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2009 Chicago Open Tossups by Babes in Goochland
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Along with Sara Eisner and Robert Robinson, he conducted an experiment that supported the practice of jurors taking notes during a trial. Along with Martin Seligman, he included factors like observer discomfort, suffering, and maladaptiveness in his seven features of abnormality. The follow-up to this psychologist's most notable experiment involved a certain institution identifying 41 confederates out of a possible zero. That experiment, which bears his name, featured several patients being described as "in remission" after their release from a hospital and was detected by patients in mental treatment facilities, but not the staff thereof. For 10 points name this Stanford psychologist whose namesake experiment involved sending normal people into mental hospitals and who published "On Being Sane in Insane Places" as a result.
Answer: David Rosenhan
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A tambourin from its prologue would be used by the composer in hisPieces de clavecin en concerts, but much of the prologue was changed in the opera's revival along with the introduction of Cleone. One unmelodic chorus in this opera is 'Brisons tous nos fers' which is sung by demons, while Chromatic ritornellos characterize another chorus of 'Que tout gemisse'. In act 4, one of title characters sings `Sejour de l'eternelle paix' while in pain of being alone, and another title character earlier sings `Nature, Amour, qui partage mon coeur'. In act 5 a planet sings 'Brillez, astres nouveaux' about the fates of the title characters, but its most famous aria is (*)Tristes apprets, sung by Telaira over the loss of her loved one. For ten points identify thisTragedie en musiquewith libretto by Pierre-Joseph Bernard and music by Jean-Philippe Rameau about the Gemini twins.
Answer: Castor et Pollux [or Castor and Pollux]
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The protagonist of this work remarks that his home isa placeneither for the public nor literature after learning that it has been turned into his town's public library, while the effeminate mannerisms of another character lead the protagonist to compare him to an "unmentionable monkey." At one point in this novel the protagonist longs to be reading a story by Theodor Storm, and after another character invites him to go riding the protagonist notes that he would rather read a book about horses than ride one. He later laments his inability to interest that character in (*)Schiller'sDon Carlos. He notes that wearing a velveteen jacket does not make one an artist after his fastidious appearance is criticized by Lisabetta Ivanovna, who later accompanies him North to a resort in Aalsgaard, Denmark. There he recalls accidentally doing the female part of a dance in Herr Knack's class after seeing his boyhood friend, Hans Hansen, and his secret flame, Ingeborg Holm. For ten points name this novella by Thomas Mann.
Answer: Tonio Kroger
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The coexistance of this neurotransmitter and serotonin in certain dorsal raphe cells is an important example of the violation of Dale's principle. This neurotransmitter can activate the transcription of EGR-1 and it is synthesized in the ipsilateral caudate-putamen originating neurons, which interact with dopaminergic cells. There is evidence of link between a lack of this in pancreatic nerves and some forms of diabetes and it is involved in the initiation and execution of(*) vomiting. Receptors for it include neurokinin 1 receptor, which is a tachykinin receptor and capsaicin causes a release and depletion of this neurotransmitter. Naked mole rats lack pathways involving this neurotransmitter, whose most important role comes from its effect on the dorsal root ganglion during nociception. For 10 points, identify this 11 amino acid neurotransmitter discovered by Ulf von Euler, the first peptide neurotransmitter to be found.
Answer: SubstanceP [orSP]
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This man's long serving Vice President, sometimes known as "The Proclaimer", earlier organized the Peta Air Force and helped put down a communist uprising at Madiun. His early career was helped by the founder of the Sarekat branch of a certain religion while his economic policy of berdikari involved saying (*)"go to hell with your aid" to the Americans. His downfall was precipitated by an attack on senior army leadership by Colonel Untung, while in one notable speech, he included socialism and the belief in God as part of his Five Principles or Pancasila. This one time mentee of Omar Said Tjokroaminoto was served by Vice President and Prime Minister Mohammad Hatta. Credited with achieving the goal of merdeka, he crazily withdrew his country from the UN in a ploy to fight the "imperialist plot of encirclement", namely Malaysia. A supporter of "Guided Democracy", for 10 points, name this first Indonesian president.
