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2008 Cardinal Classic Tossups by MIT 4
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One of these succeeded Turanshah after their successful military action forced the French to leave and netted them a substantial ransom. Aybak, however, was soon killed and succeeded by another of his kind, who defied Hulagu Khan and defeated the Mongol army at Ain Jalut. Another razed Antioch and fought Edward I of England. The average lifespan of such rulers was about seven years, and in India, they formed the first dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate. From 1747 to 1831, they ruled Iraq, though in the country they would be mainly associated with, all were killed or dispersed in 1811 by Muhammed Ali. Some of them served as foreigners in Napoleon's Guard, still carrying their scimitars and riding their horses. That service harked back to their very beginning, when they were prized for having no link to any established power structure. FTP, name these Islamic slave soldiers who originally came from the Caucasus.
Answer: Mamluks [accept "Mamluk sultan" or combination thereof before India]
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While humans have around 500 of them, their highly conserved structures were thought to make them poor drug targets. However, imatinib successfully inhibits the activity of Bcr-Abl, one of these that is formed by the Philadelphia chromosome. Another well-studied one is activated by mitogen, and functions in diverse pathways such as osmoregulation and the mating response in yeast. PFK-1 is an important allosteric regulator of glycolysis, and they are also important in signal transduction, where they often function in cascades. These enzymes target serine, threonine, or tyrosine residues, and are opposed by phosphatases. FTP, name this class of enzymes that transfers the gamma phosphate from ATP onto a substrate.
Answer: kinase
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Danilo tries to convince the title character to return to the city to help solve a water shortage problem in a play by this author that was inspired by a passage in Camus' Carnets. That play, which features the suicide of the title character's niece Lydia, is Dimetos. The reunion of siblings Hester and Johnnie Smit is the focus of another play. Another play features the pastor Marius Byleveld, who disapproves of the cement sculptures of Miss Helen. In addition to Hello and Goodbye and The Road to Mecca, his plays include one about the half-brothers Morris and Zachariah and another centering on the relationships between the black men Willie and Sam and the white teenager Hally. FTP, identify this South African playwright of The Blood Knot and Master Harold?and the Boys.
Answer: Athol Fugard
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With the aid of his renegades and his crack team of psychiatrists, he set course for Teegeeack after rounding up billions of his people for 'income tax inspections' and paralysing them. The Loyal Officers finally overthrew and imprisoned him, locking him away in a mountain behind a force field powered by an eternal battery. Before that, however, he gathered up all his paralysed subjects on the tops of volcanoes and blew them up with hydrogen bombs, sending the disembodied spirits to vacuum zones where they were brainwashed with 'various misleading data', including all world religions. These spirits, now called thetans, cling to the bodies of all humans who do not take the steps required to eliminate them. FTP, name this evil galactic dictator, a major antagonist in the beliefs of Scientology.
Answer: Xenu
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Night Creature and Cry are two of his works still in continuous production, along with a more well-known piece that uses props such as stools and parasols, and includes the segments "I wanna be ready" and "Wade in the water." Founded in 1958, his namesake company is currently under the direction of Judith Jameson and has completed two residencies in South Africa. Before his death from AIDS, he directed the play Jericho Jim Crow written by Langston Hughes in addition to choreographing 79 ballets. Many of his pieces, including Pas de Duke, are set to music by Duke Ellington, though his most famous work features traditional spirituals. FTP, name this choreographer of Revelations, whose company consists mostly of African-American dancers.
Answer: Alvin Ailey
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His marriage with Amytis, daughter of King Cyaxares, would unite his dynasty with the Medes, and it is said that he undertook some of his most impressive construction works so as to cope with her homesickness. He would lead his father's forces in the battle of Carchemish, beatingthe Egyptians andbringing Syria and Phoenicia into his country's sphere of influence. After the battle, his father, Nabopolassar, died, and this man succeeded him. He would rule the Levant by appointing puppet kings, like Jehoiakim of Juda. It was this man's father's defeat of the Assyrians and sacking of Nineve that had actually paved the way for his Chaldean dynasty to become the regional powerhouse, and after his death, his empire went into decline, only to be conquered by the Persians thirty years later. FTP, who was this man, who sacked Jerusalem in 586 BC and built the hanging gardens of Babylon?
