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2008 Cardinal Classic Tossups by UCLA
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The speaker of this poem describes a time "when flowing cups run swiftly round / With no allaying Thames" and "thirsty grief in wine we steep," and in the first stanza he compares himself to "the gods that wanton in the air," a position later filled by "enlarged winds, that curl the flood." The speaker remarks how "minds innocent and quiet" respond to the title location, and he declares that, "like committed linnets," he will sing the glories of his king. Containing the assertion that "fishes, that tipple in the deep, / Know no such liberty" and the lines, "Stone walls do not a prison make, / Nor iron bars a cage," FTP, identify this poem by Richard Lovelace.
Answer: "To Althea, from Prison"
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The "classic" version of it displays ataxia, myoclonus, and a decreased in the number of cells expressing parvalbumin. This may give rise to its notable periodic sharp wave complexes. The most famous version of it is the "variant" form, whose symptoms include elevated levels of 14-3-3 proteins, a pulvinar sign on an MRI reading, the absence of sharp waves on an electroencephalogram, florid plaques, and large accumulations of PrPSc in the cerebrospinal fluid. The result is brain tissue with sponge-like lesions similar to those found in cattle. FTP?name this neurodegenerative disorder caused by a prion protein and named after two German neurologists, often associated with mad cow disease.
Answer: Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease or CJD (prompt on "transmissible spongiform encephalopathy" or "TSE"; do not accept "bovine spongiform encephalopathy" or "BSE" or "mad cow disease")
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In the state of Orissa, Prathamastami immediately precedes a festival for this deity. That vratha takes place in the Friday before the full moon in the month of Sravana, though any Friday in that month may suffice. The "star" of this deity consists of two squares with the same center but at 45 degrees to each other, and she is sometimes given the prefix ashta, referring to the eight divisions of her realm. Buying gold and silver during Dhantares is thought to bring good luck from her, and she is honored in the middle three days of Navratri along with Durga and Saraswati. However, she is most worshipped on a holiday whose name means "a row of lights," Diwali. FTP, name this Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity, the consort of Vishnu.
Answer: Lakshmi (accept Shri)
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4, Though this opera composer died in Vienna in 1787, he lived throughout Europe, including long-term stays in Milan and Paris. A major break came for him when he was commissioned to compose music for the name day celebrations held for King Charles III in Naples; eleven years before that, he had composed his first opera, Artaserse, about which one story was told of a Milan crowd demanding that an aria be added in the style of their home city before they would listen. One of his music pupils was Marie Antoinette, so perhaps not surprisingly he headed to France in the early 1770's. Among his first compositions there was Iphigenie en Aulide. As a reformer of operatic practices, among his major concerns was making characters more realistic and less stereotyped, and fusing music with dramatic content so singing would not merely embellish the singers and highlight their talents. FTP, name this German opera composer whose most famous work is perhaps Orpheus and Eurydice.
Answer: Christoph Willibald Gluck
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Opponents of this man included Luhi-ishan and Kastubila, king of Kazalla. Succeeded by his sons Rimush and Manishtushu, he would make his daughter Enheduanna priestess of the moon-god Nanna,illustrating his respect of the old cults. Beginning his career as a cup bearer in the courtof king Ur-Zababa, he would soon take over the city-state of Kish. From there, he would turn on Uruk and its King Lugal-Zage-Si, and conquer most of Sumeria. Building a newcapital, after which he would be named, he would move on to conquer most of the fertile crescent: fromthe lands of Elam inthe east, over Mesopotamia, to the Mediterraneancoast in the west. OfSemitic origin, FTP, name this 2300 BC ruler whose birth story is very much reminiscent of Moses's?
Answer: Sargon of Akkad (prompt on "Sargon")
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The protagonist of this novel isgiven a U.P.U. scholarship to attend law school in England, though he instead ends up with a degree in English. While in Europe, he meets a fellow countrywoman named Clara, whom, upon returning to his home country, he falls in love with, and intends to marry. She, however, is an osu, or outcast, and his mother declares that she will kill herself if he marries Clara. Soon thereafter, his mother dies, and he does not attend her funeral, which the U.P.U., or Umuofia Progressive Union, erroneously attributes to his not caring for her. FTP, identify this story of Obi Okonkwo, Chinua Achebe's sequel to Things Fall Apart.
