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2008 Chicago Open Tossups by Editors 2
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This ruler's right-hand men included intelligence chief Pastor Coronel and minister of the interior Edgar Ynsfran, whom he later dismissed. He was opposed by a coup of Mendez Fleitas, the president of the Central Bank, whose supporters were dubbed epafanistas, and also by the Renovation Movement and the Febreristas, who had also fought against the earlier government of his mentor Higinio Moringo. Just like Charles Meigs, this ruler spent a formative part of his life in the trunk of a car - he was captured in a coup and taken to a foreign embassy, which led him to be known as "Colonel Trunk." After taking power, he proclaimed a constitutional "state of siege" and renewed it every three months. Ousted in a coup led by Andres Rodrigues, FTP, name this man who came to power by overthrowing Federico Chavez in 1954, and was the head of the Colorado Party until 1989, the whole time serving as dictator of Paraguay.
Answer: Alfredo Stroessner Mattiauda
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Both the Eotvos rule and Guggenheim-Katayama equation describe the relationship between this quantity and temperature, and it can be calculated experimentally in methods named for du Nouy or Wilhelmy.The Marangoni effect deals with gradients of this quantity, which explains the Plateau-Rayleigh instability.The partial derivative of it with respect to the log of concentration appears on the right side of the Gibbs isotherm equation, and pressure is related to it and to curvature in the Young-Laplace equation, which is used in medicine to model alveoli.FTP name this quantity symbolized by a lowercase gamma that is lessened by surfactants and explains capillary action, caused by intermolecular forces in a liquid at an interface.
Answer: surface tension
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This composer's Opus 78 is his Concierto fantastico, which consists of three movements of allegro ma non troppo, reverie e scherzo, and allegro. A dubious story says that he was a stowaway on a ship bound for South America, and later he composed for the librettos of Francis Money-Coutts, which resulted in works like the three-act opera Merlin. Another work of his was transcribed for three guitars by Christophe Dejour and includes sections depicting a polo match one in which a saeta interrupts the march depicting the procession of Corpus Christi. That work is a set of 12 piano pieces subtitled "Impressions," in four volumes, which begins with "Evocacion." FTP, name this Spanish piano virtuoso who composed Iberia.
Answer: Isaac Albeniz
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At one point, the main character of this work asks to borrow the costume of Telephus along with his Mysian hat, a staff, basket, cup, and some herbs, and he assumes the guise of a beggar to make a speech. Earlier, he is brought to see Psuedartabas, referred to as the King's Eye, who tells him that the Great King will send no gold. At the end, he parades off with two women in hand after winning the Feast of Cups, a drinking contest; his joy is contrasted with the general Lamachus who always brandishes his Gorgon's head and ends up getting wounded jumping over a ditch. That protagonist is earlier chased by a chorus of charcoal burners who attempt to stone him, as they are furious that he helped Amphitheus by traveling to make a private peace of 30 years with Sparta. FTP, name this play about the farmer Dicaeopolis who is opposed in his quest for peace by the title residents, a play by Aristophanes.
Answer: The Acharnians
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This man originated the use of the term "stimulus-error" to describe observers who pay undue attention to physical properties of objects, and he argued in favor of four attributes: quality, intensity, duration, and clarity. Although he notoriously excluded women from the group he founded, several of his students were women including the author of The Animal Mind, Margaret Floy Washburn, and Joy Paul Guilford. In his book A Beginner's Psychology, he argues that perceptions resolve into sensations which compose a "core," but meaning is generated by context. A biography of him was written by his more famous student E.G. Boring, and this author of A Primer of Psychology gained fame for bringing the thought of another psychologist to America. FTP, name this structuralist pioneer of experimental psychology who was a student of Wilhelm Wundt.
