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2008 Cardinal Classic Tossups by Dartmouth
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This man's name sometimes joins Mie and Lorenz in a namesake theory of light scattering off of spherical particles. His work in X-ray diffraction with Ivar Waller resulted in a namesake factor to correct for lattice vibrations, while his collaboration with Paul Scherrer pioneered a method of X-ray diffraction using powdered crystals. His model of solids calculates the contribution of phonons to heat capacity, thus predicting the correct low-temperature T-cubed behavior, in contrast to Einstein's model. An equation relating the activity coefficient to ionic strength, used to describe the properties of electrolytes, is named after this man and Erich Huckel. FTP, name this winner of the 1935 Nobel Prize for Chemistry and namesake of the unit used to measure molecular dipole moments.
Answer: Peter Josephus Wilhelmus Debye
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He combined lithographs with short poems in his work The Poem of the Right Angle. One of his early ideas was of the Maison-Domino, which involved free-standing pillars and rigid floors. He designed the Curutchet House in Argentina, while works like the Museum and Shodan House in Ahmedabad, India were designed at around the same time he designed the National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo. His works illustrate his five points of architecture, though this designer of several buildings in Chandigarh is more famous for his view that houses are "machines for living." FTP, name this Swiss architect known for designing the Notre Dame du Haut and the Villa Savoye.
Answer: Le Corbusier (accept "Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris")
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A drunken American soldier in this novel orders the narrator to step on a prostitute who has fallen in the snow. That prostitute and a woman the narrator sees giving an army officer tea with her breast milk in it both remind him of a girl he knew who had been shot by her lover, Uiko. A story alternatively titled "Joshu Wears a Pair of Sandals on His Head" is told by the Superior at the end of World War II, perplexing Tsurukawa, and this koan, whose primary title is "Nansen Kills a Cat," is later discussed by the narrator's clubfooted friend Kashiwagi. Centering on Mizoguchi's fixation with the title structure, this is, FTP, what novel by Yukio Mishima?
Answer: The Temple of the Golden Pavilion or Kinkakuji
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The highest mountain in this country is the Maromokotro, in the Tsaratanana massif in the north. The central part of the country consists of savannah-like highlands, separated from the east coast by tropical rain forests.Including the provinces of Mahajanga and Toliara, it was dominated by the Merinakingdom in the 19th century, until being colonized by France after the Franco-Hova war.Beyond the capital, Toamasina and Antsirabe are among the largest cities on this fourth largest island in the world. It has a particular fauna including several species of lemurs and tenrecs, as well as fossile remnants of now-extinct species as a pygmy hypopotamus and a giant walking bird. . Its current president is Marc Ravalomanana, who managed to withstand a coup in 2006. FTP, what is this African island with capital in Antananarivo?
Answer: Madagascar.
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On the morning of this battle, General Tyler was sent to harass the opposing general's left wing until the reinforcements of Hunter and Heintzelman arrived. At the same time, Colonels Richardson and Davies were sent to attack the other flank of the Confederate army. Henry Slocum's regiment broke through Confederate lines but defeat was staved off as the timely arrival of Confederate soldiers allowed Bernard Bee and others to mount a staunch defense at Henry House Hill. Afterwards, Union General Irvin McDowell was replaced with the man who would lead the Army of the Potomac, George McClellan. FTP, name this battle where Thomas Jackson earned the nickname "Stonewall," the first major battle of the Civil War, a July 21, 1861 victory for the Confederates.
Answer: First Battle of Bull Run (accept First Battle of Manassas Junction)
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An otter drank this man's blood from his dead body strapped to the Pillar Stone. His mother drank some wine in which a mayfly had landed, causing her to fall into a deep sleep. That woman, Dechtire, had been abducted by Lugh. After his birth, he was raised by the man to whom Dechtire had originally been engaged, Sualtman. He learned the arts of war from Scathach, and he claimed a famous notched spear after he defeated Aiofe. Unfortunately, he would use that spear, the Gae Bulg, to unknowingly kill his own son Connla and his best friend Ferdiad. He is most famous for single-handedly defeating Medb and the army of Connaught, as described in the "The Cattle Raid of Cooley," or Tain Bo Cuailnge. FTP, name this Celtic hero of the Ulster Cycle, born Setanta.
