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2007 Chicago Open Tossups by GauKelKwaMei
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He claims, "There is no love in a sweetnesse readie penn'd" and asks us to "copie out only that, and save expensive" in one poem, and he asks, "Is there no truth in beautie?" in that poem's companion piece, "Jordan (2)." He exhorts the Lord to "hunt me not" after describing himself as "broken in pieces all asunder" in the fourth of his "Affliction" poems, and he asks that "the world's riches, which dispersed lie/Contract into a span" in a poem about creation, "The Pulley." However, this author of "The Sacrifice" and "The Collar" is best known for the visual forms he used to present verses, as in the pattern poem "Easter Wings." FTP name this 17th century religious poet of the posthumous collection The Temple.
Answer: George Herbert
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One character in this work claims he used to look like Rudolph Valentino, explaining the title of its first chapter, "The Sheik." That character mistakenly calls his younger son by the name of his dead older son, Richieu, at the end of this work's second volume. A recreation of the author's work "Prisoner On The Hell Planet" is included in the first volume, "My Father Bleeds History," which follows the author's father Vladek from Czestochowa to Auschwitz. Poles, Americans and Germans appear as pigs, dogs and cats respectively in, FTP, this graphic novel by Art Spiegelman.
Answer: Maus
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The angles and side lengths of the unitarity triangle can be constrained using measurements of decays of mesons containing this particle, and mixing reactions involving this particle are parameterized in the third column of the CKM matrix. It is often tagged in experiments looking at CP violation like BaBar and Belle. The most common product of top quark decay, it and its antiparticle comprise the upsilon meson. FTP name this third generation quark, the second heaviest and fifth to be discovered, which was almost named "beauty."
Answer: bottom quark
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One of this man's works compares the Mongol calendar with that of the central culture, citing Humboldt's Asian origin theory. In another work he ranks civilizations, placing Australians lowest and Italians highest, and equates modern Irish with the Scythians for the continued practice of "hide-boiling." He wrote the former work using notes from a trip with Henry Christy to study Toltec ruins, and discussed the French children's game of petit bonhomme in the latter work as an example of a "survival" from an earlier, less-developed civilization. FTP name this British anthropologist who wrote Anahuac and posited animism as the earliest form of religion in Primitive Culture.
Answer: Sir Edward Burnett Tylor
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Among his early German language poems was The Labyrinth, and he was helped to obtain election to his most famous post by Myconius. The publisher Froschauer was a key ally, and this man defended Froschauer's right to disobey Lenten food customs. He refused permission to the Franciscan Bernardin Samson to enter his city, and among his key allies was Duke Ulrich of Wurttemberg. With Leo Jud, he removed images from churches, and at a disputation attended with Heinrich Bullinger, blasted masses and the Eucharist. Among his tracts on the subject of baptism are The Tricks of the Catabaptists and On Baptism, and he was finally killed at Kappel in 1531. Elected to the position of people's minister at Zurich in 1518, FTP, name this leader of the Swiss Reformation.
Answer: Huldrych or Ulrich Zwingli
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Like quaternary amines, they can also be used as phase transfer catalysts in liquid-liquid extractions, and Huang used a mixture of one of these compounds and cyclodextrin to separate primary amines via capillary electrophoresis. Polyglymes are a linear version of them, and three-dimensional ones are called cryptands, which are often used as ionophores. Charles Pederson first synthesized them by linking several catechols together, and isolated a product that could complex with potassium ions. Dioxane is the simplest example of, FTP, this type of macrocycle composed of repeating ethyleneoxy units, a special type of ether.
Answer: Crown Ethers
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The Rafizi vizir Ibn Al-Kamiyi retained his position after the capture of this place, and some sources suggest that the leader based in this place was put in a sack and trampled upon by horses. Three ministers' heads were sent to the prince ar-Rahman Badr ud-Din Lu'lu, and Tokus, the Nestorian wife of the chief aggressor, may have helped the city's Christians' plight. The attack was led by the brother of Mangu and purportedly saw the death of 800,000 citizens. The death of the leader based in this place created a void that ended after Baybars granted Al-Musta'sim's relative, Al-Mustansir the nominal title of Abbasid caliph. FTP, name this place, captured by forces under the Mongol leader Hulagu in 1258.
