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2006 ACF Regionals Tossups by Florida State and Harvard A and Yale
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Appointed antiquarian to the pope by Clement XIII, his followers included Reiffenstein, Ermannsdorff and Angelica Kauffmann, who painted his portrait. He wrote works on the antique gems of the Baron de Stosch and on the recently discovered ruins at Herculaneum. Robbed and killed in Trieste on his way back to Rome, perhaps in an ill-fated homosexual encounter, he coined his motto, "noble simplicity and calm grandeur," while contemplating male nudes such as the Apollo Belvedere and the Laocoon Group. FTP name this man who emphasized the emotion that art could bring in his wildly popular History of Ancient Art; a German critic whose "classical ideal" was influential to both the Romantics and Neo-Classicists and who is often called the father of modern art history.
Answer: Johann Joachim Winckelmann
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The underpinning of this phenomenon hinges on considering the ensemble average of expectation values of the intrinsic angular momentum resulting from using the S-O Hamiltonian, as these expectation values vary harmonically in a strong field. Its namesake spectrum corresponds to a proper limit of the Larmor equation. It is of especial utility in studying ring flipping in cyclic hydrocarbons and, in 1985, it was used to determine the structure of fullerene. Proteins are frequently studied using its namesake spectroscopy, which produces a graph of chemical shift as a function of applied frequency. FTP, identify this phenomenon in which atoms have large responses to certain frequencies of applied fields; the basis for MRI's.
Answer: nuclear magnetic resonance
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The protagonist of this novel contemplates the etymology of the word "friend" while having tea with Bill Shaw and later has an affair with his wife during their sessions of "Losung." He goes to a flat at Green Point on Thursdays to have sex with a prostitute named Soraya until he accidentally learns her true identity, after which he seeks the company of Melanie Isaacs. He visits his daughter in Salem, where he becomes a veterinary technician and befriends the bulldog Katy and the groundskeeper Petrus, but all falls apart when they are attacked by three men from the woods and Lucy gets pregnant. FTP, name this novel about the decline and fall of professor David Lurie; a work of J.M. Coetzee.
Answer: Disgrace
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Research on levels of norepinephrine in the brain indicate that the motor activation deficit hypothesis may be more suitable than this theory, which arose in the late 1970's within the framework of attribution theory. The classic experiment in which it was first elucidated involved dogs who were shocked in one scenario and then were able to avoid the shock in a subsequent scenario. The theory opposes the hypothesis of operant conditioning as, in it, instead of learning to avoid negative stimuli, the dogs were "programmed" to recognize reinforcers as uncontrollable and, hence, did not avoid the shocks. FTP name this theory posited by Martin Seligman; a theory of depression where the patient acquires a debilitating inability to avoid trauma.
Answer: learned helplessness
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The reaction of this molecule with oxalyl chloride was the subject of pioneering photochemical work by Kharasch and Brown. Hassel's study of this molecule yielded its molecular structure and his 1943 paper "On The Conformations" of it elucidated those for the first time. Reacting it with pure oxygen forms adipic acid, which is used in the production of nylon. Its strain energy-bond angle curve has minima at twenty-three kilojoules per mole and maxima at forty-five kilojoules per mole, the former corresponding to the skew configuration, but its stable configuration is non-planar with a bond angle of about one hundred nine point five degrees. FTP, name this molecule having conformations twist, boat, and chair; a cyclic alkane with formula C6H12.
Answer: cyclohexane (prompt on C6H12)
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Entering a code for this game in MechWarrior II causes it to claim "This ain't [this game], bub!" and self-destruct the player's mech. It ends with the prominent image of a decapitated rabbit for which revenge will be taken in the sequel; that sequel, subtitled Hell on Earth, secretly has the head of a programmer on a stick as its final boss. Modifications could be made by .WAD file editors but built-in cheat codes include idspispopd for no clipping and idkfa for all weapons including the chainsaw, rocket launcher, and BFG-9000. Billed as "Wolfenstein on steroids," it would itself be followed by Quake. FTP, name this classic game by id Software in which you control a lone space marine on a Martian base overrun by the damned.