Answer: Nebuchadnesar II (accept Nabuchodonosor)
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After defending Eddie Fislinger while drunk, the title character of this novel is persuaded to change career goals. Cecil Aylston's position as assistant to an evangelist is taken by the title character, while the protagonist later seduces Lulu Bains, who is then forced to marry Lloyd Naylor. Later in the novel, the title figure reunites with Lulu while married to Cleo Benham. After Sharon Falconer's death in a fire, the protagonist becomes a New Thought minister, but Bishop Toomis converts him to the Methodist church. The title figure becomes a popular minister in Zenith in, FTP, this novel about a hypocritical preacher by Sinclair Lewis.
Answer: Elmer Gantry
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A native of Vimieiro, this man taught political economy at his country's oldest university. He embarked on a career in politics after the 28th of May revolution, that brought an end to his country's unstable first republic. Under the presidency of Antonio Carmona, he would firstserve asfinance minister before becoming prime minister, effectively leading the country for the following 38 years. On the foreign policy front, he wouldlose control of Daman, Diu and Goa, but domestically, his corporatist economic policy led to strong growth. The passage by questionable referendum of a new constitution meant the end of the Ditadura national, and under the new government, his National Union Party became the only legal one. Upon his death he was succeeded by Marcelo Caetano, and his Estado Novo was overthrown shortly thereafter in the Carnation Revolution. FTP, name this dictator of Portugal from 1932 to 1970.
Answer: Antonio de Oliveira Salazar
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In 1998, researchers at Bell Labs measured the anisotropy of the Compton profile for the most common example of this, showing that there is some wavefunction coherence and thus a covalent component to this. Beijer and others constructed a self-complementary molecule, diacetyl diaminotriazine, which could undergo this type of interaction in four locations simultaneously, alternating donors and acceptors. The strongest form is bifluoride, which is a three-center, four-electron bond, and this interaction is best described in most cases as a proton in a potential well. FTP, identify this interaction which holds DNA base pairs together, accounts for water's high boiling point, and is named after an atom involved.
Answer: hydrogen bonding [accept word forms]
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The flat patterning in his paintings "Beech Woods" and "Farm Garden" reveal his training in decorative arts, as does the organic scrolling in the Tree of Life. A snake wraps around the red-robed figure of Hygieia at the bottom of his painting Medicine, which was displayed with the paintings Philosophy and Jurisprudence. He also painted the Stoclet Frieze, but a better known work was painted after his trip to Ravenna, where he saw the Byzantine mosaics in San Vitale. That work contrasted masculine, black and gray rectangles with colorful, feminine circles and wavy lines in his depiction of two figures perched on a green hill spotted with purple flowers. Also known for two portraits of Adele Bloch-Bauer, FTP, name this Symbolist and leader of the Vienna Secession who painted The Kiss.
Answer: Gustav Klimt
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This man's "The Orators" was about the effects of hero-worship, and was written at around the same time as the verse drama "The Dance of Death." Around this period, he also started a collaboration which produced such works as a work about self-destroying climber Michael Ransom, "The Ascent of F6" as well as "The Dog Beneath the Skin." Earlier, this man had written "Paid on Both Sides," which combined content from Icelandic sagas with jokes about English schools. His interest in Iceland was continued in "Letters from Iceland," while other works inspired by countries include "Journey to a War" and "Spain." The latter was rewritten, along with "September 1, 1939," which had been first published in 1940's "Another Time," along with other poems such as "Dover" and "Musee des Beaux Arts." FTP, name this poet who wrote "Funeral Blues" and collaborated with Christopher Isherwood.
