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2006 Aztlan Cup Tossups by Matt Weiner
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The center of this recently created neighborhood can be entered via the 14th of July Bridge, which joins the Karkh and Karadah districts. It was created around older buildings such as the Republican Palace, Adnan Building, Believers Palace, and Al-Rasheed Hotel. Patrolled by Bradley vehicles and Abrams tanks from Camp Steel Dragon, it was constructed around the area known as "Uday's Playground" as well as the major palaces used by Saddam Hussein. British representatives are required to use an armored car and four bodyguards to leave this area, delineated by razor wire, checkpoints, and the concrete T-Walls. FTP, name this super-secured section of central Baghdad in which American administrators and media live.
Answer: the Green Zone [accept International Zone; prompt on The Bubble]
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Roughly a minute into its first movement, which is in 3/4 time, a loud cadence from the bassoons and horns leads into the transition to G major, after which the cellos and then the violins state the main theme, soon being interrupted by a forceful string outburst often called a "purple patch." The second movement, in 3/8 time, explores the keys of G major, C major, and A minor, but is primarily set in the key of E major, with the tempo Andante con Moto. The Entr'acte from Rosamunde, also with a main key of B minor, is believed to be the outgrowth of the composer's planned finale of this work, for which only nine bars of its scherzo were mapped out before the composer would go on to pursue writing the Great C Major Symphony instead. FTP, identify this Franz Schubert symphony that only has two completed movements.
Answer: Unfinished Symphony or Symphony No. 8 in B Minor
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Jamshid ibn Abd `Allah was the only man of a line established here in 1806 to rule this land independently in the twentieth century, doing so for a month before he was ousted and a People's Republic was established. Of a far greater brevity was the war over the succession of Sultan Hamad bin Thuwaini, which saw Khalid ibn Barghash attempt a coup in a war that lasted three quarters of an hour. In 1886, the Germans and British determined that this state held territories from Mimbini to Cape Delgado, or from Kenya to Mozambique, and in an 1890 treaty, Germany gained Helgoland and agreed not to interfere with British interests in this sultanate, which had been ruled for a century by former Omani rulers. FTP, name this island that united with Tanganyika in 1964 and put the "zan" into "Tanzania," an exotic destination for a Bing Crosby and Bob Hope "Road" movie.
Answer: Zanzibar or Zinjibar
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Early on, one of the title characters repeatedly complains about trouble putting on and removing his moleskin pants as a ruse to put off seeing Father Farrell about a job. The arrival of a self-proclaimed Theosophist results in a spree of money borrowing and lavish purchases of furniture and a gramophone, the latter of which is snatched by Mrs. Madigan. Of the two central children, one rejects Jerry Devine's offer to marry her in spite of her impregnation by Michael Bentham; the other, who had lost his arm in battle, rats out Robert Tancred and is killed for it by Republican militiamen. Amidst the tragedies that befall Mary and Johnny, the female title character prepares to leave her husband, who is busy getting drunk with Joxer Daly. FTP, identify this Sean O'Casey play about Mrs. Boyle and her ostentatiously titled husband.
Answer: Juno and the Paycock
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This quantity can be defined directly through transformations of the totally antisymmetric permutation tensor, and the problem of finding the largest one for some set of values was posed by Hadamard. The Cayley-Menger form gives the volume of a simplex in n dimensions, while the "hyper" form of this quantity is defined for tensors of rank higher than two. Solving the eigenvalue problem requires setting this quantity to zero, and a system of linear equations will have a unique solution if this quantity of the associated with the system's matrix is nonzero, according to Cramer's Rule. Typically computed by expansion in cofactors, for ten points, identify this function defined for square matrices, which for a two by two matrix with entries a, b, c, d, is given by ad minus cb.
