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2008 Chicago Open Tossups by Finals Packet 1
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This group was initially supported by Henri Curiel, who had close ties to many of its members and may have been invited to its meetings, as the founder of HAMETU - Curiel would later turn against them and emigrate to found the Rome Group. After attaining power, they quickly squashed a strike at the Misr textile factory and formed a body which passed the Agrarian Reform Law, meant to abolish the absentee landlord class and promote investment. That body was the Revolutionary Command Council, which was set up by this movement after the seizure of Abdin Palace on July Originally consisting of nine men, who were dubbed the "class of 1937," they were supported by the Muslim Brethren and they succeeded in ousting Farouk I, who sailed into exile on his royal yacht. FTP, name this secret faction within the army led by Gamal Nasser, a group of radicals who promoted the 1952 revolution in Egypt.
Answer: Free Officers movement
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These phenomena can be minimized by ceramic ferrites or thin insulating laminations. Whey pulsed, they can be used to analyze the cracking or corrosion of aluminum structures, though they are also used in non-destructive testing of conductive surfaces. They are the main cause of the skin effect felt by AC currents in conductors and in superconductors they can cause magnetic levitation because the induced and external magnetic fields balance each other. Their namesake shape forms because of a Lorentz force on electrons moving in the passing conductor, and their namesake loss represents the amount of useful work converted to heat, which finds practical use in braking systems. FTPE, name these electric loops induced in a conductor passing through a magnetic field.
Answer: eddy currents
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One character in this novel has a laboratory at his home where he performs experiments on reptiles, bees, and his Chinese servant who is given progressively larger quantities of opium to see how much the human body can stand - that character is an Assyriologist who loans the protagonist his copy of Ernest Renan's Recollections of My Youth, which he reads twice. Erastus Winch makes a living by selling dairy furniture and farm utensils and Levi Gorringe is a lawyer with designs on the wife of the protagonist, who is himself infatuated with a woman who talks about her love for ancient Greece, vows never to marry, and plays Chopin, but who eventually rejects the protagonist in New York. That woman, Celia Madden, joins the other residents of the impoverished village of Octavius, Dr. Ledsmar and Father Forbes, in causing the title character to steadily lose his faith. FTP, name this 1896 novel, a classic of American literature written by Harold Frederic.
Answer: The Damnation of Theron Ware
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This doctrine was first formulated in the 1920 case Silverthorne Lumber Company v. United States, but it didn't gain its name until the 1939 case Nardone v. United States. One exception to it was spelled out in a case which involved a man known as "Blackie Toy," Wong Sun v. United States - that exception is known as the doctrine of attenuation. One case in which this doctrine was found not to apply is remembered as the "Christian burial speech case," Nix v. Williams, in which a search party was in the process of looking for a body within a confined area. That exception to this doctrine is known as "inevitable discovery," while another exception occurs where there is an independent source. An extension of the exclusionary rule, it holds that evidence discovered as the result of a prior constitution violation is excluded because it has been tainted. FTP, name this doctrine of criminal procedure which employs a Biblical analogy.
Answer: "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree" doctrine (accept reasonable equivalents which mention "poisonous tree", prompt on "Exclusionary Rule" before it's mentioned)
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One song by this artist begins "I had a dream crispy crispy Benjamin Franklin came over and babysat all four of my kids," while another ends by proudly declaring "someone next door is fucking to one of my songs." In other songs, she declares "all the nonbelievers, they get to eat dirt, and the believers get to spit on their graves," and advises "maybe you should kiss someone nice, or lick a rock, or both." Tracks like "Chemo Limo" and "Sailor Song" appear on her compilation album Mary Ann Meets the Gravediggers and Other Stories, along with "Poor Little Rich Boy," which typically uses a wooden chair as percussion, while "Ghost of Corporate Future" and "Apres Moi" appear on Begin to Hope. She's better known for a love song which begins "You are my sweetest downfall, I loved you first," that being a take on the Biblical story of Samson. FTP, name this artist of tracks like "On the Radio" and "Fidelity," a New York-based pianist and musician born in Russia.
