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2006 ACF Regionals Tossups by Princeton A and Texas AM
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The most recent output of this writer, whose earliest poems were collected in Advantages of Wind-Fowl and Rail Triangle, deals with the sinking of a refugee ship in 1945. In 1972, he released From the Diary of a Snail, to which he appended a speech analyzing Duhrer's Melencolia I. A work from 1977 centers on nine cooks from various eras with whom the first-person narrator spends time. The impact of a neutron bomb causes the death of his one of his characters, aged sixty, in 1982's the Rat, though that character is better remembered for the titular gift of another novel that he requested for his third birthday. FTP, who is this author of Crabwalk and the Flounder and the creator of Oskar Matzerath from The Tin Drum.
Answer: Gunter Grass
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Cowling proved that a fluid, self-sustaining one of these cannot have an axis of symmetry, though Braginsky's isothermal solution to the 3-D problem of this name is nearly symmetric. Steenbeck's alpha effect is the production of a time-averaged field of this type by disordered MHD convection. Parker proposed that rising flows in the Sun's atmosphere could give rise to a field of this type, but this model does not account for the properties of sunspots. The Gramme electromagnetic variety of this uses a ring armature to increase consistency while Pixii built the first electric one based on Faraday's law of induction. FTP, identify the shared name of the most prevalent model of planetary magnetism and an electrical generator that converts rotation to alternating current.
Answer: dynamo (accept word forms, e.g. dynamic)
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Before his career in politics, this man was a manager of the Polar Bear brewery. Arrested for embezzlement from the post office following a study trip sponsored by the Minister of Colonies, he founded the MNC, his country's first nationwide political party, and a university in Russia that Carlos the Jackal attended was named for him. Sidney Gottlieb claims that he was instructed to poison this man's toothbrush by the CIA, but the assassination attempt failed. With his aides Mpolo and Okito, he was murdered by Tshombe's men in Katanga after fleeing from the repressive government of president Joseph Kasavubu. FTP, identify this man who opposed Mobutu Sese Seko and the rule of the Belgians; a Marxist who was the first elected prime minister of Zaire.
Answer: Patrice Lumumba
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Schopenhauer invokes this work's fable of Meshian and Meshiane as emblematic of the source of the pessimistic element of Christian religion. The story of a man to whom is given a "golden seal and a dagger inlaid with gold," Yima, is included in the second fragment of the third part, the name of which translates as "Against the Demons" and is Videvdat. Its oldest section, 72 chapters of "oblations," includes the original writing of this work's compiler; chapters 28 through 53 of this section, part of the Yasna, are gathas in honor of Zarathustra. FTP, name this sacred text of Zoroastrianism which is often paired with commentaries known as Zend.
Answer: the Avestas (accept Zend-Avesta)
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His mother, Mandane, was a princess and a famous inscription of his notes that his great-grandfather was Teipses and his father was a king of Anshan. He defeated rulers, such as Amasis II of Egypt, Nabonidus and Croesus of Lydia, but he died while fighting against the Massagetae. He defeated his grandfather, Astyages, and built his capital, Pasargadae at the site of that battle and he later attacked his father-in-law and captured Ecbatana. Believed to be the ideal king by Xenophon, his Stele tells how he captured Babylon without a battle and, according to the Bible, Daniel presented him with an ancient scroll of Isaiah on his entrance into Babylon. FTP, identify this son of Cambyses I and first king of the Medo-Persian empire.
Answer: Cyrus II, the Great (or accept either underlined part after Cyrus so long as it's proceeded by Cyrus)
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An early theory of the origin of these involved the breakup of relativistic "beebees" while Meszaros and Rees proposed the relativistic fireball shock model to explain their non-thermal broken power law spectrum. Woosely and Paczynski proposed that they are explicable by the collapsar model for Wolf-Rayet stars, which form black holes that feed an electron-positron-baryon jet. First detected by Vela military satellites, their afterglow was first observed by the BeppoSAX satellite using an x-ray detector and data from NASA's Compton Observatory showed they originate from far outside the Milky Way. FTP, identify these astronomical phenomena classified either as long- or short-duration depending if they last over two seconds and named for their intense output of high-energy photons.