Answer: Sukarno [or Soekarno or Kusnasosro orDjago orBung Karno or Kusno Sosrodihardjo]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
An individual who would become king as a result of this event was conceived by a man covered in gold that arrived in a silver boat and asked his mother "Shall I have an hour of lovemaking with you?" A golden ring given by that father would later be used to trigger the second event of this name, which resulted in the secret of agriculture being revealed by Bres. One of these events took place at Cong and one figure that took part in that event lost his (*)arm, but had it replaced by the physician Dian Cecht, earning the epithet "of the silver arm." Another figure involved in the second event of this name possessed a destructive eye that required four men to open using an eyelid ring and was known as Balor, grandson of Net. Other prominent figures who took part in these two events include Nuada, Morrigan, Dagda, and a figure that wielded the Gorias spear, Lug. For 10 points, give the common name shared by these two battles in which the Tuatha De Danann fought Fir Bolg and the Fomairi.
Answer: Cath Maige Tuired[or The Battle of Moyturra; The Battle of Maighe Tuireadh]
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The interaction of this phenomenon and turbulence causing the destruction coherent vortices is known as the Rhines effect. The ratio of the square root of gravity and height to two times the rate of rotation gives their associated deformation. In the hydrosphere, they are best observed on a Hovmoller Diagram, where they appear as diagonal associations of surface height anomalies (*), and the 1993 northward push of the Kuroshio Current is due to this phenomenon, which can take years to cross an ocean. Partially responsible for atmospheric hotspots on Jupiter, omega blocks may form on Earth as the distance between their peaks narrows. They may appear as a baroclinic variety, though usually manifest as barotropic disturbances which interfere with the ascending limbs of Ferrell Cells. Its namesake parameter is the northward variation in the Coriolis parameter, and they move westward relative to the current in the Northern Hemisphere. FTP, name these large waves in the polar jet stream or westerlies.
Answer: Rossby Waves [prompt on "Planetary Waves"]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
In a play by this author the title fourteen year old boy waits for his father on a hotel bench until he is sent into the world by the astrologer Cox, while in another work, an architect grows closer to his gay son after engaging in an affair with an animal named Sylvia. In addition toMalcomandThe Goat, this author wrote two one act plays meant to be performed together in which the title character wonders around a(*) giant cube quoting from his Little Red Book. He wrote about a hospital receptionist who vows to ruin the career of an intern before the arrival of a dying blues singer inThe Death of Bessie Smith, while in another of his plays a man nicknamed "the penguin" is married to a woman whose attitudes at 26, 52, and 90 are represented by the characters A, B, and C. For 10 points name this playwright ofSeascapeandThree Tall Womenwho wrote about George and Martha's marital problems inWho's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.
Answer: Edward Albee
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The only two eyewitness accounts of this event come from Antonfrancesco Cirni and Francisco Balbi di Correggio. A planned outflanking maneuver during this engagement was ruined when Chevalier de Guiral opened fire at point blank range from Fort St. Angelo, although the attackers had slightly more success when assaulting from Mt. Sciberras. Reinforcements under Don Garcia de Toledo arrived from (*)Sicily in time to intercept the fleeing attackers, though they had already taken Fort St. Elmo. This engagement saw the forces of Piali Pasha and Mustafa Pasha, commanders under Suleiman, fail to defeat the defenders under Jean de Valette. For 10 points, name this event wherein the Knights Hospitaller endured a prolonged Ottoman attack on a Mediterranean Island.
Answer: GreatSiege of Malta of 1565
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A common symbol in paintings of this title is a pair of scissors, some pieces of paper and other items hanging in the background, while in one depiction of the crucification is on the top of some shelves with books next to it and birds can be seen outside the windows above. In two depictions, a hat next to an hour glass is also on the wall, while one of them has a large pear shaped gourd hangs from the celling, referencing a debate the subject had over whether kikayon should be translated as gourd or ivy. A skull lies on the windowsill above a sleeping dog, which is awake and staring at the subject in one depiction, while while Ghirlandaio's in the Ognissanti has worn (*)Latin text at the top and has the subject looking towards the viewer. Fledglings are an addition in one of the works to the image of the peacock in the foregrounds, but most of them have lions, one of which is in the rear part of the large open room in Antonello da Messina depiction. At the center of the paintings is the title subject hard at work over a book. For ten points identify this painting subject, exemplified by the work of Lucas Cranach the Elder and Albrecht Durer of the translator of the Vulgate in his workspace.