Answer: Cuchulainn (accept Setanta before it is mentioned)
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The speaker of the poem that closes this work recalls the execution of Taff the Welshman before remarking, "I am sleepy, and the oozy weeds about me twist." That poem features the title character of this novel "in the Darbies." The story of the protagonist striking a character referred to as "the Red Whiskers" is told to Lieutenant Ratcliffe by Captain Graveling. The title character's fate is discussed by the surgeon and the purser, and Dansker and Squeak are two of the other characters aboard the HMS Indomitable. Culminating in the hanging of the title character for killing the master-at-arms Claggart, FTP, identify this novel featuring Captain Vere and the titular foretopman, written by Herman Melville.
Answer: Billy Budd, Foretopman or Billy Budd, Sailor
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Changes in it can lead to MNGIE, MELAS, NARP, and Leigh's syndrome, and Leber hereditary optic neuropathy. Deletions early in life lead to Pearson syndrome, while deletions in adulthood cause Kearns-Sayre syndrome. Arabidopsis thaliana has the largest known one while Plasmodium falciparum has the smallest, though the one found in Reclinomonas americana has the most genes. The HVR1 and HVR2 regions are of most interest to genealogists, as well as the fact that paternal ones are marked with ubiquitin to be destroyed. Therefore, they are almost always inherited from the mother. Coding for such proteins as cytochrome c oxidase, this is, FTP, what circular genome found in its namesake organelle?
Answer: mitochondrial DNA or mtDNA (prompt on "mitochondria" before "Deletions")
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This man would be buried in the Saint John the Theologian church by his successor, and his grave would be later on ravaged by crusaders. With the aid of his brother-in-law, he relieved the siege of Abydos by one of his rebellious generals. That general, Bardas Phocas, had helped this man put down a rebellion ten years earlier by defeating Bardas Sclerus at Pankalia. This man aimed to expand his empire to the East, fighting against the Fatimids in Syria and ultimately annexing Armenia. He also tried to extend his sovereignty to the North and in 1003, he successfully invaded Macedonia, taking Skopje in the process. Eleven years later, he approached Achris and surrounded Samuel's army at the Battle of Kledion. After this battle, he blinded the entire opposing force, only leaving one eye on every hundredth man. For ten points, name this Byzantine emperor who was given the nickname Boulgaroktanos or Bulgar-Slayer.
Answer: Basil II (accept Basil the Bulgar-Slayer till Boulgaroktanos)
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He composed two settings of Theodor Storm's "Schliesse mir die Augen beide," and his opus one is a single-movement piano sonata in B minor. The passacaglia "Hier ist friede" closes one of his orchestral song cycles, the Altenberg Lieder. The second movement of his piece for piano, violin, and 13 wind instruments quotes from Schoenberg's Pelleas und Melisande; that piece is the Chamber Concerto. Variations on the Bach chorale "Es ist genug" make up the last movement of his Violin Concerto dedicated "to the memory of an angel," whose tone rowis constructed out of interlockingtriads and whole-tone scales.Known for pieces with secret programs, FTP, identify this composer of the Lyric Suite for string quartet, also known for the operas Lulu and Wozzeck.
Answer: Alban Berg
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In this novel, one character's mother gives him guava paste and two roast chickens, which he gives to another character to make his stomach feel better. Earlier, one of the protagonists recounts the story of a woman who maintains an unconsummated marriage with her architect husband and who is obsessed with drawing panthers, Irena. Throughout the novel, footnotes explain various theories on homosexuality, first appearing alongside a description of the married waiter Gabriel. One of the protagonists, a window-dresser, tells the other, a political prisoner, the stories of several movies over the course of their six-month stay in a prison cell. FTP, identify this novel focusing on the relationship between Valentin and Molina, written by Manuel Puig.