Answer: Baghdad
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A man finds that he has been transformed into a plant in his story "Dendrocacalia," which appears in the collection Beyond the Curve. Minor novels by this man include The Box Man and The Kangaroo Notebook, and an unnamed narrator searches for a fuel dealer on behalf of his wife, Nemuro, in the novel The Ruined Map. In another work, Professor Katsumi is killed after discovering aborted fetuses are being made to evolve into mammals with gills to labor in underwater colonies. The author of Inter Ice Age 4, this man wrote about amateur entomologist Niki Jumpei's quest for deliverance from a sand pit in his best-known novel. FTP name this Japanese author of The Woman in the Dunes.
Answer: Kobo Abe
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His son Dryas was killed with an axe wielded by another of his sons, the brother of Dryas and father of Itys. Another two of his sons took up the custom of challenging to a chariot race all suitors for the hands of their daughters Marpessa and Hippodameia, and killing the losers. His son by Cyrene died when Heracles clubbed him and fed him to his own livestock. In addition to Tereus, Evenus, Oenomaus and Bistonian Diomedes, he was the father by Aphrodite of Cadmus's wife Harmonia, as well as two of his battle companions, Phobos and Deimos. FTP name this Greek god of war.
Answer: Ares
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This man was betrayed by Ariamnes, a ward of the commander Surenas, who led him to refuse the help of the king Artavasdes. He had been consigned to cave arrest with Vibius Paciaecus as his only outside contact, and after that, had quarreled with Metellus in Africa. In one famous campaign, he defeated forces under a member of the school of Lentulus Batiatus and in another, he conquered Zenobotium before being misled to fight in the desert rather than joining the Armenians in the mountains. While Euripides' The Bacchae was being performed, he was an unwilling guest at the wedding of Pacorus and Artavasdes' daughter. He won one campaign with a victory at Lucanium, and lost another against a force that included the kataphraktoi. FTP, name this man, who defeated the uprising of Spartacus and lost his life at the Battle of Carrhae, a member of the First Triumvirate.
Answer: Marcus Licinius Crassus
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In geology, vadose zones do not possess this property, while phreatic zones do. The deviance of a model can be calculated using the -2 log likelihood of this type of model, in which the number of parameters equals the number of data points. This term can refer to the operation mode of a transistor with base-emitter and base-collector junctions both forward-biased. In the body, this value for oxygen follows a sigmoidal curve determined by hemoglobin binding. FTP name this term used in chemistry to describe a solution containing the maximum amount of dissolved solute or a molecule, especially fat, having the most hydrogens possible.
Answer: saturation [or saturated]
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The 1991 cartoon featured the protagonist in high school and one character eating the piano teacher in numerous episodes. The first movie by this title was made by Roger Corman in 1960 and also gave Jack Nicholson his first film role as a masochistic dental patient. That character was removed from the off-Broadway musical, but played by Bill Murray in the 1986 film. In that film Levi Stubbs gives the voice of the villain and Rick Moranis plays the nerdy protagonist, Seymour. FTP give the shared title of these shows, each sharing a man-eating plant named Audrey Two.
Answer: The Little Shop of Horrors
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A part of a broken stove thrown from a train carrying Austro-Hungarian prisoners of war hit a member of this group, leading to the death of a prisoner and an order for this group to disarm, which was disobeyed. That incident at Chelyabinsk disrupted a trip to the Pacific Ocean by this group, which was originally led by men such as Kappel and Shokarov. This group handed over Admiral Kolchak, who had earlier sacked one of its leaders, Rudolf Gajda. Controlling several hundred miles of railroad in Siberia and the Urals and cities such as Vladivostok after Bolshevik orders for disarmament, this group had been formed at the behest of Tomas Masaryk. FTP, name this group of Russian Civil War soldiers, native to a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire that achieved independence in October 1918.
