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2006 ACF Regionals Tossups by Maryland A and Oklahoma and Vanderbilt and Williams
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In the upper left, one can see some buildings in the distance fading into some hazy hills at the edge of a harbor. Several ships sail in the harbor though only one, with a bellying mainsail, features prominently on the right side. A singing shepherd tends to his sheep near the center and a man appears to be fishing in the lower right corner. In the lower left, the most visible scene shows a horse pulling a plow in front of a colorfully dressed farmer. All of these scenes, however, distract the viewer from the titular event in the lower right, depicted as a cascade of feathers and a pair of legs sticking out of the water. FTP, name this Peter Bruegel painting pitting the son of Daedalus against an Italian coastal setting.
Answer: Landscape with the Fall of Icarus
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This person's name is used to designate the Earth in the Skaldskaparmal, the compiler of which also called this character "the Sybil." Her mishaps are used to taunt her lover in the Lokasenna. Her chief rival was Jarnsaxa, whose son is stronger than her husband. That husband is not the father of her son Ullr, but did sire Lorrid and a daughter was promised to Alvis, Thurd. This goddess had her most distinctive feature replaced by the sons of Ivaldi or Dvalin after Loki shaved her head in the night. FTP, name this second-most-beautiful of the gods after Freyja, the mother of Modi and wife of Thor.
Answer: Sif
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One psychologist quantified this faculty with the exponential of the negative ratio of time and capacity strength and Henri Bergson theorized ordinary and pure variants. George Miller suggested seven plus or minus two as a magic number limit of it and Marvin Minsky discounted the possibility of the eidetic type. In literature, the taste of a petite madeline dipped in linden-flower tisane triggered experiences of it which would not be possible for suffers of Korsakoff's syndrome. FTP, name this cognitive faculty famously studied by Hermann Ebbinghaus, the nuances of which Marcel Proust explored in the work In Search of Lost Time, and which is of great utility in quizbowl.
Answer: memory
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His early career was spent painting, producing poorly preserved works in the Casa Prinetti and Casa Fontana. After becoming court architect for Lodovico Sforza, he designed the choir and transept of the Santa Maria della Grazie and the Canonica of San Ambrogio. One of his last projects was the extension of the Vatican Belvedere as two long, parallel structures. The influence of Leonardo can be seen in the radial design, including a cylindrical cella surrounded by a circular peristyle, of a shrine on the site where St. Peter was crucified. His most monumental design employed a Greek cross with four equal arms and a large hemishpheric dome. FTP, name this favorite architect of Julius II; the creator of the Tempietto and the original designer of St. Peter's Basilica.
Answer: Donato Bramante
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He had an affair with Louis XV's daughter, the Countess La Vendahl, and, late in life, he commanded an expedition against the Turks at Liman, but the jealousy of Count Nassau-Siegen caused his dismissal. He obtained a reputation for cruelty after flogging the carpenter Mungo Maxwell and running-through the leader of a mutiny, causing him to change his name after fleeing Tobago in 1773. Other antics include his attempted rape of a ten-year-old during his time in the Russian navy, but he is best known for an action involving the British ship Countess of Scarborough. FTP, name this Scottish-born captain best known for shouting "I have not yet begun to fight" and his service in the American Navy on the Bonhomme Richard.
Answer: John Paul Jones
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Mohr discussed "The Gold Analogy in" this work, which was notably commented on by William of Conches. Beginning with the narrator asking the title character where the fourth of yesterday's interlocutors is, this work has only one line for Hermocrates, who prompts the recitation of the story of King Amasis by Critias. The construction of a scale is outlined and the title character posits a form of the principle of sufficient reason by claiming that God, being good, manipulated the anake so that more good might come about. Connecting quintessence to the icosahedron, this is, FTP, what Platonic dialogue, dealing with the creation of the universe?
