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2006 ACF Regionals Tossups by Kentucky and UCLA
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He escaped from a life sentence by disguising himself as a stonemason and walking away from the fortress of Ham. As an exile in England, he joined Wellington's special forces to suppress the Chartists and, while in Italy, he participated in the 1830 uprising. However, it wasn't until he defeated Ledru-Rollin, Cavaignac and Lamartine that he became the ruler of his home country. He created a Council of State, a powerless Senate and a Legislative Body the members of which were elected by universal male suffrage in corrupt elections. After dissolving the original Legislative Assembly on the forty-sixth anniversary of his uncle's greatest victory, he declared himself emperor in 1852. FTP, who was this man who ruled France until his defeat at Sedan in 1870?
Answer: Napoleon III (or Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte; do not prompt on "Napoleon")
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At one point in this novel, a "complete gentleman" says "Do not follow unknown man's beauty" to the eventual wife of the narrator. He and she are married after the narrator finds Death and brings him to the town and a child is born from her thumb. They are then cast out to the wilderness because of the insufferable child, whom they abandon to three men named Drum, Dance, and Song. Among the locales visited by the couple are Wraith-Island, Unreturnable Heaven's Town, and Red-Town; they visit these in search of Deads' Town, where the title character intends to find his former servant and return him to his village. FTP, name this novel in which the narrator attempts to retrieve his tapster from the dead; the best-known work of Amos Tutuola.
Answer: The Palm-Wine Drinkard
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Purchased by the Florentine Acciaiuoli in 1390, it had earlier been center of a state whose official language was Catalan. Later, it was conquered by Navarrese mercenaries who had defeated Walter V of Brienne at Halymros. Walter had succeeded the French knightly family of de la Roche, which had held power here for over a hundred years. Its early prestige had greatly been checked by a 529 closure that dispersed intellectuals to distant Harran and Ctesiphon. Though Venice would twice launch attacks on this city, it would pass into Muslim hands in 1456. Finally returned to Christian rule in 1833, this is, FTP, what city, made capital in the same year by King Othon I but perhaps more famous for the Pnyx and the Areopagus and its ancient prowess under such leaders as Themistocles and Pericles?
Answer: Athens or Athinai (accept Attica or the Duchy of Athens until "city" is mentioned)
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The strings in the background of this work represent "the silence of the druids - who know, see, and hear nothing," whereas the trumpet phrase repeated over times over them alternates with contrapuntal woodwinds that accelerate in speed and loudness during the course of the work. Revised in the 1930's, it is often paired with Central Park in the Dark in the Good Old Summer Time in performance, where the titular entity is mocked after what the composer calls "a secret conference" finds that the voice of the flute's "invisible reply" comes to nothing. FTP, name work subtitled "A Contemplation of a Serious Matter," a work of Charles Ives.
Answer: The Unanswered Question (I & II), for trumpet, winds & string orchestra, S. 50 (K. 1C25) (accept any underlined part)
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Bonaventura Cavalieri is referenced in the last note to this short story, in which the narrator recalls two axioms. The narrator considers the sequence d-h-c-m-r-l-c-h-t-d-j, which does not mean anything terrible in any secret language, and is concerned that you understand his language. The narrator first attempts to describe the titular structure and notes that the "satisfaction of fecal necessities" is permitted before eventually offering a seven-word definition for it: "ubiquitous and everlasting system of hexagonal galleries." FTP, what collection of works that includes such titles as The Combed Thunderclap and The Plaster Cramp names this Borges story about an infinite compilation of books?
Answer: "The Library of Babel" or "La Biblioteca de Babel"
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For stiff types of these, Richardsonian extrapolation algorithms far outperform the other general type. Methods for conquering them can be implicit, such as Adams-Moulton, or explicit, such as Adams-Bashforth. Some non-iterative solvers for these add a middle step called a modifier, however, these predictor-corrector methods are not self-starting and must be initiated, for example using Runge-Kutta [RUN-guh CUT-tuh] algorithms. They can be handled analytically using either D operators or integral transforms, both of which generally transform them into sets algebraic equations. FTP, identify this type of equation involving derivatives in only one dependent variable.
