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2008 Chicago Open Tossups by Bentley
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A recent history of this "Enduring Struggle" was written by Paul Douglas Newman. During this event, a few men met at the inn of Conrad Marks, from which they marched to Sun Inn to meet up with Captain Henry Jarrett. Everard Foulke and two others were earlier taken to Enoch Robert's tavern. Troops were raised under William McPherson to quell the unrest, which centered around Lower Milford. It was sparked by what was derisively dubbed the "Hot-Water" bill, alluding to the way in which housewives were instructed to resist its enforcement - that bill levied a tax based on the number of windows in one's house.A petition sent to Congress to resolve this affair also called for repeal of the Alien and Sedition Acts.FTP, identify this uprising during the Adams administration in 1799, in which the namesake gentleman led a band of angry Dutch folks in Pennsylvania.
Answer: (John) Fries' Rebellion
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Comedy ensues in this novel after Mr. Dubois drops another character into a large mudhole, causing her great indignity, and the protagonist is later mortified after that character's nephew, the silversmith Mr. Branghton, loudly impugns the opera. An insulting letter leads the protagonist to travel to Bristol Hot Wells with Mrs. Selwyn, where she is accosted by the suicidal Scottish poet Mr. Macartney. Other characters include the fop Sir Clement Willoughby, who plots to steal a wig from the previously-mudded Mrs. Duval. After being switched at birth with the daughter of a poor but wily nurse the title character is disavowed by her natural father, Sir John Belmont, and spends much of her childhood at Berry Hill in the company of her guardian, Mr. Arthur Villars. Ending with the protagonist's marriage to Lord Orville, this is, FTP, what epistolary novel by Fanny Burney?
Answer: Evelina
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This technique can only be applied for a fraction of particles known as the Debye-Waller factor, and in it, the degree of quadrupole splitting is often examined. The Doppler effect is typically used to vary the source for it, and one variant of it is known as the conversion electron version. It can only be used on solids because the small mass of gas particles makes a certain energy term too large, while solids effectively use the mass of the entire lattice to avoid the exchange of a phonon. Commonly used with isotopes of tin and especially iron 57, it examines hyperfine interactions between nuclei and electrons. FTP, identify this type of spectroscopy that provides chemical information via its namesake's effect, in which gamma rays are resonantly emitted and absorbed without recoil
Answer: Mossbauer spectroscopy
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This composer's many religious works included the Kleine geistliche Knozerte, or Little Sacred Concertos, while the Musikalische Exequien served as funeral music for his close friend Prince Heinrich Posthumus von Reuss.A student under Giovanni Gabrieli, his better-known compositions include Psalmen Davids, written after a trip to Italy where he befriended Claudio Monteverdi, and a series of baroque collections for chorus and orchestra, the Symphoniae sacrae, as well as the oratorio Die sieben Worte. His best-known work was performed for the wedding of Sophia Eleonora, the daughter of the Elector, as he served as the court composer in Dresden for over fifty years. That work was set to a text of Martin Opitz and is no longer extant, but was likely based upon Ovid. FTP, identify this 17th century composer of what is considered to be the first German opera, Dafne.
Answer: Heinrich Schutz
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In the opening section of this work, the author describes happiness as "the feeling that... a resistance is overcome", and later he criticizes pity for interfering with the law of selection and for being responsible for the spreading of suffering.One primary target of this book is accused of ruling "a hospital,...a ghetto kingdom" and being pale and decadent.The author argues that faith is a veto against science and this book, written for "the very few," begins by asserting that "we are Hyperboreans."Translated with an introduction by H.L. Mencken, it was the first work in a planned four part series whose other works would include Dionysus, The Free Spirit and The Immoralist.The author's sister suggested that a heretic had actually written parts of it, and its publication was delayed along with Ecce Homo.FTP, identify this final work by Nietzsche, the first part of his Will to Power collection, subtitled An Attempt at a Criticism of Christianity.
Answer: The Anti-Christ: An Attempt at a Criticism of Christianity (or "The Anti-Christian," or Der Antichrist;" prompt on The Will to Power)
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At the waterfalls of this name, also called the "Great Falls" or "Niagara of the South," a moonbow is visible on clear nights.The river of this name has tributaries like the Eddyville, Caney Fork, and South Fork, and features Wolf Creek Dam, built in the 50s.The mountains by this name feature Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary and their highest point is at Big Black Mountain.The large plateau of this name runs from West Virginia to Alabama, and it's also the name of a road which ends in Vandalia, Illinois, also known as the National Road. This river flows through Nashville before reaching Fort Donelson and the Land Between the Lakes.FTP, give this shared name, which also designates a gap at the border of Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia.
