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2008 Chicago Open Tossups by Editors 3
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One derivative of this molecule is the mushroom compound gyromitrin, which is metabolized into the toxic monomethyl version of it, while the iso-nicotinyl version of it is used to treat tuberculosis. It can be produced industrially in the Atofina-PCUK cycle, or in a process in which chloramine is an intermediate, the Olin Raschig process. Imides react with it to form tri-azoles in the Einhorn-Brunner reaction, while in another reaction, it attacks a carbonyl compound to form a similarly named intermediate before winding up as nitrogen gas. FTP, name this molecule used to completely reduce a carbonyl in the Wolff-Kishner reaction, which is also prominently used as a rocket fuel and has formula N2H
Answer: hydrazine
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One story by this name features a judge who encounters a boy alone in the forest, gleefully murders him, and dumps his body in a ditch - he later kills a fisherman with a shovel only to find his nephew guilty of that crime, taking joy in his death by guillotine. Another story by this name features a tenant from Wolf Cub Village who comes to report failure of crops and tells a grotesque story - this work ends with the line "save the children," referring to a hope that there are children who have not yet tasted human flesh. The first story is by Guy de Maupassant, but a more famous work of this name features the line "woman is in love with the Devil" and a conversation between Madgie and Fidele, who are two dogs - this conversation is overheard by the "titular councilor" Poprishchin, who thinks he's the next king of Spain. FTP, name these stories, by Lu Xun and Gogol, which are about the thoughts of crazy people.
Answer: Diary of a Madman (or Madman's Diary)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
A historical account of this group "and their merits" was written by Abu al-Kirmana and serves as the main source on their origin, which seems to be the Buddhist monastery of Nava Vihara in Balkh. Their fall from grace may be linked to a love affair of the daughter of al-Mahdi. Their namesake gave way to his son Yahya ibn Khalid who wielded fairly little military power, unlike his own sons of this group, al-Fadl and Jafar, who rose to greater heights with the former being appointed governor of Khorasan. Their fall from power and expulsion is often said to be a result of displeasure at their non-observance of traditional Islamic practice on the part of Harun al-Rashid. FTP, name this family of Persian origin who served as grand viziers to the Abassid caliphs, and give their name to a certain feast in which there turns out to be a pittance of food or hospitality.
Answer: Barmakids or Barmecides
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Adrian Furnham wrote a 1994 book on this "at work," about the evolving workplace. Lewis Terman wrote a 1936 book on sex and this, while Jacques Lacan wrote his dissertation on "paranoid psychosis and its relation" to this. Ian Nicholson wrote a 2003 book about "inventing" this, which describes a classic 1946 book with this title by Gordon Allport, in which Allport offers a "psychological interpretation" of this. Kurt Lewin wrote about a dynamic theory of it, while Edward Sapir wrote about "Language, Culture, and this" and Maslow wrote a book on motivation and this. Theodor Adorno wrote about the authoritarian type of it in 1950, while Ruth Benedict talked about it being "writ large" in Patterns of Culture. FTP, give this term used to denote characteristics that influence behavior, which is inventoried by the MMPI.
Answer: personality
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
After the artist completed this canvas, it was redone by both Antonio de la Gandara and Gustave Courtois. It was painted at a summer estate in Les Chenes at Parame in Brittany, and its artist wrote letters to his friend Vernon Lee relating his frustration with the subject. One preliminary drawing shows the subject successively reading a book and then playing the piano; an oil study depicts the subject toasting a champagne glass at a table. The completed canvas depicts a brown empire table on the left, with two of its legs visible, against a deep brown background. One of the jeweled straps which seem to hold up the black satin dress of the subject was originally shown hanging loose, but the artist repainted it after submitting this work to the Salon; scandal also led him to re-title this work to make it more anonymous. FTP, name this piece which depicts the socialite Virginie Gautreau, painted by John Singer Sargent.
Answer: Madame X (or Portrait of Mme. Gautreau before Gautreau is mentioned)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Near the beginning, one character talks about a dream he had where he was making love to a woman who had the head of Abraham Lincoln, after which the scene shifts to some characters trying to remember episodes of Gilligan's Island, which is later referred to as a "male pornographic fantasy." Another character later says that "there's some spooky stuff going on on a dollar bill?and it's green too." Several scenes take place at the Emporium, a local pool hall, and the ending sees a main character elect not to sign the written pledge for his football team and instead pursue some tickets for Aerosmith. Famous for having a cast with a bunch of future stars like Parker Posey, Joey Lauren Adams, and Matthew McConaughey, FTP, name this 1993 Richard Linklater movie about a group of students on the last day of school.