Answer: Doom
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The beginnings of this event were inspired by a lecture by the hydrologist Victor Prompt and the original plan was to send Parfait-Louis Monteil. After this event, the ambassador Paul Cambon signed an addition to Article IV of the Niger Convention the location was renamed Kodok, and a resolution was made through negotiations between Lord Salisbury and Delcasse. It began when Gabriel Hanotaux ordered a group of one hundred fifty sharpshooters under the future General Charles Mangin and Major Jean-Baptiste Marchand to march two thousand miles to this location, arriving there on July 10, about two months before the arrival of men under Lord Kitchener. FTP, identify this crisis named for the Nile outpost at which it occurred; a dispute that nearly led to war between France and Britain.
Answer: the Fashoda incident
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In 1877, James Prendergast called it a "legal nullity," a sentiment echoed by the MP Clem Simich in 1992. Preceded by a proclamation from Governor George Gipps on January 14, it was signed at the house of James Bubsy by men including William Hobson and Henry Williams. The Native Land Act of 1862 struck down the land-selling article, which had been the cause of the Wairau incident led by Te Rauparaha. Some of the signers felt that the distinction between "kawanatanga" and "rangatiratanga" was not sufficiently outlined in its English translation. FTP, February 6 is the celebration day of what treaty signed in 1840 by forty-three Maori chieftains, which allowed the British to annex New Zealand?
Answer: the Treaty of Waitangi
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He sculpted metal heads of Alexander the Great and Darius that were sent to King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary. He designed a fountain for the courtyard of the Villa at Careggi that depicted a curly-haired child holding an aquatic animal in Putto with Dolphin. He painted the Archangel Raphael holding a small box in Tobias and the Angel and depicted the title figure in David as a haughtily bragging youth wearing a leathern doublet. This creator of Madonna with the Saints John the Baptist and Donatus gave up painting after being overwhelmed by the angel that his famous pupil drew on his Baptism of Christ. FTP, name this fifteenth-century Florentine sculptor of the bronze works Christ and St. Thomas and The Equestrian Monument of Colleoni; the primary teacher of Leonardo da Vinci.
Answer: Andrea del Verrocchio
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He appears second in the chronology carved by Khnum-ib-re, immediately following his father, Kanofer. His name also appeared in the "Song of the Harper" next to that of Hardedef and he was said to have abated the Seven Years Famine. He or one of his followers may be the author of the Edwin Smith papyrus and those devoted to him spent the night in his temples in Memphis hoping that he would reveal miracles in their dreams. The temple of Edfu was thought to have been his work, but he is better known for his work with the pharaoh Djoser. FTP, identify this man identified with the Greek Asclepius and sometimes even with Jesus; a twenty-seventh-century BCE Egyptian sage, doctor, and architect who designed the first pyramid, the step pyramid of Saqqara.
Answer: Imhotep
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Flannery and Groves discovered a new species and subspecies of these in 1998. Belonging to either the tachyglossus or zaglossus genus, they are endangered in some regions because of their edible meat. Different species are distinguished by the length of their beaks, which contain electroreceptors, and the length of their spines. Living in New Guinea, Tasmania, and Australia, they outwardly resemble the hedgehog, though they are in a different order from it. FTP, name this creature sometimes known as the spiny anteater; one of two varieties of monotreme, along with the duck-billed platypus.
Answer: echidna (prompt of spiny anteater before it's mentioned)
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This person is sometimes pictured with a dog's head but de Voragine holds that he was a Canaanite ogre named Reprobus who left the employ of the devil upon seeing his master afraid. Tradition holds that he was martyred by Decius but apparent inconsistencies in his story drew Erasmus' especial ire for his venerators. The most famous incident in his life occurred while he was aiding a child, when that child proved extremely heavy because he was bearing the sins of the world; Christ, whom he was carrying across a river at the time, then immediately baptized him. FTP, name this Saint, the Patron of travelers and motorists, whose name literally means "Christ-bearer."
