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2006 ACF Regionals Tossups by Texas
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Herman Scherchen and Wolfgang Graeser both arranged this work for orchestra, since the composer did not specify on what instrument it was to be performed. Its first published version included a chorale attached by the composer's son, entitled "Here Before Thy Throne I Stand." The last of its four canons is augmented in retrograde motion, while the second is written for two voices separated by an octave. These canons connect the main movements, the sixth of which is "in the French style," and the last of which was left unfinished at the composer's death, ending on a motif that spells out his name. FTP, name this composition which consists of fourteen Contrapuncti, written by J.S. Bach.
Answer: The Art of the Fugue or Die Kunst der Fuge
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This relation's namesake constant must generally be computed for each streamline because it is derived by line-integrating the momentum equation along a streamline with the proper assumptions, the most restrictive of which is the absence of friction. Dividing through by the acceleration of gravity reformulates this equation in terms of head, which is how it's commonly used in civil engineering, and it can be used to derive the Venturi principle. It can be quickly obtained by dividing the energy equation for an ideal fluid element by its volume. FTP, name the equation that states that the sum of static and dynamic pressures and specific gravitational potential is constant and is named after a Swiss physicist.
Answer: Bernoulli's equation
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The last chapter of this book contains greetings to Andronicus and Junias, the author's relatives, and a greeting from Tertius, who transcribed it. Chapter eleven compares the audience to broken shoots being grafted onto a tree. Although chapter two is cited to support salvation by virtue, verses such as 10:13, "Whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved," seem to support salvation by faith alone. Its most popular verses include 3:23, "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God;" and 6:23, "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life." FTP, name this book of the New Testament, the longest of Paul's epistles, which he addressed to a church in Italy.
Answer: Epistle of Paul to the Romans
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This man was captured by a knight named William de Cahagnes after his battle-axe and sword shattered on the battlefield, but was released after his brother Henry successfully defended Winchester. He fell out of favor with Pope Innocent II after alienating Roger, bishop of Salisbury and entering into an unpopular treaty with Geoffrey of Anjou. After this man's son Eustace died, the issue of succession was decided by the Treaty of Wallingford, which made Henry of Anjou heir. FTP name this English King who fought the battle of Lincoln against the forces of Robert of Gloucester and his own cousin Matilda, the only British King from the house of Blois.
Answer: Stephen I of Blois
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Type one of this disease causes hyperactivation of Ras molecules due to inhibition of its namesake GTPase activating protein. Ninety percent of patients exhibit Lisch nodules in their irises, while twenty percent have vision disturbances due to optical gliomas. Type two is characterized by tumors of the acoustic nerve and is caused by a mutation on chromosome twenty-two, while type one is caused by a mutation on chromosome seventeen that most commonly manifests with "cafe-au-lait" spots and benign subcutaneous tumors. FTP name this neurological disorder commonly abbreviated "NF."
Answer: neurofibromatosis (accept NF before the end)
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In an early version of this play, the protagonist tries to teach another character to say the word "Jimminy," without success. The play opens in Johnny "the Priest's" bar, whose denizens include two nameless longshoremen and Marthy Owen, who courts the title character's father. In Act III, two central characters coincidentally sign up for the same steamer to Cape Town, the Londonberry, but confront each other aboard the Simeon Winthrop before departing. At the play's end, the title character agrees to leave behind her life as a prostitute in Minnesota and marry the stoker Mat Burke. FTP, name this Pulitzer Prize-winning play about the daughter of Chris Christopherson, written by Eugene O'Neill.
Answer: Anna Christie (Accept Chris Christophersen before "father")
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Davidson's translations of this man's greatest work states that the path "that Being is not, and Non-Being must be" is "all-incredible" because "one thing are Thinking and Being." Citing Tartarus as a muse, he is featured in Kingsley's In the Dark Places of Wisdom, which describes a conspiracy to cover-up his writings. He believed that doxa is fundamentally mistaken, and that reality is a united and indestructible single alethia, hence his vehement opposition to Heraclitus. In the Platonic dialogue named for him, he proposes the "third man argument," which undermines the theory of forms, and his disciple Zeno attacks the notions of plurality and motion. FTP, name this pre-Socratic philosopher, author of the poem On Nature and the founder of the Eleatic school.