Answer: Edward Bradford Titchener
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The first part of this work ends by discussing an article by William Kneale entitled "Modality, De Dicto and De Re," which the author uses to show a violation of the noncircularity condition. At another point, the author invents two heavenly bodies called Hesperus and Phosphorus and supposes that a table may be made of ice from the Thames River. He also cites an article by Timothy Sprigge on essential properties, though he would retract that reference in his later essay "A Puzzle about Belief." A central argument in this work is that the identity between "mental state" and "brain state" cannot be contingent - which means that it need not be proven empirically - because both of those terms are rigid designators - that is, they refer to the same entity in every possible world. Consisting of three lectures given at Princeton in 1970, FTP, name this most famous philosophical work by Saul Kripke.
Answer: Naming and Necessity
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The passage of this legislation was followed a year later by the Hollander Law, named for Jacob Harris Hollander, which placed taxes on commodities like German beer and allowed for appointment of Federico Degetau. This law resulted in appointment of a man who was serving as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Charles Herbert Allen, the owner of the famed Allen House in Lowell, Massachusetts. After some political strife, it was modified by the Olmsted Amendment, which gave power to an executive department. Seventeen years later, it was replaced by an act co-sponsored by John Shafroth, but better known as the Jones Act, which created a bill of rights and extended citizenship. Also known as the Organic Act of 1900, FTP, name this act which established civilian government in Puerto Rico.
Answer: Foraker Act (or accept Organic Act of 1900 before mentioned)
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One source holds that this deity originated as a local god of Rhakotis, springing from the rocks and healing the sick there. He is often depicted as a robed man with full beard and flowing locks wearing a tall corn modius or basket upon his head, though he occasionally has curved ram horns or appears as a bearded serpent with his consort. He appears enthroned with the three-headed Cerberus at his feet at his cult center, a namesake temple in Alexandria, which was destroyed on the orders of Theodosius in 389 CE. FTP, name this syncretic deity introduced under Ptolemy I who combines elements of Helios and Zeus, and whose name represents a fusion of the bull Apis with Osiris.
Answer: Serapis
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The last original work in this collection declares "I cannot shout out! I cannot follow him! His ship is pushed along by the dark wind of storm" and concludes "Who says that I do not know of love, that I had no pity? / You, who will judge me, will understand, Lord!" The first begins by declaring "Out of the frozen niche where men have put you, I'll bring you down to the humble, sunny earth." Some of the author's other poems, like "The Flower of Air" and "We Were All Queens," were later appended to this work. It shares themes present in the author's later books, like The Wine Press and Poemas de la madre, but it was immediately inspired by the author's lover Romelio Ureta, who was found guilty of embezzlement and shot himself in the face. A collection of three poems by the author of Tala and Desolacion, FTP, name these somber 1914 pieces of poetry by Gabriela Mistral.
Answer: Sonnets of Death (or Sonetos de la Muerte)
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This character once appeared briefly as a defendant on the Night Court episode "Still Another Day in the Life," where he was reprimanded by Judge Stone, while an episode of Family Guy has him appear as a passenger in Peter Griffin's car. His protege is the ten-year old Calamity, who reads books on physics and swims in his large high top shoes. A character very similar to him goes to work every morning with his good buddy Sam Sheepdog, though they are bitter rivals at work; that character is called Ralph. He describes himself as a "super genius" with an IQ of 207 and he once constructed a Burmese tiger trap, which somehow managed to catch a real tiger, known as Suprisibus! Suprisibus!. FTP, name this devoted customer of the Acme Corporation who just can't catch that damned Road Runner.
Answer: Wile E. Coyote (prompt Coyote, you know, to distinguish Wile from the Native American trickster)
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One version of this artistic scene, by Carle van Loo, sees several men hunch around a tree, while the one by Johann Liss has only two figures. In the more famous version by Titian, a child puts his hand on a panting dog at the bottom right - it seems to be frothing at the mouth as its head overlaps with a torn boot, while another figure carries a metal bucket of water, and a small scrawny dog at the bottom center licks up spilt blood. The version by Guilio Romano shows the intercession of Olympus pleading on behalf of his master, while the one by Jusepe de Ribera has a serene figure draped in red floating on the left and thrusting his hand into a writhing figure hanging upside down on a tree. The canvas by Titian uses the artist's self-portrait as Midas. FTP, name this scene in which a Phrygian satyr suffers punishment at the hands of Apollo upon losing a musical contest.
