under Captain Jean-Baptiste Perree. It was preceded by a small clash at El Rahmaniya, and saw divisions under Reynier, Dugua, Vial, and Bon organize themselves into an innovative square formation. The main action took place at the village of Embabeh, where an army of several thousand fellaheen armed with clubs and a cavalry under the command of Murad Bey made its charge, but that force and the eastern army of Ibrahim Bey would be routed by General Desaix. FTP, name this 1798 battle in which the Mamelukes were destroyed and forced to flee by Napoleon, which was fought just prior to the Battle of the Nile and named for some characteristic Egyptian structures.
Answer: Battle of the Pyramids (or Embabeh before it's mentioned)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One character in this work has an acute toothache for three days, which the protagonist celebrates by offering stolen nutmeg to the title figure. The protagonist compares his cousin's religious services to alien worship in the House of Rimmon and is convinced that his Houdan hen is a dashing Anabaptist. That cousin bars the protagonist's entry into a tool-shed and herself tries to discard a figure whose "thoughts were red thoughts, and his teeth were white," and whose "enemies brought him peace, but he brought them death." The protagonist relishes buttered toast as the news of Mrs. DeRopp's death is broken to him. FTP, identify this story in which Conradin worships the titular polecat-ferret, a work written by Saki.
Answer: "Sredni Vashtar"
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
While on honeymoon with his first wife Linda Craige, this man's canvas La Neige was purchased for the Musee de Luxembourg. His Pont Neuf and Houses and Houses on the Quai Boulogne are examples of the "pochade" style of oil sketching introduced to him by James Morrice. The Williamsburg Bridge appeared in the background of one work, titled after a body of water he also depicted with "Cumulus Clouds," East River. Madame Vocleza was the model for his Salome, while his other noted works include one in which a dark-haired girl reclines in an orange dress, a depiction of Isadora Duncan called The Little Dancer. This artist of Girl with a Fan and Spanish Gypsy also composed a book The Art Spirit. FTP, name this man whose followers included George Luks and William Glackens, in his role as the leader and mentor of the Ashcan School.
Answer: Robert Henri [pronounced "HEN-rye," also accept Robert Henry Cozad]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A modern version of this work, subtitled as a contemporary reading, was written by David Fleming. One portion of it discusses the "Two Standards" and the "Three Classes of Men," while related sections concern the "Application of Senses" and the "Three Degrees of Humility." It concludes with the "Contemplation to Attain Love," meant to be a synthesis of this work, which contains an appendix on the "discernment of spirits" designed to guide the reading of signs. An unpublished text of it was transmitted by the author's pupil Peter Faber - that author compiled much of it after leaving the monastery of Montserrat and settling at Manresa. Divided into four parts called "weeks," which are meant to be studied progressively, the author completed it before Paul III sanctioned the order he had founded. FTP, name this work by Saint Ignatius of Loyola, a key text for the Jesuits.
Answer: Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This man organized a special committee to argue against the Caminetti Bill, which was eventually passed under Woodrow Wilson. His collection Letters to a Friend is composed of correspondence with his mentor Jeanne Carr and his letters were collected by William Frederic Bade. He wrote a story about a dog named Stickeen, who survives a journey across a glacier by crossing an ice bridge, based on his real life expedition to Wrangell Island, which also led to his book The Cruise of the Corwin and led him to formulate theories of glacial action which were confirmed by Louis Agassiz. He accompanied EH Hariman on another voyage to Alaska, but this man is better remembered for campaigning to stop the damming of the Hetch Hetchy valley and for books like The Mountains of California. FTP, name this Scottish-born environmentalist who founded the Sierra Club.
Answer: John Muir
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
R.A. Fesen discovered the iron-rich cloud left over from a supernova bearing the adjective form of this name; that explosion was observed in 1885 by Ernst Hartwig.The eighth dwarf galaxy by this name was discovered by Morrison, Harding, and Hurley-Keller of Case Western, and is transparent.Of the ten dwarf galaxies that bear this name, seven are spheroidal dwarfs, and the first four were discovered by Stanley van den Bergh.Walter Baade first distinguished between Type I and Type II stars while observing an object with this name.The constellation with this name has an alpha star that forms part of the Great Square of Pegasus.Naming a constellation with alpha star Alpheratz and Messier object M31, for 10 points, give this name of the largest galaxy in the Local Group, the nearest spiral galaxy to the Milky Way.