Answer: St. Jerome in His Study
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This president's third Supreme Court appointment was notably independent of the political machine of Matthew Quay, causing that Pennsylvania senator to oppose the ultimately successful nomination of George Shiras. This man addressed the notion of a "World Power" in a series of lectures published asViews of an Ex-President, and while president he supported the ultimately unsuccessful (*)Lodge Bill. He sent a strong response toChile following the Baltimore Crisis, and he also played host to the First International Conference of American States. His reelection campaign was hurt by the third party candidate James Weaver. His presidency saw the McKinley Tariff and the Sherman Antitrust Act passed by the Billion Dollar Congress. For 10 points, name this president who defeated and then lost to Grover Cleveland.
Answer: Benjamin Harrison
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Wigner pointed out a theoretical violation of this theorem which led to the discovery of dissipative effects rather than cooling as the method of particle compaction in storage rings. Another violation in which a pure quantum member of a system becomes a mixed system by crossing an event horizon led to the formulation of the dualism corollary of the anti de-Sitter Space / conformal field theory correspondence. (*)Application of this tenet to unperturbed thermal and electrical systems in equilibrium yields the Green-Kubo relations, and in ergodic theory it implies that the Lebesgue Measure is invariant. It may be derived by taking the time derivative of the Jacobian of the transformation, and reducing by the appropriate matrix. FTP, name this theorem of classical mechanics that describes the time preservation of phase space volume for Hamiltonian systems, named for a French mathematician.
Answer: Liouville's theorem [do not accept Sturm-Liouville or other wrong things]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
One character who holds this occupation forces a dentist to remove his tooth inIn Evil Hour, and before becoming bank president, this is the job of Manfred de Spain in Faulkner'sThe Town. In Durrenmatt'sThe Visit,Alfred Ill wants to become one of these, and inThe Lady's not for Burning, Hebble Tyson has this job. The owner of(*) Western Biological Laboratory is considered to hold this occupation inCannery Row, and characters who aspire to this occupation include Harmond Wilks inRadio Golfand Seneca Doane inBabbit. Jody Starks occupies this post inTheir Eyes Were Watching God, and after his daughter Isabella is raped by a captain the wealthy farmer Pedro Crespo becomes one of these in another play. After selling his wife and child while drunk, Michael Henchard becomes one. For 10 points name this post held by title residents of Zalamea and Casterbridge.
Answer: mayor
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Shiny Toy Guns did a cover of a song about a figure of this name for a 2010 Lincoln MKZ commercial, which sees the title character making the joke "send me a drink" after "trying to relax". A song about the wife of a man with this name by K.I.A. notes that he went from "ballet to battle, halo to hole" and that he "didn't burn up", he "just burnt out". A song by this character's creator notes (*) "Ashes to ashes, funky to funky / We know [this person is a junkie]", while this character's last words are "Give my wife my love..." in a 1983 track by Peter Schilling. Probably the most famous song about him sees him "sitting in a tin can / far above the world" after being reminded to "take your protein pills and put your helmet on" prior to liftoff. For 10 points, name this David Bowie character from the albumSpace Oddity, famously contacted by Ground Control.
Answer: Major Tom
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Empress Theodora appointed a man of this name as her successor, who was known as The Aged and was quickly overthrown by Isaac Comnenus. One figure of this name was a low-born brother of John the Orphanotrophos who married Empress Zoe, while another figure of this name had to put down the revolt of Thomas the Slav before he took power and avoided execution after his supporters killed (*)Leo the Armenian. Besides men known as The Paphlagonian and The Stammerer, another emperor of this name, the last of the Phrygian dynasty, reinstated the use of icons and was known as The Drunkard. A partriarch of this name tried to enforce the use of Greek language in the liturgy and was excommunicated by Cardinal Humbert, beginning the East-West schism; that man was surnamed Cerularius. For 10 points, name this common first name of Byzantine emperors, the eighth of whom founded the Palaeologus dynasty.
