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2009 Chicago Open Tossups by Gentlemen from Sangala
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A pagan temple in this city was famously turned into its Romanesque Rotunda di San Lorenzo, built with bricks in the local style and to emulate the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Alberti constructed a church to house a relic of Christ's blood, the Basilica di Sant'Andrea, in this home to Corregio's Metamorphoses series and the Feast of Cupid and Psyche, the latter by a man who also depicted trumpeting angels above as the titular group is crushed by pillars in The Fall of the Giants. That artist, Giulio Romano, was commissioned to construct this city's Palazzo Te, considered the epitome of Mannerist architecture, by its Duke Federico II. Its most famous building, an extension of the Castle of St. George, includes the Room of Archers and a room bounded by the "Meeting" and "Court" scenes most famous for a group of angels and a peacock who pear over the railing from an open section of sky painted to resemble an oculus. It is home to numerous works commissioned for the ruling Gonzaga family including Mantegna's Camera degli Sposi, the bridal chamber of the Ducal Palace. FTP, identify this Italian city in where Gilda is stabbed and "La donna e mobile" is sung in Verdi's Rigoletto, a city located East of Milan in Lombardy.
Answer: Mantua
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This author may have written the lines "Nature - Ethereal essence, fire divine, / Pure origin of all that Earth was fair," although it is attributed to James Wills, and that poem is called The Universe. In one of his plays, Adelmar rescues the title character from a snowstorm, even though earlier he had witnessed him kill Wallenberg's father and had denied him marriage to his daughter Urilda. In his last novel, Sir Redmond Blaney and Jane are married at the title haunted locale, Leixlip Castle. In addition to The Milesian Chief and The Fatal Revenge, this author is best known for a novel that begins with a character being told to (*) burn a portrait by his uncle. That character eventually falls into the sea after seeing an apparition, where he is told a tale about Immalee by a man whose family was controlled by evil monks. Eventually, in that novel by this author, the daughter of Don Francisco of Aliaga dies when giving birth to the child of the title character, a man who for two centuries tries to collect souls for Satan. For ten points, name this Irish author of Melmoth the Wanderer.
Answer: Charles Maturin
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The effect of high values of this measure in electrified nitrobenzene cells are approximated by Langevin-Born Theory, and it may be alleviated by the Senarmont method. Cross-sectional areas of three dimensional surfaces across which it occurs may be imaged in convergent beam electron diffraction via higher order Laue zone energy analysis. (*) One governing equation gives the complex electric permittivity of a dielectric as a function of angular momentum and contains the term negative two over pi times the Cauchy principle value. That expression, which implies the existence of its real and imaginary components, is the Kronig-Kramers relation. The Sellmeier Equation determines the strength of its optical form, which may be used to determine optic sign, while its measure in transparent materials is the Abbe Number. FTP, what is this measure of the variation in the refractive indices of a material with wavelength that causes the splitting of white light in a prism?
Answer: dispersion
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John Horne Tooke's Fads Addressed to Landholders was a diatribe against this man, and this man was often supported by the Bishop John Butler, who wrote under the pseudonym Vindex. He initiated the downfall of the Duke of Choiseul when he sent ships to protect the Falkland Islands, and after holding his most famous position he propped up the Duke of Portland in a coalition with Charles (*) Fox. His ministry members included Lord George Germain and the Earl of Sandwich, and his passing of a bill allowing Catholics to serve in the military led to the Gordon Riots. For 10 points, identify this British prime minister under whose tenure the American Revolutionary War was fought.
Answer: Frederick, Lord North, 2nd Earl of Guilford
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This work posits that a certain group's flight from its own identity embodies its ideology and declares it a "joint stock company," a section which is expanded in the author's subsequent examination of the bourgeoisie, The Fashion System. It also includes an magazine cover encountered while at a barber's shop used to explain an extensive diagram of the signifier-signified relationship, an image of a saluting black soldier. Milk, rather than water, is declared the true "anti" form of a certain consumable and the "grandiloquence" of a certain activity is used to explain that it is a spectacle rather than a sport, in this work's most famous sections, which examine red wine and professional wrestling as examples of the titular phenomenon "today." FTP, identify this work examining how the titular beliefs can arise from signs and exist as speech relationships, a collection of essays by Roland Barthes about modern instances of systems whose traditional examples include Norse, Aztec, and Greco-Roman.