Answer: Wystan Hugh Auden
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An unfinished work of his was addressed to the King of Cyprus, and is entitled On Kingship. Another of his works, sometimes called "a continuous gloss", entitled The Golden Chain, was a discussion of the Gospels, while he described his metaphysics in works such as On the Principles of Nature. His most famous work is written as a series of objections and replies, with each of his answers preceded by the phrase "I answer that", while a different work was written "Against the Averroists", and is entitled On There Being Only One Intellect. Also author of a work "against the Gentiles", FTP, name this Dominican who developed five arguments for God's existence in his Summa Theologica.
Answer: St. Thomas Aquinas
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Without summing over characters, one gets the p-adic Hurwitz version, and the regular Hurwitz version is a factor in the sum for an L-series. When defined over an algebraic variety, the Hasse-Weil version results, while if this function is represented by summing over ideals, the Dedekind version is obtained. In its most common incarnation, this function's reciprocal produces the Mobius mu function, and it has a functional equation relating its value at s to the value at 1 minus s. That most common version also may or may not have any nontrivial roots with real part not equal to one half, a namesake hypothesis. FTP, name these mathematical entities, the most famous of which sums 1 over n to the s and is named for Riemann.
Answer: zeta functions (accept Dirichlet L-function before (*))
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Her later depiction was probably a result of misidentification with other deities such as Lotan rather than any primary sources referencing a specific form. She may have begun as a branch of the cult of Nammu, and with her first lover, she bore the muddy elder gods Lahmu and Lahamu. When her lover was slain, she begat a variety of monsters with her son, including mermen, storm demons, scorpion-men, sea serpents, and dragons, but she and her army were defeated with an invincible spear, a merciless club, a net, and the arrows of the winds. After her death, her ribs became the heaven and earth and her weeping eyes spawned rivers. A goddess of primordial chaos and salt water, FTP name this lover of Apsu and Kingu, slain by Marduk, apocryphally portrayed as a dragon.
Answer: Tiamat
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It is home to the Ghost Wilderness, the Dinosaur Park Formation, as well as the Red Deer river, located in its country's oldest national park. During the last ice age, it was covered by two glaciers, the Laurentide and Cordilleran. Soon after those glaciers receded, it was settled by peoples such as the Blackfoot and the Cree, groups that were displaced by treaties such as Treaty 7. Its flat land so close to mountains makes it susceptible to Chinook winds, particularly near its southern border, the 49 degree line of latitude. The discovery that its Athabasca sands contain over 170 billion barrels of oil made its country the world's second most oil-rich. The westernmost of the three "prairie provinces", name, FTP, this province with largest city Calgary and capital at Edmonton.
Answer: Alberta
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Hans Vaihinger's The Psychology of the 'As If' helped to inspire his idea that people are driven by an ideal goal called fictional finalism. His typology described four 'Styles of Life', the getting, avoiding, ruling, and socially useful types. His student Rudolf Dreikurs helped turn his ideas into a practical system, while the influence of Jan Smuts led him to develop a holistic theory of psychology. He described the effects of birth order on personality in his Understanding Human Nature, while his work The Neurotic Constitution was written shortly after breaking with Freud. Developer of individual psychology, FTP, name this Austrian psychologist who developed the idea of the inferiority complex.
Answer: Alfred Adler
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One of the victims in this case was able to provide sixteen witnesses who claimed they had bought their Christmas eels from him, and had earlier been blacklisted for leading a successful strike of rope and twine workers. Another was able to prove with a timecard that he had been at work all day, but many later revealed they had been told, despite the defense's pleas, that the shoemaker was guilty. One alternative explanation implicated the Morelli gang, which had been robbing shoe factories around the South Braintree area, and in 1977, Dukakis signed a proclamation officially removing "any stigma and disgrace" from the victims. Most agree that all the defendants were guilty of was following Luigi Galleani, and not the murder of Alessandro Berardelli. FTP, name this incident, where the two defendents were tried and executed for payroll robbery and murder at the Slater-Morrill Company.