Answer: Regina Spektor
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A legend says that, during this man's rule, a beautiful young lady wore a ring of priceless value and walked the land from north to south without being attacked, demonstrating the lack of crime during his reign. In order to secure his position, he wed his daughter to a man known as "Silkbeard" and wed himself to that man's mother Gormflaith, the princess of Naas, but she would later revolt against him along with her brother Maelmurra. A warrior of the Dalcassian line, he allegedly met his death as an old man while praying in a tent on Good Friday, which had been chosen as the day to attack his armies since he was thought too pious to fight. Originally the ruler of the kingdom of Thomond, this son of Cennetig was slain on that day at the Battle of Clontarf, but his armies later emerged victorious and killed his assassin, Brodir, and the band of Viking invaders. FTP, name this High King from 1002 to 1014 CE who is celebrated for uniting the tribes of Ireland.
Answer: Brian Boru (or Brian Boruma mac Cennetig)
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Among the changes proposed to update this model are the incorporation of the hydrophobic-lipophilic balance concept and the explicit existence of hydrogen bonds.The location of the Stern plane is important in this theory, and one of the terms in its central equation is calculated using the Bjerrum length, the Debye-Huckel screening length, and the zeta potential.The other main term incorporates the Hamaker constant, and can be altered through steric means, often with long polymers.It describes the barrier energy produced by the interaction between electrical double layer repulsive forces and van der Waals attractive forces as two particles approach each other in a liquid and perhaps flocculate.FTP, name this theory used to describe the relative stability of colloids, named for its four formulators.
Answer: DLVO theory [or model]
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At several points in this play, the main character talks about whether or not there was a "raptus," which he defines according to the definition of Bandieu. He later quotes the line "Nolimus aut velimus, omnibus gentibus, justitiam et veritatem," which he attributes to Pope Gregory I - he repeats the same line at the end when the play closes with him saying "It's true - we're in the shit right up to our necks, and that's precisely the reason why we walk with our heads held high!" The work begins when he is accused of impersonating a psychiatrist, and it's revealed that he's also impersonated a bishop three times, but his fast talking manages to implicate a man named Sports Jacket. That main character is a supposed schizophrenic known as the Maniac, who frustrates the efforts of Inspector Bertozzo. Based on the real story of a railway man Giuseppe Pinelli who was interrogated for his role in the bombing of a Milan bank, FTP, name this 1970 political satire written by Dario Fo.
Answer: Accidental Death of an Anarchist
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The first movement of this piece opens with an oboe melody, which is repeated at the start of the fourth and final movement, and then is joined by flute arpeggios. Inspired by its composer's time with the organist Thomas Ward, the second movement is a barcarolle with flute counter-melody and the third introduces African themes. It was first performed by Hans Sitt in Bonorand's restaurant in Liepzig, where it was composed. The "Dance" section of the first movement is also known as "La Calinda," a tune which the composer would use again in his later opera Koanga. That movement, heavily inspired by Grieg, is entitled "Daybreak" - the next movement is "By the River," which refers to the setting of this work on St. John's River, while the piece concludes with "Sunset - Near the Plantation" and "At Night." FTP, name this orchestral suite performed in 1887 which draws on the composer's time as manager of the Solano orange grove, a work by Frederick Delius.
Answer: Florida Suite
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This work begins by noting that "the age we live in is a busy age, in which knowledge is rapidly advancing towards perfection," but says improvement in the natural world must be followed by reformation in the moral. The fifth and last chapter is on the "Duty of the Supreme Power to Make Laws," which is refuted, after the fourth chapter on the "Right of the Supreme Power to Make Laws." In chapter 3, the author cynically uses a mathematical proof to show that the British constitution is all-perfect, but says the same proof could show that it is "all-weak, all-foolish, and all-knavish." It opens with an epigraph from Montesquieu saying that "nothing draws back the progress of knowledge more than a bad work of a celebrated author," and the work itself is a critique of a major portion of Blackstone's Commentaries. It represents the first major work of its author, published a decade before An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation. FTP, name this brief piece on rule by the state written by Jeremy Bentham.
Answer: A Fragment on Government
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This man prefaces one of his works "my attitude in writing?was that an honest man erected the ignoring of tact into a point of honor." For over a decade, he worked on a now-lost manuscript "Asymmetry in Buddha Faces" and some of his poetry like "Aubade" and "The Teasers" appears in the tiny collection The Gathering Storm. One of his books inspired a story of the same name by Shirley Jackson about a college student who comes across a rare find at a bookstore, but is deprived of it by a man. This author of Some Versions of Pastoral portrayed another author as a humanist seeking to make Christianity less wicked in his controversial book Milton's God. But, this student of I.A. Richards is best known for a work contending that poetry often receives its power from the ability of metaphors and other devices to yield several different meanings. FTP, name this English critic who inspired New Criticism by writing about The Seven Types of Ambiguities.
