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2008 Cardinal Classic Tossups by Illinois A
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This person's fieldwork in California underpinned a monograph on the languages of Native Americans, which he suggested be placed into six distinctive categories; that field work especially dealt with the Yana, Paitue, and Navajo languages. His 1949 collection of essays is "Language, Culture, and Personality." Another concept associated with this linguist is the so-called "Language Drift," an idea present in his Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech. Along with another man, this linguist developed a theory sometimes called linguistic relativism. For ten points, identify this linguist and anthropologist whose most famous hypothesis examines the influence of language on cognizance and was formulated with Whorf.
Answer: Edward Sapir
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In one scene in this work, a character expresses his doubts that he can "lick you all", which leads to another character chanting "Kill him!" In an early episode in this work, one character is described as a "board whacket", which refers to his habit of playing a winning card in a game of high-five. That character is a cowboy, who is involved in the game with Johnnie, who is the Patrick Scully's son. Scully owns the title structure of this short story, which is the destination of a visitor who causes all the trouble, and eventually dies in a bar fight while looking at a sign which reads "This registers the amount of your purchase". For ten points, identify this short story about a Swede in which the title structure is described as having "the shade of a heron's legs;" a work of Steven Crane.
Answer: "The Blue Hotel"
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Before his career took off, this politician founded and edited the St. Joseph Valley Register. This man was notable for accepting a $4000 contribution from a man who supplied the government with envelopes as well as favoring the disenfranchisement of former Confederate officials. Before converting to the party he's most associated with, he was longtime member of the Odd Fellows and a Know-Nothing. Preceded by Galusha Grow in one of his prominent offices, he was succeeded by Thomas Pomeroy; in another office for which this man is notable, Henry Wilson succeeded him. In 1872, this politician was charged with taking bribes relating to contracts for the Union Pacific Railroad in the notorious Credit Mobilier scandal. For ten points, identify this Indianan Speaker of the House and Vice President under Grant.
Answer: Schuyler Colfax
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This reaction is the first step of the Wagner-Jauregg reaction when it occurs between diarylethylene and maleic anhydride. One variation of it produces asymmetric heterocycles via aza- and oxo-modifications involving imines and aldehydes, respectively. If one of the reactants is cyclic, the endo product will be favored due to kinetic control. A one-step intermediate leads to syn- addition in this cycloaddition reaction that is often thermodynamically favorable due to its conversion of two pi bonds into more stable sigma bonds. For ten points, identify this substituted cyclohexene-producing reaction that won its namesakes the 1950 Nobel Prize and that occurs between a conjugated diene and a dieneophile.
Answer: the Diels-Alder Reaction
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The Acta of this event were kept by Julian of Cos; a copy known as the versio antiqua claims that its six hundred thirty delegates met twenty-one times in the church of St. Euphemia, Martyr. Secondarily declaring patriarchates for Jerusalem and Constantinople, it was convoked to resolve issues stemming from the so-called Latrocinium four years before, at which Eutyches was pardoned by Dioscorus; this synod did so by confirming the so-called Tome. Convoked after the death of Theodocius II by Marsian, this council confirmed the creeds of Constantinople and Nicea at the behest of Leo I to end the Monophysite heresy. For ten points, name the Fourth Ecumenical Council held in 451 in its namesake city, which is in present-day northern Turkey.
Answer: the Council of Chalcedon
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In one of this man's short stories, the narrator states "Being me's no joke", and "I'm not what either present or I had in mind." This man also wrote a short story in which a sperm cell makes a journey towards conception on the shore of a mythical Her. Those short stories, Autobiography and Night Sea Journey make up a short story collection Lost in the Funhouse. One of his novels centers on a character who asks how one can possibly write a novel, Todd Adams, and another book has its characters hoping to be saved from the Dean O'Flunks by the Grand Tutor. This author's perhaps most famous novel includes the tutor Henry Burlingame, who tutored Anna and Eben Cook. For ten points, identify this twentieth-century American author of Giles Goat-Boy, The Floating Opera, and The Sot-Weed Factor.