Answer: determinant
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Hatshepsut built a small shrine dedicated to this mythological figure, which can be found in the temple of Karnak, and the hieroglyphs of this figure's name represents the primeval mound. Amenhotep II claimed that this figure was placed on his breast by Amun himself, and her origins can be traced back to the Old Kingdom, where she is described as being at the nostrils of Ra. She came into existence at the moment of creation, and was depicted with wings and an ostrich feather on her head. FTP, name this wife of Thoth, the Egyptian goddess of harmony, truth, and justice.
Answer: Ma'at
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He's not Dostoyevsky, but, after watching the H.H. Ewer film The Student of Prague, he wrote a reflection on the doppelganger theme entitled The Double. He praised resistant patients for using the will as a motivating factor, and broke into psychoanalysis when he read The Interpretation of Dreams during his time off from a job in a machine shop. He followed his first publication, The Artist, by applying the idea of the Oedipus complex to literature in general in The Incest Motif in Poetry and Saga and anticipating Joseph Campbell in the more general The Myth of the Birth of the Hero. Although a protege of Freud, he was expelled from the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society for writing a book which identified a single source of neurosis undergone by all people. FTP, name this author of The Trauma of Birth.
Answer: Otto Rank [or Otto Rosenfeld]
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Supposedly he died engaging in the Jainist practice of sallekhana, starving himself and dying at Bhadrabahu Cave. He met his most notable advisor in Taxila, in modern-day Pakistan, who may have had a rivalry with a dynasty whose last king was Dhana. An envoy of Seleucus Nicator provides one of the best historiographies of this ruler and his administration, the Indica of Megasthenes. Upon his death, his son Bindusara succeeded him and his advisor, who produced the text Arthashastra, was retained. That advisor was known alternately as Chanakya or Kautilya, and this man had come to power by defeating the Nanda dynasty of Magadha, and was known as Sandrakottos by the Greeks. FTP, name this Indian ruler, the namesake of two rulers of a later dynasty and founder of the Mauryan Empire.
Answer: Chandragupta Maurya [accept Sandrakottos until mentioned, prompt thereafter]
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A statue of a portly man holding a cloak and a hat comprises his memorial to copper baron Marcus Daly, located at the University of Montana. The image of a long quotation and golden harp are inscribed in brick over his most major European design, a memorial to Charles Parnell at O'Connell Street in Dublin. His main foray into classical themes was a large sculpture of a nude Diana shooting a bow, which he intended to be placed on a tower at Madison Square Garden. The creator of a "colony" of artists based out of his summer home at Cornish, New Hampshire, he submitted designs for the eagle and double eagle coins and sculpted monuments to William Sherman and David Farragut in New York City. Also the creator of a bronze monument to the black 54th regiment, this is, FTP, what American sculptor, who decorated Boston Common with his Shaw Memorial?
Answer: Augustus Saint-Gaudens
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Upon hearing a derisive reference to "Old Man Whiskers," the title character reflects on being able to say things he wouldn't have gotten away with in Ust-Izhma. The arrival of the protagonist's rival engineer faction ends up saving him from being caught with a piece of metal stuffed into his mitten, after which he hurries to the parcel room to await the expected delivery of food. The snitch Panteleyev and Eino and his unnamed partner are minor members of the protagonist's Gang 104, which also contains the teenage Gopchik, Tsezar, the recipient of the aforementioned package, and the leader Tyurin, a veteran who oversees the duties of his fellow prisoners. FTP, identify this Alexander Solzhenitsyn novel that chronicles a brief moment in the title character's ten year prison sentence.
Answer: One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
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He wrote, "I was the inspiration to Martin Luther King/I'm the reason Ray Charles could sing" in a poem that describes his "mind and body united like the Colors of Benneton." His religious works discuss the "four corners of the earth, all touched by God's churches" and lament that "the devil insists on trying to battle me." He is currently ahead of Gary Buchanan and has already passed Dickie Hemric in his quest for two non-literary records. This graduate of Cave Springs High School in Roanoke, Virginia was formerly Daniel Ewing's co-captain and now holds the overall free-throw mark as well as the ACC's lead for total points scored. FTP, name this shooting guard who is currently in a tie with many other players for last place in number of NCAA titles, the leading scorer for Duke.