Answer: Parmenides of Elea
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In high school home games in 1992, he was announced as "the nation's number one player on the nation's number one team." As a minor leaguer in 1993, he was in a commercial with George Brett. He led the American League in 2000 in runs scored and steals, but was traded west the next year. A widespread rumor claiming that he'd failed a steroids test in 2005 was found to be false, though he did play for Oakland after being traded from Kansas City. He helped defeat the team he recently joined by hitting a grand slam in Game Seven of the 2004 ALCS while the Red Sox center fielder and leadoff man. FTP, name this former leader of "The Idiots" nicknamed "Captain Caveman," who joined the Yankees in 2005.
Answer: Johnny David Damon
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This person was identified with Hittite Aqhat, who refused to yield his bow to Anatha. Conceived when the bee-keeper Hyreius made water on the hide of a bull and buried it in his wife's grave, he was compelled to carry Cedalion to the edge of the Earth in penance for raping Oenopion's daughter Merope, for only then would Helios restore his sight. Some myths claim that Aesclepius was struck dead while trying to revive this man. Apollo fooled Artemis into believing this man had seduced Opos as Candaon, so she had his struck down while he was swimming near Ortygia; later ruing this decision, she flung her assassin into the sky along with this man and his dog. FTP, name this hunter who is constantly being pursued by a scorpion and who had a dog named Sirius.
Answer: Orion
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A set of handmade quilts sent by the mother of one of the central characters are a symbol of lower class in this novel, whose events are preceded by the death of the narrator's mother. Tension is created after one of the novel's characters risks his life to rescue a mentally handicapped child who wandered in front of a train. That character's wife, Robbie, left him in Memphis but follows him when he departs for the title event, which takes place at Shellmound. The central family includes Shelley, who wants to be a nun; Aunt Ellen; and Uncle Battle, who dreads the departure of his daughter Dabney. FTP, what is this novel narrated by Laura McRaven and centering on a gathering of the Fairchild family by Eudora Welty?
Answer: Delta Wedding
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Chapter five of this work begins with a discussion of the work of Richard Baxter and the notion of Anschauung, or "outlook," and goes on to discuss the controversy in Britain over the Book of Sport. In Chapter two, the author criticizes economic rationalism as a response to economic traditionalism, focusing on Benjamin Franklin's claim that "time is money." In Part II, the author moves on to critique the vocational rigidity of several ascetic groups. The work's central claim is that the "vocational calling," combined with moral self-discipline, fueled and ossified the modern economic state, forming a "steel-hard casing" from which we cannot escape. FTP, name this seminal work of sociology in which Calvinism was linked to free enterprise by Max Weber.
Answer: The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
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On December fifth, a six point three earthquake centered at this geographic location struck a location near the area that the Bantu-speaking Fipa people inhabit. It is fed by the Malagarasi and Ruzizi rivers and is home to a namesake species of sardine. Stanley Falls is located to its northwest near the convergence of its only outlet, the Lukuga, into the headstreams of the Congo. FTP, what is this world's second-largest lake by volume and largest lake of the Great Rift Valley, which borders Burundi, Zambia, the Congo, and Tanzania?
Answer: Lake Tanganyika
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The thirtieth stanza of this work describes a "Pilgrim of Eternity, whose fame / Over his living head like Heaven is bent," while the next three stanzas are an extended description of the author, whose "branded and ensanguined brow" was "like Cain's or Christ's." The poet instructs a "noteless blot" to "Live though, whose infamy is not thy fame!" referencing a critic whom he blames for the death of the title character, whose soul "like a star, / Beacons from the abode where the Eternal are." The poet repeatedly exhorts the reader to "weep for" the title character "for he is dead" and declares that "his fate and fame shall be / An echo and a light unto Eternity." FTP, what is this elegy on the death of John Keats by Percy Bysshe Shelley?
Answer: "Adonais"
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One of this location's features, Gipul Catena, is an almost six hundred twenty-kilometer-long straight line of craters, and its magnetic field is generated by rapid circulation of a large electrolyte flow beneath its surface, making it strong enough to be detectable even in the larger fields of nearby bodies. As it has almost no geological activity, it has the oldest and most cratered surface in the solar system. Many of its features are named after Norse mythology, as exemplified by the impact craters Valhalla and Asgard. It is the third-largest moon in the solar system and is farther away from Jupiter than the other Galilean moons. FTP, name this moon named after a nymph Zeus loved who was transformed into a bear.
