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2006 ACF Regionals Tossups by Michigan A
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Sometimes replaced by a violin in Glinka's Trio Pathetique, it was invented in the 1710's by Johann Christoph Denner and only became a staple of orchestras in the 1780's. Weber and Copland wrote concertos for it but the most famous is Mozart's in A major, which was his last major instrumental work. He and Brahms also wrote famous quintets for strings and this wind instrument, whose virtuosi include Gervase de Payer, David Shifrin and Sabine Meyer. FTP, Elaine's Bar on New York's Upper East Side is where you go to hear Woody Allen play what wind instrument tuned in B-flat and played with a single reed, whose famous jazz artists have included Woody Herman, Artie Shaw and Benny Goodman.
Answer: clarinet
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This building contains the grave of its country's first king, who also has a grandiose monument in the same city that is colloquially referred to as "the typewriter." It also contains the graves of an eighteenth-century composer of concerti grossi and a sixteenth-century painter. Its facade columns are disproportionately tall, apparently because its original planned height was greater than what was achieved. Still, its most famous feature was the largest of its kind in the world until 1436, when a structure in Florence surpassed it. FTP, the Church of Santa Maria ad Martyres is an alternate name for what structure on Rome's Piazza della Rotonda that was built first by Agrippa and then again by Hadrian as a temple to all the planetary deities of Rome?
Answer: the Pantheon (accept the Church of Santa Maria Rotonda or the Church of Santa Maria ad Martyres until mentioned)
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Towards the end of his career, he supposedly considered diverting the course of the Nile to destroy the power of Egypt. His poor health induced King Emmanuel to send Lope Suarez to succeed him. He made his first trip to Cochin in 1503 with his cousin Francisco and later commanded part of the fleet of Tristan da Cunha during the capture of Socotra. The second son of the lord of Villaverde, he became estribeiro-mor to King Joao II and was later given his command position by King Manuel I. In 1512, his ship, the Flor do Mar, was wrecked and his amassed treasure scattered, but he quickly rebounded to put down a revolt in Goa. FTP, name this Portuguese admiral and conqueror who shares his name with a city in New Mexico.
Answer: Afonso de Albuquerque, the Great
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They are admitted as topological defects, a special case of dyons, and are generally supermassive. One-dimensional analogues of cosmic strings, they were posited by Dirac to explain conservation of angular momentum and charge. Most grand unified theories predict their existence at a density such that a small loop of superconducting wire should be able to detect one per year, but none have been detected yet, even in searches of lunar rocks. They are classically forbidden, since the field they ostensibly generate must be divergence-free by Gauss' law for it. FTP, name these hypothetical charges; theoretical sources for the magnetic field.
Answer: magnetic monopoles (or magnetic charges)
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William of Tyre notably wrote about this engagement, discussing the difficult advance through narrow roads and orchards, and the desertion of the traitor princes. Otto of Friesing wrote about the failure of Prester John to come to the aid of the losing side and Osbernus described in detail the capture of Lisbon. Baldwin III received the invading army who then proceeded to meet at Acre and whose central leaders included Conrad III of Germany, who arrived in Jerusalem long before Louis VII. FTP, name this engagement prompted by the fall of Edessa and called by Pope Eugenius III; a crusade supported by Bernard of Clairvaux in which the Christian army was turned back from Damascus in 1154.
Answer: the Second Crusade
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Condillac's Treatise on Sensations claims of this thinker that "his imagination had too much sway over him." Bossuet referred to his system as "Beautiful, new, and false." His 1709 "Responses" were to the pillory of Antoine Arnauld. He claimed that the Chinese were atheists, but was himself accused of pantheism by Jesuits, who banned publication of his Treatise of Nature and Grace. That work expanded upon his Search After Truth and Christian Meditations, both of which emphasize Cartesian dualism. FTP, name this French philosopher who attempted to reconcile Augustinian thought with Neoplatonism as the foremost proponent of occasionalism.
