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2008 ACF Regionals Tossups by Dartmouth A
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This man's "resolvent" is used to solve cubic equations, and his "spectrum," which ends at Freiman's constant, consists of his "numbers." One theory named for him states that if p is a prime number and f a polynomial of degree n, then the equation f of x = 0 mod p has at most n solutions between 0 and p. Another namesake theorem states that the size of a subgroup must divide that of any group containing it. The maximum and minimum values of a function subject to a geometric constraint can be found with his multipliers. For 10 points, identify this man who found the five spots in a two body system where a third body of negligible mass will be stationary, known as his "points."
Answer: Joseph-Louis Lagrange
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This sociologist posited that the origin of the self lies in the play and game stages of childhood. He also saw the self as a confluence of the "I," an innovative internal force, and the "me," the effects of other persons' responses on the subject's actions. Impulse, perception, manipulation, and consummation are the four stages of "the act," the most basic unit of his social theory. His most famous theory held that the individual is a product of socially symbolic gestures. For 10 points, name this author of Mind, Self, and Society who influenced such people as Erving Goffman with his promotion of symbolic interactionism.
Answer: George Herbert Mead
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One of his plays features the seductive Lorleen Mauthran and a magical black rooster known as The Mysterious Cock. This man's autobiography, written after he left his native country in 1926, was published in six parts including "Inishfallen Fare Thee Well" and "Rose and Crown," and was written in the voice of a fictional character named Johnny. He said that his "only humorless play" was the pro-Communist The Star Turns Red, and he also wrote about the Clitheroe family's involvement in an uprising and the deliberately-walking alcoholic Jack Boyle. For 10 points, name this Irish author of The Shadow of a Gunman, The Plough and the Stars, and Juno and the Paycock.
Answer: Sean O'Casey [accept with astonishment "John Casey"]
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The Sonogashira coupling uses a palladium catalyst to join one of these compounds to a vinyl halide. Alkylated ones are formed in the Nicholas reaction, and other substituted ones can be formed in the Seyferth-Gilbert homologation. In the Corey-Fuchs reaction, they are synthesized from aldehydes, while reacting them with dicyclohexyl borane can create aldehydes or ketones if their functional group is terminal. They can also be synthesized from dihalides by dehydro-halogenation, and they react with Lindlar's catalyst to reduce to alkenes. For 10 points, name this class of compounds defined by a triple bond between two carbon atoms.
Answer: alkynes
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In Ovid's Metamorphoses, Telethusa prays to this goddess to change the gender of her dauthger so that she could marry the maiden Ianthe. By creating a snake from a fellow god's spit and mud, she was able to trick that god into giving her power over life and death. She was magically impregnated with a penis made out of gold and wax because her husband lost his real one when he was chopped into fourteen pieces. Like Hathor, she is sometimes depicted with a cow's head, but is more often pictured with her son, Horus. For 10 points, name this Egyptian goddess, whose name means "woman of the throne," the wife of Osiris.
Answer: Isis
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His name in Sogdian was believed to mean "light". He was a favorite of Emperor Xuanzong's concubine, Yang Guifei, who later adopted him as her son. Consequently, he was named governor of three frontier provinces and given an army of one hundred sixty thousand. However, after Li Linfu died, this man came into conflict with the new chancellor, Yang Guozhong. In response, he sacked the city of Luoyang and the following year, he created the so-called Yan dynasty after capturing Changan, the capital city of the Tang Dynasty. For 10 points, name this Turkic general who led a namesake rebellion in 756 CE which led to thirty-six million deaths.
Answer: An Lushan
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Bruce Broughton wrote a concerto for this instrument with Tommy Johnson in mind, and John Fletcher was the dedicatee of a concerto for this instrument composed by Edward Gregson. It is featured as a soloist in the "Bydlo" movement of Pictures at an Exhibition, and near the end of his life, Vaughan Williams wrote an F minor concerto for it. A variety of it was invented for use in the Ring Cycle and is named for Wagner, and its first notable use in the orchestra saw it replace the ophicleide, itself a descendant of the serpent. For 10 points, name this cousin of the euphonium and basis for the sousaphone, the lowest-pitched member of the brass family.
Answer: tuba
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This gathering condemned the belief that the world had three ages corresponding with the three persons of the Trinity as proposed by Joachim of Flora. It also declared Constantinople's primacy superior to all other patriarchies, but inferior to that of the Pope. In wake of the formation of the Franciscans, the creation of the Order of the Friars Preachers was discussed here, though this council later prohibited the establishment of new religious order to allay fears that the Church was becoming too diverse. The most important result of this meeting was establishing the doctrine of transubstantiation. For 10 points, name this 1215 council presided over by Innocent III at a palace.