Answer: Callisto
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Combatants established blockhouses at the mouth of the Fish River and Soldier Pond, where one of its chroniclers, Jean Michaud, was taken prisoner. It was preceded by the declaration of the Republic of Madawaska by Sophie Rice and John Baker, whose arrest led to a failed arbitration by the King of the Netherlands. Governor Edward Kent set up a garrison of ten thousand men at Hancock Barracks, but they never left the compound due to the intervention of General Winfield Scott. FTP name this conflict over lumber rights, a boundary dispute between the United States and Canada that was ended by the Webster-Ashburton Treaty, named for the river in Maine near which it occurred.
Answer: Aroostook War
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One character in this work tells the story of "The Snake and the Fox," which an aside notes is not included in Nicholas Bataille's production. One of the main characters notes that Dr. Mackenzie-King had his own liver operated on before performing a similar procedure on Parker, to which her husband responds "All doctors are quacks, only the Royal Navy is honest in England." Toward the end, Francois Coppee and Sully Prudhomme are called "silly gobble gobblers," after which Mrs. Smith yells "Krishnamurti!" three times and imitates a train. The only real event in the play is the arrival of the fire chief who, on his way out, mentions the title character, a woman who "always wears her hair in the same style." FTP, name this absurdist play by Eugene Ionesco.
Answer: The Bald Soprano or La Cantatrice chauve
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Arly thiophenes can be produced by the Volhard-Erdmann reaction of this type, and heavy metal catalysis is often effective for the Nazarov reaction, which is one of these for vinyl compounds. Moore and Myers recently discovered similar exothermic reactions of this class, and the Borsche-Drechsel reaction of this type synthesizes carbazole by arranging a bridge of the namesake type at the bridgehead carbons of two homocyclic rings. FTP, name this class of chemical reactions including the Dieckmann reaction; reactions that produce closed ring compounds.
Answer: cyclizations
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J.D. Hainsworth authored an article comparing Don Quixote and Hamlet to the protagonist of this work, a shortened version of which was published ten years earlier as the title character's "Dream." That character is tutored as a child by his German neighbor, whose son becomes his only friend. After being evicted in favor of his landlord's relative he is befriended by Tarantyev, who schemes to entrap him by making him marry his fat landlady. He becomes a government clerk for three years only to resign due to ill health, leaving him at home with his valet Zakhar. He is later invited to Paris, but elects to stay with Olga, who leaves him due to his indolence; a trait that for which literature remembers him. FTP, what is this Ivan Goncharov novel?
Answer: Oblomov
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The primary source of information for this battle is the writings of Tjaneni in the Hall of Annals of the victor. After the aggressing army assembled at Sile, it set out for the city of Yehem, from which it launched an attack on the under-defended city of Aruna. The opposing army, strengthened by forces from Mitanni, was concentrated largely to the north at Zefti and the south at Tanaach in the Jezreel valley, and had to scramble back to the river Qinah to face the aggressors. The defending forces were routed, but the King of Qadesh escaped, leading to a seven-month siege. FTP, name this battle won by Thutmose III in the fifteenth century BCE, the oldest known battle in history.
Answer: Megiddo
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Notable pieces in this opera include the duet "Il core vi dono," in which a character gives away a locket containing a portrait of her husband, and the aria "Come scoglio," in which the same character expresses her constancy. The opera's title comes from a line spoken by Basilio in a trio which appears in an earlier opera by the same composer. At the end of Act I, a doctor uses a large magnet to cure a poisoning, but turns out to be the maid Despina in disguise. She later presides over the final marriage scene in which Ferrando and Guglielmo, dressed as Albanians, swap their wives, Dorabella and Fiordiligi, thus fulfilling a challenge issued by Don Alfonso. FTP, name this Mozart opera whose title translates as "So do they all."
Answer: Cosi fan tutte (accept All Women Do the Same or They're All Like That or other equivalents; accept So Do They All before it's mentioned)
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Two years after its conclusion, forces of Father Kostadin Buvski and Leonid Vulgaris met at Gremen to decry it as ineffective. Romania was forced to exchange South Bessarabia to Russia for Dobruja, and the newly created Greater Bulgaria was further divided into North Bulgaria, Eastern Rumelia, and Macedonia. Its eventual mediator offered himself as an "honest broker" between nations represented by Alexander Karatheodori and Alexander Gorchakov, although all of the signers of the 1856 Treaty of Paris were present. FTP, name this meeting convened to rethink the Treaty of San Stefano, an 1878 conference chaired by Otto von Bismarck in the German capital.