Answer: Nicolas Malebranche
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These correspond to first-order saddle points on reaction coordinate-potential surfaces, so they can be located by optimizing the potential energy of the corresponding quantum system. Positronium acts as one of these for the annihilation reaction of anti-electrons. For an Arrhenius reaction, the rate is proportional to the negative exponential of the enthalpy required to form it, which is known as the activation energy. Often denoted with a star to indicate that it is energetic, ideal irreversible reactions always go to completion on reaching it, and its structure resembles that of the reaction species closest to it in free energy according to the Hammond postulate. FTP, name this point in a reaction, the structure of which is the activated complex.
Answer: transition state (accept activated complex before it's mentioned)
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Samuel Coleridge wrote a sonnet titled "to the author of" this work and the author claims Cervantes' character Roque Guinart as inspiration for one character. In one scene, a man berates his father's servant, Daniel, claiming that he gave him poisoned wine and later that same man engages in theological debate with Pastor Moser, who notices the man turn white when he speaks the word "parricide." Roller, a friend of the protagonist who is kidnapped and tortured; Schufterle, a child murderer; and Kosinsky, a man who has lost his beloved, are part of the title group, along with the lover of Amelia von Edelreich. FTP, name this play concerning the rivalry of Franz, the plotting son of the Count von Moor, and Karl, the leader of the titular group of bandits; a work by Friedrich Schiller.
Answer: The Robbers or Die Rauber
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The title object of this poem is mentioned twice: once in the last line and once in the first, where the speaker hopes it will not moan, but that there will be "such a tide as moving seems asleep." The poem's four stanzas alternate iambic pentameters with trimeters except the last line of the third and the first lines of the first and third stanzas, which are respectively "when I embark," "twilight and evening bell" and "sunset and evening star." The speaker hopes that he will see his pilot face to face after completing the title action, which serves as a nautical expression for leaving harbor. FTP, name this poem that, at its author's request, is published last in many collections of the work of Tennyson.
Answer: "Crossing the Bar"
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The author of this work claims that Jews interpreted their misfortune as the consequence of their own sinfulness and created a set of overly strict commandments in reaction to their fate. The author disputes the idea that new technology automatically improves quality of life and critiques communism based on the inability to reform human nature in order to eliminate all motivation for the exploitation associated with capitalism. Major themes include the restraint of instinctual aggression, the concept of a "death drive," and the threats posed by conscience and guilt. It ends by questioning which force will prevail, "eternal Eros" or his potent adversary. FTP, name this essay by Sigmund Freud about the titular misery-causing society and the people who hate it.
Answer: Civilization and its Discontents
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Spivak's definition requires that they admit a metric, but this is not really necessary for most purposes. The Nash embedding theorem states that those having metric tensors can be isometrically embedded in Euclidean space. They are typically required to be Hausdorff and second countable, but must always be locally Euclidean. The differentiable type has smooth transition maps, unlike the topological version, and the Riemannian type has a metric tensor. The Poincare conjecture states that all simply connected closed examples of these in 3-space are homeomorphic to the 3-sphere. FTP, name these mathematical objects coverable by many open sets homeomorphic to Euclidean space; generalizations of surfaces.
Answer: manifolds
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One of this man's novels consists entirely of the dialogue between a young history professor named Larry and the elderly amnesiac Ramirez, whose wheelchair Larry pushes around New York City three times a week. Other works include Pubis Angelical, Blood of Requited Love, and a novel about the relationship between Gladys Hebe D'onofrio and Leo Druscovich. Nene Fernandez sends a series of letters to Leonor declaring her love for Leonor's dead son Juan Carlos Etchepare in Heartbreak Tango, but he is better known for novels about the movie buff Toto Casals and the political prisoners Valentin and Molina. FTP, name this Argentinean author of Betrayed by Rita Hayworth and Kiss of the Spider Woman.