Answer: No Longer at Ease
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Thomas Scheff has written a recent book about this man "Unbound." One of his works contains such chapters as "Tightness and Looseness" and "Engagements Among the Unacquainted," while his work Encounters preceded a work containing essays called "The Nature of Deference and Demeanor" and "Where the Action Is." His longest work, subtitled An Essay on the Organization of Experience, is Frame Analysis, while he studied how commercials affect our understanding of "masculine" and "feminine" behavior in Gender Advertisements. Another work developed his idea of the "total institution," while his most famous work likens human interaction to a performance on a stage. FTP, name this sociologist who wrote Asylums, as well as The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life.
Answer: Erving Goffman
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John Evelyn and William Taswell discribe this event in their diaries, and an important role was played by the local militia or train-band. Sir Thomas Bloodworth's indecisiveness contributed much to its dramatic outcome, and panic broke out when the river fleet, considered unpassable,did not manage tohold.After the second day, the duke of York wasmade responsible for the coordination of it. It led to violent outbursts againstFrench and Dutch foreigners, as they were commonly heldresponsible for it, especially as the second Anglo-Dutch war was still ongoing. It is remembered by The Monument, a doric column designed in part by Robert Hooke, located near the intersection of Monument Street and Fish street hill. Charles Hubert was held responsible for it, and was hanged after having confessed to have started it in Pudding Street. Historically, the death count attributed to it was only eight, though it is thought the actual count was much higher. FTP, what 1666 catastrophe enabled Sir Christopher Wren to rebuild Saint Paul's cathedral?
Answer: The Great Fire of London
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This work premiered as part of a charity concert series and was troubled by last-minute rearrangements and other production difficulties. After various demands from Jonathan Swift, the dean of St. Patrick's Cathedral, the work was finally allowed to premiere on April 13, 1741 in Dublin. The work is divided into three parts, all dealing with different aspects of the life of what the composer considered the title entity. Famous arias from the work include "I know that my Redeemer liveth," and "Every Valley shall be exalted." The finale chorus of the work is borrowed from Revelation, while a good deal of the remaining libretto is taken from the Old Testament. FTP, name this oratorio by George Frederic Handel, most famous for the chorus "Hallelujah."
Answer: Messiah
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One type of them is named after Wu and Yang, and they can be viewed as a subset of dyons, while a nonsingular type of them is named after 't Hooft and Polyakov. An observation of one of them on Valentine's Day of 1982 using a SQUID was reported by Blas Cabrera. They are often predicted by Grand Unified Theories, while Dirac showed that their existance would imply the quantization of electric charge. However, they violate one of Maxwell's equations that says that the divergence of the magnetic field is zero. FTP, identify these hypothetical objects that have a non-zero magnetic charge.
Answer: magnetic monopole
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The narrator of this novel gives his lover a copy of Let Us Now Praise Famous Men with a card reading, "To the staggering girl," not long after he recites Yeats' "Leda and the Swan" for her during a trip to Vermont. That lover, who sees the narrator as a breakthrough for her and thus calls him "Breakie," has a threesome with the narrator and a prostitute named Lena in Rome. Near the end of the novel the narrator tries to rape the commune-dwelling Naomi but finds himself impotent. Sarah Abbott Maulsby, or "The Pilgrim," and Kay Campbell, or "The Pumpkin," are two of the former lovers of the title character, who also has a relationship with Mary Jane Reed, or "The Monkey." FTP, identify this novel narrated to Dr. Spielvogel by the title character, written by Philip Roth.
Answer: Portnoy's Complaint
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An attack on this man's life failed due to the bullet hittinga photograph of his daughter Anne, who suffered from Down's syndrome.As a former cabinet member, he would launch hisappeal of the 18th of Juneso as to reinvigorate his country's morale. Following the results of the October referendum, he temporarily stepped down, and as his RPF movement didn't gain momentum, his wilderness years would last a total of twelve years, devoted on writing his war memoirs and waiting to be recalled. Called back to service by his country at the verge of civil war and military uprising in 1958, he would change its stumbling political system and act as a stabilizer by changing its constitution. Heavily attacked by street protests in 1968, he again overcame the threat of street riots and civil war and again emerged victorious, only to resign one year later over a relatively minor issue of devolution and reform of the French senate. FTP, who is this Frenchpresident and general, founder of the fifth republic?
