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2008 Cardinal Classic Tossups by Berkeley
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In the last years of his life this man was stalked by a crazed Polish princess, who had him brought to trial for fraud. At the age of 20 he left his farm in the care of his business partner, Charles Rudd, and returned to England in order to study at Oriel College in Oxford. The support of Jan Hofmeyr helped him become prime minister, and he introduced the Glen Grey Act and the Franchise and Ballot Act. However,a failure to trigger an uprising of the Uitlanders [pronunciation guide: Ewtlanders]forced him to step down as leader of the Cape Colony in 1896, and on his death six years later he was buried on a hilltop in Matobo national park nearBulawayo, now the second-largest city in a country once named for him. FTP, name this British-born politician and industrialist who founded the De Beers Mining Company and funded a famous scholarship.
Answer: Cecil Rhodes
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One reversible type of this object is named after Henry Kater, while one of them named after Persoz can be used to measure hardness. The equation of motion of the simplest type of these objects can be solved by using Jacobi elliptic functions, while the double one of them is a famous example of a system displaying chaotic behavior. A physical one's motion depends on the value of its moment of inertia about its pivot point, while the simple one's equation of motion is often simplified by making the sine of theta = theta small angle approximation, in which case it exhibits simple harmonic motion. FTP, name these oscilatting devices, one of which was used to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth by Foucault.
Answer: pendulum
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The collection named after this poem also features a poem whose last line echoes that of George Meredith's "Lucifer in Starlight," as well as a poem whose epigraph is from Act IV, scene i of The Jew of Malta. Those poems, "Cousin Nancy" and "Portrait of a Lady," are two of the "Other Observations" referred to by the title of the collection. The speaker of the poem itself describes voices "dying with a dying fall / Beneath the music from a farther room" and "yellow fog that rubs its back upon the window-panes," and he constantly asks, "how should I presume?" FTP, identify this poem in which "the women come and go / Talking of Michelangelo," written by T. S. Eliot.
Answer: "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"
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Samuel Monk wrote a 1935 work that studied "critical theories" of this concept in 18th century England. One of the earliest descriptions of it in modern times comes from John Dennis, who discussed it in relation to a Grand Tour of the Alps he had made, while it was said to "arise from visible objects" in a work by Joseph Addison. Jean-Francois Lyotard wrote a work discussing this from a postmodern perspective, called "Lessons on the Analytic of" this concept. It was divided into mathematical and dynamical forms and said to belong to Reason rather than Understanding in Critique of Judgment, while vastness, obscurity, and terror were associated with this concept by Edmund Burke. Subject of a treatise by Longinus, FTP, name this aesthetic notion that both Kant and Burke contrasted with "the Beautiful."
Answer: the sublime (accept word forms like sublimity)
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His experience defending the Santa Fe Trail led him to improve the old muzzle-loading carbines, so in 1853, he resigned his commission to manufacture guns near Edghill, his estate. At the outbreak of the Civil War, he was appointed colonel of the First Rhode Island Regiment, and by 1862 he oversaw the First and Ninth Corps. Had his attack on the Rohrbach Bridge been more effective, the Battle of Antietam might not have been so costly. His military career ended with the Battle of the Crater, but his most famous mistake culminated in the Mud March after a failed attempt to cross the Rappahannock River. FTP, name this Civil War Union general replaced by Joseph Hooker after the Battle of Fredericksburg and known for his eponymous whiskers.
Answer: Ambrose Everett Burnside
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It contains a statue of St-Andrew by Duquesnoy, as well as a monument to the Royal Stuarts, actually dedicated to the Old Pretender and some of his descendants. It replaced an older structure of the same name, which Leone Battista Alberti and Bernardo Rossellino had partially reconstructed after it had more or less fallen to ruin in the 15thcentury. A medal engraving from 1506 shows this structure's original plan of a semi-circularstepped dome above a shallow drum, a plan to which architects asFra Gioconde and Raphael initially stuck. Under the wishes of Pope Paul V, however, Carlo Maderno altered Bramante's original idea by adding a nave to form a Latin cross instead of a Greek one, as had been the original plan. FTP, name this church which saw its reconstruction once planned by Michelangelo, and which is traditionally considered the burial place of the first pope.
