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2008 Cardinal Classic Tossups by MIT 3
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It ended with McCook, Crittendon and Negley charged with misconduct and was immediately preceded by a skirmish at Davis' Cross Roads. Attempts to attack the Army of the Cumberland one piece at a time were foiled by Polk's and Hindman's excessive caution. Longstreet's reinforcements happened to attack a hole in the enemy's lines, which led to a retreat. When his superiors fled the battlefield, General Thomas Reynolds was left to hold the union lines himself at Snodgrass Hill, a job that later earned him the title of the "Rock of" this place. Fought at a creek whose Cherokee name translates to "river of death", it was a tactical victory for General Bragg, as Union forces retreated to Chattanooga. FTP, name this battle that cost General Rosecrans his job, the greatest Confederate victory in the west.
Answer: Battle of Chickamauga
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This man originally settled Arcata, which was just a mining camp on Humboldt Bay, and when he heard that Charles Dickens had died, he had his magazine's publication delayed by 24 hours so he could write a tribute, "Dickens in Camp." That magazine was The Overland Monthly, in which he published such stories as "Madrono," "In the Tunnel," and "Friar Pedro's Ride." Mark Twain criticized this man as insincere, and said that the miners' patois never existed outside of this man's work. One of his works, 1870's "Plain Language from Truthful James," was intended to satirize Swinburne's "Atalanta in Calydon." FTP, name the author of "The Luck of Roaring Camp" and "The Outcasts of Poker Flat."
Answer: Bret Harte
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The Battle of Dragashani was an unsuccessful early attempt, as was the Orlov Revolt fifty years earlier. Skouphas, Tsakalov and Xanthos founded the Filiki Eteria, a center for the diaspora, that did much of the early planning and originally sought John Capodistria as its leader. Originally spurred by the rebellion of Ali Pasha, its first big victory was the capture of Tripolitsa. The rebels also gained some ground in the sea through effective use of fireships, but Ibrahim Pasha helped to turn back most of their gains. However, help from the European powers led to victory at Navarino over the forces of Mahmud II and Muhammed Ali. Ending in the 1832 Treaty of Constantinople, name, for 10 points, this successful rebellion against the Ottoman Empire that was led by Theodoros Koloktronis and Alexandros Ypsilantis.
Answer: War of Greek Independence
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For any set of weak-classifiers, this process is guaranteed to converge to a solution that classifies at least as well as the best classifier. Developed by Yoav Freund and Robert Schapire, this meta-algorithm involves repeatedly reclassifying the training data with the best of the set of original classifiers while reweighting the training data so that the samples classified incorrectly in the previous round are given half the total weight. In the end, each classifier chosen as a top classifier is given a vote based on how well it performed, and the aggregate classifier is applied to the equally-weighted data set. FTP name this machine learning process, thought mistakenly to be named for Lady Lovelace but actually named for its adaptive nature.
Answer: AdaBoost [accept Adaptive Boosting]
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In his original form, he was a god of songs and poetry who received a bird out at sea that laid eggs on his knee. The eggs' pieces became the world, with the yolk as the sun. In his more familiar form, he sinks a rival into a bog and makes a kantele from a pike's jawbone. Lonnrot fabricated his mother, Ilmatar, and this man was often a loser in love, though not for want of trying. Aino drowned herself rather than marry him, and the maiden of Pohjola will never be his, even though he convinced his friend to produce the wondrous item requested by Louhi. FTP, name this bard and brother of Ilmarinen, who convinced the master smith to forge the mighty Sampo.
Answer: Vainamoinen
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Many of his early works are aimed at children, including a novel in which the titular teenage girl dies in a nuclear bomb explosion when she and her brother become entangled in a diplomatic mission. He was forced to change the ending of Podkayne of Mars, written after novels such as Have Space Suit - Will Travel and Citizen of the Galaxy. Lazarus Long reminisces about his lengthy life in this author's novel Time Enough for Love and Mannie and the computer Mike plot revolution on the Moon in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, while in a novel about a man from Mars, Michael Valentine, this man coined the term "grok." FTP, name this author of Starship Troopers and Stranger in a Strange Land.
