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2007 Chicago Open Tossups by Locals
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He battled the pope over the deposition of Archbishop Arnulf of Reims. During an argument with the Count of Auvergne, he asked "Who made you count" to which the other replied, "Who made you king?" His grandson Robert founded a cadet line of his dynasty in Burgundy, and he crowned his son king nine years before his death, possibly to insure continuity should he die campaigning against the Moors in Spain. Succeeded by his son Robert II, he allied with Otto II and Otto III to dominate the last Carolingian kings. FTP, name this first king of a namesake dynasty in France which lasted from 987 to 1328.
Answer: Hugh Capet
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In one test of this theory, some subjects were offered $1 or $20 to discuss the experiment with a stooge. Bem's self-perception theory offers an alternate explanation for the more positive responses from the $1 subjects, and for the results of forbidden toy studies. One early application of this theory was a study of a cult headed by Mrs. Keech that claimed to receive apocalyptic messages from the planet Clarion; that study resulted in the book When Prophecies Fail. The "$1/$20" study saw some subjects empty and fill a tray with spools and turn pegs in a board before they were paid to tell someone that the tasks were fun. FTP name this phenomenon discovered by Festinger in which tension results from conflicting thoughts.
Answer: Cognitive Dissonance
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Section 14 pictures "infinite separate houses" and notes how people go on "with [their] meals and minutia of daily usages," until the appearance of the cloud and "a long black trail." Earlier in the piece the speaker asserts that he would hang pictures, "pictures of growing spring, and farms, and homes," on the chamber walls, to adorn the house the one he loves. Section four introduces the thrush whose warble emerges as the "song of the bleeding throat" and helps to conjure up visions of armies and corpses. First published in 1865's Sequel to Drum Taps, sections five through nine depict the passage of a certain politician's coffin and by the work's end the bird's "Death Carol" "twines" with the chant of the poet, the western star, and the title flower, in "the fragrant pines." For ten points, identify this elegy for Abraham Lincoln, a work by Walt Whitman.
Answer: "When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd
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Rayleigh applied a classical analog of this theory to wave propagation in a stratified medium, and found an approximate solution near reflection points in terms of Bessel functions of order 1/3, or Airy functions. One developer of this technique formulated two dispersion relations for the complex dielectric constant with Kronig. That developer also rediscovered Rayleigh's connection formula used to patch solutions through a turning point. FTP, name this approximation that uses sinusoidal or exponential wave functions away from turning points in regions where the potential varies slowly, typically named for three physicists.
Answer: WKBJ or Wentzel-Kramers-Brillouin-Jeffries approximation (accept letters/names in any order)
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From 1914 to 1916 an ephemeral principality called "Zion" was established in the north of this country. The bulk of it was conquered by Ahmad ibn Ibrihim al-Ghazi of Adal between 1529 and 1543. In the 18th century it collapsed into disorder and isolation, leaving its monarch a figurehead in its capital of Gondar. This period ended with the ascent of Theodore II, who picked a fight with the British, and was deposed in 1869 by an expedition led by Robert Napier. A military coup toppled the emperor in 1974, leading to the adoption of communism shortly thereafter. FTP, name this African country whose earliest civilization was Axum and which defeated the Italians at Adowa in 1896.
Answer: 5. This event's most recent winner is a fan of the Celtic Football club and husband to an actress who has been seen in Frida and De-Lovely. Its most prolific winners have been A.J. Foyt, Al Unser, and Rick Mears, each of these men won four times. This race and its course have given the premier American open-wheel racing league its name. The NASCAR race that takes place on the same track was formerly called the Brickyard 400, because the track was at one time paved with bricks. This is, FTP, what IRL race, whose victory is celebrated with a bottle of milk, most recently won by Dario Franchitti. The Indianapolis 500-Mile Race or The Indy 500
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In Body and Soul, he played both a jackleg preacher and his well-meaning inventor brother, while in Borderline, he and his wife Eslanda depicted lovers caught in a tangled web of interracial affairs. On stage, he played Jim Harris in the first performances of All God's Chillun Got Wings, and a former Pullman porter turned dictator in another O'Neill play. In the longest Broadway run of a Shakespeare play he had the title role opposite Uta Hagen as Desdemona. FTP name this bass-baritone who originated the role of Joe in Show Boat, singing "Ol' Man River."