Answer: Fourth Lateran Council [prompt on Lateran Council]
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During his reign, this monarch pressured the Netherlands into recognizing Belgian independence and imposed repressive measures after a series of failed assassination attempts against him. He had fought at the battle of Valmy and Jemappes during the French Revolution and, with Dumouriez, defected to the Austrians as part of a plan to restore the constitution of 1791. The National Assembly chose him over Henry V, but in the face of a working-class insurrection, he abdicated the throne in favor of his grandson, ending the eighteen-year "July Monarchy." For 10 points, name this "King of the French," who ruled the country from 1830 to 1848.
Answer: Louis-Philippe
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Major cities in this country include Kankan and Labe, while the Iles de Los islands lie next to this country's capital. The mountainous Fouta Djalon region, home of the Fula ethnic group, lies in the interior, and Mont Nimba sits in the Nzekore province in the southeastern part of this country. This country is roughly bisected by the Niger river, and it also contains the sources of the Gambia and the Senegal. Bordered by Sierra Leone and Liberia to the south, it has a similar name to its Portuguese-speaking neighbor to the west. For 10 points, name this West African country whose capital is at Conakry, not Bissau.
Answer: Guinea-Conakry
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One author from this country wrote about how a retired business man becomes erotically enchanted with his daughter-in-law, a dancer. The Tattoer and Arrowroot were written by an author from this country, while another author from this place wrote The Spring Equinox and Beyond. Another author from this country wrote about a man who seeks revenge on women by marrying them and having flamboyant gay affairs in Forbidden Colors. The author of Some Prefer Nettles was from this country, as was the writer of "In a Grove." For 10 points, name this home country of the guy who wrote The Sea of Fertility, Yukio Mishima, and "Rashomon," Akutagawa Ryonosuke.
Answer: Japan [or Nihon-koku; or Nippon-koku]
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One restaurant featured on this series is Klimy's, while another eatery on this show inspired the song "Big Yellow Joint." One character founded a namesake "Natural Goodtime Family-Band Solution," and dressed as the Mrs. Featherbottom. That character's daughter dated the four-years-running student body president. Another key character fathered a child by Eve Holt and had a ringtone of "The Final Countdown," which played during his magic "illusions." It features Buster, who slept with a his mother's rival, and George Michael, who dates devout Christian Ann Veal. For 10 points, name this show about the Bluth family that starred Jason Bateman and Jeffrey Tambor.
Answer: Arrested Development
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Class III of this protein appears to aid in photo-adaptation in Drosophila, and class VI is found in the periticular necklace of sensory hair cells and is also the only of the 24 known classes directed towards the minus end of its support. Class V is involved in vesicle transport and has a longer neck region than class II, which has alpha-helical coiled coils in its dimerized tails, as well as essential and regulatory light chains. Binding and hydrolysis of ATP causes conformational changes to enact their main function. For 10 points, name these proteins that comprise the thick filaments of sarcomeres and provide the driving force for muscle contraction.
Answer: myosins
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This duke of Sagan resigned from command after allowing Ernst von Mansfeld to escape from Dessau and later negotiated with Gabor Bethlen at Pozsony. His seat of power was in the city of Jistchin in northern Bohemia. At Eger, he was assassinated by men loyal to Ferdinand II, after it was discovered that he was secretly planning to make peace. Two years earlier, he had been routed by his rival Gustavus Adolphus at Lutzen, and he was ultimately replaced by Graf von Tilly. For 10 points, name this flamboyant Catholic general of the Thirty Years War.
Answer: Albrecht Wenzel Eusebius von Wallenstein
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One of his works shows a water nymph in the lower right, holding a piece of music after lulling to sleep Rinaldo, who leans against a tree as Armida discovers him. His time in Italy resulted in portraits like Cardinal Bentivolo and George Gage, Looking at a Statuette, and he created a series of etchings and engravings depicting various colleagues known as his Iconography. At the court of the Earl of Arundel, he painted a portrait of Thomas Howard, and he executed 35 paintings of Queen Henrietta Maria, but is better known for portraits of her husband, including one ...in Hunting Dress. For 10 points, name this Flemish pupil of Rubens and portraitist of England's Charles I.