Answer: John Barth
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Citiesin this geographical region include Santa Laura and Maria Helena,and a large source of revenue comes from its Calama basin. Lying mainly between the south bend of the Loa River and the mountains separating the Salado-Copiapo drainage basin, this region is under the control of a nation acquired it in the 1883 Treaty of Ancon. Salt flats stretching from the Andean foothills make up a significant portion of this region. Copper mines at Chuquicamata and mineral deposits northwest of Antofagasta containing sodium nitrate have made this area the subject of conflict in the War of the Pacific. For ten points, identify this South American desert, a cool region that defines a border with Peru but is primarily found in Northern Chile.
Answer: Atacama Desert
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This man published a pamphlet in the Pall Mall gazette after the Bloody Sunday riots, entitled "remember Trafalgar square". Early on in his life, he served as private secretary to Thomas Lough, and through his membership of the Fabian Society, he wouldget in touch withpolitical circles. Elected MP for Leicester, he would become Chairman of the parliamentary Labour party, but following the death of his beloved wide, and in view of his pacifist views, he renounced this position in favour of Arthur Henderson, becoming treasurer instead. He would lose his seat in the Khaki election, but reentered parliament after Bonar Law issued new elections in 1922. FTP, who was this man who succeeded Stanley Baldwin to become the first British Labour prime minister in 1924?
Answer: Ramsay MacDonald
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This molecule, which functions as an inhibitor for pyruvate kinase during glycolsis, is usually found as a minus-four anion in neutral solution. Dyneins hydrolyze this molecule to work undulipodia for cellular motility, while adenylate cyclase produces cyclic AMP from this molecule. It is truncated at the gamma position by kinases during phosphorylation. Structurally, it is composed of a ribose sugar attached to a purine base and three groups containing phosphorous. Produced during cellular respiration and photosynthesis, this is, for ten points, what chemical compound, the energy carrier of the cell?
Answer: adenosine triphosphate
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A student of Maximus of Ephesus, this person avoided intrigue due to his obscure upbringing by Eusebius the Arian in Bithynia. This son of Basilina and Julius Constantius, was eventually forced to transfer his capital to Antioch to campaign against the Persians, who killed him at Ctesiphon. That campaign markedly differed from his early successes against the Franks and Alemanni following his ascension due to the execution of Gallus. A nephew of Constantine the great, he was hailed as Augustus by his troops after they were ordered east by Constantius II, his rival. For ten points, name this late Roman emperor, the last pagan to hold the throne, who takes his epithet from his widespread efforts to restore the pagan faith across the Emperor.
Answer: Julian the Apostate (or Flavius Claudius Julianus or Julianus Apostata)
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This book is prefaced with a dedication to the author's friend Constance. It claims that the masterpiece of philosophy would be development of the means Providence employs to arrive at her ends. At one point, the protagonist is confined to a cave by lecherous monks. This novel also relates the protagonist's journey with Saint-Fleurent, with whom she feels very safe, and his subsequent rape of her; shortly thereafter, she is tied to a tree by the Comte de Bressac. The story is presented as a recollection to the Madame de Lorasgne, who clears her name at the end. The title character's virtuous sister goes by Juliette while, throughout the novel, that title character goes by the name Therese. For ten points, identify this work by the Marquis de Sade.
Answer: Justine, or the Misfortunes of Virtue (or Justine, ou les malheurs de la vertu; accept Les Infortunes de la vertu)
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The fifth movement of one of this composer's choral works, a setting of the Nunc dimittis in his native language, demands a low B-flat of the basses. That piece, whose most famous movement is "Bogoroditse Devo," is properly called his All-Night Vigil but is often referred to as his Vespers. An intermezzo appears after the thirteenth variation in his piece based on the tune "La Folia," Variations on a Theme of Corelli. In another set of variations, an introduction and the first variation appear before the theme, and the famous eighteenth variation features an inversion of the theme in D-flat major. That work, written for piano and orchestra, derives its theme from a violin caprice. FTP, identify this Russian composer of Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini.