Answer: Dazed and Confused
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Hilbert's Basis Theorem provides a condition for when one of these is Noetherian, which implies that the ascending chain condition is satisfied by its special subsets, known as ideals. A generalization to a vector space known as a module makes use of this structure, and homomorphisms between these objects preserve both of the characteristic operations. Though they are not generally commutative, the most interesting varieties such as integral domains and unique factorization domains are. For ten points, identify this algebraic structure more general than a field that possesses addition and multiplication, but does not necessarily have multiplicative inverses.
Answer: ring
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Act II of this play opens with one character trying to figure out how a typewriter works, but he's rebuked when he makes a key stick. A main character reveals that his kids Jimmy and Fluffy are back in town, when he is visited in his drawing room by Alexander Mill, whom he calls Lexy. That character is told that all the women he knows suffer from "Prossy's complaint," which refers to his secretary Proserpine Garnett, who took a pay cut just to work for him out of love - this interchange later confuses his snobbish father-in-law Mr. Burgess. The plot is initiated when the young poet Eugene Marchbanks declares that he is in love with the wife of Reverend James Morell, but in the end that title wife decides to stay with Morell since he is the weaker man. FTP, name this play by George Bernard Shaw named for a woman who sounds like a Voltaire protagonist.
Answer: Candida
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The man taken prisoner as a result of this event asked for the accompaniment of his brother-in-law Jacob Leese, whose better English aided the surrender negotiations, as did the French Colonel Victor Prudon. One of its leaders was John Grigsby, while another issued the rallying cry "Choose this day what you will be! We are robbers, or we must be conquerors!," according to the account of this event by Robert Semple, who was a participant in it along with Ezekiel Merritt. In its aftermath, a proclamation was issued by William Ide, though it would be revoked after the arrival of Commodore John Sloat. This event saw the arrest of General Mariano Vallejo and his imprisonment in Sonoma at Sutter's Fort. FTP, name this 1846 revolt by which a namesake short-lived republic was declared in the future state of California.
Answer: Bear Flag Revolt of 1846
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The forest steppe of this mountain range is an ecosystem home to deciduous oak and pistachio and occurs along its orogenic arch starting in the north near the Sirvan River, which becomes the Diyala as it flows through this range. It was the site of the Ghir earthquake and is home to Kobeh Cave, which has produced Mousterian large-mammal fossils. The main river that rises in this range is the Eulaeus River, which is globally known as the Karun River, and flows southward toward the sea. It is connected by a transfer zone to the Makran basin in the south, and to its north are the slightly-smaller Elburz Mountains. With their highest point at Zard-Kuh, FTP, name these largest mountains in Iran and Iraq which stretch along the Persian Gulf.
Answer: Zagros Mountains
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In one variant of this figure's story, he is sent to bark under a fence for three years, as punishment for him building a fence to the clouds which contains no gate. Near the end of his life, he is told to seek the favor of the blue forest-maidens accompanied by the black dog Musti. He is tormented by a woman named Elina, who bakes stones into his loaf of bread so that his beloved knife breaks; this prompts him to turn all of her cattle into bears and wolves which tear her to shreds. After that, he is given a sword by Ukko and proceeds to slaughter Untamo and his entire tribe, exacting revenge for his father's death before finally falling on his own sword, after which we hear a moral take on his story from Vainamoinen. FTP, name this angry waif whose tragic tale is part of the Kalevala, and who was the basis for a symphony by Sibelius.
Answer: Kullervo
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
An edition of this opera was published by David Lloyd-Jones in 1975, and a version of it was composed by Karol Rathaus and John Gutman for the Metropolitan Opera in 19 Two policemen enter an inn with a warrant they cannot read after a hostess sings a song about catching a gray drake in Act I. Act II begins with a song about a gnat chopping some firewood, a futile attempt to cheer up Xenia, and ends with a hallucination scene induced by the chiming of a clock. The Jesuit Rangoni sets the plot in motion, after imploring the central figure to hide during the nobles' polonaise in Act III. The plot ends in a forest with a simpleton singing of impending woe, after opening with the monk Pimen writing history alone in his cell. FTP, name this opera based on a play by Pushkin and featuring characters like Vasily Shuysky, a historically-themed work by Mussorgsky.
