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2008 Cardinal Classic Tossups by UCI and UCLA
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A town in the north of its country was named after this battle, andafter economic decline, it served for a whileas as aprisoner and concentration camp. In the battle itself, the victorious army was significantly weakened from the army'snamesake mountains, but still had a significant numerical advantage over the Royalist forces. The defeated forces led by Rafael Maroto attempted to hold the victorious army at bay in the namesake valley while nearby reinforcements arrived. The victorious forces were divided into a flanking force lead by General Soler while the Royalists were directly engaged by Bernardo O'Higgins. For ten points, name this 1817 battle, a victory for Jose San Martin's Army of the Andes, and the first major battle in the campaign for Chilean independence.
Answer: Battle of Chacabuco
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He hears "the sea breathe o'er [his] dying brain its last monotony" in one poem, and notes that "the flower that smiles today tomorrow dies" in another. In addition to "Stanzas Written in Dejection" and a version of "Mutability," he wrote a burlesque titled Posthumous Fragments of Margaret Nicholson. He signed his political tracts as "The Hermit of Marlow" and wrote Laon and Cythna, renaming it The Revolt of Islam. Along with Thomas Jefferson Hogg, he circulated The Necessity of Atheism, causing his expulsion from Oxford. Author of "England in 1819," "The Sensitive Plant," and "Mont Blanc," he wrote of "a traveler from an antique land," and a "blithe Spirit" to whom he hailed. For ten points, name this poet of "Ozymandias" and "To a Skylark."
Answer: Percy Bysshe Shelley
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One character in this work counters the argument that he is "burnt out" by replying that "the memories are still there, clear, intact, indestructible," and goes on to suggest that "it doesn't matter a damn what we think, the only thing that matters is what they feel," while looking his tearful wife in the eye. That character earlier got some Oregon Boysenberry Sherbet at a drive-thru, while his wife Chris fires Hilary St. George for eavesdropping at the house. Joey had met her much older beau in Hawaii, and they decide to go to her parent's house in San Francisco to finalize marriage, surprising both the Draytons and the Prentices. Starring Sidney Poitier as a black doctor who falls for a white girl, FTP, name this Stanley Kramer film pairing Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn for the last time, the first major film about interracial romance.
Answer: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
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The gene for BCP, a protein expressed in these cells, is found on chromosome 7, while two other related molecules, GCP and RCP, have high sequence homology and have genes in the X chromosome. Edwin Land wrote ratiometric equations for them, and they connect one on one to midget cells of the inner plexiform layer via bipolar cells. They lie mostly in a pitted region free of cell bodies and blood vessels, dependent on the choroid and pigment epithelium for metabolism. For ten points, name these cells with high acuity but low sensitivity found in the fovea of the retina, which as hypothesized by Thomas Young come in red, green, and blue varieties, as opposed to rods.
Answer: cones
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At one point in this work, the author likens distinguishing true and false rules of logicto creating a Diana or Minerva out of a block of marble.Earlier, the author proclaims that cities built by single architects are better and nicer than cities built by a series of different architects.Inits fifthsection, the author reveals his deep interest in medicine by proposing that blood vaporizesin the heart and keeps the body running. Originally published along with three essayson Optics, Meteorology, and Geometry,in its second section,the author resolves not to accept anything without confirming its truth beyond doubt, which isthe first of his fourrulesfor "rightly conducting the reason." For ten points, in what 1637 work does Rene Descartes claim "I think, therefore I am"?
Answer: Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting the Reason, and Searching for Truth in the Sciences (or Discours de la methode pour bien conduire sa raison, et chercher la verite dans les sciences)
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In his best known role, this man's greatest act was to select Gideon Welles as Secretary of the Navy. As a member of the U.S. Senate, this man strongly argued against the practice of flogging in the navy. He died in 1882, shortly after returning from Spain as U.S. Minister, his last political post. After failing to win renomination, he briefly served as the Collector of the Port of Boston. He had previously served for one month in 1856 as the first Republican governor of Maine. After a successful stint in his most famous post, he was dropped by his new party in favor of southern Democrat Andrew Johnson. FTP, name this first vice-president of Abraham Lincoln from 1861 to 1865.