Answer: Sergei Rachmaninoff
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This Abelian theory possesses a gauge group isomorphic to the circle group. The use of renormalization to remove divergences in this theory was formalized by the same scientist who demonstrated the equivalence of the operator and diagram approaches to this theory in 1949, that man being Freeman Dyson. Early successes for this gauge-invariant quantum field theory include accurate predictions of both the Lamb shift and the electron magnetic moment. At the heart of this theory, charged particles are modeled as interacting by exchanging virtual photons. For ten points, identify this extremely accurate theory that won the 1965 Nobel Prize for Tomonaga, Schwinger, and Feynman.
Answer: quantum electrodynamics
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One character in this drama hopes to use her mathematical degree to obtain a position as an actuary, which she realizes by working for the legal office of Honoria Frazer. In the first act, when Praed comments that the title character's daughter has no romance or beauty in her life, she replies that she cares for neither, and to end the act, the clergyman Samuel Gardner visits. A late episode in this play references the title character's sister, Liz, who has left their shared vocation behind. Earlier, the title characters' longtime companion Crofts proposes marriage to her daughter, but is rejected and later, Frank is taunted with the knowledge that he may be that daughter's half brother, rendering his proposal illegal. For ten points, identify this play, the title of which refers to Vivie's mother's madamhood, by George Bernard Shaw.
Answer: Mrs. Warren's Profession
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One task required for this being and his wife, the daughter of Nep, was accomplished by Hyrrokin, who went to his home at Breidablik to launch Ringhorn. A second task undertaken on his behalf was accomplished by Rind's son after an observation for this being was performed by everyone but Thokk, who made Hermod's quest moot by refusing to weep. This god became a target for archery practice after his mother, Frigg, extracted a promise not to harm him from everything in the universe except for a small tree. For ten points, name this beautiful Norse god who was killed by a mistletoe dart.
Answer: Balder (or Baldr)
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The introduction to this work discusses a proof by Sheffer to explain the context of the symbol p-bar comma xi-bar comma N-bar or xi-bar. That symbol is used to describe a process by which general propositions can be built up from atomic propositions and is the general form of the truth function, the idea of which is introduced by way of truth tables in the fourth section. An exposition of the picture theory of language, this work borrows Schopenhauer's ladder analogy in the sixth of its seven propositions. Beginning by defining the world as all that is the case, this book ends with the claim that one must pass over in silence what one cannot speak of. For ten points, name this best-known work of philosophy by Ludwig Wittgenstein.
Answer: Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (or Logisch-Philosophische Abhandlung)
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John Crace's Task Force 44 was assigned to block the main path of invasion during this battle. At the beginning, the Zuikaku disappeared into a squall, although it later assisted another ship to retreat. The Shoho was sunk and the Shokaku forced to retire, though it would be sunk a month later. The defensive forces, led by Frank Fletcher, rallied successfully around the Yorktown after the loss of the Lexington, and were able to defend Port Moresby, and therefore New Guinea, from a Japanese invasion. For ten points, identify this 1942 aerial and naval engagement between the United States and Japan fought one month before Midway, a victory for the Allies in its namesake body of water.
Answer: the Battle of Coral Sea
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The speaker of one of his poems declares, "either I'm nobody or I'm a nation"; that poem, narrated by Shabine, is called "The Schooner Flight." In another poem, he describes Kikuyu feeding "upon the bloodstreams of the veldt" and ends by asking how he can "turn from [the title location] and live," entitled "A Far Cry from Africa." Corporal Lestrade arrests the charcoal burner Makak in one of his plays. In addition to the poetry collections The Star-Apple Kingdom and In a Green Night and the play Dream on Monkey Mountain, he wrote a long poem featuring the fishermen Hector and Achille, which was based on The Iliad and The Odyssey. FTP, identify this writer from St. Lucia, best known for Omeros.