Answer: St. Christopher (accept Offero or Reprobus before it's mentioned)
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Kummer showed that early attempts at proof of this depended on the faulty assumption that factorization is unique in all rings of integers or algebraic number fields. The correct argument uses L-functions, which are generalized zeta functions; a combination of Kolyvagin-Flach theory and Iwasawa theory; and Hecke algebras. In 1983, Ribet noted that a counterexample to it would imply the existence of a non-modular elliptic curve, contradicting a special case of the Taniyama-Shimura conjecture. In 1995, Taylor and Wiles proved that special case of that conjecture and thus proved, FTP, what centuries-old math problem named for a French margin-scribbler?
Answer: Fermat's last theorem
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Eugene Ysaye and Paolo Gallico gave this work its Carnegie Hall premiere. Its second movement contains a theme and four variations and its third movement begins with a crashing A Major chord in the piano followed by an exuberant 6/8 tarantella in rondo form. Its first movement begins with a slow chordal introduction and ends with an anguished coda but is highlighted by a furious A Minor presto section. Originally dedicated to George Bridgetower, its current namesake never performed it and considered this 1802 work unplayable. FTP, name this most famous Beethoven violin sonata which shares its name with a short story by Leo Tolstoy and is dedicated to a French violinist with a German-sounding name.
Answer: Sonata for violin & piano No. 9 in A major ("Kreutzer"), Op. 47 (accept any underlined part)
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The husband's affair with Barbara Lynch and his mother forcing his wife to eat eggplant and take harp lessons were some of the causes of the marital problems of the central couple in this novel. The action culminates aboard the aptly named New Fidelity, where the now seventy-two-year-old wife consummates her relationship with a seventy-six-year-old lost love. This reunion is made possible indirectly by the suicide of Jeremiah which, in turn, leads to the husband's accidental death after he falls from a mango tree while trying to recover a lost parrot. FTP, name this book centering on Fermina Daza, Florentino Ariza, and Juvenal Urbino; a novel in which, in order to have sex without scandal, two seventy-year-olds raise a quarantine flag; a work by Gabriela Garcia Marquez.
Answer: Love in the Time of Cholera or El amor en los tiempos del colera
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Stanza four of this poem states that "There is a Power whose care / teaches" the title creature its "way along that pathless coast / the desert and illimitable air, / lone wandering but not lost." The poet reassures his subject that "Soon shalt thou find a summer home" and "Scream among your fellows" and comments that, while "The abyss of heaven hath swallowed up thy form; yet, on my heart / Deeply hath sunk the lesson thou hast given." The narrator wonders whether the title creature "Seek'st?the plashy brink / Of weedy lake, or marge of river wide" as he compares its "certain flight" to "the long way he must tread alone." FTP, name this poem in which the poet prays that god will guide him as he guides the title bird; a work of William Cullen Bryant.
Answer: "To a Waterfowl"
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Some stories have it that this character was conceived by Math's rod in a test of his mother's virginity and, due to her meddling, his wife had to be created from flowers. His namesake -nasad was a widely held August first festival. Though he survived birth unlike his two brothers, his mother Aranhrod often sought to murder him and he was saved only through the intercession of Gwydion. Having epithets Llaw Gyffes, or dexterous, and Lamfota, or long-armed, Caesar identified him with Mercury. FTP, name this member of the Tuatha De Danann; the patron of every skill and Celtic god of light.
Answer: Lugus (or Lugh or Samildanach)
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This person offered a "Contribution to the Correction of the Public's Judgments Regarding the French Revolution" and delivered "Some Lectures Concerning the Scholar's Vocation" after taking a chair of philosophy. His review of Aenisedimus led him to develop axioms based on Tathandlung. His Attempt at a Critique of all Revelation argued that the latter must be consistent with moral law but he broke from transcendental idealism over the separation of noumena and phenomena. From 1796 to 1797, he published an exposition of his system in Foundation of Natural Right and System of Ethical Theory. FTP, identify this German philosopher who developed the philosophy of the Wissenschaftslehre [VIZ-un-shafts-lair-uh].