Answer: Charles De Gaulle
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This functional group can react with double bonds via the (2+4) Huisgen cycloaddition reaction to form a five-membered ring similar to pyrrole. It can react with tertiary alcohols and alkenes to generate imines, and it can bond to substituted phosphines via Staudinger ligation. Esters reacted with hydrazine followed by nitrous acid can produce this group attached to a carbonyl carbon, from where it can produce water and an isocyanate in the Curtius rearrangement. It also displaces halides in alkyl halides, which can be reduced by lithium aluminum hydride to primary amines. These reactions are driven by the production of nitrogen gas, which this molecule can quickly do if heated. For that reason its sodium salt is used in airbags. FTP, name this trinitrogen anion.
Answer: azide (prompt on "N3-")
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In an early sketch of this painting, an old man on the right stands on a platform with his right arm outstretched, as a dead woman lies on the steps beneath him next to a mourning woman. In the final version of the painting, which was commissioned by Count d'Angiviller, the right side features a woman in white with a blue cloth around her hair looking downward, as she rests her head on the shoulder of a woman in blue and yellow robes. To the left of them is a woman in dark blue holding tightly two children, while the three arches in the background help divide the three groups in the foreground. The old man in the middle wears a red cape and holds up three swords, while the three figures on the left raise their arms towards him in salute. FTP, name this 1784 painting by David.
Answer: Oath of the Horatii
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Emperor Charles V had the inhabitants of this city punished by having the nobles walk before him with a noose around their neck - hence their current nickname of noosebearers. Located at the confluence of the Scheldt and Lys rivers, notable features include the city's belfry, its medieval castle or Gravensteen, and its Saint-Bavo church. A canal connects this city with Terneuzen, and gives its port access to the see. Henry Van de Velde's art deco university library tower dominates most of this city, and. IOC president Jacques Rogge was born here, as well as a younger son of English king Edward the third. French king Louis XVIII sought refuge in this city in present-day Belgium during Napoleon's 100 day campaign. John Quincy Adams spent seven months in this city, a period to which he allegedly referred later as the `most memorable year of my life'. FTP, what is the name of this city, also known for its namesake alterpiece?
Answer: Ghent
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In September 2007, groups led by Molenkamp and Zhang experimentally confirmed a spin analog of this phenomenon in HgTe multilayers. Materials systems displaying it now include graphene,III-V [three-five]heterostructures, and in the original 1980 PRL paper, the authors used MOSFET inversion layers, andsolditas an accurate way of determining the fine structure constant.The presence of a finite amount of disorder is invoked in order to explain the plateau transitions, and Laughlin used a gauge-invariance argument to explain it. In a heuristic explanation, edge currents give rise to the vanishing of both the longitudinal resistance and conductance at high magnetic field. Leading to a more accurate resistance standard, this is, FTP, what effect displaying quantization of the transverse magnetoconductance, discovered by von Klitzing in 1980?
Answer: Integer quantum Hall effect (accept quantum spin Hall effect before graphene, do not prompt on fractional quantum Hall)
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This man suffered from a spinal disease throughout his life, which may have inspired him to write his most famous work regarding labor-saving devices. His brother Josef often collaborated with him by providing illustrations to most of his works until 1921, when his brother Josef started his literary career when they co-wrote The Insect Play together. When Josef died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, his plays became more politically minded and dystopian such as War with the Newts, which satirized the Communist government of his homeland. This led to a long-lasting friendship and a biography of Toma? Masaryk, the founder and first president of Czechoslovakia. FTP?name this Czech writer whose play R.U.R led to the coinage of these labor-saving devices known as "robots."
Answer: Karel apek
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One of his works contained an "exposure of the needlessness and mischievousness" of taking oaths, while another of his works was written under the pseudonym Philip Beauchamp, namely An Analysis of the Influence of Natural Religion on the Temporal Happiness of Mankind. Another religious work, Not Paul, But Jesus, was published after his Chrestomathia, which invisioned a new system of education. He criticized William Blackstone in A Fragment on Government, while another of his works said mankind was ruled by two "sovereign masters", pain and pleasure. FTP, name this author of Defence of Usury and Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation, usually credited with founding utilitarianism.