Answer: Mythologies [accept Myth Today before mentioned]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This poem's author noted that its method of composition was similar to Peter Viereck's "The Tree Witch" and Robbe-Grillet's Last Year at Marienbad, and the line "I am ready for death", spoken by the cornet before his suicide, appears in the play Gondla and references the murder of that play's author. The third section, "Epilogue", takes place on "the white night of June 24, 1942," and the middle section, "Reverse", contains blank lines that mimic the censored lines of Eugene Onegin and depicts an editor rejecting the first section of the poem. That section, "1913", is the most explicitly allegorical, with the "Demon" representing Alexander Blok and the Milepost, Vladimir Mayakovsky. For ten points, identify this poem often paired with "Requiem" and published after Khrushchev's thaw, the final work of Anna Akhmatova.
Answer: "Poem without a Hero" [Poema bez geroya]
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One impediment encountered in this procedure can be overcome with the use of compounds such as dansyl chloride, while an earlier technique developed by Max Bergmann overcomes that impediment by benzoylating the sample. D.H. Williams combined this technique with fast atomic bombardment to create the "subtractive" type of it, and G.S. Begg and its namesake used humpback whale myoglobin as a reagent in the first (*) automated method of performing this reaction. The second step of this reaction is performed with anhydrous trifluoroacetic acid as the cleaving agent. Its first step uses a phenylisothiocyanate and it eventually creates a phenylthiohydantoin derivative that can be identified by electrophoresis, though other methods must be used to find disulfide bridges. For 10 points, identify this process where N-terminal amino acids are removed from a peptide chain, a method of protein sequencing named for a Swedish chemist.
Answer: Edman degradation
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Blossius of Cumae supported this kingdom's final pretender, Aristonicus, who was captured by Marcus Perperna. Another ruler of this kingdom had the sobriquet "brother-loving" and helped to defeat Pharnaces I, and in turn received assistance from Rome in defeating Prusias II of Bithynia. The founder of this kingdom, Philetaerus, won his independence after betraying his master at the battle of Corupedium, while this kingdom's greatest ruler was a strategos of the Aetolian League during the first and second (*) Macedonian Wars and had a notable victory over the Galatians. Site of the second largest library in the ancient world, this kingdom was bequeathed to Rome after the death of Attalus III. Its Great Altar is housed in a namesake Berlin museum. For 10 points, name this Hellenistic kingdom in western Anatolia centered on a namesake Greek city.
Answer: Kingdom of Pergamon [or Pergamum or Pergamo]
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Aristotle attributes the "Zion Dialectic" to this philosopher that theorized mules are infertile because their wombs are attached to their bellies. Another of his scientific theories is that salts are solidified because of the sun. One of this philosopher's works discusses that whatever is lawful extends through the wide-ruling air and boundless light, and a later part of it a father who killed his son with a prayer in preparation for a feast, and equates it with a time where the children kill their parents. This philosopher believed that animals housed sinful souls, and he also believed that there is a correlation between the soft blood of the body and the amount of air breathed in. This philosopher frequently referred to his "two-fold" truths, and he refers to entities that wander near the sea of life, those entities, are detached from the bodies, and are limbs. This man also theorized about the importance of a concept which makes many out of one, Strife. For ten points, name this philosopher who discussed the notion of the four elements before throwing himself into Mt. Etna.
