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2008 Cardinal Classic Tossups by MIT 1
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The "deeply virtual" version of this effect has been measured by HERMES due to its interference with the Bethe-Heitler effect. The Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect is related to the inverse of this effect, while in the detection of gamma rays, this gives rise to a namesake "edge." The differential cross-section for this process is given by the Klein-Nishina formula, and the namesake wavelength is given by Planck's constant over the mass of the electron times the speed of light. The wavelenght shift depends on the scattering angle in, FTP, this effect in which a photon loses energy after scattering off of an electron, which demonstrates the particle nature of light.
Answer: Compton scattering (or: Compton effect)
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The titular figure of this novel, while stationed in Chechnya, abducts a peasant named Bela, but tires of her after several months. In the first section of this novel, the unnamed narrator meets Maxim Maximytch, while in a later section, excerpted from the title figure's journals, the protagonist is nearly drowned by a young woman involved with a smuggler. In a later section of the novel, while visiting a fashionable spa in the Caucasus, the protagonist reunites with his former lover Vera and seduces the titular character of that section, Princess Mary, who is loved by his friend Grushnitsky. After rejecting Mary, the protagonist kills Grushnitsky in a duel. FTP, name this novel about Pechorin, a "superfluous man," by Mikhail Lermontov.
Answer: A Hero of Our Time
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Two answers required. In a painting by Tintoretto, one of these title characters is a severely foreshortened figure under a red canopy on the far right. The other character stands in the center of the painting wearing a blue dress and draping a black cloth. Caravaggio painted Abra as an old woman clutching a sack in his painting of these two characters, which shows the central figure performing the title action at arms' length with an expression of distaste. In their most well-known depiction, the composition's strong vertical thrust is reinforced by the muscular arms of the woman wielding the sword. For 10 points, name these two biblical characters, famously depicted by Artemesia Gentileschi in the act of decapitation.
Answer: Judith and Holofernes
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The eastern version of this was Litvinov's Pact, even though all the signees, including Romania and Latvia, had already signed the original. The ideas set forth in this were originally in the Locarno Treaties, which were mainly between France, Belgium, and Germany. One of the men who originated this treaty did not actually believe in the principles set forth by the French, and suggested an alternative to dilute the purpose of both the eventual and the original treaty. The Senate agreed and while voting overwhelmingly to approve, it also added the stipulation that they were not obliged to enforce it. Eventually signed by 62 nations, this allowed for the Nuremberg Trials, being the legal underpinnings for the notion of crime against peace. FTP, name this treaty that had no immediate effect on nations like Japan or Italy, in which the world formally renounced "war as an instrument of national policy."
Answer: Kellogg-Briand Pact [accept Kellogg-Briand Treaty]
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It was first formed in the Triassic, when a series of three-armed grabens coalesced on Pangaea. Since then, it has recorded many polar magnetic reversals in alternating, parallel bands of rock on either side of it. Its northern and southern portions are separated by the Romanche Trench, and active volcanoes along it include Krafla and Surtsey, an island that surfaced in 1963. Its aulacogens, left over from its formation, became the Niger, Amazon, and Mississippi River valleys. Bermuda was formed on it, but is now considerably west, as it spreads at a rate of five to ten centimeters per year. For 10 points, name this divergent plate boundary, the longest in the world.
Answer: Mid-Atlantic Ridge
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It is the most specific type of ziyarat. One version of it does not require an animal sacrifice, while another requires that the same article of clothing be worn for umrah as well. Those forms, Ifrad and Tamattu, together with Qiran, are the three ways of performing it. Events during it include the sa'y, seven trips between al-Safa and al-Marwah and drinking from the well of Zamzam. It begins on the second day of Dhul al-Hijjah and concludes with the four-day Feast of the Sacrifice, or Eid al-Adha. Participants are required to perform tawaf around a structure built by Abraham that contains the Black Stone. Prescribed in the third surah of the Qu'ran for all able-bodied adults, this is, FTP, what pilgrimage to Mecca that must be taken once in Muslim's life?