Answer: Anthony van Dyck
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An important parameter of these objects can be measured with a four-point probe and slightly altered through planar weight disparity. One type is susceptible to a phenomenon known as stripes, and their behavior may be explained by particle undressing. Several "infinite layer" ones have recently been found to improve on YBCO, a prominent example of these materials whose behavior was modeled in Ginzburg-Landau theory. Copper oxides are ceramic examples of the "high temperature" kind, and their expulsion of magnetic fields is called the Meissner effect. For 10 points, name these materials which, below a critical temperature, have no electrical resistance.
Answer: superconductors
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In one of his poems, which makes frequent use of onomatopoeia, the narrator has a vision in which he encounters the witch-doctor Mumbo-Jumbo near the title location. In another one of this man's works, the ghost of a former President haunts a small town, awaiting the day when a socialist "spirit-dawn/ Shall come." His most famous work is meant to be sung with instruments and repeats the phrase "Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb?" before Jesus greets the title character and his followers in Paradise. For 10 points, name this "Prairie Troubadour," an associate of Sandburg and Masters who wrote "The Congo" and "General William Booth Enters into Heaven."
Answer: Vachel Lindsay
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One document submitted to this body predicted that "the torrent of panegyrists will roll our reputations" and promised to"disarm the parricide which points the dagger to our bosoms." The views of radical Bostonians were introduced to this meeting via the Suffolk Resolves, and it also promulgated a boycott via the Articles of Association. At this event, Joseph Galloway submitted the "Plan of Union," and it was led by Peyton Randolph. The delegates here also decided to meet again on May 10, 1775 if the colonists' protest was not dealt with properly. For 10 points, name this 1774 meeting, which comprised the first legislative body of the Thirteen Colonies.
Answer: First Continental Congress
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In a poem about this man, he sends a gift of one hundred horses through his lackey Minaya. He also cons the moneylender Raquel and sees his daughters abused by the Princes of Carrion before dying on Pentecost. A play about this man includes Chimene's father, Gomez, losing a duel and King Ferdinand sending the title character on a raid. That play was faulted by Cardinal Richelieu for not demonstrating the three Unities. For 10 points, name this title character of a both a Pierre Corneille play and an anoymous eleventh-century Spanish epic.
Answer: El Cid [or Le Cid; or Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar
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One of this composer's early successes was a setting of "Behold the Murmuring Sea," a poem by the same author who inspired his The Combat of Tancredi and Clorinda. An ascension of a patron led to the opera Licoris Who Feigned Madness, and he lost his wife around the time of writing an aria beginning "Let Me Die," the "Lamento D'Arriana." Another opera with libretto by Busenello drew heavily on events in Tacitus' Annals, and in the Prologue of another opera, the Spirit of Music introduces the story of the title character, who is helped by Proserpina but fails his quest by looking backward. For 10 points, name this Italian composer of The Coronation of Poppea and L'Orfeo.
Answer: Claudio Monteverdi
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His first major work, an attack on the notion of personal immortality, virtually ended this man's academic career. Much later, he wrote Principles of the Philosophy of the Future, which marked the endpoint of his life's development from pantheistic idealism to a concrete, anthropological approach to philosophy. Marx wrote a series of Theses about him, and Max Stirner claimed that this man's most famous work betrayed his professed atheism. In that work, this man explains how a certain religion is man's "outward projection of his inward nature." For 10 points, name this prominent Young Hegelian whose most famous work is The Essence of Christianity.
Answer: Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach
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The namesake cliff in this region marks the point at which a large empty gap begins, and one class of objects found here, including Quaoar and Varuna, is known as the cubewanos. What is often called its largest object may actually lie in the Scattered Disk, while its second largest object is set to be explored by New Horizons. Generally considered the outer remnant of the proto-planetary disk, it is thought to be the source of objects such as Pholus and Chariklo, known as the centaurs, as well as short-period comets. For 10 points, name this ring of small objects that is home to Eris and Pluto, found beyond the orbit of Neptune.
Answer: Edgeworth-Kuiper belt [or Edgeworth-Kuiper disk]
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The French translation of this man's book on the legends of his native country so impressed Paul Valery that his laudatory letter was used as the book's preface. His decade spent in Paris was later chronicled by fellow countryman Luis Aragon. In 1933, he returned to his native country but saw one of his manuscripts suppressed by Jorge Ubico. He wrote a book in which the "Great Fleabag" is married to someone who is poisoned by the Machojons but comes back as a ghost to protect the forest, and another in which the title character breaks up the marriage of Camilla and Angel Face. For 10 points, name this Guatemalan author of Men of Maize and El Senor Presidente.