Answer: Eastern Czech Army or Czech Legion or Czechoslovak Corps
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One portly character in this novel is eventually killed after betraying a society known only as "The Brotherhood," a secret that is revealed by the protagonist's friend, Professor Pesca. That fat man's partner in crime dies in a fire after trying to burn a church record proving his illegitimacy. The protagonist, a tutor to two ladies living at Limmeridge, becomes a painter for an archaeological expedition in Central America after his beloved is forced to marry the villain. The central plot in the novel is thwarted by his student, Marian, who realizes that Sir Percival Glyde has killed the title figure in an attempt to steal the estate of Frederick Fairlie. Laura is confused with the titular Anne Catherick in, FTP, what novel about the travails of Walter Hartright by Wilkie Collins?
Answer: The Woman in White
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This man's namesake identity, a special case of Catalan's identity, says that the product of the (n-1)th and (n+1)th Fibonacci numbers minus the square of the nth Fibonacci number equals negative one to the n. He stated that the spin axis maintains a constant inclination to the ecliptic in his second law for tidally locked bodies. Either this man or Hooke discovered Jupiter's Great Red Spot. He discovered Dione, Tethys, Rhea, and Iapetus, while Mimas is responsible for clearing a feature named for him. FTP name this French-Italian astronomer who discovered his eponymous division between the A and B rings of Saturn.
Answer: Giovanni Domenico Cassini
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Though he was a strongly nationalist composer, he found his own musical language in Paris after studying with Ravel for 3 months. This French influence is apparent in his first string quartet in G minor, and a song cycle for tenor, string quartet, and piano that took its title from the first of the six poems of Housman's A Shropshire Lad. Near the outbreak of World War II he adapted words from The Merchant of Venice for his Serenade to Music and also wrote Five Variants of Dives and Lazarus. His first symphony contains text by Walt Whitman and his seventh depicts impressions of life on Antarctica, while a poem by Meredith inspired his romance for violin and orchestra, The Lark Ascending. FTP, name this English composer of Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis.
Answer: Ralph Vaughan Williams
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Jonathan Lethem credits this man' story about the destructive relationship between Wicomico State teachers Rennie Morgan and Jacob Horner with helping him find his voice. Other characters in this man's novels include Germaine G. Pitt and Henry Burlingame III, who both exchange ideas with their creator in LETTERS. Works like The End of the Road and Sabbatical focus on the real life world of academia, but this author remains best known for more fantastical fare including a tale featuring a giant computer named WESCAC and one about Todd Andrews' attempts to kill himself. Perhaps best known for his adaptation of Ebenezer Cooke's colonial-era poem about his home state of Maryland, for ten points, identify this author of The Floating Opera, Giles Goat Boy and The Sot-Weed Factor.
Answer: John Barth
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Early in his career he made voyages on the Arrow and the Caroline that led him to establish a cabinet that included John Jernagin, Howard Snow, and Frederick Emory. He gave a twenty-five year permit to Edmund Randolph, which angered a previous sponsor, and troops under this man perpetrated two massacres at Virgin Bay. His most famous expedition was on the Vesta and he returned to New Orleans a hero after being captured by Commander Davis. He established the Republic of Sonora and later established a puppet government led by Patricio Rivas, which was recognized by the Pierce administration. Originally sponsored by Cornelius Vanderbilt, his acts included legalizing slavery and establishing English as the official language of Nicaragua. FTP, name this Tennesseean, a man who made several filibustering expeditions in Central America in the 1850's.
Answer: William Walker
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One part of this organ becomes enlarged in Hirschspurng's disease, which can be caused by mutations of PHOX2B or RET. Parts of this organ can be found connected to the quadratus lumborum near the Psoas major, while another portion contains three semilunar transverse folds known as Houston's valves. Its longitudinal bands create haustra, which increase the surface area for absorption during churning. Home to such organisms as bifidobacteria, FTP name this organ consisting mostly of the cecum and the sigmoidal, transverse, ascending, and descending colon, which is found after a more diminutive-sounding counterpart in the GI tract.
Answer: large intestine (accept "colon" until "Houston's", prompt after. If anyone asks, the stuff before that applies to the colon uniquely, but Houston's valves are in the rectum/anus, which isn't part of the colon)
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Condorcet published an edition of this work in 1776, in which he chided the author for being too disdainful of the physical sciences. The tenth section of this work is called "Typology," and it begins with a proof of the validity of both Testaments. The first section begins by distinguishing the mathematical and the intuitive mind, and a notable passage entitled "Man's Disproportion" is found in the section "The Misery of Man Without God." The best-known section includes a discussion of the fearfulness of infinite spaces, as well as an argument about the necessity of making a certain choice in which eternal happiness is at stake. For 10 points, name this book, a collection of notes for a planned Apology for the Christian Faith, in which Blaise Pascal describes his wager.