Answer: Empedocles
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In this film, the protagonist memorably observes a girl in a green sweater staring at him with "fuck me eyes" while rocking out to "Addicted to Love." Later on, a bet made on the basketball court costs the protagonist his girlfriend Coral, who sleeps with his best friend, an abrasive Aussie who dreams of being a kept man and spouts wisdom in the form of "Coughlin's laws." The Beach Boys recorded "Kokomo" for the soundtrack of this film, whose protagonist finds work in Jamaica after walking out on his job at Cell Block and meets his future wife, heiress Jordan Mooney, who is played by a young Elizabeth Shue. Telling the story of former TGI-Fridays superstar Brian Flanagan, this is, FTP, what 1988 Tom Cruise film about the life of a New York City bartender?
Answer: Cocktail
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Functions of the critical value specified by this theorem approximate Bastiaan's dual function, while if rates increase from critical, they are better modeled via Gabor analysis. In practice, this expression may be implemented using a Kupfmuller Integralsinus filter, and part of the purpose for imaging programming involving it is to avoid the formation of moire patterns, (*) which in cameras is accomplished with a lithium niobate 2-layer. Its logarithmic extension to channel capacity is known as Hartley's Law, and both expressions satisfy the Raabe condition. It may be best demonstrated using a Dirac comb and any simple continuous signal, although Whittaker and Kotel'nikov filters may also be employed to reduce unwanted noise. For 10 points, name this theorem which describes the minimum necessary frequency for analog-to-digital conversions as at least twice the input bandwidth, a sampling theorem named for two information scientists.
Answer: Whittaker-Nyquist-Shannon-Kotel'nikov Theorem [accept names in any order]
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This figure is depicted as an old man lying on his side with his hands at the side of his head in the Sala di Opi of the Palazzo Vecchio, while a putto holding a mask and a vase with a face on it appear to the right of this figure, who is cloaked in red, in a painting by Francois Boucher. He is shown in the bottom left of a work that features a putto sitting on a heavily foreshortened tree stump above him, while a dog sits next to him and below a nude young man reaching up to grab a leaf in his left hand. That painting, a fresco in the Villa Medici which features this figure as an old peasant wearing a yellow shirt and holding a basket in his right hand, depicts his lover wearing a sickle and holding a green dress in the bottom right, while the composition is focused on a large circular window in its center. A portrait with a pear for a nose depicts Rudolph II as this figure and was painted by Giuseppe Arcimboldo. For 10 points, name this Roman god of seasons who, as depicted by Jacopo Pontormo, turned himself into an old hag to get with Pomona.
Answer: Vertumnus [variations involving vowels exist; I guess prompt on Vertumnus and Pomona]
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The protagonist of this novel engages in a lengthy discussion of Hatchjaw and Bassett's critiques of a work known as Golden Hours, the author of which posits that sleep is actually just a rapid series of fainting fits. The protagonist of this work is inadvertently rescued by a gang of one-legged brigands led by Martin Finnucane, whose antics give the protagonist time to elude a character who believes people are inappropriately exchanging identities with their bicycles. The protagonist is obsessed with the fictional philosopher de Selby, and his life's goal is to codify de Selby's works. The plot of this novel is driven by the protagonist's desire to recover a cash box he'd stolen from Philip Mathers along with John Divney, who'd betrayed him shortly thereafter. That box eventually turns up in the possession of the title character, Fox, who reveals that the box contains an all-powerful substance called "Omnium" and that the narrator is actually dead. For 10 points name this novel by Flann O'Brien.