Answer: Andromeda [accept Andromedae]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This work claims that escaping self-referential difficulties of the "Relativist" requires re-labeling epistemology and metaphysics as "cultural politics." One of the central concepts of this work is also discussed in its author's essay "Unfamiliar Noises: Hesse and Davidson on Metaphor." This work's first two chapters are titled after the "genealogy" and "deconstruction" of the concept of mind, and are contained within its first section, "Our Glassy Essence." The title object in this work describes the false notion that the mind is a faithful representation of an external reality. Expanding on the "pseudo-problems" postulated by Wittgenstein and Quine, FTP, name this most famous work by Richard Rorty.
Answer: Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This artist uses a real rope descending from a metal apparatus to hang a man in his controversial Death, or Lynched Figure, while Cleveland is home to his steel pipe sculpture Portal and the Seattle Art Museum contains his rounded piece of granite entitled Black Sun. Interlocking slabs of pink marble compose his nine-foot tall biomorphic scupture Kouros, while children are often seen playing on his Black Slide Mantra located in a public park. An apprentice to Gutzon Borglum early in his career, he collaborated with George Nelson, Paul Laszlo, and Charles Eames on a popular furniture catalogue, and also created several "sunken gardens" and stage designs for Martha Graham. FTP, name this 20th century abstract expressionist, the son of an American writer and Japanese poet.
Answer: Isamu Noguchi
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One poem in this collection reports that "My days were strewed with flowers and happiness" and claims that "There was no month but May," while another contains four stanzas, three of which purport awareness of the ways of knowledge, honour, and pleasure, and end with "Yet I love thee." In addition to two poems called "Jordan," and two on "The Temper," one poem in this collection claims that "Affliction shall advance the flight in me," and another poem ponders "Methought I heard one calling, Childe / and I reply'd My Lorde." That poem begins "I struck the board, and cry'd, no more" and is entitled "The Collar," while other works in this collection include four poems on Affliction and "Easter Wings," the classic example of one of the author's "pattern poems."FTP, name this collection of "Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations," by George Herbert.
Answer: The Temple
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
During the reign of one of this polity's kings, the royal cult of Zomadonou was consecrated; that king, Tegbessou, also mutilated the corpses of the Zou people he defeated. Another king, Adandozan, was overthrown by his brother Gezo, who was succeeded by his son Glele. One reform introduced by its third king was a ruling "regnum" formed by the king and the kpojito, or "wife of the leopard," a common woman. That king negotiated a tribute paid by this polity to the kingdom of Oyo and conquered such nearby states as Whydah, Alladah, and Savi. During his conquest of Savi, this kingdom's namesake "Amazons" were first deployed. FTP, identify this West African Fon kingdom which had its capital at Agbome, and which became the modern state of Benin.
Answer: Dahomey
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Adherents of this religion believe that the firmament was created from the skin of the seven archontes after they were flayed by the Spirit of Life. Books sacred to this belief include one which tells the story of Ogias fighting a dragon, the Book of Giants, as well as the Kephalia, Treasure of Life, and Arzhang, which made its author doubly famous as an illustrator. Its founder was allowed to spread his teachings by Shapur I, to whom he dedicated the Shabuhragan, and his followers were divided into the elect and the hearers. That founder contended that the soul was corrupted by its association with evil matter, which necessitated the release of light matter. FTP, identify this vaguely Christian dualistic Persian religion, famous adherents of which included a pre-Confessions Augustine.
Answer: Manichaeism
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A Thai group discussed the synthesis of Telisatin via an annulation followed by this reaction in the presence of microwave irradiation. Pier Gozzi developed the first enantioselective version of this reaction with ketones that used a chiral Mn-Salen catalyst; Gozzi also developed a one-pot variant of this reaction which uses an imine reagent, and showed that ethyl iodoacetate better promotes it than the corresponding bromoacetate. This reaction proceeds via an enolate intermediate formed from nucleophilic attack by an organozinc compound, which is stabilized by esters. For 10 points, identify this reaction where an alpha halo ester reacts with an aldehyde or ketone to yield a beta-hydroxy ester, and is named for a Russian chemist.