Answer: Johann Gottlieb Fichte
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His autobiography, Thirty Years View, is one of the best of the period and Teddy Roosevelt wrote a later biography on him. He noted that the West must "share in the destinies of the Republic" while serving as editor of the St. Louis Enquirer and ran on a platform of redistributing public lands to settlers. His distrust of wildcat banks led to his nickname of "Old Bullion" and his recanting of his previous pro-slavery stance cost him his seat in the Senate in 1851. Despite the fact that the candidate was his son-in-law, he opposed Republican nominee John C. Fremont in 1856. FTP, name this longtime Missouri Senator known for his support of Andrew Jackson; the namesake and ancestor of a famous American muralist.
Answer: Thomas Hart Benton
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In a poem drawn from a maiden's song from St. Winfred's Well, he contrasted "The Leaden Echo" with "The Golden Echo" and he claimed that "Christ plays in ten thousand places? To the Father through the features of men's faces" in "As Kingfishers Catch Fire, Dragonflies Draw Flame." The poet reacts to the death from tuberculosis of his blacksmith friend in "Felix Randal," published posthumously in 1918 by poet laureate Robert Bridges. Other poems include a "curtal" sonnet in which he cries "Glory be to God for dappled things" and another dedicated to the "happy memory of five Franciscan nuns," but best known is a poem about the "kingdom of daylight's dauphin, dapple-dawn-drawn falcon." FTP, name this poet of "The Wreck of the Deutschland" and "The Windhover."
Answer: Gerard Manley Hopkins
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In this work's opening chapter, the author notes the quote "I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow. I feel my fate in what I cannot fear" from a Theodore Roethke poem as the impetus for his novel. Towards the end of the work, the author describes the irony of the execution of Edgar Derby. That and other realistic details are interspersed with the optometrist protagonist's schizophrenic wanderings including his zoo-imprisonment with porn star Montana Wildhack on the planet Tralfamadore. FTP, name this book including appearances by Howard Campbell, Eliot Rosewater, and Kilgore Trout, three of the author's other protagonists; a 1969 novel centering on Billy Pilgrim's memories of the firebombing of Dresden, by Kurt Vonnegut.
Answer: Slaughterhouse Five: Or, The Children's Crusade, a Duty-Dance with Death
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This material's namesake discovered that it effervesces slowly in dilute hydrochloric acid, differentiating it from the similar calcite. The exact mechanism of its low-temperature formation is an important open question, especially given its prevalence as massive crystals, but recent developments suggest organogenic mechanisms may answer it. It forms when its characteristic element replaces some of the calcium carbonate present in normal limestone and has a Mohs hardness around 3.5 and a specific gravity of about 2.85. Accounting for about ten percent of all sedimentary rock, it gives its name to a range of the northern Italian Alps. FTP, name this mineral consisting of crystalline calcium magnesium carbonate.
Answer: dolomite
2006 ACF Regionals Bonuses by Florida State and Harvard A and Yale
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Starving builds character, particularly if you are an artist. FTPE:,
[10] In this William Saroyan short story, the protagonist recalls the lyrics of the titular song before finding a penny and reflecting on its beauty and dying.
Answer: "The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze"
[10] An editor rejects a biography of Correggio written by a starving artist in this novel by Knut Hamsun.
Answer: Hunger or Sult
[10] Although he really wasn't a starving artist, Ernest Hemingway tried to depict himself as one in these Sketches of the Author's Life in Paris in the Twenties.
Answer: A Moveable Feast: Sketches of the Author's Life in Paris in the Twenties
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Name these battles of Alexander the Great's campaigns FTPE.,
[10] This first match-up between Darius III and Alexander saw the Great One personally lead the cavalry across the namesake river against the Persian center while Parmenio led his Thessalians against the enemies' left wing.
Answer: the Battle of the River Granicus
[10] Alexander's final victory against Darius was at this 331 BCE battle near the ruins of Nineveh. After the battle, Darius fled to Bactria where he was murdered by his satrap, Bessus.
Answer: the Battle of Gaugamela (or the Battle of Arbela)
[10] While Alexander was busy destroying the Persians, back home, at this battle, his ally Antipater defeated the rebellious Spartan king Agis III near the namesake Peloponnesian city.