Answer: The Kiss of the Spider Woman or El Beso de la Mujer Arana
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George Selwin discussed salvaging it in an article subtitled, "The Good, the Bad, and the Illegal," while the first reference to it may have appeared in Maxims by Theognis. A 1986 article by Rolnick and Weber argued against it, calling it a "fallacy", while this principle first received its current name by Henry Dunning Macleod. One of the situations in which this has been shown not to apply is in California during the greenback era, while it has often been used as support against bimetallism. Its namesake put forth this principle as a response to the "Great Debasements" of the monarchs preceding Queen Elizabeth I. FTP, identify this law of economics stating "bad money drives out good."
Answer: Gresham's Law
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This man had been a protege ofOmar Tjokroaminoto, whose daughter, Sitri Utari, would become his first wife. He would found his country's namesake national party, and his opposition against colonial rule would see him imprisoned for several years. He wouldlaunch the Pancasila as the five guiding principles for his newborn country. After the agreement of Linggardjati failed,he fled to Surabaya, and during theso-called police actions, he would get exiled to Bangka island, together with Mohammed Hatta and other prominent PRI members. Earlier in his life, he had been decorated by Hirohito, and he had always considered the Japanese as objective allies in his struggle against the Dutch. He was removed from power after a bloody military counterinsurgency, mainly targeted at the communist PKI. Thirty years later, his daughter Megawati would also become president of his country. FTP, who was this first president of Indonesia?
Answer: Sukarno
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The clergyman Tufton Hunt performs the mock wedding ceremony between Caroline Gann and George Brandon in a story of his, "A Shabby Genteel Story," and Brandon reappears as Brand Firmin, father of the title character, in one of his novels. The narrator of that novel, The Adventures of Philip, also narrates a novel in which Clive, a member of the title family, loves Ethel but instead marries Rose Mackenzie, entitled The Newcomes, as well as Pendennis. After returning from the War of the Spanish Succession, the title character falls in love with Beatrix in another one of his novels, The History of Henry Esmond. FTP, identify this author of a novel featuring William Dobbin, Amelia Sedley, and Becky Sharp, Vanity Fair.
Answer: William Makepeace Thackeray
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This conflict saw a failed assassination attempt by Eduard Kullmann on the leader of oneside in it. It started when that leader feared instability of his country due to the incorporation of newly gained lands; the opposing side was led by the center party, and included Polish and Bavarian elements. Thatside included leaders as Ludwig Windhorst and Ernst Lieber, whereas important figures of the attacking side included Rudolf Virchow and Adalbert Falk, who would launch the May Laws. Both parties in this conflict would reconciliate later on in order to unite against the upcoming social-democrats, and subsequently, and most legislation would be repealed, with the exception of the marriage laws and the so-called Kanzelparagraph. Pope Leo XIII declared the conflict over in 1887. FTP, What was this 1870s conflict that saw Bismarck take on the catholic church head-on?
Answer: Kulturkampf (prompt on 'culture war')
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Excess deoxycorticosterone stemming from congenital adrenal hyperplasia is a rare cause of this condition, as is pheochromocytoma, a catecholamine-secreting tumor. The neurogenic form is most prevalent in sleep apnea sufferers, while chronic hypoxia can cause the pulmonary form of this condition. In general it is treated using drugs that block angiotensin-converting enzymes, or ACE inhibitors, as well as milder beta-blockers. Often diagnosed using a sphygmomanometer, FTP, name this common disease of the cardiovascular system involving elevated systolic and diastolic pressures.
Answer: Hypertension (accept high blood pressure)
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This man took to the ministry after a seraphim held an ember against his lips to purge him of his sins, as recorded in Chapter 6 of his namesake book. His service supposedly began in the year of the death of the king of Judah, Uzziah, who was succeeded by Jotham. Against this man's advice, King Ahaz appealed to Tilgath-Pilasser III for help in the war against Rezin. His namesake book contains many Messianic prophecies including the description of a prophet heralding the Messiah as "a voice crying out in the wilderness," which is often believed to describe John the Baptist. FTP, name this prophet during the reign of Hezekiah, who prophesied that God would help the Israelites defeat the armies of Sennacherib during the Assyrian invasion of Jerusalem.