Answer: Hannibal Hamlin
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William Cochran analyzed some unusual spectral emissions from it which were more fully explained by Diane Paulson, who suggested that the event was unusual for objects of its age. Its rotation period proves that it was born before other objects of its class increased the amount of stellar metal, and as a consequence it has a very low metallicity. In 1973, the British Interplanatary Society launched Project Daedalus to send an unmanned spacecraft to study its astrometry. Van Kemp famously speculated the existence of planets revolving around it, a claim later proven to be false. Located in the constellation Ophiuchus, for ten points, this is what red dwarf with the largest proper motion of any star, named after its American discoverer?
Answer: Barnard's star
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Lakes in this city include Lake of the Isles, Calhoun, Harriet, Hiawatha, and Nokomis. For most of the late 19th and early 20th century, this city was the leading center of grain milling in the United States, and today many of the mill ruins can be found in a park near the Falls of St. Anthony on a major river that flows through it. Cultural institutions in this city include the Walker Art Museum, the American-Swedish institute, and the Guthrie Theater, and one can also enjoy natural attractions including the aforementioned lakes and Minnehaha Falls. It is the seat of Hennepin county, while its largest newspaper is the Star Tribune. For ten points, R.T. Rybak is the current mayor of what major midwestern city located on the Mississippi River, the largest city in Minnesota?
Answer: Minneapolis
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Of one character in this play, a servant exclaims, "What a lot of people he must have killed to become so rich!" That character, Purgon, promises the title character that he will be able to make his wife conceive a child. As in The Taming of the Shrew, a woman is courted by a man pretending to be a music teacher; to that end, he makes up an opera about Phyllis and Tircis that summarizes the situation. Louisson pretends to be dead after her father threatens to flog her, but it is that father whose fake death sets the denouement in motion. After he is revealed to be alive, Cleante promises to become a doctor and apothecary to win the hand of Angelique, but Beralde convinces the title character to just become a doctor himself. For ten points, name this last play of Moliere, who died while playing Argan, the titular hypochondriac.
Answer: The Imaginary Invalid or Le Malade Imaginaire (accept "The Hypochondriac" before mentioned)
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This deity killed his own goats for food and forbade anyone from breaking the bones, but a local lad broke one and atoned for it by becoming this god's assistant. After recounting how he threw Aurvandil's Toe into the sky, Groa forgot the incantations she was reciting and failed to dislodge the hone stuck in his head, which he received in his battle with Hrungnir. He tricked the suitor of his daughter Thrud, a dwarf named Alvis, by pestering him with questions until the sun's rays turned him to stone. At Heimdall's suggestion, he went to Thrym's hall dressed as Freya in order to retrieve an item Thrym had stolen from him. That item had been forged by the dwarves Brokk and Eitri. At Ragnarok, this god will kill-and be killed by-his arch-enemy, Jormungand. FTP, name this Mjollnir-wielding Norse war god.
Answer: Thor
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Scandal hit thisgovernment when Daniel Wilson was found guilty of fraud, leading to an election in which one party attempted to engineer the election of Ferry as president in order to cause its downfall. It was saved after the most popular man in the country inexplicably went into exile; reaction against the Boulangist movement led to a law forbidding candidates to run for parliament in multiple constituencies. Other crises occurred when Marshal MacMahon unsuccessfully tried to dissolve it, worthless bonds introduced by Stavisky caused a fascist mob to riot at the Place de la Concorde, and Alfred Dreyfuss was unjustly convicted of treason. Finally falling after the Nazis captured Paris, for ten points, name this longest-lived French Republic.