Answer: Reformatsky reaction
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In yeasts, Ydj1 is one of these that aids in translocation across cell membranes, and in humans Pdi and Ppcti are not regarded as these. The TCP1 complex is one of these that contains two rings and is ATP dependent. The pro-sequence of pro-subtilisin and alpha-lytic protease are examples of these that covalently bind while performing their characteristic function, and Laskey first observed them when nucleoplasmin helped the formation of nucleosomes in vitro. Some Heat Shock proteins are classified as these because they prevent denaturing, and they are categorized into "disaggregases," "holdases," and "foldases". For 10 points, identify these proteins, which aid in the folding of other proteins.
Answer: chaperone proteins
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Van Baalen and Taylor have independently shown that this formulation holds best when there is spatial structure or empty space in an environment.Gardner and West cited polyembryonic parasitic wasps in a 2004 paper that claimed to show that this formulation predicted a certain type of spite.Sewall Wright introduced one of the central variables in this rule in a 1933 paper dealing with "inbreeding and relatedness."Formulated in its namesake's 1964 paper "The Genetical Evolution of Social Behavoir" and applicable if R times B is greater than C, where B is the reproductive benefit, C the reproductive cost, and R the genetic relatedness of the organisms in question, for 10 points, name this rule that determines whether an organism will practice kin selection.
Answer: Hamilton's Rule/Formula/Equation
2008 Chicago Open Bonuses by Minnesota
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This thought experiment imagines a gigantic fire, some slaves strapped so as to only face one way, and the shadows of puppets. FTPE:,
[10] Name this representation of manufactured truth and false reality found within Plato's Republic.
Answer: The Allegory of the Cave
[10] The Republic also uses the analogy of this figure to describe the visible and intelligible parts of the world, which are represented by segments on this figure.
Answer: a divided line [accept equivalents]
[10] This Platonic dialogue is named for a character who also appears in Lysis and Phaedo. It is a parody of an Athenian funeral oration, and its section on the honor of parents is oft-cited.
Answer: Menexenus
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer the following about crossdressing shenanigans during the Revolutionary War, FTPE.,
[10] Written about in the book America's First Woman Warrior, this lady disguised herself as Robert Shurtleff and enlisted in George Webb's infantry, at one point allowing a musket ball to remain in her leg to avoid tipping doctors off to her secret.
Answer: Deborah Sampson (or Deborah Samson)
[10] Sampson was finally busted when General Patterson relayed her involvement to this commander, who is famous for moving some cannons to Bunker Hill and serving as the first Secretary of War.
Answer: Henry Knox
[10] At around the same time, British lieutenant colonel Alexander Stewart gained a reputation for crossdressing in the wake of this 1781 battle, in which Nathaniel Greene forced Stewart to flee to Charleston about a month before Yorktown.
Answer: Battle of Eutaw Springs
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
At the end of this story, Elisa inquires about prize fights and asks Henry if they can have wine with their dinner. FTPE:,
[10] Name this short story that sees Elisa Allen plant a pot of the titular flowers for a traveling salesman, only to find later that he dumped the seedlings up the road.
Answer: "The Chrysanthemums"
[10] "The Chrysanthemums" is a story by this man, who also wrote Cup of Gold and Travels with Charley, but not travels with Charlie Steinhice.
Answer: John Steinbeck
[10] Taking its title from Paradise Lost, this Steinbeck novel features Jim Nolan, Mac, and Doc Burton, who play various central roles in a fruitpickers' strike in California.
Answer: In Dubious Battle
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Identify these features of Australian Aboriginal mythology, FTPE.,
[10] The many names for this figure include Julunggul and Kalseru, and most tribes consider it to be the guardian of water. Most stories also depict it creating billabongs and mountain ridges as it slithered across the land.
Answer: the Rainbow Serpent [accept Rainbow Snake or similar answers]
[10] This devilish creature, sometimes conflated with the Rainbow Serpent, lives in water holes and swamps and emerges at night to kill evildoers and devour animals. They're also said to produce loud, booming barks or cries.
Answer: bunyips
[10] This four-foot tall vampire-like creature lives in fig trees and eats the bodies of its victims after sucking their blood. Later, after a nap, it regurgitates them, slightly shorter but otherwise unharmed.