Answer: The Third Policeman
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One politician with this last name served in his state's Ninth Cavalry Division in the Confederacy under John Morgan and was attacked by James Wood for advocating a six-day work week. Another politician with this name served Lindley Garrison in Woodrow Wilson's cabinet and was the attorney of Charles Lindbergh. Another man with this name ran against John M. Clayton in Arkansas, and was Minister to Russia before serving on the Dawes Commission. All of them are descendants from a man with this last name that succeeded Levi Lincoln as Thomas Jefferson's second (*) attorney general. The best known politician with this name commanded the Orphan Brigade, and was the final Confederate Secretary of War. That politician also formed an electoral ticket with Joseph Lane after serving as Vice President to James Buchanan. For 10 points, give this surname of some Kentucky politicians, most notably the Southern Democrat nominee who finished second in electoral voting in 18
Answer: Breckenridge
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The Limber approximation is commonly utilized to simplify the power law expression of the principle difference associated with this phenomenon. Second order nonlinear contributions to it have been shown to be equal to those given by the Kaiser-Stebbins effect, and at small angular scales, it may be enhanced or impaired by the Rees-Sciama or (*) kinetic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effects. One of its versions concerns the surface of last scattering, while its most commonly used form arises from dark energy models and occurs when certain particles traverse potential wells. Responsible for the ripples detected by the WMAP satellite, for 10 points, name this effect marked by the presence of temperature fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background radiation first stated as equal to negative one third the gravitational potential phi times c squared, which is caused by the red shift of photons.
Answer: Sachs-Wolfe Effect
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
An Imagist adaptation of this event includes the sections GBH and All Day Permanent Red, and was written by Christopher Logue, while the role of "formulas" in the Parry/Lord thesis was centrally developed by analyzing descriptions of it. One work it inspired begins after a frightening snake prompts one figure to submerge, drowning a character whose followers begin a campaign of genocide until they are beaten back by crabs. Two men dress as beggars after a ghost sends them to search for some bones in the so-called "little" version of another account in a group of works inspired by this event. An 1808 drama sees one of its participants get into a fight over a rose field after being jilted by Prothoe; that character's corpse may subsequently have been the subject of necrophilia during this event, drawing fatal criticism from Thersites. A description of it led to the conclusion "bonus dormitat," a complaint about the "nods" of one man's description of this event in the Arse Poetica, and it is the setting of another play about the title figure's mass-murder of a group of sheep. Parodied in The Battle of Frogs and Mice and providing the setting for Kleist's Penthesilea, FTP, identify this ten-year campaign that involved Briseis, Astyanax, Priam, and Achilles, depicted by Homer in The Iliad.
Answer: The Trojan War [accept equivalents, including any specific events like the "Fall of Troy" that indicate precise knowledge of the answer]
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In Japanese myth, these entities were incorporated into the attendants of Koumokuten, while one named Muscalinda protects the Buddha and one named Ulupi mothered Iravat. One of them pimped out his sister to Jaratkaru, producing the rishi Astika, who helped protect them from a fire of buttery doom. One of these individuals poisoned the meal of King Parikshit, earning the enmity of Janamejaya, and fathered Aswasena. A single Kadamba tree grew on the banks of the Yamuna until Krishna's encounter with one of them named Kaliya. Takshaka and the goddess Manasa are venerated by this group, who are linked with the holder of the sky and are led by a figure who bound himself to Mount Mandar and exhaled the Halahala during the churning of the mlik, leading to Shiva's blue throat. Following a wager between Kasyapa's wife Vinata, their half-brother battled a gigantic razor blade-wielding robot, but betrayed this group by allowing Indra to recapture the immortality-granting elixir amrita. Born from Kadru's thousand eggs, they include Shesha and Vasuki and are the sworn enemy of Garuda. FTP, identify these individuals in Hindu myth, often depicted on temples as serpent-human hybrids.
Answer: Nagas (accept just Serpents or Snakes, which are equivalent in some sources)
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One character in this work says that God "has a cheap cabin in the country" and "likes lentil soup." This work quotes the first four lines of "Last night the nightingale woke me" in between one character saying that she played the mandolin and the narrator telling her not to kick her sister, who has an arthritic heart. The second section of this work ends with a letter stating that "the key is in the sunlight at the window". One section of this work asks "what have I left out . . . what have I forgotten" before saying (*) "farewell / with a long black shoe" and repeating the refrain "with your eyes." At the opening of this poem, the author thinks, "Strange now to think of you, gone without corsets & eyes," and the phrase "Blessed be He!" appears numerous times in the "Hymmnn" which comes between two sections of this poem. This poem's last section alternates between crows shrieking "caw caw caw" and the narrator repeating "Lord Lord Lord." For 10 points, name this long poem on the death of Naomi Ginsberg named by her son for the Jewish prayer for the dead.