Answer: Hajj
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Albert Gallatin was among the first to oppose it, but he still worked to pass the Giles Enforcement Act. It was a response to the aggressive actions promoted by the Berlin and Milan Decrees, in particular, the HMS Leopard's gunshots that killed three and wounded 18. That attack occurred after Commodore James Barron refused to be boarded. Hard to enforce and brutal on the country's nascent manufacturing industries, it proved extremely unpopular. It was ultimately replaced by Macon's Bill Number Two, but first it was repealed in favor of the Non-Intercourse act just three days after Jefferson left office. Symbolized in the media as a turtle labeled the Ograbme, name, for 10 points, this attempt to punish the British policy of impressment by preventing all American trade.
Answer: Embargo Act (note that Ograbme is Embargo backwards)
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One character in this opera, upon meeting another, tells him that she knows all of his baptismal names, including "Maria Ehrenreich Bonaventura Fernand Hyazinth." In the first act, another character comments to her hairdresser Hippolyte that he has made her look old, after which she sings "Die Zeit, die ist ein sonderbar Ding." The Count Rofrano poses as the chambermaid Mariandel to seduce another character with the help of Annina and Valzacchi, leading to the climactic trio, "Hab's mir's gelobt." The daughter of Herr von Faninal is engaged to the Baron Ochs auf Lerchenau but falls in love with Octavian, the young lover of the Marschallin. FTP, identify this comic opera by Richard Strauss.
Answer: Der Rosenkavalier or The Rose Bearer
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One of this poet's works, subtitled "A Rococo Story," contains a section in which the poet asks "How shall I be a mirror to this modernity?" That work, "The Wanderer," appears alongside other poems such as "January Morning" and "Danse Russe" in his collection Al Que Quiere!, while this poet won the Pulitzer Prize posthumously for his collection Pictures from Brueghel and Other Poems. In his longest work, published in five parts, he asserts "No ideas but in things," while in a famous section of his sequence "Spring and All", "so much depends" on the title object, which is "beside the white chickens." FTP, name this Modernist poet, author of Paterson and "The Red Wheelbarrow."
Answer: William Carlos Williams
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Quentin Skinner has written a "Very Short Introduction" to this person's work, while John Pocock's work on this thinker's "Moment" argues that he was a humanist. The eighth chapter of one of his major works criticized the ruler Agathocles of Syracuse, while this thinker used the term fortuna to describe harmful external forces which could only be controlled if one possessed virtu - an expansive notion which included a moral "flexible disposition." Leo Strauss called him a "teacher of evil," but Rousseau thought his most famous work was an expose of the immorality of rulers, and viewed the republican Discourses on Livy as most representative of his philosophy. FTP, name this "subtle Florentine," author of The Prince.
Answer: Niccolo Machiavelli
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The Treaty of Meerssen, brokered 27 years after this, saw Pope Adrian II unsuccessfully lobby for the Holy Roman Emperor to be granted some of the land divided in this treaty. Thiry-three years after this threaty, the Holy Roman Emperor was defeated at Andernach and could not claim one of the areas that this treaty created; that area was divided between Carloman of Bavaria and two other kings. Leading up to this treaty, the Battle of Fontenay and the Oath of Strasbourg caused a lead inheritor to be willing to negotiate. That king ended up receiving, among other territories, the Low Countries, Alsace, Burgundy, and Italy, but notably not the Aquitaine, which went to Pepin II. Creating the Eastern, Middle, and Western Frankish Realms, For 10 points, name this 843 agreement between Louis the German, Charles the Bald, and Lothair that divided up Charlemagne's empire.
Answer: Treaty of Verdun
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Researchers at Alnylam recently used it to lower cholesterol in mice by decreasing levels of apolipoprotein B. One of its effects is chromatin remodeling through histone deacetylation and DNA methylation. Although most eukaryotes are capable of it, its pathway is notably absent in Saccaromyces cerevisiae. Mutation of the eri-1 gene enhances its activity in C. elegans, where it is particularly effective. Off-target effects are common, since it depends on homology to 20-25 mer oligonucleotides. These are produced through cleavage of a double-stranded precursor by dicer, and associate with RISC to cause endonuclease activity. For 10 points, name this mechanism of post-transcriptional gene silencing.