Answer: Timaeus
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This war included the naval victory of Anson at Finisterre Cape and saw the defeat of the king of Sardinia at Madonna del Olmo. In the successive battles of Rottofreno, Piacenza, and Colle dell'Assietta, the French were frustrated by the Savoyards but managed to capture Bergen op Zoom during peace negotiations. The Prussians were victorious at the Battle of Chotusitz and defeated Marshal Neipperg again at Mollwitz, but the best-known battles are Maurice de Saxe's victory at Fontenoy and the last battle involving an English king, Dettingen. Beginning with the invasion of Silesia, this is, FTP, what war that included the War of Jenkins' Ear and King George's War, a conflict in the 1740's over the throne of Maria Teresa, concluded by the Treaty of Aix-la-Chappelle?
Answer: the War of the Austrian Succession
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This novel's minor character Brunswick takes over a shoe-repair business as a result of the violation of the "law of the first night" by one member of the central family. Their story is relayed by the messenger Barnabas, who was offered as a servant to atone for his sister Amelia's refusal of Sortini. The protagonist arrives claiming to be a land surveyor and immediately beds Frieda, who is said to be the mistress of Klamm, the official with whom he seeks counsel. Compiled after its author's death by Max Brod, the work ends with Frieda dumping the protagonist in favor of Jeremiah. FTP, what is this novel of Franz Kafka, which centers on the attempt of K. to infiltrate Count Westwest's titular fortress?
Answer: The Castle or Das Schloss
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From its headwaters, this river flows through the Pantanal wetlands and east of a disputed triangle of land in the extreme southeast of the Santa Cruz department. It crosses the Tropic of Capricorn along the portion of its middle course that forms the eastern border of a department named for President Rutherford Hayes. Hayes was the arbitrator who helped its nation retain the majority of the area between the Rio Verde and the main branch of Rio Pilcomayo, the prominent portion of the region commonly known as the Gran Chaco. Forming part of the boundary between Bolivia and Brazil, this is, FTP, what South American tributary of the Pirana that passes by its namesake nation's capital, Asuncion?
Answer: Paraguay River or Rio Paraguay
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The battle of Alcacer Ceguer and the defeat of the Moors at Ceuta bookended his brief military career and he organized the assault on Sala-ben-Sala's forces at Tangier. He was assisted in his most important tasks by the Jew Jehuda Cresques, who lived with him at his estate of Sagres. Zurara is the best source for relations between this man and men such as Gil Eanes, Goncalves Zarco, Dinis Dias, and Nuno Tristao, who sighted the Gambia River. The son of Juan I and Philippa of Lancaster, he sponsored the development of the caravel and quadrant and the exploration of Porto Santo and Madeira. FTP, name this prince of Portugal who, despite never having commanded a ship, was nicknamed "The Navigator."
Answer: Henry the Navigator (accept Duke of Viseu or Lord of Covilha)
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The first direct observation of one of these bodies, one in 47 Tucanae, was made on October 29, 1997 using the FOS. The collision and slow coalescence models seek to explain their formation; both are supported by the fact that these are more numerous in regions of high density, like the cores of globular clusters. These stars, exemplified by those in NGC 6397 and BSS 19, seem to contradict most theories of stellar evolution; they fall along the main sequence despite being beyond turnoff points. FTP, what is this class of stars, which are significantly hotter than neighboring cluster stars with the same luminosity and, as a consequence, display a characteristic color?
Answer: blue stragglers
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Two operas by this composer, based on Oedipus and The Tempest, were never completed. Early works like Musica ricercata and Apparitions were published much later than their composition due to government censorship in his country but, upon fleeing to Germany, he wrote Volumina, the electronic piece Artikulation, and a work with a title borrowed from a Karl Popper phrase, Clocks and Clouds. His Poeme symphonique is a work for a hundred "preferably pyramid-shaped" metronomes, while his only completed opera was based on a Michel de Ghelderode play and is titled Le Grande Macabre, but he is better known for Atmospheres and two other works that appeared in a 1968 Kubrick film. FTP, identify this Hungarian composer whose Lux Aeterna and Requiem can be found in the score for 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Answer: Gyorgy Ligeti
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This process can by begun by addition of Collins reagent or its namesake's reagent; both contain the hexavalent metal central to it. That metal can be activated in the presence of pyridinium hydrochloride under anhydrous conditions, but a sulfuric acid medium is generally used to increase the rate. Discovered by Bowden, not its namesake, in 1946, this reaction requires care as it is highly exothermic and leaves an extremely toxic residue. The steric bulk of tertiary alcohols precludes their participation in this reaction, and it is usually carried out in acetone. FTP, name this organic reaction in which primary alcohols are transformed into carboxylic acids and secondary alcohols to ketones under catalysis by chromium oxide.