Answer: Isaiah
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This man captained the Fourth Tennessee Regiment in the Spanish-American War, and as a member of the House of Representatives, he championed lower tariffs and authored the Federal and State Inheritance Tax Law. In his most famous position, he managed to pass the Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act of 1934. He had tense relationships with de Gaulle after demanding that St. Pierre-Miquelon be returned to Vichy France. This man also went to the Third Moscow Conference in 1943, where he succeeded in laying the foundations for a post-war international organization. For this, as well as his "good neighbor" policy, he won the 1945 Nobel Peace Prize. FTP, name this longest-serving Secretary of State under Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Answer: Cordell Hull
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The speaker proclaims, "my heart, / The blue kingfisher dives on you in fire" in a poem of his about the feast of Corpus Christi, "Colloquy in Black Rock." He writes that the "painter's vision?trembles to caress the light" in a poem that expresses a desire to "make / something imagined, not recalled," entitled "Epilogue." Another poem concludes, "The Lord survives the rainbow of His will" and was written for his cousin Warren Winslow, dead at sea. One of his most famous poems describes a statue with "an angry wrenlike vigilance, / a greyhound's gentle tautness," referring to Saint-Gaudens' monument to Colonel Robert Gould Shaw. FTP, identify this poet of "The Quaker Graveyard in Nantucket" and "For the Union Dead."
Answer: Robert Lowell
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One model of this contains the important parameter denoted tan(beta), which is the ratio of "v sub u" to "v sub d." This theory may be broken by gravity mediation or by gauge mediation. This theory was shown to be possible by Haag, Lopuszanski, and Sohnius, who showed that the Poincare algebra could be extended. This theory can cancel out the quadratic divergences in the mass of the Higgs, thus solving the hierarchy problem, and if one adds R-parity conservation to this theory, it predicts a dark matter candidate, usually called the neutralino. FTP, winos, binos, sleptons, and squarks are particles in this unconfirmed theory that predicts that every fermion contains a boson partner, and vice-versa.
Answer: Supersymmetry or SUSY (pronounced like the girl's name)
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During his Identity Crisis series, he is framed for murder and creates the identities of Hornet, Prodigy, Dusk, and Ricochet to clear his name. His rebirth after defeating Morlun saw him gain night vision, as well as increased sensory perceptions. More recently, he initially supported Tony Stark in the Civil War, perhaps out of loyalty to that man after he provided him with a ridiculously equipped, bulletproof costume. His Indian version is named Pavitr [pa-VITH-ra] Prabhakar and he defeats a version of the Green Goblin after the death of his Uncle Bhim teaches him that "with great power comes great responsibility." FTP, identify this superhero, the alias of Peter Parker.
Answer: Spider-man OR Peter Parker before mentioned
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In the top left is a mirror, placed at a slant to look down into the main location. Nearby are two doors, one of which is half-open, and is probably where the right-most character is headed. The three main characters are all sitting down and wear loose but intricately detailed clothing, with most of the tops suggesting an ease of removal. One grabs her leg while another rests her elbow on some pillows while staring in boredom at the viewer. The figures are all poorly defined, a style that well matches the hookah just off-center. For ten points, name this work depicting a harem in North Africa by Eugene Delacroix.
Answer: The Women of Algiers or The Algerian Women in their Apartment(s) (accept equivalents)
2008 Cardinal Classic Bonuses by Dartmouth
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Both James Monroe and Jefferson Davis held this Cabinet post. FTPE,,
[10] Name this position, also held by Edwin Stanton before he was fired by Andrew Johnson.
Answer: Secretary of War (do not accept or prompt on "Secretary of Defense")
[10] This man served as Secretary of War from 1829 to 1831 before resigning in the face of the Petticoat Affair involving Peggy O'Neill.
Answer: John Henry Eaton
[10] Another Secretary of War was this man, the founder of a political dynasty, who served under Grant. His son was also a Secretary of War before becoming President and later Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
Answer: Alphonso Taft
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Population biology is an underappreciated field. Answer some questions about it, FTPE:,
[10] This fundamental equation of population biology rests on five assumptions and allows for the relative frequencies of alleles, genotypes, and phenotypes.
Answer: Hardy-Weinberg equation
[10] This is the term given to the largest stable population an environment can support. It is symbolized K.