Answer: Jeremy Bentham
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The trial following it took place in Flemington and, as a result, many states passed laws restricting the use of photographic and recording devices in court. The perpetrator, who was prosecuted by David T. Wilentz and was caught at a Bronx gas station, worked through an intermediary, John F. Condon. Despite paying the $50,000 ransom, the victim was killed and a positive identification was made from his congenitally-deformed right foot after he was found in a ditch outside Trenton. That victim was the two-year old son of Anne Morrow and her more famous husband. FTP, name this notorious March 1, 1932 act that made kidnapping and ransom a federal crime and for which Bruno Hauptmann was convicted.
Answer: Lindbergh kiddnapping
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This man created the game Badger-in-a-Bag at the court of his future father-in-law. He allowed his own hounds to feast on a stag that a group of pure white hunting dogs with red ears had killed, an act for which he would have to atone by ruling another man's kingdom for 366 days and then killing that man's archenemy, Hafgan. He saw his future wife from the hill Gorsedd Arberth, though no horse could catch her. After he defeated her first suitor, Gwawl, the two had a son whose name would mean "worry," though that child was though dead after the boy disappeared and his wife framed for infanticide. FTP, name this ruler of the Dyfed, the father of Pryderi and husband of Rhiannon whose story is told in the Mabinogion.
Answer: Pwyll Pendeuic Dyfed, Pen Annwn
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Crowell Rodgers accompanies theprotagonist of thiswork to the horse races in San Siro, and Emilio is a sympathetic bartender who warns him of his impending arrest. Among its closing scenes is one in which this same protagonist refuses to put out a fire into which some ants walking along a log are about to fall; thus, the protagonist has passed up an opportunity to become the ants' savior. Not long after, he exits a room in a hospital in Lausanne, where the woman of whom he thinks as his wife lies dead, having given birth to a stillborn baby for whom the protagonist feels no fatherly affection. This woman is a nurse he met, first while on the Italian front and again in another hospital in Milan where he lay injured. FTP, name this story of an ill-fated love affair between ambulance driver Frederic Henry and Catherine Barkley during the First World War, a novel published in 1929 by the author of Death in the Afternoon?
Answer: A Farewell to Arms
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In 1802 he became embroiled in the Pamphlet War with James Cheetham when he defended the Adams administration. His maternal grandfather was the author of Freedom the Will, Original Sin, and Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, Jonathan Edwards. During the Revolutionary War, he helped General Israel Putnam rescue trapped soldiers in Brooklyn Heights, and as a New York Senator after the war, he was strongly opposed to Jay's Treaty. He consulted with General James Wilkinson over plans to flee to Mexico following his most famous altercation, but when that failed, he was paid $10,000 by Spain to protect Spanish America from Congress, an act many thought to be traitorous. FTP, name this Vice-President who was tried for treason and who killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel.
Answer: Aaron Burr
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The "stringency" of this procedure depends on the concentrations of Denhardt's solution, sodium dodecyl sulfate, and formamide used. Those chemicals are combined in a sodium citrate buffer with sonicated salmon sperm to generate deoxyribose antisense molecules, to which the test pattern is exposed. The next step involves generating a 32P-labeled probe that has been cooled to prevent double-stranding. That single-stranded molecule is then added to fragments, cut by a restriction enzyme, on a nylon or nitrocellulose sheet. The probe binds to the DNA fragment and the target sequence is then revealed by autoradiography or ethidium bromide staining. FTP, name this technique to find a specific DNA sequence among DNA fragments.
Answer: Southern blot
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This song gave Ray Charles his first Billboard Hot 100 #1 as a songwriter, and broke a record on the Pop 100 by jumping from number ninety-four to number two. The song also beat the record for most digital downloads in a week, selling over 1,000,000 downloads in seven weeks in the United States. The song features lyrics such as "I don't care what none of y'all say, I still love her," and "If you ain't no punk, holla `We want pre-nup!'" The second verse of the song discusses a "trap" that some women put men in by getting a man to father their child, and then making him pay child support. The song was nominated for Record of the Year at the 2006 Grammy Awards, and won the Grammy award for Best Rap Solo Performance. FTP, name this tongue-in-cheek song by Kanye West, featuring Jamie Foxx and samples by Ray Charles.
Answer: "Gold Digger"
2008 Cardinal Classic Bonuses by UCLA
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Answer the following regarding ethers, FTPE,
[10] This traditional method of ether synthesis is simply an alkoxide ion undergoing an SN2 reaction with a primary alkyl halide to produce an ether.
