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2008 Cardinal Classic Tossups by Maryland
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One character in this novel sings about a milkmaid who repeatedly asks a god to come to her, and explains that the god "neglects to come." This novel ends with one character asking another, "Why can't we be friends now?", before the earth replies "No, not yet." Another character agrees to marry Ronny Heaslop after getting in an accident in a car driven by Nawab Bahadur. Divided into three sections, including ones nicknamed "Mosque" and "Temple," its second section sees Professor Godbole and Cyril Fielding miss a train to a location where Mrs. Moore hears all noises reduced to an echoing "boum." Adela Quested accuses Dr. Aziz of raping her in the Marabar caves in, FTP, what novel by E. M. Forster about the relationship between Englishmen and natives of the title country?
Answer: A Passage to India
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2 These objects' luminosity can be described by raising sigma, which is the velocity dispersion for central-line of sight, to n, in a relationship known as the Faber-Jackson relation. The tight correlation between their luminosity, radius, and velocity dispersion is known as the "fundamental plane." Due to their relatively low amount of interstellar matter, new stars tend not to form in them. The Hubble classification describes these objects based on their projected flatness, and the dwarf type have been hypothesized to be the most abundant type in the near universe. FTP, identify these types of galaxies distinct from lenticular and spiral galaxies, that approximate the shape of a certain conic section.
Answer: Elliptical Galaxies
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Following the Battle of Bovino, this man used the promise of a husband for Theophano to free Pandulf from the hold of John I Tzimisces. He won the Battle of Andernach to defeat one of many insurrections led against him by people named Eberhard, a feat accomplished shortly after he dispatched the pretender Thankmar. He would later rely on the support of diplomats dispatched by prince Geza of Hungary while using anti-Magyar propaganda to outmaneuver Conrad the Red and his own son, Liudof, who had allied with the Archbishop of Mainz and forced this ruler to call the Diet of Auerstadt. His use of the advocatus and proprietary churches to reorganize the clergy allowed him to hold power over Swabia, Franconia, and Lorraine, and later extend his rule into Italy. FTP, identify this German king and son of Henry the Fowler, sometimes considered the first Holy Roman Emperor.
Answer: Otto I or the Great
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Initiation into this sect involved up to nine steps, including the convert being "shaken by doubt" in the tashkik before eventually being released from dogmatic restraints by the khal and sulkh. Hasan Al-Salam promulgated the qiyamah doctrine, which considered imams to be above the prophets. Some of them subscribed to esoteric teaching and so they were referred to as Batinis or "inner" ones. Offshoots of this group include the Qarmatians, who started a revolt against the Abbasid Caliphate, and the Nizari, who gave rise to the Assassins. FTP, identify this branch of Shi'a Islam that hold that Ismai'il ibn Jafar was the last of the Imams, resulting in there not being as many Imams as the Twelvers claim.
Answer: Sevener (also accept Sab'iyya; prompt on "Waqifiyah" or "Stoppers")
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One of this author's novels parallels the political fight between Pedro and Paulo Santos with the conflict between the titular Biblical figures. One of this author's protagonists dies after putting on an imaginary crown, believing himself to be Napoleon III. That novel begins with the protagonist inheriting a fortune from the title philosopher on the condition that he look after his dog. In addition to Esau and Jacob and Quincas Borba, this author wrote a novel about the jealous Bento, who accuses his wife Capitu of cheating with his best friend Escobar, and a novel narrated by the title character from beyond the grave. FTP, name this Brazilian author of Dom Casmurro and The Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas.
Answer: Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis
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Ghon's complex results when portions of the lymphatic system experience a form of this process, whose tendency to cause cystic spaces leads it to be described as "caseous." Gummata associated with tertiary syphilis are an example of it, and when it occurs via the collection of excess protein in the vascular system, it is called fibrinoid. The action of lipases can sometimes be described with this term, while the presence of oxygen determines whether it will be primarily liquefactive or coagulative. Since the associated cell destruction does not readily signal for phagocytosis, this process is far more damaging than apoptosis. Toxins, injuries, infections, or a lack of blood supply may cause, FTP, what condition of unintended destruction of living tissue, whose name unimaginatively comes from the Greek for "dead?"