Answer: Basilica of Saint Peter (accept: St. Peter's Basilica or Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano)
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In Act IV, scene iv of this play, one character addressesthe woman she once called "vain flourish of my fortune," nowcalling her "she that scorned at me, now scorned of me." That addressee, Elizabeth, is in mourning because of a murder committed by James Tyrrel, an act about which the title character remarks that "sin will pluck on sin." In the opening scene, a character is being sent to prison for having a name beginning with "G," and the protagonist determines to "hate the idle pleasures of these days" because he "cannot prove a lover." His opening monologue also features a complaint that his only pastime is to "descant on [his] own deformity" and a line about the passing of "the winter of our discontent." FTP, name this play by Shakespeare about the last York king.
Answer: The Tragedy of King Richard III
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It has been used to explain a case of diastrophic displasia in Finland as well as deafness in families living on Martha's Vineyard. One result of it is linkage disequilibrium, as it accounts for the unusual rate of Huntington's Disease in Afrikaaners and native people in the Lake Maracaibo region. A more famous case involving it is Ellis-van Creveld syndrome among the Amish, which has been traced back to Samuel King's 1744 settling of Eastern Pennsylvania. This concept was predated by the Sewall Wright's shifting balance theory, though its modern formulation appeared in Systematics and the Origin of Species by Ernst Mayr. FTP, name this effect in which the establishment of a colony by a small number of individuals leads to a decrease in genetic variation.
Answer: the founder effect (prompt on "bottleneck")
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One ruler of this name was King of Navarre, and was together with Francis I captured at the battle of Pavia. The Holy Roman Emperor of this name crushed the rebellion of Arduin and took Bohemia from Boleslaus I of Poland; after his death he and his wife Cunigunde were canonized by the Catholic Church. The French king of this name would persecute the Huguenots, sign the peace of Cateau-Cambresiswith the English and Spanish,and was killed by Gabriel Montgomery during a friendly jousting match organized as a celebration of the aforementioned peace treaty. FTP, give the name shared by these rulers and the father of William de Longespee, John Lackland, and Richard the Lion-Hearted, the first Plantagenet king of England.
Answer: Henry II
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A work of his was criticized by C.H.D. Buys-Ballout, who said that if this man's theory were true, gases should diffuse much more quickly than observed. In response, this man modified his theory by suggesting that gas particles undergo random walks. His name is sometimes applied to a theorem he developed that says that the mean kinetic energy is minus half the mean potential energy, known as the virial theorem. His namesake inequality says that the integral of the heat exchange over temperature is less than or equal to zero for a cyclic process. Along with a Frenchman, he lends his name to an equation giving the slope of the coexistance curve. FTP, give this man's name that is paired with Clapeyron in a famous equation.
Answer: Rudolf Clausius
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King Elynas's daughter, Palatyne, was trapped on top of a mountain guarded by one of these. Another one of them, Gucumatz, brought agriculture and civilization to the Maya. The Sumerian god of life, Ningizidda, is also one, as are the Haitian Ayida-Weddo and the Yoruban Oshunmare, both of whom are associated with rainbows. Susanowa became the god of these creatures after killing the eight-headed Koshi. In Greek myth, one of them killed Eurydice, while in Hindu mythology, Vishnu rests on the thousand-headed Sesha, ruler of the Nagas. FTP, name these animals, Norse examples of which include Nidhogg and Jormungand.