Answer: the Battle of Megalopolis
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Answer these questions about an area of physics FTPE.,
[10] In theories of this type, certain namesake transformations do not change the scale and so exhibit both global and local symmetry. Weyl's, of relativistic electrodynamics, uses U(1) [you won] as the namesake group.
Answer: gauge theories
[10] This most prominent example of a gauge theory with a non-Abelian symmetry group leads to a wave equation with instaton solutions. A constructive QFT proof that it exhibits a mass gap is a Millennium Prize Problem.
Answer: Yang-Mills theory
[10] This pervasive framework of particle physics has nineteen free parameters and does not predict neutrino oscillation. Forces are mediated by gauge bosons, transformations of which are described by a gauge group.
Answer: the standard model of particle physics
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Answer the following about the elucidator of the falcon theory of literature, the idea that every novella should be made memorable by a single image, FTPE.,
[10] The falcon theory was elucidated by this 1910 Nobel Laureate and author of the novella L'Arrabbiata or The Fury.
Answer: Paul Heyse
[10] Heyse took the name of his theory from this author of the model novella Tale of a Falcon as well as the Decameron.
Answer: Giovanni Boccaccio
[10] Heyse translated the works of this nineteenth-century Italian poet. His works include "To Sylvia" and "The Broom."
Answer: Giacomo Leopardi
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Name these offspring of Hermes FTPE.,
[10] This grandfather of Odysseus, Argonaut, andA renowned thief taught Heracles wrestling.
Answer: Autolycus
[10] Hilarity understandably ensued when Salmacis attempted to rape this offspring of Aphrodite.
Answer: Hermaphroditus (or Hermaphrodite)
[10] After Heracles let this dude get eaten by Diomedes' mares, he founded a city known for laughter in his name next to his tomb.
Answer: Abderus
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Answer these questions about a Central American creation epic FTPE.,
[10] With a name meaning "Community Book," this Quiche creation tale describes Hun Hunahpu, who was killed by the rulers of the underworld, and whose sons avenged his death.
Answer: Popol Vuh (or Popol Wuj)
[10] The Popol Vuh contains the creation myths of this Mesoamerican culture and, as such, was likely recovered as a codex in the sixteenth century.
Answer: Mayans
[10] This Mayan underworld, whose name means "Place of Fear," was ruled by twelve gods. Among its waterways were rivers of blood, pus, and scorpions. It can be reached through a dark rift in the Milky Way.
Answer: Xibalba
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Identify these proponents of minimalism in the fine arts FTPE.,
[10] This leader of the Suprematists is known for distilling art to its simplest parts in works like the Black Square series and White on White.
Answer: Kazimir Malevich
[10] As usual, Americans, like this color-field artist of Black on Maroon and a series of murals in a Houston chapel now named for him, ripped off the European art of forty years earlier.
Answer: Mark Rothko
[10] Often called a minimalist, this Japanese architect of the critical regionalism school designed the Azuma House and the Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas.
Answer: Tadao Ando
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Answer each of the following related to sequential steps of a reaction FTPE.,
[10] With atomic number thirty, this cold-fighting transition metal and constituent of brass is very useful in a number of chemical reactions.
Answer: zinc
[10] A compound of this type may be formed in the Reformatsky reaction by adding zinc to a carbonyl with an alpha bromine. They are alkene derivatives in which a hydroxyl group attaches to a double-bond carbon.
Answer: alenolate
[10] Adding dibutylboryl triflate and an aldehyde to the enolate to conduct the Evans reaction for this type of compound, a beta-hydroxy aldehyde or ketone. Borodin discovered their namesake condensation.
Answer: aldols
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This author's second Satire is directed against effeminate men and is the source of the proverb "one rotten apple spoils a whole barrel" while his sixth is directed against women and is the source of the phrase "Who watches the watchmen?" FTPE:,
[10] Who was this second-century author of a collection of sixteen Satires?
Answer: Decimus Junius Juvenalis
[10] In 1749, Samuel Johnson adapted the tenth Satire into this work, which included the line "So raise for good the supplicating voice, / But leave to Heaven the measure and the choice."