Answer: Sacco and Vanzetti trial [accept in either order]
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One of this author's early novels centers around a young woman living in a small fishing community which comes into conflict with merchants. That novel, Salka Valka, expressed his Socialist views, a major theme of many of his novels. An orphaned boy admires a famous singer in The Fish Can Sing, while in a later novel set in a cursed valley the sheep farmer Bjartur disowns his child Asta and loses two wives. In another novel, published in three parts, a farmer is sentenced to death for murder and flees to Denmark, and most beautiful woman in Iceland is in love with a collector of manuscripts named Arnas Arnaeus. FTP, name this Icelandic author of Independent People and Iceland's Bell.
Answer: Halldor Laxness
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The sixth part pays homage to the "rage aria" found in opera buffo, and is sung in D minor as "Rolling in foaming billows." The pattern of this work is broken by "In fairest raiment," which is the first trio of the work after a series of recitatives and choruses. The librettist Baron von Swieten's instructions were not followed in a section about whales, where a bass soloist delivers his line accompanied by cellos and violas; the line is "Sei fruchtbar alle." The primary soloists of this work are a soprano, tenor, and bass representing Gabriel, Uriel, and Rafael. Its most famous section is the very first, written in C minor with no cadences, called "The Representation of Chaos," and this is followed by a massive C-major chord for chorus and orchestra depicting the phrase "let there be light." FTP, name this oratorio depicting the Book of Genesis by Franz Josef Haydn.
Answer: The Creation or Die Schopfung
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One type of these objects is further split into categories called V777 Her, GW Vir, and ZZ Ceti. A recent study of one of these objects called BPM 37093 has confirmed theories that they can crystallize at cooler temperatures. If one assumes a value of roughly 2 for the nucleon to electron ratio, one finds that gravity overwhelms electron degeneracy pressure at a mass of about 1.4 solar masses, which gives the maximum masses for these objects, known as the Chandrasekhar limit. FTP, name this phase in stellar evolution, found on the lower left of a Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, which the Sun will enter after passing through its red giant phase.
Answer: white dwarf star
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It was the first famous use of the SA-2 guideline, and this event led to the postponement of the Paris Summit. The person involved was sentenced to 3 years in prison, but only served part of that term before being exchanged for Rudolf Abel. Initial denials resulted in planes being grounded to check for fictitious oxygen problems. The flight, claimed to be a failed NASA mission, crashed near Sverdlosk. The exact cause of the crash remains in doubt, as the plane's altitude should have made it immune to most defenses. American lies were revealed six days later, when Nikita Krushchev announced that the pilot was alive, and the crashed spy plane had been recovered. FTP, name this incident in which Gary Powers Jr. was shot down while spying on the USSR.
Answer: U-2 Crisis [accept equivalents, such as answers that include Gary Powers before he is mentioned]
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Including the empires of Arkhosia and Bael Turath, it was formally announced on August 17, 33 years after its earliest ancestor. Its traditions include Serpent Eye and Iron Sigil, which favour the use of spheres or orbs as mystic objects. Some names are currently known only by placeholders such as 'Feather Me Yon Oaf!' and 'I'm Batman', which were created by a team including James Wyatt, Rob Heinsoo, David Noonan, and Mike Mearls. Including the tiefling and dragonborn but not the gnomes as starting races, it has 30 levels, including heroic, paragon, and epic tiers. FTP, name this upcoming roleplaying game, announced at GenCon 2007, the successor to a series of games originally created by Gary Gygax.
Answer: Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition
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It does not allow for rotation, or flip-flops, as the free-energy barrier is far too large. The first half of this theory was confirmed by studies on the retina disks of frogs' eyes, which showed that rhodopsin was not distributed in a crystalline manner; this was further confirmed by the Frye-Eddin experiments, which showed that free diffusion occurs. In the 1970s, freeze-etch studies showed particulate matter distributed uniformly, confirming the second half of this hypothesis. The hypothesis itself accounts for the presence of lipid rafts, glycoproteins, and structural units like phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphatidylcholine. The structure it models is described as a "two-dimensional oriented viscous solution" and relies on hydrophobic and hydrophilic interactions for stability. Proposed in 1972 by Nicolson and Singer, this describes, FTP, what model of a cell membrane's phospholipid bilayer?