Answer: Boris Godunov
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The inventor of the lock-in amplifier, he performed early work on atomic physics, where his namesake narrowing occurs due to motion-averaged Doppler effects in the millimeter regime. In Penzias and Wilson's discovery paper of the CMB, they cited a concurrently published paper by Peebles, Roll, Wilkinson, and this man as a possible theoretical explanation. G is no longer constant in the competing theory to general relativity that he formulated along with Carl Brans, and the fact that the Universe is very near the critical density is known as his coincidence. For ten points, identify this American physicist and pioneering cosmologist.
Answer: Robert H. Dicke
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This writer's lesser known work includes a pamphlet "Pappe with a Hatchet," which drew a response from Gabriel Harvey. He depicts Pandora, the first woman on Earth, who has her personality altered by seven vengeful planets, finally going insane and choosing to live on Luna, in the blank verse work The Woman in the Moon. Memphio and Stellio are two fathers who disguise their kids as poor while Sperantus and Prisias disguise their kids as rich in his comedy Mother Bombie, while Phillida and the title character disguise themselves as boys to avoid being sacrificed as virgins to the monster Agar in Gallathea. Also the author of Sapho and Phao and Campaspe, this writer is most famous for creating a character who vies with his friend Philautus for the love of Lucilla in a work subtitled "The Anatomy of Wit." FTP, name this Elizabethan dramatist who wrote prose in a characteristically ornate and witty style which was dubbed "Euphuism."
Answer: John Lyly
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Among this thinker's rather unimpressive writings are a "Life of Willibrord," some texts "On Orthography" and "On Rhetoric and the Virtues," and some "Propositions" in which he probably originated the problem of the three jealous husbands and the wolf-goat-cabbage problem. His pupils include Arno of Salzburg, to whom he wrote several letters, and Rabanus Maurus, who continued his intellectual work. He wrote works condemning Elipandus and Felix of Urgel in the course of opposing the Adoptionist heresy, which led him to attend the Synod of Frankfurt. He's best remembered for promoting the trivium and quadrivium which comprised his seven liberal arts, after he was invited along with figures like Paul the Deacon and Peter of Pisa to come to Aachen. FTP, name this English scholar who became the master of the Palace School after emigrating from York, in which role he tutored Charlemagne.
Answer: Alcuin of York (or Alhwin, Alchoin, Albinus, Ealhwine, or Flaccus)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In his preface to this work, poet Richard Howard attacks critics for saying that this work makes sense only to that class of people with no capacity for "instinctive enjoyment." The author defines a central concept as a "perspective of quotations" and uses the phenomenon of "terracing" to explain how voices absorb one another. In other portions, he introduces ideas like the "stereographic space" and the "axis of castration," which has a passive and active pole. The proairetic, semic, hermeneutic, symbolic, and cultural are the names chosen to denote the codes operative in the lexia or "units of reading" - of which there are 561 in the text discussed in this work, a short story by Honore de Balzac entitled "Sarrasine." FTP, name this structuralist study written in 1970 by Roland Barthes and named after two letters.
Answer: S/Z: An Essay (or "S slash Z")
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Among the minor works of this composer are some unaccompanied polyphonic choral works, including "Jesus and the Traders," "Norwegian Girls," and "Ode to Liszt." He produced three extant operas, including The Spinning Room. His Missa Brevis was rearranged for organ and mixed choir, and performed in the cloakroom of an opera house during wartime conditions. His "Seven Songs" are often referred to as Belated Melodies, and the oboe opens his sixteen Peacock Variations. Though he gained fame for his Dances of Galanta, he's better known for an opera which features movements imitating a "Viennese Musical Clock" and portraying the "Battle and Defeat of Napoleon." Also the namesake of a method of musical education, FTP, name this composer of the Hary Janos Suite, who went on an expedition to collect folk songs with fellow Hungarian Bela Bartok.