Answer: The Vanity of Human Wishes
[10] Satire ten included this phrase referring to offerings intended to distract.
Answer: bread and circuses or panem et circenses
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Name these related economists FTPE.,
[10] This Italian-born economist was the formulator of both the life cycle hypothesis and a namesake theory suggesting that the value of a firm is unaffected by the method by which it is financed.
Answer: Franco Modigliani
[10] Franco Modigliani based his life cycle hypothesize on saving-income patterns compiled by this Russian emigre and author of National Income and Its Composition.
Answer: Simon Kuznets
[10] Simon Kuznets was taught by this student of Thorstein Veblen, the author of essays collected in The Backward Art of Spending Money.
Answer: Wesley Mitchell
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Answer the following pertaining to differential geometry FTPE.,
[10] For a point on a space curve, this quantity is defined as the derivative of the tangential angle with respect to arc length and measures how much and in what direction the curve is bending.
Answer: curvature
[10] The "intrinsic curvature" of a surface is related to its topological attributes, specifically the surface's Euler characteristic, by this formula.
Answer: Gauss-Bonnet equation
[10] Mukhopadhyaya proved that a closed convex plane curve has at least four of these, which are defined as points where the curvature has a relative extremum.
Answer: vertices
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Identify the following Guns N' Roses songs from descriptions FTPE.,
[10] This song from Appetite for Destruction is addressed to a girl with a now-dead heroin-pig mother and porn-star father. Its chorus begins, "Well, well, well / You just can't tell."
Answer: "My Michelle"
[10] Released in different versions on each Use Your Illusion album, this song finds Axl requesting the title forbearance because "[he] still loves[s] you, baby," and "there's a heaven above you, baby."
Answer: "Don't Cry"
[10] You're exhorted to "Take [the narrator] down to the [title location] / Where the grass is green / And the girls are pretty. / Oh, won't you please take [him] home?"
Answer: "Paradise City"
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FTPE, name these Anglo-Saxons active during the eighth century.,
[10] The king of Mercia from 757 until his 796 death, he is probably best remembered for an eighty-mile-long defensive earthwork built between his kingdom and Wales, a structure known as his dyke.
Answer: Offa
[10] In 731, this Northumbrian monk at the monastery of Jarrow finished working on his Ecclesiastical History of the English People.
Answer: the Venerable Bede (or St. Bede the Venerable)
[10] Several historians claimed that this Wessex-born missionary and "Apostle of Germany" had more influence upon Europe than any other Englishman in history. As archbishop of Mainz, he founded a monastery at Fulda and supposedly destroying an oak sacred to Thor at Geismar.
Answer: St. Boniface (or Winfrid or Winfrith or Bonifatius)
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Answer the following about the administration of James K. Polk FTPE.,
[10] The Walker Tariff, which Polk issued 1846 lowered duties and served to pacify the irate British public after this territory's boundaries were marked at the forty-ninth parallel.
Answer: the Oregon Territory
[10] This former Pennsylvania Senator became Polk's Vice President and is the namesake of a major American city.
Answer: George Mifflin Dallas
[10] He served as Polk's Secretary of War and Secretary of State under Pierce. A former Governor of New York, he was once the leading member of the Albany Regency and was known as a champion of the spoils system, having noted that "To the victor belong the spoils of the enemy."
Answer: William Learned Marcy
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Answer the following about the 1958 World's Fair FTPE.,
[10] The highlights of Expo '58, which took place in this European city, included the still-standing Atomium, a three hundred thirty-five-foot-high metal monument representing a unit cell of a body-centered iron crystal, and the Philips Pavilion.
Answer: Brussels, Belgium (or Bruxelle, Belgue)
[10] The Philips Pavilion looked like a strange concrete tent flapping in the wind. It was designed by this noted architect of the Villa Savoy who says he did not design a pavilion but "an electronic poem and a vessel containing the poem."
Answer: Le Corbusier (or Charles-Edouard Jeanneret)
[10] The music played inside the pavilion was the Poeme Electronique written by this French-born American composer and "Father of Electronic Music."
