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2006 Aztlan Cup Tossups by Maryland
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His compositions were transcribed for the guitar by Francisco Tarrega. During a long musical tour in London, he composed a series of dances called Suites Anciennes before agreeing to write the music for an opera by Francis Money-Coutts. After journeying to Hungary to attempt to study with Liszt, he decided to hooked up with his teacher Felipe Pedrell and composed the prelude to Chants d'Espagne, a work known as "Leyenda." Also the creator of a musical suite which includes the pieces "Jerez", "Almeria", and "El Corpus en Sevilla," FTP name this composer of music for Pepita Jimenez, Suite Espanola,and Iberia, a virtuoso Spanish pianist.
Answer: Isaac Albeniz
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He has a dream where he climbs up a ladder and sees a vast plain of burning houses, which he sees as a premonition of World War I. The son of Frau Eva, he first appears wearing a mourning band in school, where he befriends the narrator after saving him from the tortures of Franz Kromer. He also continually reinterprets Scripture, saying that the good thief during the Crucifixion was a "sniveling convert" who betrayed the devil, and he believes that Cain was a powerful and courageous man whose mark was really a mark of distinction. The most influential person in Emil Sinclair's life, FTP, identify this title character of a Hermann Hesse bildungsroman.
Answer: Max Demian
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Its 6th emperor was captured and returned by the Oirot while inspecting the frontier. Zhang Juzheng, a Neige Daxueshi imperial tudor, cracked down on corruption and stored silver from Japan, governing in place of the young Wanli emperor, who later tried to make his third son his heir. Tian Tan, or Altar of Heaven, was built, the Great Wall was improved, Jingdezhen porcelain became famous, and Macao was leased to Portugal. It ended when rebel Li Zicheng entered Beijing, only to be crushed by the Manchu Nurhaci. FTP name this dynasty founded by Zhu Yuanzhang after the overthrow of the Yuan.
Answer: Ming
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Clifford Cocks, a British mathematician working for GCHQ had described an equivalent system in an internal document in 1973, ten years prior to its patent by MIT in the United States of America, but due to its top-secret classification, this was not revealed until 1997. Fermat's Little Theorem, the Euler-Phi function, sometimes called the totient [toe-shent], and the factoring of semiprimes are all important components of it. The Chinese Remainder Theorem can be used for faster decryption and signing provided that all parts of the private key are kept secret, namely two large prime numbers. FTP, identify this widely-used electronic commerce protocol, an algorithm for public-key encryption.
Answer: RSA encryption (or Rivest, Shamir, Adleman)
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For one of his experiments, this man devised 2300 one-syllable consonant-vowell-consonant combinations, such as taz, bok, and lef. Willhelm Wundt criticized this man by claiming that these nonsense syllables had limited applicability to actual information, and while at the University of Breslau, this man developed the first widely-used intelligence test. He is best known for a work with such sections as "Retention as a function of the number of repetitions," and "Retention as a function of repeated learning," and among the ideas he devised was a "forgetting curve" similar to that developed by Gustav Fechner. FTP, identify this German experimental psychologist, best remembered today for a mathematical treatment of learning in his classic On Memory.
Answer: Hermann Ebbinghaus
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Their 1806 campaign destroyed the holy resting place of the most sacred incisor in all the Middle East. This movement's founder wrote Kitab al Tawhid in Basra and his descendants became known as the Al ash-Shaykh, and the protestations against bidah or innovations of the originally Hanbali scholar Ibn Taimiyya can be seen as a precursor to this modern movement. The dynasty with which this movement is most closely associated was ousted by the Egyptian wali Mohammed Ali for the first time, but this movement was empowered once more when a nutty Hashemite decided to call himself caliph. Salafis are offended when you associate it with the Salafi school. It promotes the hadith and Qur'an as the only sources for religion, and is against the worship of saints, including the worship of the prophet Muhammad, which caused them to destroy holy sites in Mecca and Medina. Associated with the Al Saud regime, this is FTP, what extremist Islamic sect?
Answer: Wahhabism
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He was saved by Judson Roberts, and was nicknamed "Hell-Cat." The college roommate of Jim Lefferts, he later entered Mizpah Theological Seminary. His indiscretions with wine and women got him kicked out, however, and he became the crack salesman of the Pequod Farm Implement Company before re-entering the world of religion. He joins the Methodists after an encounter with Bishop Wesley Toomis, and preaches at Banjo Crossing, Rudd Center, Vulcan, and Sparta. This occurred after the death of his partner sister Sharon Falconer, and before he became the pastor of a large church in Zenith. FTP identify this religious hypocrite, the titular subject of a Sinclair Lewis novel.