Answer: Jones oxidation (prompt on oxidation)
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In this novel's opening chapter, a fight is precipitated by a king-high straight flush beating a full house. In the last chapter, a storekeeper blames himself for "sins of omission," which include allowing the suicides of the father and son Tetley. The central action of the novel is precipitated by the disappearance of Kincaid, after which his friend, a former confederate officer, joins a group of twenty-eight who seek out Donald Martin and his two ranch hands. Beginning with the arrival of Gil Carter and Art Croft to Bridger's Wells, this is, FTP, what Walter Van Tilburg Clark novel about the hanging of three innocent men in the titular valley?
Answer: The Ox-Bow Incident
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Hausdorff's generalization of this statement relates it directly to the inaccessible cardinals axiom, which was used by Solovay to solve the related Lebesgue [luh-BEG] measurability problem. Freiling's axiom of symmetry or Woodin's omega-logical axiom imply its inconsistency with the common framework in which it arises. Cohen's 1966 work on Set Theory and this introduced the method of forcing to show that no contradiction is introduced by including its negation with the ZF axioms and the axiom of choice, thus showing its truth to be undecidable by normal Zermelo-Frankel set theory. FTP, name this subtle axiom of set theory that states that the power of the reals is aleph-one.
Answer: continuum hypothesis
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Based on the short story "The Greatest Gift," this work was labeled subversive by the FBI, which claimed that a major plot device "was a common trick used by the communists." In one scene, Carl Switzer plays Freddie, a jealous teenager who, during a high school dance, opens up the dance floor, revealing a pool underneath. Better known characters include Violet Bick, who borrows money from the protagonist to start her life over in New York; Sam Wainwright, who habitually says "hee-haw" and wires twenty-five thousand dollars to the protagonist; and Mary Hatch, the protagonist's wife. FTP, identify this film in which a nightmare trip through Pottersville convinces George Bailey that life has meaning, shown habitually every Christmas.
Answer: It's a Wonderful Life
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Three varieties of the diagnostic tool based on this phenomenon are ultraviolet resonance, near-infrared dispersive, and surface enhanced spectroscopy. It has been used in vivo to detect cervical and skin cancers by examining intensity changes and wavenumber shifts of the distinctly narrow peaks it creates. Because it is a fairly weak effect, sensitive detectors and laser sources must be used, and the much stronger fluorescence spectrum must be subtracted from the result. It occurs when a molecule enters a virtual excited state, then returns to a higher or lower vibrational state, emitting an altered photon. FTP, name this type of inelastic scattering that has both Stokes and anti-Stokes varieties and is named for an Indian physicist.
Answer: Raman effect or scattering
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His fascination with poetry began with a translation of the collection Paroles; the day Paris was liberated, he found a poem on a tablecloth written by Jacques Prevert, the poet who would most influence his style. He had moderate success with his first collection, Pictures of a Gone World, the first in the pocketbook series. In his most famous collection, this poet seeks to explore the characteristics of "suffering humanity" caught by the "imagination of disaster." The author who "sees the people of the world" "in Goya's greatest scenes" this is, FTP, what American beat poet, proprietor of City Lights Bookstore, and author of A Coney Island of the Mind?
Answer: Lawrence Ferlinghetti
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The Mehrauli Iron Pillar in Delhi indicates that he led a successful campaign against chiefs of Venga. The pilgrim Fa Hsien described the kingdom under this man's reign, noting that there was no death penalty, poll-tax, or land tax, but that the caste system was firmly embedded and that most people did not eat meat, wine, or onions. He is better known today for his victories over the Saka Satraps and the marriage of his daughter to the king of the Vakataka dynasty, effectively uniting the two kingdoms during his time. At court, he kept a circle of poets known as the "Nine Gems," including Kalidasa, and the fourth day after Diwali, Padwa, coincides with his coronation. FTP, name this Indian king, the second so-named of his dynasty, who shares his name with the founder of the Mauryan empire.