Answer: Zoltan Kodaly
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One inhibitor of this enzyme, acetazolamide, can be used to treat glaucoma and seizures, while another, topiramate, preferentially targets subtypes II and IV of the alpha class of this enzyme. Through convergent evolution, there are at least four classes of this enzyme, with the mammalian alpha group subdivided into cytosolic, mitochondrial, secreted, and membrane-associated versions. One of these using cadmium was found in a diatom, but the active site typically contains a zinc ion coordinated to three histidine residues and water, such that a polarized water molecule can attack the other reacting molecule it holds nearby. One of the fastest-acting biological enzymes, it is especially plentiful in red blood cells. FTP name this enzyme that catalyzes the reaction of carbon dioxide and water to form a proton and bicarbonate.
Answer: carbonic anhydrase
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This man gained fame as a ruthless general - he allegedly threatened to cane a subordinate to death for failing to move a cannon quickly enough and he used the slogan "cut heads, burn houses" as strategy in battle. The instigators of the Male Revolt in another country wore necklaces bearing the likeness of this man, who came to marry Claire Heureuse and met his death at Red Bridge. He occasionally referred to himself as Duclos, his original name, and upon taking power promulgated a constitution which allowed freedom of religion and mandated that all citizens be called "black," though soon after that he was assassinated by Alexandre Petion, who set up a state in the south, while Henri Christophe did likewise in the north. FTP, name this former general under Toussaint L'Ouverture who became the first emperor of an independent Haiti, in which capacity he took the regnal name Jacques I.
Answer: Jean-Jacques Dessalines
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This author's later novels include The Mortgage on the Hiproof House, and one in which Eva Collins has a secret benefactor who takes the name P.P. Smith but is really the title bootblack, Pactolus Prime. The pastor of the Church of the Golden Lilies stops a strike in his novel about a "Christian Socialist," Murvale Eastman, while his earliest novel Toinette was reworked as A Royal Gentleman. His best known novel features the hero Comfort Servosse, a man of French Canadian blood who comes to Warrington and meets Melville Gurney and Miss Lily, who get married in that book's sequel, Bricks Without Straw. But, this writer is also known as a judge in North Carolina who agreed to serve as counsel for Homer Plessy. FTP, name this author of A Fool's Errand, a carpetbagger who fought for black rights during Reconstruction.
Answer: Albion Tourgee
2008 Chicago Open Bonuses by Editors 3
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This thinker turned his attention to the "sociology of knowledge" with early works like Structures of Thinking. FTPE:,
[10] Name this sociologist who argued that humans have potential for self-examination and contextual awareness in his most famous work Ideology and Utopia: An Introduction to the Sociology of Knowledge.
Answer: Karl Mannheim
[10] Mannheim studied under this Hungarian philosopher who organized the Sunday Circle and wrote the essay "Franz Kafka or Thomas Mann?" in addition to his masterpiece History and Class Consciousness.
Answer: Gyorgy Lukacs
[10] The work of Mannheim on the sociology of knowledge was taken up by this man, who wrote about paradigms of normal science in his The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.
Answer: Thomas Kuhn
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Set to be completed in 2014, it will reportedly house 900 luxury apartments and an international school. FTPE:,
[10] Name this "city within a building" designed as a spiraling pyramid by Norman Foster, which is to be located on the Nagatino Peninsula overlooking the Moscow River.
Answer: Crystal Island
[10] The Crystal Palace, on the other hand, was a cast iron and glass structure designed by this English architect in 1851 for the Great Exhibition.
Answer: Joseph Paxton
[10] The Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California is a megastructure designed by Philip Johnson, who had much earlier designed a Glass House in this town in Connecticut at his own estate.
Answer: New Canaan
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
AMSWER: "Deathfugue" (or "Todesfuge"),
[10] Name this poem which repeats "Black milk of daybreak we drink you at night, we drink you at midday and morning, we drink you at evening."
[10] Poppy and Memory is the second volume of this Holocaust survivor, the poet of "Psalm" and "Deathfugue."
Answer: Paul Celan
[10] Celan frequently corresponded with this writer, who herself corresponded with Selma Lagerlof. Her works include the poetry collection O the Chimneys and Eli: A Mystery Play of the Sufferings of Israel, and she shared a 1966 Nobel Prize with Shmuel Agnon.