Answer: Elmer Gantry
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Peter I and Bouvet Island are among its Antarctic possessions, and its most famous overseas possession is made up of islands including Edge and Nordaustlandet and contains a Russian settlement of 900 people. That possesion's largest city is Longyearbyen [LONG-YARE-BYEN], and islands of this country's coast include Lofoten and Vesteralen. It also posses the island of Jan Mayen and it is home to Europe's deepest lake, Hornindalsvatnet, and its easternmost cities are Vardo and Kirkenes, close to the town of Nikel'. Its fylkes or provinces include Rogaland, Hordaland, Finnmark, and Trondelag [TRUN-DUH-LAHG], and the latter is home to one of this nation's most prominent cities. Tromso is the world's northernmost university town, and other cities include Stavanger, Kristiansand, and Trondheim. Featuring geographical features such as the Sognefjord, FTP, name this Scandinavian country with capital at Oslo.
Answer: Norway or Norge
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On November 10, 1990, this team posted 107 points in the first half against the Denver Nuggets on their way to a 173-point showing. Thanks to the effort of players such as Paul Silas, Gail Goodrich, and Dick Van Arsdale, it made the playoffs in just its second season, losing in the Western Semis to the Lakers. Its worst moments as a franchise came in the mid-80's when rampant drug use among players such as Johnny High got a large portion of the team suspended, and among its notable early stars are Alvan Adams, Walter Davis, and Connie Hawkins, who made his NBA debut with this team. This year, the team has acquired Tim Thomas from Chicago and the surprise play of players such as Boris Diaw has helped the team overcome the loss of superstar Amare Stoudemire. FTP, name this NBA team led by Shawn Marion and Steve Nash.
Answer: Phoenix Suns (accept either)
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When asked if he would support James Blaine for the presidency, this man snapped, "No, thank you. I don't engage in criminal practice." That response may have been due to Blaine satirizing his pomposity by calling attention to his "turkey-gobbler strut". After supporting James Garfield in 1880, he was angered when Garfield appointed a reformer to be Collector of the Port of New York, believing that his control of the New York patronage system was being undermined. To rebuke Garfield, he resigned his Senate seat in protest, along with Thomas Platt. Serving as a Republican for fourteen years beginning in 1867, FTP, identify this leader of the Stalwarts.A
Answer: Roscoe Conkling
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Like Machado-Joseph disease, Haw River syndrome, and dentatorubral-pallidoluysian atrophy, this disease manifests genetic anticipation, in which children of affected individuals develop the disease at an earlier age, because hairpin structures that interfere with DNA replication tend to expand the CAG trinucleotide repeat, causing accumulation of 48 or more poly-glutamines in a locus in chromosome 4. Caused by neuronal death in the caudate nucleus, it results in depression, dementia, involuntary twitching, and death within 20 years. FTP name this autosomal dominant genetic disorder characterized by chorea, named for an American physician.
Answer: Huntington's disease
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He angered his sister when he killed Uke Mochi, the goddess of food, after the former sent him to represent her at a feast in which Uke Mochi created the food in such a way that disgusted him to the point of killing her. His sister's anger at this action resulted in their always occupying different parts of the sky. His name is a combination of the Japanese words for reading and the celestial figure he represents. The second of Izanagi's three noble children born when he cleansed himself of his sins, name, FTP, this male moon god of Japanese mythology, brother of Amateratsu.
Answer: Tsukuyomi no Mikoto; or Tsuki no kami; or Takamagahara
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In one of his works, the quiet marriage of Deeley and Kate is shattered by the appearance of Kate's college roommate Anna, while another chronicles a seven-year affair between Emma and Jerry in reverse. Besides Old Times and Betrayal, he also wrote a play about Rose Hudd, who is told "come home, Sal" by a blind Negro named Riley. That work, The Room, was a precursor to his play about Goldberg and McCann's abduction of the pianist Stanley Webber from a dilapidated boarding house. Known for his frequent use of pauses, FTP, name this British dramatist of The Birthday Party.