Answer: Third Republic (prompt on anything mentioning Grevy before end of second sentence)
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The "giant" version of this effect has been observed in excitons in quantum wells. The Hamiltonian governing it is proportional to the orbital angular momentum plus twice the spin angular momentum, while Faraday rotation can be viewed as a consequence of this effect. Its strength calculated with perturbation theory is proportional to the Bohr magneton and the Lande g-factor, while spin-orbit coupling breaks down in the presence of a strong field, which yields a variety of this phenomenon known as the Paschen-Back effect. For ten points, name this phenomenon first explained by a Dutch scientist that describes the splitting of energy levels in the presence of an external magnetic field.
Answer: Zeeman effect
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One work for this instrumentation is a "study on a Jewish theme" that incorporates quarter tones, Aaron Copland's Vitebsk. The second movement of the one by Charles Ives is titled "TSIAJ," for "This Scherzo is a Joke," and the last movement of that piece, which quotes Ives's earlier song "The All-Enduring," culminates with a quotation of the hymn "Rock of Ages." "Pantoum" is the label given to the second movement of the one in A minor by Maurice Ravel, and Shostakovich's second, in E minor, was written in response to the death of Ivan Sollertinsky. The two most famous ones by Beethoven are known as the "Ghost" and the "Archduke." FTP, identify this type of chamber piece, written for cello, violin, and piano.
Answer: piano trio
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At one point, Steve tells us that although he thought he knew something about this, in fact, he knew nothing, while another character claims that she imagines furniture and "little velvet settees" in place of it until a "Bob" came upon the scene "because he liked to look at it." A "high-powered businesswoman" claims that she didn't have time for it, because looking after it is "a full day's work." Also called "nishi," "monkey box," "connie," "mimi" in Miami, and "schmende" in the Bronx, it'd rather wear a earring and spotted leather pants, travel around the world, or become bald or nudist. Discussed in sections like "My Short Skirt" and "The Flood," it needs "Hair" for its protection. Asking us to yell "cunt, cunt, cunt!," For ten points, name this anatomical subject of monologues by Eve Ensler about female sex life.
Answer: vaginas; accept The Vagina Monologues
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Lipid peroxidation begins when this molecule attacks fatty acid chains. It can be created by the Haber-Weiss reaction, though yield is poor. As such, the Fenton reaction is preferred, which combines an Fe2+ ("iron two-plus") ion with hydrogen peroxide to produce one molecule of it alongside hydroxide ion. In cells, the superoxide ion is one of its sources, though this radical is best known for its atmospheric role, where it can be measured from sulfur dioxide levels. It is the strongest oxidant in the atmosphere, where it reacts with and neutralizes pollutants such as carbon monoxide, methane, and nitrogen dioxide. For ten points, name this radical with chemical symbol OH (read as individual letters).
Answer: hydroxyl radical (accept OH before mention)
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One section of this book classifies food into three classes based on its taste, while another says that although a noble task seems cumbersome in the beginning, its rewards are sweet like nectar. Yet another section lists a number of ways of attaining salvation, such as abnegation of earthly desires and devotion to God. Part of the sixth parvan of a larger work, its quote "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds," was used by Robert Oppenheimer immediately after the Trinity explosion, while text from this work was adapted by Constance de Jong and Philip Glass for the libretto to Satyagraha. For ten points, name this holy book, part of the Hindu epic Mahabharata, where Krishna talks to Arjuna about the immortality of the soul and the theory of Karma.
Answer: Bhagavad Gita (do not prompt on early "Mahabharata")
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Among his subordinates were Too-hul-hul-sote and this man's brother Olikut. After his capture by the U.S. Army, he was relocated to Kansas and then to the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington, where he died in 1904. His most famous accomplishment, recorded by C.E.S. Wood, came after the battle of Bear Paw Mountain. Despite his nickname of the "Red Napoleon", historians have claimed that Ollikut and Looking Glass were the true strategists of his campaign, which led the non-reservation band of his tribe from their native Wallowa Valley in Oregon to northern Montana. There he met Colonel Nelson Miles, to whom he surrendered just 40 miles away from the Canadian Border. FTP, name this Nez Perce chief who famously declared at his surrender, "I will fight no more forever."