Answer: Yara-ma-yha-who
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Identify some Nicholas Poussin paintings, FTPE.,
[10] This work features the four Seasons back to back and holding hands, while a gold-wreathed figure holding a ring rides a chariot on a cloud in the background. It gave its name to a series of novels by Anthony Powell.
Answer: A Dance To The Music of Time
[10] Much of this painting is filled with a view of winding paths leading to a hilltop town; its titular Athenian statesman is in the foreground, being carried by two men to a tomb.
Answer: Landscape with the Burial of Phocion [accept Landscape with the Funeral of Phocion]
[10] Poussin took this painting from a scene in Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered. It depicts its second title character, a Saracen sorceress, hesitating from killing its first title character, a Christian knight, with a dagger.
Answer: Rinaldo and Armida
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Identify some things about text adventures that are not Zork, FTPE.,
[10] Feelies for this Infocom game named for the first book of the series that inspired it included a pair of "peril-sensitive sunglasses" and a "Don't Panic!" button. The player controls, among others, Arthur Dent, in an effort to find the lost planet of Magrathea.
Answer: The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy [prompt on THGTTG]
[10] This magic word was first used in Colossal Cave Adventure to transport players between the building at the end of the road and the debris room. It's since shown up everywhere, including as part of a cheat for Minesweeper.
Answer: xyzzy [accept it either spelled out or pronounced as a word; it's "zizzy" but be lenient]
[10] The amnesiac protagonist of this excellent 1997 Ian Finley game wakes up in an abandoned Arctic research station, and the backstory is slowly revealed by touching various glowing objects and experiencing "tellurgic" visions.
Answer: Babel
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A soldier wanders a snowy city attempting to deliver a mysterious package in this author's In the Labyrinth. FTPE:,
[10] Name this author of The Voyeur who founded a movement arguing for objective literature aimed at depicting man's natural relationship to the world in his collection of essays For a New Novel.
Answer: Alain Robbe-Grillet
[10] The first and most well-known novel by Robbe-Grillet is this one which sees the special agent Wallas sets out to solve the murder of a professor Daniel Dupont, who is really still alive but ends up getting shot by Wallas.
Answer: The Erasers (Les Gommes)
[10] Robbe-Grillet is also known for writing Last Year at Marienbad, which was turned into a 1961 film directed by this guy.
Answer: Alain Resnais
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The cyclic expression of Per and Cry genes helps regulate them. FTPE:,
[10] Name these cycles that help maintain the body's internal clock and affect the eating and sleeping patterns.
Answer: circadian rhythms
[10] This area in the hypothalamus receives light signals through monosynaptic projections from the retina, and plays a central role in regulating expression of Per and Cry genes.
Answer: suprachiasmatic nucleus
[10] This protein forms a heterodimer with Bmal-1 to activate the expression of Per and Cry genes. Per and Cry in turn repress the said heterodimer, forming a feedback loop.
Answer: Circadian Locomotor Output Cycles Kaput
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Its excellent fifth movement, "Joy of the Blood of the Stars," features a fast version of its "statue theme," while its sixth movement, "Garden of Love's Sleep," sees the introduction of its "love theme." FTPE:,
[10] Identify this 10-movement work, which also features the "flower theme" and makes use of the ondes Martenot, followed in its composer's "Tristan Trilogy" by Harawi and Cinq Rechants.
Answer: Turangalila-Symphonie [accept The Turangalila Symphony]
[10] This Frenchman invented the geophone and composed the opera Saint-Francois d'Assise and the Quartet for the End of Time, in addition to the Turangalila Symphony.
Answer: Olivier Messiaen
[10] Inspired by a visit to Utah, Messiaen wrote this piece for the bicentennial of the Declaration of Independence. Its 12 movements include "Omao, leiothrix, `elepaio, shama" and "Zion Park and the Celestial City".
Answer: Des Canyons aux etoiles [accept From the Canyons to the stars]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name these Supreme Court cases decided under Earl Warren's reign as Chief Justice, FTPE.,
[10] This 1962 case was expanded on by Reynolds v. Sims, and dealt with reapportionment in Tennessee.
Answer: Baker v. Carr
[10] This 1964 case dealt with whether a theatre manager could show a notable Louis Malle movie, though it will be eternally remembered for Potter Stewart's rather subjective definition of porn.