Answer: RNA interference
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It is known as the Chakshu in the Puranas, and as the Gihunin Genesis, though the latter assignment isdisputed. It is formed where the Vakhsh meets the Pandj, which itself originates in the Pamir mountains and which forms the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. After the confluence, it flows through Urgench and Dashoguz. It is tapped by the Karakum Canal, one of the longest in the world, which was opened to develop a cotton industry and supply water to Ashgabat. Herodotus called it the Oxus river, and in ancient times the river flowed into Lake Srykamysh; however, nowadays it flows into a lake that has lost more than 80% of its volume due to evaporation and irrigation. Running northwest before emptying into that body of water, the Aral Sea, name, for 10 points, this longest river of central Asia.
Answer: Amu Darya
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In this novel, Mrs. Pardiggle introduces the narrator to Jenny shortly before she refuses Mr. Guppy's proposal. The narrator later agrees to marry her guardian, but loves Woodcourt. As a result of a lawsuit that has lasted generations, the narrator is sent to live in the title location along with Ada and Richard, while later the narrator is revealed to be the illegitimate daughter of Lady Dedlock. Richard leaves the army and becomes obsessed with the Jarndyce lawsuit, while Tulkinghorn is murdered by the maid Mademoiselle Hortense. Inspector Bucket solves the mystery in, FTP, this novel centering on Esther Summerson by Charles Dickens.
Answer: Bleak House
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In his prison diary, he looked back on the February 26 incident, and on his role in renouncing the attempted coup, for which he would be promoted. After serving as instructor in the Army staff college, he became commander of the Kompeitai of the Kanto army. Earlier, he had served as military attache in Switzerland and Germany, and he would personally lead his troups in operation Chahar. He was chief of staff of the Kwantung army during the Marco Polo Bridge incident, and he became vice-minister of war under Seishiro Itagaki. He strongly supported his country's alliance with Italy and Germany, and when faced with the Hull note, he interpreted it as an ultimatum, and advocated for war. After the war, he tried to shoot himself, but failed, and was subsequently tried and hanged. FTP, who was this war criminal, commemorated at the Yasukuni shrine, successor of Prince Konoe as Japanese prime minister from 1941 till 1944.
Answer: Hideki Tojo
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The Kullback-Leibler divergence can be used to rewrite an expression due to this man, which can be proven by Jensen's inequality and extended to Fano's inequality. With Marangoni he names an effect arising from surface tension differences, while he also lends his name to the increased error of a Fourier series near a jump discontinuity, and with Duhem names an equation giving a relationship between chemical potential changes. Bakhuis Roozeboom verified a rule named after him which states that the number of chemical components minus the degrees of freedom plus two is the number of phases, his namesake phase rule. For 10 points, name this American scientist, who also has a namesake free energy?
Answer: Josiah Willard Gibbs
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One of the characters in this novel promises to marry the niece of the author of a popular newspaper column One Small Voice, but deserts her when another character, the daughter of his employer, offers to marry him. That man, the rival of the protagonist, graduates from the Scranton Institute of Technology and begins working for Guy Francon, while the protagonist is expelled and finds a job with Henry Cameron. After the Stoddard Temple is built, Peter Keating's wife leaves him for Gail Wynand, while after the destruction of the Cortlandt Homes project, Dominique Francon deserts Wyand for the protagonist of this novel, a struggling architect. FTP, name this novel about the architect Howard Roark, by Ayn Rand.
Answer: The Fountainhead
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He used glass tubing and created "lily pads" to build the Great Workroom in an administrative building, while he developed the textile block style by molding cement into hollow cubes and binding them with steel rods instead of mortar. The client for his house Wingspread was the same as for his earlier building, the Johnson Wax Headquarters. He planned layouts for communities like the hypothetical Broadacre City in his work The Disappearing City, and this plan was supposed to reflect the Usonian ideal. Also known for designing the Storer House and the Robie House, FTP, name this American architect who designed two Taliesin studios, the Fallingwater house, and the New York Guggenheim Museum.
Answer: Frank Lloyd Wright
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19 . Recent analysis suggests that Snorri Sturluson was unaware of this man's relationship to Odin. An alternative account Saxo Grammaticus Gesta Danorum states that he is a mortal hero who defeats and slays his demigod rival for the hand of Nanna. Odin raped Rindr and sired Vidar's half -brother specifically for the purpose of killing this god, and the All-Father's wish was quickly fulfilled, as Vali grew to adulthood in a single day and performed the deed. However, like his sibling, he will be reborn after Ragnarok. FTP, name this dupe of Loki's, a blind god tricked into shooting a missile of mistletoe and slaying his otherwise-invincible brother Balder.