Answer: Chief Joseph or Joseph the Younger or Hin-muh-too-uah-lat-kekht
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He wrote about Montgomery Marvin getting in trouble with the government for his overly zealous philanthropy based on liberal agenda in A Tenured Professor. He discussed tulipmania and the South Sea bubble in his A Short History of Financial Euphoria, while he predicted that the American economy would be controlled by big businesses, labor, and activist governments in American Capitalism: The Concept of Countervailing Power. Besides serving as presidential advisor to Franklin Roosevelt, he wrote about the start of the Great Depression in The Great Crash, 1929. FTP, name this economist who wrote The New Industrial State and coined the term "conventional wisdom" in his 1958 book Affluent Society.
Answer: John Kenneth Galbraith
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Hroswitha's Paphnutius takes much characterization and some plot details from one of this man's plays. The maid Dorias exclaims "The Major's lost his mind; he's liable to start a riot" in this man's The Eunuch, which commanded a greater amount of money than any other play to that point. Charinus loves the betrothed of Pamphilus, who is unknowingly in love with that woman's sister, in his first play, Andria, which supposedly impressed Caecilius so much that he stopped eating to read it aloud. Most of his six extant plays are based on the work of Menander, and unlike with his best-known contemporary, are set in Greece. Writing for a more highbrow audience than Plautus, for ten points, name this Roman playwright who shares his name with the addressee of a Housman poem.
Answer: Terence or Publius Terentius Afer
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He was an influence on the Carracci, and he received 44 liras, 2 carts of wood, some wheat, and a pig for his Madonna of St. Jerome, which was completed along with Holy Night. He painted two infants playing next to a bed post in Danae and a cherub sleeping next to the titular figure in Antiope. His The Ascension of Christ in the cupola of San Giovanni Evangelista seems to extend beyond the dome, while his The Assumption of the Virgin in the Cathedral of Parma is painted from a underground perspective. For ten points, name this Mannerist painter of Loves of Jupiter, including the sensuous Jupiter and Io.
Answer: Correggio (or: Antonio Allegri)
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In this work, the only person who really liked the protagonist is employed by the Garlands. A law clerk at Sampson and Brass is convinced by Frederick that the protagonist is hiding a fortune. The single gentleman contacts Richard Swiveller to track down the protagonist because he happens to be a distant relative of the protagonist. Although Kit Nubbles is backed by the single gentleman, he is framed for theft by Sally Brass on the prodding of the villain who was the reason behind the disappearance of the protagonist. The dwarf gambler DanielQuilp forcesLittle Nell and her grandfather to flee the titular establishment in, for ten points, what novel by Charles Dickens?
Answer: The Old Curiosity Shop
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Alfred Gruenther was the third man to occupy this office, and he was succeeded by Lauris Norstrad. More recent occupants included Joseph Ralston, George Joulwan, and James Jones. When Matthew Ridgway occupied this office, it was merged with another, and all of his successors have combined both offices ever since. Originally located in Rocquencourt, on a site nowadays occupied by INRIA, the French national institute for research in computer science and control, it later moved to its current site in Casteau, near Mons. John Shalikashvili occupied this office before moving to his more famous assignment, and before running for president, Wesley Clark made fame occupying this office. FTP, what is this position, of which Dwight Eisenhower was the first occupant.
Answer: SACEUR or Supreme Allied Commander Europe (accept Commander, United States European Command before Eisenhower)
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First elected to parliament from Griffith in 1998, he served as Shadow Foreign Secretary from 2001-20 Fluent in Mandarin, he worked as a civil servant at the department of foreign affairs before embarking on a career in politics. Hebecame leader of the oppositionafter his predecessors, Simon Crean and Kim Beazley, got engaged in a public mudfight. His political views have been characterized as part of the "Third Way" as exemplified by his social conservatism, including his devout Anglican faith and opposition to homosexual marriage, and environmentalism, including supporting the Kyoto Protocol.Unlike this predecessor, he opposes his country's military involvement in Iraq. For ten points, name this successor to John Howard, who was elected as Australia's 26th Prime Minister in November 2007.