Answer: Cumberland (accept Cumberland Falls, Cumberland River, Cumberland Mountains, Cumberland Plateau, Cumberland Road, Cumberland Gap)
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Later in life, this man served as a governor-general of Kiangnan and Kiangsi provinces twice, and a governor of Chihli province once. He had been a Military Examiner until the death of his mother, and he is credited with encouraging the government to implement student education overseas. He was replaced by his protege Li Hung-chang after he resigned, unsuccessful in defending Beijing from the troops of the Nien Rebellion.As part of his work as a leader in the Self-Strengthening Movement, he founded the Shanghai Arsenal. In his most famous action, he excised Hakka rebels from Jiangsu province after raising the Xiang Army in Hunan. FTP, name this Chinese military leader who regained control of Nanjing and crushed the Taiping Rebellion.
Answer: Zeng Guofan (or Tseng Kuo-fan or Wenzheng)
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The protagonist's mother contemplates a trip to Ireland in this play's third act, in which it is revealed that her son once attempted to kill his father in Mexico by challenging him to a drunken race to the border. Important images in this play include a "fire in the snow" and an American flag eventually used to bridle the protagonist like a horse. The protagonist is imprisoned in his room after Lorraine steals his paints, while his brother Frankie is held captive after Baylor mistakes him for a deer and shoots him. The scenes in Act 1 of this play alternate between the protagonist and his hospitalized wife, whose brain was damaged after the protagonist beat her in a jealous rage. Set both in Southern California and Montana, this is, FTP, what play about Beth's and Jake's descent into insanity by Sam Shepard?
Answer: A Lie of the Mind
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Alongside Ferdinand Frobenius, this thinker lends his name to a specialization of the Polya Enumeration Theorem that is sometimes referred to as the Burnside Lemma. Also bearing his name is a specialization of the First Sylow Theorem stating that, if a prime number "p" divides the order of a finite group, then that group has a subgroup of order "p". A set of two partial differential equations identifying holomorphic functions in the complex plane are named after himself and Riemann, while his namesake type of sequence is only guaranteed to converge in a complete metric space. An inequality relating inner products to their induced norms is named after himself and Hermann Schwarz. FTP, identify this inventor of complex analysis, whose integral theorem states that the closed line integral of an analytic function in a simply connected subset of the complex plane must be zero.
Answer: Augustin Louis Cauchy
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One man by this name was an Irish poet who became Bishop of Fiesole in 824 AD, while another authored the Interpretationes Vergilianae, a commentary on the Aeneid. Another Roman by this name commented on the poems of Virgil, though all that remains is his Life of Virgil - this figure wrote the Ars major and Ars minor, two tracts on large and small school grammar, and is best known for being the tutor of St. Jerome. The best known figure of this name was the successor of Majorinus and ascended after the expulsion of Caecilian. That man became the leader of a group condemned by the Council of Arles, which protested the false belief of the traditors who had sacrificed their sacred books during the persecution of Diocletian. FTP, give this namesake of a popular fourth century Christian heresy in Africa.
Answer: Donatus (Donatus Magnus, Tiberius Claudius Donatus, Aelius Donatus, St. Donatus of Fiesole)
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In one work, this man describes how his people have never needed "a Cavour" to lead a revolution, and that in the relatively stable modern world "a Louis Philippe" is far better than "a Napoleon".His greatest fortune was marrying the eldest daughter of the wealthy James Wilson, who hired him to his most famous post in 18He applied social Darwinism to the relationship between natural science and social science in Physics and Politics, and analyzed his nation's banking system in a work entitled Lombard Street.His most important work divided the title thing into a symbolic "Dignified" component and a pragmatic "Efficient" component, while strongly criticizing the wasteful aspects of the constitutional monarchy, like the House of Lords. FTP, identify this late-19th century author of The English Constitution, who was a longtime editor of the Economist.