Answer: Hod or Hoder or Hodr
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In one of this man's works, the Captain and his wife torment each other, along with relatives like Alice's cousin Kurt and their daughter Judith. In another, the daughter of a Vedic god descends to Earth to learn about human being's problems. Additionally, this man wrote about his life in the context of his mother's origins in "Son of a Servant." Both "The Dance of Death" and "A Dream Play" were written as part of the Symbolic movement, which also inspired this author to write The Chamber Plays, which include "The Pelican" and "The Ghost Sonata." Earlier, as part of the Naturalist movement, he had written such works as "Master Olaf" and "The Red Room." FTP, name this playwright from Stockholm who wrote "Miss Julie."
Answer: August Strindberg
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The son of Cleinias and Deinomache, daughter of Megacles, this statesman from the deme of Skambonidai descended though his mother's lineage from the aristocratic family of the Alcmaeonidae. According to Plutarch, his wife, Hipparete, loved him but attempted to divorce him because of his many liaisons with courtesans, and he would even find his way into the bed of Timaia, the queen of Sparta while working for King Agis II. Havinga reputation for unruly behavior,a religious scandal was easily associated with him, and under threat of the death penalty, he would flee to Sparta, only to return to the serviceof his home town in 411 BC. His relationship with Socrates was well known, and it is said that Socrates saved his life at the Battle of Potidaea. FTP, name this exceedingly charismatic Athenian double turncoat who appears in several Socratic dialogues including Protagoras, Symposium, and his namesake dialogues.
Answer: Alcibiades
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Seven years ago, they traveled to Hell to defeat an old lover of Jolinar, destroying Sokar's base and unleashing an old enemy as well. The next year, that enemy had his fleet destroyed by a supernova, and he was transported along with the eponymous team to a distant galaxy to battle Replicators. More recently, the group has fought proselytizing priests called Priors from another galaxy, as well as many clones of the Semitic god Ba'al. All of this is accomplished by travel through an ancient superconducting object that creates wormholes to places like the Ori galaxy, Chulak, ships owned by Apophis, and various ancient Egyptian villages. For 10 points, name this longest-running American sci-fi television show which until recently featured Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill, and a big Egyptian stone circle.
Answer: Stargate SG-1 (prompt on "Stargate")
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She has published hundreds of experiments, many using infants as subjects, in an attempt to discover the faculty that makes humans truly intelligent and to discover what babies truly understand. In one of these experiments, groups of rats, adults, and infants were disoriented and tasked to find an object that they had seen hidden in one of the room's corners. In another, an object is shown rolling behind a screen, and then a different object comes out the other side as if transformed, and the infant's surprise is measured using Fantz's preferential looking. An opponent of the tabula rasa theory, she is the director of the Laboratory for Developmental Studies at Harvard, and she argues that her experiments show that there is no innate disparity in intellectual faculties between males and females. FTP, name this cognitive psychologist who thus faced Steven Pinker in an open debate on the issue in April 20
Answer: Elizabeth Spelke
2008 Cardinal Classic Bonuses by MIT 1
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FTPE, name these things about Italy.,
[10] This 1923 law transformed Italy into a single national constituency and granted two-thirds of Parliament seats to the party that had obtained at least 25% of voters.
Answer: Acerbo Law
[10] The Acerbo Law was passed under this man, who instituted both the "Battle for Grain" policy and the "Battle for Land" policy, and who also combated recession through his "Gold for the Fatherland" initiative.
Answer: Benito Mussolini
[10] at the heart of the Italian fascist movementwas this body, which as of 1928 became the effective center of power in Italy. Beyond Mussolini, it consisted of the quadrumvirs that had led the march on Rome in 1922, and other people. It would depose Mussolini in 1943, after the Allied invasion in Sicily:
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Answer these questions about the chemistry of enolates, FTPE:,
[10] An enolate can be formed by deprotonating one of these molecules, which contains a carbon double-bonded to an oxygen and single-bonded to two other carbons.