Answer: William Empson
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Early in his life, this man defended the editor of the Aurora, William Duane, against charges of libeling Governor Thomas McKean. He worked with Benjamin Chew Howard to settle a boundary dispute between Michigan and Ohio and took the pseudonym Julius to write letters against John Randolph, who had attacked his appointment to office. His other achievements include settling the Arbuthnot-Ambrister Incident and securing the bequest of James Smithson. He chose to serve as Attorney General from 1814 to 1817, after which he was replaced by William Wirt, and he was Secretary of the Treasury under John Quincy Adams, who then tapped him as a vice presidential candidate in his run for re-election. FTP, name this statesman known for talking with Viscount Castlereagh while serving as a minister to Great Britain who, during his time as acting Secretary of State in 1817, signed an agreement demilitarizing the Great Lakes along with Charles Bagot.
Answer: Richard Rush (prompt on "Rush")
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The Rabin-Karp algorithm, useful for detecting plagiarism, employs a function of this data structure to increase the efficiency of string matching from quadratic to linear time. One issue associated with these structures occurs where changing a single bit can have disproportionately large changes in output known as the avalanche effect. Algorithms that are used to resolve common events associated with these structures include quadratic probing, separate chaining and Robin Hood; those events, called collisions, occur when two data elements are set to the same value. Distributed versions of these are essential features of P2P and BitTorrent services. For 10 points name this data structure that has an array, keys and an associated mapping function useful in improving the efficiencies of lookups and searches.
Answer: hash table [prompt on hash]
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In one story, this figure travels to Thiruchendur to defeat the rakshasa Soorapadman, who transformed into a tree which this figure split in half. Others say his birth was necessary to defeat the demon Taraka, who could only be killed by a son of this figure's father. His birth may have been accomplished when Agni grew tired of carrying some semen and dropped it on the bank of the Ganges, while the Mahabharata claims he is a son of Svaha and Agni. A more famous story tells how this figure lost a contest for a mango to his brother, when he began to race around the world while his brother merely circled their parents, saying that they represented the world for him. He gets his usual name from having six faces and being cared for by six women in his youth, and he usually carries a sacred spear and rides a peacock which is grasping a snake. FTP, name this war god, a son of Parvati and Shiva and the brother of the elephant Ganesha.
Answer: Kartikeya (also accept Murugan/Muruga or Skanda or Kumara)
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A teacher in this work uses Jean-Marie Guyau's explanation of a proverb in which a woman rises every day hoping that she will find her groom, and though she never does, she remains happy with her dream intact. He also tells the parable of the Hospitable King and the author writes that "if we could cast the spirit of charity in the mold of Greek elegance, we would know perfection," contrasting Greece with ancient Egypt. It argues that specialization produces mediocrity in society and that democracy leads to rule by vulgar masses who cannot appreciate beauty, which leads to the evil of utilitarianism, a result of what the author calls Nordomania. An altered version of it was written by Roberto Fernandez Retamar. Translated in 1988 with a critical prologue by Carlos Fuentes, it sharply criticizes the view of history put forth earlier by Sarmiento in his Facundo. Dedicated to the youth of Latin America and first published in 1900 in Uruguay, FTP, name this essay by Jose Enrique Rodo, in which he represents Latin America as the title literary character taken from Shakespeare.
Answer: "Ariel"
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The final chapter of this work contends that the need for identity narratives is grounded in simultaneous awareness of the continuity of time and the "forgetting" of that continuity. The previous chapter concerns three important institutions - the census, the map, and the museum. Another chapter remarks that racism is conceived in blood and has its origin in ideology and class, but patriotism is conceived in language. A major portion discusses the process by which people have lost the idea that any particular language script holds a privileged access to truth, and the vernacular-ization of language, which has been greatly aided by "printing press capitalism." The fourth chapter looks at "Creole Pioneers," speculating as to why those peoples became familiar with an idea of nation-ness prior to much of Europe. A work subtitled "Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism," it argues that the idea of nation is best modeled by the title social constructions. FTP, name this 1983 book written by Benedict Anderson.