Answer: flaying of Marsyas (accept about any equivalent which mentions Marsyas)
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This document resulted from an event sometimes known as the "protest of the Five Knights." An argument against its passage was put forth by Robert Heath and was nearly successful, until it was pointed out that Darnell's Case was only a temporary judgment; Heath was opposed by the Lords Sele and Say. An addition to it was suggested by Thomas Weston and the Earl of Arundel, but that compromise version was rejected, as was the version of Thomas Wentworth, which was spoken against by John Eliot. Largely targeted at George Villiers, the Duke of Buckingham, some of its provisions forbade the quartering of soldiers and martial law in time of peace, and it was drafted by Edward Coke. FTP, name this document which also decried taxation and unjust imprisonment, a 1628 statement of civil liberties in opposition to King Charles I.
Answer: Petition of Right
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This experiment featured an emitting iron-57 nucleus that was placed in a crystal lattice in order to counteract the Mossbauer Effect. That iron sample was placed in a speaker, and the speaker was oscillated with a frequency between 10Hz and 50Hz. The effect in question competes with a Doppler Shift due to Special Relativity, so the experimenters sought to find the point at which the effects cancelled. Performed at Harvard's Jefferson Laboratory, this experiment placed the source near the top of a tower and a scintillation counter near the bottom. For ten points, identify this classic doubly-eponymous test of the gravitational redshift.
Answer: Pound-Rebka Experiment
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At one point, this character declares "The Greeks never made anything ugly, and I'm a Hellenist." He is fond of saying that there are "such things as necessary follies," and it is remarked that "he was the most beautiful of men!" by Sam Singleton when his body is found flung off a cliff during a storm on his way to Interlaken. He ridicules the lack of knowledge of Mr. Leavenworth and creates a bronze work called "Thirst," which is not appreciated by his mentor Mr. Striker. He is engaged to Mary Garland but chooses to leave law school and his mother to accompany Rowland Mallet, which leads him to fall in love with the adventuress Christina Light while working as a sculptor in Rome. FTP, name this character who appears in a namesake novel by Henry James.
Answer: Roderick Hudson (prompt on just Hudson)
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This type of deity is represented in Malaysian mythology by Raja Angin and in Chinese tradition by Feng Po-po, a goddess who rides a tiger. Polynesian myth features one named Hanui-o-Rangi, while one in Aztec myth fell in love with a mortal maiden Mayahuel and was known as Ehecatl. One in Greek myth was the father of Calais and Zetes who abducted the princess Oreithyia from the Ilissus River, while another had a son Karpos with the nymph Chloris. One of these in Hindu myth was the father of Bhima, while one in Shinto tradition wears a leopard skin and is named Fujin. A group of them is known as the Anemoi, while the above Hindu god is Vayu. FTP, name this type of god represented by Notus, Eurus, Boreas, and Zephyrus, as well as the Greek god Aeolus.
Answer: wind gods (you can prompt on weather god - don't accept storm god, lightning, etc.)
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The revised roof of this building was reportedly inspired by the Muak Kui, a traditional bamboo hat of China. Home to a permanent collection with canvases like The Sadness of the King and Woman with a Guitar, it stands alongside the Stravinsky Fountain and houses IRCAM, an institution for acoustic research. Much to the outrage of its original architect, it was renovated beginning in 1999 to make customers pay to enter its famous caterpillar-shaped escalators which snake up the exterior of the building in transparent glass tubes. The art deco interior is heavily color coded, with blue for example representing the exposed air conditioning funnels. Located in the Beaubourg area, FTP, name this example of high-tech architecture, built from 1972 to 1976 by Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano in Paris and named in honor of the contemporary French president.