Answer: gamma ray burster
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Henri Hubert outlined a general theory of this practice of which fifteen different varieties were identified among the Trobriand Islanders by Bronislaw Malinowski. Edward Evans-Pritchard cited as an example the falling of an Azande roof and their inability to establish a causal relationship to termites. In The Golden Bough, James Frazer conjectured that civilizations are characterized by a stage during which this is prominent before moving to religion and then science. Believed by Lucien Levy-Bruhl to be characteristic of pre-logical thought and considered for Coral Gardens by Malinowski, this is, FTP, what is practice of invoking the supernatural?
Answer: magic (prompt on clear knowledge equivalents)
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Aphrodite saved Butes from this group, the offspring of either Achelous or Phorcys. Ovid explains that they were playmates of Persephone punished for failing to protect her. There are but two of them mentioned in their most famous appearance, one of whom is named Himeropa; later instances list up to five and say that their feathers were plucked to form crowns after they lost a singing contest with the Muses. Some accounts claim they killed themselves after being outdone by Orpheus on behalf of Jason or after their cloying was defeated using beeswax by Odysseus' men. FTP, identify this group of mythological creatures who drew sailors to their death with beautiful singing.
Answer: sirens
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First characterized in 1963, this hormone consists of a sesquiterpenoid partially produced through the mevalonic acid pathway. Its active form is produced by oxidation of a product of violaxanthin breakdown, ABA aldehyde. Its production is stimulated by stresses and its transport occurs in a non-polar manner through both xylem and phloem with translocation through parenchymal cells. Major effects include inhibiting shoot growth with a minimal effect on root growth, inducing seeds to synthesize storage proteins, and inducing gene transcription for proteinase inhibitors in response to wounding. FTP, name this plant hormone once known as dormin for its induction and maintenance of dormancy and best known for its role in the dehiscence of fruits and the falling of leaves.
Answer: abscisic acid (or abscissin; accept dormin before it's mentioned)
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A stain on an ordinary glazed white cylindrical bowl, the discussion of which thinly masks the growing love of two characters for either other, provides the title to this novella's fourth chapter, "Her Mother's Lipstick." The work begins when the female protagonist and her mother arrive uninvited to a gathering after which the mother, twenty years the male protagonist's senior, seduces him on their way home. The work's climax occurs after the ordinary bowl is placed next to an ornamental one belonging to his father. That father was a philanderer and his mistresses included not only her mother but also the conniving Chikako, who now wishes to keep Fumiko and Mitani apart. FTP, what is this work centering on the Japanese Tea Ceremony by Yasunari Kawabata that takes its name from Yukiko's avian kerchief pattern?
Answer: Thousand Cranes or Sembazuru
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For a small body moving in an otherwise quiescent fluid, the inclination of the boundary between the zones of silence and action is the arcsine of one over this property of the flow. This parameter arises in the boundary layer equation from the natural scaling of the dependent variable and a necessary condition for potential flow is that this parameter be much smaller than unity. Since this dimensionless parameter is the ratio of the effects of inertial and elastic forces, flows are incompressible when it is small. FTP, identify the dimensionless number that is the ratio of the speed of an object in a fluid medium to the speed of sound in that medium.
Answer: Mach number
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The antagonist tells the story of a black dog with a constant erection that used to frequently attack him at the beginning of this play, which the Provincetown players premiered with Beckett's Krapp's Last Tape. The antagonist continues with stories about the death of his father and aunt on his graduation day, his affair with a fifteen-year-old Greek boy, and the fact that only the capital letters work on his Western Union typewriter. These stories are addressed to Peter, a reluctant conversation partner, while sitting on a Central Park bench. FTP, name this work culminating with the self-impalement of Jerry; an Edward Albee play set near an animal park.
Answer: Zoo Story
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The precursor to this legislation, Resolution 44, employed John Carmody and Edwin Smith, who also served in the later incarnation of the organization that this Act created. It was called unconstitutional by the American Liberty League and, in a Supreme Court case, Jones and Laughlin Steel claimed that it was not consistent with the commerce clause, but Chief Justice Hughes sided with the government. Passed after the failure of the NRA, it applied to all employers except those in agriculture, airlines, railroads, and government, but many of its powers were nullified by the Landrum-Griffin and Taft-Hartley Acts. FTP name this legislation sponsored by a senator from New York; a 1935 Act that established workers' right to collective bargaining and created a namesake board of labor.