Answer: Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism
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The initial piece in this group was an ink drawing for the second issue of the avant-garde periodical Possibilities, meant to accompany a poem by Harold Rosenberg. The artist said these pieces were "as basic as the polyphonic rhythms of Medieval or African or Oriental music," and was inspired after hearing a speech by Andre Malraux. The one painted on "Easter Day, 1971" is housed at the Guggenheim. All of these pieces feature two or three thick black bands which descend vertically down a horizontal white canvas - they are separated from each other by black ovoid shapes which are roughly-formed, and were associated by the artist with the testicles of a dead bull. Consisting of over 170 works completed from 1948 until the artist's death in 1991, a few years into this series its artist married Helen Frankenthaler and composed a related piece "At Five in the Afternoon." FTP, name this series of paintings by Robert Motherwell painted in remembrance of historical tragedy.
Answer: Elegy to the Spanish Republic series (also accept Elegies or Elegy or "Spanish Elegies," by Robert Motherwell - basically anything which mentions Motherwell and Elegy)
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One regiment of the losing army in this battle was given the derisive nickname "Les Canards" or the "Ducks," because they were the first to retreat across a bridge which collapsed, leading to thousands of casualties. It was fought on the edge of the dense Spessart Hills, which the losing army hoped to use as a trap. General Ilton, who led the foot guard for the winning force, was jokingly referred to as the "Confectioner" by Horace Walpole for his actions here. The battle began when the Duc de Grammont launched an attack while his main force stood on the opposite bank of the river under the command of the Duc de Noailles, who had moved to cut off supply lines from Flanders. Though the losers would avenge themselves two years later at the Battle of Fontenoy, this contest is often remembered for the unusual fact that the forces of the Pragmatic Army were personally led into battle by the reigning monarch, George II of England. FTP, name this 1743 battle in the War of Austrian Succession fought at the namesake site in Germany.
Answer: Battle of Dettingen
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Along with serum amyloid P, this protein comprises a family in humans whose name derives from their five identical subunits arranged in an annular geometry, each with calcium-associated ligand binding sites - the pentraxins.Its response is similar to serum amyloid A, with a major difference being the ability of this protein to activate the complement system.Named for its ability to precipitate a certain polysaccharide in S. pneumoniae, its production by hepatocytes can be stimulated by IL-It most commonly binds to phosphocholine, but is also known to bind to low-density lipoproteins, which explains its most common use.FTP, name this acute-phase protein whose levels can be used to assess risk for future cardiac events, a general marker for inflammation in the body.
Answer: C-Reactive Protein [do NOT accept "C peptide" or "Protein C"]
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The main character of this novel meets Hazel Watson, who is referred to as "Topsy," and works for an actress named Arline Strange, who plays a mulatto in the Broadway show "Cabaret Gal." She later gets a job with Clere Sloane, the wife of Campbell Kitchen, in the final chapter "Pyrrhic Victory," after the previous chapter had seen her marvel at Ray Jorgenson while attending a rent party with Alva. This book is the first of its author's three novels, the other two being The Interne and Infants of the Spring. It tells the story of a young woman born in Boise, Idaho who goes to college at USC - that woman, Emma Lou Morgan, later becomes a teacher in Harlem. The author of this book famously inhabited an apartment known as "Niggerati Manor," and this work, subtitled "A Novel of Negro Life," draws its title from a folk saying about how to predict the sweetness of juice. FTP, name this most famous novel by Wallace Thurman.
Answer: The Blacker the Berry: A Novel of Negro Life
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The first act of this opera features the arias "Elle sort un bobard" and "Ah chere liberte," which involves a pair of drunken gamblers, one of whom is fat and the other thin, named Lacouf and Presto - they come out of a cafe bickering and fight a duel to the death, after which they're mourned by the townspeople. One character suggests that a fortune teller's tarot cards be used to ration food for the people. The action takes place in Zanzibar, which is not in Africa but rather somewhere on the Riviera, and the plot sees forty thousand babies produced in one day by a husband, after his wife ties him up and undergoes a transformation in which the title objects go floating off as balloons. Based on a play by Guillaume Apollinaire, FTP, name this surreal opera bouffe by Francis Poulenc which involves some body parts on a woman named for a mythological seer.