Answer: serpent or snake
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Its highest point isthe Adelungha Toghiat above 14,000 feet, and its lowest point, in lake Sarikamish, is below sea level.Dominated in the north by the Qizilqum Desert, it has a fertile area in the Fergana Valley, where the Naryn and the Kara Darya come together near Namangan to form the Syr Darya. Nukus is the capital of the autonomous republic of Karakalpakstan, which occupies its western end; other major cities include Jizzax and Bukhara. The only one of the five Central Asian states to border the other four, name, FTP, this former Soviet republic containing the cities of Samarqand and Tashkent.
Answer: Uzbekistan
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At a ball in this novel, the protagonist is surprised to learn that one of her stepdaughter's suitors wishes to talk to her during the cotillion rather than dance with her stepdaughter, prompting her to realize that he is still in love with her. The protagonist then promises her stepdaughter's other suitor, Ned Rosier, that she will help him in his courtship of Pansy. The protagonist's cousin Ralph insists that her uncle, Daniel Touchett, leave her an inheritance so that she will not have to marry for money, and it is her desire for independence that leads her to reject both Caspar Goodwood and Lord Warburton, only to become entrapped by Madame Merle and the devious Gilbert Osmond. FTP, name this novel about Isabel Archer, written by Henry James.
Answer: The Portrait of a Lady
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Drawing from folk music traditions, the composer of this opera set its third-act bridal chorus in quintuple meter, and the opera's final chorus, called a hymn-march by its composer, is written in the style of 17th- and 18th- century kanti. Only after a ruler is elected does the protagonist consent to the marriage between Sobinin and his daughter Antonida, and the protagonist sings his aria "They sense the truth" after leading an invading Polish army astray. FTP, name this opera whose hero, Ivan Susanin, gives up his own life for the safe passage of Mikhail Romanov, composed by Mikhail Glinka.
Answer: A Life for the Tsar or Zhizn' za Tsarya (accept Ivan Susanin on early buzz)
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They had their first successes in the 1920a under the leadership of legendary manager Herbert Chapman. Famous for their namesake 1-0 victory, they were actually founded in Woolwich under the name Dial Square, but moved to their Highbury playing grounds in 1913, where they would remain until their move to their current Emirates Stadium location in 2006. Notable former players include David O'Leary, Tony Adams, Ian Wright and David Seaman, and they would become the first London side ever to reach the final of the UEFA Champions League. Nick Hornby's Fever Pitch revolves around a fan of, FTP, what English football club currently managed by Arsene Wenger and commonly referred to as "The Gunners"?
Answer: Arsenal Football Club
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In a 1984 study, J.G. Miller showed that this was less common among Indian Hindus than Americans. The common term for it was first coined in the work "The Intuitive Psychologist and His Shortcomings", while studies by Daniel Gilbert have shown it to be more common when cognitive load is high. Lee Ross coined the term for it in 1977, while Edward Jones and Victor Harris demonstrated it in a famous 1967 experiment in which subjects read essays and were then asked to rate the authors' attitudes toward Fidel Castro. Also called the "correspondence bias," FTP, name this psychological tendency to over-emphasize personality attributes and under-emphasize situational attributes in explaining the behavior of others.
Answer: Fundamental attribution error or bias (also accept accept overattribution effect; accept correspondence bias before it is mentioned; prompt on "actor-observer effect", "correspondent inference," or "dispositionist bias")
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Mikhail Borodin was one of the Comintern Soviet advisors that restructured this organization, together with the military advisors, generals Pavlov and Blyukher, and it would retain a centralized leadership until its democratization in the 1990s. In the 1940s, this organization inflicted a white terror on the population of the country it would mainly be associated with, in reaction to the so-called 228 incident. When this organization's autocratic leader died in 1975, he was succeeded by his son, who had to face Jimmy Carter's 1978 decisionto sever diplomatic ties withhis government,though he would remain allied with the US. Currently led by Wu Po-Hsiung, this organization was refounded in 1919, after Yuan Shi-Kai had dissolved it in 1914 and had its parliamentary leader, Song Jiaoren, killed. FTP, what is the name of this organization that had Sun Yat-Sen and Chiang Kai Shek as leaders?