Answer: the Wagner Act (or the National Labor Relations Act)
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The Canadian rock band by this name has released such albums as Take A Deep Breath, Young Wild and Free, and Love Machine and had a 1986 Top Ten single with "Can't Wait For the Night." The song by this name is the first track on Queen's Sheer Heart Attack. The novel by this name concerns Fred Hale, who returns to town to hand out cards for a newspaper competition and is murdered by the teenage gang member Pinkie Brown, who abuses the title substance. The novel was adapted into a 1947 film starring Richard Attenborough; this was released in the US as Young Scarface. FTP, identify the shared name of, most notably, a novel by Graham Greene.
Answer: Brighton Rock
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In order to explain this mechanism's normal result, Winstein has proposed that the presence of ion pairs hinders complete racemization from it. Strong leaving groups like tosylates increase the rate of reactions of this type, but nucleophile concentration changes have no effect on it. Proceeding in two steps, it works best with tertiary alkyl halides and proceeds more rapidly in aprotic solutions. Its rate determined by the dissociation of the substrate, which results in the formation of a carbocation and is unimolecular. FTP, identify this reaction mechanism; a first-order nucleophilic substitution.
Answer: SN1 (accept unimolecular nucleophilic substitution or first-order nucleophilic substitution before the end)
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Mounier offered the initial opinion on it; this was seconded by Target and Barnave. Only one delegate refused to sign it, asserting that the representatives and people held political authority. After assembling at the Menus Plaisirs to discuss reforms proposed by the finance minister, the group, led by Abbe Sieyes and Mirabeau, withdrew and formed the National Assembly. Announced by Jean Bailly, it was signed by 577 members of the Third Estate after they were locked out of their meeting hall in the Palace of Versailles. FTP, identify this 1789 document whose signing at the namesake sporting venue marked the beginning of the French revolution.
Answer: Tennis Court Oath
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Due to its extensive fugato, Francois Habaneck initially attacked this orchestral work for being too academic. Its first movement was described as "a fat bristly animal" by its composer and is reminiscent of Beethoven's Ninth, with which it shares a D-minor key. Wagner's Parsifal samples from that first movement during which strings, flutes and bassoons weave a liturgical mood and which culminates in the "Dresden Amen." During the fourth and final movement, a flute solo introduces and a clarinet chorus recalls a melody from a namesake Bach cantata, the hymn "A Mighty Fortress is Our God." FTP, name this symphony composed for the three hundredth anniversary of the Augsburg Confession; the 5th by Mendelssohn, nicknamed for the Protestant movement of the sixteenth century.
Answer: Symphony No. 5 in D major/D minor ("Reformation"), Op. 107 (accept either underlined part; accept Symphony No. 5 in D major/D minor ("Reformation"), Op. 107 before it's mentioned)
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This institution's current incarnation contains the Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory, which houses the Ryle Telescope and one receiver from the MERLIN array. Its original site housed the Medical Research Council Unit where Perutz worked on the structure of DNA, and Josephson junctions were developed here. Its research included Thompson's cathode ray experiments and Bragg's work with x-rays; its first professor was Maxwell, who was soon joined by Rayleigh. FTP, identify this prestigious physics laboratory at Cambridge named for the British scientist who discovered hydrogen and made an early measurement of the Earth's mass.
Answer: Cavendish Laboratory (prompt on Cambridge University)
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At the end of this work, a silver fox farm is established at the central location. The work features a fortune teller who reads the soles of feet and is often associated with Madame Sosostris, who appears in the work from which this novels takes its title. Jock Grant-Menzies is a friend of the central character and speaks of the protagonist's love for his home, whose bedrooms were named from Arthurian legend. The turning point in the novel is the death of the protagonist's son, after which his wife Brenda leaves him and he takes an ill-fated trip to the Amazon. Featuring the crazy Mr. Todd, who forces the protagonist to read Dickens for the remainder of his days, this is, FTP, what novel centering on Hetton Abbey and the protagonist Tony Last; a work by Evelyn Waugh?
Answer: A Handful of Dust
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It was possibly inspired by a dream documented in the Tibetan text Life of Milarepa. Its subtitle is "Which, when enlarged, will fill the sky" and its design is influenced by the artist's earlier Sleeping Child and the Maiastra series. The first piece of this name was mounted on a conical support while, in later versions, an irregular stem was used. When Edward Steichen tried to bring one through U.S. Customs, the officer classified it as a propeller blade and charged a $600 duty. The work eliminates any superficial likeness and lengthens the body swell of the titular animals, reducing to an oval plane its head and beak. FTP, name this sculpture series depicting the essence of flight by Constantin Brancusi.
