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2007 Chicago Open Tossups by CohnFerKemTour
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Holmstrom and Gibbard and Satherthwaite proposed similar theories, while Duncan Black proposed that this theory be modified with the so-called "single-peaked preference" principle. Its criterion IIA, also known as the Chernoff condition or Sen's property alpha, concerns the independence of irrelevant alternatives. Proposed in the 1951 book Social Choice and Individual Values, its other criteria include restricted domain, monotonicity, non-imposition, and non-dictatorship. FTP name this theorem holding that no voting system based on ranked preferences can meet these criteria given at least three options to select.
Answer: 2. This period's early years saw the Sonoman and Marathon orogenies, while in later years the Sphenycodontia evolved to form early therapsids. Fusulinids and ammonoids are index fossils for this period, during which the development of the Tethys Ocean began. Euteryptids and trilobites became extinct during this period, and, during its Kungurian age, the super-continent Pangaea was formed. Fossil deposit sites from this period include a basin near Lubbock, Texas and a namesake region in the foothills of the Ural Mountains. For 10 points, name this final period of the Paleozoic that ended with the largest-known extinction event. Permian period
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This soldier first made his name at Booneville, Mississippi, where his unit beat an enemy force five times larger. His later posts included governing Texas, and he once claimed that if he owned Hell and Texas, he'd rent out Texas and live in Hell. Highlights in between included counterattacking successfully at Perryville, winning at Yellow Tavern, where his nemesis J.E.B. Stuart was killed, and joining his men in a spontaneous and successful charge up Missionary Ridge. For 10 points, name this namesake of a square in the West Village who, after replacing David Hunter, routed Jubal Early in an 1864 Shenandoah Valley campaign, and who was Grant's best cavalry general in spite of his extreme youth and shortness.
Answer: Arrow's impossibility theorem
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Notable translators of this work include Sir Israel Gollancz in 1891 and Sister Mary Hillman in 1967. The narrator experiences a vision of the New Jerusalem in the poem's third part. In the second section, the narrator discusses whether the title figure has replaced Mary as the queen of heaven, before she recites the parable of the Vineyard . Composed of 101 stanzas, it opens after the narrator falls asleep in an "erber grene" while mourning the loss of the title figure. For 10 points, name this work, probably written by the author of "Cleanness," "Patience," and "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight," an allegorical poem in Old English.
Answer: 5. Lopes et al used them to study the effects of D. desulfuricans upon stainless steel, and Pei developed a light-emitting variety containing ITO. The capacity of a series of these items is described by Peukert's law, and their components can be arranged in bobbin, spirally-wound, and prismatic arrangements. The crowfoot variety, which was developed by Callaud, lacked a porous barrier, unlike the earlier Daniell variety, whose reactants were copper sulfate and zinc sulfate. Their potentials may be determined from their component concentrations by the Nernst equation. For 10 points, name these structures containing paired redox reactions which, when linked in series, can form a battery. electrochemical cells or galvanic cells orA voltaic cells
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Its artist had treated the subject just two years earlier in an apparent self-portrait that depicted the title figure as ill. A white sheet attempts to cover a soiled mattress on the left. The foreground is dominated by a stone table covered with a basket of overripe fruit and a glass carafe filled with red liquid. The titular figure seems to beckon the audience to taste the contents of his fine goblet. Painted during the artist's stay with Francesco del Monte, its namesake figure is pudgy and fingers a black velvet bowl as he holds together his white robe. For ten points, identify this 1597 Caravaggio painting showing the Roman god of wine.
Answer: Pearl
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His first significant post was as Home Secretary under Gladstone and Rosebery, and sources for his personal life include his amorous correspondence with Venetia Stanley. The only Prime Minister to take office on foreign soil, he was Chancellor of the Exchequer until he succeeded Henry Campbell-Bannerman. In the seventh year of his term, he was forced to form a coalition with the Tories and Bonar Law. A year later he was outmaneuvered and forced to make way for a man whose "People's Budget" he had championed in 1909. For 10 points, name this Liberal Prime Minister from 1908-16 who led Britain into World War I and was succeeded by Lloyd George.
Answer: Bacchus
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This school's "new" phase was begun either by Arcesilaus [ahr-kess-uh-LAY-us], who posited the idea that nothing can be mentally grasped, called akatalepsia, or by Carneades [kahr-NAY-uh-deez], who while on a visit to Rome argued on successive days for and against justice, until Cato got him expelled as a threat to morals. The paradoxically later "old" phase was centered on Antiochus of Ascalon and set forth in Latin by Cicero, and abandoned skepticism to move closer to positions of the Stoics and Peripatetics, claiming that they were the true representatives of the schools' founder. Speusippus in 347 BC became the second head of, for 10 points, what school based around a gymnasium outside of Athens and founded by Plato?