Answer: Ethiopia
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These complexes can isomerize via the Ray-Dutt twist or the Bailar twist, and when they possess certain sets of equivalent ligands, they can be described as facial or meridonal. In this geometry, the d orbitals split into two groups the eg and t2g set, with the dxy, dyz, and dxz orbitals lower in energy. Werner studied transition metal complexes with this geometry, and EDTA adopts it around a chelated magnesium ion. Copper II complexes with this shape also commonly undergo a lengthening of the bonds along their z-axis due to orbital degeneracy via the Jahn-Teller effect. FTP, name this geometry adopted by sulfur hexafluoride and other complexes with six ligands and no lone pairs, according to VSEPR.
Answer: Paul LeRoy Bustill Robeson Sr.
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She is fired from Mrs. Hatch's factory for not showing up regularly and is recognized by Nettie Struther as she is walking aimlessly around Bryant Park at night. Earlier she had been disinherited by her aunt Julia and denied help by her cousins, the Stepneys. In Chapter 7 this protagonist's penchant for playing cards spur Mrs. Dorset to intimate that such behavior may have scared off the sheltered Percy Gryce, whom she had plotted to marry as her story opens. All throughout the novel she is pursued by the shady Simon Rosedale, who turns out to be a good friend. The novel ends with her true love, the ineffectual Lawrence Selden, discovering a bottle of chloral next to her dead body. For ten points, identify this tragic main character of Edith Wharton's House of Mirth.
Answer: Octahedral (word forms ok)
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His war-chariot is drawn by the Killer, the Relentless, the Trampler, and the Swift. He passes a test in which he makes a garment disappear and reappear, reassuring the other gods after Gaga proclaims this god's intention to do battle. The Igigi bow to him and the Anunnaki kiss his feet after his victory, achieved with the help of the Fourfold Wind, the Cyclone, and 5 other winds. Following his victory, he uses the carcass of a primordial salt-water goddess to form the cosmos, as detailed in the Enuma Elish. FTP name this son of Ea and slayer of Tiamat, the chief Babylonian god.
Answer: Lily Bart (accept either name)
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It contains the second-largest lake-bound island in the world, Olchon, as well as species of seal that exists nowhere else. Inflows to it include the Chikoy and the Uda Rivers, while the Buryat Republic borders it to the south and east. It lies in a rift valley, which is currently widening at a rate of 2 centimeters per year. The age of the lake is estimated to be between 25 and 30 million years, making it one of the world's most ancient lakes. Its outflow is the Angara River, a tributary of the Yenisei. Located a little ways to the south and east of Irkutsk, FTP, name this lake that is surrounded by its namesake mountains on the north, a Siberian lake that is the deepest in the world.
Answer: Marduk
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He began his career as the assistant of Henry Stimson, and during World War I he served as secretary and counsel of the President's mediation commission. After lobbying for the inclusion of the Balfour Declaration in the Treaty of Versailles, he co-founded the ACLU in 1920 and wrote an editorial in the Atlantic Monthly attacking the denial of a retrial for Sacco and Vanzetti. Late in life, he became one of the Supreme Court's strongest proponents of judicial restraint, dissenting in Baker v. Carr. FTP, name this associate justice appointed to replace Benjamin Cardozo, who served on the Supreme Court from 1939 to 1962.
Answer: Lake Baikal
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A pair of closed eyes is described as "a shut bud that holds a bee," while an exposed shoulder is "smooth," "white," and "bare." One of the characters in this work manages to start a fire in the cottage where the action takes place and calls for her counterpart before putting his arms about her waist. First published alongside another of its creator's poems, "Johannes Agricola in Meditation," in 1835, it opens, "The Rain set early in tonight," and ends with a suddenly still "yellow-haired" woman not stirring her head from the title character's shoulder. For ten points, identify this dramatic monologue about a man who strangles his paramour with her blond hair in order to be with her forever, a work by Robert Browning.