Answer: Guomintang or Kwomintang or KMT (prompt onChinese Nationalist Party)
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One of this its symbols is the Ringstone, a diagram of arcs inscribed in a nine-pointed star. Its holiest site is in Akko, Israel, the Qibilh, while its most important tablet is in the shape of a pentacle. All those between the ages of 15 and 70 must fast for 19 days, and 19 features prominently in of its festivals, the Nineteen Days Feasts, as well as its calendar of 19 months and 19 days. Its guiding principle is the belief that all the world's prophets have been manifestations of the same divine being. Nearly 5 percent of Belize adheres to it though India has the largest number of followers. In Iran, it is seen as a heresy to Islam, and one of its founder is honored on July 9, the date he was executed on in 1850. FTP, name this religion that the Bab and Baha'u'llah founded.
Answer: Baha'i
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One of its inventors would cofound IG-Farben, while the other would help develop Zyklon B. Roughly 1% of the world's energy goes into it, though it can then be used to feed 40% of the world's population. It was originally catalyzed by an osmium-uranium compound, though modern options include small particles of iron oxide and magnetite injected directly into the reaction chamber. It grew out of a naval blockade limiting the supply of saltpeter and guano from Chile, and coupled with oxidation the Ostwald process it can be used to synthesize explosives, a fact Germany exploited in World War I. FTP, name this high-temperature and -pressure requiring reaction that combines nitrogen and hydrogen to generate ammonia.
Answer: Haber-Bosch process
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The architect Mirabu appears in this author's first novel,one of several historical novels influenced by Sir Walter Scott,whose title was changed to Mockery of the Fates by an editor.Aman who tries tomurder his ex-wife's husband and his former partner in crime before being killed in a cemetery appearsin his TheThiefand the Dogs, while the Greek landlady Marianaappearsin a novel whose four narrators include the retired journalist Amer Wagdi, entitledMiramar. Another novel, whose first four sections retell the stories of Adam, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad, is entitled The Children of Gebelaawi. FTP, identify this author also known for a series of books centering on the family of al-Sayyid Ahmad Abd al-Jawad, the Cairo Trilogy.
Answer: Naguib Mahfouz
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His uncle was John Norvell, founder of the Philadelphia Inquirer and one of the first pair of U.S. Senators from Michigan. He graduated from college at age 14 and received a medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania at 19 before becoming a lawyer in New Orleans. In 1853, he declared the short-lived "Republic of Lower California" in Mexico, and in 1855 a dispute over a proposed canal sent him to Central America, where he attempted to spread slavery and earned the wrath of Cornelius Vanderbilt before being executed in 18 FTP, name this American filibuster who spent over nine months as the president of Nicaragua.
Answer: William Walker
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In one book in which he appears, a commissary points out that he shares his name with a mountain in Macedonia. He has a son with the mistress of one of his best friends, the Duchess of Chevreuse, and he is possibly also the father of Mordaunt, who is the villain of one of the books he appears in. Also known as Olivier, Comte de la Fere, he dies after learning of the death of his son Raoul, who is the title character of The Vicomte de Bragelonne. Most famously, he is revealed in a last-second plot twist to be the ex-husband of the villainous Milady de Winter. FTP, name this man who was portrayed by Alexandre Dumas as the compatriot of Porthos and Aramis.
Answer: Athos (accept "Comte de la Fere" early)
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In a painting of this figure currently housed in Vienna, a white rider with a scythe can be seen in the clouds at the upper left, and the artist's name in Greek is inscribed vertically on the right. In a painting now in the Louvre, two iniquitous figures can be seen below him on the right, and his exposed torso is at a different angle. A painting now in Venice lacks the classical arch depicted in the other two, replacing it with a shallow brown background. FTP, who is this title figure depicted pierced by arrows in three paintings by Andrea Mantegna?