Answer: Michael [orMikhael]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This term describes a process which occurs when the disperse phase of a colloid is moderately soluble in the continuous phase, which results in the passage of from a small bubble to a larger, adjacent bubble. That process is alternatively called Ostwald ripening or isothermal distillation. Along with bubble formation, creaming, and drainage, that process with this name represents one of the criteria necessary for the formation and retention of foam. Another form of this process occurs when a given state lies above the line formed by connecting its adjacent points on a (*)Frost diagram, since that state has a higher average Gibbs Free energy. When it occurs with free radicals, it is usually called dismutation. For 10 points, name this process that occurs when a species undergoes simultaneous oxidation and reduction to produce two different products such as the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.
Answer: disproportionation [prompt onoxidation-reduction, prompt onredox]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This man's religious pieces include a setting of O Salutaris and his setting of theMissa Brevis, the Messe Basse. More often performed is his music to a translation of Verbe egal au Tres-Haut entitledCantique de Jean Racine, while other settings of works by French authors include his music to the poems of Jean de La Ville Mirmont, L'horizon chemerique. Some notable examples of incidental music by him include music for Caligula and Shylock.Rene Fauchois wrote the libretto for his workPenelope,andhe scored one of his operas for (*)over 400 musicians,Prometheus.He also wrote incidental music for a play after which an opera was composed by Debussy , to whose wife this composer dedicated hisLa Bonne Chanson. ThePie Jesu and In paradisum are utilized by him in one of his most famous works instead of theDies Irae. For ten points identify this composer ofPelleas and Melisande,Masques and Bergamasques,and a Requiem.
Answer: GabrielFaure
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
The protagonist of this work states his intention to write two books calledTribute to MalthusandApology for Survivors,and this novel opens with his claim that summer coming early is a miracle. The narrator traveled to the location in which the novel takes place with the help of Calcutta rug merchant Dalmacio Ombrellieri, who calls it a "perfect refuge." At one point in this novel the narrator is trapped by a wall that reforms every time he attempts to break through it for a week, while a diagram in this work depicts a chapel, museum and swimming pool that were abandoned because of a strange disease that causes people to lose their fingernails, hair, and skin. The unnamed narrator is puzzled by the occasional simultaneous presence of two suns and two moons, and he falls in love with (*)Faustine despite realizing that she, along with the other tourists, is an illusion projected onto the island of Villings by the title object. For 10 points name this masterpiece of Adolfo Bioy Casares.
Answer: The Invention of Morel [orLa invencion de Morel]
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This thinker argued that the "form of the body" and the "animating form" are separate and argued against universal hylemorphism. At times both for and against intellectual intuitive cognition in his abstractive versus intuitive cognition theory and he argued against Henry of Ghent's version of Divine Illumination. He believed that a thing must be per se notae ex terminis in order to be natural law, in which he did an analysis of the Ten Commandments. He made a commentary on Porphyry's Isagoge, while his Expositio and Parva logicalia are both in part on the works of Aristotle. His belief that a circle of causes is impossible and that accidental chains of causality require an ordered series play a part in his argument for an efficient cause, which along with a first in final causality and pre-eminence leads to his triple primacy proof of the existence of God. For ten points identify this philosopher whose work Pius IX used in the Ineffabilis Deuson immaculate conception, and who commented on Lombard's Sentences in Ordinatio.
Answer: John Duns Scotus
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Though it's not Scotland, this region saw a battle at the jetty of Aberdeen between natives and European settlers, and the Moplahs of this region rebelled against the anti-Khilafat policies established by its colonizers. The Japanese occupation of this region saw a massacre of its inhabitants at Humphrey-gunj, and the Chola king Rajendra I captured this region and its southern counterpart and used it as a base of operations in his expedition against (*)the Sri Vijaya Empire. The lack of totemism within the primitive peoples of this region was contrasted with Australian and Arunta totemism by Radcliffe-Brown during his ethnographic study of this region's inhabitants. For 10 points, name this island group that constitutes a union territory of Indian along with the Nicobar Islands in the southeastern Bay of Bengal.
Answer: Andaman Islands [accept "Andaman and Nicobar" until "totemism"]
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This event caused the future Baron Sydenham to emigrate to Canada, and this event was followed by a "fag-end period" that was marked by the Syria question. It was caused by the weak support of a certain leader's plan for suspending the consitution of Jamaica as well as the unpopularity of Home Secretary John Russell. The leader at the center of this conflict later admitted to personal secretary Sir Anthony Bigge that "perhaps I should act differently if it was all to be done again", although that ruler's actions were based on the loyalty in the earlier (*)Flora Hastings Affair of people like Baroness Lehzen and Lady Portman. Eventually rectified by Prince Albert after the queen married, this event marked a break in the government of Lord Melbourne and occurred when Victoria refused to meet the demands of the proposed new the Prime Minister, Robert Peel, causing him to decline the office. For 10 points, name this 1839 event involving the attempted removal of Whig ladies as ladies-in-waiting.