Answer: Felix Frankfurter
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His essay "On Tyranny" is an interpretation of Xenophon's Hiero, and he critiqued the positivism of Max Weber in his book Natural Right and History. In his 1964 work The City and The Man, he proposed that Thrasymachus was the true mouthpiece of Plato in The Republic. This assertion follows from his thesis that philosophical texts have both an esoteric and an exoteric message, a view which he put forth in Persectution and the Art of Writing. His History of Political Philosophy includes contributions from his student Allen Bloom, and his other students include Abram Shulsky and Paul Wolfowitz. For 10 points, identify this poltical philosopher, a key influence of the neoconservative movement.
Answer: "Porphyria's Lover"
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This body is the primary home of the so-called dark ray craters, which are concentrated on the trailing hemisphere of this synchronously orbiting body. It is also home to the large Gilgamesh impact basin. Its trailing hemisphere is a primary site of ozone production as its water ice surface is blasted by charged particles trapped in the Jovian magnetosphere. Evidence for its having a rocky core includes detection of its own magnetosphere by the Galileo orbiter. Displaying three crater chains similar to those found on its neighbor Callisto, FTP name this largest moon of the Solar System.
Answer: Leo Strauss
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His smaller works include the Benson Holy Family and the Allendale Adoration of the Shepherds. He painted a Madonna suspended between a damask and a throne for the Castelfranco Cathedral and depicted Cupid Tapping Apples at Saltwood Castle. Other works include a depiction of Judith and his erotic Sleeping Venus. The contemporary critic Paolo Pino praised his restrained style and noted that he didn't overcrowd his landscapes. Indeed, only three figures can be seen in his most famous work, which depicts a man with a staff looking over at a woman nursing a child. For ten points identify this Venetian painter of The Three Philosophers and The Tempest.
Answer: Ganymede
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John Wilkes once mockingly referred to it with a reference to Philippians 4:7, as according to him it "passes all understanding." Representatives included John Robinson and Thomas Wentworth, and temporary results included Savoy receiving the crown of Sicily and France recovering what are now Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton Island. In addition to Saint Kitts and Nova Scotia, Britain acquired Minorca and Gibraltar. Ending what was called Queen Anne's War in the colonies, and associated with the Treaties of Madrid, Baden and Rastatt, FTP, name this treaty that put the Duke of Anjou on the Spanish Throne, ending the War of Spanish Succession.
Answer: Giorgione
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His protagonists include the former ranch owner Baltasar Bustos and in another one of his works, a young woman controlled by her orchestra director, Gabriel, with a crystal seal. In addition to Inez, this decade has seen him publish such works as This I Believe and The Seat of the Eagle. His second novel focuses on a young historian who finds himself falling in love with an elderly widow's niece, but when he embraces her she turns into the old woman. That work, Aura, was followed by such works as A Change of Skin, about a group of people on a journey to Veracruz, and Terra Nostra, a rumination on Spanish and Latin American History. Perhaps best known in the U.S. for his novel about the last days of Ambrose Bierce, for ten points, identify this Mexican writer of The Old Gringo and The Death of Artemio Cruz.
Answer: Treaty of Utrecht
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Their synthesis can be tryptophan-independent or dependent, and the enzyme nit1 catalyzes the final step of one such pathway. They can influence transcription by binding to TIR1 proteins and de-repressing ARF1 factors. Their transport is reliant on PIN proteins, and they are usually synthesized in apical meristems and move down by polar transport. They can also activate proton pumps in the cell membrane, which in turn activate expansins, according to the acid growth hypothesis. They were characterized by Boysen-Jensen, who used agar blocks to show that they are responsible for phototropism. Indole-3-acetic acid is the most common member of, FTP, these plant hormones responsible for cell elongation and lateral root formation.