Answer: Nelly Sachs
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
They can be formed in the Lossen rearrangement and can act on certain alcohols to form polyurethanes. FTPE:,
[10] Name this class of molecules defined by a carbon double bonded to both an oxygen and a nitrogen.
Answer: ioscyanate
[10] Isocyanates can be formed in this rearrangement reaction, in which an acyl azide loses nitrogen gas and forms an isocyanate upon heating.
Answer: Curtius rearrangement
[10] Isocyanates are also an intermediate in the rearrangement reaction named for this guy in which an amide is converted to an amine. He also names an elimination reaction in which an amine is converted to an alkene upon treatment with excess methyl iodide.
Answer: August Wilhelm von Hofmann
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Largely written by Ignatius Donnelly, it put forth a 10-point "expression of sentiments," including support for the Australian ballot and a graduated federal income tax. FTPE:,
[10] Name this platform adopted by the Populist Party and named for the city in which they held their first National Convention.
Answer: Omaha Platform
[10] The Omaha Platform was an extension of these "demands" which had been made two years earlier in 1890, when members of the National Farmers' Alliance met at the Marion Opera House in the namesake town in Florida.
Answer: Ocala Demands
[10] The Omaha Platform demanded an end to what it called this system, which involved "large standing army of mercenaries" and corporate militias. The same year, a force of these detectives was relied upon by Henry Clay Frick during the Homestead Strike.
Answer: Pinkerton system/detectives
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer stuff about classical music on a common theme, FTPE.,
[10] Like Die schone Mullerin, this Franz Schubert cycle for voice and piano was based upon poems by Wilhelm Muller. Its 24 pieces open with "Good Night" and "The Weather Vane" and conclude with "The Organ Grinder."
Answer: Winterreise (or Winter Journey)
[10] "Snow Squall" in B-flat minor is the twelfth and last of these pieces for solo piano by Franz Liszt, whose fifth member in B-flat is "Will o' the Wisp."
Answer: Transcendental Etudes
[10] This French composer composed polkas and waltzes like "Manolo" and "The Grenadiers," but became well remembered for his Les Patineurs, the Skaters' waltz.
Answer: Emile Waldteufel
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
According to legend, this battle saw Sumanguru Kante of Soso summon eight spirits, only to be struck with an arrow tipped by a white cock's spur and flee the field upon seeing a namesake black bird. FTPE:,
[10] Name this battle in 1235 CE in which a coalition defeated Sumanguru.
Answer: Battle of Kirina or Krina
[10] As a result of the battle, this Malinke son of Maghan, whose life had earlier been reportedly spared by Sumanguru, became the first mansa of the new Mali Empire.
Answer: Sundiata Keita (or Mari Djata or Sogolon Djata)
[10] The Mali Empire was initially centered around this no-longer-extant city, the birthplace of Sundiata. It is described as a makeshift political capital in a fourteenth century account by al-Umari.
Answer: Niani
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name some writers from Virginia, FTPE.,
[10] Peyton Loftis commits suicide in this author's first novel Lie Down in Darkness, but he's best known for The Confessions of Nat Turner and Sophie's Choice.
Answer: William Styron
[10] Dorinda Oakley cultivates a prize dairy farm in this author's Barren Ground, while the story of Ada Fincastle is told in Vein of Iron. This writer of The Romantic Comedians won a Pulitzer for her last novel, the 1941 book In This Our Life.
Answer: Ellen Glasgow
[10] Prior to serving in the Civil War, this author of some historical romances wrote The Virginia Comedians; or, Old Days in the Old Dominion and its sequel Henry St. John, Gentleman, and afterwards he wrote Surry of Eagle's Nest about Stonewall Jackson.
Answer: John Esten Cooke
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Also known as the mouse ear cress or thale cress, it is rather useful in part due to the ease of DNA transformation into it. FTPE:,
[10] Name this plant, the most widely used model organism in plant genetics research, especially for flower development and light sensing.
Answer: Arabidopsis thaliana
[10] Arabidopsis is a member of this taxonomic family that contains the mustards and cabbages. Its alternate name comes from the shape of its petals.
Answer: Brassicaceae [or Cruciferae; do NOT accept "Brassica" since that is a genus in this family]
[10] Arabidopsis members with mutant HOTHEAD genes can have pollen germinate on them in places besides this normal area for pollen to take hold, on the tip of the carpel.