Answer: Chandragupta II Virkramaditya (accept either underlined part after Chandragupta as long as it's proceeded by Chandragupta)
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In the second act of this drama, we learn that the central family's former maid paid a carpenter to marry her after she became pregnant. In the third act, the carpenter bribes a pastor to found a home for sailors. Some of the action is precipitated by the return from Paris of the protagonist's son, who tries to seduce Regina, the daughter of his family's former maid and his half-sister. The protagonist's actions are spurred by an attempt to launder the legacy of her philandering syphilitic husband through philanthropy; in the end, her attempts fail as her son will die and the orphanage has burned. FTP, name this drama that takes its names from the relics of the past which Helen Alving wishes to eradicate; a work by Henrik Ibsen.
Answer: Ghosts or Gengangere
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Brodsky and Berman determined this chemical's structure, which includes a sheath of stabilizing ordered water molecules. Due its dearth of cysteine residues, cross-linking of occurs near the N- and C-termini between lysine and histidine residues with the aid of lysyl oxidase. Ascorbate is dietarily necessary because it is needed by the enzyme prolyl hydroxylase, which forms one of this molecule's prevalent residues. Consisting of over thirty distinct chains assembled into at least nineteen different varieties, the most common residue sequence is glycine-proline-hydroxyproline. FTP, name this triple-helical protein, the most abundant in vertebrates, that provides tensile strength in tissues like tendon, teeth, and bone.
Answer: collagen
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This belief took greatest hold in Soghdiana and was the state practice of the Uighurs. This creed's founder, known as the Apostle of Light, was revered for his painting for centuries after his death, and claimed especially to be the paraclete. Diocletian had mixed success in condemning its organizers and leaders "to the fire." It held that all matter is corrupt and contains evil particles, so its initiated ate only fruit picked for them by those seeking initiation; a practice Augustine notes in the Confessions while discussing his flirtation with this religion. FTP, this syncretic, quasi-Christian dualistic religion founded by Manes.
Answer: Manichaeism
2006 ACF Regionals Bonuses by Maryland A and Oklahoma and Vanderbilt and Williams
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In 1993's Much Ado about Nothing, Keanu Reeves portrayed the villainous Don John, the bastard brother of Denzel Washington's Don Pedro. Answer the following about other literary portrayals by Keanu Reeves FTPE.,
[10] Keanu portrayed Raphael Danceny in this a 1988 film adaptation of this Choderlos de Laclos novel.
Answer: Dangerous Liaisons or Les Liaisons dangereuses
[10] In Francis Ford Coppola's 1992 film adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula, Keanu portrayed this solicitor who learns the truth behind the dark prince.
Answer: Jonathan Harker (accept either underlined name)
[10] In 1990's Tune in Tomorrow, Keanu portrayed Martin Loader, Jon Amiel's version of this Vargas Llosa autobiographical character who interacts with scriptwriter Pedro Camacho and Barbara Hershey's Aunt Julia.
Answer: Marito Varguitas (accept either underlined part)
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Answer each of the following about an episode in Greek myth FTP.,
[10] This fire-breathing harbinger of shipwreck was eventually killed with the help of lead.
Answer: Chimera
[10] At the behest of Iobates, this hubristic son of Glaucus got the help of Pegasus to slay the Chimera.
Answer: Bellerophontes
[10] Though myths vary as to why, Bellerophon was sent to this kingdom in Asia Minor in order that Iobates send him to his death.
Answer: Lycia
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Answer each of the following about mathematical operators FTP.,
[10] For an operator A, this problem consists of finding all the non-trivial operands v such that the operation of A on v is only a scaling of v. The magnitude of that scaling is then this problem's namesake.
Answer: eigenvalue problem for A
[10] These operators, conventionally denoted a and a† [a-dagger], are used to obtain solutions to differential equations by the algebraic method. They respectively increase and decrease the eigenfunction index.
Answer: ladder operators (or creation-annihilation operators or promotion-demotion operators)
[10] An operator whose inverse is its conjugate is called this. Each Hermitian matrix operator has an associated one that is immensely useful for solving the eigenvalue problem for that operator.