Answer: ordinary differential equations (prompt on differential equation)
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The signature of the artist in this work is an etching off of the background which is decorated with a technique also used for the Palais Stoclet friezes in Brussels. Housed in the Upper Belvedere, it shows a woman's hand sliding beneath the cloak of a man's before emerging to grasp the man's right hand. The St. Apollinare in Classe near Ravenna is the inspiration for the field of flowers on which the woman kneels with the edge of her feet standing next to nothingness. Black and white rectangles decorate the man's cloak while circles of flowers surrounded by gold tesserae cover the woman's dress and hair. FTP, name this Gustav Klimt painting of an act of love.
Answer: The Kiss
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This procedure was introduced by its namesake, along with Foster and Towle, in the Journal of the American Chemical Society 1949. No anti- selectivity has been found for it and, when multiple products are possible, there is little preference except when one product involves a double bond conjugated to an aromatic ring. This reaction is spontaneous between one hundred and one hundred fifty degrees Celsius and, unlike the Hofmann elimination, its mechanism involves a cyclic flow of six electrons. FTP, identify this elimination reaction in which an amine oxide decomposes into a dialkylhydroxylamine and an amine.
Answer: Cope elimination
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The events of this volume are set into motion when "Cass" and his two uncles visit a neighbor. During their visit, the uncles engage in a poker game that results in a marriage and the subsequent birth of the protagonist. The protagonist is referred to as "uncle to half a county and father to no one" and, in 1940, learns that the relative to whom he relinquished his inheritance has incestuously fathered a mulatto child. In the work's namesake final section, we are introduced to Gavin Stevens, who appears in the author's Intruder in the Dust and attempts to arrange for the burial of Sam Beauchamp following his execution. FTP name this book including the sections "Was," "Delta Autumn," and "The Bea;," a McCaslin-clan-centered Faulkner work that takes its name from a Negro spiritual.
Answer: Go Down, Moses
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This framework's predictions match measurements of heat capacity in vanadium, which increases exponentially with the low-temperature band gap, three times the critical kinetic temperature; this corresponds to microwaves. Unlike Bose-Einstein condensation, it considers both sign-change and lack-of-sign-change label exchanges involving both bosonic and fermionic particles. It assumes that, in the absence of lattice vibrations, the critical temperature would be zero; a result derived from the isotope effect. FTP, name this theory postulating a band gap below which Cooper pairs can form to mediate a state of reduced resistivity; a theory of superconductivity named for the initials of three physicists.
Answer: Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer theory of superconductivity
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This writer critiqued Plato in Dissemination and wrote an autobiography titled Circumfession. Believing that the meaning of a word is "deferred" to the meanings of words it contrasts with, a critical position of this thinker's posits that neither speech nor writing is primary to the other. His Glas is a two-columned book containing Hegelian philosophy on one side and discussions of Jean Genet on the other. An analyst of conceptual distinctions, he wrote Margins of Philosophy, Writing and Difference, and Speech and Phenomena. FTP, name this Jewish-French anti-philosopher; the author of Of Grammatology and founder of deconstructionism.
Answer: Jacques Derrida
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The 2005 Supreme Court case Sherrill, New York v. Oneida Nation of New York involved interpretation of the 1790 Act that shares its name with this better-known one, which the San Pedro was accused of violating in an 1817 Supreme Court case. Sections 3 and 4 of that Act set the date at which it went into effect as May 20, while Section 2 gave the penalty for violating it as a fine of between one hundred and ten thousand dollars and a jail sentence of between one month and one year. The second of three Acts passed in response to the Berlin and Milan decrees and the Orders of Council, it was designed to alleviate economic problems caused by the passage of the Embargo Act. FTP, identify this law succeeded by Macon's Bill No. 2; an 1809 act that restricted trade with Britain and France.
Answer: Non-Intercourse Act (accept Indian Non-Intercourse Act before San Pedro)
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He perpetrated the "Great James Robbery" when he enticed Juan Tizol away from Harry James and taking along Willie Smith and Louis Bellson; the latter performed the drum solos in his "Skin Deep." Three of his stars left in 1950 to join his former band member Johnny Hodges, but he continued to reinvent himself with works like Drum Is a Woman and Far East Suite. He was back in the spotlight after a solo by tenor saxophonist Paul Gonsalves in "Diminuendo & Crescendo in Blue" for the Newport Festival. FTP name this jazz composer who collaborated with Billy Strayhorn on "Take the `A' Train" and who earned his rank at the Cotton Club with works like "It Don't Mean a Thing" and "Mood Indigo."