Answer: 9. An analog of this phenomenon has been used to develop part of the Cheshire Cat Principle, that baryon mass is nearly independent of bag radius in the chiral bag model. In the case of unbroken supersymmetry, repulsive contributions from fermionic photinos would nullify the normal attractive effect. It namesake calculated its strength by considering only virtual photons with standing wavefunctions in the cavity. For 10 points, name this short-range attractive force between two parallel uncharged conducting plates in a vacuum. Casimir effect
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One of the central scenes in this opera is in the Oldenwald forest, in which the titular character lulls Regina to sleep with a concert of angels and is then beset by tempters representing lust, luxury, and money. Set during the Peasant's Rebellion of 1524-1525, its premiere was postponed due to Nazi opposition, and its composer extracted three scenes?"Angelic Concert," "Entombment," and the "Temptation of St. Anthony"? to form the movements of a symphony of the same name. FTP, identify this opera or symphony about a painter, based on the Isenheim altarpiece by Grunewald, a work by Paul Hindemith.
Answer: 15. Fionnuala (finn-ooh-la) and her brothers were transformed into these creatures by their wicked stepmother. Hyria and her son by Apollo both turned into these animals after jumping into a lake, and Apollo used one to travel to the Hyperboreans. In the Volundarkvitha, Volund and his brothers wed three women associated with these creatures, but after 7 years they fly away. The relentless questioning of the Princess of Brabant caused one to bear her away her husband, Lohengrin. FTP name this animal associated with Apollo's son Cycnus whose guise Zeus took while impregnating Leda. swans
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Key common institutions of this people included the religious festival of the Carneia, and the division into three tribes called Hylleis [hill-AY-is], Dymanes [die-MAN-eez], and Pamphili, which were famously renamed in Sicyon by the tyrant Cleisthenes. This people claimed that their mother-city was a namesake polis in central Greece whose mythical king had allied himself with the sons of Heracles in their efforts to conquer the Peloponnese. Their dialect is used in the poetry of Theocritus and the choruses of tragedy, and was spoken throughout Greek Sicily and Italy. For 10 points, name this Greek ethnic group that included Sicyonians, Argives, Syracusans, Corinthians and Spartans, and saw itself as the ancestral enemy of the Ionians.
Answer: Mathis der Maler
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These objects can exhibit a quadratic transverse Doppler shift known as the Shklovskii effect. The distance to one of these objects can be estimated from the line-of-sight electron column density, known as the dispersion measure. A braking index of less than 3 can occur in models where the magnetic and rotational axes are misaligned, producing a "lighthouse effect." Initially termed "LGM" upon their discovery by Jocelyn Bell and Anthony Hewish, FTP name these rapidly-spinning, magnetized neutron stars whose emission sweeps past Earth at regular intervals.
Answer: Dorians (prompt on "Spartans" or equivalents before the penultimate line; do not accept or prompt on "Greeks" or "Hellenes")
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This man's writings include The Spiritual Resurrection and Meditation on the 25th Psalm, both written after the fall of Munster in 1535, in which he may have lost a brother named Peter. This man was taken into the nonviolent Anabaptist sect founded by Obbe Phillips, and became its best-known spokesman and eponym. His followers were concentrated in his native Holland as well as Poland and Ukraine, and suffered a major schism in the 1690s due to Jakob Amman. Large communities now live in the U.S. and Western Canada, and have founded universities in Harrisonburg, Virginia and in Winnipeg. FTP name this leader of a namesake sect whose offshoots include the Hutterites and Amish.
Answer: pulsars
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(accept either name without prompt, prompt on "Mennonites" from people who were visibly asleep for the first half of the tossup)
Answer: Menno Simons
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The central couple first meets at a Christmas play and the book opens during a carriage ride through burning bonfires. A key scene takes place in Book 3: "The Fascination," where a servant, Christian, gambles his mistress' money away to the owner of the Quiet Woman Tavern. By the end of the novel, its protagonist, a former diamond seller, has lost part of his sight and wanders the land as an itinerant preacher. This occurs after his wife drowns attempting to run away with her true love, Damon Wildeve. Ultimately, the death of Eustacia Vye allows Diggory Venn and Thomasin to come together in, for ten points, what novel set in motion by Clym Yeobright's decision to come back to Egdon Heath, a work by Thomas Hardy.