Answer: Manuel Puig
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One man of this name was a companion of Aeneas on his journey in Italy and one fought the advance of the seven against Thebes. A better-known man of this name had an affair with Hippo and fathered a daughter, Canace, who committed suicide after incestuous relations with her brother, Macareus. Another one was a son of Hippotes and Melanippe and lived in an abode surrounded by a bronze wall. One of them married Enarete and fathered Sisyphus, but is better known for founding a tribe of Greeks like his brother, Dorus. The other gave a gift of a leather bag tied with silver wire that was foolishly opened by greedy sailors. FTP, name this Greek god of all winds in the Odyssey.
Answer: Aeolus
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The lead singer of this band never released Hoodoo largely due to issues with Fantasy Records. The rhythm section played in the Don Harrison Band and Southern Pacific. The entire band participated in the Zephyr National sessions. Originating as the Blue Velvets, they were later called the Golliwogs. Their final album, Mardi Gras, terminated a streak of eight consecutive gold albums, including Cosmo's Factory and Pendulum. Doug Clifford and Stu Cook were two members, and the band's singles included "Travelin' Band" and "Up Around the Bend." FTP, name this 1960's heartland rock band fronted by John Fogerty, best known for songs like "Green River," "Born on the Bayou," "Fortunate Son," and "Proud Mary."
Answer: Creedence Clearwater Revival
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Kearns-Sayre syndrome is caused by faults in this, and its normal direction of heritance, which is caused by ubiquitination of it, can be reversed in certain species of Musa. Analysis of this commonly consists of sequencing of HVR regions and was used to establish woolly mammoth descent as described in a December, 2005 Nature article. Its existence strongly supports the endosymbiotic hypothesis with respect to its namesake organelle. In humans, it contains 37 known genes, most coding for tRNA's. FTP, name this genetic material generally inherited only for the mother; a ribonucleic acid present in the "power plant" of cells.
Answer: mitochondrial deoxyribonucleic acid (prompt on deoxyribonucleic acid, mitochondria or mitochondrion)
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This lecturer spoke on "Nation-States under the Pressure of Globalization" during a 2001 visit to China. A 1968 work of his traces the "dissolution of epistemology" and argues that all knowledge is rooted in interest. His political arguments include one that democracy and constitutionalism are conceptually interdependent. Author of The Postnational Constellation, The Inclusion of the Other, Legitimation Crisis, Towards a Rational Society, and the aforementioned Knowledge and Human Interests, he posits an arena to mediate between the state and society in his first work, The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere. FTP, name this German philosopher best known for The Theory of Communicative Action.
Answer: Jurgen Habermas
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One ancient city of this name, in Pisidia, was the largest Roman veteran colony in Asia Minor. In the Book of Acts, Paul preaches a sermon there on Jesus as the successor of David before the leaders of the synagogue run him and Barnabas out of town. The larger one, on the Orontes, was captured three times by Persians, after itself having been annexed by Pompey in 64 BCE. It had early served as the capital for the Seleucid kings, many of whom shared its name. FTP, a college near Dayton, Ohio shares the name of what city now in Turkey that was the capital of Roman Syria; the third-largest city in the Empire and, according to Acts, the place where Paul and his associates were first called Christians.
Answer: Antioch or Antiochus or Antakya
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His two altarpieces, the Virgin with Saint Bernard and Saint Ildefonsus Receiving the Chasuble, were probably painted for the convent of Saint Clemente, and his Flight Into Egypt resides at the Detroit Institute of Art. His first documented works are the Vision of Friar Lauterio and the Virgin Presenting the Rosary to St Dominic. Palomino wrote that he first worked as a festival painter and in 1645 he married Beatrice Villalobos. The Ecstasy of Saint Francis reflects the influence of Zurburan and Boy De-Lousing Himself was the first of his canvasses depicting children, another of which is the Grape and Melon Eaters. FTP, name this seventeenth-century Spanish realist best known for his numerous versions of the Immaculate Conception, especially that of the Escorial.