Answer: Derek Walcott
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One work by this person depicts a woman building a house of matchsticks at the titular time while a figurine child and phallic spoon object representing the artist look in; that woman is idealized as a spinal column in a box. In addition to The Palace at 4 A.M., this artist's installations include set designs for a notable 1963 performance of Waiting for Godot. A photograph of this person by Cartier-Bresson shows him running between a Woman of Venice and a Walking Man. A suspended plaster figure makes up his The Nose. He used spoons to depict people in Spoon Woman and Woman with her Throat Cut. For ten points, name this sculptor probably best known for "Head of a Man on a Rod" and "Composition with Seven Figures and a Head" and for being a Swiss Surrealist.
Answer: Alberto Giacometti
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The only constant member of this group is Chris Squire, their bassist. Their self-titled debut album features covers of The Byrds' "I See You" and The Beatles' "Every Little Thing" and was released on Atlantic in 1969. Their second album, Time and a Word, hinted at their future direction with "Astral Traveler." Albums such as Relayer and Tales from Topographic Oceans were panned by critics, but this band had earlier success with Fragile and its radio-friendly single "Roundabout." For ten points, identify this band who's only number-one single was 1983's "Owner of a Lonely Heart."
Answer: Yes
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This man founded the Viennese newspaper "die Welt", and had been litearary editor of "die neue freie Presse" earlier in his life. The hill where this person's remains were interred in 1949 is now named for him. His interview with Baron Maurice de Hirsch was the germ for a notable pamphlet. An offer communicated to him by Greenburg led him to hatch the so-called Uganda Plan, which was carried at the Basel Conference of the same year, but later collapsed due to opposition by a faction led by Witte. His position was changed by his presence at a June, 1895 riot in Paris, where he was covering the Dreyfus Affair. FTP, name this reporter, the author of The Jewish State, who organized the first Zionist Conference at Basel in 1897 and became the first leader of the Zionist Organization.
Answer: Theodor Herzl
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A generalization of these structures was created by Munro and Suwanda, supports sublinear search, requires twice the pointers, and bears their name with the first letter changed to "b." The sorting algorithm named for these structures usually runs slower than quicksort but has a worst-case running time of big O of n log n. Priority queues are often implemented using one of these. The binary version may be implemented using an array. Common variants of these structures include skew, binomial, and Fibonacci. They support operations such as delete-max, insert, and merge. For ten points, what are these tree-like data structures in which every node has a key less than its parent's key?
Answer: heaps (accept beaps)
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Uniform spaces have similarly-named nets and filters that are a generalization of these objects for metric spaces. One method of constructing the reals involves considering one of these populated with rational numbers. A complete metric space is a space in which an arbitrary one of these converges. Any sequence of this type in the real numbers is bounded, and every convergent sequence is one of these. For ten points, identify this type of sequence in which the elements get arbitrarily close.
Answer: Cauchy sequences (prompt on partial answer)
2008 Cardinal Classic Bonuses by Illinois A
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Answer each of the following about some short stories FTPE.,
[10] This story's action is touched off when a tenant of Carothers Edmonds named Mannie dies, causing her husband Rider to get drunk and slit the throat of dice cheat Birdsong, which leads to Rider's lynching.
Answer: "Pantaloon in Black"
[10] Narrated by Ike, this story centers on Sam Fathers, Boon, and their dog Lion, who are hunting for Old Ben, the title character.
Answer: "The Bear"
[10] This short story collection by Faulkner, the title of which includes the name of a biblical leader, contains the stories "Pantaloon in Black" and "The Bear."
