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2007 Chicago Open Tossups by Editors
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A narrator recounts accompanying his mother's coffin in "Sailing Home from Rapallo," while another piece,* "Waking in the Blue," attests to the author's stay at a hospital. Part three of this work contains four poems named for writers including George Santayana and Delmore Schwartz, while the second section is a long prose passage entitled "91 Revere Street." Other works included are "Beyond the Alps" and "The Banker's Daughter." Preceded by the author's collection The Mills of the Kavanaughs, its fourth and final section ends with the oft-anthologized poem, "Skunk Hour." For ten points, identify this work which ushered in the school of Confessional poetry and won the 1960 National Book Award for Poetry for its author, Robert Lowell.
Answer: Life Studies (*prompt on Lowell until this point)
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One method of creating these compounds enantioselectively uses a catalyst derived from fructose and is named after Shi, while the Sharpless method uses a chiral titanium catalyst and diethyl tartarate. They can also be created by using sulfonium ylides on carbonyl compounds in the Johnson-Corey-Chaykovsky reaction. Another method of creating them goes through the so-called "Butterfly mechanism", and occurs by reacting MCPBA with an alkane, while base treatment of a halohydrin proceeds via an SN2 mechanism. Because they have very high ring strain, they are able to react with carbon nucleophiles to form alcohols. Also called oxycyclopropanes, FTP, name these cyclic ethers.
Answer: Epoxides or Oxiranes or oxycyclopropanes before mention
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Seized in 1815 and confined in the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts until 1901, much of the background of this work is painted in various shades of gray, which contrasts with the greenish-blue furniture in the foreground. It was probably originally displayed in La Moncloa, though only at certain times, but eventually appeared in the collection of Manuel de Godoy, along with its less risque counterpart. Its subject reclines on a divan and holds her hands behind her head in order to expose her body more fully to the viewer. For ten points, identify this painting of a naked woman who may or may not be the artist's love, the Duchess of Alba, a work by Goya.
Answer: The Nude Maja or The Naked Maja or La Maja Desnuda
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Two of its leaders were William Leete and Francis Newman, while it was founded by Theophilus Eaton and John Davenport. After the initial settlement, it expanded, founding towns such as Milford, Fairfield, Branford and Hamden. It sheltered John Dixwell, Edward Whalley and William Goffe, three regicides of Charles I, and it may be for that reason that it was amalgated into a nearby settlement, though the central settlement of the same name remained co-capital of the colony, and later the state until 1873. Originally called Quinnipac, it may also have been amalgamated in order to increase population pressure on New Amsterdam to the west. FTP, name this Puritan colony of New England, where the Collegiate School moved to in 1716.
Answer: New Haven
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An impostor masquerading as his mother was discovered after she cursed him with sores and worms on one leg, but his father gave him a cock that cured him of his affliction. His assistants included two brindled, four-eyed dogs, and his steed, a buffalo. Early legends state that he lived in a palace of burnished gold rivaling the sun, but later accounts state that he lived in Kalichi, a gloomy palace. He showed mercy in the tale of Satyavan and Savitri, but he got into trouble when he callously tried to drag Markandeya away from a lingam using his noose. FTP name this son of Vivasvat or Surya and brother of the Aswin twins who became the first man to die and subsequently took over as the Hindu god of the dead.
Answer: Yama
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His verse includes a number of love poems, including a "Fantasy" and a "Rapture," dedicated to "Laura" as well as the historical ballad "A Hostage." He justified the need for art by discussing humanity's need to balance its rational and sensual nature with what he termed the "the play drive" in his On the Aesthetic Education of Man. In another of his works an obstinate father causes the death of his son Ferdinand, who has fallen in love with the musician's daughter, Luise Muller. That play, Intrigue and Love, was preceded by a play about the power struggle between the brothers Karl and Franz and followed by his take on Elizabeth I's Scottish rival and a Trilogy about a general during the Thirty Year's War. For ten points, identify this German author of Mary Stuart, The Robbers, and Wallenstein.
Answer: Friedrich Schiller
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These objects are subject to the so-called "odd number theorem," which does not hold in the case of a cosmic string. They give rise to a Shapiro effect that combines with optical path differences to produce time delays between different rays. The weak-field limit gives twice the Schwarzschild radius over the impact parameter for the deflection angle, while the strong-field limit is characterized by arcs and multiple images. A source on the line of sight to one of these will produce an Einstein ring. FTP name these phenomena in which a massive object deflects and focuses light from a background source.