Answer: "Kaddish"
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The contrast between the flute and the D notes being played by the cellos and bass in the 3rd movement of this work creates a dissonance that, much like the 3rd movement of the Pastoral symphony, is often corrected by overzealous conductors. The first movement is unusual in that it shifts tempo to presto in a 6/8 meter, while the fourth movement contains an extremely difficult double fugue section with a violin section written specifically for a string section led by Johann Peter Salomon. The most famous part of this work is an ostinato accompaniment that begins with the bassoons and pizzicato strings and ends with bassoon and flute two octaves apart. For ten points, identify this 9th of the 12 London symphonies, a work of Joseph Haydn that is nicknamed for the distinctive rhythm in its second movement.
Answer: Symphony No. 101 in D Major [accept "Clock" Symphony)
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This man's daughter Helen was betrothed to the son of Michael Parapinakes, but when Michael was deposed, Helen was placed in a monastery. This man helped suppress Antipope Benedict X for Pope Nicholas II, to whom he swore allegiance at the Council of Melfi, and with his half-brother Humphrey he defeated the forces of Pope Leo IX at the Battle of Civitate. The lives of this man and his younger brother were chronicled by Geoffrey of Malaterra; that brother, (*) Roger Bosso, conquered Sicily after his death. This man defended Rome from Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV after undertaking a campaign with his son Bohemond against a man whose life was chronicled by his daughter Anna, Alexius I. Gaining his nickname from his banditry in Calabria, for 10 points, name this member of the Hauteville family, a Norman duke of Apulia whose attempts to conquer Byzantium included a victory at the Battle of Dyrrhachium.
Answer: Robert Guiscard [or Robert de Hauteville]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This phenomenon saps the recombination energy of photoluminescence centers in the impurity bands of semiconductors near band gap transitions by inducing phonon cascades, an effect also experienced in light-emitting diodes. Relative intensities it generates may be anomalously high due to associated Coster-Kronig transitions.(*) It has a higher probability of occurrence for light isotopes of heavy elements due to their propensity to undergo electron capture decay. Its quantification is given by 1 minus omega, or the fluorescent yield, which is the probability that an X-ray will be emitted instead of the occurrence of this effect. It produces energies from 280 to 2100 electron volts, small enough that only surface atoms are involved in its namesake spectroscopy. For 10 points, name this effect in which re-absorption of K-shell photons by outer-shell electrons results in the ejection of a secondary electron.
Answer: Meitner-Auger Emission or Effect or autoionization
2009 Chicago Open Bonuses by Gentlemen from Sangala
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The one of science presents a distinction between right and wrong, while the one of congruity is attacked because it relies on human taste, which makes "its failureā€¦the most manifest." For ten points each:,
[10] Identify this class of four general ways to inquire examined heavily in the latter portion of The Fixation of Belief.
Answer: methods
[10] Paul Feyerabend, who wrote Against Method, was going to collaborate with this Hungarian author of Proofs and Refutations in a work titled For and Against Method.
Answer: Imre Lakatos
[10] Another Hungarian philosopher is Gyorgy Lukacs, who wrote this work that discusses how the proletariats achieved self-class consciousness, while others like the bourgeosie, do not.
Answer: History and Class Consciousness
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In one of this author's novels, Jesper Fregge can't make decisions unconsciously, so he thinks through every little detail regarding every decision, while in another, Jeyde and Johanna travel through time. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this author of Let Time Pass and The Ungodly Farce.
Answer: Svend Aage Madsen
[10] Madsen was born in this country, as was the author of Seven Gothic Tales and a story about a character who, upon winning the lottery, uses those 10,000 francs on one fucking expensive dinner!
Answer: Denmark
[10] This man won the Nobel Prize with Karl Gjellerup. He wrote about a man who thinks he's a preacher in his The Promised Land, while his other important work is The Realm of the Dead.