Answer: Jacobellis v. Ohio
[10] This 1954 decision was a companion case to Brown v. Board of Education and banned segregation in Washington D.C. public schools.
Answer: Bolling v. Sharpe (accept either name)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In honor of the Upton Sinclair masterpiece Oil!, exclaim these geologic features which factor prominently in the search for Texas Tea, for 10 points each.,
[10] The Green River reserves in Colorado and Utah are the best place to find this sedimentary rock from which liquid hydrocarbons can be extracted.
Answer: oil shale!
[10] Symmetrical anticlines of halite are comprise these rounded formations, which can create pockets of crude oil during their formation.
Answer: salt domes! [prompt on partial answers]
[10] Salt domes are a specific type of this type of landform, which is created when the pressure and buoyancy of a liquid or plastic material below the strata intrude upward, causing a bulge to appear.
Answer: diapirs! [grudgingly accept piercement structures!]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This drama led to a namesake quarrel in which Cardinal Richelieu acknowledged its success, but determined it to be "defective." FTPE:,
[10] Name this Pierre Corneille tragicomedy about the titular Spanish warrior.
Answer: Le Cid [or The Cid; do not accept El Cid because it's not in Spanish]
[10] This daughter of the Comte de Gormas loves Le Cid, but he kills her father. Le Cid agrees to duel a champion of this woman to avenge her father's death, wins, and goes off to fight some Moors.
Answer: Chimene
[10] Along with Corneille and Boisrobert, among others, this poet and tragedian was chosen to be among Richelieu's Les Cinq Auteurs.His works include L'Hypochondriac, Le Venerable Saint Genest, Don Bertrand de Cabrere, Venceslas, and Cosroes.
Answer: Jean Rotrou
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
For a single species, it can be calculated by a namesake coefficient times a concentration ratio. FTPE:,
[10] Name this quantity used in non-ideal solutions or gases to replace concentration.
Answer: chemical activity
[10] This doubly eponymous equation can be used to find the activity of dilute solutions. The activity coefficient is a function of ionic strength and ionic size, and includes temperature dependent parameters A and B.
Answer: Debye-Huckel equation
[10] This equation is used to find activity coefficients when the solutions are concentrated. It includes a term for long range interactions like the Debye Huckel equation, and also a short range term.
Answer: Pitzer equation
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer the following about some religious sites around the world, FTPE.,
[10] The five towers of this Khmer temple, built for King Suryavarman II, represent the five peaks of Mount Meru, and its bas-reliefs depict such scenes as the churning of the sea by Vasuki.
Answer: Angkor Wat [or Angkor Vat; accept Preah Pisnulok from big fans of Suryavarman II]
[10] The two major temples at this Shinto shrine are known as Naiku and Geku, which are sacred to Amaterasu and Touyoke respectively. It supposedly contains the Sacred Mirror, and both Naiku and Geku, as well as the Uji bridge, are torn down and rebuilt every 20 years.
Answer: Grand Shrine at/of Ise [accept Ise Grand Shrine or Ise Jingu]
[10] This inner sanctuary of the Temple in Jerusalem was only entered by the Kohen Gadol on Yom Kippur after sacrificing a bull and a goat.
Answer: Kodesh HaKodashim [accept Qodes HaqQodasim or Holy of Holies]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
He declared his namesake "line" in a 1952 speech in order to protect his country's interests in the Sea of Japan, including fishing rights around the Liaodong Rocks. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this man who died in exile in Hawaii, the first president of the Republic of South Korea.
Answer: Syngman Rhee [accept Yi Seungman]
[10] According to Wikipedia, Syngman Rhee was somehow a descendant of King Taejo, the founder of this Korean dynasty, in power from 1392 until Japan's annexation in 1910.
Answer: Joseon Dynasty [accept Choson or Chosun]
[10] Wang Geon became the first king of this dynasty, which eventually itself gave way to the Joseon, after accepting the abdication of King Gyeongsun of Silla and crushing the Latter Baekje.
Answer: Goryeo Dynasty [accept Guryeo, do not accept Goguryeo]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This poem concludes with a pessimistic glimpse at the past, when "waited not the murderer for night / But smote his brother down in the bright day," and a sheep thief caused a shepherd to flee, leaving the sick to die "afar from men."FTPE:,
[10] Name this long poem about the history of the world, written by a longtime editor of the New York Evening Post.