Answer: Miguel Angel Asturias
2008 ACF Regionals Bonuses by Dartmouth A
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His name means "splay-foot," and his twenty-one surviving plays include Captivi and Amphitryo. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this Roman playwrite of The Pot of Gold.
Answer: Titus Maccius Plautus
[10] This Plautus play about separated twins inspired Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors. The twins are reunited when Sosicles' slave confuses his master's brother for his master at the house of Erotium.
Answer: Menaechmi [or The Twin Menaechmuses or The Brothers Menaechmi or other equivalents]
[10] The title character of this Plautus play is a slave bent on helping his master's son, Callidorus, find his love, Phoenicium, who has been sold to a Macedonian general.
Answer: Pseudolus
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Such forward-thinking groups as the NVIC and parents who think their daughters won't have sex have protested its use. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this vaccine recently approved by the FDA to administer to girls to protect against cervical cancer.
Answer: Gardasil
[10] Gardasil works by preventing infections with four strains of this highly communicable virus, which in addition to causing cervical cancer can cause fun stuff like genital warts and penile cancer.
Answer: human papillomavirus [or HPV]
[10] The E6 protein of HPV can inactivate this tumor suppressor, which keeps the cell cycle in check and initiates DNA repair. It is mutated in many human cancers, and inheriting only one copy leads to Li-Fraumeni syndrome. ANSWER: p53
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Answer these questions about medieval Iberian history, for 10 points each.,
[10] In 1469, the kingdoms of Aragon and Castile were united by a marriage between Isabella and this man.
Answer: Ferdinand of Aragon
[10] The year 1492 saw the conquest of this Almoravid kingdom, which included the Alhambra palace.
Answer: Granada
[10] This last king of Granada came to power when his father, Muley Abul Hassan, was exiled, and was deposed when the kingdom dissolved.
Answer: Boabdil [or Abu Abdullah Muhammad XII]
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For 10 points each, answer these questions about constructs in algebra.,
[10] These objects are comprised of a set and an associative operation that is closed on that set. They must also include an identity element and inverses for each other element.
Answer: groups
[10] These objects are comprised of a set and two binary operations, one of which forms an Abelian group on the set, and the other of which forms a semi-group.
Answer: rings
[10] These objects are rings that posses an additive and multiplicative identity, and in which the product of two elements is the additive identify if and only if at least one of the two elements is the additive identity.
Answer: integral domains
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Identify the following terms relating to the philosophy of Michel Foucault, for 10 points each:,
[10] In Discipline and Punish, Foucault discusses this concept, first proposed by Jeremy Bentham, which is a specially designed structure through which a guard can maintain constant supervision over a prisoner.
Answer: panopticon
[10] Borrowing from Nietzsche, this is the term for Foucault's method of historical inquiry, which aims to explore previously neglected topics or strains of thought.
Answer: genealogy
[10] This title from the English version of Foucalt's book Folie et deraison is contrasted with "civilization," and explores a phenomenon once viewed as a religious experience but now socially shunned.
Answer: madness [exact answer required]
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Oxbridge graduates Thomas Lodge, George Peele, Christopher Marlowe, and Thomas Nashe were among the writers of this group. For 10 points:,
[10] Name this group of six educated playwrights who were contemporaneous with Shakespeare.
Answer: The University Wits
[10] Another contemporary of the University Wits was this guy, who wrote about Annabella's incestuous relationship with Giovanni in 'Tis Pity She's a Whore.
Answer: John Ford
[10] In addition to writing a sequel to Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, called The Tamer Tamed, he collaborated with Shakespeare on Two Noble Kinsmen.
Answer: John Fletcher
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Its work is currently being overseen by Mark Burry and Jordi Bonet i Armengol. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this Catalan church planned to be completed in 2026 after its original architect worked on it for over 40 years, with 18 bottle-shaped spires and irregular fenestration that rise out of the Gothic facade.
Answer: Church of the Sagrada Familia [or Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia]
[10] La Sagrada Familia was designed by this architect who also designed the extremely curvy apartment complex Casa Mila and created a park and a palace for his major patron, Eusebi Guell.
Answer: Antoni Gaudi i Cornet[10] Gaudi renovated this apartment complex with ideals similar to those of the Casa Mila, especially the avoidance of straight lines. Its facade is covered in broken mosaic tiles, and the roof is said to look like a dinosaur's back.
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name these works of Chinese literature, for 10 points each.,
[10] Also known as the Chronicle of the Stone, this work focuses on the Chia family. The titular event involves a goddess and the Twelve Beauties of Chinling.