Answer: ketone
[10] Enolates can react with conjugated enones in this addition reaction, which often uses a malonate ester as the nucleophile and always results in a 1,5-dicarbonyl.
Answer: Michael addition or reaction
[10] This reaction uses a zinc enolate derived from an alpha-halo ester to attack an aldehyde or ketone, producing a beta-hydroxy-ester. The Mukaiyama Taxol synthesis uses this to close one of the rings, with samarium two iodide as the catalyst.
Answer: Reformatskii or Reformatsky reaction
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Name these Pop artists, FTPE.,
[10] He used silk screening in many of his works, such as Thirteen Most Wanted Men, and explored themes of seriality, consumerism, and homosexuality.
Answer: Andy Warhol or Andrew Warhola
[10] Inspired by graffiti, this Pennsylvania native is known for his abstract, primary-colored human figures, such as Radiant Baby.
Answer: Keith Haring
[10] A giant Tootsie Pop and nude male figure feature prominantly in his collage, Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing?
Answer: Richard Hamilton
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She won the Pulitzer Prize for a novel about Claude Wheeler, who leaves Nebraska to fight in World War I. FTPE.,
[10] That novel, One of Ours, followed other works set in Nebraska by this author, including a novel centering on Alexandra Bergson and another in which Jim Burden describes the life of the titular immigrant.
Answer: Willa Cather
[10] This kunstlerroman about Thea Kronberg describes her upbringing in Arizona and her later success as an opera singer in New York.
Answer: The Song of the Lark
[10] The title character of this Cather novel goes to Chicago to study music and, while there, meets the singer Clement Sebastian, whose accompanist she replaces temporarily..
Answer: Lucy Gayheart
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Finding the distances to distant objects can be very difficult for astronomers. For 10 points each:,
[10] Give the term for an object whose distance can be calculated because its luminosity is known, the best known example of which is a Cepheid variable.
Answer: standard candle
[10] One type of standard candle is these stellar explosions, thought to result when a star exceeds the Chandrasekhar limit by slowly accreting mass from a companion.
Answer: Type Ia supernovae [prompt on partial answer, i.e. "Type I supernova", "supernova", etc.]
[10] This relation that relates the luminosity of a spiral galaxy to its rotational velocity can also be used as a kind of standard candle. It is named after its two American creators.
Answer: Tully-Fisher relation
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It marks the death of Hiranyakashipu's demoness sister as well as the beginning of spring. FTPE,,
[10] Name this Hindu holiday, commonly referred to as the Festival of Colors.
Answer: Holi
[10] Another Hindu holiday is Janmashtami, the birthday of this blue-skinned avatar of Vishnu.
Answer: Krishna
[10] The largest religious gathering in India, and even the world, is this festival that occurs four times every 12 years. Its location rotates between Prayag, Haridwar, Ujjain, and Nasik, and is meant for spiritual cleansing on auspicious days in Hinduisms most sacred rivers.
Answer: Kumbh Mela
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FTPE, aswer these questions about a certain play by John Ford.,
[10] One of the most controversial works in English literature due to the subject matter, name this story of a young man and his starred-crossed lady fair--who is also his sister.
Answer: 'Tis Pity She's a Whore
[10] The title character of 'Tis Pity, she is the daughter of the wealthy Florio who falls for her dashing elder brother when he returns from the university.
Answer: Annabella
[10] Somehow, despite this name, nobody realises that this treacherous servant of Soranzo is actually Spanish until he reveals this fact after betraying everyone.
Answer: Vasques
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Identify some Supreme Court cases dealing with obscenity, FTPE:,
[10] This 1973 decision was authored by Chief Justice Warren Burger, and set forth a namesake 3-part test for deciding whether a work is obscene.
Answer: Miller v. California (accept: California v. Miller)
[10] William Brennan authored this 1957 decision, which rejected the obscenity standard from the 1868 English case Regina v. Hicklin, and instead said that material could be restricted if "the average person, applying contemporary community standards" would find that the material appealed predominantly to "prurient interests."
Answer: Roth v. U.S. (accept: U.S. v. Roth or Alberts v. California or California v. Alberts - the two cases were decided together)
[10] This 1966 decision reversed a state supreme court's opinion that the John Cleland novel Fanny Hill could be banned. This decision said that for material to be banned, it had to be "utterly without redeeming social value."