Answer: "The Ages"
[10] This author of "To a Waterfowl" and "Thanatopsis" wrote "The Ages."
Answer: William Cullen Bryant
[10] The Bryant poem "June" was praised for its "voluptuousness" in the essay "The Poetic Principle," written by this author, who also wrote the play Politian and "The Unparalleled Adventures of One Hans Pfaal."
Answer: Edgar Allan Poe
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
It includes the character of Bonner, whose niece is the orphaned Laura Trevelyan, and who is told by the title character that he can cross the country without maps. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Patrick White novel which won Australia's first Miles Franklin Award in 1957.
Answer: Voss
[10] This biblically titled David Malouf work describes Gemmy Fairley, a European teenager who goes to live with Aborigines.
Answer: Remembering Babylon
[10] This religiously themed Morris West novel published in 1963 is named for some titular objects, and focuses on Kiril Pavlovich Lakota, the Archbishop of Lviv.
Answer: The Shoes of the Fisherman
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One of the earliest kings of this dynasty, Aditya I, took control of the Kongu country and conquered the Pallavas. It assumed control of much of Indonesia in the 11th century when its navy took Srivijaya. FTPE:,
[10] Name this dynasty of southern India which was eclipsed by the Hoysala Empire by the 13th century.
Answer: Chola Dynasty or Empire
[10] Sculptors during the Chola Dynasty popularized the iconography of this form of Shiva, known as the cosmic dancer.
Answer: Shiva Nataraja
[10] This important Chola king ruled from 985 to 1018 CE and established a foothold on Lanka at Polonnaruwa, in addition to fighting wars against the Ganga and Western Chalukya.
Answer: Rajaraja Chola I (or Rajaraja the Great, prompt on "Rajaraja")
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
It identifies the AAA as one of the chief reasons for the cause of the titular condition. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this work, funded by the Carnegie Institution, which criticizes New Deal policies such as minimum wage laws as the cause of the plight of African Americans in that era.
Answer: An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy
[10] This man advocated control of population growth in Asia to facilitate economic growth in his Asian Drama, in addition to writing An American Dilemma. He won the Nobel prize in Economics along with Von Hayek.
Answer: Karl Gunnar Myrdal
[10] Based on a series of lectures delivered in Cairo, this Myrdal work begins with the assumption that the gap between the rich and the poor is widening, and argues that economists must stop trying to find the equilibrium and tackle the inequality problem instead.
Answer: Economic Theory and Underdeveloped Regions
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The Airy-Heiskanen and Pratt-Hayford models attempt to explain this phenomenon.For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this theory that tectonic plates "float" at different levels because there exists a gravitational equilibrium between the lithosphere and the asthenosphere.
Answer: isostasy or isostatic theory
[10] This Dutch namesake of the first gravimeter to be used at sea also formulated a regional, rather than local, model for isostasy that attempts to explain large features like the Himalayas.
Answer: Felix Andries Vening Meinesz [prompt on partial last name]
[10] Isostatic theory explains the vertical or "post-glacial" form of this effect, which occurs after a large icemass melts and the land below it rises.A similar lateral effect was postulated by Henry Reid and is known as the "elastic" variety.
Answer: rebound [accept with "continental," "isostatic," "glacial," or hell, even "elastic" in front of it; accept isostatic adjustment]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
It arises when the observer stands at the center of a rotating disk. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this situation, where a rigid rotating disc should see a Lorentz contraction of its circumference even though the radius of the disc must stay the same.
Answer: Ehrenfest's paradox
[10] This man developed the idea of Lorentz-invariant rigidity that gives rise to Ehrenfest's paradox. He is better known for his approximation of wavefunction of molecule by considering the motion of the nucleons independently of the motion of electrons along with Oppenheimer.
Answer: Max Born
[10] This metric is based on an observer on the rotating disk, and was shown to be associated with a three dimensional Reimannian manifold when considering the quotient space of the Minkowski spacetime. It can be used to find the Born chart for the disk.
Answer: Langevin-Landau-Lifschitz Metric (I honestly don't know which part is required for the answer, or what it even means)

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