Answer: The Breasts of Tiresias (Les Mamelles de Tiresias)
2008 Chicago Open Bonuses by Finals Packet 1
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Answer the following about American pietism around the turn of the 20th century, FTPE.,
[10] This movement for Christian education originated at the namesake site in western New York in 1874 as the creation of the minister John Heyl Vincent and the machinist Lewis Miller, two members of a Summer School Union.
Answer: Chautauqua movement
[10] This founder of the Brotherhood of the Kingdom is known for preaching at the Second German Baptist Church in Hell's Kitchen around the turn of the century. He was a leader of the Social Gospel movement and wrote such works as Christianity and the Social Crisis.
Answer: Walter Rauschenbusch
[10] This pastor of the Central Congregational Church in Topeka and leader of the Social Gospel is best known for his sermon stories which were novelized as the popular book In His Steps.
Answer: Charles Sheldon
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A recent controversy was caused by a couple selecting embryos without defective versions of these genes. FTPE:,
[10] Name these tumor suppressor genes, dubbed 1 and 2, that are fairly different structurally, but both aid in DNA repair. Inheriting defective versions of them predisposes people for the namesake cancer as well as ovarian cancer.
Answer: BRCA (1 and 2)
[10] BRCA 1 and 2 both interact with this protein, which is responsible for homologous recombination in repairing double strand breaks in DNA. Its prokaryotic homologue is RecA.
Answer: Rad51
[10] This tumor suppressor helps stabilize BRCA1 and target it to broken DNA, and gets its name from the fact that it shares the same RING domain in its N-terminal area as BRCA1.
Answer: BARD1 [or BRCA1 associated RING domain 1]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This paper divides its subject into an A-series, B-series, and C-series and then argues for the necessity of the A-series by showing that it is the only one to involve change, using an example of the death of Queen Anne. FTPE:,
[10] Name this paper published in Mind in 1908 which then argues that the A-series cannot exist because it depends upon the simultaneous existence of notions of past, present, and future.
Answer: "The Unreality of Time"
[10] This British idealist and neo-Hegelian wrote "The Unreality of Time," and summed up his metaphysical stance in the later work The Nature of Existence. He was a good buddy of Bertrand Russell and G.E. Moore.
Answer: JME McTaggart (John McTaggart Ellis McTaggart)
[10] G.E. Moore broke with the idealism of McTaggart to argue for common sense in works like "Proof of an External World," where he puts forth these objects as proof that there exist at least two external objects incapable of skepticist attack.
Answer: his hands (or right hand and left hand, etc., you get the idea)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
These peoples merged with the Boni, or Aluku, to launch a war in Suriname which resulted in the flight of many of them to French Guiana. FTPE:,
[10] Name these indigenous peoples whose leaders have included Quao and Queen Nanny, and who fought some namesake wars beginning in the late 17th century in Jamaica. They agreed to a treaty in 1738 with the British under which they had the strange duty of helping to track down slaves.
Answer: Maroons (Maroon Wars)
[10] The Leeward Maroons were apt to hide out and launch raids from this dangerous and uncharted "country" of Jamaica, a rugged hilly area of Karst topography to the west of the mountains, which is often explored from Accompong.
Answer: Cockpit Country
[10] Probably the most famous member of the Maroons was this fellow, who negotiated the peace with governor Edward Trelawney after he'd defeated a force of British men under Captain Lemelia out to kill him. He's described as a dwarf-like, illiterate, ragged, barefooted, and unshapely Coromantee.
Answer: Cudjoe
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In honor of Chris Frankel's appearance on Jeopardy!, name a few of his favorite characters in African literature, FTPE.,
[10] This spirit child spends time hanging out at the ever-changing bar of Madame Koto, who supports the party of the rich, and his father tells him the story of him being "King of the Road" and becomes a boxer who battles the Yellow Jaguar and Green Leopard.
Answer: Azaro
[10] The title character of the second and most famous novel by Cyprian Ekwensi, this lovable Pidgin-speaking prostitute from Lagos yearns to marry into the elite and falls in love with the teacher Freddie, who she sends to law school in England. One book calls her a "kind-hearted sugar-mummy."
Answer: Jagua Nana
[10] In Amos Tutuola's story "The Village Witch Doctor," this man is born into poverty because his grandfather had been ripped off by the witch doctor Osanyin, who attempts to swindle this guy too but gets caught when he leaps out of a bag with a machete. That story was first published in a 1967 Tutuola novel titled after this figure "and his inherited poverty."