Answer: Pensees or Thoughts
2007 Chicago Open Bonuses by GauKelKwaMei
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This city in modern-day Poland was the center of Teutonic Order activity from 1309 to 1525. FTPE:,
[10] Give either the modern name of this city or its old German name, which more recently has played a role in Calvino's If on a Winter's Night a Traveler.
Answer: Marienburg or Malbork
[10] The Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights fell at this 1410 battle against the combined forces of the Polish and Lithuanians.
Answer: Tannenberg or Grunwald or Zhalgiris
[10] At this 1801 treaty, the Austrians recognized the independence of the Batavian and Cisalpine Republics and left Britain as the only member of the Second Coalition left fighting. This treaty took a possession on the left bank of the Rhine away from the Teutonic knights.
Answer: Treaty of Luneville
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Answer the following about a 19th Century novel and its creator, for ten points each:,
[10] Subtitled "A Romance of Destiny" this work's namesake title character dies after she saves Bernard Langdon from snakebite and he still spurns her.
Answer: Elsie Venner
[10] This polymath wrote Elsie Venner as part of his "Medicated Novel" series, but he remains better known for such discursive essays as "The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table."
Answer: Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.
[10] Holmes Sr.'s best-known poem might be this paean to sea life that begins "Build Thee More Stately Mansions, O My Soul."
Answer: "The Chambered Nautilus"
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Answer the following about an artist whose Contra-Compositions began to appear in the 1920s, for ten points each:,
[10] In this 1916 work three men, composed primarily of lines and flat shapes, sit hunched over a table, glaring intently at the objects in their hand, as a fourth looks on.
Answer: The Card Players
[10] This Dutch artist, who would later break off from his compatriot, Piet Mondrian, and found Elementalism, painted The Card Players.
Answer: Theo van Doesburg
[10] Van Doesburg and Mondrian had originally come together to champion this artistic movement, which took its name from its journal and focused on primary colors, straight lines, and right angles.
Answer: De Stijl or The Style
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This quantity is given by the square root of the product of a material's relative permittivity and relative permeability. FTPE:,
[10] Name this property of a material that appears in Snell's law and determines the critical angle for total internal reflection.
Answer: index of refraction [or refractive index]
[10] Metamaterials with a negative index of refraction may be able to create superlenses able to overcome the diffraction limited spot size, which is given by this bright central region in a circular diffraction pattern.
Answer: Airy disc
[10] Negative index materials also cause this quantity to become antiparallel to phase velocity. It appears in its namesake's electromagnetic energy conservation theorem, and is proportional to the cross product of the electric and magnetic fields.
Answer: Poynting vector
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[10] This Detroit Tigers pitcher's game was rained out, dropping the number of old guys to six. Surprisingly he did not shove a cameraman in anger.
Answer: Kenny Rogers
[10] All or nothing, these three former longtime teammates, now playing for the Padres, Mets, and the original team, the Braves, each picked up wins on the 27th.
Answer: Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and John Smoltz
[10] Roger Clemens was the only one to record a loss, as he was out-pitched by this Baltimore Orioles lefty, who, at the end of June, was leading MLB in strikeouts.
Answer: Erik Bedard
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It takes place in a mental hospital on the grounds of what was once the villa "Les Cerisiers." FTPE:,
[10] Name this play about Herbert Georg Beutler and Ernst Heinrich Ernesti, who think themselves to be Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.
Answer: The Phyisicists or Die Physiker
[10] The Physicists is a play by this Swiss playwright also known for The Meteor and The Visit.
Answer: Friedrich Durrenmatt
[10] The head of the mental hospital is this megalomaniacal hunchbacked woman, the last heiress to her family's wealth, who is ultimately responsible for the deaths at the center of the play.
Answer: Dr. Mathilde von Zahnd
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Answer these questions about Alexander the Great's return from India, FTPE:,
[10] Upon arriving in Susa, Alexander found that this treasurer had taken large quantities of money and soldiers and bolted town for Athens. This man was eventually killed in Crete.