Answer: Jonathan Clay "J.J." Redick
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When the Meissner effect occurs in type II superconductors, these objects separate the threaded flux tubes in the material. Their shedding can occur when air flows past a rigid structure, and if the shedding frequency is equal to the structure's resonant frequency, the structure can collapse. One of these exists under every sunspot, and the Von Karman sheet is a repeating pattern of these objects. A polar one is a powerful cyclone that exists at the north and south poles, and more famous examples of them are hurricanes and tornados. For ten points, identify these rotating structures which can form during turbulent flow or in such situations as water going down a drain.
Answer: vortex or vortices
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Accepting the help of Constable de Richemont despite the oppposition of George de La Tremoille, this military leader took Troyes after a visit by the town's Brother Richard, and was forced to abandon Paris after taking Reims, where Renaud de Chartres was archbishop. Taken at Compiegne along with brother Pierre and squire Jean d'Aulon by John of Luxembourg, she was taken to Bouvreuil castle occupied by the Earl of Warwick before Pierre Cauchon, bishop of Beauvais, and Jean Lemaitre, inquisitor of France, tried her. FTP name this advocate of the Dauphin, crowning him at Reims as Charles VI, who made history with La Hire at Orleans, a maid later burned at Rouen.
Answer: Jeanne d'Arc; or Joan of Arc
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Amidst the dark green foliage in the upper right corner of this work, a woman playfully covers her ears with her black gloves as two bearded men, one wearing a straw hat with a red stripe, engage her. The Chatou railroad bridge appears in the distant background, and the woman in the center, who wears a flower on her hat and sips from a wine glass, is the actress Ellen Andree. The young girl leaning on the balcony and staring off in the direction of the viewer is named Alphonsine, and is believed to be the sister of the bearded man in a white sleeveless shirt, who fills most of this painting's left half. The woman seated in the foreground, playing with a puppy, is the artist's future wife, and she sits across the wine-filled table from the fellow painter Gustave Caillebotte. Showing a group of friends from the Maison Fournaise on a tour of the Seine, this is, FTP, what Pierre-Auguste Renoir painting depicting an afternoon meal on a water vessel?
Answer: Luncheon of the Boating Party or Dejeuner des Canotiers
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He lamented his native region's lack of an established history in the essay "Culture of Mimicry" and discussed his own poetic influences in the autobiographical Another Life. The use of sections entitled "North" and "South" in The Fortunate Traveler and titles such as The Castaway emphasize his theme of alienation and feeling torn between his native culture and the colonial English one, which also is reinforced in The Arkansas Testament. The Capeman, Ti-Jean and his Brothers, and A Branch of the Blue Nile are three of the nearly thirty plays by this author, who immortalized the painter Camille Pissarro in Tiepolo's Hound and told of the fishermen Hector and Achille in his masterwork, an ambitious epic based on The Iliad and The Odyssey. FTP, identify this man from St. Lucia, the author of Omeros.
Answer: Derek Walcott
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This country contains Africa's largest lake village, which was established by the Tofinu people near Lake Nokoue and is called Ganvie. The northwestern portion of this country, which is home to the market town of Djougou, is characterized by unusually dry conditions due to the Atakora Barrier. Its eastern portion contains the Atacora Mountains and Mount Sokbaro, while the city of Malanville is in the northern portion and lies on the Niger River. The city of Allada is considered its center of animism, while its official seat of government is Cotonou, which is located on the country's namesake bight. FTP, name this West African nation, sandwiched between Togo and Nigeria, with capital at Porto Novo.
Answer: Republic of Benin [or Republique du Benin]
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One section of this work compares Romulus and Plato, while another details how "Platonists are to be held as excelling other philosophers in logic." Its penultimate section details eternal punishment of the damned, suggesting that "bodies may remain unconsumed and alive in fire," and its last book contains a discussion on "the resurrection of the flesh." Ultimately, it credits internal moral decay, not the adoption of Christianity, as the reason Rome was sacked. FTP, name this 22-book work describing a location where people forego earthly pleasure and dedicate their lives to the promotion of Christian values, written by Saint Augustine of Hippo.