Answer: Centre Pompidou (or "Centre Georges Pompidou" or "Pompidou Centre")
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One molecule that promotes this process is delta-like ligand 4, which binds to the Notch receptor, while the enzyme PKG inhibits it.NRP1 is a co-receptor for a molecule involved in this process that can bind Flt ["flit"] and Flk ["flik"] receptors, and other namesake proteins bind to Tie 1and One type of it is known as intussusception, and this process is aided by the actions of MMPs and tissue plasminogen activators in the matrix, as well as signaling cascades set off by PDGF and FGF.One of Hanahan and Weinberg's "Hallmarks of Cancer," it is the target of the drug Avastin, which is a mono-clonal antibody against a potent player in this process, VEGF ["vej f"].FTP, identify this process utilized in wound healing and by tumors, in which new blood vessels are formed from existing ones.
Answer: angiogenesis [prompt on anything involving the term 'vascularization']
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Chapter three of this work contains the section "Hobbes and the Problem of Social Order," a critique of the brutish Hobbesian state. The introduction begins by saying that Herbert Spencer "was the intimate confidant of a strange and rather unsatisfactory God, whom he called the principle of Evolution," a God which betrayed him - the problem lies in figuring out who killed Spencer. Chapter four is a reprint of the author's essay "Wants and Activities and the Problem of the Scope of Economics" - it is on Alfred Marshall, while the next six chapters discuss Vilfredo Pareto and Emile Durkheim. Published in 1937 as its author's first major work, this study sets out to identify the possible modes of normative orientation for the title idea "with special reference to a group of recent European writers," as its subtitle indicates. FTP, name this functionalist classic of sociology, the best-known book by Talcott Parsons.
Answer: Structure of Social Action
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Very early kings of this land included Rhemaxos and Oroles, though a more famous one took Agatocles prisoner and ruled from Helis. In addition to Dromihetes, another noted king unified these peoples around the sacred hill Cogaionon in the Orastie Mountains. Another king of them triumphed over Cornelius Fuscus and Tettius Julianus in two battles at Tapae. The first ruler was Burebista, who brought together their nobles known as tarabostes and the peasants known as comati to form a unified kingdom; he offered support to Pompey but it came too late. The second ruler eventually saw this kingdom's capital of Sarmize-gethusa put under siege in 105 CE - as a result, that ruler Decebalus was killed and this kingdom was annexed by Trajan. FTP, name this ancient land east of the Danube and north of Macedon which fought a few wars with Rome.
Answer: Dacians (also accept Getae)
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In one work by this poet, he addresses his subject: "You like not that French novel? Tell me why. You think it quite unnatural. Let us see," and then he proceeds to detail the typical plot of a French novel. Another poem describes a creature who "rises and begins to round, he drops the silver chain of sound, of many links without a break." In addition to poems like "Lucifer in Starlight" and the aforementioned "Lark Ascending," this writer used the myth of Persephone for "The Day of the Daughter of Hades" and "Love in the Valley." His best-known poetic work opens "By this he knew she wept with waking eyes," and was published with his Poems of the English Roadside - at several points, this work refers to the painter Henry Wallis, who carried on an adulterous relationship with Mary Ellen Peacock, this author's wife. FTP, name this author of a collection of fifty sonnets, Modern Love, and a few novels like The Egoist.
Answer: George Meredith
2008 Chicago Open Bonuses by Editors 2
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It can provide the slope of a coexistence curve on a pressure-temperature curve and is similar in form to the van't Hoff equation. FTPE:,
[10] Name this doubly eponymous equation that relates the log of vapor pressure to the enthalpy of vaporization, universal gas constant, and temperature.