Answer: Congress of Berlin
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Late in life, this artist created a number of pastel self-portraits such as his Self-portrait with Spectacles and Self-portrait at Easel. His figure paintings began as single domestic scenes like Woman Sealing a Letter, Woman Drawing Water from a Cistern, and Soap Bubbles, but evolved into more complex works like House of Cards and Saying Grace. His first commission was for two sets of decorative works entitled Attributes of the Arts and Attributes of Exploration for the Paris house of Konrad von Rothenburg, although he was better known for later works such as Jar of Olives and Kitchen Table. FTP, name this great eighteenth century French painter of still-lifes.
Answer: Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin
2006 ACF Regionals Bonuses by Texas
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Appease Chris Romero by identifying these Renaissance popes FTPE.,
[10] Commonly known as the "warrior pope," he oversaw the founding of the Swiss Guard, laid the foundation stone for St. Peter's Basilica, and oversaw the Fifth Lateran Council in 1512.
Answer: Julius II or Giuliano Della Rovere (prompt on Julius)
[10] Born Giovanni de' Medici, the second son of Lorenzo, he succeeded Julius II and excommunicated Martin Luther in 1521.
Answer: Leo X (prompt on Leo)
[10] Born Alfonso de Borgia, this pope reigned during the 1456 Siege of Belgrade, during which he denounced Halley's Comet as a bad omen.
Answer: Calixtus III (prompt on Calixtus)
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Answer these questions about works of literature that feature characters named Adolphus FTPE.,
[10] The Reverend Adolphus Irwine is a character in this George Eliot novel about a carpenter in love with Hetty Sorrell.
Answer: Adam Bede
[10] Adolphus Grigson is a resident of a tenement that also features the patriots Tommy Owens and Minnie Powell in this Sean O'Casey play.
Answer: Shadow of a Gunman
[10] Adolphus Crosbie is featured in The Small House at Allington, the first of this author's seven-volume Palliser series.
Answer: Anthony Trollope
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They were discovered by Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa in 1568. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Melanesian nation bordered to the north by the Bismarck Archipelago and to the south by Vanuatu.
Answer: Solomon Islands
[10] Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands, is located on this island, whose Red Beach was the site of an American victory which has been referred to as the turning point in the Pacific.
Answer: Guadalcanal
[10] In the 1930's, anthropologist Raymond Firth lived on this southernmost of the Solomon Islands. He found a cult of virginity and widespread infanticide. The island named his Sociological Study of Kinship in Primitive Polynesia.
Answer: Tikopia
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Answer the following about recipients of PEN's Ralph Manheim Translator awards FTPE.,
[10] In 1998, the namesake of the award, Ralph Manheim, controversially translated this work from German. The original author drew inspiration from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in writing the work while in prison in 1923.
Answer: Mein Kampf or My Struggle
[10] The award's first winner, Gregory Rabassa, is noted for the English translation of this 1967 novel, which features a number of characters named Aureliano.
Answer: One Hundred Years of Solitude (or Cien anos de soledad)
[10] The first notable translations of the most recent winner, Japanologist Donald Keene, were the works of this master of the puppet theater and author of several Love Suicides.
Answer: Chikamatsu Monzaemon
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Answer the following questions about a biological test FTPE.,
[10] This procedure, developed at Berkeley in 1975, tests for carcinogenic properties. A positive result, predicated on detection of production of a certain acid, indicates that a substance is a mutagen.
Answer: Ames test
[10] This genus of hydrogen sulfide-producing bacteria is the one most commonly used for the Ames test.
Answer: salmonella
[10] The salmonella used for the test are mutants unable to produce this amino acid without further mutation.
Answer: histidine (or histidine)
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Answer the following regarding a late nineteenth century Act FTPE.,
[10] This initially ineffective 1887 Act created a five-member body that regulated railroads to prevent price discrimination, secret rebates, and unreasonable shipping prices.
Answer: Interstate Commerce Act
[10] This 1906 Act strengthened the Interstate Commerce Commission by giving it the power to determine reasonable rates, increasing the number of members of the body to seven, and banning free railroad passes.
Answer: Hepburn Act
[10] This 1910 Act further improved the Interstate Commerce Commission by placing telephone, telegraph, and cable companies under the jurisdiction of it and giving it the power to set reasonable rates.