Answer: Saint Sebastian
2008 Cardinal Classic Bonuses by Berkeley
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FTPE, answer these questions about a misleadingly-titled philosophical work.,
[10] This work begins with a "prelude in rhymes," and ends with "an appendix of songs". In one section, a madman carrying a lantern shouts that he is looking for God, and cannot find him, because we have killed him. The title of this book derives from a poetic expression in Provencal.
Answer: The Gay Science (or Die frohliche Wissenschaft)
[10] This author of "Why I Am So Wise," "Why I Am So Clever," "Why I Write Such Good Books," and "Why I Am a Destiny" wrote The Gay Science, as well as Ecce Homo (which contains the aforementioned chapters).
Answer: Friedrich Nietzsche
[10] Deriving from the same expression is the derisive reference to economics as the "dismal science," a usage coined by Thomas Carlyle in this 1849 tract calling for the reintroduction of slavery.
Answer: "Occasional Discourse on the Negro Question"
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Originally written in Pahlavi, this poem tells the history of its country from the beginnings of the universe until the Arabic conquest.FTPE:,
[10] Identify this epic poem in rhyming couplets, whose most famous section tells of Rostam, a hero who slays a white elephant and completes seven labors.
Answer: Shahnameh (also accept Book of Kings)
[10] This is the Persian author of the Shahnameh.
Answer: Hakim Abul-Ghasem Ferdowsi Tusi
[10] In addition to the tale of Rostam and Sohrab, the Shahnameh also tells of the love between Khusraw and this Armenian princess.
Answer: Shirin
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Answer the following about the Russian Time of Troubles, FTPE.,
[10] The Time of Troubles began after the death of this de facto ruler of Russia, who acted as regent for the feeble Fedor I, son of Ivan the Terrible, and who became Czar after Fedor's death.
Answer: Boris Godunov
[10] Boris was succeeded by this 16 year old son of his, who would in turn be succeeded by the first of the false Dimitris, all of whom claimed to be Tsarevich Dimitri, the actually murdered son of Ivan the terrible:
Answer: Fyodor II Godunov (or Fedor II, accept either)
[10] After the death of False Dmitri I, this leading boyar under Godunov ascended the Russian throne. In defense of Godunov, he declared that Tsarevich Dmitri had stabbed himself during an epileptic seizure.
Answer: Vasily IV Shuisky
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The A form of this drug is produced by the Norwegian fungus Tolypocladium inflatum Gams. FTPE.,
[10] Name this immunosuppressant commonly used to prevent organ rejection. It can also be used to treat psoriasis and dermatitis.
Answer: Cyclosporin
[10] Cyclosporin acts by inhibiting the mRNA transcript coding for the type 2 variety of these cytokines. They were initially thought to be chemical messengers between white blood cells.
Answer: interleukins
[10] Secretion of interleukin-2 activates these antibody-secreting immune cells.
Answer: B cells
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The title character, first seen as aneleven-year-old boy living with his aunt Drusilla in Marygreen, becomes trapped in a marriagewithArabella Donn, who later moves to Australia.FTPE:,
[10] Identify this novel, Thomas Hardy's last.
Answer: Jude the Obscure
[10] Upon going to Christminsterwith the intent of studyingat the university, Jude promptly falls in love with this cousin of his.
Answer: Sue Bridehead
[10] Jude urges Sue to take on a job with this man, formerly the schoolmaster at Marygreen who had inspired Jude to pursue an education in Christminster. Sue marries him, but they divorce soon after.
Answer: Richard Phillotson
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In 1686, it consisted of Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay, New Hampshire, and Maine, but by 1688 it encompassed all the land between New France and the Delaware River. FTPE,,
[10] Name this short-lived confederation of northeast colonies.
Answer: Dominion of New England
[10] This man was appointed governor-general of the Dominion of New England by James II. He strictly enforced English laws, particularly the Navigation Acts.
Answer: Edmund Andros
[10] Andros's rule was supported by this man, his chief justice. He would later go on to become colonial governor of Massachusetts and New Hampshire.