Answer: fluid-mosaic model
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The narrator of this work gets kickedunder the table by another character when mentioning a girl he knows in Strasbourg in the presence of Frances, the latter's aging and manipulative girlfriend. However,that latter charactergains the confidence to oppose her on a trip to New York where his newest work is praised and he wins several hundred dollars playing bridge. He eventually shakes off Frances and runs off for a short while with a woman who is already engaged to a heavy drinking war veteran. Later, their entire group of friends attends the festival of San Fermin,and they check into a hotel owned by Montoya, mentor to a promising young bullfighter named Pedro Romero. Romero becomes involved with Brett and gives her an ear cut from a bull, which earns him the enmity of Robert when Romero and Brett run off together. FTP, name this novel by Ernest Hemingway about an impotent veteran and a femme fatale.
Answer: The Sun Also Rises
2008 Cardinal Classic Bonuses by MIT 4
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This is a three-dimensional bonus, so don't fall flat. FTPE:,
[10] These mathematical objects can have any whole number of dimensions, equal to the number of elements in a basis; they also have scalar multiplication and obey a namesake law of addition.
Answer: vector spaces
[10] This dimension, a specific type of fractal dimension, is always at least the topological dimension, and has values of L N 3 over L N 2 for the Sierpinski triangle and 1.25 for the coast of Great Britain. Its eponym also names separable or T2 topological spaces.
Answer: Hausdorff dimension
[10] In a commutative ring, this dimension measures the maximum number of strict inclusions in a chain of prime ideals.
Answer: Krull dimension
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Name these things related to Ahriman in Zoroastrian tradition FTPE.,
[10] Including the six antithetical counterparts of the Ameshas Spentas, these wicked gods of Zoroastrianism were probably originally Iranian deities that predated Zoroastrianism.
Answer: Daevas [accept Devs]
[10] Known as the Primal Whore, this lascivious demoness managed to seduce Ahriman, becoming his consort. Ahriman's corrupting kiss caused the menstrual cycle in women.
Answer: Jahi [accept Jeh]
[10] This most sacred hymn of the Gatha is said to have been first spoken by Ahura Mazda to reveal the inevitability of his victory to Ahriman. After recovering from the effects of the hymn, Ahriman created Jeh.
Answer: Ahuna Vairya [accept also Ahunavar or Ahunwar]
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FTPE, name these works of John Dryden.,
[10] This poem commemorating a "year of miracles" includes a description of the Great Fire of London.
Answer: Annus Mirabilis
[10] Contemporary poet Thomas Shadwell is mocked in this satire, in which his defining characteristic is revealed to be dullness.
Answer: MacFlecknoe
[10] The romance between Palmyra, the daughter of an usurper, and Leonidas, who is revealed to be the son of the rightful king, is described in this play, set in Sicily.
Answer: Marriage a la Mode
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Name these Russian composers FTPE.,
[10] His lesser-known works include the Dumbarton Oaks concerto and l'Histoire du Soldat, but he is perhaps best remembered for The Rite of Spring.
Answer: Igor Stravinsky
[10] This synesthete was driven to near-madness late in life, reflected in his unfinished Mysterium; he also wrote 10 piano sonatas and The Poem of Ecstasy.
Answer: Aleksander Scriabin
[10] Though a stranger to the standard repertoire, this Russian remains a favorite among musicians; he is revered for his Skazki, or Fairy Talesfor piano, as well as 108 songs and 14 sonatas, including one commonly known as "Night Wind."
Answer: Nikolai Karlovich Medtner
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FTPE, name these First Amendment Supreme Court cases.,
[10] This ruling held that the 14th Amendment had incorporated the 1st Amendment. It freed a Socialist who had been convicted of anarchy after publishing a "Left Wing Manifesto."