Answer: "Birds in Space"
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In the essay "Just This Side of Byzantium," this author acknowledges that Greentown and the protagonist Douglas Spaulding are recreations of his childhood. In another of his works, he explored chaos theory in the story of a man who travels to hunt dinosaurs and accidentally stomps a butterfly, then returns to the present to find his society changed. His best-known work centers on a group that uses a salamander as its symbol. The protagonist of that work is influenced by Clarisse McClellan and the professor Faber and eventually begins to secretly read a Bible. After killing Captain Beatty and eluding the Mechanical Hound, Guy Montag is able to escape his past. FTP, name this author of "The Sound of Thunder," Dandelion Wine, and Fahrenheit 451.
Answer: Ray Bradbury
2006 ACF Regionals Bonuses by Princeton A and Texas AM
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Although his Riot in the Gallery was closer to pointillism than to the movement he helped found, his The City Rises showed the influence of the Futurist Filippo Marinetti. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Italian better known for sculptures like Head + House + Light.
Answer: Umberto Boccioni
[10] Boccioni's most famous sculpture is this 1913 work that depicts a striding figure whose form is deformed by speed.
Answer: Unique Forms of Continuity in Space (or Forme uniche della continuita nello spazio)
[10] Boccioni's most ambitious series of paintings was this series of three, individually subtitled "Farewells," "Those who Go" and "Those who stay," which depicts the inner feelings of people at a train station.
Answer: States of Mind
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Thermodynamic and other physical properties can be estimated via computer simulation. FTPE:,
[10] Named by Ulam, this robust type of simulation method uses a sample of random numbers to generate values for uncertain parameters in a system.
Answer: Monte Carlo methods
[10] This potential function, a mainstay of Monte Carlo transport simulations, contains an attractive term that falls off as the sixth power of the particle separation and a repulsive term that falls off as the twelfth power of the same.
Answer: Lennard-Jones potential
[10] The attractive term in the Lennard-Jones potential is due to these general intermolecular forces resulting from polarization of molecules. Kessom and London forces are types of these.
Answer: van der Waals forces (prompt on dispersion forces)
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He was the American ambassador to the Barbary States and died while trying to outrun Napoleon's 1812 Russian retreat. FTPE:,
[10] Who was this Hartford Wit whose last poem was "Advice to a Raven in Russia?"
Answer: Joel Barlow
[10] In this early American mock-epic, Joel Barlow reminisces about his childhood and the serving of the title dish.
Answer: "The Hasty-Pudding"
[10]This twelve-volume Barlow poem, originally published in nine volumes as Vision of Columbus, depicted a prosperous America and was intended to inspired patriotism.
Answer: The Columbiad
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Answer the following about an ancient war FTPE.,
[10] The first of two of its name, this war began in 431 BCE between Athens and Sparta and was documented by Thucydides.
Answer: First Peloponnesian War
[10] The Athenian leader Cleon and the Spartan general Brasidas were both killed at this 422 BCE battle, which resulted in the Athenian army fleeing to Eion. The battle prompted negotiations for peace.
Answer: Battle of Amphipolis
[10] Negotiated by Pleistoanax, King of Sparta and the namesake Athenian general, the First Peloponnesian War ended with the signing of this truce, which lasted for six years.
Answer: Peace of Nicias
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His first play, White Desert, was a bust; his second, a collaboration with Laurence Stallings, was successful. FTPE:,
[10] Name this American author of What Price Glory? and Winterset.
Answer: Maxwell Anderson
[10] In 1933 Maxwell Anderson won a Pulitzer for this drama that centers on Congressman Alan McClean, who fights against a pork-laden bill. It takes its title from Romeo and Juliet
Answer: Both Your Houses
[10]In 1949, Anderson wrote Lost in the Stars, an adaptation of this Alan Paton novel centering on Stephen and Absalom Kumalo.
Answer: Cry, the Beloved Country
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Identify each of the following about Old Testament dudes and their dreams FTPE.,
[10] The first recorded dream occurs in Genesis, when God tells this man of his numerous descendents, establishes his covenant with him, and verifies the man's call to leave Ur.
Answer: Abraham
[10] This descendent of Abraham had a dream of angels climbing between Heaven and Earth at Bethel.
Answer: Jacob (or Israel)
[10] Jacob's son Joseph interpreted a number of dreams after he was thrown in an Egyptian jail for being falsely accused of raping the wife of this Egyptian official.