Answer: Go Down, Moses
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This is the… Bolero… bonus. Name these composers of works in that form FTPE:,
[10] This Swiss-Basque-French composer is responsible for the best-known Bolero, over the tempo of which he notably fought with Toscanini. He also wrote Pavane for a Dead Princess, Rapsodie espagnole, and Daphnis et Chloe.
Answer: Joseph-Maurice Ravel
[10] This composer's 1831 Opus 19 Bolero was designed to capitalize on the craze for that dance in Paris shortly before his arrival and was written between his E flat major Waltz and his B minor Scherzo.
Answer: Frederic Francois Chopin
[10] This composer's Les Filles de Cadix is a bolero setting of de Musset's poem and was probably ripped off by Bizet for "Les tringles des sistres tintaient". This student of Adam's other works include Le roi s'amuse and La source, ou Naila, which notably inspired Ingres and Degas.
Answer: Clement-Philibert-Leo Delibes [duh-LEEB]
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Although Newton viewed gravity as a force acting at a distance, this theory holds gravity to be the consequence of space-time geometry. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this highly successful theory of gravitation formulated by Albert Einstein.
Answer: general theory of relativity
[10] This non-rotating, spherically symmetric solution to the field equations is named for the German physicist who derived it while working on the Eastern Front in World War I.
Answer: the Schwarzschild solution (or Schwarzschild metric or Schwarzschild space-time or Schwarzschild vacuum)
[10] This theorem guarantees that Schwarzschild's solution is the most general spherically symmetric vacuum solution to the field equation.
Answer: Birkhoff's theorem
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Name these works of Thomas Mann, FTPE.,
[10] An abandoned camera on a tripod stands on the beach at the end of this story while Aschenbach dies during a cholera epidemic in the titular city.
Answer: Death in Venice or Der Tod in Venedig
[10] A young artist recognizes Hans Hansen and Ingeborg Holm at a ball and remarks that it "was always [them he] worked for" in this Mann novella.
Answer: Tonio Kroger
[10] Mann draws on Hartmann von Aue's legend about Pope Gregory for this late novel.
Answer: The Holy Sinner or Der Erwahlte
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Answer the following concerning a riot in Chicago, Illinois, FTPE.,
[10] This 1886 incident occurred during the campaign to secure an eight-hour workday and took place at the McCormick Harvesting Company. There was a bunch of police brutality involved.
Answer: the Haymarket Square Riot
[10] Eight anarchist labor leaders were involved in the riot, most prominently including this man, who was hanged after a pretty dubious trial. He was convicted of throwing a bomb and killing police.
Answer: August Spies
[10] In addition to Spies, three other men were hanged and one committed suicide. The remaining three were pardoned by this Illinois governor, who is also protested the use of troops in the Pullman Strike.
Answer: John Peter Altgeld
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Identify these places in Spain FTPE.,
[10] A rather notable region in Spain is this one, which continuously had problems with the ETA terrorist group until 2006. Jai Alai is a very popular sport here.
Answer: the Basque Country (or Euzkadi)
[10] Barcelona is the capital of this autonomous community, the richest and most industrialized region of Spain.
Answer: Catalonia (or Cataluna or Catalunya)
[10] this city in the province of Cadiz is the home of the sherry; it also houses a famous riding school, and as one of the larger cities in Andalusia, a Flamenco academy:
Answer: Jerez de la Frontera
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Though significantly proceeding Giotto, this architect is absent from Vasari's accounting of the beginning of Renaissance art, possibly because he is not Florentine, as his name might imply. FTPE:,
[10] Name this sculptor probably from Apulia who, with his son Giovanni and others, created notable marbles for the Sienna Cathedral and the Fontana Maggiore of Perugia.
Answer: Nicola Pisano
[10] This student of Pisano and Cimabue and protegee of Charles of Anjou is responsible for the Badia, Santa Croce, and the Palazzo Vecchio.