Answer: Necrosis
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This philosopher argued that individuality depends on "haecceitas," the ultimate reality of a form, instead of the quantity of matter. He postulated the existence of a being with "triple primacy," which is first in efficient causality, final causality, and pre-eminence, and argued that God's infinity is a qualitative measure of intrinsic perfection rather than a simply quantitative one. He wrote works such as De primo principio, while his Opus Oxoniense, also known as his Ordinatio, was a commentary on Lombard's Sentences that he wrote at Oxford. His namesake school of philosophy opposed the Thomists, who instead followed his predecessor Thomas Aquinas. FTP, name this Scottish scholastic philosopher known as the "subtle doctor."
Answer: John Duns Scotus
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One of this figure's names closely resembles that of a major Dharmapala in Vajrayana Buddhism, which possibly stems from the representation of intertia, Tamas, linked with this figure . Ahead of Tara and Tripura Sundari, this deity is foremost of the Mahavidyas, or aspects of Devi. Associated with the number 108 when depicted as Dasa, she wielded the Khatvanga while battling Raktabija, after which she may have encountered an infant who evoked her maternal aspect. In most stories, she sullies the body of Shiva during a crazed dance over the corpses of her enemies, after which she stuck out her tongue in horror. FTP, identify this Hindu goddess, an aspect of Parvati, whose association with the thuggee cult may have led to her image in the West as a bloodthirsty goddess of death and destruction.
Answer: Kali (accept Mahakali)
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This equation was corrected by L. R. Wilberforce by factoring in the velocity squared over the acceleration due to gravity. Fain's correction of it fixed issues with inertial pressure loss stemming from the change in acceleration of the substance at entrance and exit points, and introduced a constant C that depends on the ratio of the area and whether the velocity of the flow is maximum. Hagen's name is occasionally added to it, and this law is often used to model blood flow. FTP, identify this law from fluid dynamics that states that the rate of laminar flow in a straight pipe for a Newtonian fluid is proportional to the fourth power of the radius of the pipe, named for a French physician.
Answer: Hagen-Poiseuille's Law
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One poem by this man contains the command "depart the earth, go entertain the winds/and thus to your true home shall you retire" and declares that "you steal the labyrinth from Crete," a topic revisited in a longer work. Travels may have inspired his play about Cyrus the Great, Against Bravery there is no Misfortune, or even his biblical The Beautiful Esther, though contemporary informed The Dance Teacher, The Stupid Lady, and his "cloak and dagger" works. In his best-known work, Mengo, Esteban, Jacinta, Laurencia, and Frondosa are abused by The Commander in the titular town before the townspeople rise up and murder him, an event likely inspired by the abduction of this author's daughter by a nobleman. This author of The Dog in the Manger wrote the critical tract The New Art of Writing Plays, which served as an inspiration for successors like Tirso de Molina and Calderon de la Barca. FTP, identify this Spanish Golden Age writer of Fuente Ovejuna as well as about 1,999 other dramatic works.
Answer: Lope de Vega
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Early in his career he was able to rally his people around a war for control of Salamis against a city state on the northern part of the Isthmus of Corinth. During his rule he established a census that would divide people up by how much wine, oil or grain they produced when determining their political standing. After returning from a trip in Egypt where he allegedly explained happiness to a king of Lydia, he tried to intercede against a general who was using a war against Megara to become a tyrant. This eventual political opponent of Peisistratus mentions how he "plucked up the marking stones" in a poem recounting how he freed Athenian slaves and forgave every Athenian citizen's debt. Also the establisher of the Council of Four Hundred, FTP, identify this lawgiver of ancient Athens.
Answer: Solon the Lawgiver
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A horn visible on the wall at back left suggests the artist was not entirely accurate in depicting the subjects of this work, as such a method of summoning was antiquated, a theory also supported by the white tassel of the red-capped figure in the foreground. A seated figure at front left sports a peacock feather and lies next to a man recombining various flasks, while a group of minstrels play instruments behind them. The yellow walls and prominent coat of arms reflect the theme of wheat, and indicate a level of wealth in contrast to the painting's title. A green sheet hangs behind a new bride, who joins a contingent of raucous guests at the title event. FTP, identify this painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, which purports to depict lower-class nuptials.