Answer: Bedchamber Crisis [orBedchamber Question; prompt on early buzzes of stuff like "The Resignation of Lord Melbourne"]
2009 Chicago Open Bonuses by Babes in Goochland
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This phenomenon was first elucidated by David Gross and Frank Wilczek during high energy experiments involving deep-inelastic electron scattering on hadrons. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this phenomenon present in non-Abelian ganuge theories such as QCD in which the coupling constant for the strong interaction diminishes to zero as the energy increases.
Answer: asymptotic freedom
[10] In QCD, the presence of quark confinement can be determined using the expectation value of this non-local operator. It can also be applied to determine the effect of an external quark-like source moving around the perimeter of the gauge fields.
Answer: Wilson loop
[10] One consequence of asymptotic freedom is the formation of quark-gluon plasma, which is characterized by the suppression of this meson consisting of a charm-anticharm quark pair.
Answer: J/psi
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
He described the bodies of drowned puppies and dead cats flowing through a downhill street in "A Description of a City Shower." FTPE:,
[10] Name this author of "The Beasts' Confession" whose poems were collected in Cadenus and Vanessa.
Answer: Jonathan Swift
[10] In this Swift poem, Strephon's idealized picture of a woman he loves is dashed when, in the course of snooping around the title location, he discovers that "Celia, Celia, Celia shits!"
Answer: "The Lady's Dressing Room"
[10] Celia also names the object of the affection of this author of Volpone who in a poem to her asks that she "Drink to me only with thine eyes."
Answer: Ben Jonson
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Boves called for British support and was addressed to Henry Cullen. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this island, where Simon Bolivar composed a namesake letter in 1815, a British colony where multiple Maroon Wars were fought.
Answer: Jamaica
[10] Bolivar also issued the "Decree of War to the Death" during this 1813-1814 military campaign, which saw him achieve victory in battles like First Carabobo and Barbula.
Answer: Admirable Campaign
[10] The "Decree of War to the Death" was partially justified by this man's brutal repression of the First Republic of Venezuela. Following the Battle of Barbula, he resigned his command in favor of Juan Manuel Cajigal in Las Trincheras.
Answer: Juan Domingo de Monteverde
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Answer some questions about a Greek city state, for 10 points each.,
[10] Even Emperor Hadrian couldn't make these people thrive in Roman times, although earlier they set up the colonies of Heraclea and Astacus. The Athenians imposed a namesake decree against them at the start of the Peloponnesian War for infringing on the lands of Demeter.
Answer: Megara
[10] Well before the Peloponnesian War, the Athenians seized this island from Megara. It names a naval battle where the success of Artemisia led a monarch watching from a throne on Mount Aegaleus to proclaim "my women have become men, my men have become women".
Answer: Salamis
[10] The Megarians also founded this "city of the blind" in Anatolia, a colony later the site of a meeting called by Emperor Marcian.
Answer: Chalcedon
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Part of this work was aimed at deconstructing the anthropomorphism of God espoused by the Islamic Kalam literalist school and it author also discusses Aristotle's system of concentric spheres in its second book. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this work of Moses Maimonides that consists of a letter sent to one of his students meant to explain a certain biblical narrative.
Answer: Guide for the Perplexed
[10] The Guide for the Perplexed centers around a discussion of this narrative that traditionally bore a ban against direct explanation.
Answer: Merkabah section of Ezekiel [or Chariot of Ezekiel; accept knowledgeable equivalents]
[10] In part II chapter VI of the Guide for the Perplexed, Maimomonides explains that this creature's ability to speak did not violate God's natural law because it took place in a dream like all prophecies and visions of angels.
Answer: Balaam's ass
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
It consists of a double-walled glass vessel in which the air between the vessel walls has been evacuated to produce a vacuum. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this object used in cryogenic applications that utilizes a vacuum to insulate material by eliminating heat transfer through convection and conduction.