Answer: Arnolfo Di Cambio
[10] Arnolfo Di Cambio is probably most famous for his design and decoration of this building, which is attached to the Baptistery of San Giovanni and had its dome completed by Filippo Brunelleschi.
Answer: the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (or il Duomo; accept the Florence Cathedral)
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A favorite of Algernon Charles Swinburne, she wrote an "Ode to Anactoria" that states that her beloved is fairer than horses, soldiers, and ships, then invokes Helen of Troy. FTPE:,
[10] Name this female ancient Greek poet from Lesbos.
Answer: Sappho of Lesbos
[10] One of Sappho's most famous works is this one, which asks "What ailed me now that / Made me call you again?" and is written to the titular goddess.
Answer: "Ode to Aphrodite"
[10] Sappho became so known for her use of this poetical device that it sometimes bears her name. From Greek for "turn," it refers to a poetic structure of alternating stanzas.
Answer: Sapphic strophe
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Identify these economic anomalies FTPE.,
[10] In this specific type of demand curve, demand is downward sloping, but a drastic jump in marginal utility creates the title anomaly. At a certain point, the curve is horizontal whereas at another nearby, it is vertical.
Answer: kinked demand curve
[10] Unlike Veblen goods, these goods are by definition inferior but, like Veblen goods, their prices rise with their supply.
Answer: Giffen goods
[10] Conditions associated with this anomaly associated with contracting are adverse selection and moral hazard, which allows a party insulated from risk to behave differently. It is the situation in which one party knows more than another.
Answer: information asymmetry (accept word forms; prompt on asymmetry)
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Identify things about these related terms from ecology FTPE.,
[10] This term designates a geographic area with similar climate, plant life, and animal life. Examples include tundra, taiga, and desert.
Answer: biome
[10] An ecosystem may be divided into two parts. Name either the amalgamation of all the interacting organisms or the amalgamation of non-living environmental features.
Answer: biocoenosis or biotope (do not accept "habitat")
[10] This Russian pioneering geochemist postulated heat buildup from radioactivity as driving geological processes, but may be best known today for his pioneering ecological work, in which he popularized Eduard Suess' term biosphere with his 1924 book The Biosphere.
Answer: Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky
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Answer the following about the murk of Confederate politics FTPE.,
[10] This diminutive, sickly Georgian was one of Jefferson Davis's fiercest political opponents as the war dragged on - which was somewhat problematic, considering that he was also the Confederate Vice President.
Answer: Alexander Stephens
[10] This multitalented lawyer was appointed Secretary of War in 1861, but was forced out of office under accusations of gross mismanagement. Jefferson Davis promptly reappointed him as Secretary of State, which post he held until the end of the war.
Answer: Judah P. Benjamin
[10] Although he was hampered by a near-total lack of ships or the means to build them, this Secretary of the Navy nevertheless managed to build the first functional ironclad as well as the first submarine in naval history.
Answer: Stephen Mallory
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He writes, "Now no matter, child, the name: / Sorrow's springs are the same" in his "Spring and Fall," written "To a Young Child." FTPE:,
[10] Identify this poet known for sprung rhythm and "The Windhover."
Answer: Gerard Manley Hopkins
[10] The title concept "will flame out, like shining from shook foil," and the "world is charged" with it, according to this sonnet by Hopkins.
Answer: "God's Grandeur"
[10] "Sickness broke" the title character of this Hopkins poem, a farrier, of whom Hopkins asks, "O is he dead then?"
Answer: "Felix Randal"
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Identify these related concepts from cosmology FTPE.,
[10] This early law of physical cosmology claims a linear proportionality between distance to a galaxy and speed with which it is receding.
Answer: Hubble's Law
[10] One possible interpretation of Hubble's law would be that we are located at the center of the universe. However, the existence of a center would violate this large-scale property of the universe that roughly means the universe looks the same in all directions.
Answer: isotropy
[10] Since particle physics does not support the cosmological principles of homogeneity and isotropy, this brief period occurring shortly after the big bang has been proposed. During this period, objects became farther apart without moving.