Answer: A Peasant Wedding (or, more accurately, A Country Wedding)
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In Harold Pinter's first play, a couple with this surname tell Rose Hudd that they want to rent her room. In Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Linda Brent begins sleeping with a man surnamed this in an attempt to free herself from Dr. Flint. Edna St. Vincent Millay's poem "Second Fig" imagines a "shining palace" built upon this, while the second section of Fahrenheit 451 is titled "the sieve and" this substance. An author with this surname wrote novels like Horace, Lelia, and Francois the Waif, while a short story by Borges about a tome with an infinite number of pages is titled "The Book of" this material. FTP, identify this word which identifies the surname of a 19th century French author born Aurore Dupin.
Answer: the sand (or sands)
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One person targeted by them, who would consequentially find himself with others in the same situation placed on The Budford, was earlier involved in the assassination attempt of Henry Clay Frick. Some critics of them felt that the Assistant Secretary of Labor had not gone far enough to counteract them, thus some in Congress tried to pass a resolution to impeach Louis F. Post. Their namesake would lose the Democratic presidential nomination to James M. Cox partially due to the fallout from these events, and intelligence for them was gathered by the General Intelligence Division, chaired by a young J. Edgar Hoover. They resulted in the deportation of Emma Goldman, and were justified thanks to the Espionage Act and the Anarchist Act, as well as various anarchist bombing campaigns starting around 1917. FTP, identify these attacks against the "reds" following World War I.
Answer: Palmer Red Raids (prompt on "First Red Scare" before namesake is said)
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Esters are used instead of alkanes to evaluate the separation efficiency in the Grob Test, one check of a component in this process. One typical component in them can be improved by using inert Silcosteel tubing to create micropacked columns that supposedly provide minimal peak tailing. One method for injection in this procedure has the liner not get heated until the syringe is removed, at which point the column's temperature is raised to about 10 degrees below the boiling point of the solvent. This mechanism works because different compounds have different partitioning behaviors when in the mobile phase compared to the stationary phase in the process. FTP, identify this mechanism of separating organic compounds that often uses Helium in its mobile phase.
Answer: Gas-Liquid Chromatography
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It was split into Upper and Lower divisions following a succession crisis resulting from the death of Boleslaw III, fracturing the work of Mieszko I who had helped gain control of it. Geographically, the Beskid mountains delineate its southern borders while the Orlicke and Opawskie mountains are part of a range forming its southwest boundary. Cities like Opole and Bytom lie along the river which dominates mostof its landscape.This region'sfate following World War I was determined by a plebiscite, although its upper half, spurred by Wojciech Korfanty, underwent three namesake uprisings and seceded two years later. Earlier, the region was divided into Opava, Cieszyn and Krnov districts which were for about a century adjoined to Moravia after the 1748 Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle which ended a war over it. With Wrocklaw, Katowice and Ostrava as major cities, and presently shared between Germany, the Czech republic and (mainly) Poland, FTP, identify this area conquered by Frederick the Great in the War of Austrian Succession.
Answer: Silesia (also accept Slask, Slezsko or Schlesien)
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This man sometimes lends his name to an extension of the Modigliani-Miller theorem, which states that it makes no difference whether government expenditures are financed by new taxes or by borrowing money, an equivalence also named for Robert J. Barro. This economist collected a series of letters originally published in The Morning Chronicle on the relationship between the volume and value of bank notes in a work entitled The High Price of Bullion, while his Essay on the Influence of a Low Price of Corn on the Profits of Stock was a criticism of the Corn Laws. The formulator of the concept of comparative advantage, FTP, identify this British economist who wrote Principles of Political Economy and Taxation and espoused an "Iron Law of Wages".
Answer: David Ricardo (accept Robert J. Barro before his name is said)
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While this man was briefly the acting Secretary of War, his opposition of the Second Bank of the United States got him in trouble with the Senate and he was not confirmed for Treasury Secretary. He was also unsuccessfully appointed to replace Gabriel Duvall, but when he eventually attained his most famous position he wrote a majority opinion upholding federal law against Wisconsin law in Ableman v. Booth. He was potentially issued an arrest warrant as a result of a ruling while he was serving as a District Judge that found that a man had been unlawfully held in Fort McHenry because Congress had not issued that Habeas Corpus could be revoked in Ex Parte Merryman. In another case, he ruled that a state should not be prevented from granting a new contract to the proprietors of the Warren Bridge in the Charles River Bridge Case. Most famous for declaring that people of African descent were not US citizens, FTP, identify this Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who infamously gave the majority opinion in Dred Scott.