Answer: Dewar flask
[10] James Dewar's investigations into liquid hydrogen provided evidence that, unlike most other gases, hydrogen displayed a negative form of this effect in which the expansion of a non-ideal gas from high pressure to lower pressure causes an increase in the temperature of the gas.
Answer: Joule-Thomson effect [or Joule-Kelvin effect]
[10] Michael Dewar, not related to James Dewar, developed the "neglect of differential diatomic overlap," or the NDDO approximation, which was the basis of this oft-used tool in computational chemistry. It utilizes semi-empirical methods such as AM-1 and MINDO.
Answer: MOPAC[or Molecular Orbital Package]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
It co-starred both Denzel and Forest Whitaker as James L. Farmer, Jr. and Sr., respectively. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this 2007 drama starring Denzel Washington, who coaches a historically black college to success in an academic competition during the Great Depression.
Answer: The Great Debators
[10] This real life HCBU located in Marshall, Texas was the subject of The Great Debators, although their 2-5 record at last year's HCASC indicates they haven't had modern "quizbowl" success. It's also the surname of II D Extreme member D'Extra and the pen-name of the artist of Non Sequitur.
Answer: Wiley College
[10] Jurnee Smollett, who played Samantha Brooke in The Great Debators, also had a starring role in this 1997 black and white Samuel L. Jackson film set in Louisiana in 1962. Spoiler Alert, an IMDB Plot Keyword for this film is Voodoo Priestess!
Answer: Eve's Bayou
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name some Willa Cather novels for 10 points each:,
[10] In this work, Alexandra Bergson inherits the ole family farm in Hanover Nebraska and falls in love with Carl Linstrum.
Answer: O Pioneers!
[10] This novel concerns the author of Spanish Adventures in America, Godfrey St. Peters, and contains a long subplot about the New Mexico cliff exploration of the slain physicist Tom Outland.
Answer: The Professor's House
[10] In this Cather novel, Marian Foster apparently dies in Argentina after losing her Sweet Water Colorado business to Ivy Peters and cheating on her husband Captain Daniel Forrester.
Answer: A Lost Lady
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
[10] Name these three-eyed, three-clawed demons from Japanese Myth who carry iron clubs called Kanabo.
[10] The Oni should not be confused with these winged, long-nosed tricksters whose name translates as "celestial dogs."
Answer: Tengu
[10] Oni and Tengu are examples of this large class of mythical creatures that also includes henge like Kitsune and Tanuki.
Answer: Yokai
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Name some members of the Chicago School of Sociology for 10 points each:,
[10] This thinker helped found the Symbolic Interactionist movement by publishing works like The Philosophy of the Present and Mind, Self, and Society.
Answer: George Herbert Mead
[10] This city theorist worked with Robert E. Park and placed the Central Business District at the center of his eponymous Concentric Zone model of cities.
Answer: Ernest Burgess
[10] This guy wrote about Jewish experience in the city in his first work The Ghetto but may be best known for his influential essay Urbanism as a Way of Life.
Answer: Louis Worth
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
This work takes its title from Luke 13: For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this short novel in which Jerome Palissier reads Alissa Bucolin's diary and discovers that her saintly actions were concealing a passionate love for him.
Answer: Strait is the Gate [or La Porte etroite]
[10] This French author of The Immoralist and The Counterfeiters wrote Strait is the Gate.
Answer: Andre Gide
[10] In this Gide novel, the son of Juste-Agenor de Baraglioul and half brother Julius senselessly kills Amedee Fleurissoire by pushing him out of a train.
Answer: Lafcadio's Adventures [or The Vatican Swindle; or Les Caves du Vatican]
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
Identify the following about battles from the War of 1812, for 10 points each.,
[10] Among the commanders wounded at this American defeat were Winfield Scott and General Gordon Drummond. Taking place near Niagara Falls on July 25th, 1814 at a namesake road, it marked the end of the US invasion of Canada.
Answer: Battle of Lundy's Lane
[10] This British general was taken captive after getting injured at the Battle of Lundy's Lane. Earlier, he burned the cities of Lewistown, Black Rock and Buffalo.
Answer: Sir Phineas Riall
[10] Riall allegedly screamed "Those are Regulars, by God!" when he realized the soldiers under Winfield Scott and Jacob Brown at this battle earlier in July were more well trained than the militia he expected. Riall retreated after losing over 500 men.