Answer: Henrik Pontoppidan
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer the following about sequencing DNA, for ten points each.,
[10] This method uses ddNTPs in addition to normal nucleotides. When ddNTPs are incorporated, further elongation of the template is prevented due to the lack of a 3' OH group. The PCR products obtained by a reaction are run through a gel allowing one to distinguish between very small differences.
Answer: chain termination method [or Sanger method; accept dideoxy sequencing]
[10] This method breaks down DNA molecules into random samples of 2000 bp, which are then sequenced and subsequently aligned using overlaps at the ends of the sequences. It has been notably employed by Celera Corporation.
Answer: shotgun sequencing
[10] In this method, the incorporation of a dNTP into the newly synthesized strand of a PCR reaction releases a PPi group, which is converted to ATP in the presence of APS by ATP sulfurylase. The ATP thus produced is used by luciferase to emit light.
Answer: pyrosequencing
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Identify some compositions and composers of the Renaissance, for 10 points each.,
[10] Clearly the most famous work of the 2nd most famous member of the Roman School, this Gregorio Allegri piece is set to the 50th chapter of Psalms features the chanting of Tonus peregrinus.
Answer: Misere mei, Deus
[10] This German composer of the secular Terpsichore dances is better known for his sacred works Musae Soniae. This composer also shares his last name with the most famous composer named Heironymus.
Answer: Michael Praetorius
[10] This composer of Spem in Alium is also less known for his works Gaude Gloriosa Dei Mater and Puer natus est nobis. Oh, and Ralph Vaughan Williams composed a Fantasia based on his work.
Answer: Thomas Tallis
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One king of this polity collaborated with Pope Adrian I to anger Jaenberht by dividing the Archbishop of Canterbury into two parts, while the first ruler of this polity was the last King of the Angles in Europe. For ten points each:,
[10] Identify this medieval English member of the heptarchy that produced rulers like Icel. It more or less saw fighting with Wessex, East Anglia and Northumbria.
Answer: Mercia
[10] Some Mercian kings included two of this name, but an English king of this name married Aelfgitha and had to deal with Viking invasions all the time. He tried to appease those Vikings with a Danegeld after a loss at Maldon.
Answer: Aethelred
[10] This Mercian ruler met his end when he perished in the battle of Winwaed because of the torrential rains. He earlier had victories at Hatfield Chase and slew Oswald at the Battle of Maserfield.
Answer: Penda of Mercia
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The title character of this novel joins Mark Tapley on an unpleasant visit to America. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this Dickens novel, the titular character of which buys a plot of land called Eden which turns out to be a malaria-infested swamp.
Answer: Martin Chuzzlewit
[10] This character, an architect that steals his apprentice's ideas, enters the Chuzzlewit family with the intent to claim old Chuzzlewit's inheritance. His name now proverbially refers to any sanctimonious hypocrite.
Answer: Seth Pecksniff
[10] Pecksniff's assistant, this man is in love with Martin's wife, Mary Graham, but never acts on his thoughts out of respect for Martin.
Answer: Tom Pinch
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This character was conceived and born the same day after his father caused the sun to stand still for nine months. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this deity, a love god oft depicted with birds flying around his head.
Answer: Aengus Mac Og
[10] Aengus swindles this father of his out of his land, the Bru na Boinne. King of the Tuatha De Danann for a time, he is often depicted with a club and cauldron.
Answer: The Dagda
[10] Aengus is aided in his deception of the Dagda by this father of CuChulainn who is often given the epithet "Lamhfhada," or "of the long hand."
Answer: Lugh
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
It takes place directly after the events of The Ocarina of Time and involves the land of Termina doomed by the falling of an angry moon, FTPE.,
[10] First, name this second Zelda installment for the Nintendo 64 in which Link must retrieve the titular object from a rogue Skull Kid.
Answer: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
[10] This is the first mask that Link acquires in the game. It allows him to perform a spin attack and launch himself from certain flowers. It shares its name with a talking tree and exploding nuts from Ocarina of Time.