Answer: Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington
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One woman by this name gave birth on Mount Cithairon after being dragged back from Sicyon by her uncle Lycus. Tormented by Dirce, she was the mother-in-law of Niobe and her sons by Zeus, Amphion and Zethus, built the walls of Thebes. The second woman by this name is sometimes called by the feminized version of her son's name or sometimes said to be the sister of a woman with that name. She was abducted while bringing presents on board a stranger's ship, prompting her followers to wage war with Athens. FTP, give the shared name of these mythological women, the second of whom, possibly identical with Hippolyta, was an Amazon queen and wife of Theseus.
Answer: Antiope
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The RACE type of this process is a special case of the anchored type, which utilizes a universal linker. The hot-start version separates the components before the first step and the touch-down version decreases hybridization temperatures over time. The ARMS system utilizes the allele-specific type, which relies on single nucleotide distinctions near the three-prime end. Its product usually has an adenosine three-prime overhang and enzymes from Pyrococcus furiosus have been used in it thanks to their three prime to five prime exonuclease proofreading, but VENT and taq pol are also common. FTP, name this technique taking about thirty cycles; a DNA amplification method invented by Kary Mullis.
Answer: polymerase chain reaction
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The anterior pillars located on either side of this species' nose seem to relate it to species discovered by Gert Terblanche. An earlier fraud initially led the scientific community to ignore the first of four examples, which was found in a lime quarry near Kimberley. The original specimen was a child with a cranial capacity of four hundred five cubic centimeters, but it wasn't until Robert Broom's discovery of a four hundred eighty-five-cubic-centimeter adult skull that the existence of this species was widely accepted. Phylogenic models suggest that it may be the ancestor of P. Robustus, though the OH62 artifact may indicate it to be the direct ancestor of the Homo genus, rather than the afarensis species of its own genus. FTP, name this hominid species named by Raymond Dart with a name meaning "southern ape of Africa."
Answer: Australopithecus africanus
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Among those involved in his assassination was the chamberlain Aspamithres. After his death, the throne passed over his son Hytapses and his successor executed the primary assassin, Artabanus. In an inscription from his reign, he claims to have destroyed the den of the daivas, leading some to believe that this man was religiously intolerant. Earlier, he had gained notoriety for taking a statue of Bel from the temple in Babylon, but he is most famous for a grand expedition that set out from Sardis and included among its preparations the digging of a canal through the Chalcidice. FTP, name this man victorious at Artemisium and Thermopylae before a resounding naval defeat at Salamis; a Persian king whose reign saw the latter stages of the Persian Wars started by his father, Darius I.
Answer: Xerxes I (or Khshayarshan I or Ahasuerus I or Achashverosh I)
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In the work the Hidden God, literary critic Cleanth Brooks cites William Faulkner and this author as examples of how reading the works of heathens can provide a profound experience for Christians. He was a member of the Order of the Golden Dawn and, during his honeymoon, his wife Georgie Hyde-Lee demonstrated her gift for automatic writing, the result of which was the work A Vision. It was during that same period that he wrote a poem to commemorate a gift given him by Harry Clifton which featured the "ancient, glittering eyes" of "Three Chinese men." His mystic beliefs are more prevalent in another work that demonstrates his Nietzschean belief in the rough beast who "Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born." FTP, name this Irish poet of "Lapis Lazuli" and "The Second Coming."
Answer: William Butler Yeats
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Cameos in this film include Marina Sirtis's Persian matriarch and Tony Danza's actor, who suggests that a character's dialogue should be dumbed-down. Other minor characters include health care worker Shaniqua Johnson; Peter Waters, a devotee of St. Christopher; and Maria, a Hispanic servant and best friend to an uptight white woman. Tommy Hanson shoots Peter when he mistakes Peter's a figurine for a gun. The film's most emotional scene involves a traffic stop of the Thayers, an affluent Hollywood couple, by racist cop Jack Ryan, who later saves Mrs. Thayer's life. FTP, name this drama about race-relations in the police, featuring Terrence Howard, Don Cheadle, and Matt Dillon.