Answer: Edgard Varese
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Answer the following about fluid phenomena FTPE.,
[10] Dictating flow properties and transition turbulence, this common dimensionless parameter is the mean velocity of a flow times its scale length, divided by its dynamic viscosity.
Answer: Reynolds number
[10] At high Reynolds number, this form of turbulence, also known as chaotic advection, can occur. Its interesting patterns correspond to hyperbolic fixed points in the phase space of the flow.
Answer: Lagrangian turbulence
[10] In Lagrangian turbulence, this scalar function satisfies the biharmonic equation. Symbolized psi and equal to the curl of the velocity, it was introduced by Lagrange to solve two-space flows.
Answer: stream function
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Name these Meso-American cultures FTPE.,
[10] These guys preceded the Aztecs in central Mexico, ruling from their capital, Teotihuacan, from the tenth to the twelfth centuries. The Aztecs ripped off much of their mythology from them, including Quetzalcoatl.
Answer: Toltecs
[10] These peoples displaced the more peaceful Zapotecs from the Oaxaca Valley. They are known for their goldsmithing skills and for their art, as seen in the Bourbon and Borgia codices.
Answer: Mixtecs
[10] This culture, centering around Lake Patzcuaro, had its capital at Tzintzuntzan [ZINT-ZUNT-ZAN]. They are known for their round temples called yacatas, and they worshipped a fire god, Curicaueri.
Answer: Tarasco (or Tarascan; accept Purepecha)
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Identify these structures of the kidney FTSNOP.,
[10] This vertical cleft in the medial concave portion of the kidney leads to the renal sinus and allows the renal artery and vein, nerves, and ureter to enter or exit the kidney.
Answer: renal hilus (or renal hilum)
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[5,5] These two structures make up the renal corpuscle within the nephron. One is a collection of capillaries and the other is the sac that encloses it.,
[10] After leaving the Bowman's capsule, the fluid filtrate goes into this region, which then sends urine to the loop of Henle.
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He advocated industriousness in such works as Virgin Soil and his Sportsman's Sketches is said to have influenced Alexander II to free the serfs. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Russian author of Fathers and Sons.
Answer: Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev
[10] This 1872 Turgenev short story centers on Dimitry Sanin who falls in love while in Frankfurt. It shares its name with an American satire of Sherwood Anderson's Dark Laughter.
Answer: "Torrents of Spring" or "Veshnie vody" (or "Spring Torrents")
[10] This Turgenev story tells of the misadventures of Chulkaturin, who reflects on his lost love, Liza.
Answer: "The Diary of a Superfluous Man" or "Dnevnik lishnego cheloveka"
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Answer each of the following relating to a philosopher FTPE.,
[10] This student of Hegel and author of an 1838 work on Pierre Bayle delivered some "Thoughts on Death and Immortality" in 1839.
Answer: Ludwig Feuerbach
[10] Feuerbach's most compelling work is this 1841 tract which posits that the title spirit, like that in all religions, is the consciousness of the infinite in man, in light of his innate contemplation of himself.
Answer: The Essence of Christianity (or Das Wessen des Christentums)
[10] Though vehemently in favor of Feuerbach's ideas while editing Rheinische Zeitung, this later thinker broke with Feuerbach, scathing him in 1845's Thesen uber Feuerbach.
Answer: Karl Marx
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Name the following about poems inspired by art FTPE.,
[10] A Pablo Picasso work inspired this title poem of a Wallace Stevens collection that ends "We shall forget by day, except / The moments when we choose to play / The imagined pine, the imagined jay."
Answer: "The Man with the Blue Guitar"
[10] Billy Collins was inspired to write this poem about Hieronymus Bosch's The Temptation of St. Anthony. It was named for the same Brussels museum that earlier inspired W.H. Auden.
Answer: "Musee des Beaux-Arts, Revisited"
[10] This author won the 1976 Pulitzer for a poem that begins "As Parmigianino did it, the right hand / Bigger than the head, thrust at the viewer / And swerving easily away."
Answer: John Ashbery

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