Answer: Potiphar
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Answer each of the following about a period of Japanese history FTPE.,
[10] During this period, which followed the Azuchi-Momoyama period, power was shared by feudal rulers, or daimyo. The period lasted from 1600 to 1867 and its first shogun was Ieyasu.
Answer: the Tokugawa Shogunate (or the Edo Period)
[10] In 1615, the defeat of the Toyotomi city of Osaka marked the end of this long, strife-filled period. It had begun during the Muromachi period and lasted through the beginning of the Edo Period.
Answer: the Warring States Period or Sengoku-jiadi (or Sengoku period)
[10] The first phase of the Sengoku Period was this civil war that lasted from 1467 to 1477 and that began as a local rivalry between the prime minister Katsumoto and the landowner Sozen.
Answer: the Onin War
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Identify each of the following about early American colonialization FTPE.,
[10] Chartered by the States General under Willem Usselinx, it had immediate control of New Netherland.
Answer: Dutch West India Company
[10] The Dutch West India Company dispatched about thirty families from Amsterdam. The Protestant families from southern Belgium were mostly of this ethnic group.
Answer: Walloons
[10] He succeeded Willem Verhulst as the director of New Netherland. Arriving on the Sea-mew, he purchased Manhattan and changed its name to New Amsterdam.
Answer: Peter Minuit
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FTPE, identify each of the following about a Pope.,
[10] Succeeding Stephen IV, he opposed Lombard aggression and was the longest serving pope between St. Peter and the eighteenth-century reign of Pius VI. He shares his papal name with the only pope of English origin.
Answer: Adrian I (or Hadrian I; prompt on Adrian and Hadrian)
[10] Adrian I and the papacy were finally freed from Lombard interference in 774 when this city, the Lombard capital, fell to Charlemagne.
Answer: Pavia
[10] Adrian presided over this seventh general Council, at which the doctrine on the use of images was expounded. It was held at the same cite of an earlier council which addressed Arianism.
Answer: Second Council of Nicaea (do not prompt on Council of Nicaea)
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It opens "music hath charms to soothe a savage breast." FTPE:,
[10] Name this restoration drama in which Manuel impersonates Alphonso out of jealousy for Zara.
Answer: The Mourning Bride
[10] This playwright of Love for Love and The Way of the World wrote The Mourning Bride.
Answer: William Congreve
[10] Manuel, who is decapitated in the end, is the monarch of this Kingdom.
Answer: Granada
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Identify each of the following about some astronomical objects FTPE.,
[10] The observable radius of a non-rotating one of these is called the Schwarzschild radius.
Answer: black hole
[10] The Bekenstein-Hawking relation defines this property for black holes.
Answer: entropy
[10] This hypothesis proposed by Thorne states that an object forms a black hole when a namesake circular ring of the Schwarzchild radius can be rotated about the object. It is incomplete, since it would disallow naked singularities.
Answer: hoop conjecture
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following questions on taxonomy FTPE.,
[10] This is a group of organisms defined by the sharing of a homologous feature derived from a common ancestor. The study of these is known as their namesake -istics.
Answer: clade (or monophyletic group)
[10] Groups of this type are monophyletic group missing a single sub-clade, such as "non-avian dinosaurs."
Answer: paraphyletic groups
[10] This is grouping predicated on an artificial construct based on a factor other than common descent, such as warm-bloodedness.
Answer: polyphyletic grouping
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Answer some questions about Consultants in Poetry to the Library of Congress FTPE.,
[10] This modernist poet who hails from Rutherford, New Jersey is the only one who was appointed to the position but did not serve. His most famous poem is about a town nearby his home, Paterson.
Answer: William Carlos Williams
[10] He served in the position immediately following the time in which William Carlos Williams would have served. His works include the collection Blood from Strangers and the poem "The Death of the Ball-Turret Gunner."
Answer: Randall Jarrell
[10] This Russian-born poet served as Laureate from 1991 to 1992 and promoted the idea of the government sponsoring the giving away of poetry anthologies. His works include the collections "A Part of Speech" and "To Urania."
Answer: Joseph Brodsky
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FTPE, identify each of the following about an architect.,
[10] This winner of the first Pritzker Prize in 1979 has designed such buildings as the Seagram Building and California's Crystal Cathedral.
Answer: Philip Johnson
[10] Johnson's work on the Seagram Building was in conjunction with this architect of the Farnsworth House and the Lake Shore Drive Apartments.