Answer: Walter Bagehot
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One work by this artist shows a disembodied man take off his hat to reveal another one beneath it, Hat in the Hand, Hat on the Head.Drawing from Francis Picabia, he created the absurdly-titled Gramineous Bicycle Garnished with Bells the Dappled Fire Damps and the Echinoderms Bending the Spine to Look for Caresses in the collage genre. He often used dead birds in his paintings because his sister was born the same day a pet bird of his died, as recounted in his memoir, Views.Sculptured heads are placed on living bodies in his The Rendezvous of Friends, while a headless female nude extends her arm towards a semi-mechanical animal in Elephant Celebes.Also remembered for painting Two Children Are Threatened by a Nightingale,his Europe after the Rain makes use of a technique he discovered by tracing out paper on floorboard.FTP, name this German Surrealist who invented the frottage technique of painting.
Answer: Max Ernst
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During this man's reign, the castle of Alnwick fell due to the betrayal of Sir Ralph Grey to one of his political rivals. Late in his reign, he executed George, the duke of Clarence, under suspicions that he had earlier allied with his rival.He solidified an alliance with Burgundy by marrying his sister Margaret to Duke Charles the Bold, although Charles' inaction forced this monarch to sign the Treaty of Picquigny following an unsuccessful invasion of France.His army was defeated at the Battle of Edgecote Moor as part of a rebellion against him, facilitated by his secret marriage to the commoner Elizabeth Woodville. A longtime rival of Louis XI, that rebellion against his rule was led by the "Kingmaker" Richard Neville, earl of Warwick, who threw him in jail in 14 FTP, name this British king, the victor at Tewkesbury and the father of the Princes in the Tower.
Answer: Edward IV (or the Earl of March)
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One member of this phylum, Habrotrocha angusticollis, is relatively unique because fossil records of it from a peat deposit in the Pleistocene era have been excavated. Only two species of this phylum's primitive Seisonidea order are known to exist, and certain members of the Monogononta order of this phylum lack males, so they reproduce via parthenogenesis. Members of this phylum are sometimes placed into a Pseudo-coelomata group with the genetically similar acatho-cephalans. Their trophi and mastax are used to ingest food that they bring in with the help of the corona of cilia surrounding their mouths, which also can propel them and whose shape provides their name. FTP, identify this phylum of very small aquatic animals whose name derives from the Latin for "wheel bearer."
Answer: Rotifera [or Rotifers]
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He was drafted behind teammate Fred Hetzel as the second pick in his draft and went on to win Rookie of the Year, after leading the NCAA in scoring for the Miami Hurricanes.In 1967, he become embroiled in a contract dispute with owner Franklin Mieuli and was forced to spend a year as a radio broadcaster when Mieuli prevented him from suiting up for the Oakland Oaks. He eventually went on to win an ABA championship for the Oaks and, after returning to the NBA, was named MVP of the Finals in 1975 when his Western Conference squad defeated the Washington Bullets.After Mark Price, he ranks second all-time on the NBA's career free-throw percentage list, this despite his preference for the under-handed "granny" shot. FTP, name this father of Drew and Brent who played small forward for the Golden State Warriors.
Answer: Rick Barry III (or Richard Barry III, prompt on "Barry")
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Important symbols presented in this poem include robbers and eagles, the robbers descending "on us to strip us of our laughter, of our thunder" and the eagles "taking our concubines." The author speaks of a place beyond "the blare of sirened afternoons?the motorcades?the elephant's legendary patience" and asks us to look "through our curtained eyeballs, though our shuttered sleep,/Onto our forgotten selves," declaring, "The Glimpse of a dream lies smouldering in a cave, together with mortally wounded birds." In an exhortation to be heard the speaker cries, "Earth, unbind me; let me be the prodigal; let this be the ram's ultimate prayer to the tether," foreshadowing the disintegration of his homeland. Written as the author's "last testament" shortly before he was killed by the Nigerian military, this is, FTP, what final poem of Christopher Okigbo?