Answer: Kevin Rudd
2008 Cardinal Classic Bonuses by UCI and UCLA
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"A man and a woman/are one./ A man and a woman" and one of these "are one." For ten points each:,
[10] Name this animal that Wallace Stevens looks at in thirteen different ways.
Answer: blackbird
[10] The first way of looking at a blackbird claims that "Among twenty snowy mountains/the only moving thing" was this anatomical part of a blackbird.
Answer: eye
[10] In the seventh way of looking at a blackbird, Stevens criticizes this group for failing to see "how the blackbird/Walks around the feet/Of the women about you".
Answer: thin men of Haddam
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The central event in this opera is a song contest held on Midsummer Day, the winner of which will receive the hand of Pogner's daughter. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this comic opera in which Walther von Stolzing wins Eva with the help of Hans Sachs.
Answer: Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg (or The Master Singers of Nuremberg)
[10] This German composed Die Meistersinger, as well as Der Ring des Nibelungen and Tristan und Isolde.
Answer: Richard Wagner
[10] It is often believed that this town clerk is a caricature of the music critic Eduard Hanslick. Everyone laughs at his disastrous performance during the song contest.
Answer: Sixtus Beckmesser
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Name these U.S. labor relation laws, FTPE,
[10] Harry Truman attempted to veto this act, but Congress passed it anyways. It restricted the power of labor unions, and Ralph Nader made repeal of this act part of his platform in past presidential campaigns.
Answer: Taft-Hartley Act (or Labor-Management Relations Act)
[10] The Taft-Hartley removed some of the powers of labor unions granted by this major 1935 New Deal era labor law.
Answer: Wagner Act (or National Labor Relations Act)
[10] This 1931 act required that laborers working on federal projects be paid at least a prevailing local wage.
Answer: Davis-Bacon Act
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Malinowski never did get all the way to Greece, so the masterpiece Sex and Repression in Three Greek Societies was sadly never written. Answer the following about possible content, FTPE:,
[10] The Athenian festival Arrhephoria, marking the loss of girls' sexual innocence, commemorated the death of these daughters of Cecrops, who went mad after looking in a basket containing Erichthonius and saw a serpent instead. Name any one of them for ten points.
Answer: Aglaurus, Pandrosus, or Herse
[10] This queen cursed her husband to ejaculate spiders and scorpions, but may also have inspired her civilization's version of the hieros gamos, in which young women surrendered their virginity to a priest wearing a bull's mask.
Answer: Pasiphae
[10] In a parallel to the Biblical story of Potiphar's wife, Stheneboea (sometimes called Anteia), the wife of Proteus, lusts after this grandson of Sisyphus, who refuses to sleep with her, so she cries rape. He is better known for killing the chimera.
Answer: Bellerophon
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Answer the following questions about the House of Hannover, FTPE:,
[10] The House of Hannover came to power in Great-Britain because of the passing of this 1701 Act of Parliament, which restricted the English throne to the heirs of Sophia of Hannover:
Answer: Act of settlement
[10] George the third was the third British ruler of the House of Hannover; he succeeded his grandfather, George II because of the premature death of this son of George II, the Prince of Wales:
Answer: Frederick, Prince of Wales
[10] When Victoria inherited the English throne, she couldn't become Queen of Hannover because of the salic law; instead, this man, her uncle and Duke of Cumberland, became king of Hannover in 1837:
Answer: Ernest Augustus I)
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It is a major source of photosynthetic inefficiency. FTPE,,
[10] Name this process, which results in oxygen being incorporated into the Calvin cycle instead of carbon dioxide.
Answer: Photorespiration
[10] This class of plants use the Hatch-Slack pathway to avoid photorespiration by performing the Calvin cycle in bundle sheath cells lying adjacent to mesophyll cells.