Answer: Ajaiyi
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
He formulated the theory of primary groups, which are groups characterized by "intimate face-to-face association," like family members, and are "fundamental in forming the social nature and ideals of the individual." FTPE:,
[10] Name this sociologist based in Ann Arbor who outlined that theory in his 1909 book Social Organization: A Study of the Larger Mind and also wrote Human Nature and the Social Order.
Answer: Charles Horton Cooley
[10] Cooley is more famous for introducing this theory which says that people go through a process of imagining their appearance in the eyes other people, then imagining their judgment of that appearance, and then they form some sort of introspective conclusion about their own image.
Answer: "looking glass self"
[10] This sociologist and professor at Howard discussed the looking-glass self in his 1939 book The Negro Family in the United States, which traced the black family since the 18th century. He also wrote Black Bourgeoisie in 1957, which was later republished with the subtitle "The Book That Brought the Shock of Self-Revelation to Middle-Class Blacks in America."
Answer: E(dward) Franklin Frazier
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A frequent nemesis of hers is Red Cell, a group led by the Cardinal which steals the Registry, and later captures her trainer Michael Samuelle, erasing his memory; they also create a doppelganger of her named Abby. FTPE:,
[10] Name this character who was falsely accused of killing a police officer and recruited into Section One after her fake suicide.
Answer: (La Femme) Nikita
[10] Rumor has it Subash just can't get enough of this Australian actress, who starred on the USA television show "La Femme Nikita," and also played Mina Harker in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
Answer: Peta Wilson
[10] This French actress was the original Nikita in the 1990 movie, during which time she was married to its director Luc Besson. Naturally, she's also played a vampire, as Marie in Innocent Blood, and she was the Queen Mother Anne in The Man in the Iron Mask.
Answer: Anne Parillaud
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The story of this battle is told in the Zadonshchina, which claims that the losing commander "galloped away from his druzhina, howled like a grey wolf, and ran away to the city of Khafest." FTPE:,
[10] Name this battle fought after a clash at the Vozzha River, which took place in 1380 on the namesake field. The Prince of Moscow, Dmitry Ivanovich, took the epithet "Donskoi" after defeating the Tatars here.
Answer: Battle of Kulikovo (or Kulikovo Field)
[10] This man was the aforementioned losing commander at Kulikovo. A general of the Blue Horde, he usurped the throne of the Golden Horde in 1380 and had sacked Moscow prior to his loss at Kulikovo, shortly after which he died.
Answer: Mamai or Mamay
[10] After Kulikovo, this ruler of the White Horde reunited the entire Golden Horde and promptly led a raid in 1381, subjugating the Russians to Tatar rule again. He then became embroiled in wars with Tamerlane, who eventually sacked his capital at Sarai Berke in 1395.
Answer: Tokhtamysh
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The main character seeks to prove himself to his girlfriend Janet, who is back in England, and dreams of rescuing a crew member from the mainmast. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 1933 novel, its author's first work, which chronicles 48 hours aboard the steamer Oedipus Tyrannus, bound for Bombay and Singapore. The protagonist is the well-bred mess-boy Dana Hilliot, an experienced lad on his first voyage.
Answer: Ultramarine
[10] Ultramarine was written by this man, who is more famous for a work about the last 12 hours of the former British Consul Geoffrey Firmin, during the Mexican Day of the Dead.
Answer: Malcolm Lowry
[10] This posthumously published autobiographical novella by Lowry is based on the time he spent at Bellevue Hospital. It tells of a former jazz musician known as Bill Plantagenet, who befriends the 10-year old Garry, the old Mr. Kalowsky, and a man named Battle.
Answer: Lunar Caustic
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name these exciting deities of lightning, FTPE.,
[10] This Incan weather god was believed to keep the Milky Way in a jug, from which he poured rainwater, especially if lots of black dogs were tied up and sacrificed to him.
Answer: Ilyap'a (Iliapa)
[10] Speaking of dogs, this dog-like twin deity and patron of the ballgame is often depicted as a skeleton. He functions as a psychopomp and god of lightning and death, guiding the dead on their way to Mictlan.
Answer: Xolotl
[10] This storm god of the Hurrians and Hittites carries a triple thunderbolt in one hand and an axe or mace in the other. He replaced Kumarbi at the head of the pantheon and defended his reign by defeating the stone giant Ullikummi.