Answer: Battle of Chippewa
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One corollary is that PSPACE is equivalent to NPSPACE. For ten points each:,
[10] Identify this theorem that states that any computation done on a non-deterministic machine can be done by a deterministic one with a squared increase in space.
Answer: Savitch's Theorem
[10] Savitch's Theorem provided a theoretical base for compiler instruction for this early programming language; it and its variants utilize reference, publication and implementation syntax, and it was the first to utilize begin - end pairs for delimiting code blocks.
Answer: ALGOL or Algorithmic Language
[10] These machine agnostic axioms give the properties that if satisfied by a measure allow the measure to give rise to important complexity theorems such as the gap and speedup theorems.
Answer: Blum Axioms
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category: None
He composed a set of variations on Corelli's aria "La Foglia di Spagna." For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this composer who is better remembered for his feud with Mozart.
Answer: Antonio Salieri
[10] Salieri's best-known work, this opera after a Beaumarchais play is about the rescue of Aspasia by Atar and was later reworked by Salieri into Axur, re d'Ormus.
Answer: Tarare
[10] Salieri also wrote an opera about this figure from Jerusalem Delivered who's also the female lead in Handel's Rinaldo.
Answer: Armida
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Unlike growth factors, which display similar autocrine and paracrine functionality towards somatic cell types, these proteins typically mediate the immune response through their action on leukocytes. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name these molecules that are divided into two basic types based on their three dimension structure. When these molecules mediate the interaction between leukocytes they are known as interleukins.
Answer: cytokines
[10] Lymphotoxin was discovered to be the beta form of this proinflammatory cytokine. Its alternative name describes its role in inducing cachexia, and it is secreted through the cleavage of a precursor found on the plasma membranes of macrophages and monocytes, induce tissue repair, and promote apoptosis.
Answer: tumor necrosis factor[orTNF; prompt on cachexin or cachectin]
[10] Like TNF, this other type II transmembrane protein is produced by NK cells and activated T cells. The FADD protein binds to its receptor's cytoplasmic region, resulting in the recruitment and activation of pro-caspase 8, thereby quickly propagating death signals.
Answer: fas ligands [or FasL]
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A red robed turbaned man on a rearing horse prepares to slash an unseen sword while a terrified looking man on the bottom of this painting stabs a crocodile. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this painting in which several dogs and three horsed men attack a certain animal.
Answer: "The Hippopotamus Hunt"
[10] "The Hippopotamus Hunt" was painted by this Flemish artist of Marie de' Medici Cycle and the "The Descent from the Cross."
Answer: Peter Paul Rubens
[10] In this Rubens painting Venus restrains Mars as he is encouraged by Fury, Pestilence, and Famine to open a temple.
Answer: The Consequences of War [also accept the The Horrors of War or An Allegory showing the Effects of War]
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Forced to marry Princess Dagmar of Denmark against his will, he supposedly used his massive strength to save his family during the Borki Train Disaster. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this Russian tsar, the predecessor of Nicolas II.
Answer: Alexander III Aleksandrovich [or Aleksandr III Aleksandrovich or Alexander the Peacemaker or Alexander Mirotvorets]
[10] After Alexander III did some smashing of the Turks, he forced this treaty on them. It created an independent Bulgaria, but opposition to it by Britain and Austria-Hungary led to its revising at the Congress of Berlin.
Answer: Treaty of San Stefano
[10] This successor of Aleksandr Gorchakov helped negotiate the Russo-French Agreement while serving as Foreign Minister for Alexander III after the breakdown of the Reinsurance Treaty with Germany.
Answer: Nicholas de Giers [or Nikolay Karlovich Giers]
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The protagonist of this work writes a book called History of the Suburbs. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this novel in which Ezekiel's father Bentinho accuses his wife Capitu of conducting an affair with his friend Escobar.
Answer: Dom Casmurro
[10] This Brazillian author of Epitaph for a Small Winner and Quincas Borba wrote Dom Casmurro.
Answer: Joaquin Maria Machado de Assis
[10] In this Machado de Assis novel named for some biblical characters and narrated by Counselor Aires, the two sons of Natividade represent the liberal and conservative sides of Brazilian life.
Answer: Esau and Jacob [or Esau e Jacob]

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