Answer: Robert Heinlein
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In the middle of the first act of this work, three people sing "Every detail has been sorted", followed shortly by "Hold it! Are we not forgetting". This work's three dance numbers are often performed separately, and they comprise an Act I polka, an Act II furiant, and an Act III skotchna for the comedy troupe that visits the village. That comedy troupe includes Esmerelda, who tempts the main character away from his would-be betrothed in "Mother doesn't matter, Mother wouldn't care!". But that character has tricked the broker, and it turns out he is Micha's son, so he can marry Krushina and Ludmila's daughter. All of this occurs after Ketsal has paid 300 guilders for Jenik not to marry Marenka. FTP, name this opera by BedYich Smetana.
Answer: The Bartered Bride or Prodana nevesta or The Sold Fiancee
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In this work, a stain on a glazed tea bowl is explained as the lipstick stain of the protagonist's father's lover, who has recently committed suicide. Earlier, the protagonist is seduced by that woman, the mother of Fumiko, while his father's first lover Chikako, whose large birthmark he remembers with disgust, attempts to arrange a marriage between him and Yukiko. Fumiko and her mother arrive uninvited to an event ocurring shortly after the protagonist's father's funeral. Chikako introduces Kikuji Mitani to Yukiko at a tea ceremony which begins, FTP, this novella with a title taken from the pattern on Yukiko's cloth by Yasunari Kawabata.
Answer: Thousand Cranes [Senbazuru]
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When this man requested a combat assignment, he was assigned to inspect shipyards before the president asked him to survey the war effort in the Southwestern Pacific, where he was awarded a Silver Star for his participation in a bombing mission. Back in the United States, this man created Operation Texas, which established a refuge for European Jews fleeing Nazis. He was one of three southern senators who refused to sign the Southern Manifesto, and Texas law was changed so that this man could run for two offices at the same time. When he ascended to his highest post, this man created the Warren Commission and requested legislation like the Wilderness Act and the Economic Opportunity Act. FTP, name this man, under whom the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was passed, who pushed through the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
Answer: Lyndon B. Johnson
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It can be measured via an effect first analyzed by Ehrenberg and Siday, whose names are sometimes attached to that effect. The canonical momentum for a charged particle is equal to the ordinary momentum plus the charge over c times this quantity. The D'Alembertian of this quantity is equal to minus the permeability times the current density according to one of Maxwell's equations. One is free to add the gradient of a scalar function to this quantity in classical electrodynamics, while according to quantum mechanics, its value can be measured with the Aharanov-Bohm effect. Its divergence is set to zero in the Coulomb gauge. FTP, name this quantity whose curl is equal to the magnetic field.
Answer: magnetic potential or magnetic vector potential (DO NOT accept or prompt on "potential")
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One of his essays asks whether Peter believes that Paderewski has musical talent or not, while that same work discusses a Frenchman Pierre who believes "Londres est jolie" but that "London is not pretty." He wrote another work on "Russel's Notion of Scope", as well as the previously mentioned "A Puzzle about Belief." He offered an unusual interpretation of Wittgenstein in "Wittgenstein on Rules and Private Language", while his namesake semantics are commonly used in modal logic. Best known for a work in which he developed a causal theory of reference and coined the term "rigid designator," FTP, name this philosopher and logician, author of Naming and Necessity.
Answer: Saul Kripke
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His painting "An Englishman in Moscow" is reminiscent of Synthetic Cubism, and he is also known for bright metallic color and cylindrical shapes as seen in "The Woodcutter" and "The Knife-Grinder", though his later preoccupation with abstraction was already evident in "Head of a Peasant Girl". That preoccupation would lead him to build structures he called arkhitektonics and assemble collages invaded by blank rectangles of pure color. FTP, name this painter of White on White and Black Square, the founder of Suprematism.
Answer: Kasimir Malevich
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The title figure of this work is an aspiring poet, and always carries one unfinished poem called "The Oak Tree". A chance meeting with Shakespeare haunts the title figure throughout this novel, while the greatest change in that character's life occurs in Constantinople. On the same night as a great flood of the Thames, the protagonist is betrayed by a Russian princess named Sasha, while later the protagonist is pursued by the Archduchess Harriet, who is revealed to be a Romanian nobleman named Harry. After living for three hundred years, the title figure marries Shelmerdine in, FTP, this Virginia Woolf novel, a fictional biography of the title figure, who begins life as a man but unexplainedly becomes a woman.