Answer: The Dream of the Red Chamber [or The Dream of Red Mansions; or Hunglou Meng]
[10] A Bertolt Brecht play was indirectly based off of this Yuan Dynasty play by Li Quianfu, and partially titled for it. It follows Judge Bao's attempt to determine the true mother of Ma Shoulang.
Answer: The Chalk Circle [or The Circle of Chalk; or Huilanji]
[10] This sixteenth-century Xianzu Tang drama follows the love affair between Willow Dreaming Plum and Tu Liniang, despite the governor's suspicion that his daughters' grave has been robbed.
Answer: Peony Pavilion [or Mudan Ting]
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The Fifty-First Congress was often referred to as the Billion Dollar Congress. For 10 points each:,
[10] This law passed by the Billion Dollar Congress overrode the Bland-Allison Act. It stated that the United States Treasury would buy four and a half million ounces of bullion monthly.
Answer: Sherman Silver Purchase Act
[10] Republicans had voted in favor the Silver Purchase Act because Democrats promised that they would vote for this protective tariff. It raised tariff rates to the highest level in American history, at forty-eight percent.
Answer: McKinley Tariff [prompt on Tariff of 1890]
[10] This President of the Senate at the time had earlier turned down the chance to be Garfield's Vice President. This later governor of New York got his chance as the successful nominee under Benjamin Harrison.
Answer: Levi Parsons Morton
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For 10 points each, identify these baseball players named in the Mitchell Report.,
[10] This retired player had his name mentioned 105 times in the Mitchell Report, the most of any player. This Bash Brother and member of the 40/40 club kind of started the whole steroid thing with his book, Juiced.
Answer: Jose Canseco y Capas, Jr.
[10] This left-handed pitcher and buddy of Roger Clemens, who played for the Yankees and Astros, recently admitted he used HGH while recovering from elbow surgery in 2002.
Answer: Andy Eugene Pettite
[10] This former catcher set the Mets' single season homerun record when he hit forty-one dingers in 1996. According to the Mitchell report, this was the year after he was introduced to `roids.
Answer: Todd Randolph Hundley
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They can be summed in the Hamaker theory and are used by geckos. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name these generalized weak intermolecular forces, named for a Dutch guy, that include dipole-dipole and London dispersion interactions.
Answer: van der Waals forces
[10] These allotropes of carbon, which can be single- or multi-walled, can align and stick to each other through van der Waals forces to form "ropes."
Answer: carbon nanotubes
[10] Part of the van der Waals forces can be modeled with this expression for the interaction of two neutral molecules, which includes a repulsive term raised to the 12th power and an attractive term raised to the 6th power.
Answer: Lennard-Jones potential
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Name these British Prime Ministers, for 10 points each.,
[10] This small-eyed Conservative and rival of William Gladstone pushed to expand the franchise.
Answer: Benjamin Disraeli
[10] During this man's term, Britain applied for membership in the European Economic Community, though the move was blocked by De Gaulle. His term as Prime Minister was brought to an end by the Profumo Affair.
Answer: Harold MacMillan
[10] His term saw the passage of key social reforms, including the National Insurance Act. He was also Prime Minister during the first two years of World War I.
Answer: Herbert Henry Asquith
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In Tenoctitlan, a temple to this deity was right next to one dedicated to Tlaloc. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this deity, the Aztec god of war, who was often depicted as a hummingbird.
Answer: Huitzilopochtli
[10] A ball of feathers impregnated this goddess, the mother of Huitzilopochtli, whose name means "skirt of serpents." She has 400 other children including Xolotl and Quetzalcoatl.
Answer: Coatlicue
[10] This goddess, together with Centzonhuiznahuac, attacked Coatlicue, embarrassed at her pregnancy. According to legend, Huitzilopochtli sprung from his mother's womb and decapitated her, making her head into the moon.
Answer: Coyolxauhqui
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Name the following works by Benjamin Britten for 10 points each.,
[10] His Opus 34, subtitled "Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Purcell," this didactic piece was dedicated "to the children of John and Jean Maud."
Answer: The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra
[10] Based on texts by different poets, the most popular of this choral collection is "Abraham and Isaac." Originally published under different opus numbers, they also include "My Beloved is Mine" and "Journey of the Magi."
Answer: The Five Canticles
[10] This choral and orchestral work, commissioned for the reconsecration of Coventry Cathedral, used Wilfred Owen poems in addition to the traditional Latin texts expected from its title.