Answer: C4 plants
[10] In C4 plants, this enzyme fixes CO2 into a four-carbon oxaloacetate molecule. Unlike RuBisCO, it is not an oxygenase and thus has a much lower affinity for oxygen.
Answer: Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase (accept PEP carboxylase)
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She recommends rum as a cure for baldness, which, as the author notes, is an anachronism. For ten points each:,
[10] Name this sixteen-year-old title character of a play, who upon meeting the other title character, a noted Roman, cautions him "You must not be disrespectful to me, or the Sphinx will let the Romans eat you".
Answer: Cleopatra
[10] Caesar and Cleopatra was written by this author of other plays like Major Barbara and Arms and the Man.
Answer: George Bernard Shaw
[10] Rufio kills this slave-girl of Cleopatra's after she bungles the murder of Pothinus in Act IV. In Act V, when Cleopatra tells Caesar she is mourning her death, Caesar comically mispronounces her difficult-to-pronounce name.
Answer: Ftatateeta
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His research on the Milky Way galaxy was published in his work Photometric Researches. FTPE:,
[10] Name this philosopher and polymath who wrote The Logic of Relatives, but may be better known for two articles he contributed to Popular Science Monthly.
Answer: Charles Sanders Peirce (pronounced purse)
[10] Charles Peirce is often regarded as the founder of this branch of philosophy, that states that the truth of a statement is determined by its practical consequences. William James also belonged to this philosophical school, and called it "a New Name For Some Old Ways of Thinking."
Answer: Pragmatism
[10] This 1923 work was a posthumous collection of many of Peirce's writings, including "The Fixation of Belief" and "How to Make Our Ideas Clear." It contained an introduction by Morris Cohen.
Answer: Chance, Love, and Logic: Philosophical Essays
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Answer some questions about Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, FTPE:,
[10] World War II's Operation Cobra had been masterminded by this man, the last five-star general and later the first Chariman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Answer: Omar Nelson Bradley
[10] Bradley became Chairman after succeeding this man, a Fleet Admiral and the first man to receive a five-star rank. He had served as ambassador to France from 1940 until being recalled to active duty in 1942.
Answer: William Daniel Leahy
[10] Appointed by Bill Clinton, this man was chairman during the September 11 attacks; he starred in a hilarious home video with Clinton, exclaiming "You sunk my battleship" during a game of battleship against the president:
Answer: Henry Shelton
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
His so-called "Chinese music" infuriated his boss Cab Calloway, and his band with Earl Hines produced "Interlude," the lyrics version of "A Night in Tunisia." For ten points each:,
[10] Name this jazz trumpeter who experimented with Afro-Cuban music after idolizing Roy Eldridge, befriending Charlie Parker, and composing "Opus X" and "Groovin' High."
Answer: John Birks "Dizzy" Gillespie
[10] Gillespie and Parker are leaders of this movement in jazz based on harmonic improvisation, fast tempos, irregular phrases, and small groups.
Answer: bebop
[10] In a New Jazz Foundation concert at Town Hall, Symphony Sid introduced this work as having "killa lyrics." Co-written by Kenny Clarke, it was originally named with a ED after the first word of the title. Featuring people yelling the titular phrase as if selling them, name this tasty Gillespie masterpiece.
Answer: "Salt Peanuts"
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Identify the following things relating to metal ions, FTPE:,
[10] Coordination compounds usually consist of a central metal ion and one or more of these entities that donate electrons. They can be be classified as either strong- or weak-field.
Answer: ligands
[10] In addition to ligands, coordination compounds are complexed to these anions or cations to create no net charge.
Answer: counterions
[10] This class of proteins prevents heavy metal poisoning by complexing metal ions such as mercury to cysteine residues, preventing the metal from doing any harm. To a lesser extent, they also assist in zinc transport.