Answer: Orlando
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Its expression results in polycistronic mRNA, which codes for a transacetylase and a permease, along with a more well-known enzyme. Cooperative binding of O-1, O-2, and O-3 allows for its sensitive response to allosteric regulators of its tetrameric inhibitor. In the presence of cAMP, CAP binds upstream of it to recruit RNA polymerase to its promoter. In the lab, that inhibitor is commonly deactivated by IPTG, and its expression is assayed by plating on X-GAL, where beta-galactosidase activity results in blue colonies. FTP, name this functional unit of DNA that allows for the metabolism of a certain disaccharide into glucose and galactose.
Answer: lac operon
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The name is the same. One man of this name married Eleanor, daughter of King John I, in 1238. An English nobleman, his namesake father, a French nobleman himself, had inherited his earldom of Leicester from his maternal uncle. This namesake fatherhad made his fame in the fourth crusade, and subsequently took part in the Albigensian crusade, where his cruelty was notorious. The son of the same name would become an advisor and close friend of king Henry III, recovering the English possessions of his father which king John had confiscated. After breaking with the king, he would flee to France; after temporary reconciliation, he would be one of the leaders of the opposition against the king, signatory of the provisions of Oxford, and leader of his namesake parliament in 1265. However, his alliance with the Welsh made him lose the support of the other English nobles, and he would die in battle, defeated by crown prince Edward. FTP, who were these noblemen who shared their first name with the apostle also knwon asPeter?
Answer: Simon the Montfort.
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Their most historically important ceremony was the Bwa Kayiman, in which the spirit of the warrior goddess of motherhood and lesbians possessed a priestess and received a black pig, her favoured offering. Due to Erzulie Dantor's appearance, all those present pledged themselves to the revolution. Like Erzulie, whose aspect Erzulie Freda is the spirit of love, beauty, and finery, many of the other spirits have multiple aspects or families sharing a common name. These include Azaka, Ogou, and Ghede. Spirits are divided into hot and cool groups, and even those who are not bossale, 'initiated', may serve them. FTP, name this religion, whose most famous loa is Baron Samedi.
Answer: Vodou [do not accept Vodon, which is the African progenitor of Vodou]
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Cities on its shores include Kibwesa, Wapembe, and Mpala, and theMushara, Murembwe and Dama end in it. A source of great biodiversity, its namesake "sardine" is an important food source for locals. Despite its depth, the lower regions are mysteriously only a few degrees colder than the surface. .In rainy years water from it flows into the Lukuga River and then into the Lualaba. John Speke and Richard Burton were the first two westerners to find it, and Henry Stanley found David Livingstone at Ujiji on its shores. It felt a 6.5 magnitude earthquake in 2005 due to a shift in the fault that is responsible for the Great Rift Valley, and it borders four countries including Burundi and Tanzania. FTP, name this member of the African Great Lakes, the world's second biggest lake by volume.
Answer: Lake Tanganyika
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One reagent containing this metal has an unusual square methylene bridge to aluminum and can be used to convert a carbonyl group to a methylene group . Another reagent to accomplish the same purpose is the Petasis reagent, which, like Tebbe's reagent, has this metal in its less-common plus 2 oxidation state. This element's tetrachloride is used as a strong Lewis acid for aldol reactions or to make isotactic polypropylene as a Ziegler-Natta catalyst, while the pure metallic form can be produced by the Kroll process. Because this element is biocompatible and osseointegrable, it is used in orthopedic implants and its dioxide is used for the white pigment in sunscreen. FTP, name this transition metal with atomic number 22 which sits above zirconium and is very strong given its light weight.
Answer: titanium [prompt on "Ti"]
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After finishing his most famous work at age 19, he abandoned poetry and became a trader and gunrunner in Africa. This last work includes sections subtitled "The Foolish Virgin" and "Alchemy of the Word" and another section in which he describes his Gallic ancestry and inherited indolence. Those sections, "Delirium I," "Delirium II," and "Bad Blood," form part of a long poetic work in which this author declares "I must be absolutely Modern." Earlier works by this author include a collection titled Illuminations and a work composed of 25 quatrains describing a sinking vessel, "The Drunken Boat". FTP, name this French poet, lover of Paul Verlaine and author of A Season in Hell.