Answer: unitary matrix operator
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Name the following about British works centering on anti-heroes FTPE.,
[10] Following the death of his first love, this character marries the mother of Dolores Haze, who later runs off with Clare Quilty.
Answer: Humbert Humbert
[10] The protagonist of this Alan Sillitoe novel is bicycle factory lathe operator Arthur Seaton, who settles for Doreen after he is beaten by Winnie's husband.
Answer: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
[10] This anti-hero marvels that the mouth of the object of his affection is "like the dome of the Pantheon." His hypnotic hold over Trilby O'Farrell enables her to become a great singer.
Answer: Svengali
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Answer the following about legislation in US-controlled territories FTPE.,
[10] This 1917 Act created a government in Puerto Rico with a locally elected bicameral legislature in addition to granting Puerto Ricans citizenship.
Answer: Jones-Shafroth Act
[10] After a quarrel between Guam's House of Assembly and its U.S. Governor, Charles Pownall, Truman signed this generically named Act in 1950. It gave the inhabitants of Guam citizenship.
Answer: Organic Act
[10] Although it allowed Cuba full independence, this successor to the Teller Amendment allowed for a U.S. Naval base at Guantanamo Bay and military intervention when deemed appropriate.
Answer: Platt Amendment
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The first installment chronologically is 2003's Gem of the Ocean and two of the ten works have been awarded the Pulitzer in Drama. FTPE:,
[10] Name this ten-work drama cycle by August Wilson which takes its name from the city whose Hill District is the setting of nine of the plays.
Answer: Pittsburgh Cycle
[10] The lone work not set in Pittsburg is this one set in Chicago. It centers on the squabbles of the title female and her band.
Answer: Ma Rainey's Black Bottom
[10] The latest installment of the Pittsburg Cycle and last chronologically, it centers on mover and shaker Harmond Wilkes.
Answer: Radio Golf
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Identify the following related to object-oriented software design FTPE.,
[10] This fundamental object of object-oriented programming is a set of encapsulated variables and methods. They generally contain the constructor and destructor functions used to instantiate them.
Answer: class
[10] This seminal book by the so-called "Gang of Four" proposed standard solutions and naming conventions for many common problems in software design.
Answer: Design Patterns
[10] This structural design pattern allows for the adding of new behavior to existing objects by "wrapping" a functionality-adding new class around the original object. It is an alternative to subclassing.
Answer: decorator pattern (accept decorating)
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Identify the following ancient Greek sculptors FTPE.,
[10] Notable among his lost works are Apollo Sauroktonos, depicting Apollo leaning against a tree and killing a lizard, and Aphrodite of Knidos. His only surviving piece is Hermes with Infant Dionysus.
Answer: Praxiteles
[10] He wrote a treatise on ideal male beauty, and his principles are exemplified in works like Athlete Crowning Himself and The Spear-Bearer.
Answer: Polykleitos (or Polyclitus)
[10] This favorite sculptor of Alexander the Great has no existing originals, but Roman copies exist of his Farnese Hercules and the Apoxyomenus, or Athlete Cleaning Himself.
Answer: Lysippus of Sicyon
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Identify the following Judaic denominations from a brief description FTPE.,
[10] Taking its name from the Hebrew for "readers," this denomination is characterized by strict interpretation of the Tanakh. Most of the ones in America live near Daly City, California.
Answer: Karaite Judaism (or Karaism)
[10] This ultra-orthodox group, from the Hebrew for "trembler," maintains styles of dress from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and discourages watching television, reading secular newspapers, and using the internet.
Answer: Haredi Judaism (or Haredim or Haredism)
[10] Founded in the eighteenth century by Israel ben Eliezer, known as Ba'al Shem Tov, as a response to the perceived "academic" nature of Jewish customs, this group seeks to reemphasize spirituality and joy.
Answer: Hasidic Judaism (or Hasidim or Hasidism)
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Answer the following questions about the Corn Laws in Great Britain FTPE.,
[10] One of the main opponents to the Corn Laws was this man, the MP for Stockport and a manufacturer who also argued for stronger ties to and support for Russia in an 1836 book.