Answer: Bartolome Esteban Murillo
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The Clarence Strait runs parallel to this body of water, which takes its name, meaning "divine wisdom," from a variant of that of a deity. In 1971, the nation that borders it to the North seized three of its islands due to their importance in governing its ship channels. When approaching it from the East, ships must pass south of the Makran coast and, upon reaching the Musandam Peninsula, make an extreme Southwestern turn to avoid running aground at the base of the Zagros Mountains. Located between the United Arab Emirates and Iran, this is, FTP, what strait strategically important as the entrance to the Persian Gulf?
Answer: the Strait of Hormuz
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The tutor Putana is gagged, kidnapped, and blinded in this play after she lets it slip that the title character is pregnant. Hippolita dies when she drinks a glass of poison meant for her former lover at the wedding scene, in which her husband, the fake doctor Richardetto, coats a sword with poison for Grimaldi, who mistakenly uses it to stab the nephew of Donado. A double agent can be found in the servant Vasques, who both assists and attempts to assassinate his master Saranzo and Father Bonaventura acts as a go-between for the two sibling lovers at the center of the play. FTP, name this play about the incestuous love between Giovanni and Annabella by John Ford.
Answer: `Tis Pity She's a Whore
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For a homogenous system, the ratio of the rate of this reaction to that of absorption is the thermal utilization f, which is one of the factors in the four-factor formula. Solid-state actinide detectors for very-high-energy photons use the gamma-induced variety of this reaction. Plotted against atomic number, its usual yield curve is normally hollow, double-humped and symmetric, but can shift right if the inducing particles are highly energetic. It is energetically favorable to the right of iron-56 so power generation methods utilizing it use heavy elements like thorium as fuel. FTP, name this nuclear reaction often accompanied by release of energy and neutrons; the break-up of large nuclei into smaller ones, discovered by Hahn and Meitner.
Answer: nuclear fission
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An agreement of this name was entered into by Secretary of War James Barbour in order to supercede the Treaty of Indian Springs, which was spearheaded by governor George Troup and signed in 1826. Another agreement of this name saw an attempt to seek a renewal of the Marcy-Elgin Reciprocity Treaty and was negotiated by a commission led by Lord Ripon. This agreement also sought compensation for the raids of the Fenians, but John Macdonald was disappointed once again. Hamilton Fish also signed it and more pressing concerns addressed by it included the San Juan boundary dispute. FTP, give the name that identifies this Anglo-American treaty of 1871 as well as a 1921 international conference on naval limitation held in a capital city.
Answer: Washington
2006 ACF Regionals Bonuses by Michigan A
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Name each of the following elementary relations in fluid mechanics FTPE.,
[10] This vector PDE, the form of momentum conservation in an incompressible Newtonian fluid, is notoriously difficult to solve.
Answer: Navier-Stokes equations
[10] This is the relation between a fluid's pressure tensor and velocity. For a Newtonian fluid, it states that the sheer stress is proportional to the perpendicular velocity gradient.
Answer: constitutive relation
[10] This hypothesis defines the theoretical fluid state. It states that minus three-halves the coefficient of viscosity is the "molecular" viscosity, or lambda equals minus two-thirds mu.
Answer: Stokes hypothesis
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Answer the following about various dragons in world mythology FTPE.,
[10]This creature's name means "tail-eater" which is appropriate, since it's a serpent eating its own tail. It symbolizes the infinitude of time.
Answer: ouroboros (or oroborus or uroboros)
[10] This world serpent of Norse myth, son of Loki and Angrboda, is hooked by Thor while he's fishing with Hymir, but escapes. He will kill Thor at Raganrok.
Answer: Jormungandr (or the Midgard Serpent)
[10] The cockatrice is a mix of a cock and one of these, a lindworm with a set of wings. It has two legs with eagle-like claws, a barbed poison tail, and a serpent head. The French type is called a vouivre.
Answer: wyvern
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Answer the following about the metaphysical poets FTPE.,
[10] The name metaphysical was given to the poets by this author of 1781's Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets. He is also famous as a lexicographer.
Answer: Dr. Samuel Johnson
[10] In Samuel Johnson's Lives of the Poets, he was the first poet sequentially to be associated with the term metaphysical. He is the author of Tragicall History of Piramus and Thisbe and the collection The Mistress.