Answer: Roger Brooke Taney
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A woman with this maiden name crafted an oil painting of Ronald Reagan's wife, Helen Hayes, in 1978, while another painter with this surname depicted a man with blond hair wearing dark sunglasses and black leather while holding his arm indignantly on his hip in the Vietnam commentary, Draft Age. Probably the most famous artist with this surname painted works like Up in the Studio and Turkey Pond, while his father was a realist who illustrated scenes from Rip Van Winkle and Robinson Crusoe for Scribners Magazine. Probably the best known work of a man with this last name shows the artist's neighbor dressed in pink sitting resting in a field with two structures in the background in a 1948 work. FTP, identify this artistic family consisting of Jamie, N.C., and Andrew, the last of whom painted Christina's World.
Answer: Wyeth
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One of its most lasting effects was the expansion of trade achieved when it joined a mainland kingdom to sign the Treaty of Gyehae, a process aided by campaigns against the Wokou. It saw the inception of Nanban trade, a key claim of Seiwa Genji lineage, and a struggle for legitimacy briefly divided the country during the North and South Courts period. Its genesis lies in the Go-Daigo's Kemmu Restoration, which failed to bring an Emperor to actual power but instead saw this entity's first ruler defeat the Hojo clan, who had assumed control of the waning Kamakura Bakufu. Founded by Takauji and ending with the disastrous Onin War and the Sengoku Jidai, or Warring States period, FTP, identify this shogunate whose rule comprised the Muromachi period and which preceded the Tokugawa.
Answer: Ashikaga Shogunate
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One character with this surname pays a five dollar down payment for an abortion after collapsing at the end of the first scene of the play she appears in. Another character with this surname repeatedly shouts "OCOMOGOSIAY" while performing a folk dance at the beginning of the second act, and rejects the advances of George Murchison. Yet another character with this surname turns down an offer from a representative of the Clybourne Park Improvement Association, Karl Lindner, after being defrauded out of 6500 dollars by Willy Harris. The family with this surname lives in an apartment on the South Side of Chicago before putting a down payment on a house. Consisting of Travis, Ruth, Lena, Benethea, and Walter Lee, FTP, name this central family of A Raisin in the Sun.
Answer: Younger
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The Goulburn type of this uses ADD rather than XOR instructions in order to improve the entropy in lower order bits, while the Zobrist type of this is used in computerized versions of Go. The Rabin-Karp algorithm uses a rolling one to perform string searching in an average case runtime of Big O of n. Good ones make use of the avalanche effect, where small changes in the input lead to large changes in the output. The cuckoo type of this, which can be much faster than the chained type, essentially uses two separate ones to avoid collisions, while the perfect type has Big O of 1 lookup time. FTP, identify this mechanism where, for some input data of an infinite range, a namesake "code" is returned representing a "fingerprint" on a finite range of values.
Answer: Hash Function (also accept Hashing, prompt on just "Hash", don't accept "Hash Table")
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While appearing as a bee he entreats a woman to "do sex with me" after calling her a hooker, while in an earlier episode he gets Justin Long to touch his moustache and gives Andy Milonakis an award for being stupid. In another episode, he rides on a donkey who is wearing a sombrero and asks if anyone wants tequila shots while dressed as "Cinco Clause" to explain the true meaning of Cinco de Mayo. In yet another episode, he receives explicit instructions that his boss should not bump Matt Damon for him when he is edited into scenes from The Bourne Ultimatum. Often appearing along with Uncle Frank, FTP, identify this parking lot security guard on Jimmy Kimmel Live, who shares a first name with the director of Hellboy, Blade II and Pan's Labyrinth.
Answer: Guillermo Rodriguez (accept either answer until "shares a first name")
2008 Cardinal Classic Bonuses by Maryland
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Answer some questions about stuff that happened in Pennsylvania during the Revolutionary War, FTPE.,
[10] Following their defeat at Germantown, Washington's troops took up encampment for the winter at this location where they were famously drilled by Baron von Stueben.