Answer: Return of the Native
2007 Chicago Open Bonuses by CohnFerKemTour
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Answer the following about vampire literature for 10 points each:,
[10] This auburn haired character from Dracula is bitten by Dracula in the form of a wolf and staked by her fiance Arthur Holmwood.
[10] This Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu novella, influenced by Coleridge's "Christabel", tells of the titular character's attraction to Laura.
Answer: 1. Name some things associated with trinucleotide repeats, for 10 points each:[10] Several trinucleotide repeat disorders are associated with genes on this chromosome, including spinobulbar muscular atrophy. Another disorder is caused by repeat expansion within the FMR1 gene on this chromosome and is the most common type of inherited mental retardation X chromosome[10] Associated with a CAG repeat on chromosome 4, this fatal polyglutamine disease usually presents with spasmodic, uncontrollable movements and clumsiness.ANSWER: Huntington's disease or Huntington disease or Huntington's chorea or chorea major[10] Trinucleotide repeat disorders such as Huntington's disease display this phenomenon, in which successive generations experience earlier onset and greater severity of the disease.ANSWER: genetic anticipation Lucy Westenra (accept either name)
[10] This novel, written by Elizabeth Kostova, portrays Dracula as the shadowy titular figure through the journeys of the unnamed narrator and her father through Cold War Eastern Europe and Turkey.
Answer: Carmilla
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Name these German films for 10 points each:,
[10] Franka Potente portrays the title character who races to save her boyfriend from a bad business deal in this 1998 Tom Tykwer film.
Answer: Run Lola Run or Lola Rennt
[10] Based on the real life case of Peter Kurten, this 1931 Fritz Lang film's central character is Hans Beckert, a serial killer who preys on children, portrayed by Peter Lorre.
Answer: M
[10] Set in Berlin in 1945, this 1980 Rainer Fassbinder film tells of the titular woman's struggle to survive the American and Russian occupation and ends with Germany's 1954 victory in the World Cup.
Answer: The Marriage of Maria Braun , Die ehe der Maria Braun
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Name some people or things relating to the Genoese Republic, for 10 points each:,
[10] In 1339, Simone Boccanegra became the first man to hold this highest magistracy in the republic. The position shares its name with a similar one in another maritime republic.
Answer: Doge [dozh]
[10] This ruler of Genoa from 1528 to 1560 is known for re-writing the republic's constitution, for being Charles V's greatest admiral and as the namesake of an ocean liner that sank in 1956.
Answer: Andrea Doria
[10] This Corsican nationalist fought so successfully against the Genoese that they finally called in the French to crush him, which they did, but then in 1768 forced Genoa to give Corsica to them.
Answer: Pasquale Paoli
[10] This space-filling curve was devised by its Italian namesake as an example of a continuous map from the unit interval to the unit square whose image fills the entire square.
Answer: 5. Name some curves, for 10 points each:[10] These curves can be expressed in polar notation as "r equals a plus b sine theta" or "r equals a plus b cosine theta" for any positive real values for a and b. A cardioid results when a equals b. limacon
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Answer some questions about David Hume for 10 points each.,
[10] This anonymously-published 1739 work was David Hume's first attempt to sum up his philosophical views. Hume famously lamented its lack of popular success, noting that it "fell dead-born from the press."
Answer: A Treatise of Human Nature: Being an Attempt to introduce the experimental Method of Reasoning into Moral Subjects
[10] This 1751 work, which was Hume's favorite, is a revision of Part III of the Treatise of Human Nature and argues for a natural human inclination toward altruism.
Answer: An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals
[10] This first and longest of Hume's Four Dissertations of 1757 argues that the original religion of mankind was polytheistic and that monotheism is a later development.
Answer: The Natural History of Religion
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The Ing-Manske procedure separates the products of this reaction from the reactants by producing a precipitate of phthalhydrazine. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this reaction in which a primary amine is synthesized by reacting an alkyl halide with potassium phthalimide.ANSWER: Gabriel addition or reaction[10] Alkyl halides can be created by treating alcohols with thionyl chloride in this reaction. Its creator also developed an eponymous method for creating alpha-beta-epoxy esters from ketones and alpha-haloesters.ANSWER: Darzen's process[10] Another way to make amines is the Staudinger reaction, which uses this class of molecules as an intermediate. They are neutral molecules containing positive and negative charges on adjacent atoms.
Answer: ylide
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Answer the following about a notably martial emperor of China, for 10 points each:,
[10] "Martial emperor" is a translation of the name of this Han Dynasty Emperor who ruled China from 141-87 BC and introduced state Confucianism.