Answer: Deku Mask
[10] The first boss of Majora's Mask is this "Masked Jungle Warrior" and guardian of the Woodfall Temple who attacks with spinning blades and swarms of moths.
Answer: Odolwa
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer the following about chemical processes, for ten points each.,
[10] This substance is mainly produced today via the Improved Hard Process. It can also be produced by the "wet process," in which fluoroapatite is digested by sulfuric acid to yield the fertilizer grade form of this acid.
Answer: phosphoric acid
[10] For the production of sulfuric acid, Andy Watkins expects all peoples in high school to know that this process replaced the lead chamber process. Its primary inputs are oxygen and sulfur dioxide, and it uses a vanadium catalyst.
Answer: Contact process
[10] This process involves of the bubbling of carbon dioxide in a solution of ammonia and brine. That allows for the precipitation of sodium bicarbonate, which is subsequently heated to release sodium carbonate.
Answer: Solvay process
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This man led the Hudson & Manhattan Railroad before shutting down the New York Stock Exchange for four months and helping to get the Federal Reserve up and running in a later role. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this Treasury Secretary under Woodrow Wilson, his father-in-law.
Answer: William Gibbs McAdoo, Jr.
[10] McAdoo, along with Al Smith, would later fail to win the Democratic nomination in this year. The convention, which showed strong influence from the KKK, took 103 ballots to select a compromise candidate, who would lose to incumbent Calvin Coolidge.
Answer: 1924
[10] This West Virginian was the Democratic candidate chosen in 1924. He had earlier served as Wilson's solicitor general, and would later successfully argue Youngstown v. Sawyer before the Supreme Court.
Answer: John William Davis
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The narrator of this novel cheats on his wife with the effete Frenchwoman Mouche and the dirty hot mestizo Rosario. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this novel in which the narrator composes a threnody based on Homer's Odyssey while on a trip to South America.
Answer: The Lost Steps or [Los pasos perdidos]
[10] Monsieur Lenormand de Mezy is the master of the main character of this novel, Ti-Noel, who is a slave living in Haiti under the reign of King Henri-Christophe.
Answer: The Kingdom of this World [or El Reino de este Mundo]
[10] This Cuban magical realist wrote The Lost Steps and The Kingdom of this World as well as Explosion in a Cathedral.
Answer: Alejo Carpentier y Valmont
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The title character of this opera is captured by the Forester and grows up in his home. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this opera in which the title character kills some conservative Hens after becoming a feminist, only to be killed later by the Forester.
Answer: The Cunning Little Vixen [or Prihody Lisky Bystrousky]
[10] This composer of Jenufa wrote The Cunning Little Vixen.
Answer: Leos Janacek
[10] The protagonist of this other Janacek opera is searching for a secret formula that can extend one's life by 300 years. It is based on a Karel Capek work.
Answer: The Makropolous Case [or The Makropolous Affair; or The Makropolous Secret;or Vec Makropulos]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer the following about Boolean satisfiability, for 10 points each.,
[10] Boolean satisfiability was the first problem shown to belong to this complexity class, which also includes the knapsack problem and the travelling salesman.
Answer: NP-Complete
[10] This is the name of the theorem that states that Boolean satisfiability is an NP-complete problem. It is generally proved by showing that a tableau generated by a nondeterministic Turing machine can be verified in LOGSPACE.
Answer: Cook-Levin Theorem
[10] This computer scientist, in his paper "Reducibility among Combinatorial Problems" demonstrated the equivalence of 21 famous problems, including 0-1 integer programming, CLIQUE and 3-SAT, to Boolean satisfiability, thereby proving their NP-completeness.
Answer: Richard Karp
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer the following about the Suez Crisis, for 10 points each.,
[10] The crisis began when Nasser nationalized the canal, a response to a withdrawal of US and British support for construction of this structure.