Answer: On the City of God Against the Pagans [or De civitate Dei contra paganos]
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One type occurs when rose and pea genotypes give rise to the walnut phenotype in chicken combs. Another occurs when the mutant black coat color of mice is albino when homozygous for the albino gene. Instead of the 9:3:3:1 ratio of the dihybrid cross, we see F2 phenotypic ratios like 12:3:1 or 9:7. The Bombay phenotype that turns A and B expressing individuals into phenotypic O's is an example of, FTP this gene interaction in which a gene for a product earlier in the pathway interferes with the expression of another gene, derived from the Greek for "stoppage."
Answer: epistasis
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In four essays, Herman Rapaport wrote about the recent works of this man, which discuss his interpretation of Tonnies's concepts of Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft. This philosopher delineated the nature of "voyous" in Rogues: Two Essays on Reason. He discussed Patocka's Heretical Essays on the History of Philosophy and critiqued Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling in the work The Gift of Death. He studied under Louis Althusser, and in 1954, examined the internal tension in Husserl's central notion of "genesis." Later works include Speech and Phenomena and Writing and Difference, and his most famous work discusses an anti-Kantian approach to language. FTP, name this author of Of Grammatology, the developer of deconstruction.
Answer: Jacques Derrida
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It called for a plan "guided by equitable principles" and "characterized by a practical flexibility," and noted that "the burden rests on the defendants to establish that additional time is necessary in the public interest." It re-affirmed the Supreme Court's original ruling in the matter and warned that "the vitality of these constitutional principles cannot be allowed to yield simply because of disagreement with them." Clarifying the previous decision by addressing the issue of relief, it ordered that "all deliberate speed" be employed. FTP, name this decision issued one year after a like-named case that overturned Plessy v. Ferguson by outlawing segregation in public schools.
Answer: Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka II [or Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka 1955; or Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka 349 U.S. 294 or anything that distinguishes it from the original Brown case]
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Along with an organ that worked on a similar principle, refinements to this are one of the inventions credited to Ctesibius Of Alexandria. The Tower of the Winds in Athens housed one that recorded darkness, and, along with a trumpet, it often appeared in depictions of the muse Clio. One which substituted mercury for the usual liquid was used in Galileo's falling-bodies experiment. The Chaldeans may have invented the kind that used a boat with a series of lines on the inside, while the Roman kind used a bobber inside a cylinder. FTP, name this device which uses a known rate of flow to measure time.
Answer: water clock [or clepsydra]
2006 Aztlan Cup Bonuses by Matt Weiner
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Composers of popular viola concertos, FTPE.,
[10] His Viola Concerto premiered in 1929, though more recognizable titles by this Englishman might be his overture Portsmouth Point, his Symphony No. 1 in B Flat Minor, and the oratorio Belshazzar's Feast.
Answer: William Walton
[10] This prolific composer's Concerto in G Major is considered the first viola concerto ever. A rival of J.S. Bach, he also composed the sets Essercizii Musici and Musique de Table.
Answer: Georg Philipp Telemann
[10] This member of Les Six wrote two viola concertos, as well as the Suite Provencale and the ballet La Creation du Monde.
Answer: Darius Milhaud
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Name these movies from the oeuvre of master thespian Shaquille O'Neal for 10 points each.,
[10] Bob Knight played himself, but Penny Hardaway, Bob Cousy, and Shaq, in his debut role, played fictional characters, in this 1994 movie in which coach Pete Bell, played by Nick Nolte, struggles to win the college basketball recruiting game at any cost.
Answer: Blue Chips
[10] Shaq portrays John Henry Irons, a military weapons designer who dons a protective suit and fights the gangs of Los Angeles after his creations are leaked to the streets.