Answer: Joseph Dudley
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Her brother's noisy antics upset this deity so much that she hid in a cave, plunging the world into darkness. FTPE,,
[10] Name this Shinto sun goddess, older sister to Susanowa.
Answer: Amaterasu
[10] Amaterasu and Susanowa were also siblings to this moon god, born from Izanagi's right eye.
Answer: Tsukuyomi
[10] Susanowa gave Amaterasu this powerful sword, whose name means "grass-cutter." Amaterasu passed it on to her grandson Ninigi when he became ruler of Japan.
Answer: Kusanagi
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FTPE, answer these questions about the work of Marcel Duchamp.,
[10] Duchamp often took ordinary objects and slapped titles onto them, an art form now given this name.
Answer: Ready-Mades (or found art)
[10] This Duchamp work, done on two panes of glass using things such as oil paint, varnish, lead foil and wire, and dust, allegedly contains some of the artist's semen.
Answer: The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even (Accept: The Large Glass or The Green Box)
[10] An early ready-made of Duchamp was called Prelude to a Broken Arm, which was actually just one of these objects.
Answer: a snow shovel
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Answer these questions about circuit rules and laws FTPE.,
[10] This law states that the sum of the voltage in a closed loop is zero.
Answer: Kirchhoff's Voltage Rule (also accept Kirchhoff's Second Law/Rule or Kirchhoff's Loop Rule or Kirchhoff's Mesh Rule)
[10] Kirchhoff's junction rule, meanwhile, is basically a statement of conservation of charge, which can be mathematically expressed as: "The time derivative of charge density plus the divergence of this vector quantity equals zero."
Answer: current density (prompt on "j", DO NOT prompt on or accept "current")
[10] This theorem states that a network of resistors and voltage sources in a circuit can be simplified down to a single voltage source in series with a single resistor.
Answer: Thevenin's Theorem
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Answer the following about some friends and foes of Vladimir Putin who recently made the news, FTPE:,
[10] This man has been 'annointed' by Putin as his successor as Russian president, and few people doubt he will actually win the upcoming election in March of 2008. He's Currently Putin's first deputy prime minister,and made his career as chairman of Gazprom:
Answer: Dimitri Medvedev
[10] Putin was especially unhappy to see this man reelected in January of 2008 as president of Georgia. He then started spreading rumors of election fraud, which were denied by independent observers of the OSCE:
Answer: Mikhail Saakashvili
[10] Putin would have preferred to have seen this man elected as Georgian president; he came in second after the first round, but Saakashvili's absolute majority denied him a second round:
Answer: Levan Gachechiladze
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Identify the following German lyric poets, FTPE.,
[10] A prologue and 65 poems make up hisLyric Intermezzo, which appears along with "The Lorelei" in his first collection,Book of Songs.
Answer: Heinrich Heine
[10] He played a key role in the thought of Martin Heidegger, who wrote an essay named for this man "and the Essence of Poetry" and gave a famous lecture course on his poem "The Ister." His other poems include "Bread and Wine" and "Patmos," and he wrote the novel Hyperion.
Answer: Friedrich Holderlin
[10] Mozart's Journey into Prague and Painter Nolten are two of his novels, and his poems include "To An Aeolian Harp," the "Peregrina" poems, and a set of sonnets to Luise Rau.
Answer: Eduard Morike
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Answer the following questions about a Mughal emperor and his court FTPE.,
[10] This Mughal emperor known for religious toleration married the Hindu princess Jodhabai, who was the mother of his son and successor Jahangir.
Answer: Akbar the Great
[10] One of Akbar's council of nine advisors, or Navaratnas, this Persian served as regent during Akbar's youth and led the victorious army at the Second Battle of Panipat.
Answer: Bairam Khan
[10] The most famous of the Navaratnas, this Hindu advisor is the subject of many stories in which his interactions with Akbar showcase his great wit. His death at the Battle of Malandari Pass is said to be the result of deceit.