Answer: Elegy for Alto
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With his brother Adrien, this artist produced a series of works centering on mime Charles Deburau, including the statuesque Pierrot Laughing. His namesake prize has been won recently by Larry Towell for his No Man's Land collection, while Willy Ronis won that prize in 1981 for Le fil du hasard.In one of his early still-lifes, he depicted two marble heads underneath a wicker basket, 1837s The Artist's Studio.One of his subjects was depicted as "Gismonda" and in medieval dress, Sarah Bernhard, and many of his portraits were published in his namesake Pantheon in both Le Figaro and Laterne magique.He ran a balloon post office service during the Paris Commune, and another balloon trip he took was lampooned by Daumier in a cartoon with a caption reading that he had finally elevated photography to high art.FTP, identify this man born Gaspard-Felix Tournachon, an early French photographer who is, like Prince, often known by just one name.
Answer: Nadar (or Gaspard-Felix Tournachon before mentioned, or "Felix Nadar")
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This man wrote about a hero who attempts to win his love but is unjustly placed in an Austrian prison for inciting rebellion by his rival - that work is his first and only novel Vassall Morton. He wrote about community attitudes in his "The Tale of the Ripe Scholar" and published three essays on suffrage "The Woman Question," while his interest in horticulture is apparent in his publication of a Book of Roses. After those early works, he began a series with The Old Regime of Canada, three years later writing on the figure of the Count Frontenac. His most famous work initially appeared in 21 installments in Knickerbocker's Magazine, and discusses his trip with Quincy Adams Shaw from St. Louis to Fort Laramie, including time spent buffalo hunting among the Oglala Sioux. FTP, name this great American historian who wrote about the French and Indian War and The Oregon Trail.
Answer: Francis Parkman
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A modified version of this problem was proposed by Chandy and Misra in 1984 which used the priority of each agent to his neighbor to transform the problem into an acyclic graph. Another variation can occur on an arbitrary topology and has agents receiving tranquility depending on their interaction with bottles. A similar problem to this one proposed by S. S. Patil can also be solved using semaphores and involves putting matches, paper or tobacco on the table by the namesake cigarette smokers. When one agent in this problem livelocks it is commonly referred to as "starvation" and one of the better solutions uses an array to track each agent's state. The title figures face the problem of having to use two forks, and are either exclusively eating or thinking. FTP, identify this problem proposed by Edsger Dijkstra for abstracting concurrency and deadlock.
Answer: Dining Philosophers Problem (prompt on "DPP")
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As the guardian of justice, this figure presided over the so-called "Bathhouse Ritual," in which evil forces were prosecuted by their human victims.The father of Kittu and Mishara with his consort Aya, he was worshiped primarily at the E-barrar temple, or White House, in Sippar.In one myth, he directs King Etana on where to find a maimed eagle, whom he had earlier punished for devouring the offspring of a snake - this act allows the childless Etana to find the plant of life and get an heir.He was also a god of wisdom, credited with guiding Hammurabi in the compilation of his Code.His foremost attendants were the gigantic Scorpion Men, who operated the gates to the Mountains of the East and West during this deity's daily trip across the sky.Corresponding to the Sumerian god Utu, FTP, identify this Babylonian god of the sun.
Answer: Shamash (accept Utu before mentioned)
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One character in this novel sedates himself as a prelude to suicide during a conversation with Mr. Rawdon-Smith, his nephew's tutor. Part of the novel is set on the Black Swan, where the protagonist meets a character who eventually claims to be engaged to Bella Iggins, while part I, "Ancestry," focuses on the protagonist's grandfather Nathaniel, who refuses to ride in carriages. As a child the protagonist is raised by his German governess, Irma Schlote, who later in the novel is horrified when he volunteers to drive an Ambulance for the French in World War I. After being rejected by Rose, sister of his friend Jim Darnley, he returns to war only to be killed in a post-armistice motorcycle accident. Centering around the unselfishly dutiful Oliver Alden, this is, FTP, what "Memoir in the Form of a Novel" by George Santayana?
Answer: The Last Puritan
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One main character of this novel regularly makes it a point to admire a fisherman's slutty daughter, while minor characters include the prickly pear gardener Filippo and the besotted donkey cart driver Alfio, who leaves town after his beloved is betrothed elsewhere. The coast guard official Don Michele admires Lia, who is rumored to be a prostitute, but is eventually killed by her brother when he's caught with some smugglers. The husband of La Longa disappears along with his ship, the Provvidenza, on his way to Riposto, where he was supposed to sell some rotten beans he had bought on credit from Uncle Crucifix Dumbbell. The disappearance, along with the conscription of `Ntoni and Luca, put the novel's central characters in debt to the usurer, leading them to give up the titular domicile. Taking place in the Sicilian city of Trezza, this is, for 10 points, what depressing novel by Giovanni Verga?