Answer: Harpalus
[10] While in Susa, Alexander and Hephaestion married Barsine and Drypetis, two daughters of this man.
Answer: Darius(h) III or Darayavahush III
[10] At this city on the Tigris, Alexander faced a munity by his soldiers after they learned that several thousand Greeks would be sent back home.
Answer: Opis
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Phinehas led an army of Israelites against these descendants of a namesake son of Abraham and Keturah. FTPE:,
[10] Name these people whose kings Zebah and Zalmunna were killed following a later defeat at the hands of an Israelite army led by the father of Abimelech.
Answer: Midianites
[10] This priest of Midian was sometimes called Hobab or Reuel. He was the father of Zipporah.
Answer: Jethro
[10] The tomb of Jethro is the most important pilgrimage site for members of this religion. One of its symbols is a five-colored star representing its 5 central tenets, or "superior ministers."
Answer: Druze
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One example is formed in a 96% solution of ethanol. FTPE:,
[10] Name these mixtures that resist distillation because their vapor phase has the same composition as their liquid phase.
Answer: Azeotropes
[10] One method of separating an azeotropic mixture is this technique, which adds a non-volatile solvent in order to change the boiling properties of the two substances.
Answer: Extractive distillation
[10] Azeotropes are deviations from Raoult's Law, which can be corrected by the coefficient of this quantity. It is equal to e to the power of the chemical potential divided by the temperature times Boltzmann's constant.
Answer: Fugacity
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Identify the following things about solar deities FTPE.,
[10] This Egyptian sun god rose to prominence in dynasties 5 and 6. He was later syncretized with Amun and Horus.
Answer: Ra or Re (do not accept Amun-Ra, or Re-Horakhty or any other compound names)
[10] The Sun Goddess of Arrina was one of the principal deities of this ancient empire. Other deities included Kamrusepa, the goddess of healing and magic, who calmed the angry vegetation god Telepinu.
Answer: Hittites
[10] This Chinese god shot 9 of the original 10 suns out of the sky with his bow and arrows. He was married to the moon goddess Chang O.
Answer: Shen Yi or Houyi or Archer Yi
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
West Indian authors from description, for ten points each:,
[10] This Barbadian spearheaded the foundation of the Caribbean Arts Movement in 1966. He also found time to write such well-received works as the play Odale's Choice and the poetry collections Masks and The Arrivants.
Answer: Edward Kamau Brathwaite
[10] This Antiguan writer's more recent works include Among Flowers and Mr. Potter, but she remains best known for her earlier fiction including Lucy and Annie John.
Answer: Jamaica Kincaid or Elaine Cynthia Potter Richardson
[10] This Nobel Laureate's poetical works include Tiepolo's Hound and an adaptation of The Odyssey called Omeros.
Answer: Derek Walcott
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It gave Italy the regions of Bogos, Hamasen, and Akale-Guzai, while the Ethiopians got 30,000 guns and 28 cannons. FTPE:,
[10] Name this treaty in which the appearance of "could" in the Amhara translation and "must" in Italian provoked a conflict.
Answer: Treaty of Wuchale or Wichale or Uccialli
[10] General Oreste Baratieri led his 14,000 troops against 100,000 Ethiopians in this 1896 battle which was a decisive victory for the Ethiopians.
Answer: Battle of Adowa
[10] The Battle of Magdala saw the defeat and death of this ruler of Ethiopia from 1855 to 1868, after this man had imprisoned several British envoys, pissing off Victoria in the process.
Answer: Tewodros II or Theodore II or Kassa
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Identify the following about renaissance works for large ensembles FTPE:,
[10] Debated to be written either under the rule of Queen Elizabeth or Mary, this Thomas Tallis motet for eight five-voice choirs contains the largest number of voice parts of any renaissance work.
Answer: Spem in Alium
[10] An instrumental version of Spem in Alium was recorded by this group on their album Black Angels. They are better known for performing the soundtrack for Requiem for a Dream.
Answer: Kronos Quartet
[10] Second to Spem in Alium in size is Brumel's "Et ecce terra motus" mass for twelve voices, although Brumel is more famous for being the first to compose a polyphonic setting of this 19 stanza sequence hymn from the requiem mass.