Answer: stigma
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Andrew Hart is the future of quizbowl. Name these women who are the future of LPGA golf, FTPE.,
[10] The obvious heir apparent to Annika is this Mexican player ranked number one since April of 2007. She recently won the Kraft Nabisco Championship…like you care.
Answer: Lorena Ochoa
[10] Known as the "Pink Panther," she often uses a pink ball and has a Pink Panther head cover for her driver. She was rookie of the year in 2005 when she became the third-youngest player to win an event. If you like commercials, maybe you know her for being unstoppable, just like the Citizen Eco-Drive watch she wears.
Answer: Paula Creamer
[10] Okay, so this player isn't the future of the LPGA since she's 33, but she is Australian, which makes her kind-of uniquely identifiable. She was really good from 1999-2001, and perhaps you recall her teaming with David Duval to play Annika and Tiger in that stupid made-for-TV showdown.
Answer: Karrie Webb
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer the following related to a pansy of an Aztec god, FTPE.,
[10] Often depicted seated with his legs crossed on his throne of vegetables, this god with a similar twin sister was known as the "flower prince."
Answer: Xochipilli
[10] His twin sister Xochiquetzal was the wife of Tlaloc until she was abducted by this other god, who had earlier had his foot bitten off by the crocodile Cipactli when he used it as bait.
Answer: Tezcatlipoca
[10] Xochipilli was considered to be the dual opposite of this mother earth goddess who wore a skirt of snakes. At her daughter's instigation, she was decapitated by the Four Hundred Southerners.
Answer: Coatlicue (or Teteoinan)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The first part of this poem, "The Year Nineteen Thirteen," sees the poet alone on New Year's Eve placing two lit candles between two facing mirrors to summon a reflection of a future lover. FTPE:,
[10] "Flip Side" and "Epilogue" are the remaining two parts of this long poem, which was worked on from 1942 to 1962, while the author was unable to publish.
Answer: "Poem Without a Hero" ("Poema bez geroya")
[10] "Poem Without a Hero" is the self-described masterwork of this poetess, who founded Acmeism along with Gumilev and Mandelstam.
Answer: Anna Akhmatova
[10] Akhmatova represents this symbolist poet as a reveler at her masquerade ball in "Poem Without a Hero," calling him the "Demon himself." This fellow's works include some hymns to Sophia in Songs of the Beautiful Lady and his address The Scythians, but he's best remembered for depicting pre-Revolution St. Petersburg in his long poem The Twelve.
Answer: Alexander Blok
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This artist depicted his long-time wife Marie Lescouezec in a candy-striped dress clutching his arm in an 1868 piece. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Impresionist landscape painter who depicted his children Pierre and Jean in a rare interior work The Lesson, but is better known for his series on The Flood at Port-Marly.
Answer: Alfred Sisley
[10] Sisley wrote that his work was inspired by the wistful tone of this J.M.W. Turner canvas, which depicts a damaged warship from Trafalgar being "tugged to her last berth to be broken up."
Answer: The Fighting Temeraire
[10] Another painter who notably depicted a flood was this fellow from Kansas, who was inspired by the flooding of the Kaw River in 1929 to paint Sanctuary and Mississippi Noah. He thrived on his regionalist art, like his Baptism in Kansas and Tornado over Kansas.
Answer: John Steuart Curry
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
It concludes that the Schwarzschild metric is the only solution to Einstein's equations for a spherically symmetric vacuum. For ten points each:,
[10] Identify this important theorem of general relativity.
Answer: Birkhoff's Theorem
[10] If the conditions are generalized to allow for electrical charge, then this metric becomes the unique solution mandated by the generalized Birkoff's Theorem. Its name is sometimes given to a black hole that possesses charge but no angular momentum.
Answer: Reissner-Nordstrom metric
[10] If charge is ignored and rotation is added to the mix, you get this general metric for spherically symmetric, rotating bodies.
Answer: Kerr metric
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The title character of one story, though deceased at age 21, was "as monumental as bronze, more ancient than Egypt", and "anterior to the prophecies and the pyramids." FTPE:,
[10] Name this collection which contains stories like "Death and the Compass," "The Form of the Sword," and "Three Versions of Judas," in addition to "Funes, the Memorious,"
Answer: Ficciones
[10] In this story, the narrator refuses to admit the paradox suggested by the title roles, instead portraying Fergus Kilpatrick as a genuine martryr.