Answer: Crash
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Joyce Carol Oates wrote a controversial article about the "magnanimity" of this novel. The narrator has a dream in which he is forced to attend a sermon delivered by the Reverend James Branderham, who accuses him of committing the "first of the seventy-first" sin. That narrator's landlord is initially hated by his family as a child due to the crushing of a fiddle and the loss of a riding crop, gifts brought for his adopted siblings from Liverpool. The protagonist is then abused physically by Hindley, whose sister he desperately loves, and, after a three-year absence, returns to Thrushcross Grange and the title estate to reclaim his love and exact revenge. FTP, name this novel about Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff Heathcliff by Emily Bronte.
Answer: Wuthering Heights
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Apparent supraluminal motion in this object was recently resolved by radiation hydrodynamical considerations, in light of the thirty-three-microsecond source at its center. It was determined in 1973 to be six thousand, three hundred light-years away, which gives it an apparent magnitude of negative three point two. About ten light-years in diameter, it was misclassified in 1919 and William Herschel originally thought it was a stellar system that could be resolved with larger telescopes. The inner part of this body appears bluish and emits synchrotron radiation. It also contains NP0532, a pulsar, and an x-ray source, Taurus X-1. FTP, identify this body independently discovered by Bevis and Messier; the nebula resulting from the 1054 supernova, designated M1.
Answer: Crab nebula (accept M1 before it's mentioned)
2006 ACF Regionals Bonuses by Kentucky and UCLA
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Answer the following questions about Tibetan Buddhism FTPE.,
[10] Vajrayana, of which Tibetan Buddhism is a type, is known as this type of Buddhism. It focuses on spiritual fulfillment through physical purification by the occult practices found in its namesake texts.
Answer: Tantric (or Tantra)
[10] This temple complex is perhaps the most renowned in the world and is home to the most venerated statue in the Tibetan faith, that of the Jowo Shakyamuni Buddha. It is located in Lhasa.
Answer: Jokhang Temple
[10] This head of the Dge-lugs-ps or Yellow Hat order of Tibetan Buddhism and manifestation of Avalokiteshvara is currently in his fourteenth incarnation as Bstan-'dzin-rgya-mtsho, or Lhamo Thondup.
Answer: the Dalai Lama
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Name these works by Soren Kierkegaard FTPE.,
[10] Beginning with "In Vino Veritas" and modeled on the Symposium, it modifies Either/Or to separate out a religious sphere and dissects a love affair in "Guilty?/Not Guilty?"
Answer: Stages on Life's Way or Stadier paa livets vei
[10] Ostensibly by Johannes Climacus, it continues the anti-Hegel sentiment of Philosophical Fragments by arguing that subjectivity is truth and existence cannot be systematized because it is always developing.
Answer: Concluding Unscientific Postscript to the Philosophical Fragments, A Mimic-Pathetic-Dialectic Composition, an Existentialist Contribution or Afsluttende uvidenskabelig efterskrift
[10] Published as Anti-Climacus, it discusses The Concept of Dread by deriding Socrates' definition of sin as ignorance as inferior and argues for religious writings with the manner of a physician treating a patient.
Answer: The Sickness Unto Death or Sygdommen til doden
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Answer these questions about Russo-Japanese conflict FTPE.,
[10] The Russian Baltic Fleet was soundly defeated by Japanese forces under General Togo at this 1905 naval battle.
Answer: the Battle of Tsushima Straits (or the Naval Battle of the Sea of Japan)
[10] This battle fought in 1939 was a response to an incursion of Mongolian cavalry into the territory of the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo and resulted in a Russian victory that may have encouraged Japan to fight against the U.S. rather than Russia in the Pacific.
Answer: the Battle of Khalkin Gol (or the Battle of Khalkhin Lake or the Nomonhan Incident)
[10] In an attempt to escape Port Arthur with his Russian Pacific fleet intact, Admiral Wilgelm Vitgeft's force was defeated by the Japanese in this 1904 precursor to Tsushima Straits, which took place in a colorful body of water.
Answer: the Battle of Shantung (or the Battle of the Yellow Sea)
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Identify these films of the French New Wave FTPE.,
[10] An altar to Honore de Balzac sits in the room of young Antoine Doinel who gets put into a reform school for stealing a typewriter and figures out that his mom is cheating on his dad in this most famous New Wave film by Francois Truffaut.