Answer: Carlos Fuentes
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Elgar's in B minor is unusual for having four movements instead of three, whereas Shostakovich's first one has a lengthy cadenza linking the third and fourth movements, a Passacaglia and Burlesque. Berg's was dedicated "to the memory of an angel"?the daughter of Alma Mahler and Walter Gropius?while Tchaikovsky's in D major was inspired by the complex polyrhythms of Lalo's Symphonie Espagnole. Mozart's fifth one is nicknamed "Turkish," and Brahms' in D major was written in consultation with the virtuoso Joseph Joachim. FTP, name this type of composition for a specific instrument, famous examples of which include Mendelssohn's in E minor and Beethoven's in D major.
Answer: Auxins
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Answer: violin concertos
2007 Chicago Open Bonuses by Locals
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Answer the following about a sculpture and its creator, for ten points each:,
[10] Commissioned by the Revolutionary Department of Fine Arts in 1919, this project was to attain a height of 1300 feet and consisted of an open spiral with its axis slanted against firm verticals.
Answer: Monument to the Third International
[10] This Russian artist whose motto was "Real Materials in Real Space" designed the Monument to the Third International.
Answer: Vladimir Tatlin
[10] Even at his height Tatlin was jealous of this painter's success. Famous for his White on White series, which depicted a series of squares on one another, he was the founder of Suprematism.
Answer: Kasimir Malevich
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Name the following about a South American War, FTPE.,
[10] Fought between 1864 and 1870, this war resulted in the utter defeat of Paraguay by the namesake group.
Answer: War of the Triple Alliance
[10] The expansionist ambitions of this Paraguayan leader led to the war of the Triple Alliance.
Answer: Francisco Solano Lopez
[10] This decisive naval battle, fought on June 11, 1865, saw the Brazilian forces led by Pedro Inacio Meza defeat the Paraguayans led by Francisco Manoel Barroso.
Answer: Battle of Riachuelo
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In the first book of this work, the author thanks his grandfather Verus, his brother Severus, as well as someone called Alexander the Grammarian. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this work, written around 170 while its author was leading a military campaign. It advocates impersonal detachment and the extinguishing of desire.
Answer: Meditations of Marcus Aurelius
[10] The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius show the influence of this Roman Stoic. Born a slave, he did not write for publication, but his student Arrian set down his ideas in the Enchiridion and the Discourses.
Answer: Epictetus
[10] Marcus Aurelius asserted that human beings are made up of a body; an intelligence or nous; and this third part, Greek for "spirit" or "breath." Earlier Stoics had conceived of this substance as the vehicle of divine reason.
Answer: pneuma
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Answer some questions related to stereochemistry. FTPE:,
[10] Achiral molecules with stereocenters are called this; these molecules have one or more planes of symmetry.
Answer: Meso compounds
[10] This set of rules is used to name absolute configurations of chiral molecules, giving each chiral center an R or S designation by ranking the substituents.
Answer: Cahn-Ingold-Prelog priority rules
[10] One method of determining the optical activity relies on a variation of this technique, which measures the inelastic scattering of a laser off of a sample to measure rotational and vibrational modes.
Answer: Raman Spectroscopy
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Name these novels by Kurt Vonnegut FTPE:,
[10] In this work, the son of an Indiana senator put in charge of his family's philanthropic foundation must contend with the machinations of the lawyer Norman Mushari, who seeks to collect some of the money for himself.
Answer: God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater or Pearls before Swine
[10] This novel turns on the misuse of the substance ice-nine, which ends up destroying earth. In it the narrator, John, encounters the Hoenikker family and the religious leader Bokonon.
Answer: Cat's Cradle
[10] This novel centers on Pontiac dealer Dwayne Hoover who idolizes aging science-fiction writer Kilgore Tout. After Trout attends an arts festival at the former's hometown of Midland City, they meet and all hell breaks loose.
Answer: Breakfast of Champions or Goodbye Blue Monday!
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Name these islands of Indonesia by description for ten points each.,
[10] This fifth-largest island of Indonesia, located to the east of Borneo, includes such cities as Makassar, Kendari and Manado.
Answer: Sulawesi or Celebes
[10] The largest island between Java and Timor, this island, which is west of Flores and east of Lombok, is home to the city of Bima and Mount Tambora.