Answer: Memoirs v. Massachusetts (accept: Massachusetts v. Memoirs)
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Quotes from this piece crop up all over the place in its composer's music, as "Urlicht" appears in his second symphony and "Es sungen drei Engel" appear in his third. FTPE:,
[10] Name this collection of songs released in the 1890s based on German fairy tales about a magic cornucopia.
Answer: Lieder aus Des Knaben Wunderhorn or Songs from The Youth's Magic Horn
[10] Name this composer of Des Knaben Wunderhorni, also famous for his Kindertotenlieder.
Answer: Gustav Mahler
[10] One of Mahler's earliest works, this cantata is in three parts: "Forest Legend", "The Minstel", and "Wedding Piece".
Answer: Das klagende Lied or Song of Lamentation
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Answer these questions about the 25th president, FTPE:,
[10] William McKinley ran for President at the instigation of this friend, who was also McKinley's campaign manager and who outspent Bryan's campaign by a ratio of 12 to 1.
Answer: Marcus Hanna
[10] McKinley fully supported this 1897 act which counteracted the Wilson-Gorman Act and raised tariffs to a new high at an average of 46.5%.
Answer: Dingley Act
[10] The explosion onboard this warship in Havana Harbor was part of the impetus for the Spanish-American War. It turns out that the explosion may have actually been caused by a faulty boiler.
Answer: USS Maine
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FTPE, answer these questions about music from the interwebs:,
[10] MySpace's high priestess of nudity, this woman not only has her eponymous MTV show which started with 16 straight guys and 16 lesbians, but also two defunct bands: Beyond Betty Jean and Jealousy.
Answer: Tila Tequila
[10] This rock band is mainly known for their single "Apologize" which had a remix featured in "Timbaland Presents: Shock Value." They released their debut album "Dreaming Out Loud" in November.
Answer: OneRepublic
[10] This band, all of whose members wear either ski masks or hockey masks, recently signed with newly created MySpace Records.
Answer: Hollywood Undead
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Identify these works of Ford Madox Ford, FTPE.,
[10] Captain Edward Ashburnam's marriage falls apart when his wife Leonora is revealed to be having an affair with Jimmy, while the narrator's wife Florence commits suicide when her affair with Edward is revealed.
Answer: The Good Soldier
[10] The protagonist of this tetralogy is the "last Tory," Christopher Tietjens, his affair with Valentine Wannop, and his experiences in World War I.
Answer: Parade's End
[10] In this novel, Mr. Sorrel finds himself in Medieval England and attempts to reconstruct modern technology, but quickly becomes satisfied with the life of a knight.
Answer: Ladies Whose Bright Eyes
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Provide the following information about embryonic development, for 10 points each.,
[10] This structure contains a fluid-filled cavity and an inner cell mass, the source of embryonic stem cells.
Answer: blastula
[10] Phyla Chordata and Echinodermata both belong in this group, characterized by indeterminate cleavage and the blastopore forming the anus.
Answer: deuterostomes
[10] This process produces the blastopore and, in triploblasts, three germ layers.
Answer: gastrulation
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Name these sons of Zeus FTPE.,
[10] This man was one of the judges of the dead, along with his brother Minos.
Answer: Rhadamanthus
[10] Using his mad lyre skills, he managed to charm the stones into building the walls around Thebes of their own accord.
Answer: Amphion
[10] King of Egypt, his wife was Memphis and their daughter was Libya, and his mother was Io.
Answer: Epaphus
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Answer some questions about the US Civil Rights movement, FTPE:,
[10] Arkansas governor Orval Faubus deployed the state national guard to keep them from attending Central High School.
Answer: The Little Rock Nine
[10] The Little Rock Nine later received this award, given each year by the NAACP for "outstanding achievement by a black person."
Answer: Spingarn Medal
[10] This 1949 Spingarn Medal winner later became the first black person to win the Nobel Peace Prize for his UN work negotiating the 1949 Armistice Agreements between Israel and its neighbors.
Answer: Ralph Bunche
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FTPE, identify these works of Mario Vargas Llosa.,
[10] In this work, one of the title figures is hired by a radio station to write radio serials. The protagonist, the nephew of the other title figure, is a writer at that station.