Answer: Les quatre cents coups or The Four Hundred Blows
[10] Based on the novel The Invention of Morel, this Alain Resnais film of the stream of consciousness school is about the stranger X's possible meeting with the woman A, which he claims occurred 365 days ago and ended with him luring her away.
Answer: L'annee derniere a Marienbad or Last Year At Marienbad
[10] This later Jean-Luc Godard film tells the story of the Virgin as a basketball-playing high school kid who has the great quote that "to be chaste is to know every possibility." By the way, the angel Gabriel is a thug, and Joseph is an asshole.
Answer: Je vous salue, Marie or Hail Mary
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Answer the following about vesicular traffic FTPE.,
[10] This organelle's namesake trans- network serves as a branch point for constitutive and regulated secretion pathways.
Answer: Golgi body (or Golgi apparatus)
[10] Proteases and V-class proton pumps are packaged into endosomes at the trans-Golgi network to be sent to this organelle, which requires a low luminal pH.
Answer: lysosome
[10] Vesicular trafficking can be tracked by transfecting cells with a temperature-sensitive vesicular stomatitis virus G fused to a gene for the green type of this colorful molecule.
Answer: green flourescent protein
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A young woman from the Acadian village of Grand-Pre is separated from her betrothed by the Seven Years War. FTPE:,
[10] This is setting of which Longfellow poem?
Answer: "Evangeline"
[10] Name the lover sought by Evangeline in the poem.
Answer: Gabriel Lajenunesse (accept either name)
[10] Longfellow drew inspiration for Evangeline from this man's ethnographic studies including A Narrative Journal of Travels...from Detroit through the Great Chain of American Lakes to the Sources of the Mississippi River.
Answer: Henry Rye Schoolcraft
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Name these early Renaissance sculptors FTPE.,
[10] He sculpted the bronze relief Zacharias in the Temple for the baptistery of the Siena Cathedral as well as the classically nude The Creation of Adam in San Petronio of Bologna and is known for the Fonte Gaia in Siena, near his birthplace.
Answer: Jacopo della Quercia
[10] His Flying Angel from The Assumption over Porta della Mandorla of Florence Cathedral was done just prior to his early death, but he's best known for Quattro Santi Coronati, four Roman-looking saints in Or San Michele in Florence.
Answer: Nanni di Banco
[10] He sculpted the first Renaissance contrapposto in St. Mark of Or San Michele and a pumpkin-headed Habbukuk in Zuccone in an empty niche on Florence Cathedral as well as a bronze David and the equestrian statue of Erasmo di Narni, Gattamelata.
Answer: Donatello (or Donato di Niccolo di Betto Bardi)
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Give these terms relating to an item from chemistry FTPE.,
[10] This is a mixture of two or more substances in which one phase is suspended as a large number of small particles in a second phase.
Answer: colloid
[10] This model of scattering by spherical centers of arbitrary aspect ratio in an isotropic, homogeneous medium is often applicable to colloids. It is named for its German developer and, sometimes, for Lorenz.
Answer: Lorenz-Mie scattering theory
[10] This is the process by which colloids settle out through dissolving salts in a solution. It often occurs in river deltas where clay particles are filtered out upon contact with the ocean's salt water.
Answer: flocculation
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Name each of the following about stuff from the sky killing you FTPE.,
[10] All that is known conclusively about the explosion near this Russian river is that it occurred about 7:15 AM on June 30, 1908, but the most popular explanation is that it was caused by a comet hitting the earth.
Answer: Podkomennaya Tunguska River
[10] One explosion that is almost universally accepted as being formed by an extraterrestrial object is that which formed the Chixiclub impact site and is responsible for the creation of this geologic boundary.
Answer: the K-T boundary
[10] Derived by their namesake in 1951, these equations give the probability of collision between two objects orbiting a common star, but contain several unknown factors.
Answer: Opik's equations
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Name these baseball players still playing effectively well into their forties FTPE.,
[10] Despite posting a career best in ERA, he was not offered arbitration by last season's employer, leading to wide speculation that this player may sign with the Rangers, Red Sox, or Yankees, or retire at 43.
Answer: William Roger Clemens
[10] This former Braves first baseman with an unorthodox batting stance recently signed a multi-year contract that him locked up until age 49. He hopes to play past his fiftieth birthday.