Answer: Mann-Elkins Act
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Name these works by Maurice Ravel FTPE.,
[10] Based on a third century CE poem by the Greek poet Longus, this ballet, which Ravel called a "symphonie choreographique," premiered in Paris in 1912, under the direction of Diaghilev.
Answer: Daphnis et Chloe or Daphnis and Chloe
[10] Inspired by folk songs he heard from his Basque mother, Ravel wrote this orchestral suite which features an habanera, a feria, and a fandango entitled "Malaguena."
Answer: Rhapsodie espagnole or Spanish Rhapsody
[10] Written as an homage to the titular classical French harpsichordist and composer, this suite for piano was written in four movements, each dedicated to a World War I soldier who died in battle.
Answer: Le Tombeau de Couperin or The Tomb of Couperin
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Answer the following about a certain British playwright and his works FTPE.,
[10] In this play, Lady Sneerwell, in an attempt to get the fortune of Sir Oliver Surface, tries to destroy the relationship between his nephew Charles and Maria Teazle.
Answer: The School for Scandal
[10] This playwright wrote The School for Scandal and was the grandfather of author Caroline Norton.
Answer: Richard Brinsley Sheridan
[10] In this Sheridan play, Mr. Dangle and Mr. Sneer attend a rehearsal of a play written by their friend Mr. Puff
Answer: The Critic
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Answer the following about a concept in mathematics FTPE.,
[10] If there exists a one-to-one function from one set onto another, the two sets have the same value of this property, which is also known as the power.
Answer: cardinality
[10] This man noted that here is no function from a non-empty set onto its power set. A second proof of his shows that the cardinality of the integers is greater than that of the finite ordinals.
Answer: Georg Ferdinand Ludwig Philipp Cantor
[10] Cantor's theorem can be used to show the existence of these real numbers that are not solutions of polynomial equations with integral coefficients.
Answer: transcendental numbers
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Name each of the following about the Apocrypha FTP.,
[10] Apocrypha spuriously attributed to a Biblical figure but not generally accepted as being by that figure are of this specific type.
Answer: Pseudepigrapha
[10] This deuterocanonical Pseudepigrapha is ostensibly a section of the Book of Daniel. It relates how that prophet refuses to worship the first namesake figure and slays the second; people are then eaten by lions.
Answer: The History of the Destruction of Bel and the Dragon
[10] A prominent Pseudepigrapha relates The Martyrdom of this prophet, who is killed when the tree that has swallowed him is sawn in half.
Answer: Isaiah
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Answer the following about the Mexican revolution FTPE.,
[10] This plan was drafted in November 1910 by Francisco Madero, who was then a political exile in Texas. It called for a revolution to overthrow the Diaz regime.
Answer: Plan de San Luis Potosi
[10] This revolutionary leader and ally of Pancho Villa formed the Liberation Army of the South and drafted the Plan de Ayala. A guerrilla group in modern Chiapas is named for him.
Answer: Emiliano Zapata Salazar
[10] Along with Venustiano Carranza, this man led the Constitutionalist faction that overthrew Victoriano Huerta in July, 1914. However, he later overthrew Carranza and became President of Mexico from 1920 to 1924.
Answer: Alvaro Obregon Salido
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Name the following about John Greenleaf Whittier FTPE.,
[10] This poem, which lamented Daniel Webster's support for the Compromise of 1850, begins "So fallen! so lost! the light withdrawn / Which once he wore," and claims that "the Tempter hath / A snare for all."
Answer: "Ichabod"
[10] Containing the lines "For of all sad words of tongue or pen / The saddest are these: `It might have been!'" this poem tells of a judge who wishes he could marry the titular farm girl, but winds up marrying a rich woman instead.
Answer: "Maud Muller"
[10] Whittier wrote a song for this character, whose life was saved by a slave whom her father, Augustine, then purchased with the intent to free.
Answer: Little Eva St. Clare
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He keeps a statue of the Virgin Mary with him as a totem to his drug habit. FTPE:,
[10] Name this man, who cares for Claire and her infant child until Eko reveals the contents of the statue to be heroin.
Answer: Charlie Pace
[10] Charlie is one of the survivors of Oceanic flight eight fifteen from Sydney to Los Angeles on this ABC show.
Answer: Lost
[10] Charlie was in Australia to secure financial assistance from this brother of his, who had sold Charlie's piano to move there with his wife and child.