Answer: Aswan High Dam
[10] A secret meeting between Britain, France and Israel in October 1956 led to this agreement, which established the Egyptian invasion plan. Anthony Eden attempted to have all copies of this agreement destroyed.
Answer: Protocol of Sevres
[10] This was the code name for the Anglo-French invasion plan. It quickly followed Israel's invasion of the Sinai, which was known as Operation Kadesh.
Answer: Operation Musketeer
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Answer the following about multi-dimensional systems, for 10 points each.,
[10] The state of any quantum mechanical system is represented as a vector in this type of linear vector space which may have infinitely many dimensions, the exact number of which is known as its cardinality.
Answer: Hilbert Space
[10] The long wavelength limit predicted for M-theory is believed to be given by this type of 11-dimensional spin-2 field theory in which supersymmetric features are presumed to be localized.
Answer: supergravity
[10] The 10 dimensions of space-time encountered in superstring theory may be modeled using this type of construct which possesses a non-vanishing harmonic spinor. They result from the smoothing of an orbifold.
Answer: Calabi-Yau Manifold
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Identify these 20th century artists known for painting a series of works, for 10 points each.,
[10] This artist created a series of murals to decorate the main restaurant in the Seagram building, hoping to create something so repulsive that nobody would be able to eat. He also created a series of paintings for his namesake "chapel" in Houston, Texas.
Answer: Mark Rothko [or Markus Rothkowitz]
[10] This contemporary of Rothko created the Open series, allegedly representing windows, and used his characteristic black splotches in his expansive set of works, Elegy to the Spanish Republic.
Answer: Robert Motherwell
[10] This Lebanese-American artist, known for manufacturing his own blend of oil and watercolors, lined groups of rooms with murals in America: 500 Years, Works for Peace, and his African-inspired series The Split of Life.
Answer: Nabil Kanso
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Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale upstage the male investigators in her work about the murder of John Hossack, Trifles, while Madeline Morton battles her Grandfather's college on the behalf of two Indian students in her Inheritors. For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this American author of Brook Evans and Fidelity, who won a Pulitzer for the drama Alison's House and featured characteristic feminism in The Verge and The Outside.
Answer: Susan Glaspell
[10] Glaspell, along with husband George Cram Cook, authored Suppressed Desires for the inaugural performance of this New York dramatic group, which they founded. Named for their original home on a Massachusetts wharf, this group became most famous for being led by director Ken Macgowan, set designer Robert E. Jones, and Eugene O'Neill.
Answer: The Provincetown Players
[10] The Provincetown Players also premiered this author's One Act play Aria da Capo shortly after her graduation from Vassar. She wrote about the seriously workaholic title figure in "The Ballad of the Harp-Weaver" and declared "My candle burns at both ends" in A Few Figs from Thistles.
Answer: Edna St. Vincent Millay [or Nancy Boyd]
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This man succeeded Ladislaus the Posthumous as King of Hungary. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this son of Janos Hunyadi, who at one time had Vlad the Impaler as a vassal.
Answer: Matthias I Corvinus
[10] Matthias feuded with this man for the kingship of Bohemia after the death of George of Podebrady. He was the son of Casimir IV of Poland.
Answer: Ladislaus II [or Vladislaus II or other linguistic equivalents]
[10] Preceded by the Treaty of Brno, this 1479 agreement between Matthias and Ladislaus had the unsatisfying result of crowning both men the King of Bohemia.
Answer: Peace of Olomouc
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Answer some questions about generative grammar, for 10 points each.,
[10] Generative grammar was first developed by Zellig Harris and this student of his, the author of Syntactic Structures and the sentence "Colorless green ideas sleep furiously."
Answer: Avram Noam Chomsky
[10] This theory proposed in 1993 is loosely based on generative grammar. It states that realized linguistic constructs reflect conflicts between competing constraints based on which of the possible choices violates the fewest constraints.
Answer: optimality theory
[10] Optimality theory was proposed by Alan Prince and this other linguist, now at Johns Hopkins.
Answer: Paul Smolensky

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