Answer: Birbal
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FTPE, name these things or people mentioned in Dan Smith (aka Southpaw)'s Christian-themed rap parody "Baby Got Book," which you should Google if you haven't already.,
[10] Southpaw wants to be taught about this 18th-century minister and theologian, who wrote Notes on the New Testament and was instrumental in founding Methodism.
Answer: John Wesley
[10] This Greek term first appears in Acts 2:42 and originally meant "partnership." It is now used to describe and characterize fellowship among Christians.
Answer: koinonia
[10] This Evangelical and founder of the popular Willow Creek Community Church outside of Chicago has drawn ire from fellow evangelicals for his outspoken feminist views.
Answer: Bill Hybels
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Identify thesepiecescomposed byEdvard Grieg, FTPE.,
[10] Grieg's most famous works are probably two suites adapted from incidental music he wrote for this Henrik Ibsen play. The first suite contains the movements "Morning Mood" and "In the Hall of the Mountain King."
Answer: Peer Gynt
[10] The five movements of this suite suggest eighteenth-century dance forms, such as the gavotte and the rigaudon. It was written to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of its namesake playwright.
Answer: Holberg Suite or From Holberg's Time or Aus Holbergs Zeit or Fra Holbergs tid
[10] Probably Grieg's most famous piece of solo piano music is this member of the Lyric Pieces, opus 65 number 6, whose title refers to his house in Bergen.
Answer: "Wedding Day at Troldhaugen" (or "Bryllupsdag Pa Troldhaugen")
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Answer these questions about stereochemistry, FTPE:,
[10] These stereoisomers are mirror images of one another and can be distinguished by their characteristic rotation of plane-polarized light in opposite directions.
Answer: enantiomers
[10] The first major example of stereoisomerism came from this molecule, crystals of which Pasteur painstakingly separated by hand.
Answer: tartaric acid
[10] This term describes the relative stereochemistry of macromolecules. One example from polymer chemistry is a racemo diad, where adjacent atoms have opposite chirality.
Answer: tacticity
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Not all winners of the Nobel Prize in Economics have been economists. FTPE, name some who weren't.,
[10] This political scientist won the 1978 prize for, among other things, developing the "garbage can" model of organizational decision-making. He coined the terms "bounded rationality" and "satisficing."
Answer: Herbert Simon
[10] This psychologist shared the prize with Vernon Smith for the work that he and the late Amos Tversky did on heuristics and biases in decision-making and the development of prospect theory.
Answer: Daniel Kahneman
[10] Probably the most famous winner of the prize is this 1994 laureate, a mathematician whose work on game theory resulted in the discovery of his namesake equilibria.
Answer: John Forbes Nash
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Its first section, entitled "The Book of the Grotesque," tells of an old writer who has avision of everyone he has ever knownand begins to write a book about it, which he never publishes. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this work that centers around the young reporter George Willard.
Answer: Winesburg, Ohio
[10] This author of the novels Poor White, Many Marriages, and Dark Laughter wrote Winesburg, Ohio.
Answer: SherwoodAnderson
[10] In this story in Winesburg, Ohio, George receives a brief letter from Louise Trunnion that reads, "I'm yours if you want me," and the two have sex in a berry field. The story ends with George reassuring himself with the title statement.
Answer: "Nobody Knows"
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Several cities around the world claim to built on seven hills. FTSNP, name some of them.,
[5] known as Yedi tepeli _ehir or city on the seven hills, this city has the Mosque of Beyazid and the Suleymaniye complex on two of its seven hills:
Answer: Istanbul, Turkey
[5] Scopus, Nob, and the Mount of Corruption, three summits of the Mount of Olives, are among the seven hills that feet in ancient times may have walked upon in this city.