Answer: carrying capacity
[10] Carrying capacity also appears in this differential equation of population growth. Since it has a sigmoidal solution, it is also known as the Logistic Equation.
Answer: Verhulst-Pearl equation
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His "Memorial Verses" mourns the death of Wordsworth, which is compared to the earlier deaths of Goethe and Byron. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this British poet whose poems include "Thyrsis" and "The Scholar-Gypsy."
Answer: Matthew Arnold
[10] In this "Dramatic Poem" by Matthew Arnold, the physician Pausanias and the poet Callicles accompany the title philosopher. He kills himself at the end of the poem.
Answer: Empedocles on Etna
[10] This poem by Arnold contains the declaration that "We mortal millions live alone" and describes the "sea of life enisled." It is addressed to a woman.
Answer: "To Marguerite"
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Neo-Classicism has produced some great artists. Provide the following information about them FTPE:,
[10] This French neo-classicist is known for his Landscape with the Burial of Phocion and Et in Arcadia Ego.
Answer: Nicholas Poussin
[10] The neo-classicist sculptor Antonio Canova did a sculpture of Pauline Bonaparte called "Pauline Bonaparte as" this figure.
Answer: Venus Victrix
[10] This other neo-classicist sculptor created works such as the Lion of Lucerne, while an early success of his was his statue of Jason with the Golden Fleece.
Answer: Albert Bertel Thorvaldsen
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Answer these questions related to Islamic caliphates, for ten points each.,
[10] This caliphate whose capital was Damascus was ruled by Muawiyah after the assassination of Ali. Abd-al-Rahman created another version of this dynasty at Cordoba in 750.
Answer: Umayyad caliphate
[10] Muawiyah used the assassination of this man, Ali's predecessor,as a pretext for waging war on Ali; more specifically, he accused Ali of harboring this man's murderers, hereby implicitly implicating Ali in his assassination:
Answer: Uthman
[10] After accusing Ali, Muawiyah took on Ali's forces at this 657 AD battle; strangely enough, instead of fighting it out, they stopped halfway and accepted arbitration to settle their grievances:
Answer: battle of Siffin
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This disorder may display the Jacksonian march, a series of seizures radiating outward from a small area, such as from the thumb to the face. FTPE,,
[10] Name this neurological disorder, chiefly characterized by either generalized or partial recurrent seizures.
Answer: Epilepsy
[10] This form of generalized epilepsy is the most severe. It was once known as grand mal.
Answer: Tonic-clonic
[10] Electrical stimulation of this cranial nerve has shown to be an effective treatment of epilepsy.
Answer: Vagus nerve (accept "tenth cranial nerve" or "cranial nerve X")
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Some of its important members included Vilem Mathesius and Nicholas Trubetskoy. FTPE,,
[10] Identify this school of linguistics active during the 1920's and 30's, named after a European capital city.
Answer: Prague School or Prague Linguistic Circle
[10] This Russian who later emigrated to America may have been the most important co-founder of the Prague School. He wrote such works as The Sound Shape of Language, Fundamentals of Language, and Preliminaries to Speech Analysis.
Answer: Roman Jakobson
[10] Roman Jakobson developed this theory of phonology, which says that every phoneme can be described as either possessing or not possessing certain specific properties. Thus a phoneme is described as either vocalic or non-vocalic, compact or diffuse, grave or acute.
Answer: distinctive features theory
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The twenty-six named characters in this story all have names beginning with different letters of the alphabet. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this short story that focuses on the reactions of an unnamed character's friends to his disease, probably AIDS.
Answer: "The Way We Live Now"
[10] This woman wrote "The Way We Live Now." Her novels include The Volcano Lover and In America, and her critical works include Illness as Metaphor.
Answer: Susan Sontag
[10] A novel titled The Way We Live Now was written by this British novelist who also wrote Barchester Towers.