Answer: Arthur Rimbaud
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The second section is marked "In a rhythm without rigor and caressing", and has an ambiguous title meaning Sails or Veils. Its eighth piece begins with a series of G-flat major arpeggios and is marked "Very calm and gently expressive" to show the beauty of a girl, while the tenth evokes tolling bells of the titular building at Ys in a series of slow chordal passages marked "Profoundly calm." The sixth is mostly runs of 32nd notes, entitled What the West Wind has Seen, and the final piece in the collection is a vaguely racist depiction of Minstrels. FTP, name this set of short pieces that includes The Sunken Cathedral and The Girl with the Flaxen Hair, a work of Claude Debussy.
Answer: Preludes, Premier Livre or Preludes, Book 1
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The longest-running Broadway performance of this play was in 1950, starring Katharine Hepburn, and according to Minnesota's WCAL, this was the first play ever broadcast over the radio. It includes such characters as Dennis, Adam, Charles, William, and Amiens, and a pun with the author's mother's maiden name may have been part of the source of the name of the forest in the play. Oliver falls in love with Aliena, who is really Celia, and although she is loved by the shepherd Silvius, Phebe falls in love with the play's heroine. Much of the action is precipitated by Duke Frederick's usurpation of the title of his elder brother Duke Senior, though Frederick repents in the end. FTP, name this play about Orlando and the cross-dressing Rosalind, a work of William Shakespeare.
Answer: As You Like It, Or What You Will
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From 1933 to 1947, this man simultaneously served as a professor of economics at the Stockholm School of Economics and a Social Democratic member of the Swedish parliament. Later, he was the executive secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Europe, after which he wrote "An Inquiry into the Poverty of Nations." This man's seminal work had originally been intended to be a study on class, and he later wished to do a similar study on gender but could not find funding. Despite arguing for the abolition of the Nobel Prize in Economics because it had been also given to economic liberals, this man won it in 1974 for evaluating "the interdependence of economic, social, and institutional phenomena." FTP; name this social scientist famous for his study, "An American Dilemma."
Answer: Gunnar Myrdal
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The Mermin-Wagner Theorem states that symmetries cannot be broken in less than three dimensions because these particles would have an infinite correlation function. Proton decay is allowed in some theories by the existence of (*) X and Y varieties of these particles, and a candidate particle to constitute dark matter, the axion, is also one, as is the aforementioned Goldstone variety. Their wavefunctions are symmetic under interchange, and phonons are considered to be this type of particle, as well as mesons and Helium- FTP, what is this class of particle with integer spin that includes the Higgs?
Answer: bosons (accept Goldstone boson until (*))
2008 Cardinal Classic Bonuses by MIT 3
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Everybody loves a fresco cycle. Name these things about the Arena Chapel, FTPE.,
[10] This early Renaissance master and student of Cimabue painted the frescoes in the Arena Chapel.
Answer: Giotto di Bondone
[10] The Arena Chapel was commissioned by this banker and built on his estate in Padua.
Answer: Enrico Scrovegni
[10] Six of the frescoes, including "Expulsion from the Temple" and "Meeting at the Golden Gate" show scenes from the life of this biblical character, the father of Mary.
Answer: Joachim
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Name these crusaders, FTPE.,
[10] This Holy Roman Emperor led the Third Crusade along with Philip II and Richard I.
Answer: Frederick I or Barbarossa
[10] The leader of the People's Crusade, this monk was the first to leave for the holy land after Urban II's call at the Council of Clermont.
Answer: Peter the Hermit
[10] This French knight an king of Jerusalem from 1186 on, would lose the battle of Hatin against the forces of Saladdin; he would have to give up Jerusalem that same year, but would become king of Cyprus in 1192:
Answer: Guy of Lusignan (or Guy de Lusignan)
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There's something missing in the universe. Answer these questions about dark matter FTPE.,
[10] Currently the best evidence for dark matter is this astronomical object also known as 1E 0657-56; it is a colliding pair of galaxies that shows different gravitational lensing than would be predicted by the gas and stars in those galaxies.
Answer: Bullet Cluster
[10] The Bullet Cluster has been observed by the Chandra Observatory, which measures electromagnetic radiation in this part of the spectrum, first discovered by Wilhelm Roentgen.