Answer: Williamson ether synthesis
[10] Alkyl ethers can undergo this kind of reaction that occurs solely in the presence of oxygen to generate explosive peroxides.
Answer: autoxidation
[10] This reaction works better than the Williamson ether synthesis for creating aryl ethers. It combines an aryl halide with a phenol in the presence of a copper iodide catalyst to furnish a diaryl ether.
Answer: Ullmann reaction
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The first four books of the Odyssey tell of the journey of the son of the King of Ithaca. Answer the following about them, FTPE.,
[10] First name this son who has gone on his own odyssey in search of news of his father, Odysseus.
Answer: Telemachus
[10] This youngest son of Nestor travels with Telemachus from Pylos to visit Menelaus in Sparta.
Answer: Peisistratus
[10] This woman, Odysseus's aged nurse, confesses to Penelope that she knew about Telemachus's secret visit to Menelaus. Penelope then cries to Athena to protect her son from the suitors' plot to kill him.
Answer: Eurycleia
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After this play's central character leaves, the thief Vaska Pepel kills the landlord Kostilyoff, and a character simply known as "the Actor" hangs himself. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this play set in a boarding house and featuring the tramp Luka.
Answer: The Lower Depths or Na dne
[10] This writer and emblem of Socialist Realist wrote The Lower Depths, as well as the novel Mother and the story "Twenty-Six Men and a Girl."
Answer: Maksim Gorky
[10] In this short story by Gorky, the title thief enlists the help of the boy Gavrila, and after a quarrel involving their earnings Gavrila knocks out the title character with a pebble.
Answer: "Chelkash"
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FTP—answer the following regarding a famous sculpture.,
[10] Legend has it that a 1347 siege inspired this monument, in which Edward III of England would save the city should six civic leaders surrender themselves. This sculpture is dedicated to those men and is made famous by the sullen looks on their faces and the nooses worn around their necks.
Answer: The Burghers of Calais or Les Bourgeois de Calais
[10] In 1885, the town council and mayor of Calais commissioned this sculptor to sculpt Burghers of Calais. His design was controversial as it was viewed as a monument to defeat.
Answer: Auguste Rodin
[10] According to John Froissart's Chronicles, this man was the richest, oldest, and most prominent of the burghers, who developed the idea of putting the symbolic noose around the neck. He was the first burgher to volunteer his life and stands in the center of the monument when viewed from the front.
Answer: Sir Eustache de Saint-Pierre
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Name these figure skaters who all skated in the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy. FTPE:,
[10] Lots of men cheered for this aesthetically pleasing Canadian-American, who together with her partner Benjamin Agosto, won the silver medal in the ice dancing competition:
Answer: Tanith Belbin
[10] She won the Olympic gold medal in Turin, giving Japan its first win in figure skating.
Answer: Shizuka Arakawa
[10] the men's singles competition was won by Evgeni Plushenko, before this Swiss man who won silver. He was also the 2005 and 2006 world champion:
Answer: Stephane Lambiel.
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Its dark pigmentation in primates decreases reflected light that would otherwise distort images. FTPE,,
[10] Name this layer of blood vessels and connective tissue that nourishes the retina.
Answer: choroid
[10] This structure just behind the iris is attached to the choroid and is responsible for producing the aqueous humor. It also controls accommodation, or how thick or thin the lens becomes, which allows the eye to focus.
Answer: ciliary body (prompt on "ciliary muscle" or "ciliary processes")
[10] The ciliary body and the lens lose flexibility with age, resulting in this condition in which the eye's ability to focus on near objects gradually diminishes.
Answer: presbyopia (prompt on "short arm syndrome")
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One character in this novel goes into an unfinished house and writes "Edison," "Dick Tracy," "Mussolini," "Pussy," and "Mozart" on the walls. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this novel in which Mick Kelly, Dr. Copeland, Biff Brannon, and Jake Blount all begin to confide in Jake Singer.
Answer: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
[10] This author of A Member of the Wedding and The Ballad of the Sad Cafe wrote The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.
Answer: Carson McCullers
[10] In this McCullers novel, Captain Weldon Pemberton's wife Lenora has an affair with Major Langdon, and Pemberton ends up shooting Private Williams.
Answer: Reflections in a Golden Eye
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This Whig presidential candidate was the last major candidate from Kentucky. FTPE,,
[10] Name this "Great Compromiser," who was appointed Secretary of State under John Quincy Adams.