Answer: Harold Pinter
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Wheel factorization is often used first on the list to increase the speed before this algorithm is used. The highest factor one needs to check using it is the square root of the given number, rounded down. Starting with two lists, the first starts empty while the second consists of prime numbers that you have found. Every time you find a prime less than the square root of the given number, you proceed through the list and cross off all of its multiples. FTP, identify this method of determining all of the prime numbers up to a given number developed by an ancient Greek mathematician.
Answer: Sieve of Eratosthenes
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A four-chambered tomb in Abydos has been theorized to be his but there is no conclusive evidence to support this claim. He may have come from the royal house of Hierakonpolis or may have been a local king of Nekhan. The main evidence of his existence comes from a macehead found in 1897. On the macehead he is depicted wearing full ritual dress as well as the crown of Upper Egypt and participating in ceremony and is holding a hoe. Next to him is a star mark signifying his kingship and the animal that gives him the name, translated as Serket. Contemporary or succeeded by Narmer the King Catfish was, FTP, this predynastic ruler who lent his name to a 2002 film.
Answer: the Scorpion King (accept Serket before mentioned)
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A large, white building appears on right of this painting, in front of which a man in a red tunic is seen with a cane. The central part of this work depicts people arranged in a semi-circular pattern, with the orthogonal lines leading to the vanishing point just above of Jesus' head, creating a linear perspective. The emphasis on realism can be seen in the ripples propagating towards the bank of the lake on the left, where a man can be seen bending down to pry the titular object out of the mouth of a fish. Depicting in synoptic sequence a scene from Matthew 17:24 to 27, FTP identify this fresco, painted for the Brancacci chapel by Masaccio.
Answer: The Tribute Money or Tributo Della Moneta
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One of this man's novels depicts the life of Cipriano Algor, who is made obsolete by a sinister mega-mall called "The Center." Another of his novels focuses on the a bureaucrate who becomes obsessed with an unknown woman, and is entitled All the Names. He detailed the adventures of the heteronym of Fernando Pessoa, who has invented the title character in The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis, and caused controversy with his ironic look at the life of Jesus in the novel The Gospel According to Jesus Christ. He is best known, however, for a novel written without quotation marks or proper names that begins with a man sitting in traffic who realizes he cannot see, as well as for a novel in which the Iberian peninsula detaches itself from the European mainland. FTP, name this Portuguese author of Blindness and The Stone Raft.
Answer: Jose Saramago
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Just like King Tut, this mummy is alleged to have a curse because 9 of the people related to his excavation have died in the past 15 years. A research team from the University of Camerino has recently suggested that he might be infertile due to environmental factors. He had 57 tattoos which some scientists believe represent an early form of acupuncture. On his gear there were traces of blood of four other people, leading to the theory that he got into a fight in which he was injured, fled, and eventually died due to blood loss; however, it is now thought he was shot by an arrow. FTP, name this Chalcolithic mummy discovered in 1991 in a section of the Central European Alps and dating from 3300BC.
Answer: Otzi the Iceman (either acceptable; also accept Oetzi, Frozen Fritz, and the Similaun Mummy)
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It was motivated, in part, by the publication in the Literary Gazette of the "Two Thousand Words," which had been written by a formerly exiled president of the country where it occurred. A conference at Cierna-nad-Tisou failed to resolve the tensions surrounding this event, and it began in earnest with the adoption of the Action Program. It was followed by a period known as "normalization" under the auspices of Gustav Husak, who had replaced its initiatior when Soviet troops entered its namesake city, and it also featured the protest death of Jan Palach. Ending on April 17, 1969, FTP, identify this event precipitated by Alexander Dubcek's introduction of "Socialism with a Human Face"?
Answer: Prague Spring or Prazske jaro
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The Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube operates in a manner similar to this concept, and Charles Bennett reformulated this concept in a 1982 paper which also analyzed ballistic computers. This concept was also analyzed by Rolf Landauer in a paper entitled Irreversibility and Heat Generation in the Computing Process, and another variant of this concept is known as the Smoluchowski Valve. More famously, a refutation to it was conceived by Leo Szilard, who considered the cost of converting one bit of knowledge into work, and Leon Brillouin, who noted that it could not violate the second law of thermodynamics because storing information would increase entropy. FTP, identify this thought experiment named for a British physicist, in which a small creature separates fast-moving from slow-moving particles.