Answer: I Malavoglia or (begrudgingly) The House by the Medlar Tree
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In certain cases where the role of a grating is negligible, namely the zeroth harmonic of the Smith-Purcell effect, the output of that effect coincides with this phenomenon. Rohlf demonstrated that it makes up only about one five thousandth of the total energy in the situation resulting in this phenomenon to occur. The slowing of electrons was posited by Vavilov to be the cause of it, a man whose name is sometimes appended to this phenomenon, while a formula describing its output won a Nobel Prize for Frank and Tamm. The cosine of the angle at which it is emitted is always equal to one over particle velocity times the index of refraction. Famously used at the Sudbury Observatory and Super-Kamiokande in the detection of neutrinos, FTP, identify this electromagnetic equivalent of a sonic boom that is manifested as a cone of bluish light.
Answer: Vavilov-Cherenkov radiation (or Vavilov-Cerenkov radiation)
2008 Chicago Open Bonuses by Bentley
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The title character is forced to participate in the vicious actions of Beineberg and Reiting. FTPE:,
[10] Name this novel about a young student at the boarding school W.
Answer: Young Torless or Die Verwirrungen des Zoglings Torless
[10] Young Torless is a novel by this Austrian author of The Man Without Qualities.
Answer: Robert Musil
[10] Beineberg and Reiting torture this other student at W with whom Torless has an ambiguously homosexual relationship.
Answer: Basini
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Identify some chemical reagents FTPE.,
[10] This reagent, typically ammonia silver nitrate, is used to detect the presence of aldehydes since it oxidizes those compounds to carboxylic acids to form a reduced silver mirror.
Answer: Tollens' Reagent
[10] Composed of an iron catalyst and hydrogen peroxide, this reagent named for a British chemist is used to decontaminate solutions with tri-chloro-ethylene or tetra-chloro-ethylene in them.
Answer: Fenton's Reagent
[10] These reagents, whose chemistry is very similar to that of Grignard reagents and which are useful for coupling, consist of two organic groups bound to copper and lithium.
Answer: Gilman Reagents
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Name these important cases involving privacy law, FTPE.,
[10] The Court, in a decision written by William O. Douglas, ruled that there was at least a constitutionally protected right to marital privacy in this 1965 case overturning a state ban on birth control.
Answer: Estelle T. Griswold and C. Lee Buxton v. Connecticut
[10] In the court's opinion for this 2000 abortion case, the majority ruled that a Nebraska ban on partial birth abortions was unconstitutional because it did not provide a woman with the option to obtain an abortion if her health was endangered.
Answer: Don Stenberg, Attorney General of Nebraska, et al. v. LeRoy Carhart
[10] In this 1928 case, Chief Justice Taft argued that the 4th and 5th Amendment rights of the namesake bootlegger were not violated when federal agents used evidence obtained from a warrant-less wiretap to convict him.It was later overturned in Katz v. United States.
Answer: Olmstead et al v. United States; Green et al v. United States; McInnis v. United States
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Its music video featured the band in monkey suits.FTPE:,
[10] Name this song by the Bloodhound Gang which repeats "you and me baby ain't nothing but mammals, so let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel."
Answer: The Bad Touch
[10] "The Bad Touch" came off of this album, which also featured "The Ballad of Chasey Lain".
Answer: Hooray for Boobies
[10] This song from Hooray for Boobies has nothing to do with the mathematical idea alluded to in its title, instead having a tasteful chorus talking about how difficult it is to rhyme words with "vagina."
Answer: Three Point One Four
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The 1897 premier of his First Symphony in D minor produced caused Cesar Cui to liken it to a depiction of the Ten Plagues of Egypt, suggesting it might be admired by inmates of a music conservatory in Hell. FTPE,
[10] Name this composer who also wrote an opera about a man who tragically hooks up with the gypsy girl Zemfira.
Answer: Sergei Rachmaninoff [or Sergei Rachmaninov]
[10] After a course of auto-suggestive therapy following the failure of his First Symphony, Rachmaninoff composed this work for solo instrument and orchestra. The eight bell-tone chords on which it begins may have been influenced by bells rung at Orthodox Churches.