Answer: Mies van der Rohe
[10] Johnson also designed the water gardens adjacent to this city's convention center. The water gardens are currently closed for renovation after four visitors drowned in June, 2004 in the gardens' Active Pool.
Answer: Fort Worth, Texas
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Answer each of the following from math FTPE.,
[10] This is the power series representation of a function at some point via values of its derivatives at another point, the center of the expansion. A function having a valid one is said to be analytic.
Answer: Taylor series (or Laurent series)
[10] This is the simplest and earliest-devised estimator of the truncation error for a finite Taylor series. It bounds the error as the maximum of the next derivative on the expansion range, times the normal weighting.
Answer: Lagrange remainder formula
[10] Taylor's theorem was originally discovered by this Scottish mathematician who used it to compute the natural logarithms of positive numbers and who also invented a namesake telescope.
Answer: James Gregory
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Identify each of the following related music works FTPE.,
[10] This Rachmaninoff choral symphony was inspired by a tintinnabular Edgar Allan Poe poem.
Answer: The Bells, choral symphony for soprano, tenor, baritone, chorus
[10] This composer's first symphony is subtitled "The Bells of Zlonice." He is also known for The Noonday Witch and Rusalka.
Answer: amp; orchestra, Op. 35 (accept either underlined part)
[10] The Sunken Bell, an opera by this composer of the Pines of Rome, is based on a Hauptmann play and concerns the water sprite Ondine and the heroine Rautendelein, an elf-girl.
Answer: Antonin Leopold Dvorak
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FTP, identify each of the following about a movie.,
[10] This 1999 film stars Jennifer Aniston as Chotchkie's waitress Joanna.
Answer: Office Space
[10] This David Herman character concocts the accounting fraud scheme central to the plot. He's known for coining "no-talent ass clown" to describe his ostensible namesake, the palpability of whose music he lies about to fudge-packing auditors.
Answer: Michael Bolton (accept either)
[10] Milton's unwillingness to surrender this item for a version made by a different company ultimately causes Initech to burn down.
Answer: a red Swingline stapler
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FTP, identify each of the following from European history.,
[10] Also known as the Pact of Paris, this treaty called for signers to renounce war as a national policy.
Answer: Kellogg-Briand Pact
[10] While Kellogg was award the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts on the pact, Briand had already been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on The Locarno Treaties. This German Foreign Minister was awarded the Novel Prize with him.
Answer: Gustav Stresemann
[10] German-Soviet relations cooled after the Locarno Treaties were signed as the Soviet Union felt the new treaty distracted from this 1922 agreement signed between Germany and Bolshevist Russia which renounced any claims against the other from World War I.
Answer: Treaty of Rapallo
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Answer each of the following about a philosopher FTP.,
[10] This German philosopher's works included Reason and Revolution and 1961's One-Dimensional Man.
Answer: Herbert Marcuse
[10] Marcuse was a member of this German school founded in 1921 and associated with the New School for Social Research. Other members included Theodor Adorno, Walter Benjamin, and Max Horkheimer.
Answer: the Frankfurt School
[10] Marcuse used Marxism and Freudian psychoanalysis to critique capitalist society in this 1955 work, subtitled "A Philosophical Inquiry into Freud."
Answer: Eros and Civilization: A Philosophical Inquiry into Freud
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Answer each of the following about The Sorrows of Young Werther FTP.,
[10] Werther receives advice from this friend with whom he corresponds. His Apprenticeship would become the subject of a later Goethe work..
Answer: Wilhelm Meister (accept either underlined part)
[10] Werther's unrequited love is for Lotte, the wife of this man, who supplies him with the pistol he uses to kill himself.
Answer: Albert
[10] The evening before his death, Werther visits Charlotte and she asks him to read some passages by this legendary Gaelic poet, bard, and supposed son of Finn MacCool.
Answer: Ossian
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Its third section begins with Gaga being sent to Lahmu and Lahamu to make them ready for a feast. FTPE:,
[10] Name this somewhat fragmentary work analyzed in L. W. King's Seven Tablets of Creation.
Answer: the Enuma Elish
[10] The primeval Chaos, she is the mother of Lahmu according to the Enuma Elish. After she is defeated by Marduk, her eyes become the sources for the Tigris and Euphrates.
Answer: Tiamat
[10] This sky god is the son of Tiamat and Apsu. Marduk promises to deliver Tiamat's body to his feet.
Answer: Anshar

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