Answer: Dies Irae
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For a square matrix, the set of these quantities is known as the spectrum. FTPE:,
[10] Identify these scalars that can be calculated as the roots of the characteristic polynomial of the matrix.
Answer: eigenvalues
[10] This normal or canonical form contains blocks with one eigenvalue on the diagonal per block and ones on the superdiagonal. Its namesake also stated that any simple closed curve divides the plane into two components in his eponymous curve theorem.
Answer: Jordan normal or canonical form
[10] With Perron, this man showed that a square matrix with positive, real entries and spectral radius 1 has a single 1 by 1 Jordan block with eigenvalue 1. Independently of Peirce ["PURSE"], he showed that the only finite division algebras over the reals are the reals, the complex numbers, and the quaternions.
Answer: Ferdinand Georg Frobenius
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Answer the following about a work of literature, FTPE:,
[10] Name this verse drama, published in 1926, that adapts the stories of Adam and Eve and Cane and Abel. Its title refers to the characters' realizations that they are all alone in the world without a father.
Answer: Nobodaddy
[10] Noboddady is a play by this author of J.B. and the narrative poem Conquistador.
Answer: Archibald MacLeish
[10] In Conquistador, MacLeish tells the story of Hernan Cortes and the Aztecs through the eyes of this old soldier whose memoirs formed the basis of the book "The Conquest of New Spain."
Answer: Bernal Diaz (accept either) or del Castillo
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Answer the following about the career of Peter II of Aragon, FTPE:,
[10] Peter was crowned in Rome by this man, born Lotario de Conti di Segni; he decreed the Fourth Crusade, initiated the pursuit of the Albigensians, and wrote the tract On the Miserable Condition of Man.
Answer: Innocent III
[10] Peter II died fighting against the forces of this man, who participated in the siege of Zara and was one of the leaders of the Albigensian crusade. His same-named son led the baronial revolt against Henry III and died at Evesham.
Answer: Simon de Montfort
[10] When he fought Montfort, Peter was helping his brother-in-law, the sixth person with this name. The fourth was a crusader who participated in captures of Antioch and Jerusalem, finally establishing a crusader state in Tripoli before his death in 1205.
Answer: Raymond of Toulouse (prompt on Raymond)
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Stem cells are a notable exception to it. FTPE:,
[10] Name this upper limit on the number of times a cell is able to divide in culture, named for an American biologist.
Answer: Hayflick limit
[10] The Hayflick limit exists in part due to the shortening of these regions at the end of a chromosome, which consist of TTAGGG repeats.
Answer: Telomeres
[10] One method of measuring telomere length uses a variation of this procedure, which consists of restriction digesting DNA, running it on a gel, transferring it to nitrocellulose paper, then using a labelled probe on it.
Answer: Southern blot
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Identify some twentieth-century philosophers who talked about the movies, for 10 points each.,
[10] This philosopher discussed the German word for "cinema" in his essay "What is Called Thinking?" He is also known for the essays "The Questions of Technology" and "What is Metaphysics?"
Answer: Martin Heidegger
[10] This philosopher discusses the so-called "comedy of remarriage" in a book about 1940s Hollywood movies, Pursuits of Happiness. He is also known for the books The Claim of Reason and Must We Mean What We Say?
Answer: Stanley Cavell
[10] This teacher of Theodor Adorno wrote a book called Theory of Film and a history of German cinema called From Caligari to Hitler. His essays from the 1920s are collected in the book The Mass Ornament.
Answer: Siegfried Kracauer
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Two words that differ in only one of these units form a minimal pair. FTPE:,
[10] Name these smallest distinct units of a language.
Answer: phonemes
[10] This Russian defined the phoneme as the smallest unit in a given language in his Principles of Phonology. He was a member of the Prague school together with Vilem Mathesius and Roman Jakobson.
Answer: Prince Nikolay Sergeyevich Trubetzkoy
[10] Roman Jakobson wrote Fundamentals of Language and Preliminaries to Speech Analysis in collaboration with this man, who worked with Chomsky on The Sound Pattern in English.
Answer: Morris Halle

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