Answer: Valley Forge
[10] This indecisive September 1777 battle saw a clash between Washington's troops and some 15,000 under Sir William Howe. In the end, although the British gained control of the battlefield, Washington's armies were not cut off from Philadelphia.
Answer: Battle of Brandywine
[10] Following the stalemate at Brandywine, and another retreat at the Battle of the Clouds, troops under Anthony Wayne got routed by a nighttime surprise attack by Charles Grey. Sometimes labeled a "massacre", it was named for the tavern that Wayne's troops were stationed near.
Answer: Paoli [pay-ol-ee] Massacre (also accept Battle of Paoli Tavern)
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Identify these writers who have held seats on the Swedish Academy, FTPE:,
[10] This author of Korkarlen, or The Phantom Carriage held seat 7 from 1914-1940. She's better known for creating works like The Wonderful Adventures of Nils and the Gosta Berlings Saga, as well as for being the first female to win the Nobel Prize for Literature.
Answer: Selma Lagerlof
[10] He tackled fascism with The Hangman and The Man without a Soul. This holder of Seat 8 starting in 1940 was also a Nobel Laureate, who won for works like Songs of the Heart and The Dwarf.
Answer: Par Lagerkvist
[10] This man held Seat 17 until 1961. His only published work, Markings, details his little-known devotion to Christian Mysticism.
Answer: Dag Hammarskjold
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Its name comes from the Greek word for "shield." FTPE:,
[10] Identify this endocrine gland, located in the neck and associated with both iodine and goiter.
Answer: Thyroid gland
[10] The thyroid chiefly secretes thyroxine, which is taken up by the body. A 5' ("five prime") deiodinase enzyme converts thyroxine into this more powerful metabolic hormone by removing an iodine atom.
Answer: Triiodothyronine (accept T3)
[10] Synthesis of thyroxine, or T4, begins when iodine is attached to residues of this amino acid with an aromatic side R group.
Answer: Tyrosine
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Identify the following about a certain Roman emperor, FTPE.,
[10] He wrote an extensive Etruscan and Carthaginian history, but none of those works are extant. Although he suffered from a number of ailments possibly including Tourette's, this man became emperor after he was discovered by a Praetorian Guard cowering behind a curtain after the death of Caligula.
Answer: Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (also accept someone who gives Tiberius Claudius Nero Germanicus for some reason)
[10] One of Claudius's acts as emperor was reviving this festival. It stemmed from a Etruscan festival that took place every hundred years that celebrated a new generation, and the Romans worshiped deities like Apollo and Diana in addition to the underworld gods.
Answer: Secular Games (also accept Ludi Saeculares)
[10] Like she probably did to Passienus Crispus, this wife of Claudius probably poisoned the emperor so that her son Nero could be placed on the throne.
Answer: Agrippina the Younger (also accept Agrippina Minor or Julia Agrippina)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Stuff about a certain anthropologist, FTPE.,
[10] While romping through Mexico with Henry Christy on a 19th century "improve your health by going south" trip, this British anthropologist explored the ruins of the Toltecs and commented a bit on their culture in his work, Anahuac. Later he'd write Anthropology, an Introduction to the Study of Man and Civilization.
Answer: Sir Edward Burnet Tylor
[10] Tylor is probably best remembered for this influential 1871 tract. In its second volume, Tylor famously posited that a type of naturalist spiritualism, which he dubbed animism, was the "groundwork of the Philosophy of Religion, from savages up to that of civilized man."
Answer: Primitive Culture: Researches Into the Development of Mythology, Philosophy, Religion Art and Custom
[10] James Frazer, a disciple of Tylor, was obviously influenced by his mentor in crafting this work, subtitled "A Study in Magic and Religion" which dealt with subjects like Scapegoats, the Transference of Evil, and the different versions of the "Balder myth" where a god is killed.
Answer: The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion
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The protagonist of this novel has an affair with Van Degan while married to Ralph Marvell, who she blackmails into divorcing her in order to enable her to marry Raymond de Chelle. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this 1913 novel about Undine Spragg, who ends up married to Elmer Moffatt.
Answer: The Custom of the Country
[10] The author of The Custom of the Country, Edith Wharton, is more famous for this novel about Newland Archer and Ellen Olenska.