Answer: Abraham Cowley
[10] In an essay on the metaphysical poets, T.S. Eliot claimed that, following Donne, English poets suffered from this three-word condition because of which they could think but not feel.
Answer: dissociation of sensibility
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Name these scattered battles of English history FTPE.,
[10]Robert the Bruce defeated English troops sent to relieve Stirling Castle in this 1314 battle that reestablished Scottish independence.
Answer: the Battle of Bannockburn
[10]In this early skirmish of the `45 Jacobite rebellion, Bonnie Prince Charlie defeated the royal forces of Sir John Cope. The British fled after five minutes of fighting, making it possibly the shortest battle in history.
Answer: Battle of Prestonpans (or Battle of Gladsmuir)
[10]Edward IV achieved victory over the Lancastrians in this 1471 battle after intercepting Margaret of Anjou, who was on her way North to seek support in Wales. Prince Edward was killed and, a few weeks later, Henry VI was murdered in the Tower of London.
Answer: Battle of Tewksbury
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Works of J.S. Bach FTPE.,
[10]This two-book set of preludes and fugues for keyboard in each of the major and minor keys is sometimes referred to as just "the 48."
Answer: The Well-Tempered Clavier or Das wohltempierte Klavier
[10]The most famous of Bach's masses, written over twenty-five years starting in 1725, is in this key.
Answer: B minor
[10]Bach's most famous music for solo violin is a fifteen-minute-long movement from his D minor partita that is often performed on its own under this name for a French dance form.
Answer: chaconne (or ciaccona)
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Answer stuff about Robert Penn Warren FTPE.,
[10] Warren's most famous novel, it's about journalist Jack Burden and politician Willie Stark, and fictionalizes the life of Louisiana governor Huey Long.
Answer: All the King's Men
[10] While a student at Vanderbilt University, Warren joined this group of poets-critics led by John Crowe Ransom who wrote about Southern ways of life.
Answer: Fugitive Poets (or Fugatives)
[10] The Fugitives collected their work in this 1930 anthology defending traditional Southern agrarianism.
Answer: I'll Take My Stand
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Name these items from the nervous system FTPE.,
[10] This is the portion of the autonomic system that is generally responsible for inhibitory activity. It is usually in control during rest, digestion, and other stress-free actions.
Answer: parasympathetic nervous system (or parasympathetic nervous system)
[10] This is a group of nerve cell bodies in the peripheral nervous system, including the parasympathetic nervous system. Many have specific names like acoustic, cardiac, and jugular.
Answer: ganglion (or ganglia)
[10] This is the type of spinal ganglion that contains efferent neurons.
Answer: ventral root ganglion (or ventral root ganglia)
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Answer the following about the career of that dreamboat Michael Pitt FTPE.,
[10] Mike appeared on this TV show for a good part of the third season as a freshman football player named Henry Parker who started to date Jen but, alas, had to leave Capeside in the season finale.
Answer: "Dawson's Creek"
[10] Pitt played John Coleridge in this 2000 Sean Connery movie, an age-old story about a writer befriending a black teen. You'll be the man now, dog, if you can name this unfortunate piece of cinema.
Answer: Finding Forrester
[10] In this 2003 Bertolucci flick, Pitt played Matthew, an American boy who befriends Theo and Isabelle during the 1968 Paris riots. The full-length version is a must if you enjoy sexual smearing of vaginal blood.
Answer: The Dreamers
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Answer each of the following about quantum chemistry FTPE.,
[10] Diatomic molecules are often modeled as one of these systems in which the potential varies with the square of the displacement from equilibrium. There are quantum and classical, "simple" types.
Answer: harmonic oscillators (prompt on oscillators)
[10] Orbital energies may be used as ionization energies for inner-shell electrons according to this theorem. Its generalized form may be used to find self-consistent field orbitals of closed- and open-shell systems.
Answer: Brillouin's theorem
[10] This reformulation of quantum mechanics in terms of the particle spatial probability amplitude is useful for electrons in quantum chemistry. The Kohn-Sham equation is its basis.