Answer: X-ray radiation
[10] The Bullet Cluster also seems to disprove this alternate theory of gravity, proposed by Mordehai Milgrom, which adds a term mu of a over a zero to a namesake Second Law.
Answer: Modified Newtonian Dynamics or MOND
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Identify these works of Sir Walter Scott FTPE.,
[10] This novel, Scott's first, focuses on Edward, a young military officer who is arrested for Jacobite sympathies, but is pardoned after saving the life of Colonel Talbot.
Answer: Waverly
[10] Lovel, a military man with a mysterious past, meets the titular figure, is revealed to be the son of Lord Glenallan, and falls in love with Isabella Wardour in this novel.
Answer: The Antiquary
[10] Francis Osbaldistone is banished to the country after refusing to become a merchant, falls in love with his cousin Diana, and uncovers his cousin Rashleigh's plots. Rashleigh's intrigues are foiled by the titular Scotsman.
Answer: Rob Roy
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Name these related creatures from the Quran FTPE:,
[10] Although his counterpart in Christian tradition was an angel, Iblis, the Islamic devil, was originally one of these supernatural creatures. In the Quran, Muhammad was mentioned to be both prophet to the humans and to them.
Answer: Djinn [accept Genies]
[10] With a naming meaning 'strong ones', one of this type of djinn was tasked to bring King Solomon the throne of the Queen of Sheba in the Quran, but he was outperformed by prayer.
Answer: Ifrit [accept Afrit]
[10] Often considered the most powerful sort of djinn, they were sometimes identified with the waters of the sea, even though the djinn were said to have been created from smokeless fire.
Answer: Marid
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Enzymes lower the activation energy and thus speed up a reaction by providing a new reaction pathway for the substrate. Answer the following questions about the kinetics of enzymes, FTPE:,
[10] Enzymes are said to act on this kind of molecule, which bind to the active site of an enzyme and then split off as product.
Answer: substrate
[10] This kinetic model asserts that if there is much more substrate than enzyme, an enzyme and its substrate are in fast equilibrium with their complex; key quantities calculated include maximum reaction velocity and K m.
Answer: Michaelis-Menten kinetics
[10] Dividing the maximum velocity by the total enzyme concentration gives this value, a measure of how efficient an enzyme is. Enzymes who have high values are said to catalytically perfect.
Answer: turnover number
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He analyzed a Van Gogh painting of shoes in his "The Origin of the Work of Art." FTPE:,
[10] Name this philosopher, best known for 1927's Being and Time.
Answer: Martin Heidegger
[10] Heidegger used this term in Being and Time to refer to human being or existence. This word is often referred to as "being-in-the-world", and this word is literally German for "being there."
Answer: Dasein
[10] Heidegger described two modes of being for objects, readiness-to-hand, and this mode of being. For example, if we view a hammer in terms of its usefullness as a tool, the hammer is ready-to-hand, while if we were to view the hammer independent of its usefullness or purpose, it would be in this mode of being.
Answer: presence-at-hand or present-at-hand or objective presence or Vorhandenheit
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Answer these questions about a band and its members' pet projects FTPE:,
[10] This "piano rock" band's last album, North, was released in 2003 and contained the single "Space," as well as other songs like "Ruthless," "She Paints Me Blue," and "Me and the Moon."
Answer: Something Corporate
[10] Something Corporate's vocalist Andrew McMahon was diagnosed with leukemia, but was still able to finish this band's debut album, Everything in Transit. This band's songs include "Dark Blue," "Miss Delaney," and "Kill the Messenger."
Answer: Jack's Mannequin
[10] Something Corporate's other songwriter, Josh Partington, created this band and released the 2005 EP Rearden's Conscience.
Answer: Firescape
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Many people want to be citizens of the United States. FTPE:,
[10] One easy way is birth-right citizenship. This Amendment declared that "All persons born . . . in the United States. . . are citizens of the United States". It is also well known for its equal protection and due process clauses.
Answer: 14th Amendment
[10] Entering the country got significantly harder with this 1921 law that limited the annual number of immigrants from a country to 3% of the current amount in the country.
Answer: Emergency Quota Act
[10] This first real restriction on immigration was the only one to restrict immigration from one specific country. The ban on a certain group that was thought to be driving down wages lasted for more than 60 years.