Answer: gravitational lenses
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His demand for a "young classicism" was articulated in 1907's Project for a New Musical Esthetic, in which he discussed such areas as electronic and microtonal music, avenues later explored by his student Edgard Varese. His operas include the unfinished Doktor Faustus and Arlecchino, and he based an orchestral suite on a commedia dell'arte play by Carlo Gozzi called Turandot. He is better known for a piano arrangement of the chaconne from Bach's D Minor Violin Partita, a massive piano concerto requiring a male chorus in its 5th movement, and his Fantasia Contrappuntistica for solo piano based on the unfinished triple fugue from Bach's The Art of Fugue. FTP, name this Italian-German composer and virtuoso pianist.
Answer: Ferrucio Busoni
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Culturally, one of the most significant accomplishments of his reign was the assembly of the Siku quanshu (pron. approx.: Suh-koo Tchooen-shu), or the Emperor's Four Treasuries, a vast catalogue of Chinese literature. His armies established the Dalai Lama as the ruler of Tibet, but his forces were forced to withdraw from Vietnam after an attack during Tet. Fourth son of the Yongzheng (pron. approx.: Yong-jung) Emperor, he was also the favorite grandson of the Kangxi (pron. approx.: Kang-hsyee) Emperor. Assuming the throne in 1722, he retired in 1796 in favor of his son the Jiaqing (pron. approx.: Jia-tching) Emperor, but he retained supreme power until his death in 1799. During the later years of his reign, he relied on his massively corrupt favorite Heshen the Macartney embassy. FTP, name this Qing dynasty emperor, considered to have presided over the height of that dynasty's rule.
Answer: Qianlong (pron. approx.: Tchien-long) Emperor or Abkai Wehiyehe Emperor or Qing Gaozong (accept Hongli until it is mentioned)
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This man proposed a namesake criterion that avoids Gorman's intransitivity, unlike the Scitovsky and Kaldor-Hicks criteria. He developed the social welfare function introduced by Bergson and related comparative statics to dynamics in his "correspondence principle." He also proved the Factor Price Equalization Theorem and one of the first "Non-Substitution" Theorems. He collaborated with Dorfman and Solow on the text Linear Programming and Economic Analysis and studied the interaction between multiplier and accelerator effects. FTP name this 1970 Nobelist who developed the theory of revealed preference and wrote the classic introductory text Economics.
Answer: Paul Anthony Samuelson
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As the tale progresses we are told that the missing Italian teacher must be found and terminated. Section Six features an exchange with some unlucky mariners who are residing in a cave below a golf course, that scene occurs right after the protagonist encounters the beautiful Kismine on a walk in the woods. The story, which originally appeared in a 1922 issue of The Smart Set, opens as a young man from Hades leaves for the St. Midas School in Boston, once there he meets a young man from Montana named Percy who claims that his father is the richest man in the world. The tale ends after Braddock Washington has unsuccessfully tried to bribe God with the title object and instead decides to blow up his chateau, which literally sits on a fortune. For ten points, identify this work about John. T Unger, an F. Scott Fitzgerald story titled for a jewel as large as a luxury hotel.
Answer: "The Diamond as Big as the Ritz"
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The Mergui Archipelago lies at this country's southern tip, the state of Tenasserim, which is separated by the Bilaktaung ranges from its eastern neighbour. The Pegu Yomas are a range of low hills along the Sittang River in the center, while the Arakan Yomas face the port of Akyab along the western coast. Ports on the Gulf of Martaban include both its capital and the city of Moulmein. FTP, name this country whose larger rivers are the Chindwin and the Irrawaddy.
Answer: Burma or Myanmar
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One of the early battles in this conflict was the Battle of Nicotera. One side instituted one of Europe's first permanent naval organizations, ably led by Roger of Lauria, who won the Battle of the Counts, the Battle of Col Panissars and the Battle of Castellammare, where he captured the heir to the other side's throne, Charles of Salerno. In part encouraged by Byzantine Emperor Michael VIII Paleologus, Peter III diverted a crusade directed towards North Africa to a kingdom once ruled by Manfred to depose Charles I, who was also Count of Provence and Anjou. FTP, name this war between Angevin and Aragonese forces said to have been started when French soldiers molested women of Palermo, name in part for a church service.