Answer: The Age of Innocence
[10] This novel by Wharton focuses on Charity Royall, a librarian in the small town of North Dormer who has an affair with the wily Lucius Harney.
Answer: Summer
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
For some strange reason, the Polish Transverse Glacier ascent of this mountain has become an in-joke amongst the Maryland quizbowl team. FTPE:,
[10] First, identify this tallest mountain in South America.
Answer: Aconcagua
[10] The Nazca Plate, which is subducting under the South American plate to boost the height of Aconcagua, also borders the microplate named for this geographically proximal island. It has a capital at Hanga Roa, is currently administered by Chile, and contains many ruins with the currently undeciphered script Rongorongo on them.
Answer: Easter Island (also accept Rapa Nui and Isla de Pascua)
[10] The Mapuche people, whose language may have provided the name for Aconcagua, temporarily established this kingdom in 1860 with the help of the Frenchman, Orelie-Antoine de Tounens. Its government is still in exile in France despite Chile and Argentina having occupied the land for over 100 years.
Answer: Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia (also accept Royaume d'Araucanie et de Patagonie, prompt on "New France")
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British politics has been dominated by the Tory party in most of the 19th and 20th century; FTPE, name these Tory leaders:,
[10] Of Italian-Jewish descent, this man would lead the Tory party during much of the second half of the 19th, becoming prime minister in 1868 and from 1874-1880
Answer: Benjamin Disraeli
[10] This man would lead the conservative party in the House of Lords form 1916 till 1925; his tenure as foreign secretary form 1919 till 1924 saw him propose his namesake line as boundary between Poland and the Soviet Union:
Answer: George Nathaniel Curzon, 1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston
[10] This boy wonder would lead the Tory party after their crushing defeat to the Labour Party in 1997; his failure to oust Tony Blair from office would lead to his resignation in 2001; he is currently shadow foreign secretary
Answer: William Hague
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Identify these related mythological personalities, FTPE:,
[10] Drowning children appeased this Aztec fertility god and bringer of rain.
Answer: Tlaloc
[10] This Mayan rain deity used his huge axe to hack open a mountain and help bring maize to the world.
Answer: Chaac (accept Chocl)
[10] Pachacamac is the brother of this Incan rain god and lord of the south wind. Pachacamac continually drives him back, though this deity takes the rain with him.
Answer: Kon
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Identify these reactions from organic chemistry based on the common product they all create, FTPE.,
[10] The formation of a phosphine oxide drives this reaction that synthesizes alkenes by combining aldehyde or ketones with phosphonium ylides.
Answer: Wittig Reaction
[10] Alkenes can be synthesized from primary amines via this reaction, which consists of exhaustive methylation followed by the elimination of a quaternary ammonium ion. It should not be confused with its namesake's rearrangement reaction.
Answer: Hofmann Elimination (or Hofmann Degradation)
[10] This reaction synthesizes alkenes from aldehydes or ketones using a pair of carbonyl groups boned to an alkali metal via Pinacol Coupling. Deoxygenation in the presence of titanium furnishes the finished alkene.
Answer: McMurry Reaction
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Identify the following about American involvement in Angola, FTPE.,
[10] The president was responsible for first backing the FNLA and to a lesser extent UNITA after the collapse of Portuguese control in the country. This president also oversaw the Mayaguez attempted rescue and signed the Helsinki Final Act with Brezhnev.
Answer: Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr. (also accept Leslie Lynch King, Jr.)
[10] Some critics have argued that US involvement in Angola was at least partially intended to support of the government of this man, who led Zaire for over 30 years thanks to foreign aid in putting down multiple Shaba rebellions.
Answer: Mobutu Sese Seko Nkuku Ngbendu wa Za Banga (also accept Joseph-Desire Mobutu)
[10] This amendment to a 1976 act on US arms shipments, named for a senator from Iowa, barred the US from contributing any aid to forces fighting in Angola. But that didn't stop the Ford administration from funneling money through Saudi Arabia to the country.
Answer: Clark Amendment
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FTPE, name these composers of flute concertos:,
[10] This guy composed flute concertos nicknamed "La tempesta di mare," "La notte," and "Il cardellino," as well as operas like Judith Triumphans and Montezuma.