Answer: Clausius-Clapeyron equation
[10] One Clausius-Clapeyron derivation uses this doubly eponymous equation, which says that the sum over all components of the product of the number of moles and the chemical potential increase for that component equals the product of entropy and temperature differential minus the product of volume and pressure differential.
Answer: Gibbs-Duhem equation
[10] Although Clausius-Clapeyron can be used to look at water vapor pressure, this doubly eponymous empirical equation is the standard one for calculating the saturation water vapor pressure at specific temperatures.A newer, doubly eponymous equation to do the same thing is known as the Arden Buck equation.
Answer: Goff-Gratch equation
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A small crescent moon rises in the top left and a castle is perched on a craggy alpine mountain in the background. FTPE:,
[10] Based on an account by Johannes Aventinus, name this painting by Albrecht Altdorfer whose subject is revealed by a giant plaque draped in pink tapestry floating in the center of the sky.
Answer: The Battle of Issus (accept equivalents like "Battle of Alexander at Issus")
[10] The Battle of the Ten Nudes is an engraving by this early Renaissance Florentine depicting his characteristic display of the muscular male form. He also created a bronze depiction of Judith and a canvas of Hercules and Antaeus.
Answer: Antonio del Pollaiuolo
[10] In this painting by Pieter Brueghel the Elder, a fat man rides a giant beer keg and prepares to joust with a weak haggard figure on a stool who holds a griddle plate. People on the left happily perform the smutty play The Ugly Wife while the right has pious people coming out of a church.
Answer: The Battle Between Carnival and Lent
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Answer the following about deities who brew beer, FTPE.,
[10] Gilgamesh encounters this divine barmaid who eventually lets him into her tavern and tries to dissuade him from pursuing immortality, but finally tells him where to find the boatman Urshanabi.
Answer: Siduri
[10] This giant owned an enormous cauldron used to brew beer, which overflowed its froth into the oceans. Thor coveted his cauldron for the Aesir and went on a fishing expedition with this deity, who cut the line when Thor was about to reel in the Midgard Serpent.
Answer: Hymir
[10] Ra ordered his attendants to brew seven thousand jugs of beer colored with mandrake to disguise it as human blood, in order to fool this angry goddess, who is the lioness form of the generally more peaceful Hathor.
Answer: Sakhmet or Sekhmet
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This book follows a nameless man who begins to grow radish sprouts from his legs, at which point his doctors suggest visiting a spa in Hell Valley. FTPE:,
[10] Name this novel in which that man is strapped to a hospital bed by the sexy vampire nurse Damselfly and proceeds to visit all sorts of wacky places.
Answer: Kangaroo Notebook: A Novel (Kangaru Noto)
[10] In this novel, a fat survivalist named Pig but nicknamed Mole converts an underground quarry into the title structure to save humanity from a nuclear holocaust, but it comes to be invaded by the Broom Brigade.
Answer: The Ark Sakura (Hakobune Sakura-maru)
[10] Those novels are by this Japanese writer, who tells us about Niki Jumpei in Woman in the Dunes.
Answer: Kobo Abe (or Kimifusa Abe)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Enforced by the Viceroy Chelmsford, this legislation gave his government special "emergency powers" to censor the press, detain without trial, and arrest suspects without warrant. FTPE:,
[10] Also known as the "Black Acts," name this 1919 legislation which was passed over the unanimous opposition of the Indian members of the Supreme Legislative Council.
Answer: Rowlatt Act(s)
[10] Displeasure with the Rowlatt Acts led to this event a month later, in which the British general Reginald Dyer ordered his troops to fire on a demonstration held in an enclosed courtyard.
Answer: Amritsar Massacre (or the Jallianwala Bagh massacre)
[10] This Secretary of State for India made a declaration in 1917, promising gradual self-rule for India, and in 1918 he published a namesake report with Viceroy Chelmsford calling for a dyarchy to govern the nation. That never panned out, after the Rowlatt Acts and Amritsar Massacre.