Answer: Maxwell's Demon
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A copy of it printed in 868 CE was found in a cave in China early in the 20th century, making it the oldest known dated printed book. It is often memorized and chanted in Buddhist monasteries because it only takes about 40 minutes to read. It has retained high popularity in the Mahayana school for over a millennium, most importantly with the Zen school of meditation, as it resonates with a central theme of "non-abiding." Better known in English with a name accurate for its durability is, FTP, this sutra whose name translates as "The Perfection of Wisdom Sutra that Cuts like a Thunderbolt."
Answer: Diamond Sutra (or Vajracchedika-prajnaparamita-sutra)
2006 Aztlan Cup Bonuses by Maryland
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During his time in the United States, he served as the co-director of the Research Project on Social Discrimination at UC Berkeley. FTP each:,
[10] Identify this German philosopher, who returned to Frankfurt in 1949 having published a book with Max Horkheimer two years earlier.
Answer: Theodore Wiesengrund Adorno
[10] This is that 1947 work by Adornoa and Horkheimer, which argued that the attempt to rationalize society had turned into an irrational force and led to fascism and totalitarianism.
Answer: Dialectic of Enlightenment or Dialektik der Aufklarung
[10] This collaboration between Adorno, Else Frenkel-Brunswick, Daniel Levinson, and R. Nevitt Sanford drew on the work of Abraham Maslow and Erich Fromm in examining anti-Semitic prejudices, and produced the F-scale.
Answer: The Authoritarian Personality
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Identify the following relating to astronomy FTPE.,
[10] This region of space around a planet is determined by the internal magnetic field and solar wind, which results in its elongated shape.
Answer: Magnetosphere
[10] This region flows along the boundary between the magnetosphere and surrounding plasma, and behaves roughly like a droplet of liquid exposed to supersonic flow. It is where the pressure of the planetary magnetic field is counterbalanced by the solar wind.
Answer: Magnetopause (prompt on "Heliopause")
[10] This is the boundary at which the solar wind abruptly drops as a result of its approach to the magnetopause.
Answer: Bow shock
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Name these poems by Matthew Arnold FTPE.,
[10] This poem, which ends with the lines "And here we are as on a darkling plain/ Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight/ Where ignorant armies clash by night" is Arnold's most famous work.
Answer: "Dover Beach"
[10] In this poem detailing a student who leaves Oxford University in order to learn how to live, Arnold advises him to "fly our paths" in order to be uncorrupted from the "mental strife" of civilization.
Answer: "The Scholar-Gipsy"
[10] In this poem, Norse gods burn a boat containing the corpse of the god of light and joy, who tells Hermod that he was tired of living in such a strife-filled world.
Answer: "Balder Dead"
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Name these things related to 20th century architecture FTPE.,
[10] He built the AT
Answer: Philip Cortelyou Johnson
[10]amp;T Building, the Glass House in Connecticut, and the Seagram Building along with Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.
Answer: Michael Graves
[10] This architect designed the Indianapolis Art Center, the Hanselmann House, and the Portland Building, which has been criticized as looking like an "enlarged jukebox".
Answer: Postmodernism
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It fell apart after its Presidential nominee only carried Maryland in 1856. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this nativist party, of which Rufus Choate said, "Anything more low, obscene, feculent, the manifold heavings of history have not cast up."
Answer: Know-Nothings or the American Party
[10] This man was that nominee, looking to reprise his three-year term which saw such events as the opening of Japan and a famous compromise engineered by Henry Clay. He finished third behind Buchanan and Fremont.
Answer: Millard Fillmore
[10] This future Supreme Court Justice was active in the Know-Nothing party. Though initially critical of the 13th Amendment, he is remembered today for his dissent in the Plessy case, writing that "our Constitution is color-blind."
Answer: John Marshall Harlan
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Name these bodies of water bordering a certain Canadian province, FTPE.,
[10] City's on this Great Lake's shore include Cobourg, Oshawa, Grimsby, and Hamilton. It shares its name with the province in question.
Answer: Lake Ontario
[10] This is a bay of Lake Huron bordered on the southwest by the Bruce Peninsula and on the west by islands such as Manitoulin and Fitzwilliam.
Answer: Georgian Bay
[10] Though Akimiski Island, located in this body of water, is a few miles from the Ontario coast, it is part of Nunavut. It is bordered on the west by Ontario and on the east by Quebec.