Answer: cosmic inflation
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Name the following twentieth-century theologians with things in common FTPE.,
[10] Ironically accused of atheism due to his conception of God as being-in-itself and therefore not a being, this German-American theologan is best known for The Courage to Be, Dynamics of Faith, and the culmination of his Gifford Lectures, Systematic Theology.
Answer: Paul Tillich
[10] Perhaps the originator of the description "atheistic and godless" for Marxism and of the Serenity Prayer, this guy's best-known works are probably Moral Man and Immoral Society and The Nature and Destiny of Man, which stemmed from his Gifford Lectures.
Answer: Reinhold Niebuhr
[10] This Swiss theologian's Neo-Orthodoxy was sometimes called atheism in disguise. His works include The Word of God and the Word of Man, The Epistle to the Romans, Church Dogmatics, and The Knowledge of God and the Service of God, which was based on his 1936 Gifford Lectures.
Answer: Karl Barth
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Name these Soviet leaders from clues FTPE.,
[10] The long-time head of the Soviet state department, he played a central role in Soviet foreign policy, despite efforts by the Party and the KGB to seize control. He rose to power after Stalin's purges and remained there for the rest of the USSR's existence.
Answer: Andriy Gromyko
[10] A generation younger than Gromyko, this diplomat had risen quickly through the ranks, and was considered by many as a potential successor, until he defected to the U.S. as an Assistant Secretary General of the U.N., making him the highest ranking Soviet to ever defect.
Answer: Arkady Shevchenko
[10] Proud of his peasant origins, he peppered his speeches with folk sayings and declined efforts to get him to learn a foreign language by saying that he should probably learn to speak proper Russian first. He also had a thing for banging his shoe on his desk and threatening to bury the West.
Answer: Nikita Khrushchev
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This result from topology demonstrates that a Hilbert Cube is compact. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this theorem that states that the topological product of any number of compact spaces is also compact.
Answer: Tychonoff's theorem
[10] Tychonoff's theorem is equivalent to this set-theoretic axiom, which states that given a collection C of nonempty sets, there is a function f defined on C with the property that for each set S in C, f(S) is in S.
Answer: the axiom of choice (or AC)
[10] The axiom of choice is also equivalent to this statement that every partially ordered in which every chain has an upper bound has a maximal element.
Answer: Zorn's lemma
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Opposed to the so-called orthodox position of Regis and Rohault, this version of metaphysics seeks to explain the interface between un-extended mind and extended body, sometimes via the pineal gland. FTPE:,
[10] Name this branch of philosophy associated with Johannes Clauberg and Francois Lamy.
Answer: Occasionalism (prompt on Cartesianism or Cartesian Dualism)
[10] This French thinker is the author of the Search After Truth, Treatise of Nature and Grace, and Christian Morality. He is probably best known as the major exponent of Occasionalism.
Answer: Nicholas Malebranche
[10] Occasionalism arose as an attempt to explain an apparent paradox about efficient causation in this philosopher's work, namely to reconcile his namesake Dualism with Christianity.
Answer: Rene Descartes
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It often involves a burette, which allows for precise volumetric measurements when, say, neutralizing an acid with base. FTPE,,
[10] Name this laboratory procedure.
Answer: titration
[10] This indicator can be used for acid-base titrations as it is pink in a pH range of 8.2 to 12, orange in extremely acidic solutions, and colorless otherwise.
Answer: phenolphthalein
[10] In this kind of titration, a reducing agent in hydrochloric acid is titrated with potassium iodate and a drop of tetrachloromethane. The titration finishes when the solution becomes colorless.
Answer: Andrews titration
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Name each of the following about mythological deer and the Letoides FTPE.,
[10] Lamed by a non-poisoned arrow, this brazen-hoofed, golden-horned animal was sacred to Artemis, who nevertheless allowed Heracles to return it to Eurystheus.