Answer: Henry Clay
[10] Clay worked with Adams and this Swiss immigrant and Secretary of the Treasury to secure at commerce treaty with Great Britain.
Answer: Albert Gallatin
[10] Clay's "American System" was attacked by this man and the two faced off in a duel, though neither was injured.
Answer: John Randolph
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FTPE, answer the following regarding famous psychology experiments.,
[10] In this 1961 experiment, participants were ordered to administer increasingly powerful electric shocks to a victim in another room. It was summed up in the article "Perils of Obediance."
Answer: Stanley Milgram obediance experiments
[10] This experiment from the early 1950's required the subject to match a line with another line on two different cards. Other people before the subject purposely gave incorrect answers, which would prompt approximately a third of the subjects to give the erroneous answer.
Answer: Solomon Asch Conformity Experiments
[10] These telepathy experiments with a German name have the subject place halved table tennis balls on their eyes and listen to white noise, while inundated with red light. A sender then tries to send a randomly chosen telepathic image to the subject. Bem and Honorton have claimed the experiments are evidence of ESP.
Answer: Ganzfeld Telepathy Experiments
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The author of this novel referred to it as his "New Medea," as it was inspired by a performance of that play. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this novel that deals with the divorce of Boston journalist Bartley Hubbard and Marcia Gaylord.
Answer: A Modern Instance
[10] This author of A Hazard of New Fortunes and The Rise of Silas Lapham wrote A Modern Instance.
Answer: William Dean Howells
[10] After their divorce, Bartley moves to Arizona, while Marcia is courted by this man who considers leaving the ministry for her.
Answer: Ben Halleck (accept either)
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Name some paradoxes from physics, FTPE:,
[10] This paradox says that the night-time sky should be blindingly bright. It derives from the mistaken assumption that the universe is infinitely big and static.
Answer: Olbers' paradox
[10] This paradox has to due with the fact that entropy increases when two gases of different particles mix with each other.
Answer: Gibbs paradox
[10] This paradox says that if an observer looks at an unstable system frequently enough, the observed system will never decay. It was proposed by Misra and Sudarshan in 1977.
Answer: quantum Zeno paradox (or effect)
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FTP, identify the following skiing resort cities.,
[10] This city near Vancouver will host most of the skiing events of the upcoming 2010 winter olympics. earlier, it had unsuccessfully tried to obtain the 1968 winter olympics nomination:
Answer: Whistler, British Columbia
[10] Host of the 1928 and 1948 Winter Olympics, this city is considered the oldest skiing resort city in the world. It is home to the world-renowned Cresta Run toboggan course and its Alpine Turf horserace on its frozen namesake lake located in the Graubunden canton.
Answer: St. Moritz or Sankt Moritz
[10] Home to a world-famous film festival, this Colorado city is the county seat of San Miguel County. This former mining town began its skiing industry in 1972; but it made news in 1891 when the Ames Hydroelectric Generating Plant, the world's first commercial alternating-current power plant, was built here.
Answer: Telluride
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Identify the following Renaissance composers, FTPE.,
[10] In addition to seven settings of the Magnificat, he wrote 104 masses, including the parody mass Missa Tu es Petrus and his most famous work, the Missa Papae Marcelli or Pope Marcellus Mass.
Answer: Giovanni Perluigi da Palestrina
[10] This Flemish composer's best-known setting of the mass is probably his Missa Pange lingua. Other compositions include the frottola "El grillo" and the motets "Mille Regretz" and "Ave Maria…virgo serena"
Answer: Josquin Desprez
[10] Josquin wrote "Nymphes des bois," a "Deploration on the Death of" this other composer, whose use of mensuration canons can be seen in his Missa prolationum.
Answer: Johannes Ockeghem
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Answer the following about the most interesting Punic War, the Second, FTPE.,
[10] After this Iberian city provoked Carthage by aggressing against neighboring Carthaginian allies, Hannibal laid siege to, and took it. Despite not having a true alliance with the city, Rome demanded Carthage turn over Hannibal. The inevitable refusal touched off the war.
Answer: Saguntum or Sagunto or Sagunt
[10] At this probably greatest victory of Hannibal, he used superior tactics to rout a Roman army with vastly superior numbers under Paullus and Varro. Hannibal allowed the Romans to push strongly into the center of his line, after which his brother Hasdrubal, in charge of the cavalry, was able to swing around and trap the Romans.