Answer: James Bay
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Given a brief description of what goes on, identify these types of chemical reactions FTPE.,
[10] Two or more chemical elements or compounds unite to form a more complex product.
Answer: Direct combination (or synthesis)
[10] A substance combines with oxygen to form carbon dioxide and water.
Answer: Combustion
[10] An element is switched out of a compound and replaced by a more reactive element.
Answer: Single displacement (or substitution)
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Given a description, identify the religious symbol 5-5-10-10.,
[5] Historically a symbol of the Ottoman Empire, this pair of celestial objects are now associated with Islam in general.
Answer: Star and crescent
[5] A snake or dragon swallowing its own tail.
Answer: Ouroboros
[10] Three interlocked triangles, similar to Borromean rings, significant in Norse mythos.
Answer: Valknut (or heart of Vala or Hrungnir's heart or Odin's knot or heart of the slain)
[10] One of the most important symbols of Sikhism, it is a collection of four weapons: a double-edged sword, a chakkar and two daggers.
Answer: Khanda
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Identify these works by David Mamet FTPE.,
[10] Bernie and Danny both discuss their fantasies and attempt to act them out to two bemused women in this thirty-four scene urban drama.
Answer: Sexual Perversity in Chicago
[10] This play, which describes the theft of some real estate "leads" from the office of Mitch and Murray, was nicknamed "Death of a Fucking Salesman" by the actors of the 1992 film based on it.
Answer: Glengarry Glen Ross
[10] Teach and Don enlist Bobby to help them steal a rare nickel in play, which Mamet described as being about "the American ethic of business".
Answer: American Buffalo
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The Xia dynasty may have been made up to justify the overthrowing of the Shang, as the accounts of their overthrow are too similar to be pure coincidence. Answer some questions about the Shang going down FTPE.,
[10] This last king of the Shang could have been a man of great strength and wisdom, but his preference for debauchery and alienation of the old nobles led to his overthrow. He shares his phonetic name, but not the Chinese character, with the dynasty that overthrew him.
Answer: Shang Zhou or Di Xin
[10] A concubine in the court of King Zhou, reputed to have been the human form of a nine-tailed fox demon, she was largely to blame for atrocities that led to the fall of the Shang dynasty.
Answer: Da Ji
[10] This son of Wen overthrew the Shang and founded the Zhou Dynasty.
Answer: Zhou Wu
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Name these composers FTPE.,
[10] He is best known for ballets including Spartak and Gayane, the latter of which includes his famous "Sabre Dance".
Answer: Aram Khachaturian
[10] The uncle of Vyacheslav Molotov, his works such as Prometheus: Poem of Fire and Vers la Flamme may have been influenced by his possible synaesthesia.
Answer: Alexander Scriabin
[10] After helping to found the Free School of Music in St. Petersburg, he went on to compose the symphonic poems Tamara and Russia and the piece for solo piano Islamey: An Oriental Fantasy, which was too difficult for him to play.
Answer: Mily Balakirev
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Answer the following about rings FTPE.,
[10] An element of a ring with a multiplicative inverse is known as this.
Answer: Unit
[10] A commutative ring that is closed under its operations, which are both associative, commutative, have identities and inverses as well as the multiplicative operation being distributive over the additive operation is one of these algebraic structures.
Answer: Field
[10] Similar to field, but lacking the requirement that multiplication be commutative, these structures satisfy all other field axioms. The quaternions are the best-known example.
Answer: division ring or skew field
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Answer these things about a Roman ruler and his sluts, FTPE.,
[10] Among the notable events during this man's reign were the Vindex Rebellion and the Piso conspiracy plotted against him.
Answer: Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus or Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus
[10] In 61 BC, the death of this woman's husband Prasutagus caused the Romans to annex her husband's kingdom, which pissed this early Briton off. She was defeated at the Battle of Watling Street.
Answer: Boadicea or Boudicca or Bondica
[10] This wife of Nero had previously been married to Otho, and Agrippina the Younger hated her fiercely. She was later the subject of a Monteverdi work.
Answer: Poppaea Sabina
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FTPE, identify the following lipograms.,
[10] Although this Edgar Allan Poe poem is technically a lipogram, as it does not contain the letter z, it is better known for passages about an "ominous bird of yore" and "Night's Plutonian Shore".
Answer: "The Raven"
[10] A better example of a lipogram is this 50,000 word Ernest Vincent Wright novel that does not use the letter e. Also, the spellchecker on MS Word confused it with a character from an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel.