Answer: War of the Sicilian Vespers
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These cells can be divided into types I and II based on their expression of Ran2 and A2B5, and caveolin-1 is a potential marker for tumors of these cells. They link to each other via gap junctions, forming a syncytium, and one type of them that exists in the cerebellum is known as Bergmann's cells. Their membranes have a high density of potassium channels, which allow them to control the ionic content of the extracellular space, and another type of them extend foot-like processes in the blood-brain barrier. FTP, name this class of glia that take their name from their star-like shape.
Answer: Astrocytes or Astroglia (Prompt on glia before mention)
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One character in this book is the son of Clegg, the last man in England to be hanged for book-murder. Near the end of this novel, another character takes up the position of Champion of the Castle of the Plucked Eye and Heart. In addition to Vinculus and Lascelles, this novel's characters include John Uskglass, also known as the Raven King, whose return is facilitated by the title characters, who both wind up shrouded in Impenetrable Darkness. FTP name this 2004 novel by Susanna Clarke which tells the story of the title pair of English magicians.
Answer: Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
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The first one, known as "Lord Bull," was a giant whose 100 sons were each 500 bow-shots tall, but successive ones decreased in stature. One of them was associated with snakes and established the fourfold restraint, which was later expanded into the great vows with a vow of celibacy added by the final one. Their stories make up a portion of the Deeds of the 63 Illustrious Men, but the 19th is said to have been a woman according to the white-clad sect. FTP, Lords Rishabha, Parshva and Mahavira are among this group of 24 enlightened "ford-makers" of Jainism.
Answer: tirthankaras (accept "ford-makers" before mention in the question)
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His later works include the study Wyandot Government and the report On the Evolution of Language. On occasion, he was joined by the English Frank Goodman and George Bridger, a former soldier. He met the latter well after his own stint with the army, where he attained the rank of major, serving as chief of artillery with the 17th Corps. After the war, he founded the Illinois Museum of Natural History and began his anthropological studies. The subject of Wallace Stegner's Beyond the Hundredth Meridian, the most famous of his expeditions, undertaken on his trademark "armchair boat," began on the Green River. For ten points, identify this one-armed explorer whose trips down the Colorado River included the first passage through the Grand Canyon.
Answer: John Wesley Powell
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Its third and final part is dedicated to Waldo Frank and is immediately preceded by the story of a couple who meet in gym class, "Bona and Paul." Another tale ends with the heroine, Fern, finding out that the man she had idealized for so long, a preacher named King Barlo, is really a charlatan. Interspersed among the various prose pieces are fifteen poems including "Conversion," which traces the failure of African gods in the new world, and "Georgia Dusk," which reflects on race memory. Perhaps best known for the closet drama "Kabnis," this Modernist volume's contents document the black experience from a variety of perspectives. For ten points identify this Harlem Renaissance classic, the best known work of Jean Toomer.
Answer: Cane
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In the composite fermion model of the fractional quantum Hall Effect, electrons are bound to quanta associated with this property. In single-particle orbit theory, its value within the drift surface is the third adiabatic invariant, and the first invariant is its value within a gyroradius-size loop about the guiding center. In ideal MHD, Alfven's theorem states that its value through any closed loop is conserved. A version of Gauss's theorem states that its value over a closed surface is zero in the absence of magnetic monopoles, and Faraday's law relates its time derivative to the induced emf. FTP name this quantity measured in webers, given by the average magnetic field times the perpendicular area it threads.
Answer: magnetic flux
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One work with this English title includes a discussion of Baudelaire and his consciousness of modernity, and it cautions against confusing the title concept with humanism. Another work by this name contrasts the title concept with culture, asserting that the former has to do with theoretical matters. In addition to these works by Michel Foucault and Moses Mendelssohn, a 1784 essay by this name was written in response to an article by Johann Zollner. Its author distinguishes between the public and private use of reason, and defines the title concept as "mankind's exit from its self-incurred immaturity." For 10 points, all of these essays discuss what title question about the nature of an intellectual awakening, that was most famously discussed by Immanuel Kant?