Answer: Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor, Op. 18 [accept obvious equivalents]
[10] This symphonic poem by Rachmaninoff was inspired by an Arnold Bocklin painting of the same name and uses the 5/8 time signature to suggest rowing of oars, quoting the Dies Irae repeatedly.
Answer: Isle of the Dead, op. 29
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
His first major collection was Come Back, Dr. Caligari. FTPE:,
[10] Name this author of Sixty Stories, Guilty Pleasures, and the novel The Dead Father, who was a proponent of "dialogue-arias."
Answer: Donald Barthelme (pronounced "Bartle-may")
[10] Allusions to pop culture abound in this Barthelme collection, including "Brain Damage" and "The Phantom of the Opera's Friend."
Answer: City Life
[10] Barthelme also wrote a raunchy retelling of the story of this fairy tale character.
Answer: Snow White
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
They were led by Oishi Kuranosuke, who finally sliced off the head of Kira Yoshinaka at his castle, and their story is told in the Chushin-gura. FTPE:,
[10] Name this legendary group of samurai who set out to avenge their former master Lord Asano Naganori after he'd been forced to commit seppuku.
Answer: 47 Ronin (Vendetta of the 47 Ronin)
[10] The tale of the 47 Ronin revolves around allegiance to this samurai code of honor, which stresses the "way of the warrior."
Answer: bushido
[10] The story is often backdated to apply to the rule of this man, who became the first shogun of the Ashikaga shogunate after he'd originally allied with Go-Daigo whom he later turned against.
Answer: Ashikaga Takauji
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Concepts in general topology named after mathematicians, FTPE.,
[10] Named for a German, these spaces, also called T2, have disjoint neighborhoods around any two distinct points.
Answer: Hausdorff
[10] This lemma is named for a Russian who also has a namesake Metrization theorem in topology. Usually proven with the "onion" function, it is generalized by the Tietze extension theorem.
Answer: Urysohn's Lemma
[10] Stating that the product of any number of compact spaces is also compact, this theorem is also named for a Russian, and along with Urysohn's lemma is considered one of the most important results of general topology.
Answer: Tychonoff Theorem
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The third through fifth books, titled "Captivity," "Battles," and "Peace," were never completed, leaving only the sections "Storm in June" and "Dolce" extant. FTPE:,
[10] Name this work about an occupation by the titular country, featuring such characters as Mr. Pericand and Lieutenant Bruno Von Folk, which wasn't published until six decades after its author's death.
Answer: Suite Francais
[10] Suite Francais was written by this author who, while alive, turned out such works as The Ball, The Courilof Affair, and Snow in Autumn.
Answer: Irene Nemirovsky
[10] Nemirovsky first achieved literary note with this 1929 work, in which the title businessman takes a trip away from his wife Gloria and daughter Joyce in Paris to visit the area of his upbringing in Russia.
Answer: David Golder
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Late in his career, this artist traveled to Spain to decorate the Palacio Nacional with canvases like The Apotheosis of the Spanish Monarchy and Aeneas Led to the Temple of Venus. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Venetian Rococo painter of the Grand Manner who earlier completed frescos for the Patriarchal Palace in Udine.
Answer: Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
[10] Tiepolo is also known for his ceiling decoration of the Kaisersaal at the Wurzburg Residence, which had been designed by this German architect under the patronage of Lothar Franz and Friedrich von Schonborn.
Answer: Johann Balthasar Neumann
[10] Tiepolo was a constant rival to this German artist of Neoclassical persuasion, who created a portrait of Johann Winckelmann and wrote a treatise Reflections on Beauty and Taste in Painting.
Answer: Anton Raphael Mengs
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Answer the following about Albanian history, FTPE.,
[10] This one time president of Albania, who claimed descent from Skanderbeg, became king of the country for most of the 1930s, notwithstanding his lack of a royal bloodline.
Answer: King Zog I, Skanderbeg III of the Albanians (or Ahmed Bey Zogu)
[10] To gain power, Zog launched a Christmas Eve coup against this Autocephalous Orthodox Church bishop, who had outlined twenty points to bring democracy and modern western reform to Albania.
Answer: Bishop Theofan "Fan" Stilian Noli
[10] After both Zog's government and the Nazi-supported governments of Albania fell, communism rose to power in Albania under Enver Hoxha and this man, the country's premeire from 1954 to 1981.He was probably killed by Hoxha in what was reported to be a suicide.