Answer: Gitlow v. New York [accept either order]
[10] This ruling ruled that the defendant did not have the right to free speech against the draft during WWI. Oliver Wendell Holmes set out the "clear and present danger" standard in the unanimous opinion.
Answer: Schenck v. US [accept either order]
[10] In this case, the court held that public figures can only be awarded damages if statements made about them can be proved to be false and made wth "reckless disregard for the truth." An outhouse and Campari are featured.
Answer: Hustler v. Falwell [accept either order]
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Name these illusions found in human psychology from descriptions FTPE:,
[10] This illusion created by Jastrow was famously discussed by Wittgenstein in Philosophical Investigations. Depending on how you look at it, it can appear to be either a bird or a lagomorph.
Answer: rabbit-duck illusion (or duck-rabbit illusion)
[10] In this illusion, a central circle surrounded by large circles appears to be smaller than an equal sized circle surrounded by small circles. It is named after a German psychologist who wrote the work On Memory and has a namesake completion test.
Answer: Ebbinghaus illusion (accept: Titchener illusion)
[10] This illusion depends on the interaction between audio and visual stimuli. In its most famous example, a subject who watches a video of a person saying "ga", while listening to a dubbed voice saying "ba", will actually perceive the sound "da."
Answer: McGurk Effect
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FTPE, name these things relating to diseases of the thyroid.,
[10] This symptom of thyroid disease is a swelling at the base of the neck.
Answer: goiter
[10] An autoimmune disease, it leads to hyperthyroidism and is often accompanied by exophthalmos, or protrusion of the eyes.
Answer: Graves' disease
[10] Hyposecretion of thyroxine in a newborn can cause this condition, which is characterized by severe retardation of physical and mental development
Answer: cretinism
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One of the title characters is a knight of King Arthur who fights Yder for the hand of the other title character. FTPE:,
[10] In this medieval romance, that knight is accused of neglecting his duty and doubts his wife, who he then forces to follow him silently on a journey. It all ends happily, as she proves her love for him while he defeats rival knights.
Answer: Erec and Enide
[10] This French poet of Erec and Enide, a member of the court of Marie de Champagne, also wrote the Arthurian romances Lancelot, the Knight of the Cart and Perceval, the Story of the Grail.
Answer: Chretien de Troyes
[10] Chretien de Troyes adapted this story from Ovid's Metamorphoses into a lyric poem. The title figure was raped by Tereus, who cut out her tongue, and then turned into a nightingale.
Answer: Philomela
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Give the following information about an artist, FTPE.,
[10] Although this prolific Flemish painter served as a diplomat and painted notable landscapes and religious scenes, he is best remembered for his portrayal of nudes in paintings such as "The Judgment of Paris" and "The Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus."
Answer: Peter Paul Rubens
[10] Rubens painted several huge portraits for this woman, including one of her arrival at Marseilles.
Answer: Marie de'Medici or Maria de'Medici or Marie de Medicis
[10] After the death of his first wife, Rubens married this girl, the model for many of the voluptuous women in his later works.
Answer: Helene Fourment
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He was a founding member of the Order of the Garter and married the scandalous Joan of Kent. FTPE:,
[10] Name this son of Edward III who died before his father but not before winning great victories over the French at Crecy and Poitiers.
Answer: Edward, the Black Prince
[10] Beyond his victories in France, Edward would also wage war in Spain, as in this April 1367 battle where he would help Pedro the cruelregain the Castillian throne fromhis half-brother, Enrique II:
Answer: battle of Navarrete (or Najera)
[10] Edward's son, king Richard II, would be deposed by Henry IV, whoclaimed the throne based on his descent from the Black Prince's younger brother, John of Gaunt.This would of course lead to troublewith the House of York,which descended from this other brother of Edward's:
Answer: Edmund of Langley (accept Edmund of York)
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Answer these questions about a spectroscopic method, FTPE.,
[10] An electron is excited to a virtual state and the incident radiation is inelastically scattered in this technique, in which Stokes and anti-Stokes peaks are observed.