Answer: "What is Enlightenment?" (I suppose you should also accept "Qu'est-ce que les Lumieres?" and "Was ist Aufklarung?" and "Was heisst Aufklarung?")
2007 Chicago Open Bonuses by Editors
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Identify the following World War II naval battles in the Pacific, FTPE.,
[10] The Japanese failed to disrupt the invasion of Saipan in this June 1944 battle, where inexperienced Japanese naval aviators fared so poorly that American pilots nicknamed the engagement the "Great Marianas Turkey Shoot."
Answer: Battle of the Philippine Sea
[10] In this August 1942 night battle, the first of five major naval engagements in the Guadalcanal campaign, the Japanese sank four cruisers to the Allies' none.
Answer: Battle of Savo Island
[10] In this component of the Battle of Leyte Gulf, six American battleships, including the California and the West Virginia, fired the last broadside in naval history to sink the oncoming Japanese force.
Answer: Battle of Surigao Strait
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
His publications include "The Eruption of Deciduous Teeth Among Hebrew Infants," which is probably not as exciting as it sounds. FTPE:,
[10] Name this anthropologist who wrote "The Central Eskimo," a monograph from his first expedition to Baffin Island, many years before he expired in Levi-Strauss's arms.
Answer: Franz Boas
[10] This man wrote his dissertation, "The Cattle Complex in East Africa," under Boas. He also wrote The Myth of the Negro Past and founded the first African Studies department in the US, at Northwestern.
Answer: Melville Herskovits
[10] This anthropologist's study of Indianola, Mississippi resulted in After Freedom: A Cultural Study in the Deep South. She also wrote Hollywood, the Dream Factory.
Answer: Hortense Powdermaker
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following about notable series in literature and their authors, on a 10/5 basis:,
[10] Written between 1904 and 1912 this ten volume work focuses on the title hero, a German musician born with the last name Kraft, who criticizes the disintegration of values in Western Europe.
Answer: Jean Christophe
[5] This Frenchman and author of such works as The Soul Enchanted wrote Jean Christophe.
Answer: Romain Rolland
[10] A subset of the Waverley Novels, this series contained such boring books as Old Mortality and The Black Dwarf. They were named after a fictional figure who presided over the Wallace Inn at Gandercleugh.
Answer: Tales of My Landlord
[5] This Scottish author of Ivanhoe wrote Tales of My Landlord.
Answer: Sir Walter Scott
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
There are deontic, doxastic and temporal types of it, and classic texts on it were written by Hughes and Cresswell, and Lemmon and Scott. For 10 points each:,
[10] Give the term for a deductive system that deals with the concepts of possibility and necessity.
Answer: modal logic
[10] This American philosopher is credited with founding modal logic. Sometime considered a late pragmatist, he wrote such books as Mind and World Order and An Analysis of Knowledge and Valuation.
Answer: Clarence Irving Lewis
[10] The standard semantics for modal logic was developed by this philosopher while still an undergraduate at Harvard. He is better known for his unorthodox interpretation of Wittgenstein and for his book Naming and Necessity.
Answer: Saul Kripke
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
The process of human fertilization has many steps. FTPE:,
[10] First, the sperm bind to the glycoproteins of this structure. In non-humans, it is called the vitelline layer.
Answer: Zona Pellucida
[10] Binding to the ZP causes the release of this vesicle from the sperm head; it contains hydrolytic enzymes like hyaluonidase.
Answer: Acrosome
[10] This soluble protein, found in sperm cytoplasm, is thought to be responsible for the post-fertilization calcium wave. Other proteins in its class are activated by G-proteins and cleave PIP2 into IP3.
Answer: Phospholipase C-zeta (prompt on partial, prompt on "sperm factor")
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
In order to kill the giantess Hilde, he had to cut her in twain with his sword Naglering and then leap between the two halves of her body without looking at her. FTPE:,
[10] Name this hero who was eventually carried off by a black horse to Hell, to a desert where he fights dragons until Judgment Day, or to confront the traitor Witege.
Answer: Dietrich of Bern
[10] This dwarf and master smith gave Naglering to Dietrich. He shares his name with the dwarf who guarded the treasure of the Nibelungs before being overcome by Siegfried.