Answer: Liam
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[5,5] For five points each, give the name of Fenrir's sons, the two wolves who chase the son and the moon.,
[10] This is the name of the rainbow bridge between heaven and earth and guarded by Heimdall.
[10] This is the chain used to bind Fenrir made from a cat's footfall, a woman's beard, a mountain's roots, a bear's sinews, a fish's breath, and a bird's spittle.
Answer: Hati and Skoll Bifrost
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Name these German short works of literature FTPE.,
[10] This ETA Hoffman tale concerns Nathanael, a student at the University of G., who is driven mad by fear of the lawyer Coppelius, whom he was told is the titular boogeyman.
Answer: "The Sandman" or "Der Sandmann"
[10] Jeronimo Rugero is about to hang himself in prison when the title natural disaster occurs in this Heinrich von Kleist novella.
Answer: "The Earthquake in Chile" or "Das Erdbeben in Chili"
[10] In this story by Thomas Mann, Anton Kloterjahn takes his wife Gabriele to Einfried Sanitorium, where she meets and falls in love with Detlev Spinell after playing the prelude from one of Wagner's operas.
Answer: "Tristan"
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FTPE, answer the following questions about Roman mythology.,
[10] Halcyone [hals-EYE-oh-nay] was the beloved wife of this king, who died at sea on his way to visit an oracle.
Answer: Ceyx [SEA-icks]
[10] Juno sent this goddess of rainbows to Somnus, who revealed to Halcyone that her husband was dead.
Answer: Iris
[10] Upon seeing the dead body of Ceyx, Halcyone tried to kill herself because she could not dare to be apart from him. Instead, the gods took pity on them both and turned them into this type of bird.
Answer: kingfisher
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Answer the following about a topic in enzyme kinetics FTPE.,
[10] This equation relates the concentrations of enzyme and substrate to the velocity of the reaction using a namesake constant abbreviated Km [k-sub-m].
Answer: Michaelis-Menten equation
[10] This double-reciprocal representation of the Michaelis-Menten equation shows the inverse of velocity against the inverse substrate concentration. The y-intercept can be used to find the Michaelis-Menten constant.
Answer: Lineweaver-Burk plot
[10] Plotting velocity versus velocity over substrate concentration yields this plot, in which the negative slope is the Michaelis-Menten constant.
Answer: Eadie-Hofstee plot
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Identify the following seminal works of Continental Rationalism FTPE.,
[10] This work, the magnum opus of Baruch Spinoza, is written as a series of axioms, definitions, and propositions. Part Four is entitled "Of Human Bondage."
Answer: The Ethics or Ethica
[10] This Leibniz work, written as a dialogue between Philalethes and Theophilus, systematically critiques a 1689 work by John Locke, but Leibniz left it unpublished out of respect for Locke's death.
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
ANWER: New Essays on Human Understanding or Nouveaux essais sur l'entendement humain,
[10] This Immanuel Kant work, intended as an introduction to his Critique of Pure Reason, proposes the existence of synthetic a priori knowledge, analogizes space and time with geometry and arithmetic, and outlines twelve possible categories of understanding.
Answer: Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics or Prolegomena zu einer jeden kunftigen Metaphysik
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Answer the following relating to groups opposing Tammany Hall FTPE.,
[10] Associated with the Equal Rights Party, these Jacksonian radical New York Democrats formed when one of their leaders, William Leggett, was thrown out of Tammany Hall.
Answer: Locofocos
[10] This group of radical New York Democrats were named for an extreme method of killing rats and opposed by the Hunkers. Their objectives included preventing the extension of slavery and stopping abuses by corporations.
Answer: Barnburners
[10] One leader of the Barnburners was this future New York governor and Democratic presidential candidate in 1876. He eventually helped bring down Boss Tweed's corruption ring.
Answer: Samuel Jones Tilden
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Identify some operas with similar endings FTPE.,
[10] In this Shostakovich opera, Katerina, having poisoned her father-in-law, commits suicide by drowning herself in a river, but not before killing Sergei's new lover, Sonyetka.
Answer: Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District or Ledi Makbet Mtsenskogo uezda
[10] In this Tchaikovsky opera based on a Pushkin short story, Lisa kills herself by jumping in a river just before her lover Herman loses all his money when the titular card turns up.
Answer: The Queen of Spades or Pikovaya dama
[10] In this Cesar Cui opera, Fatima drowns herself after setting free the title character.
Answer: The Prisoner in the Caucasus or Kavkazskiy plennik (accept equivalents)

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