Answer: Mehmet Ismail Shehu
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They were said to dwell in a cave on the far western edge of the world, where they sent dreams to men through gates of horn and ivory. FTPE:,
[10] Give the collective name for these winged sons of Hypnos.
Answer: Oneiroi
[10] Usually considered the leader of the Oneiroi, he was specifically responsible for crafting the human shapes that appear in people's dreams.Ovid states that he sleeps on an ebony bed in a cave surrounded by poppies.
Answer: Morpheus
[10] Phobetor, or Icelus, created the animal-like forms of people's dreams, while this third member of the Oneiroi was responsible for inanimate objects.
Answer: Phantasos
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The title character of this work starts training to be a nurse while working for Lewis and Mariah. FTPE:,
[10] Name this novel about a girl who emigrates to New York from Antigua.
Answer: Lucy
[10] Name the preeminent author from Antigua who wrote the essay "A Small Place," as well as the novels Annie John and Lucy.
Answer: Jamaica Kincaid
[10] At one point, Lucy indignantly recalls having been forced to recite this William Wordsworth poem, in which the speaker sees "A host, of golden daffodils…fluttering and dancing in the breeze."
Answer: "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud"
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Its namesake constant is a dimensionless quantity that is approximately -16. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this classic equation from thermodynamics, first derivated in 1905, that gives the entropy of a monotomic ideal gas.
Answer: Sackur-Tetrode equation
[10] The deriviation of the Sackur-Tetrode equation utilizes this approximation, which replaces N-factorial with a complicated term involving N-to-the-N, e-to-the-N, and the square root of 2-pi-N.
Answer: Stirling's approximation
[10] When the Sackur-Tetrode equation was first used to calculate the entropy of mixing it predicted that the overall entropy would be mutliplied by 2N-times-Boltzmann's constant-times the natural log of 2. This value is always negative, hence this paradox of classical physics.
Answer: Gibbs paradox
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His time in North Africa during WWII inspired his work The Sanusi of Cyrenaica.FTPE:,
[10] Identify this social anthropologist who wrote Witchcraft, Oracles, and Magic among the Azande.
Answer: Sir Edward Evan (E. E.) Evans-Pritchard
[10] Evans-Pritchard is also known for a trilogy of works about these Nilo-Saharan pastoralist peoples from the southern Sudan.
Answer: Nuer
[10] Evans-Pritchard was a leading adherent to the school of Structural-Functionalism, which was largely founded by this author of The Social Organization of Australian Tribes as well as a more famous work about the Jarawa, Onge, and Sentinelese tribes.
Answer: Alfred Radcliffe-Brown
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Identify the following about an ancient school of philosophy, FTPE.,
[10] While it was eventually practiced in the Middle Academy by philosophers like Arcesilaus and Carneades, this school of thought probably originated with Pyrrho of Elis and was a rival to stoicism.
Answer: Skepticism (prompt on "Pyrrhonism" I guess)
[10] In the introduction to his Outlines of Pyrrhonism, this Skeptic categorizes other philosophers into groups based on whether they've found knowledge, have given up the search or continue to look for it.
Answer: Sextus Empiricus
[10] In this somewhat inappropriately titled Sextus Empiricus work, perhaps written before Outlines of Pyrrhonism, the philosopher devotes individual sections to attacking people like Musicians, Astrologers and Grammarians, in addition to the titular figures.
Answer: Against the Mathematicians (or Empirici Adversus mathematicos or Against the Dogmatics)
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The title location in this piece is a place of "distant spires" and "antique towers." FTPE:,
[10] Name this poem in which the speaker declares that "where ignorance is bliss,/'Tis folly to be wise."
Answer: "Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College"
[10] This author of "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard" wrote "Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College."
Answer: Thomas Gray
[10] This other poem by Thomas Gray claims that poetry was in a state of twilight in his day, asking "O Lyre divine! What daring Spirit/Wakes thee now?""
Answer: "Progress of Poesy"
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Name these Indian wars of North America, sadly none of which are the Beaver Wars, FTPE.,
[10] The murder of Edward Canby intensified this war in California from 1872-73, in which Captain Jack led the namesake tribe, who established a Stronghold outside of Lost River in the midst of some lava beds.