Answer: Raman spectroscopy
[10] In a Raman transition, this quantity changes. It is symbolized by alpha and interpreted as the tendency of a charge distribution to distort in the presence of an electric field.
Answer: Electronic polarizability
[10] The Raman effect may have actually been discovered first by Grigory Landsberg and this Russian, who is also the namesake of 3 variables from particle physics denoted s, t, and u.
Answer: Leonid Mandelstam
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Answer the following about places that had Francesco Petrarca come by and 'conquer' them, FTPE:,
[10] this city on the Rhone river saw Petrarca as a resident, where he was said to have first met Laura in 1327; it is famous for its medieval palace and bridge
Answer: Avignon
[10] Petrarca famously claimed to haveclimbed this mountain in 1336, also known as the geant de la Provence; some claim it derived its name from the windy conditions on the top, although this ethymological originisdisputed
Answer: Mont Ventoux
[10] this city in Tuscany, near the border with Umbria, is said to have been Petrarca's birth place; its San Francesco church has beautiful fresco's by Piero della Francesca.
Answer: Arezzo
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FTPE, name these Graham Greene novels.,
[10] Thomas Fowler disagrees with Alden Pyle's involvement, and when he discovers one of Pyle's bomb plots, he arranges to have Pyle killed.
Answer: The Quiet American
[10] Ida Arnold witnesses a chance meeting of Fred Hale and Pinkie Brown, and then relentlessly pursues Pinkie to protect his wife, Rose, who has the power to invalidate Pinkie's alibi for Fred's murder.
Answer: Brighton Rock
[10] Maurice Castle and his colleague Davis are investigating a MI6 leak, but Davis is accused and "disposed of" on the basis of circumstantial evidence.
Answer: The Human Factor
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Answer these questions about the year 1807 on the continent, FTPE.,
[10] In this June 14, 1807 battle, Napoleon's forces would defeat the Russians under Bennigsen, ending the war of the Fourth Coalition:
Answer: battle of Friedland
[10] After winning the Battle of Friedland, he would sign this treaty with Tsar Alexander I on July 7th, which created the Grand Duchy of Warsaw and closed Russian ports to British ships.
Answer: Treaty of Tilsit (or Treaties, or Peace)
[10] The Treaty of Tilsit also created this Kingdom of western Germany; it only lasted 6 years until Russia broke it up. It shares a name with a Peace signed in 1648.
Answer: Kingdom of Westphalia
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Answer some questions about Lagrangian mechanics, FTPE:,
[10] The Lagrangian is defined as the kinetic energy minus this quantity. For a spring system, this quantity is given by one half the spring constant times the displacement squared.
Answer: potential energy
[10] This man's variational principle states that the time integral of the Lagrangian is an extremum for the path that a particle actually travels.
Answer: William Rowan Hamilton
[10] This principle says that the virtual work done by a virtual displacement exactly cancels out the dot product of the time derivative of momentum with the virtual displacement vector.
Answer: d'Alembert's principle
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Identify these dangerous Aztec deities FTPE.,
[10] This sinister jaguar god of night, death, and discord was Quetzalcoatl's greatest rival. His name, meaning smoking mirror, indicates his affinity for obsidian.
Answer: Tezcatlipoca
[10] Often depicted as a flayed man, he was a patron of agriculture, disease, goldsmiths, and the seasons. His priests wore flayed skins.
Answer: Xipe Totec
[10] God of the dead and the south, he was the ruler of the Aztec underworld. His worship involved cannibalism and he was depicted as a grinning, blood-spattered skeleton.
Answer: Mictlantecuhtli
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FTPE, answer these questions about Taiwan.,
[10] This man, president from 1978 to 1988, relaxed government controls on speech and put native Taiwanese in positions of power, like his successor Lee Teng-hui. You may know him as Chiang Kai-shek's son.
Answer: Chiang Ching-kuo (or Jiang Jingguo in pinyin)
[10] Both Chiang Ching-kuo and Lee Teng-hui were members of the KMT. This man, the current president, is the first non-KMT President to be elected. He belongs to the DPP.