Answer: Richard Cobden
[10] Leading the charge on the other side was this man, the author of the Wondrous Tale of Alroy and a future prime minister who, on January 22, 1846, launched a polemic against Prime Minister Robert Peel for even considering lending his support to repeal of the Laws.
Answer: Benjamin Disraeli
[10] As president of the Board of Trade from 1823 to 1827, this man developed a sliding scale for the amount of duty on corn for George Canning. He was the world’s first railroad fatality when his leg was crushed during the Liverpool Railway’s grand opening.
Answer: William Huskisson
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Identify these things related to a certain philosopher and his works FTPE.,
[10] This utilitarian concept for an ideal prison was proposed by Jeremy Bentham. Its name is Greek for "all-observing," since all the prisoners are constantly watched from a single post.
Answer: panopticon
[10] This post-structuralist French philosopher had an unfortunate penchant for attending San Francisco brothels. He wrote Discipline and Punish, which focuses on the panopticon, and a History of Sexuality.
Answer: Paul-Michel Foucault
[10] Foucault's breakthrough came in this 1966 work that utilizes art, particularly Las Meninas, to explore the historical character of the truth.
Answer: The Order of Thingsreq>: An Archaeology of the Human Sciences (or Les Mots et les choses: Une archéologie des sciences humaines)
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Name the authors of poems paying homage to autumn FTPE.,
[10] This Chinese poet wrote "In autumn rain, the grasses rot and die" in the first of his "Sighs of Autumn" poems. Perhaps a better-known work is "Song of the Wagons."
Answer: Du Fu (or Do Fu or Tu Fu or Zi Mei or Du Shaoling or Du Gongbu)
[10] This French poet wrote "The long sobs / of autumn's / violins / wound my heart" in his "Song of Autumn," one of his Saturnine Poems.
Answer: Paul Verlaine
[10] This Englishman wrote "Where are the songs of Spring? Ay, where are they?" in his "To Autumn," which was included in the collection Lamia, Isabella, The Eve of St. Agnes, and Other Poems.
Answer: John Keats
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Answer the following about evolutionary mechanisms FTPE.,
[10] This type of selection favors those individuals closer to the mean of some trait and, therefore, reduces variation amongst a population but does not change the mean.
Answer: stabilizing selection
[10] Opposed to and rarer than stabilizing selection, this kind of selection favors individuals at either extreme of a trait's distribution. African finch bill size is often cited as the result of one of these.
Answer: disruptive selection
[10] These, defined as genetic differences within a population, are maintained in frequency-dependent selection when the fitness of a genotype varies with its frequency relative to other genotypes.
Answer: polymorphisms
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It begins with the painter Mario Cavaradossi comparing a miniature of the titular character to his portrait of Mary Magdalene. FTPE:,
[10] Mario loves the titular character, a singer, in this Puccini opera. Their plan to be together hits a small roadblock when his supposedly fake execution turns real. The singer then jumps to her death.
Answer: Tosca
[10] This character is the chief of secret police who uses Tosca and Mario to find an escaped political prisoner and who also wants Tosca for himself. Unfortunately for him, she kills him instead.
Answer: Baron Scarpia
[10] While Scarpia is trying to get it on with Tosca, she sings this famous aria about devoting her life to art and love and protesting her fate to God.
Answer: "Vissi d'arte"
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Answer the following about some of the best and brightest that football has to offer FTSNOP.,
[10] This VT genius' rap sheet includes pot possession; giving alcohol to minors, which led to his 2004 suspension; stomping on a defender's leg; and brandishing a gun outside of a McDonald's.
Answer: Marcus Vick (prompt on Vick)
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[5,5] These two Chicago Bears' offensive linemen got into a drunken brawl at an FBI shooting gallery, and one walked away with a broken jaw. They were fined, but not suspended.,
[10] It was a little late in coming, but this University of Colorado coach finally got fired in December after sort-of surviving the storm kicked-up by the allegations of a female former place kicker, among others.
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Identify these seventeenth-century Dutch artists FTPE.,
[10] He painted many large group portraits, such as Archers of Saint Hadrian and The Women Regents of the Old Men's Home at Haarlem, but he is better known for single portraits like The Laughing Cavalier.