Answer: Gadsby
[10] This 2001 book by Christian Bok contains five chapters, each one omitting a different vowel. Its title is the shortest English word that contains all five vowels.
Answer: Eunoia
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Answer these questions about old-school actors turned singers, FTPE:,
[10] One only needs to go back to this man's poor attempt at pop stardom, manifested in the Rick James-produced "Party All the Time," to explain The Adventures of Pluto Nash and Holy Man.
Answer: Edward "Eddie" Regan Murphy
[10] In the 90's, he played fan-hating hypocrite golfer David Simms in Tin Cup as well as Cheech's white partner in Nash Bridges, but he spent the latter part of the 80's "lookin' for a heartbeat."
Answer: Don Johnson
[10] This British actor is best known for one hit, though he did appear in a major role in the Oscar-nominated Sunday Bloody Sunday. His most famous hit was an homage to playing chess in a town full of whores, "One Night In Bangkok."
Answer: Murray Head
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Your endocrine system - without it, you'd be dead. Answer the following related to everybody's favorite system of ductless glands that secrete hormones 5-5-10-10.,
[5] One of the larger endocrine glands in the body, it is located in the neck and produces T4, T3 (which both use a lot of iodine) and calcitonin.
Answer: Thyroid
[5] The endocrine cells of the pancreas are grouped into these sites, of which there are approximately one million in a healthy adult body.
Answer: Islets of Langerhans
[10] This pea-sized gland in the brain is located above the superior colliculus and is responsible for the production of melatonin.
Answer: Pineal gland
[10] Produced by the hypothalamus and released by the pituitary gland, this mammalian hormone is release mainly after stimulation of the nipples or distention of the vagina and facilitates breastfeeding, birth, and bonding.
Answer: Oxytocin
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Identify the following about economics FTPE.,
[10] These curves have negative slopes, are convex, do not intersect and assume rationality, consistency and transitivity in consumers while representing preferences.
Answer: Indifference curves
[10] The convexity of indifference curves are dependent on this, which tells how much each additional unit is worth.
Answer: Law of diminishing marginal utility
[10] If indifference curves are L-shaped, then the goods are said to be these, examples of which are left shoes and right shoes, as a person who has two normal feet and only wears matching shoes won't benefit from an additional left shoe without an additional right one.
Answer: Perfect complements (accept variations, e.g. "perfectly complementary," but do not prompt on "complements")
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Identify these legendary creatures FTPE.,
[10] This legendary creature from Ethiopian myth was described by Pliny the Elder and Claudius Aelianus as having the body of a buffalo and head of a hog - its breath can either turn people into stone or kill them.
Answer: Catoblepas (or Shoat)
[10] This supposed sea creature of gargantuan size located off the coasts of Norway and Iceland is distinct from a sea serpent. Its danger arises from the whirlpools created when it descends into the deep.
Answer: Kraken
[10] Roald Dahl is responsible for the notion that these mischievous creatures sabotage aircraft.
Answer: Gremlins
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It dominated North Africa from 909 to 1171, and took its name from the daughter of Mohammed from whom it claimed descent. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this Islamic dynasty founded by the caliph al-Mahdi.
Answer: Fatimid caliphate or dynasty
[10] The Fatimids were adherence to this Islamic sect, a sub-sect of Shiism which also included the sect known as the Assassins
Answer: Ismaili sect
[10] The Fatimid caliphate was formally abolished in 1171 by this man, who went on to sodomize Richard the Lionhearted and found the Ayyubid dynasty.
Answer: Saladin or Salah al-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub
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Identify these novels of experience FTPE.,
[10] Characters like the humanist Settembrini and the intensely annoying Mynheer Peeperkorn are, along with Clavdia Clauchat and Hans Castorp, inhabitants of a sanatorium in this Thomas Mann novel.
Answer: The Magic Mountain or Der Zauberberg
[10] Translated into English by Thomas Carlyle, this work's title character starts out in the theatre and ends up becoming a surgeon. This novel by Goethe is also often said to be the first bildungsroman.
Answer: Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship or Wilhelm Meister's Lehrjahre
[10] An Austrian youth is led by two schoolmates, Beineberg and Reiting, to become involved with the sexual abuse of Basini in this first novel by Robert Musil.
Answer: The Confusions of Young Torless or Der Die Verwirrungen des Zoglings Torless

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