Answer: Sumbawa
[10] The provinces of Aceh, Bengkulu, Jambi, Lampung, and Riau lie on this Indonesian island, whose largest city is Medan.
Answer: Sumatra
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Name these incarnations of Devi FTPE.,
[10] This black-skinned goddess gained a taste for blood when she held the demon Raktavira aloft, impaled on a spear, and drank all his blood. She wears earrings made of children and a necklace of skulls.
Answer: Kali
[10] This daughter of the sage Daksha married Shiva, but threw herself in a fire rather than listen to Daksha insult Shiva. She was reborn as Parvati.
Answer: Sati
[10] This yellow-skinned, ten-armed incarnation of Devi was born to defeat the buffalo demon Mahisha. She rides a tiger into battle.
Answer: Durga
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Name these tariffs FTPE.,
[10] This 1894 tariff, which slightly reduced rates from the McKinley tariff of 1890, had as one of its provisions a graduated income tax struck down by the Supreme Court in 1895.
Answer: Wilson-Gorman tariff
[10] This 1897 tariff attempted to counteract the Wilson-Gorman tariff by raise rates, by as much as 57% on some commodities.
Answer: Dingley tariff
[10] This 1909 tariff intended to lower rates but had so many amendments tacked on that it actually became a protective measure. Its passage marked the beginning of the split of the Republican Party.
Answer: Payne-Aldrich tariff
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Name these sorting methods FTPE.,
[10] This method subdivides a list around a pivot element such that one half of the list contains elements less than or equal to the pivot, and the other sublist has the rest of the elements. The sorting method then runs itself on the sublists and combines the results to form a sorted list.
Answer: Quicksort
[10] Having least significant and most significant varieties, this sorting method sorts integers under an arbitrary but constant size in linear time by considering each individual digit.
Answer: Radix sort
[10] This sorting method developed by Ken Batcher is implemented using a sorting network and requires O(lg^2(N)) ("big-O of log squared of N") passes.
Answer: Odd-even mergesort
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Answer the following about an author and his work, for ten points each:,
[10] His first works were a pair of poems, Urania and an Elegy on the Death of Carlo Imbonati, but he remains best known for a sprawling historical novel ostensibly about lovers Renzo and Lucia, whose promise to one another names the work.
Answer: Alessandro Manzoni
[10] The Betrothed was greatly admired by this man, Manzoni's German contemporary and the author of such works as The Elective Affinities and Faust.
Answer: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
[10] This Manzoni play, based on the life of the condotierro Francesco Bussone, ends with the title figure's capture and execution by the Venetian government.
Answer: The Count of Carmagnola
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RCA, initially a producer of radios, has become a large media conglomerate. FTPE, answer these questions about its history.,
[10] This NFL team plays its games in the RCA dome, though it will soon be replaced by the Lucas Oil Stadium.
Answer: Indianapolis Colts
[10] This Disney roller coaster is present at all five Disney parks and takes place in a futuristic darkened building. It was formerly sponsored by RCA as a showcase of technology.
Answer: Space Mountain
[10] This rags-to-riches chairman of RCA was a radiotelegraph operator and relayed news of the R.M.S. Titanic disaster.ANSWER: David Sarnoff
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name these early explorers of Australia, FTPE.,
[10] This Dutch Navigator and colonial governor became the first European to sight the coast of Australia in 1606.
Answer: Willem Janszoon
[10] In two voyages between 1642 and 1644, this Dutchman mapped large portions of Australia's north coast, as well as discovering New Zealand and Fiji.
Answer: Abel Janszoon Tasman
[10] This British explorer, in two expeditions between 1797 and 1798 proved Tasmania to be an island by sailing through the straight that now bears his name.
Answer: George Bass
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Works by Diderot, for ten points each:,
[10] This work depicts the unnamed narrator meeting the title figure in a cafe and questioning him about various subjects, including his famous uncle.
Answer: Rameau's Nephew or Le Neveu de Rameau
[10] Essentially a conversation between the pessimistic title character and his master, notable episodes include the story of Mme. Pommeraye and of the immoral abbe Hudson.