Answer: Julio Cesar Robles Franco
[10] This pitcher's only All-Star appearance came in 2003, at age 40, when he won 21 games. Now 43, he earned a 13-7 record with a 4.28 ERA for the hapless Mariners.
Answer: Jamie Moyer
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The title character's beliefs are shaken when she learns that "Bodger the Whiskey Man" funds the charity she works for FTPE:,
[10] Name this George Bernard Shaw play centering on the daughter of a weapons manufacturer.
Answer: Major Barbar
[10] This man, Barbara's father, believes that manufacturing weapons is less deadly than poverty.
Answer: Sir Andrew Undershaft (accept either name)
[10] This woman, Barbara's mother, disagrees with her husband on the spending of his fortune. Her name is taken from the Faerie Queene, in which a like-named character is the personification of chastity.
Answer: Lady Britomart
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Although it is one of the best-known Egyptian myths, it was never actually a story in Egypt's set of myths. FTPE:,
[10] This god was hacked into fourteen pieces, although his wife Isis found thirteen of them and made a replacement for the fourteenth out of wood.
Answer: Osiris
[10] If I know you correctly, you've already guessed what that fourteenth piece was, so instead you get to name the area of Phoenicia where Osiris' coffin came ashore after the first attempt to kill him.
Answer: Byblus
[10] The most complete account of the story comes from Plutarch, in which this Greek name is given for Osiris' killer.
Answer: Typhoeus
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In Frame analysis: An essay on the organization of experience, he discussed packaging rhetoric to facilitate desirable interpretation. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Canadian sociologist who described institutionalization in Asylums.
Answer: Erving Goffman
[10] Goffman is considered a part of this sociological paradigm associated with G.H. Mead and Herbert Blumer.
Answer: symbolic interactionism
[10] Name the 1959 work in which Goffman analyzes dramaturgy, the manner in which people manifest themselves to others through performance.
Answer: The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life
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Answer these questions about the Medieval Baltic FTPE.,
[10] This group of privateers harassed Denmark in the late fourteenth century, eventually occupying the island of Gotland as a base for their piracy.
Answer: the Victual Brothers or Vitalienbruder (or Fetaliebroder or Vitalian Brotherhood or Vitalians)
[10] Queen Margaret of Denmark conceded the island of Gotland to this group, then under the leadership of Grand Master Konrad of Jungingen. They expelled the Victual Brothers, but were famously defeated twelve years after the conquest by Poland-Lithuania.
Answer: the Teutonic Knights or Deutscher Orden (or Teutonic Order or Sancta Maria Theutonicorum or Nemet Lovagrend or Zakon Kryzacki)
[10] This 1410 battle saw Grand Master Ulrich von Junginen fall along with many Teutonic Order leaders but, despite this, the Polish-Lithuanian forces could not take the Order's castle at Marienburg and, after a treaty, gained little from the Order.
Answer: the Battle of Tannenberg (or Battle of Grunwald; or Battle of Zalgiris)
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Answer the following about Walter Scott musical adaptations FTPE.,
[10] This Wagner opera concerning the Norwegian sailor Daland was partially inspited by Scott's novel The Pirate.
Answer: Der fliegende Hollander (The Flying Dutchman), opera, WWV 63 (accept any underlined part)
[10] This Hector Berlioz overture is based on Scott's retelling of the legend of Robert MacGregor, sometimes called the Scottish Robin Hood, who becomes an outlaw when his land was seized by James Montrose.
Answer: Rob Roy Overture (Intrata di Rob-Roy MacGregor), for orchestra, H.54 (accept any underlined part)
[10] This Georges Bizet opera is based on Scott's second chronicle of the Canongate, a novel subtitled and sometimes alternatively called St. Valentine's Day.
Answer: La Jolie Fille de Perth, opera in 4 acts (or The Fair Maid of Perth)
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Many of his early works, including his first novel, The Train was on Time, were inspired by his time in the German Army. FTPE:,
[10] Name this author whose later works include Group Portrait with Lady and Billiards at Half-Past Nine.
Answer: Heinrich Boll
[10] Arguably Boll's most famous work is this one which centers on the performance artist Hans Schnier.
Answer: The Clown or Ansichten eines Clowns
[10] In this novel, the nominal heroine is a housekeeper whose one-night stand with an accused bank robber leads to her ruin.