Answer: Frans Hals
[10] His humorous and satirical scenes of everyday life include In the Tavern, The Village School, Skittle Players, and The Feast of Saint Nicholas.
Answer: Jan Havickszoon Steen
[10] He is known for his gentle landscapes with cows, river scenes, and views of Dordrecht, and for others like The Maas at Dordrecht, The Negro Page, and A Distant View of Dordrecht with a Milkmaid and Four Cows and Other Figures, otherwise known as the Large Dort.
Answer: Aelbert Jacobsz Cuyp
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Answer the following about isthmuses FTPE.,
[10] This isthmus was the subject of the Scottish Darien scheme. Just south of it is the Pearl archipelago.
Answer: Isthmus of Panama
[10] The Isthmus of Kra connects the Malay Peninsula with rest of Asia and separates the Gulf of Thailand from this Sea, whose namesake islanders were studied by Alfred Reginald Radcliffe-Brown.
Answer: Andaman Sea
[10] The Isthmus of Perekop connects this peninsula to the Ukrainian mainland.
Answer: Crimean Peninsula
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Answer the following about Arnold Rothstein in literature FTPE.,
[10] Arnold Rothstein was the basis for Nathan Detroit, a character in this Damon Runyan novel, the basis for Guys and Dolls.
Answer: The Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown
[10] Rothstein was the basis for Meyer Wolfsheim who, like Rothstein, fixed the 1919 World Series, in this F. Scott Fitzgerald novel.
Answer: Great Gatsby
[10] In this posthumously published one-act Eugene O'Neill play, the gambler Erie Smith tries to connect to bored night clerk Charles Hughes, and succeeds when Hughes is impressed with Smith's stories of playing high-stakes poker with Rothstein.
Answer: Hughie
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Identify the Merovingian King from a brief description FTPE.,
[10] When Napoleon wanted an appropriate French symbol to trump the Fleur de Lis, he chose the Bees of this man, the purported son of the fish-man Merovech, who is perhaps most famous for the 1653 discovery of his tomb in Tournai.
Answer: Childeric I
[10] Childeric's son, his main accomplishments came in the expulsion of the Romans from Gaul in 486 and, more significantly, his baptism into Roman Catholicism ten years later.
Answer: Clovis I (accept Louis I or Ludwig I)
[10] After assassinating both his uncle and his nephew to consolidate his power over Burgundy and Aquitaine, he faced a 632 revolt led by his majordomo, but found time to construct Saint Denis Basilica.
Answer: Dagobert I
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Answer the following about an important vector field in physics FTPE.,
[10] The magnetic field is the curl of this gage-dependent quantity, usually symbolized A.
Answer: magnetic vector potential
[10] The condition for this gage is that the vector potential be divergence-free. It is wise to choose this gage when analyzing a static charge distribution.
Answer: Coulomb gauge
[10] A non-zero, curl-free vector potential can cause conductance fluctuations in small disordered metallic conductors; an example of this effect.
Answer: Aharonov-Bohm effect
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[5,5] Name the Greek city-state that appealed to Athens for aid in 435, as well as that state's colony, a city on the Illyrian coast near present day Durazzo, which had been invaded by a rival power.,
[10] This is the rival power that invaded Epidamnus. Athens prevented the army of this city from landing at Corcyra during the Battle of Sybota and they appealed to the Spartans and the Peloponnesian League for help.
[10] The Spartans were initially wary of joining Corinth, but saw the danger of Athens' growing power when it issued a series of economic sanctions on this Corinthian ally located between Corinth and Athens.
Answer: Corcyra (accept Kerkyra; prompt on Corfu) and Epidamnus Corinth
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Answer the following about translation FTPE.,
[10] The first residue in any newly synthesized protein is always this sulfur-containing amino acid since its codon, AUG, is the start codon.
Answer: methionine
[10] This purine-rich sequence of three to ten nucleotides is found just upstream of the start codon in nearly all prokaryotic messenger RNA's.
Answer: Shine-Delgarno sequence
[10] The degeneracy of the genetic code can be explained by this hypothesis which says that tRNA's have normal bonding geometry with the first two bases of the codon, but have some freedom in the third base.
Answer: wobble hypothesis

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