Answer: Chinese Exclusion Act
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The composition of his only piano concerto was inspired by a rehearsal with Walter Gieseking of Beethoven's Fourth Piano Concerto. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this English composer whose works include the operas King Priam and The Midsummer Marriage and a Concerto for Double String Orchestra.
Answer: Michael Tippett
[10] Five spirituals punctuate this oratorio with text and music by Tippett. It was written in response to Herschel Grynszpan's shooting of a German official.
Answer: A Child of Our Time
[10] One of Tippett's organ pieces is a prelude to this composer's Vespers. Other works by him include the operas Orfeo and The Coronation of Poppaea.
Answer: Claudio Monteverdi
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It allows for Giffen Goods, if the second term is large and negative. FTPE:,
[10] Name this equation, which describes changes in demand as the sum of the income effect and substitution effect. It is named after a Russian economist.
Answer: Slutsky Equation
[10] The Slutsky Equation relates the price elasticity of Marshallian Demand to the price elasticity of this quantity, which gives the cheapest set of goods you can buy to obtain a given utility.
Answer: Hicksian Demand
[10] To derive the Slutsky equation, you use the chain rule and this theorem to evaluate the partial derivative of wealth with respect to price. This general theorm allows one to calculate the derivative of a maximum value function, and direct consequences of this theorem are Roy's Identity and Shephard's and Hotelling's Lemmas.
Answer: Envelope Theorem
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Answer these questions about works involving large animals FTPE:,
[10] In this novel, Satan enters Moscow with his retinue, including a gun-happy, black cat named Behemoth, and goes after the literary elite. A woman strikes a bargain with the devil to free her lover, whose book about Pontus Pilate has failed.
Answer: The Master and Margarita
[10] In addition to The Master and Margarita, this man also wrote Heart of a Dog and The White Guard, which was adapted to Days of the Turbins, one of Stalin's favorite plays.
Answer: Mikhail Bulgakov
[10] In this Bulgakov short story, Professor Persikov's growth accelerating ray is put to work on a state-run chicken farm. Panic ensues when Persikov is sent the farm's chicken eggs, and the farm is sent Persikov's crocodile eggs.
Answer: "The Fatal Eggs"
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Name these Pritzker Prize winners, FTPE.,
[10] This goofball winner of the 1989 prize designed the Pritzker Pavilion in Chicago, as well as the Dancing House in Prague and the widely-panned Experience Music Project in Seattle.
Answer: Frank Owen Gehry (accept Ephraim Owen Goldberg)
[10] His Russia Tower is still under construction, but this 1999 winner's zeppelin-shaped Gherkin and the reconstruction of the Dresden Train Station are complete, as is the cross-hatched Hearst Building in New York.
Answer: Norman Robert Foster, Baron Foster of Thomas Bank
[10] This Brazilian, winner of the 1988 prize, designed the buildings for Brasilia when it was built starting in 1956; one of the best-known is the hyperboloid Cathedral.
Answer: Oscar (Ribeiro de Almeida) Niemeyer Soares Filho
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Name these Saul Bellow works from plots FTPE:,
[10] Bellow's first published work centers on a young Chicagoan named Joseph who waits to be drafted and hopes that the regimented life of the army will do him good.
Answer: Dangling Man
[10] This picaresque bildungsroman describes the titular character's belief that the "first to knock [is the] first admitted" and catalogues his "knocks" as he goes through Chicago.
Answer: The Adventures of Augie March
[10] In this work, the titular character tries to rid a village of frogs, but only manages to blow up the water cistern. Later, he befriends a king who must hunt a lion, and flees when he finds he is next in line for the throne.
Answer: Henderson the Rain King
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Answer the following regarding Native American sovereignty, FTPE:,
[10] This Supreme Court ruling overturned the arrest of white missionaries living in Indian Territory. John Marshall held that Native Americans were entitled to federal protection from actions that impinged upon their sovereignty.
Answer: Worcester v. Georgia [accept in either order]
[10] This act allowed for the citizenship of Native Americans and division of Native American lands, though it required the Native Americans to live on their land for 25 years before it could be sold.
Answer: Dawes Act
[10] This treaty was negotiated with the Ridge faction, who held that removal was inevitable and movement west was the only way to preserve the nation. It provided for $4.5 million in compensation and led to the Trail of Tears.