Answer: Steel
[10] Shaq will star alongside Dr. Phil in a parody of the climactic scene from Saw, in what is sure to be the highlight of this upcoming movie, the latest entry in a comedic series created by the Wayans Brothers.
Answer: Scary Movie 4
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Name these Samuel Taylor Coleridge poems for 10 points each.,
[10] Coleridge and Sara reflect on the musical instrument sitting in the window, and Coleridge compares it to a lover and an emblem of "The one Life within us and abroad."
Answer: The Eolian Harp
[10] This "ode" discusses the "viper thoughts, that coil around my mind,/Reality's dark dream" but ultimately urges the listener to "evermore rejoice."
Answer: Dejection: An Ode
[10] Honeydew, the "milk of paradise," a maid singing of mount Abora, and the sacred river Alph may all be found in the titular ruler's pleasure dome.
Answer: Kubla Khan
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Answer some questions about astrophysics, for ten points each.,
[10] This proposed substance may be providing the negative pressure that drives the unverse's expansion.
Answer: dark energy
[10] This model, which combines the cosmological constant with the hypothesis that the stuff that makes up 26% of the universe's energy is collisionless dust, is currently the most successful cosmological model.
Answer: the Lambda-Cold Dark Matter model
[10] The greatest success of the Lambda-CDM model has been the explanation of this thermal remnant of the Big Bang, with an average temperature of about 2.75 Kelvin.
Answer: cosmic microwave background radiation
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His biggest victory during the Revolutionary War was at Stony Point, but he is better known as an Indian fighter.A FTPE:,
[10] Name this "Mad" general.
Answer: Anthony Wayne
[10] Wayne's most notable victory was at this 1794 battle in present-day Ohio.
Answer: Battle of Fallen Timbers
[10] Wayne's most ignominious defeat occurred during the night of September 20-21, 1777, when Major General Sir Charles Grey led a sneak attack on his troops and killed 300.A Name this massacre.
Answer: Paoli massacre
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Name these archaeological sites for 10 points each.,
[10] A previously lost play by Sophocles and fragments of old versions of Revelation and the Gospel of Thomas were found by Hunt and Grenfell at this site, a provincial capital of ancient Egypt which had been covered by the desert.
Answer: Oxyrhynchos [or Per-medjed; or el-Bahnasa]
[10] Possibly the burial site of King Raedwald, this area near Woodbridge in England contains a burial-ship adorned with objects of precious metal worked in a Swedish style.
Answer: Sutton Hoo
[10] This mound on the Kucukmenederes River was fingered as early as 1822, by Charles Maclaren, as the location of Troy, which Heinrich Schliemann later confirmed.
Answer: Hisarlik
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Consisting of ten books, it divides actions into three categories, discusses five intellectual virtues, and lists three undesirable forms of moral character. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this work that uses the analogy of an archer, who finds the mean between the two extremes when trying to hit the target, in discussing the Doctrine of the Mean.
Answer: Nicomachean Ethics
[10] De Anima, Politics, Poetics, and Nicomachean Ethics are all works by this Greek philosopher.
Answer: Aristotle
[10] Book One of Nicomachean Ethics discusses this concept, the ultimate goal of life, which literally means, "having a good guardian spirit."
Answer: eudaimonia
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Name these American authors who wrote about the offspring of the almighty for 10 points each.,
[10] His tale of Jim Harris's ill-fated attempts to pass the bar, All God's Chillun Got Wings, was followed by The Great God Brown and Lazarus Laughed.
Answer: Eugene Gladstone O'Neill
[10] This author of Kringle's Window and The Ultimate Grammar of Life portrayed the marriage of James Leeds and Sarah Norman in Children of a Lesser God.
Answer: Mark Howard Medoff
[10] This author's time in Ghana is the focus of All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes, her fifth autobiography after earlier works such as Gather Together in My Name and I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.