Answer: Antonio Vivaldi
[10] This 20th century composer wrote a flute concerto for Holger Gilbert-Jesperson as part of a series of concertos for the five wind instruments. His six symphonies include his second, The Four Temperaments, and his fourth, The Inextinguishable.
Answer: Carl Nielsen
[10] This composer transposed his oboe concerto in C major to produce his flute concerto no. 2 in D in order to fulfill a commission from Ferdinand De Jean. He satirized his contemporaries in A Musical Joke, and also composed the Linz and Haffner symphonies.
Answer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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A young geisha is transformed when Seikichi tattooes a spider on her back in this author's short story "The Tattooer." FTPE:,
[10] Identify this Japanese author of Naomi and Some Prefer Nettles.
Answer: Jun'ichirM Tanizaki
[10] This essay by Tanizaki notes that "the Japanese toilet truly is a place of spiritual repose," and argues that NM theater requires darkness to be effective. It also criticizes the Japanese adaptation of Western influences like electric lighting.
Answer: "In Praise of Shadows"
[10] This novel, set in Osaka during the 1930s, follows the members of the title aristocratic family, who include the traditional Yukiko and the rebellious Taeko.
Answer: The Makioka Sisters (or Sasame-yuki)
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Identify these things relating to the French New Wave school of cinema, FTPE.,
[10] One of the signatures of the French New Wave school was this technique, where discontinuous shots are edited together to create a jarring experience for the viewer.
Answer: Jump Cut
[10] This Jean-Luc Godard film, an early film in the New Wave canon, was notable for its use of jump cuts. It involves Jean-Paul Belmondo's character, Michel Poiccard, stealing a car, shooting a cop, and then meeting up with an American student, Jean Seberg's Patricia Franchini, in Paris.
Answer: Breathless (also accept A bout de souffl and I guess accept The End of Breath)
[10] Sometimes considered the American Godard, this Hollywood New Wave director discovered Robert De Niro and placed him in films like the Wedding Party, which he co-directed with Wilford Leach, and Greetings and Hi, Mom!, his own films.
Answer: Brian (Russell) De Palma
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FTPE, name these German playwrights.,
[10] This 19th century author died in 1837 at the age of 23 but not before writing plays like Danton's Death and Woyzeck.
Answer: Georg Buchner
[10] This author criticized German sexual repression in his first play, Spring Awakening. His plays Earth Spirit and Pandora's Box formed the basis for Alban Berg's opera Lulu.
Answer: Frank Wedekind
[10] This popular hack refined the recipe for the well-made play. His prodigious output includes such comedies as The Glass of Water, The Ladies' Battle, and The School for Politicians, and he wrote the librettos for Robert le Diable and Les Huguenots.
Answer: Augustin Eugene Scribe
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This essay distinguishes between the public and private use of reason, and argues that the former can alone bring about the title condition. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this essay which answers the title question with the definition: "man's emergence from his self-imposed immaturity."
Answer: "An Answer to the Question: What is Enlightenment?"
[10] "What is Enlightenment" was written by this philosopher who argued in favor of a confederation of nations obeying universal law in "Perpetual Peace," promoted deontological ethics, and authored Critique of Pure Reason.
Answer: Immanuel Kant
[10] Kant wrote his essay "What is Enlightenment?" in response to an article written by this theologian and pastor, who had posed the question, "What is Enlightenment?" in the December 1783 edition of the Berlinische Monatsschrift.
Answer: Johann Friedrich Zollner
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FTPE, answer some questions about optics.,
[10] These equations provide the proportion of light reflected to light transmitted to a particular plane of incidence on a dielectric. They can be simplified when you can use Snell's law for the dielectric medium, allowing them to be expressed in terms of transmission angles and angles of incidence.
Answer: Fresnel Equations
[10] Fresnel also lent his name to two integrals, S(x) and C(x), used to describe his namesake diffraction. When plotting S(x) vs. C(x), one obtains this characteristic spiral curve:
Answer: Cornu spiral
[10] Fresnel Diffraction differs from this other, simpler form of wave diffraction by only occurring at Fresnel numbers much less than 1.
Answer: Fraunhoffer Diffraction
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The speaker of this poem stands "shivering in the snow" on Christmas Day before feeling the heat emanating from the title figure. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this poem published in St. Peter's Complaint, whose title figure resolves to "melt into a bath" to wash "men's defiled souls" in his blood.