Answer: Jacques the Fatalist and his Master or Jacques le Fataliste et son Maitre
[10] Written as a joke against the Marquis de Croismare, this work relates the tale of a young woman kept against her will in a convent.
Answer: The Nun or La Religieuse
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Answer some things about autoimmune diseases, FTPE:,
[10] This disease occurs when autantibodies attack the neuromuscular junction; its hallmark symptom is muscle weakness.
Answer: Myasthenia gravis
[10] Myasthenia gravis doesn't affect heart muscle; this is because it only affects this type of acetylcholine receptor, named for its agonist.
Answer: Nicotinic Acetylcholine receptor (or nAchR)
[10] This other autoimmune disease causes demyelination of neurons in the peripheral nervous system, leading to weakness and paralysis.
Answer: Guillain-Barre Syndrome or GBS or Acute Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneurophathy or Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name the following about an economic concept FTPE.,
[10] Examples of this type of market include the beer, film, and soft drink industries, in which a small number of providers dominate the market for a product.
Answer: Oligopoly
[10] In this simple model for competition in an oligopoly, firms compete on quantity and set quantities simultaneously. It is named for a Frenchman and generalizes his duopoly model; like the duopoly model, it predicts that firms will choose Nash equilibrium output levels.
Answer: Cournot model or competition or game
[10] In this sequential competition model, a leader firm sets a quantity observed by the follower firm, who then acts. Its German namesake introduced it in a 1934 critique of the Cournot model.
Answer: Stackelberg model or competition or game
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Name the following battles of Gustavus Adolphus FTPE.,
[10] In this 1631 battle, Adolphus led the Protestant forces to their first victory in the Thirty Years War.
Answer: Battle of Breitenfeld
[10] In this April 1632 battle, the forces of Gustavus Adolphus defeated the forces of Count Johan Tzerclaes of Tilly, mortally wounding Tilly in the process.
Answer: Battle of Rain
[10] In this November 1632 battle, Gustavus Adolphus was killed, though the Swedes still managed to defeat Imperial forces under Wallenstein.
Answer: Battle of Lutzen
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Name the following works by Jane Austen FTPE:,
[10] Divided into two sections, "Before Frederica's Arrival" and "From Frederica's Arrival to Sir James Martin contretemps," this epistolary novella centers on the intrigues of a titular villainess with the last name Vernon.
Answer: Lady Susan
[10] This novel follows the adventures of the Goth lit loving Catherine Morland who visits the title estate owned by the Tilney family.
Answer: Northanger Abbey
[10] This last unfinished work, was named by her family, and was originally called The Brothers; it tells the tale of various families who seek to establish a town.
Answer: Sanditon or Sand and Sandition
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Name these concepts related to ring theory FTPE.,
[10] This term denotes an element of a ring that is equal to its own square.
Answer: idempotent
[10] This term denotes a ring in which every element is idempotent, so that x squared equals x for all elements x in the ring. Each such ring has an associated algebra defined using meet and join operators whose elements obey De Morgan's laws.
Answer: Boolean
[10] This term denotes a ring in which every idempotent element is central. It also denotes a commutative group, and derives from the name of a Norwegian who proved that there is no general solution for quintic equations in terms of radicals.
Answer: abelian
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FTPE, name these movies that got Rom's vote in the American Film Institute's 10th Anniversary Top 100 American Movies poll.,
[10] This 1936 George Stevens musical starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers features the Jerome Kern-Dorothy Fields songs "The Way You Look Tonight," "Pick Yourself Up," and "A Fine Romance."
Answer: Swing Time
[10] This 1942 Preston Sturges screwball comedy stars Joel McCrea as a movie director who wants to research his proposed film "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" by hitting the road as a hobo. The title is a reference to a Jonathan Swift work.
Answer: Sullivan's Travels
[10] This Clyde Bruckman-Buster Keaton silent based on a true story stars the Great Stoneface as a Confederate reject who retrieves the title train after it is stolen by Union spies.
Answer: The General

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