Answer: The Lost Honor of Katerina Blum or Die verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum
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Stuff about a city FTPE.,
[10] After World War I, sovereignty over this city was claimed by the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes, but a 1919 seizure led to a state known as the Regency of Carnaro being established here.
Answer: Fiume or Rijeka
[10] This man, perhaps better known as a poet, established himself as Duce in the seizure of Fiume and declared war on Italy, establishing a prototypical fascist state with many similarities to Mussolini's Italy.
Answer: Gabriele D'Annunzio
[10] This man worked at the U.S. Consulate in Fiume though he is much more famous for co-sponsoring a bill with George Norris and for his tenure as mayor of New York City.
Answer: Fiorello LaGuardia
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Answer these questions about the political career of Charles Evans Hughes FTPE.,
[10] Hughes served discontinuous terms on the Supreme Court, once as an Associate Justice and once as Chief Justice. Name either president who appointed him.
Answer: William Howard Taft or Herbert Clark Hoover
[10] As Chief Justice, Hughes fought against this Bill proposed by Franklin Roosevelt which would have added six new justices to the Supreme Court.
Answer: Court Reorganization Bill (accept anything with the words court-packing)
[10] Hughes first gained public attention with his appointment as grand inquisitor on this 1905 committee, that investigated illegal practices at Equitable and other life insurance companies.
Answer: the Armstrong Committee (or the Armstrong Investigation)
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Answer each of the following about a certain function FTPE.,
[10] This discrete distribution function over n may be stated as lambda to the n, times e to the minus lambda, divided by n factorial, where lambda is both the mean and standard deviation.
Answer: Poisson distribution function
[10] The Poisson distribution is the low likelihood, high sample size limit of this other discrete distribution function, since a sequence of Bernoulli trials collapses to a Poisson process in these limits.
Answer: binomial distribution function
[10] This formula states the exponential polynomials in terms of moments of the Poisson distribution and Sterling numbers of the second kind.
Answer: Dobinsky's formula
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It was once the home of the Dodo and is named for a prince of Nassau and general of the Dutch independence movement. FTPE:,
[10] Name this island nation east of Madagascar.
Answer: Mauritius
[10] Name the capital of Mauritius; it takes it name from a French king, the lover of Madame de Pompadour.
Answer: Port Louis
[10] Included with Mauritius in the Mascarene Islands is this island, a departement of France, whose name comes from a dramatic coming together of the Merseilles revolutionaries and the Home Guard of Paris in August of 1792.
Answer: Reunion Island
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Due to an incestuous encounter with her father, Nicole Warren suffers from schizophrenia and seeks the counsel of a psychiatrist. FTPE:,
[10] Such is a brief sketch of what novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald?
Answer: Tender is the Night
[10] Name the ostensible hero of Tender is the Night.
Answer: Dick Diver (accept either name)
[10] Dick and Nicole's eventual divorce is precipitated by his infatuation with this American actress.
Answer: Rosemary Hoyt (accept either name)
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Name these people involved with the photoelectric effect FTPE.,
[10] In experiments that first confirmed the existence of electromagnetic waves, this scientist noted that electric discharge occurred more readily between two electrodes when ultraviolet light falls on one of them.
Answer: Heinrich Hertz
[10] This assistant to Hertz provided the first accepted explanation of the photoelectric effect, postulating that ultraviolet light facilitates the discharge by causing electrons to be emitted from the cathode surface.
Answer: Philipp Eduard Anton Lenard
[10] In 1914, this scientist validated Einstein's model of the photoelectric effect, noting that, below the cutoff frequency, no effect occurs.
Answer: Robert Andrews Millikan
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In 2003, a bilingual collection of poems was published from the Spanish originals of this woman, whose collections include Tree Fall, Desolation, and Tenderness. FTPE:,
[10] Name this poet, born Lucila Godoy Alcayaga, who took part of her pseudonym from the French winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1904. She herself was the winner of the 1945 Nobel.
Answer: Gabriela Mistral
[10] Perhaps the most famous work of Gabriela Mistral's is this gathering of three pieces inspired by the suicide of her lover, Romeo Ureta.
Answer: Sonnets of Death or Sonetos de la Muerte
[10] The 2003 collection was translated by this woman who is better known for such science fiction novels as Left Hand of Darkness.
Answer: Ursula K. LeGuin

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