Answer: "The Theme of the Traitor and the Hero" [or "Tema del traidor y del heroe"]
[10] In "Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius", a fictionalized version of this author tells the fictionalized Borges about the beliefs of a heretical sect in Uqbar. This Argentinian author wrote the short story collection The Celestial Plot and the novel The Invention of Morel.
Answer: Adolfo Bioy Casares
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Bernhard Hellman helped him formulate his psychohydraulic model of behavior motivation. FTPE:,
[10] Name this ethologist who wrote works like King Solomon's Rings and On Agression, and worked with geese to generate his theory of imprinting.
Answer: Konrad Lorenz
[10] This effect named for a Finnish sociologist describes reverse sexual imprinting, in which infants who live in close proximity during their early years are unlikely to initiate sexual contact with each other.
Answer: Westermarck Effect
[10] Lorenz worked much of his life with this man who wrote The Study of Instinct, winning a Nobel with him and Karl von Frisch. His last name is shared by his older brother, an economist who won the Nobel with another Frisch, Ragnar Frisch, for developing econometrics.
Answer: Nikolaus Tinbergen
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This process is aimed at achieving a power of concentration dubbed joriki and an awakening or kensho, which precedes the achievement of satori. FTPE:,
[10] Name this practice of sitting in empty meditation designed to enable the mind to realize its own Buddha-nature.
Answer: zazen
[10] Legend says that this Indian prince went to the Northern Mountains at Shaolin temple and practiced zazen for nine years facing a wall before he was finally able to introduce Zen Buddhism to China near his death around 520 CE.
Answer: Bodhidharma
[10] This is the term for an extended retreat, traditionally lasting seven days, during which zazen is performed continuously in a group atmosphere. A Zen master often paces the room armed with a big stick used to whack meditators who are daydreaming.
Answer: sesshin
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Jewish soldiers actually fought alongside soldiers from Nazi Germany at one point in this conflict, which included Operation Silver Fox. FTPE:,
[10] Name this conflict which began with an offensive on June 21, 1941, an attempt to reclaim Karelia and remedy dissatisfaction with the Moscow Peace Treaty, which had ended the previous war.
Answer: Continuation War
[10] The Finnish-German alliance did not stay intact, and in this 1944-45 war, Germany decided to secure Petsamo while their 20th Mountain Army got consistently owned in the namesake geographical region.
Answer: Lapland War
[10] This President of Finland from 1940 to 1944, whose name alone demands that he be asked about more, had signed the Moscow Peace Treaty as prime minister and prosecuted the entire Continuation War as president, before being succeeded by Mannerheim.
Answer: Risto Heikki Ryti
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Support for this theory has been drawn from a curve known as Hubbert's Pimple. FTPE:,
[10] Name this suspect theory formulated by Richard Duncan, and given a geographical name, which says that industrial civilization will have a lifetime of less than 100 years since energy production per capita will fall to 1930 levels by 2030.
Answer: Olduvai Theory
[10] Bed II at Olduvai Gorge marks the appearance of this industry which is characterized by bifacial stone tools with cleavers and almond-patterned hand axes. This is the first standardized tool industry associated with Homo Erectus and ancient Homo Sapiens.
Answer: Acheulean Industry
[10] This English archaeologist uncovered the skull of Zinjanthropus at Olduvai, which was later classified as Australopithecus boisei, while working with her husband.
Answer: Mary Leakey
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This faction formed when Charles of Orleans married the daughter of Bernard VII; it opposed John the Fearless who was assassinated and succeeded by his son Philip the Good. FTPE:,
[10] Name this French faction which fought a civil war in the early 1400s with the Burgundians.
Answer: Armagnacs
[10] Philip the Good instigated the signing of this 1420 treaty with England, which named Henry V as the successor to the French crown and married him to Catherine of Valois.
Answer: Treaty of Troyes
[10] Years later, Philip lent his hand to this 1440 revolt of princes against the policies of French king Charles VII. It was joined in by the dauphin Louis XI, who was later forgiven for his participation.
Answer: Praguerie

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