Answer: Maya Angelou [or Marguerite Johnson]
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Answer some questions about things that mess up oxygen binding to hemoglobin FTPE.,
[10] Hemoglobin has a much higher affinity for this other diatomic gas than for oxygen. Although it is produced endogenously in the breakdown of hemoglobin, it only becomes toxic at higher concentrations, such as those occurring after incomplete combustion of fossil fuels.
Answer: carbon monoxide or CO
[10] This compound binds to the cavity surrounded by the four subunits of deoxyhemoglobin, stabilizing the inactive state and making it difficult for oxygen to cause necessary conformational changes.
Answer: D-2, 3-bisPhosphoglycerate or 2,3-BPG
[10] This effect is the observation that oxygen has a more difficult time binding to hemoglobin at lower pH values, as the protonation of alpha-chain N-termini and beta-chain histidines stabilizes the inactive state.
Answer: Bohr effect
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Answer the following about an event also called the Jallianwallah Bagh Massacre FTPE:,
[10] That April 13, 1919 massacre occurred in what Indian city, where many had come to celebrate a Hindu festival?
Answer: Amritsar
[10] This lieutenant governor of Punjab fully supported R. E. H. Dyer's decision to order his troops to fire on the unarmed crowd.
Answer: Michael O'Dwyer
[10] In response to the massacre and its aftermath, Mahatma Gandhi launched the first of many campaigns by this name, translated roughly as "clinging to the truth."
Answer: satyagraha
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Answer the following about paintings that might piss off anti-tobacco zealots, FTPE.,
[10] This still-living, though now partially paralyzed, photorealist painter blew up a photo of his hideously ugly face, complete with long hair, big glasses, chest hair, and a cigarette in his mouth, then copied it with acrylic paint to create 1968's Big Self Portrait.
Answer: Chuck Close
[10] This Post-Impressionist did a pretty cool painting of a skull smoking a cigarette, though he's probably better known for Wheat Field with Crows and The Red Vineyard.
Answer: Vincent van Gogh
[10] In this painting, the fedora wearing dude in the navy suit can be seen holding a cigarette as he sits next to a redhead in a magenta dress as they are attended to by the white outfit-wearing man behind the counter.
Answer: Nighthawks
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More than 300 pilgrims were killed during the hajj in 2006. FTPE:,
[10] Participants walk around this holy building seven times during the tawaf, and reenact Hagar's search for water during the sa'y.
Answer: Ka'aba (prompt on "Black Box" or equivalents)
[10] The particular part of the hajj takes place on the tenth through thirteenth days of the journey and involves making seven throws at a pillar in the Mina valley where Abraham fended off Satan. It is the phase where trampling deaths usually occur.
Answer: rajm al-Jamarat al-aqabah [accept stoning of the devil or anything close]
[10] Occurring four times every twelve years, the major event of this somewhat similar Hindu pilgrimage to Allahabad is a ritual bath at the banks of a river.
Answer: Kumbh Mela
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Name the following amino acids crucial in amino acid metabolism. FTPE.,
[10] Amino groups from other amino acids are collected in the liver as this amino acid before it is oxidatively deaminated in the liver mitochondrion into alpha-ketoglutarate and ammonia. It is also an excitatory neurotransmitter.
Answer: glutamate
[10] Glutamate is further aminated using ATP and ammonia on the gamma carbon to form this amino acid for transport in the blood. It also releases ammonia into urine.
Answer: glutamine
[10] Glutamate can also transfer its amino group to pyruvate to form this amino acid for transport of muscle ammonia to the liver, where it is deaminated to form pyruvate for gluconeogenesis. It is also the 2nd simplest amino acid behind glycine.
Answer: alanine
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He married the daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia, and at his wedding, he turned Phineus to stone. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this son of Danae and Zeus, who slew Medusa.
Answer: Perseus
[10] In order to keep Medusa's head hidden, Perseus took this pouch-like object from the Graeae.
Answer: kibisis
[10] Upon returning home, Perseus killed this man, his grandfather. Earlier, this man had cast Perseus and Danae out to sea.