Answer: Alberich
[10] In the Nibelungenlied, Dietrich binds and delivers Hagen and Gunther to this wife of Etzel. She beheads Hagen and her brother Gunther, then Dietrich's mentor Hildebrand kills her. Then the survivors lament for a while.
Answer: Kriemhild
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following about a recurring literary character, for ten points each:,
[10] Her story forms the basis of The Clerk's Tale in the Canterbury Tales, where a husband named Walther decides to test her loyalty with a series of bizarre machinations. Needless to say she remains steadfast.
Answer: Patient Griselda or Grissel
[10] The story of Patient Griselda is the tenth tale, told on the tenth day of this author's The Decameron.
Answer: Giovanni Boccaccio
[10] This author of such novels as The Absentee and Castle Rackrent published an updated version of the story, The Modern Griselda, in 1804.
Answer: Maria Edgeworth
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name these parliamentary opponents of Charles I, three of the five MPs the king attempted to arrest in January 1642.,
[10] He was tried in 1637 for failure to pay ship money. Gray's Elegy claimed that each village had one like him who withstood "the little tyrant of his fields."
Answer: John Hampden
[10] He raised a regiment of armored horsemen known as the "lobsters" for Roundhead service, and then was accused of corruption as governor of Newcastle.
Answer: Arthur Haselrig
[10] Described as "king" of the Long Parliament, he supervised the impeachment of Strafford and sealed the Scottish alliance before his 1643 death from cancer.
Answer: John Pym
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
The ferromagnetic and superfluid transitions are examples of this class of transitions. FTPE:,
[10] Name this class of symmetry-breaking phase transitions characterized by continuous change in the material's state and the absence of any associated latent heat.
Answer: second-order phase transitions (prompt on continuous phase transitions)
[10] This man's model of second-order phase transitions introduces the order parameter. He derived a formula for plasma wave damping by energy transfer to particles moving near the wave phase velocity.
Answer: Lev Davidovich Landau
[10] Second-order phase transitions are grouped into universality classes with the same values for these parameters. They appear in relations for the specific heat, correlation length and other quantities as power laws of the reduced temperature.
Answer: critical exponents
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
FTPE, name these religions established in the 20th century, none of which is Eckankar.,
[10] The Ouija board is an instrument of divination in this religion that ranks Earth as the 68th planet out of 72 in terms of closeness to Heaven. Sun Yat-Sen, Victor Hugo and Trang Trinh are 3 of its major saints. ANSWER: Cao Dai
[10] The Holy Piby and The Royal Parchment Scroll of Black Supremacy are two important texts in this religion that warns against the evils of Babylon.
Answer: Rastafarianism
[10] A Day of Remembrance for Raud the Strong, who was killed by having a snake forced down his throat, and Stikklestad Day, celebrating the death of St. Olaf, are two of the holidays of this religion of Norse Paganism.
Answer: Asatru
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following about some examples of a hybrid musical form.,
[10] Originating in Mannheim during the classical era, it was a variation on the Baroque concerto grosso, featuring soloists that did not openly dominate the orchestra. The most famous one is Mozart's K. 364 in E-flat major for violin and viola.
Answer: sinfonia concertante
[10] This youngest son of J.S. Bach was a prolific composer of sinfonia concertantes in the 1770s.
Answer: Johann Christian Bach
[10] One of this composer's last major works was his 1952 Sinfonia concertante for cello and orchestra, written in collaboration with Mstislav Rostropovich. His second violin sonata was originally a flute sonata that was transcribed for violin by David Oistrakh.
Answer: Sergei Prokofiev
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following about an event that has received numerous literary treatments, for ten points each:,
[10] Named for a certain state where it took place, it featured a disgraced woman urging her new husband to kill her former seducer; Thomas Holley Chivers treated it in Conrad and Eudora and William Gilmore Simms in his 1842 work Beauchampe.
Answer: Kentucky Tragedy
[10] In this man's version of the Kentucky Tragedy, World Enough and Time, the book plays up the suicide pact of the doomed lovers. He also wrote All the King's Men.
Answer: Robert Penn Warren
[10] This author included the events of the Kentucky Tragedy in his unfinished 1835 play Politian. It also includes his previously published poem "The Coliseum."