Answer: Teshub (or Taru; or Tarhun; or Tarhunt)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer the following about the most exciting of topics in economics, price indices, FTPE.,
[10] This price index named for a German economist requires only data from the base period and must be constantly re-computed since it does not factor in current buying patterns. Unlike the Paasche Index, it overstates inflation.
Answer: Laspeyres Index
[10] In 1922, this American economist fashioned an ideal price index which is a geometric mean of the Paasche and Laspeyres indices. He's the namesake of a "separation theorem" which says that a firm will invest to maximize its present value, and he's best known for his 1930 treatise The Theory of Interest.
Answer: Irving Fisher
[10] This symmetric index named for a Swede, used to measure volumes changes for productivity management, is defined as the geometric average of the price relatives weighted by the averages expenditure shares in two periods. It provides an exact measure when possibilities can be represented by a homogenous translog production function.
Answer: Tornqvist price index
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He uses the notion of a great chain of being to argue that vertical lines are seen as sublime since they reach toward heaven, and that all men perceive white colors as representing time and black as eternity. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Dutch painter born in 1770 who said that art should reveal the universal secrets of mythology in his "Essay on Absolute Signs in Art."
Answer: Humbert de Superville
[10] The ideas of Superville were embraced by pointillists like Seurat and this major student of his, who wrote his own theoretical work From Delacroix to Neo-Impressionism. His works include a depiction of a large pine at Saint Tropez.
Answer: Paul Signac
[10] Seurat also based his ideas on those of this French art critic, who elaborated a color system based on Chevreul's laws of simultaneous contrast, in such works as his Grammar of the Arts of Drawing and Grammar of Painting and Engraving.
Answer: Charles Blanc
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The central character remarks that Omar Khayyam lives only in the external world, whereas he also lives in diverse and successive internal worlds. FTPE:,
[10] Name this "factless autobiography" which was attributed by its author to his semi-heteronym Bernardo Soares, an assistant bookkeeper in Lisbon who writes only prose. The work consists of his diary musing on the existential nature of life.
Answer: The Book of Disquiet (or Livro do desassossego, accept "Book of Disquietude")
[10] The Book of Disquiet was written by this great Portuguese poet whose other heteronym Ricardo Reis inspired Saramago.
Answer: Fernando Pessoa
[10] The English translator of The Book of Disquiet, Richard Zenith, recently published this suicidal work by Pessoa which uncovered a previously-lost heteronym used by him. It is subtitled as "the only manuscript of the Baron of Teive."
Answer: The Education of the Stoic
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The Cope and Claissen rearrangements are examples of the [3,3] type of these reactions. FTPE:,
[10] Name this kind of pericyclic reaction in which the end result is a change from one spot to another of a certain kind of bond.The kind of substituent that moves and how far it moves are placed in brackets to describe them.
Answer: sigmatropic
[10] This set of doubly eponymous rules governs the stereochemistry of sigmatropic reactions, and pericyclic ones in general, based on the symmetry of orbitals.
Answer: Woodward-Hoffman
[10] Woodward-Hoffman rules correctly predict the conrotary nature of the electrocyclic ring closing in this reaction that forms a cyclopentanone from a di-vinyl ketone via a hydroxy-penta-dienyl cation intermediate, named for a Russian guy.
Answer: Nazarov cyclization
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This piece is scored for triple woodwind, four horns, three trumpets, a tuba, strings, and two sets of timpani placed opposite each other to represent the tension resolved in the concluding Allegro. FTPE:,
[10] Written after its composer's previous two symphonies "The Four Temperaments" and "Sinfonia Espansiva," name this work meant to depict the "elemental Will of Life."
Answer: Inextinguishable Symphony (or Symphony No. 4 of Carl Nielsen)
[10] Nielsen gave this nickname to his sixth symphony. An identically named piece by Benjamin Britten for string orchestra is based on material he'd written between the ages of nine and twelve and contains a "playful pizzicato."
Answer: Simple Symphony
[10] Nielsen was a student of this great 19th century Danish composer, known for his eight symphonies and his concert overture Echoes of Ossian.