Answer: Edwin Samuel Montagu
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer the following about the most exciting of topics, the common law of contract, FTPE.,
[10] This frequently-invoked rule says that a contract should be interpreted as fully integrated such that it represents the final binding agreement of the parties. This rule is used to prevent a court from looking outside the four corners of a contract to rule for a party in a given case.
Answer: parol evidence rule
[10] A contract is voidable if one can raise this common legal defense, which is defined as unlawful threat or coercion of bodily harm or death used to induce another to act in a manner they otherwise would not.
Answer: duress
[10] This is the rule which requires certain contracts, such as land contracts or those over a certain dollar value, to be made in writing and signed by the person against whom they are to be enforced.
Answer: statute of frauds
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The author's views in this work are expressed through the characters Crito and Euphranor, who defend theism against ideas such as those of Bernard de Mandeville and the Earl of Shaftesbury. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 1732 work of philosophy, which consists of "seven dialogues containing an apology for the Christian religion against those who are called free-thinkers."
Answer: Alciphron; or, The Minute Philosopher
[10] Alciphron was written by this man, also the author of the most over-tossed-up work ever, the Three Dialogues Between Hylas and Philonous.
Answer: George Berkeley
[10] This earlier 1709 work by Berkeley aims to show the "manner wherein we perceive by sight the distance, magnitude, and situation of objects," and argues for the "heterogeneity thesis" in perception. Berkeley later wrote another work "vindicating" this one against objections.
Answer: An Essay Towards a New Theory of Vision
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It shares many similarities with the pigments phycobilin and phytochrome. FTPE:,
[10] Name this molecule formed by the breakdown of red blood cells, which lends its yellowish color to areas of bruises and creates that lovely hue in jaundiced people.
Answer: bilirubin
[10] Bilirubin's open structure of its four subunits makes it NOT one of this class of compounds like its precursor heme.This class is defined by four pyrrole-like rings joined together, and problems with their synthesis leads to a namesake neurological or cutaneous disease.
Answer: porphyrins
[10] The major precursor of porphyrins is this molecule, itself synthesized from glycine and succinyl CoA, that has been successfully used to give fluorescent properties to certain brain tumors to help delineate them during surgery.
Answer: D-(or 5)-Aminolevulinic acid
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer some questions about what I'm going to call eschatological literature, FTPE.,
[10] The blind flower girl Nydia falls in love with Glaucus who takes Ione as his lover but is nearly thrown to the lions by the priest Arbaces in this 1834 novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, which is set just before the eruption of Vesuvius.
Answer: Last Days of Pompeii
[10] The murder of Ed Yellings, the owner of the Solid Gumbo Works, is at the center of this author's book The Last Days of Louisiana Red. This writer is also known for the poem "I am a Cowboy in the Boat of Ra" and telling of the quest of PaPa LaBas in Mumbo Jumbo.
Answer: Ishmael Reed
[10] The Last Days of Mankind is a self-described play "to be performed on Mars" written by this Austrian satirist. It represents a collection of newspaper articles and other propaganda from World War I Vienna by this man, who founded the journal The Torch in 1898.
Answer: Karl Kraus
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Alright, so Jerry doesn't know a damn thing about valleys. Let's see if he knows anything about plains. FTPE:,
[10] Once traversed by the Via Maris, this plain of western Israel extends from ancient Jaffa to Caesarea. Home to the resort city of Netanya, it lies between the dunes of the Mediterranean and the foothills of Samaria.
Answer: Plain of Sharon
[10] This area notably featuring karst topography stretches across South Australia and Western Australia just above the Great Australian Bight. It's crossed by the Trans-Australian Railway, which runs from Kalgoorlie to Port Augusta.
Answer: Nullarbor Plain
[10] This roughly 500-square mile diamond-shaped region in the north of Laos contains the town of Phonsavan, the capital of Xieng Khuang.