Answer: "The Burning Babe"
[10] This Jesuit priest who was hanged in 1595 wrote "The Burning Babe."
Answer: Robert Southwell
[10] This English author declared that he would willingly destroy many of his poems in order to have written "The Burning Babe." His plays include Volpone and The Alchemist.
Answer: Ben Jonson
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William Hobson and Hone Heke were among the first to sign it. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this 1840 treaty, which according to R v. Symonds formally binds the British Crown.
Answer: Treaty of Waitangi
[10] The Treaty of Waitangi was signed by British representatives and forty leaders of various tribes of this indigenous people of New Zealand.
Answer: Maori
[10] The treaty was signed a decade after this series of conflicts among the Maori for control of New Zealand, which were exceptionally bloody due to Maori acquisition of the namesake entities.
Answer: The Musket Wars
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Identify some of these people involved in really fucking up the Eagles' season this year, FTPE.,
[10] This Giant's defensive end and Troy State alum went to town on second year left tackle Winston Justice, racking up a ridiculous six sacks on Donovan McNabb. His somewhat unusual name can be attributed to his Nigerian parents.
Answer: Ositadinma "Osi" Umenyiora
[10] Maybe it was the ferocity of this Green Bay punter's kicks that led the Eagles to fumble the ball twice in their game against the Packers early in the year. Or maybe J. R. Reed just sucks and this former Winnipeg Blue Bomber punter isn't actually that great.
Answer: Jonathan Robert "Jon" Ryan
[10] The Eagles were able to shut down Randy Moss pretty effectively in their game against the Patriots, but they couldn't handle the 13 receptions by this receiver out of Texas Tech who used to play for the Dolphins.
Answer: Wesley "Wes" Welker
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Identify the following about some cosmological theories, FTPE.,
[10] This model proposed by Abhay Ashtekar and others hypothesizes that because the gravity force became very strong as space time ripped near the point of the Big Bang, a contracting preexisting universe was repelled from itself in the namesake action.
Answer: Big Bounce
[10] According to an unsourced statement on Wikipedia, "a better understanding" of this may lead to a change in the Big Bounce model. One theory posits that gravity can be expressed as the flow of this frothy substance, which potentially can slow down the speed of light.
Answer: Quantum Foam
[10] An alternative to the Big Bounce theory is this one, which hinges on the modification of the cosmological constant and phantom dark energy acting to accelerate the expansion of the universe. Eventually gravity will be overwhelmed and even the strong nuclear force will break down in the namesake tearing process.
Answer: Big Rip
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Name some of these math things important in computer graphics, FTPE.,
[10] This operation can be performed using a namesake matrix in both two and three dimensions, and the operation is often paired with a translation. In two dimensions, it can be performed with a matrix of the form, cos thetha negative sin theta in the first row, sin theta cos theta in the bottom row.
Answer: Rotation
[10] One common way to do rotations is with the use of these. Discovered by William Rowan Hamilton, these four dimensional objects have scalar variables known as Euler Parameters and are not commutative.
Answer: Quaternion
[10] Quaternions have the advantage of avoiding this condition. It occurs when you lose a degree of freedom because two of the three namesake quantities get moved in the same direction with a rotation, like when yaw and pitch are parallel to each other.
Answer: Gimbal Lock
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Stuff about some apocryphal gospels, FTPE.,
[10] The gospel of this apostle was found on a papyrus scroll in 1945 and contains sayings like "Whoever discovers the interpretations of these sayings will not taste death." In the canonical gospels, this person is famous for demanding physical proof of Jesus's resurrection.
Answer: Thomas
[10] The Gospel of Thomas is associated with the Thomasine division of this religious school of thought. In general, it espouses "secret knowledge" and was associated with early theologians like Simon Magus and his Godhead ideas.
Answer: Gnosticism
[10] Similar to the Gospel of Thomas, this other recently discovered gnostic gospel takes its name from the only apostle mentioned in its text. Its namesake is sometimes confused with "the evangelist" or "the deacon" of the same name, while the actual apostle hailed from Bethsaida and got St. Nathanael on the Jesus train.
Answer: Gospel of Philip

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