Answer: Modoc War
[10] The Mystic River massacre was a part of this war, which started in 1637 after the death of trader John Oldham.
Answer: Pequot War
[10] The Battle of Point Pleasant was the culmination of this 1774 war which saw the death of Chief Logan of the Mingo. It's named for John Murray, who commanded colonial forces while serving as governor of Virginia.
Answer: Lord Dunmore's War
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It documents the rulings of the Tana'im. FTPE:,
[10] Name this early compendium of Jewish laws, which is paired with the Gemara to form the Talmud.
Answer: Mishnah
[10] This book of laws, and not the Guide to the Perplexed, is considered by most to be Maimonides's greatest work. Due to its fourteen books, it is sometimes called Sefer Yad ha-Chazakah or "Book of the Strong Hand" because the numeral 14 in Hebrew spells "yad".
Answer: Mishneh Torah
[10] Still consulted for rulings today, this guide was put together in the early to mid 1500s by Yossef Karo. It was supplemented by Moses Isserles to include Ashkenazic rulings.
Answer: Shulchan Aruch (accept "Set Table" but look strangely at anyone who gives that as an answer)
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The drug Plavix is often prescribed to prevent their aggregation. FTPE:,
[10] Name these cell fragments that can become activated by coming into contact with collagen from broken vessels, and then aggregate to begin the blood clotting process.
Answer: platelets [or thrombocytes]
[10] Platelets are produced by budding off from these cells found in the bone marrow.
Answer: megakaryocytes
[10] The production of platelets from megakaryocytes is regulated by this glycoprotein hormone produced in the liver and kidneys, which can also be known as the leukemia virus oncogene ligand.
Answer: thrombopoietin [accept THPO]
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The title character compares her soul to "a ship in a black storm" before dying at the hands of Count Lodovico. FTPE:,
[10] Name this play about the notorious affair between Vittoria Corombona and Duke Ursini of Brachiano.
Answer: The White Devil
[10] The White Devil is a play by this author of The Duchess of Malfi.
Answer: John Webster
[10] Vittoria's brother, this man pimps out his sister and kills her husband to ingratiate himself with Duke Ursini. Lodovico kills him too.
Answer: Flaminio
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Identify some paintings by Eugene Delacroix, FTPE.,
[10] Based on a Lord Byron play, this massive painting shows the namesake figure having his favorite things--namely a bunch of naked chicks from his harem--destroyed by his slaves as he reclines and looks on.
Answer: Death of Sardanapulus
[10] The title city is being destroyed in the background of this 1840 "third massacre" by Delacroix.In the foreground, Baldwin VI of Flanders and his company are parading through beggars on the street.
Answer: Entry of the Crusaders into Constantinople on 12 April 1204
[10] Late in his life, Delacroix painted this Biblical scene for the Saints-Anges chapel along with St. Michael Defeating the Dragon and Heliodorus Driven from the Temple. A winged figure is struggling against a man wearing a fur skin with his sword on the ground.
Answer: Jacob Wrestling with the Angel
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Identify the following about language isolates that aren't Basque, FTPE.,
[10] The world's most widely-spoken language of unknown affiliation is this East Asian tongue, which is traditionally written with the Hangul alphabet.
Answer: Korean language
[10] Also from East Asia is this language isolate that once dominated Hokkaido and Sakhalin but now only has a handful of native speakers among its namesake ethnic group.
Answer: Ainu language
[10] A leading language isolate of ancient times was this tongue from what is now southwestern Iran.It was featured alongside Persian and Babylonian on the Behistun inscription, and is thought by some to be distantly related to the Dravidian languages of southern India.
Answer: Elamite language
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Identify these weird types of stars, FTPE.,
[10] This class of variable stars, whose namesake member was first investigated by Willamina Fleming in 1901, are popular "standard candles" for determining distances within our part of the Milky Way.
Answer: RR Lyrae variables
[10] These hypothetical stars are red giants with a neutron star at their core, formed after one member of a binary system goes supernova and collapses.
Answer: Thorne-Zytkow objects (or TZOs)
[10] This rare class of variable stars, also known as Type II Cepheids, differ from most Cepheid variables in that they are Population II stars instead of Population I stars.
Answer: W Virginis variables

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