Answer: Jerusalem, Israel
[10] the Santa Catarina and Estrela are two of the seven mountains in this city, home to the 1998 expo, and known for its Jeronimos monastery and its wonderful lower city or Baixa:
Answer: Lisbon, Portugal
[10] Carlton Hill and Craiglockheart Hill are two of the seven hills in this city, home to the palace of Holyroodhouse and the Heriot-Watt University; it was the birthplace of Tony Blair:
Answer: Edinburgh
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FTPE, answer some things about Cubism.,
[10] This French painter of the Birds series is generally regarded as one of the two co-founders of Cubism.
Answer: George Braque
[10] This Frenchman was another major Cubist, although his heavy use of cylinders led critics to refer to his version of Cubism as "Tubism." He painted such works as Three Women and The City, and he had a noted "mechanical period."
Answer: Fernand Leger
[10] Leger once considered abandoning painting for filmmaking, but this is the only film he ever produced. A collaboration with Man Ray, it consisted of a series of human and machine activity in rhythmic movement.
Answer: Ballet Mecanique (accept Mechanical Ballet)
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Identify these women important to twelfth century culture in Europe FTPE.,
[10] This visionary German polymath, who was never officially canonized, founded the monastery at Rupertsberg in 1150, in addition to composing the Ordo Virtutum and writing the Liber divinorum operum.
Answer: Hildegarde of Bingen
[10] As of the 12th century, these women would start living alone in separate areas of towns in the low countries and the Rhineland, not taking vows, but still devoting themselves to chastity, poverty, prayer, and good works. Their movement would be declared heretic in the 14th century, but rehabilitated in the15th century. Some of their living quarters still persist, and have become Unesco world heritage sites in 1998:
Answer: Beguines (or beguine movement).
[10] The niece of Canon Fulbert, this scholar of Latin, Greek, and Hebrew had a famous epistolary romance that led to her lover's castration and to her taking the cloth as a nun on her uncle's orders.
Answer: Heloise
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This order is divided into the suborders Odontoceti and Mysticeti, separating those with teeth from those with baleen. FTPE,,
[10] Name this order of aquatic mammals.
Answer: Cetaceans (Cetacea)
[10] This fatty organ in the head of toothed whales is thought to act as a lens, allowing the whale to accurately focus returning sound waves from echolocation.
Answer: melon
[10] The closest living relative of whales is the hippo, a member of this order of even-toed ungulates.
Answer: Artiodactyls (Artiodactyla)
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Name these authors who were friends with T. E. Lawrence, FTPE.,
[10] Lawrence was the inspiration for the character of Napoleon Alexander TrotskyMeek in this author's play Too True to Be Good. He and his wife were like surrogate parents to Lawrence, and Lawrence eventually took their surname as his own.
Answer: George Bernard Shaw
[10] This author of such plays as Blithe Spirit, Tonight at 8.30, and Private Lives once jokingly asked if he could call Lawrence "338" for short.
Answer: Noel Coward
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This man might have become president if not for the Compromise of 18 FTPE,,
[10] Name this man, the Democrat who lost to Rutherford B. Hays in the Election of 1876.
Answer: Samuel Tilden
[10] While a member of the New York Democracy, Tilden became a member of this radical, anti-slavery faction led by Martin Van Buren and opposed by the Hunkers.
Answer: Barnburners
[10] As governor of New York, Tilden cracked down on Tammany Hall and this other corrupt organization, a group of contractors who stole millions from waterway maintenance contracts.
Answer: Canal Ring
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Name these common plastic surgery procedures given information about them, FTPE.,
[10] For five points each: invented by the Indian surgeon Sushruta in 500 BC and done basically the same way today, these two facial reconstructions involve reshaping cartilage after separating the underlying structure from soft tissue.
Answer: Rhinoplasty and otoplasty (prompt on responses containing "nose" and "ear")
[10] One form of this eyelid-shaping procedure, first named by Karl Ferdinand von Grafe in 1818, has been dubbed the "Asian" or "Oriental" variety.
Answer: Blepharoplasty
[10] Commonly utilizing a cannula and an aspirator, this procedure is used in body contouring.
Answer: Liposuction or Lipoplasty

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