Answer: Edgar Allan Poe
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Identify the following things from theoretical computer science, FTPE.,
[10] Created by Alonzo Church, this formal system has expressions that consist of an identifier, a function definition, or a function application.
Answer: Lambda Calculus
[10] Moses Schonfinkel discovered the S and K types of these, which can be used together to express any computable function.
Answer: Combinators
[10] This theorem states that it is undecidable whether a partial function has a non-trivial property, where a trivial property is one that is true for all partial functions or no partial functions.
Answer: Rice-Myhill-Shapiro Theorem
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Identify the following men appointed by Abraham Lincoln, FTPE.,
[10] Lincoln's Secretary of War and Attorney General under Buchanan, it was his dismissal by Andrew Johnson that prompted Johnson's impeachment.
Answer: Edwin Stanton
[10] This Missouri politician was Lincoln's first Attorney General, serving until 1864.
Answer: Edward Bates
[10] In 1863, Lincoln appointed this Californian judge to the Supreme Court to maintain the Court's pro-Union balance. His views on constitutional protection of property and freedom of contract would later be adopted by the Court in Lochner v. New York.
Answer: Stephen Field
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following related to justifying poetry, for ten points each:,
[10] This man's argument for the use of classical, quantitative meters in English prompted Samuel Daniel to write the 1602 work Defence of Rhyme. His own collections include A Book of Airs.
Answer: Thomas Campion
[10] This poet and courtier wrote his celebrated Defence of Poesy around the same time as his Arcadia.
Answer: Sir Philip Sidney
[10] This man's The Four Ages of Poetry prompted Percy Shelley to write his own Defence. He might be best known for satirical novels like Headlong Hall and Nightmare Abbey.
Answer: Thomas Love Peacock
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
One formulation of it states that the absorption is equal to the product of the path length, concentration, and molar absorptivity. FTPE:,
[10] Name this law, named for two Germans scientists.
Answer: Beer-Lambert-Bouger Law (Beer's Law is also acceptable for those who don't listen. Accept any order)
[10] The Beer-Lambert law is the operating principle behind these devices, which shine a light through a cuvette to measure the concentration of a sample.
Answer: Spectrophotometer (word forms ok)
[10] This spectrophotometric assay uses Coomassie blue, a dye that has a strong absorbance at 595 nm, in order to measure the concentration of protein in a solution.
Answer: Bradford protein assay
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Sculptor and his works, for ten points each:,
[10] This Naples-born artist's David is poised to launch his projectile, while his Aeneas, Anchises, and Ascanius depicts the three men at different stages of their lives.
Answer: Gianlorenzo Bernini
[10] Bernini designed a triumphal chair depicting the Labors of Hercules for the St. Peter's Basilica. This came some years after he erected this masterpiece composed of large bronze columns that mark St. Peter's tomb.
Answer: Baldachino (prompt on "Canopy")
[10] Bernini's best known work is this marble group in the Cornaro chapel that shows an angel about to pierce the title figure with an arrow.
Answer: Ecstasy of St. Theresa
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Identify these early prophets of armored warfare.,
[10] Although his 1934 work The Army of the Future called for extensive mechanization, he was given only one armored division in 1940. Subsequent defeat and flight to England launched him to the presidency of the Fifth Republic.
Answer: Charles De Gaulle
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
(I noticed there was another de Gaulle part somewhere else, but completely nonoverlapping…),
[10] His work on the "deep battle" in 1928's The Battle and the Operation laid the foundation for the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany. He wasn't around to enjoy it: Stalin had him put in front of a firing squad in 1937.
Answer: Mikhail Tukhachevsky
[10] This British general's "Plan 1919" called for the mass use of tanks to win a war that by then was mercifully over. In peacetime he wrote The Reformation of War and Decisive Battles of the Western World.
Answer: John Frederick Charles Fuller
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Its receptor was characterized by Stephen Roper, but the chemical responsible for it was isolated in 1908 by Kikunae Ikdea. FTPE:,
[10] Name this fifth taste, whose name comes from the Japanese word for "delicious."
Answer: Umami or Savoriness
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
[10[The receptor for umami is a G-protein-coupled receptor that responds to this amino acid, which also triggers NMDA and AMPA receptors,
[10] Many metabotropic taste receptors activate this G-protein; knocking it out results in an inability to taste bitter and sweet substances.

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