Answer: Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter [or La tia Julia y el escribidor]
[10] In this novel, Santiago, a college student and son of a politician, and Ambrosio, the chauffeur of Santiago's father, meet by chance and discuss the past.
Answer: Conversation in the Cathedral [or Conversacion en La Catedral]
[10] Bonifacia is about to become a nun but instead becomes a prostitute in this novel. The titular location is a bar and brothel owned by Don Anselmo, but much of the action also occurs in a mission in the Amazon.
Answer: The Green House [or La casa verde]
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Answer these questions about dynamical systems, FTPE.,
[10] Dynamical systems often follow this hypothesis, which states that all accessible microstates are equally probable over a sufficiently long time.
Answer: ergodic hypothesis
[10] Some systems were noticed to unexpectedly violate the ergodic hypothesis and instead follow quasiperiodic behavior. That problem is known by this name, coined in 1953 by its three discoverors.
Answer: Fermi-Pasta-Ulam problem or FPU problem
[10] Deterministic systems may appear random when they exhibit this type of behavior, which is characterized by a positive Lyapunov exponent and extreme sensitivity on initial conditions.
Answer: chaos
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Many climbers attempt to climb the highest mountain on every continent. For 10 points each:,
[10] This is the easiest of the Seven Summits to climb. Its highest point is Uhuru Peak.
Answer: Mount Kilimanjaro
[10] There is some debate over whether to include Australia's Mount Kosciusko, or this significantly higher mountain on New Guinea.
Answer: Puncak Jaya, (also called the Carstensz Pyramid)
[10] Jon Krakauer noted that it would actually be harder to climb the second-highest peak on each continent, and thus the list of the "Seven Second Summits" was born. For example, this Canadian peak is a harder climb than Mount McKinley.
Answer: Mount Logan
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Identify some Japanese authors FTPE.,
[10] This man's first prose work is a satirical description of middle-class Japanese society, I Am a Cat. Also known for the short story collection Ten Nights of Dream, until 2004 he appeared on the 1000 yen note.
Answer: Soseki Natsume [accept Kinnosuke Natsume]
[10] This author's short stories "In a Grove" and "Rashomon" inspired the Akira Kurosawa film of the same name. A prize named after this man is awarded semiannually to the best story published by a new Japanese writer.
Answer: Ryonosuke Akutagawa
[10] This man, winner of the Akutagawa Prize for his "The Crime of S. Karuma," also wrote The Ark Sakura and Woman in the Dunes.
Answer: Kobo Abe [accept Kimifusa Abe]
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He was known as the "Napoleon of Egypt". For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this 18th dynasty Pharoah who won repeated victories against Canaan and Syria and whose exploits were recorded at the temple at Karnak.
Answer: Thutmose III (accept Thutmoses III)
[10] Thutmose spent the first 22 years of his reign as a coregent with his mother-in-law, this wife of Thutmose II.
Answer: Hatshepsut
[10] Beyond the well-known battle of Megiddo, Thutmose fought a whole series of wars. Among his fiercest opponents were this Hurrian kingdom in northern Mesopotamia, with capital in Washukanni:
Answer: Mitanni
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He wanted to contact the ghost of his lover using ESP. FTPE,
[10] Name this estrogen-pumped luminary of early computer science, who thus considered ESP to be a valid counterargument to his namesake test.
Answer: Alan Turing
[10] Turing first created that test in this work of his, in which he outlined and refuted several counterarguments to a thinking machine.
Answer: "Computing machinery and intelligence"
[10] Turing rather weak refutation of the use of ESP in breaking the Turing Test involved the use of this protection.
Answer: ESP-proof box [accept obvious equivalents like booth/room/etc, but not something like 'The Juggernaut's helmet from the X-Men]
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For 10 points each, name these men of steel.,
[10] This Constructivist designed Monument to the Third International, an enormous structure of iron, glass, and steel which was never built.
Answer: Vladimir Tatlin
[10] This abstract expressionist wielded simple geometric shapes to make steel sculptures such as his CUBI series.
Answer: David Smith
[10] Many of his works, such as the controversial Tilted Arc, consist of very large slabs of steel artfully rusted and balancing on edge.
Answer: Richard Serra

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