Answer: Kohn-Sham density functional theory
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Answer the following about an opera FTPE.,
[10]This three-act Wagner opera based on Germanic legends about the title character and a song contest at Wartzburg premiered in Dresden in 1845 with Johanna Wagner in the lead female role.
Answer: Tannhauser
[10]That female role is this character, the Landgrave's niece, who agrees to grant a wish to the victor of the song contest and prays for Tannhauser's return after he disappears. She also protects him when a bunch of knights draw their swords on him.
Answer: Elizabeth
[10]This baritone character competes in the song contest against Tannhauser and sings that love is like a pure stream which should never be disturbed. He loves Elizabeth faithfully and sings a "Song to the Evening Star."
Answer: Wolfram van Eschenbach (accept either underlined part)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name these twentieth-century Scandinavian leaders FTPE.,
[10] This Social Democratic Labor Party leader in Sweden was prime minister from 1969 to 1976 and from 1982 to 1986, succeeding Tage Erlander. He was shot with his wife while walking home from a Stockholm movie theatre.
Answer: Olof Joachim Palme
[10] This Norwegian World War II Nazi collaborator was installed as prime minister in 1942 and his name has, of course, come to signify a traitor.
Answer: Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jonsson Quisling
[10] Post-World War II Finland adopted a policy of strict neutrality and friendly relations with the USSR. Name either Finnish politician who gives their name to this policy or so-called "Line" it established, the latter of whom was president from 1956 to 1981.
Answer: Juho Kusti Paasikivi or Urho Kaleva Kekkonen
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Answer the following about Tamerlane FTPE.,
[10] Tamerlane ruled from this decadent capital city, erecting a famous mosque.
Answer: Samarkand
[10] This Ottoman ruler was kidnapped by Tamerlane near Ankara in 1402, putting an end to his quest to take the Byzantine empire, and he died in Tamerlane's camp.
Answer: Bayezid I (or Yildirim or the Thunderbolt; prompt on Bayezid)
[10] This former ally of Tamerlane's and leader of the White Horde succeeded Mamai to win control of the Golden Horde and started to invade his territory, only to be defeated between 1394 and 1395, greatly weakening the Horde.
Answer: Tokhtamish
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Name these things about some stuff in the sky FTPE.,
[10] This system of classification of stellar bodies by absorption lines, an alternative to the Yerkes system, admits the popular mnemonic "Oh be a fine girl, kiss me!" for its most important classes.
Answer: the Morgan-Keenan spectral classification system (or the Harvard spectral classification system)
[10] These remnants of red giant explosions tend to be spherical and to have bright surfaces, hence their name. They are Morgan-Keegan bodies of type P.
Answer: planetary nebulas (or planetary nebulae; prompt on nebulas or nebulae)
[10] This planetary nebula, M57, is in Lyra. It is a disc that appears brighter at the edges than at the center.
Answer: Ring nebula
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Name some Epistles from the New Testament FTPE.,
[10] Written in prison around 62 CE, this "queen of epistles" addresses Gentiles, includes a chapter on unity among believers, and tells of the mission of Tychicus, giving various images of spiritual warfare.
Answer: Letter of Paul to the Ephesians
[10] This twenty-five-verse letter, Paul's shortest, was written to reconcile the Christian slave Onesimus with the titular Christian master, to whom Onesimus returns as "a beloved brother."
Answer: The Epistle of Saint Paul the Apostle to Philemon
[10] Making no internal claim of authorship, this epistle makes numerous Old Testament references. Concerned with the character of Mosaic Law it emphasizes the views of Paul regarding the covenant.
Answer: Letter to the Hebrews
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Poems by Robert Burns FTPE.,
[10] The speaker of this poem says that his love is like the title object "newly sprung in June" and also like "the melody that's sweetly played in tune." Choral arrangements of this poem abound and it ends with the speaker declaring "I will come again my love, tho' it were ten thousand mile."