Answer: Chen Shui-bian
[10] This Clinton administration policy holds that the US government does not support Taiwanese independence, does not believe in "one China, one Taiwan," and will not support Taiwan's entry into the UN.
Answer: Three no's
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Answer some questions about a Pushkin work FTPE,
[10] This novel in verse, notably translated by Nabokov, centers around a "superfluous man".
Answer: Eugene Onegin [or Yevgeniy Onegin]
[10] Eugene Onegin originally rejects this woman, who then gets married and rejects Onegin when he attempts to win her love, vowing loyalty to her husband.
Answer: Tatyana Larina [accept Tanya]
[10] This man, a poet and friend of Onegin's, introduces him to Tatyana and is later killed by Onegin in a duel.
Answer: Vladimir Lensky
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Answer these questions about an opera of Benjamin Britten, FTPE.,
[10] In which Britten opera does the title character see two of his apprentices die, and then get chased out to sea by the townsfolk of The Borough?
Answer: Peter Grimes
[10] What set of orchestral pieces, including "Dawn", "Sunday Morning", "Moonlight", and "Storm", did Britten extract from Peter Grimes for separate performance?
Answer: Four Sea Interludes
[10] What tenor, who was also Britten's life partner, was given the original role of Peter Grimes, as well as the lead in Death in Venice and Owen Wingrave?
Answer: Peter Pears
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In one of this author's novels, Jason Taverner wakes up to find that no one remembers him. FTPE:,
[10] That novel, Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said, followed more famous works by this author such as The Man in the High Castle, for which he won a Hugo award, and The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch.
Answer: Philip K. Dick
[10] The title of Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said is taken from a work by this Elizabethan composer, also known for the pavane "Lachyrmae antiquae" and "Come Heavy Sleepe," which inspired a Benjamin Britten work.
Answer: John Dowland
[10] In 2006, this singer released an album of John Dowland's songs called "Songs from the Labyrinth." He is famous as the lead singer of The Police.
Answer: Sting [or Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner]
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FTPE, identify the following in philosophy of mind:,
[10] The dominant position in philosophy of mind, this view holds that mental states arise from formal or causal relationships within an overarching system.
Answer: functionalism
[10] Critics like Ned Block have attacked functionalism on the grounds that it cannot account for these, the subjective and private phenomena of experience.
Answer: qualia
[10] This philosopher has speculated about philosophical "zombies" that lack qualia and promoted a sort of functionalist panpsychism.
Answer: David Chalmers
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Given the plots, F5PE, name the work and the Bronte sister who wrote it.,
[10] Catherine Earnshaw chooses Edgar Linton, and her daughter Cathy marries Isabella Linton's son with Heathcliff before falling in love with Hareton Earnshaw.
Answer: Emily Bronte (Wuthering Heights)
[10] Because her family has come to financial ruin, Agnes becomes a governess for the Bloomfields and the Murrays. At the end of the book, Agnes has found love and opened a school with her mother.
Answer: Anne Bronte (Agnes Grey)
[10] Gilbert Markham becomes curious about the supposedly widowed Mrs. Helen Graham, but he finds that the real reason she cannot marry him is because she is actually Mrs. Helen Huntingdon.
Answer: Anne Bronte (The Tenant of Wildfell Hall)
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Richard Feynman declared that the space shuttle would be safe 98% of the time. Still, space exploration is pretty dangerous. FTPE:,
[10] She won a contest of over 11,000 people to be the first teacher in space, but died on the Challenger in 1986.
Answer: Christa McAuliffe
[10] This second American in space died, along with Ed White and Roger Chaffee, on the landing pad when Apollo 1's 100% oxygen cabin caught fire, killing its occupants in under a minute.
Answer: Virgil "Gus" Grissom
[10] This man, played by Tom Hanks, actually said "Houston, we've had a problem". He was the commander of Apollo 13 and was also on Apollo 8, the first mission to orbit the moon.
Answer: James Lovell

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