Answer: metallothioneins
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Jean Piaget claimed it could not happen before eight months old. Tom Bower showed it could happen as early as five months. Renee Baillargeon has evidence of it occurring as early as three and a half months. For ten points each:,
[10] Name this milestone in developmental psychology in which infants learn that out of sight does not mean out of mind.
Answer: object permanence
[10] In any case, object permanence is almost always established during this first of Piaget's stages of cognitive development.
Answer: sensorimotor
[10] In this kind of error seen during the sensorimotor stage, a child will look for an object in the place where the child last found the object rather than the place the child last saw the object.
Answer: A-not-B error or perseverative error or perseverative search
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Name these last leaders of communist-era Eastern European countries for ten points each:,
[10] Besides his policies towards orphans and the environment, this Romanian leader may be best remembered in the US for his execution on Christmas Day, 1989.
Answer: Nicolae Ceau_escu
[10] This Polish president and military leader was the first to lose power during the revolutions of 1989. He was succeeded by Lech Walesa.
Answer: Wojciech Jarulzelski
[10] This Hungarian leader was the first to dismantle the Iron Curtain and presided over the reburial of Imre Nagy.
Answer: Karoly Grosz
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Answer these questions about exciting developments in high-energy particle physics for ten points each.,
[10] This substance, created at CERN in 1995, is made up of one positron and one antiproton.
Answer: Antihydrogen
[10] In more recent antihydrogen experiments such as ATHENA, positrons and antiprotons were brought together in this contraption that uses an axial static magnetic field and a spatiallyvarying static electric field to storecharged particles. This device wasfirst invented byits Dutch namesake in 1936.
Answer: Penning trap (prompt on "ion trap")
[10] Upon contact with ordinary matter,antihydrogenannihilates,producing gamma rays and a number of these sub-atomic particles. These spin-0 particles are the lightest mesons,and in 1947 were the first mesons tobe discovered. Coming in both neutral and charged versions, their positively charged variety consistsof an up quark and an anti-down quark.
Answer: pion or (pi-meson)
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Her Seasons in the Abyss is an installation of a octopus made with fabric and plastic, while her "Lappen" works include one in which stuffed animals are hung on a clothesline. For ten points each:,
[10] Name this influential contemporary German artist born in Kenya, best known for her textile work and installations of puppies, including Capitulation, Obedience School, and most famously, Relax, It's Only a Ghost.
Answer: Cosima von Bonin
[10] Bonin's stuffed canines works pay homage to this Giacomo Balla work giving a frame-by-frame rendition of a puppy being led by the foot of a lady in black. It looks like a vacuum cleaner.
Answer: Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash (change it to a futurism or Balla question if you like, but don't cut it)
[10] Dynamis of a Dog on a Leash is generally considered to belong to this art movement, whose manifesto was written by Marinetti, and whose most famous member may be Umberto Boccioni. This movement celebrated speed and technology.
Answer: Futurism
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answer the following about a journey we could make through Arabian peninsula, FTPE:,
[10] we may want to start in this largest of the United Arab Emirates, it shares its name with the country's capital. Frank Gehry is currentlybuilding another Guggenheim museum here:
Answer: Abu Dhabi
[10] crossing the Rub Al Khali, one passes through Saudi Arabiaand can end up in this port city, the largest on the Red Sea. It is also the second largest city of the kingdom:
Answer: Jeddah
[10] Those of us who like some adventure may want to venture south, to Yemen.Ifyou don't get kidnapped or killed, you should go and visit the ruins of this city, the ancient capital of the Sabaeans:
Answer: Ma'rib
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The protagonist solves the Complete Gentleman's riddle, marries a lady who gives birth to their son from her thumb, escapes their child by way of Unreturnable Heaven's Town, and returns to home to cure the FAMINE with a magic egg. For ten points each:,
[10] Name this picaresque novel about a man who goes to search for his tapster in Deads' Town after his death, because he needs his daily 225 kegs.