Answer: "A Red Red Rose"
[10] The third stanza of this poem states "surely ye'll be your pint stowp, and surely I'll be mine, and we'll take a cup o' kindness yet, for…" the title entity, which translates roughly into English as "the days of long ago."
Answer: "Auld Lang Syne"
[10] The drunken, blustering title character of this poem does not take his wife Kate's advice. Instead, he drinks every damn day, sometimes with the mistress of the tavern and sometimes with the cobbler Johnny. He also rides off into an intense thunderstorm on his horse Meg and stumbles upon some witches.
Answer: "Tam O'Shanter"
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Important figures in the French Third Republic FTPE.,
[10] This radical in his old age would be France's prime minister at the end of World War I. He owned the newspaper that printed Zola's J'Accuse column.
Answer: Georges Clemenceau
[10] This man served as president throughout World War I. As prime minister from 1912-13, he strengthened the Russian and British alliances that led to France's entering the war.
Answer: Raymond Poincare
[10] This general briefly led a nationalist popular movement, but failed to join a coup started by his supporters in 1889; he went into exile and committed suicide two years later.
Answer: Georges Boulanger
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Name these ships that notably aren't floating FTPE.,
[10] Nearly half the deaths at Pearl Harbor came when this U.S. battleship went down with all hands in the first thirty minutes of bombing.
Answer: USS Arizona
[10] This gargantuan German battleship sank the battlecruiser Hood off Norway in 1941 before nearly the whole home-based British navy was sent to sink it.
Answer: the Bismarck
[10] This flagship of Henry VIII was named after his sister. It sank unaided in 1545 but was raised again in 1982 and is now on land at a museum in Portsmouth.
Answer: the Mary Rose
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Name artists from things they painted repeatedly FTPE.,
[10] This native of Aix-en-Provence painted the bejesus out of nearby Mont Sainte-Victoire.
Answer: Paul Cezanne
[10] This impressionist went through a series of obsessions: first grainstacks, then the facade of Rouen Cathedral, and finally some aquatic flora on his property.
Answer: Claude Monet
[10] This man found himself at least as interesting a subject as anyone else. Self-portraits include one as St. Paul, one as Zeuxis, and more famous examples in the Frick and Washington's National Gallery.
Answer: Rembrandt van Rijn
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Answer the following about a Greek play FTPE.,
[10] Euripides penned the story of this character who was given as a special prize to the Neoptolemus, son of Achilles after the fall of Troy. As his slave and concubine, she bears him a son, Molossus, arousing the anger of his barren wife.
Answer: Andromache
[10] This barren wife of Neoptolemus appears at the temple of Thetis to accuse Andromache of attempting to oust her.
Answer: Hermione
[10] As Hermione is about to attempt suicide, this character suddenly appears and she throws herself down at his feet. He's the only son of Clytemnestra and Agamemnon and brother of Electra.
Answer: Orestes
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Its author suggested that the phrase "pansies for thought," from Hamlet, be used as the title of its English translation. FTPE:,
[10] Name this work which caused a heated debate between its author and Jean-Paul Sartre over the nature of human freedom. The work's theories were later explored with the 4-volume study Mythologies.
Answer: Pensee Sauvage or The Savage Mind
[10] This Structuralist anthropologist wrote The Savage Mind.
Answer: Claude Levi-Strauss
[10] Claude Levi-Strauss coined this term, derived from the French meaning "to tinker," that describes mythological formation as both rational and improvisational. It describes the means by whuch pre-scientific societies like the Bororo formulate explanations; namely, with what is available.
Answer: bricolage
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The sequence A Poet in New York was based on his stay in the Big Apple in 1929 and 1930. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Spanish author of Gypsy Ballads
Answer: Federico Garcia Lorca
[10]amp; Blood Wedding.
Answer: Yerma
[10] In this play, the second part of Garcia Lorca's rural trilogy of tragedies, the childless titular heroine strangles her husband Juan because he does not understand her years of yearning to love and bear children.
Answer: Lament for the Death of a Bullfighter or Llanto por Ignacio Sanchez Mejias

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