Answer: Anthony Trollope
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Answer the following about some islands in the Mediterranean, FTPE:,
[10] this island in the Tyrrhenian sea, part of the Aeolian islands, is home to one of Italy's still active volcanoes:
Answer: Stromboli
[10] This island in the cyclades is actually part of the caldera of the Thera vulcano,the eruption of whichmost likely destroyed the Minoan civilization around 1500 BC:
Answer: Santorini
[10] this island at the northern end of the gulf ofNaples, is home to the now dormant volcanic Mount Epomeo; less well known than Capri, it is still a very popular tourist destination:
Answer: Ischia
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Answer the following about a famous nephew, FTPE:,
[10] beating Louis-Eugene Cavaignac during the first presidential elections for his country's second republic, this man would move on to dictatorship on December 2nd 1851, the 46th anniversary of Austerlitz:
Answer: Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte, or Napoleon III Bonaparte (do NOT prompt on Napoleon Bonaparte or Napoleon)
[10] Napoleon III married this woman, a Spanish countess, and made her his empress:
Answer: Eugenie de Montijo
[10] Lover of grandeur and splendor, Louis-Napoleonput this man in charge of rebuilding Paris.Many of the grands boulevards were his design, as well as the Paris opera house and the new layout of the Bois de Boulogne:
Answer: George-Eugene Haussmann
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Its sixth book tells of the funeral of Opheltes and the first Nemean Games. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this Roman epic poem, written during the reign of Domitian, which deals with the conflict between Eteocles and Polyneices.
Answer: the Thebaid
[10] This poet wrote the Thebaid, as well as the unfinished Achilleid and the Silvae.
Answer: Publius Papinius Statius
[10] The story of the Thebaid finds precedent in this Greek playwright's Seven Against Thebes. Other plays include Prometheus Bound and the Oresteia.
Answer: Aeschylus
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It was unified with electromagnetism by the GWS theory. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this fundamental interaction which is responsible for beta decay.
Answer: weak interaction or force (DO NOT accept "electroweak")
[10] The weak interaction is capable of violating this symmetry of nature, which involves simultaneously inverting spatial coordinates and exchanging particles and antiparticles. Its violation was first noticed in kaons.
Answer: CP symmetry (or charge conjugation - parity symmetry)
[10] In electroweak theory, the ratio of the masses of the W and Z particles is given by the cosine of this angle.
Answer: weak mixing angle (or Weinberg angle)
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Answer these questions about the fauna of Ragnarok, FTPE:,
[10] At Ragnarok, Tyr will kill this blood-stained hound who guards the entrance to Hel.
Answer: Garm
[10] Also at Ragnarok, this child of Fenrir will finally catch up and devour the sun. His brother Hati chases the moon at night.
Answer: Skoll
[10] This rooster wakes the Einherjar, the warriors of Valhalla, and he will signal the beginning of Ragnarok.
Answer: Gullinkambi
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Answer the following about some WWII operations that failed miserably, FTPE:,
[10] probably the most brilliant failure by Bernard Montgomery was this September 1944 operation, an attempt to break through the German lines and to cross the Rhine in the Netherlands. It is often referred to as 'one bridge too far':
Answer: operation Market Garden
[10] The most important failure was of course Hitler's invasion of the USSR, operation Barbarossa; some historians dispute whether Hitler's holding on to Stalingrad was really as big a mistake as it is often referred to, but in any case, it cost this German Field Marshall and leader of the 6th army his reputation:
Answer: Freidrich von Paulus
[10] despite the presence of this brilliant tactician, author of the 1940 Blitzkrieg, the battle of Kursk turnedinto one gigantic fiasco for Nazi-Germany. Hitler dismissed him in 1944:
Answer: Erich von Manstein
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His credits include The Ground Beneath Her Feet, from which U2 took the lyrics to their song of the same name. FTPE:,
[10] This writer was recently served with divorce papers from Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi. Sure she's pretty hot, but that's nowhere near as bad as having an Ayatollah call a fatwa on your ass.
Answer: Salman Rushdie
[10] Rushdie's fatwa was partly based on passages in The Satanic Verses, where this main character has dream-visions of being themessenger whispering false Qur'an messages in the ear of the prophet.
Answer: Gibreel Farishta (prompt on partial)
[10] In Rushdie's latest novel, Shalimar the Clown, the title character ends up killing this man, former French resistance hero and US ambassador, who had earlier taken the lovely Boonyi from him; he shares his name with a German film director.