Answer: The Palm-Wine Drinkard
[10] Name the ungrammatical Nigerian author of Simbi and the Satyr of the Dark Jungle, The Witch-Herbalist of the Remote Town, and The Palm-Wine Drinkard.
Answer: Amos Tutuola
[10] Tutuola is a member of this southwestern Nigerian tribe of the kingdom of Oyo.
Answer: Yoruba
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Answer these questions about Christian councils, FTPE,
[10] Pius IX issued the constitution Pastor Aeternus at the First Vatican Council, which defined this notion that whatever the Pontiff says is free of error.
Answer: papal infallibility
[10] This council, held in 787 AD, ended the first period of iconoclasm, and is celebrated at the "Sunday of the triumph of Orthodoxy" by the Eastern Orthodox Church. The Eastern empress Irene convened this council where mostly Byzantine Bishops attended.
Answer: Second Council of Nicea
[10] The Second Council of Constantinople, held in 553, produced 15 anathemas against this early Christian scholar whose opinions about preexistence of soul and universality of salvation offended the Church.
Answer: Origen
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First implemented in LISP in the 1960s, this process removes unused objects from the memory space. For the stated points:,
[10] For 10, name this process.
Answer: garbage collection
[10] Garbage collection often requires applications to stop running during the process in order to clean up the memory space. For 5 each, these two types do not.The first onedivides a heap into mature and nursery states, whereas the second type interleaves collection with the applications.
Answer: generational and incremental
[10] For 10, this common problem with incremental garbage collection occurs when concurrent addition and removal of pointers results in some objects remaining unmarked by the collector, even though they are still reachable.
Answer: lost object problem
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This country's capital was at Enugu [Eh-Nu-Gwu]. For ten points each:,
[10] Name this short lived West African country that seceded from Nigeria in 1967 and was defeated by Nigerian forces after a brutal three year war.
Answer: Republic of Biafra
[10] In the aftermath of the Biafra crisis, this Frenchman co-founded Medecins Sans Frontieres as he considered the Red Cross too complacent towards the Nigerian human rights violations; he would later on move to a career in politics:
Answer: Bernard Kouchner
[10] This Igbo [E-boh] general was the first president of Biafra. After its collapse, he went into exile in the Ivory Coast.
Answer: Chukwuemeka Ojukwu
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The words and music to the 1981 Academy Award winner for Best Song, "Arthur's Theme", are credited to four people, including Peter Allen. Name these other three for ten points each.,
[10] This favorite of Austin Powers also wrote "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head" for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
Answer: Burt Bacharach
[10] This lyricist collaborated with Bacharach on "That's What Friends are For", but may be better known for collaborating with Marvin Hamlisch on themes from Ice Castles and The Spy who Loved Me.
Answer: Carole Bayer Sager
[10] With both songwriting and performing credit is this dude, who had a soft-rock hit with "Sailing".
Answer: Christopher Cross
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Name these leukocytes for ten points each.,
[10] Constituting 60% of all leukocytes, these short-lived phagocytes usually self-destruct after destroying pathogens.
Answer: neutrophils
[10] These lymphoid leukocytes, part of the innate immune system, destroy virus-infected cells and cancerous cells lacking Class I MHC proteins.
Answer: natural killer cells (accept NK cells)
[10] Producing clot-dissolving heparin, these rare leukocytes release histamine to recruit phagocytes to the site of inflammation.
Answer: basophils
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In this novel, Tan-chun and Dai-yu form a poetry club in which members' sobriquets include "River Queen" and "Lady All-Spice." FTPE:,
[10] Identify this massive Chinese novel that centers on the Jia family, written by Cao Xueqin.
Answer: The Story of the Stone or The Dream of the Red Chamber or Hong lou meng
[10] This central character in The Dream of the Red Chamber, born with a piece of jade in his mouth, loves Lin Dai-yu but cannot marry her.
Answer: Jia Bao-yu (or Pao-yu)
[10] Bao-yu instead marries this girl, the daughter of Aunt Xue.
Answer: Xue Bao-chai (or Pao-chai)

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