Answer: Acrisius
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Hey, look, an actual bonus! Answer the following about a Bonus. FTPE.,
[10] Led by Walter V. Waters, this expeditionary force marched through Washington DC in 1932 and demanded an eponymous payment promised to the veterans in 1924.
Answer: Bonus army
[10] President Hoover ordered in troops under this general, later commanding Allied troops in the Pacific in World War II, to stop the Bonus riot. The result was that a boy was blinded, an ear was cut off, a woman miscarried, and some people died.
Answer: Douglas MacArthur
[10] 1932 also saw the writing of this novel by Virginia Woolf, a biography of a cocker spaniel belonging to Elizabeth Barrett Browning who ate Bonuses for breakfast.
Answer: Flush
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In the Lower Creek dialect, it referred to a town, not a river, whose name meant "marked rock", and it served as the border between the Cherokee and Creek tribes. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this river that today forms the border between Georgia and Alabama.
Answer: Chattahoochee River
[10] Formed northwest of Panama City by the confluence of the Chattahoochee and Flint rivers, its large watershed is known as the ACF River Basin.
Answer: Apalachicola River
[10] Flowing north, this longest river of Florida flows past Melbourne, Daytona Beach, and Palatka before emptying into the Atlantic Ocean near Jacksonville.
Answer: St. Johns River
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Identify these things useful in combinatorics, for ten points each.,
[10] The coefficients of this famous expansion are frequently encountered in combinatorics. It is obtained by the expansion of the quantity x plus y to the n.
Answer: binomial expansion
[10] These numbers arise in enumeration problems and were first discovered as solutions to Euler's polygon division problem.
Answer: Catalan numbers
[10] The nth Catalan number is related by a simple formula to this function with argument n plus one half. This function designated by a Greek letter generalizes the factorial.
Answer: gamma function
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Name these Slavic languages for 10 points each.,
[10] The Glagolitic and Cyrillic alphabets were created for this langauge spoken by Cyril and Methodius, still used in some Orthodox religious services.
Answer: Church Slavonic [or Old Church Slavic]
[10] This language was once known as "Little Russian" because of a political effort to portray it as a degenerate Russian dialect, as part of its suppression under the late tsars.
Answer: Ukrainian [or Ruthenian; or Ukrainska Mova]
[10] This close relative of Macedonian is distinguished from other Slavic languages by its minimal use of noun cases and position of definite articles after nouns.
Answer: Bulgarian
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Name some baroque operas, FTPE.,
[10] Orlando Furioso was the basis for this Handel opera, in which the titular sorceress has used her magic to control the knight Ruggiero. Ruggiero's true love, Bradamante, teams up with Melisso to rescue him.
Answer: Alcina
[10] A song by the Spirit of Music precedes the opening scene of this Monteverdi opera, where the title character goes down to beg Pluto and Proserpina to revive Eurydice.
Answer: L'Orfeo
[10] Racine's Phaedre was the basis of this first Rameau opera, differs from the play in that the opera's namesake couple is restored when Diana brings back the titular male from the dead.
Answer: Hippolyte et Aricie
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He made his last stand at Ann Jones' hotel in Glenrowan, survived, and was executed just thirteen days after his trial despite a petition to spare his life.A FTPE:,
[10] Name this most famous Australian outlaw and folk hero.
Answer: Edward "Ned" Kelly
[10] Unable to find his horse-stealing stepfather, the police issued a warrant for the arrest of him and his brother Dan, to be delivered by this man.A In a namesake incident he got drunk, hit on Ned's sister, got into a fight with Dan, got drunker, and reported that Ned had shot him in the wrist.A The incident cemented his distrust of the law.
Answer: Alexander Fitzpatrick (accept Fitzpatrick Incident)
[10] In his bit of egomania, Ned held a group of people in the namesake town captive and proceeded to lecture them from this document, a 7500-word autobiography and manifesto he dictated to gang member Joe Byrne
Answer: Jerilderie Letter

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