Answer: Max Ophuls
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The middle section of this opera's overture is a minor-mode version of the tune from the opening aria, "Hier, soll ich dich denn sehen." FTPE:,
[10] Identify this singspiel which opens with Belmonte arriving at Pasha Selim's palace in search of his beloved, Konstanze.
Answer: The Abduction from the Seraglio or Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail
[10] This composer, whose other singspiels include Der Schauspieldirektor, or The Impresario, and The Magic Flute, composed The Abduction from the Seraglio.
Answer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
[10] This C major aria, in which Konstanze declares that she will remain faithful to Belmonte in the face of Pasha Selim's threats, is notable for its incorporation of obbligato parts for solo flute, oboe, violin, and cello. It is also probably the longest aria in Mozart's mature operatic output.
Answer: "Martern aller Arten"(I guess accept"Tortures of every kind," butno one actually knows it by that title)
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Charley Emathla was murdered for signing this treaty, which required that the Seminoles give up their land in Florida and move to Oklahoma. FTPE,,
[10] Name this 1832 treaty, negotiated by James Gadsden.
Answer: Treaty of Payne's Landing
[10] Emathla was killed by this man, an outspoken opponent of removal who led the Seminoles in the Second Seminole War.
Answer: Osceola
[10] The Second Seminole War was sparked by this ambush of U.S. troops on December 28, 1835. It is named after major who fell in the conflict, and only two U.S. soldiers survived.
Answer: Dade Massacre
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Answer these questions about the Acts of the Apostles, FTPE:,
[10] Acts describes this man's voyages across the Mediterranean, notably his shipwreck on Malta where he was bitten by a snake on the island. He lived, which the Maltese saw as proof of his divinity.
Answer: Paul the Apostle
[10] After hearing Philip speak, this former magician came to believe in Jesus. However, Peter rebuked him when he asked to be given the power to confer the Holy Spirit on people in exchange for money.
Answer: Simon Magus (accept Simon the Sorcerer and Simon of Gitta)
[10] This woman and her husband, Ananias, sold part of the common land of the Church and then claimed that they had given all their proceeds to the Apostles, even though they kept some money for themselves. Upon being questioned by Peter, she died instantly.
Answer: Sapphira
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Answer the following chemistry questions involving nitrogen-containing compounds, FTPE:,
[10] Amines can be synthesized via this process involving a phthalimide ion reacting with an alkyl bromide. Acid hydrolysis releases the free amine.
Answer: Gabriel synthesis
[10] ²-amino-carbonyls are synthesized via this reaction that combines a ketone, formaldehyde, and a primary amine. The reaction proceeds through an imine intermediate.
Answer: Mannich reaction
[10] Azabenzenes such as pyridine can undergo this reaction which adds an amino group adjacent to the nitrogen in the ring. It is named after a Russian chemist.
Answer: Chichibabin reaction
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After her daughter Vesta is born, the title character goes to work for the Bracebridge family. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this novel whose title character loses her virginity to Senator George Brander and adopts two orphans to cope with her daughter's death.
Answer: Jennie Gerhardt
[10] This man's father Archibald will only give him his inheritance on the condition that he leave Jennie. He does so but later regrets it.
Answer: Lester Kane (accept either)
[10] Jennie Gerhardt was written by this American author of Sister Carrie.
Answer: Theodore Dreiser
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FTPE, identify the following news sources from columns or columnists, given clues:,
[10] Rupert Murdoch is the new chairman of this formerly Bancroft-owned paper which features such columns as "Golf Journal," "Ahead of the Tape," and "Heard on the Street."
Answer: The Wall Street Journal (prompt on "W. S. J.")
[10] This weekly publication discusses finance in its "Buttonwood" column, Europe in "Charlemagne", America in "Lexington," and Britain specifically in "Bagehot," named for an early editor. Founded by James Wilson in 1843, it has a clearly liberal view of things:
Answer: The Economist
[10] Roger Cohen and Maureen Dowd are regular contributors to this 1887 founded newspaper, of which the NYTimes became the sole owner in 2002:
Answer: International Herald Tribune

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