Answer: Niels Wilhelm Gade
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He ascended to the presidency after Juan Alvarez stepped down, and during his term he passed anticlerical measures like the Juarez Law and the Iglesias Law, as well as the land reform of the Lerdo Law. FTPE:,
[10] Name this man who served as President of Mexico from 1855 to 1858, after which he was replaced by Benito Juarez and fled to the U.S., though he'd later return to fight against the French intervention.
Answer: Ignacio Comonfort
[10] Comonfort was one of the leaders of this 1854 revolution which succeeded in forcing Santa Anna to step down and paved the way for the Reform Laws.
Answer: Revolution of Ayutla (sometimes called the "Plan of Ayutla," but not to be confused with "Ayala")
[10] Comonfort's rule was strongly opposed by conservatives led by Felix Zuloaga, who proclaimed this plan, which was agreed to by Comonfort. It called for the summoning of an extraordinary congress to draft a constitution according to the national will and appoint a government.
Answer: Plan of Tacubaya
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The title character hangs out with Charlie Geary and Dolliver Haight, two boys from San Francisco, smokes a pipe, and buys a brindled bull-terrier while he is a student at Harvard. FTPE:,
[10] Name this novel about a guy who dreams of being an artist and courts the leisure-woman Turner Ravis, but does his best Leo Wolpert impression by loving whores and gambling, and he is nearly killed in a shipwreck which represents the disaster his life has become.
Answer: Vandover and the Brute
[10] This novella by Frank Norris, first serialized in The Wave, sees the Yale-educated Ross Wilbur get Shanghaied in San Fran aboard the Bertha Milner, but luckily he meets the title kick-ass Viking chick.
Answer: Moran of the Lady Letty
[10] This unfinished book by Norris set in famine-ridden Europe was intended to be the third part in the Epic of Wheat trilogy, after The Octopus and The Pit.
Answer: The Wolf
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One of the more recent designs by this now-elderly man is an aqua park in Potsdam with curvilinear pools covered by domes; much earlier, in 1953, he designed his residence "Casa das Canoas." FTPE:,
[10] Name this modernist architect whose work in Brazil includes the Ibirapuera Park in Sao Paulo and the Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum.
Answer: Oscar Niemeyer
[10] Niemeyer may be best known for implementing the urban plan for Brasilia, fashioned in a bow-and-arrow or cross shape by this architect. This man also worked on the Brazilian Pavillion at the New York's World Fair with Niemeyer and designed Parque Guinle.
Answer: Lucio Costa
[10] Named for a suburb to the north of Belo Horizonte, this complex was Niemeyer's most extensive project. It includes a casino, restaurant, yacht club, and most importantly the Church of St. Francis, which has been decorated by Candido Portinari.
Answer: Pampulha complex/project
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Answer the following about a Polish guy involved in the Revolutionary War not named Kosciuszko, FTPE.,
[10] Though he was mortally wounded during the siege of Savannah, this Polish count gained enough reputation at Brandywine and Germantown to be dubbed the "Father of the American Cavalry."
Answer: Casimir Pulaski
[10] Prior to the Revolution, along with his father Josef, Casimir Pulaski had been a founding member of this league of Polish nobles, formed in 1768 to counteract the designs of Catherine the Great. It was defeated four years later by Alexander Suvorov, which led to the first partition of Poland.
Answer: Confederation of Bar (or Barska)
[10] Pulaski fled to France and met Ben Franklin after he'd been implicated in the plot to abduct this monarch, who served from 1764-1795 as the last king of the Polish-Lithuanian state up until the third partition.
Answer: Stanislaw II August Poniatowski (or Stanislaus II)
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Name these operas on a common theme, FTPE.,
[10] "I Dreamt That I Dwelt in Marble Halls" is a song from this 1843 opera by Michael Balfe in which Arline loves the Polish nobleman Thaddeus and survives a murder attempt on her by the jealous gypsy Queen.
Answer: The Bohemian Girl
[10] The title character, Fenella, is deserted by Alfonso and seeks help from Masaniello but ends up killing herself in the lava from Vesuvius in this work, which marked the beginning of French grand opera, and was composed by Daniel Auber with a libretto by Eugene Scribe.
Answer: The Dumb Girl of Portici (or The Mute Girl of Portici, or La Muette de Portici)
[10] Dick Johnson is the alias of Ramerrez, a bandit pursued by the sheriff Jack Rance, who competes with him for the love of Minnie in this opera.
Answer: The Girl of the Golden West (or The Girl of the West or La Fanciulla del West)

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