Answer: Plain of Jars
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The early Renaissance philosopher George of this place actually hailed from Crete and taught language in Mantua. FTPE:,
[10] Name this city on the coast of the Black Sea which was the center of an empire that outlasted the Byzantine Empire in Constantinople after its founding in 1204, until it was finally taken over by Mehmet II.
Answer: Trebizond
[10] After the Latin invasion of Constantinople, Alexius of this Byzantine family established himself as emperor of Trebizond. A better known member of this family was Anna, who compiled the Alexiad chronicle.
Answer: Comnenus (accept variants - Komnenos, Comnenid, Comneni)
[10] The empire at Trebizond frequently clashed with this sultanate established by the Seljuk Turks at Iznik and Konya in the 1070s. This was the strongest of the sultan states which emerged after Manzikert.
Answer: Sultanate of Rum (also accept Iconium)
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You know what seems to be all the rage these days? Baseball pitchers who have survived cancer. Name these ones, FTPE.,
[10] This lymphoma survivor pitched the clinching game of last year's World Series for the Red Sox and threw a no-hitter in May.
Answer: Jon Lester
[10] This starter for the Arizona Diamondbacks known as "Double D" returned to their rotation this season after having his cancerous thyroid removed.
Answer: Doug Davis
[10] A less-recent survivor was this left-handed reliever diagnosed with testicular cancer before reaching the majors. He pitched his first four years from 1999 to 2003 with the Angels, winning the World Series with them as their lefty specialist, and he's now pitching pretty well for the Mets.
Answer: Scott Schoeneweis
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This thinker discussed how incoming communities are pushed aside by dominant existing ones in his study The Established and the Outsiders, written with John Scotson, and he discussed achieving "reality congruence" in his work on Involvement and Detachment. FTPE:,
[10] Name this author of The Loneliness of the Dying who, along with Eric Dunning, wrote about the role of sport and leisure in society in The Quest for Excitement.
Answer: Norbert Elias
[10] Norbert Elias is best known for this two-volume classic of sociology, in which he traces the development of attitudes toward things like table manners, sex, violence, and bodily functions in Western Europe since the formation of the post-medieval state.
Answer: The Civilizing Process
[10] A similar three-volume work, The History of Sexuality, was written by this philosopher; its first volume "The Will to Power" discussed the development of biopower.
Answer: Michel Foucault
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Allegedly based on a real-life event involving John Hossack which the author covered as a reporter for the Des Moines Daily, this work was an adaptation of the one-act play Trifles. FTPE:,
[10] Name this short story which revolves around Minnie Wright and her relation to townspeople like Lewis and Martha Hale.
Answer: "A Jury of Her Peers"
[10] This playwright from Iowa wrote "A Jury of Her Peers" and won a Pulitzer for her play Alison's House, based on the life of Emily Dickinson.
Answer: Susan Glaspell
[10] Along with her husband George Cram Cook, Glaspell founded this theater troupe in Massachusetts in 1915, which often staged her plays and those of Eugene O'Neill.
Answer: The Provincetown Players
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It was reprinted by Henry Highland Garnet in 1848 along with his piece "Address to the Slaves." FTPE:,
[10] Name this 76-page pamphlet published in September 1829 and discovered in Savannah calling for immediate emancipation, written by David Walker.
Answer: Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World (full title: Walker's Appeal, in Four Articles; Together with a Preamble to the Coloured Citizens of the World, but in Particular, and Very Expressly, to Those of the United States of America)
[10] David Walker's Appeal was denounced as needlessly militant by this anti-slavery newspaper founded in Mount Pleasant, Ohio in 1821 by the Quaker abolitionist Benjamin Lundy.
Answer: The Genius of Universal Emancipation (prompt on "The Genius")
[10] Lundy was the mentor to William Lloyd Garrison, who founded this famous anti-slavery paper in Boston in 1831, with its motto "Our Country is the World - Our Countrymen are All Mankind."