Answer: the Ceryneian Hind (or Cerynitis; prompt on "Golden Stag")
[10] Artemis had earlier been sighted au naturale by this hunter, whom she metamorphosed into a stag, which caused him to be eaten by his own dogs.
Answer: Actaeon
[10] Apollo later gave this youth, a descendent of Heracles, a tame deer, which he then killed with a javelin. This caused him to cry until he turned into a tree. What a sissy!
Answer: Cyparissus
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Answer the following about the Ottoman Empire FTPE.,
[10] Before taking Constantinople, this Anatolian city served as the administrative and political center of Ottoman power.
Answer: Bursa
[10] The Ottoman empire sunk into civil war after the death of sultan Bayezid I; the interregnum ended when this man crowned himself sultan in Adrianople; he would be succeeded by his son, Murad II:
Answer: Mehmet I
[10] Slavic opposition to Ottoman expansion was finally demolished at this Murad II led 1448 battle, which resulted in the dismemberment of Serbia and consolidated Ottoman power south of the Danube.
Answer: Second Battle of Kosovo
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Answer the following about the history of relatively modern Scandinavia FTPE.,
[10] This nation earned its independence in a 1905 referendum by the margin of 368,208 to 184 following a crisis prompted by an effort to establish separate consulates abroad.
Answer: Kingdom of Norway (or Kongeriket Norge)
[10] This Swedish king renounced the Norweigian crown over resistance from various nationalists and conservatives in Sweden's Parliament.
Answer: Oscar II of Sweden and Norway (accept Oscar Fredrik; prompt on Oscar)
[10] This political party prompted Norwegian independence and universal suffrage, but split over the Concession Laws, allowing DNA to seize power.
Answer: Venstre (prompt on the Left)
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Name each of the following paintings by everyone's favorite drugs, Salvador Dali, FTPE.,
[10] Depicting a sea with cliffs in the background and an extended section of face with a clock melting over it, this 1929 work is perhaps Dali's best known.
Answer: The Persistence of Memory (or La persistencia de la memoria)
[10] This late work centrally depicts the Venus de Milo sliding around among a swarm of bees along with an angelic face at top left and a miniature version of the title figure at bottom right. Objects hidden in it include a green necktie, a red cape, a face, and a dalmatian.
Answer: The Hallucinogenic Toreador
[10] Ostensibly a re-imagining of Vermeer's The Lacemaker, this painting is part of the Rhinoceros horns series and is probably based on a 1930's magazine photo, though it may recall Ana Maria or Gala Dali.
Answer: Young Virgin Auto-Sodomized by the Horns of Her Own Chastity
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The title refers to the tit-for-tat justice that the Duke of Milan declares in the end, having returned from a period of disguise as a friar that he undertook to test his deputy. FTPE:,
[10] Name this play by William Shakespeare.
Answer: Measure for Measure
[10] This women is betrothed to … but is imprisoned on trumped-up charges of …. She later pulls tricks her would-be suitor by having his wife … take her place at a meeting with him in a garden.
Answer: Isabella
[10] This character is the Duke's deputy and is charged with restoring civic authority. He's tempted by Isabella and then kills her brother.
Answer: Angelo
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Name the following old-school NFL'ers who led the league in rushing a number of times FTPE.,
[10] Probably the greatest football and lacrosse player ever, this fullback for the Browns held the all-time rushing record until Walter Payton broke it. Nobody's likely to touch his 8 seasons leading the league.
Answer: James Brown
[10] The center-led sweep was invented to exploit the talents of this Philadelphia running back, who led the league in yards from scrimmage 4 times in the late 1940's. The idea of an oversized middle linebacker was devised to stop him.
Answer: Steve Van Buren
[10] This bruising back form Texas meteorically led the league in rushing his first three years with Houston before massively falling off, probably due to `roid use, and being traded to the Saints.
Answer: Earl Campbell

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