Answer: Treaty of New Echota
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Name these terms from angiosperm pollination, FTPE.,
[10] This cell undergoes mitosis to form pollen, the male gametophyte.
Answer: microspore
[10] Pollen grains contain two cells. Double fertilization results in a zygote from the generative cell, while the tube cell helps form this triploid structure.
Answer: endosperm
[10] The surface of this sticky tip of the style is covered in papillae, which recognize specific pollen coat proteins.
Answer: stigma
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Answer the following questions about Egyptian goddesses FTPE,
[10] A warrior lioness, after Ra set her loose to destroy mortal conspirators, she wouldn't stop her slaughter until Ra tricked her into drinking pomegranate beer until she became drunk.
Answer: Sekhmet
[10] A white vulture and protector of Upper Egypt, she received her animal identification because the Egyptians thought that all vultures were female. Her shrine was Egypt's first oracle and necropolis, and the Book of the Dead refers to her as the creatrix of the world.
Answer: Nekhbet
[10] The protector of Lower Egypt, when the two halves of Egypt joined, this goddess and Nekhbet became known as the 'Two Ladies' who protected unified Egypt. She was usually depicted with one or two snake heads, but sometimes she was a snake with a woman's head.
Answer: Wadjet
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Two of the narrators of this long poem are a Northern and a Southern soldier. FTPE:,
[10] Name this epic poem about the Civil War, narrated in part by Jack Ellyat and Clay Wingate, which recounts the titular figure's raid on Harper's Ferry.
Answer: John Brown's Body
[10] This poet of John Brown's Body and author of the story "The Sobbin' Women" also won a Pulitzer Prize for Western Star, the first volume of an epic about the American West.
Answer: Stephen Vincent Benet
[10] In this Benet story, farmer Jabez Stone makes a deal with one of the titular figures, but is saved by the other's defense at his trial.
Answer: "The Devil and Daniel Webster"
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Answer these questions about the Middle East FTPE.,
[10] This man ordered the PLO expelled from his country during Black September, and refused to side against Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War. He became king soon after the assassination of King Abdullah I.
Answer: King Hussein
[10] Husseinwas a member of this royal family, that traces his ancestry to Muhammad's daughter, Fatima:
Answer: Hashemite dynasty
[10] Before he died, king Hussein changed his will to appoint his son Abdullah as crown prince and heir, much to the chagrin of this brother of his, who had been crown prince since 1965 and who was presumably removed for his too liberal views:
Answer: .Hassan bin al Talal.
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Answer the following about the geography of America's favorite, the Colorado river, FTPE,
[10] the Colorado river forms the south-eastern border of this national park in Utah, near Moab, renowned for its geological formations
Answer: Arches National Park
[10] flowing further downstream, the mighty Colorado turns into an artificial lake, lake Powell, due to the presence of this dam:
Answer: Glen canyon dam
[10] after Glen canyon dam, the Colorado flows through this canyon in Northern Arizona, until its confluence with the little Colorado river, not to be confused with the Grand canyon further downstream
Answer: Marble canyon
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She asks, "Who will weep for this woman?" in her poem "Lot's Wife," which appears in the collection Anno Domini MCMXXI. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this Russian poet also known for a long poem centering on the suicide of a young poet, Poem Without a Hero.
Answer: Anna Akhmatova
[10] The tenth section of this Akhmatova poem, written in response to the arrest of her son in 1937, is called "The Crucifixion," and in it she writes, "You were taken away at dawn's mildness."
Answer: Requiem
[10] Akhmatova's first husband was this other Russian poet, the founder of the Acmeist movement whose own collections include The Pyre, The Tent, and The Pillar of Fire.
Answer: Nikolay Gumilyov
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Answer these questions about the mathematics of molecular orbitals, FTPE:,
[10] Finding the MOs of a molecule starts with determining what type of symmetry the molecule has, embodied in this mathematical object. Common examples include T d, O h, and D 4 h.
Answer: symmetry group
[10] Molecular orbitals are then formed by combining atomic orbitals to make symmetry-adapted linear combinations using these operators, which apply each element of the group to each atomic orbital.
Answer: projection operators
[10] After applying a projection operator, the molecular orbital must have this process applied so that the sum of the squares of the coefficients is one.
Answer: normalization (accept word forms)

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