Answer: The Liberator
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It asserts that the Taylor-expanded L-series of an elliptic curve has a specific form and is zero for the argument of For ten points each:,
[10] Identify this unproven conjecture that is one of the Clay Institute's Millennium Problems.
Answer: Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture
[10] Progress toward a proof was made when this mathematician proved the related Taniyama-Shimura conjecture in 1999. His proof was also the final step for another famous unsolved problem.
Answer: Andrew Wiles
[10] The Taniyama-Shimura and Swinnerton-Dyer conjectures are related to algebraic geometry, which studies the zero sets of polynomials. This fundamental structure of algebraic geometry is defined as the set of values on which a polynomial or set of polynomials is equal to zero.
Answer: algebraic variety
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The monastic form of this religious movement originally consisted of the Windesheim Canons under the leadership of Florentius Radwijns. FTPE:,
[10] Name this "Brotherhood of the Common Life" founded by Dutch ascetic Gerhart Groote around 1376 in Deventer.
Answer: Devotio Moderna (Modern Devotion)
[10] The principal text of the Devotio is this major work by Thomas a Kempis, which preaches passive self-renunciation and has been translated by Pierre Corneille.
Answer: The Imitation of Christ (De imitatione Christi)
[10] The Devotio was heavily influenced by the thought of this Dominican mystic, whose theses were condemned as heretical by Pope John XXII; he issued a "Defence" of his positions contending that the spark of the soul allows one to know God.
Answer: Meister Eckhart (Eckhart von Hochheim)
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Name these agreements which ended portions of the Great Northern War, FTPE.,
[10] The entire war was officially ended by this 1721 treaty, by which Sweden agreed to cede Livonia, Estonia, Ingria, and part of Karelia to Russia, which responded by evacuating Finland and giving up two million thalers.
Answer: Treaty of Nystadt
[10] Unfortunately for Sweden, this 1711 treaty signed along a namesake river ended the war between Peter the Great and the Ottoman Empire. It mandated the return of Azov to the Turks and the destruction of fortresses like Taganrog.
Answer: Treaty of the Pruth
[10] The war between Sweden and Denmark was finally ended by this 1720 treaty signed at a namesake castle. Sweden ceded Holstein-Gottorp and agreed to pay tolls for use of the Oresund.
Answer: Treaty of Frederiksborg (accept reasonable pronunciations)
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Identify these different models of the Universe for ten points each.,
[10] This early model of the universe assumes no pressure, constant curvature, isotropy, and no cosmological constant. It is the most famous static model, and one of its namesakes is responsible for another matter-less model.
Answer: Einstein-de Sitter model
[10] The model most used by modern cosmologists, it includes a famous equation dealing with expansion along with a solution of Einstein's equation due to two men.
Answer: Friedmann-Roberston-Walker-Lemaitre Model OR FRWL Model (NOTE: order of names is not important)
[10] The Friedmann Equation is most often written in terms of the scale factor, but it may also be written in terms of this related quantity that is the proportionality constant between an object's distance and recession speed.
Answer: Hubble's constant
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Answer stuff about important letters in 19th century American history, FTPE.,
[10] In the Nicholson Letter of 1847, this former Secretary of War under Jackson and governor of Michigan put forth one of his first enunciations of popular sovereignty.
Answer: Lewis Cass
[10] These letters were written by James Blaine to Boston entrepreneur Warren Fisher, and named for a disgruntled clerk who leaked them. They indicated that Blaine had gotten kickbacks from the Little Rock & Fort Smith Railroad company in return for securing a land grant, and were widely published during Blaine's 1884 presidential run.
Answer: Mulligan Letters
[10] This letter written by James K. Polk to the namesake politician was a statement of his campaign policy to reduce tariffs; it helped him defeat Clay in 1844 and was realized with the passage of the moderate Walker Tariff.
Answer: Kane Letter

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