Answer: Wu Di or Wu Ti or Shizong or Liu Zhi or Liu Che
[10] From 129-19 Wu fought a largely successful war against this major nomadic force north of the Great Wall, whose ruler was referred to as the "shanyu."
Answer: Xiongnu or Hsiung-nu
[10] Wu is the last emperor mentioned in the Shiji or Records of the Historian, written by this contemporary historian whom Wu imprisoned and castrated for defending a disgraced general.
Answer: Sima Qian [prompt on either name alone]
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Name these Middle Eastern deserts for 10 points each:,
[10] Iram of the Pillars is among the ancient "lost cities" in this desert, which includes much of the Ghawwar oil field and covers much of the southern Arabian peninsula.
Answer: Rub' al Khali or Empty Quarter
[10] With a name from the Hebrew for "dry," this desert adjoins the Sinai Peninsula and covers two thirds of Israel.
Answer: the Negev
[10] This desert, which occupies much of the northern Arabian peninsula, is a large oval depression, and is connect to the Rub' al Khali by a corridor of gravel plains and dunes called the Dahna.
Answer: al-Nefud
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Answer the following about a composer and his work for 10 points each:,
[10] Dying on the same day as Stalin, this composer's funeral had to use paper flowers instead of real ones, and the funeral march from his Romeo and Juliet was used.
Answer: Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev
[10] This opera premiered in 1921 at the Chicago Opera and is based on a Commedia dell'Arte play by Carlo Gozzi. Its best-known orchestral section is the March.
Answer: The or A Love for Three Oranges
[10] Prokofiev's adaptation of this Tolstoy work into an opera was inspired by the German invasion of the Soviet Union, but political interference resulted in a posthumous premiere.
Answer: War and Peace
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These bound states can be modeled using the Cornell potential. FTPE:,
[10] Name these flavorless mesons consisting of a quark and its own antiquark.
Answer: quarkonia (accept quarkonium)[10] This heaviest quark is unable to form a quarkonium because it decays into a W boson and bottom quark too quickly to interact with its antiquark.ANSWER: top quark[10] This first excited state of charmonium was independently discovered by Samuel Ting and Burton Richter in 1974.ANSWER: J/psi
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Answer the following about a colonial Indian War for 10 points each:,
[10] It was sparked by the 1636 killing of John Oldham on a visit to Block Island. The Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay colonies defeated the namesake Indian tribe of New England.
Answer: the Pequot War
[10] This massacre, near a Connecticut River, was among the bloodiest events of the Pequot War, resulting in the slaughter of hundreds of Pequots.
Answer: the Mystic River Massacre
[10] One source on the war is the journal and narrative history Of Plimoth Plantation, written by this long-time governor of the Plymouth Colony.
Answer: William Bradford
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Name these characters from Crime and Punishment FTSNOP:,
[5] The novel's protagonist, this impoverished student murders a pawnbroker,
Answer: Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov
[5] Lieutenant Columbo was supposedly based on this man, the detective who investigates Raskolnikov and helps convince him to confess.
Answer: Porfiry Petrovich
[10] This is the name of Raskolnikov's doctor who suspects that his patient might be mentally ill.
Answer: Zossimov
[10] This amiable alcoholic is the father of Sonya, the prostitute who becomes Raskolnikov's spiritual guide.
Answer: Semyon Zakharovich Marmeladov
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Answer the following about notable religious sites, for 10 points each:,
[10] This Istanbul mosque notable for its six minarets was built next to the Hagia Sophia between 1609 and 1616 by its namesake ruler. It is also known by a nickname referring to its tiled interior.
Answer: Sultan Ahmed Mosque or Blue Mosque
[10] This city was originally known as Ramdaspur following its founding by Ram Das. It is home to the Akhal Takht and the Harimandir Sahib, which were built by Hargobind and Arjun, respectively.
Answer: Amritsar
[10] This Shinto shrine in Tokyo was founded in 1869 to honor soldiers who died for the emperor. It is now the destination of periodic and controversial visits by Japanese politicians.
Answer: Yasukuni Shrine
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Name these Parisian sites associated with the French Revolution for 10 points each:,
[10] This large public space was the site of a massacre on July 17, 1791, when troops led by the Marquis de Lafayette opened fire on protestors demanding the removal of Louis XVI.
Answer: the Champ de Mars
[10] Catherine de Medici began construction of this palace in 1564; the royal family fled this palace for Varennes in 1791, and it was stormed by the Parisian mob when the monarchy fell in 1792.
Answer: the Tuileries
[10] This prison was famously stormed on July 14, 1789.
Answer: the Bastille

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