Answer: Battle of Cannae
[10] an important factor in Hannibal's ultimate loss at Zama was the defection of this former ally of his, the king of the Numidians. His cavalry charge would save the day for the Romans:
Answer: Massinissa
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It occurs on the 10th day of Tishri, at the end of the 40 Days of Awe. FTPE,,
[10] Name this Jewish holiday, the Day of Atonement.
Answer: Yom Kippur
[10] This prayer is recited in Aramaic on the evening before Yom Kippur. It translates as "all vows."
Answer: Kol Nidre
[10] This service, whose name means "closing," marks the end of Yom Kippur. It is observed standing up as the doors to the Ark are open during this ceremony, revealing the Torah.
Answer: Neilah
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FTP—identify the following poems by author turned poet, Thomas Hardy.,
[10] This 1915, eleven-stanza poem focuses on a famous event that occurred three years earlier. For even more help, the stanzas are arranged so that they appear to be written in the shape of a cruise liner.
Answer: "The Convergence of the Twain (Lines on the loss of the "Titanic")"
[10] This other 1915 poem focuses on the speaker's nostalgia for holidays being spent in his native homeland as evident by regional slang words like "barton" and "coomb." The speaker remembers his childhood watching the titular creature kneel at midnight between Christmas Eve and Christmas.
Answer: "The Oxen"
[10] Believed to be written on the eve of the twentieth century, this poem may be a copy of the Romantic concept of honoring birds in their poems such as "Ode to a Nightingale."
Answer: "The Darkling Thrush"
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Answer the following regarding drugs being issued black box warnings by the FDA, FTPE.,
[10] Because of an increased display of suicidal behavior in adolescents, the FDA issued black box warnings to this class of drugs that include TCAs, MAOIs, and SSRIs. However, there have been no direct study that supports these findings.
Answer: antidepressants
[10] Originally developed as a rat poison, this derivative of anticoagulants is the most widely used to help reduce the risk for those with a tendency of thrombosis. However, its ability to interact with many common medications and certain types of food can cause a patient to die from bleeding to death, ergo the black box warning.
Answer: warfarin
[10] In November 2004, this contraceptive drug was given the black box warning for causing loss of bone density should there be prolonged use. It is notable of its kind because it is administered via injection, it contains no estrogen, and the World Health Organization has disputed the warning.
Answer: Depo-Provera or Depot Medroxyprogesterone Acetate
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Prior to the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, he had enjoyed a farmer's life at his estate, "Travellers Rest." FTPE,,
[10] Name this expatriate general who helped the Americans win the Battle of Saratoga, though he lost at the Battle at Camden to Charles Cornwallis and was subsequently replaced as field commander.
Answer: Horatio Gates
[10] Gates was implicated with this man's namesake cabal to overthrow commander-in-chief George Washington, though there has never been any solid proof of Gates's involvement in the plot.
Answer: Thomas Conway
[10] Gates lost the Battle of Camden after assuming command of the Southern Department from this man, who surrendered to Cornwallis at Charleston.
Answer: Benjamin Lincoln
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Don Rodrigo threatens to kill Don Abbondio, the local priest, if he marries the two central characters. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this novel that features the peasant lovers Renzo and Lucia, set in Lombardy during the Thirty Years' War.
Answer: I promessi sposi or The Betrothed
[10] This Italian poet and novelist wrote I promessi sposi.
Answer: Alessandro Manzoni
[10] Charlemagne's conquest of Italy provides the plot for this verse drama written by Manzoni.
Answer: Adelchi
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Name these European religious figures with a couple of things in common, FTPE.,
[10] This devout Lutheran cleric influenced Protestant ideals of domestic life while administering the Black Cloister in Wittenburg from 1525 to 1546.
Answer: Katarina von Bora or Katarina Luther (note: both names required for the latter)
[10] a native of Italy, this saint is often credited with ending the Babylonian captivity; she would see the popes return to Rome in 1377, alright, only to lead to the Western Schism the year after. She died in 1380:
Answer: Catherine of Siena
[10] along with Catherine, this Spanish saint was made a doctor of the church in 1970; important during the counterreformation and reknowned for her mysticism, she would be proclaimed a patroness of Spain by the Cortes in 1617:
Answer: Teresa of Avila

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