Answer: War Requiem
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Answer the following about a momentous 1525 battle, for 10 points per answer.,
[10] Habsburg forces under Charles de Lannoy smashed a French army led by Francis I here. As a result of this battle, Francis was imprisoned by Charles V.
Answer: Battle of Pavia
[10] After Francis was captured, he was forced to sign this treaty, which ceded lands owned by France. After he was released, and with the blessing of the Pope, Francis reneged on the terms of this treaty.
Answer: Treaty of Madrid
[10] Pavia was an important battle in this series of wars named for a peninsula. Spain retained its influence over the namesake area as per the Peace of Cateau-Cambresis.
Answer: Italian Wars
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It assumes identical but distinguishable particles and that every state has equal probability. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this doubly eponymous distribution from classical mechanics that can be used to model the speed distribution of molecules of a gas at a given temperature.
Answer: Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution
[10] The root-mean-square of the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution can be found with the help of this theorem, which says that at thermal equilibrium, each particle contributes an average energy of 3/2 kB times temperature.
Answer: equipartition theorem
[10] The equipartition theorem can also explain this doubly eponymous law of determining heat capacity, which for simple crystalline compounds was defined as 3 times the gas constant over the molar mass.
Answer: Dulong-Petit
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For 10 points each, identify these British anthropologists.,
[10] This double-named guy published works on the Andaman Islanders and is credited with founding the theory of structural functionalism.
Answer: Alfred Reginald Radcliffe-Brown
[10] Early in his career, this other double-named person studied the Nuer of Africa. His most famous work, Theories of Primitive Religion, criticized traditional field methods in the anthropology of religion.
Answer: Edward Evans Evans-Pritchard
[10] He wrote books on Joseph Merrick, also known as the Elephant Man, and was the primary author of the United Nations' Statement on Race. He was burdened with a non-hyphenated last name and spent years in therapy.
Answer: Ashley Montagu
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For 10 points each, identify these Pacific island nations.,
[10] The Vatu-i-ra Channel separates the northern and western divisions of this island group with a thirty-eight percent Indian population, while the eastern division is spread across the Koro Sea.
Answer: Fiji
[10] The largest island of this long archipelago in the South Pacific is Espiritu Santu, while the capital of Port Vila lies on Efate.
Answer: Vanuatu
[10] This large group of islands in the North Pacific contains the Yap, Chuuk, Kosrae, and Pohnpei divisions. Its name is often applied to the region of islands as a whole.
Answer: Federated States of Micronesia
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Discussing the love between Dona Sol and the titular bandit, it was the inspiration for a Verdi opera. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this play, the first major work of a French author who also penned Hans of Iceland.
Answer: Hernani
[10] Hernani was written by this author of Et Nox Facta Est and Les Miserables.
Answer: Victor Hugo
[10] This character from Hugo's Hunchback of Notre Dame marries Fleur-de-Lys after being stabbed by Frollo for expressing his love for Esmerelda.
Answer: Captain Phoebus de Chateaupers
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He married the artist Sophie Taeuber and co-authored Isms in Art with El Lissitzky. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this Strasbourg native and creator of Squares Arranged According to the Laws of Chance, various "torn papers" and "crumpled papers," and oblong-shaped cutouts such as one called Mountain, Table, Anchors, Navel.
Answer: Jean Arp [or Hans Arp]
[10] Jean Arp was one of the founders of this movement originally centered on Hugo Ball's Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich. It also included Hanna Hoch and Kurt Schwitters, and took its name from the French word for hobby horse.
Answer: Dada
[10] He was a member of Section d'Or before joining the Dadaists, where he published the journal 391and created mechanical themed works like Machine Turn Quickly, Universal Prostitution, and Amorous Procession.
Answer: Francis Picabia
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For 10 points each, name these things from the end of the Peloponnesian War.,
[10] In 406 BCE, this battle found the Athenian navy victorious over the Spartan fleet. Athens successfully countered the attempted Spartan diekplous at this battle by having two lines of triremes instead one.
Answer: Battle of Arginusae
[10] This 405 BCE Spartan naval victory saw Vice-Admiral Lysander decisively defeat the Athenians under Konon in the Hellespont. The Athenians escaped from this battle with only nine of their one hundred eighty ships.
Answer: Battle of Aegospotami
[10] Sparta installed this cruel numerical body to govern in Athens in 404 BCE. It was overthrown by Thrasybulus in 403.
Answer: Thirty Tyrants
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Answer some questions about a model of gene regulation in bacteria for 10 points each.,
[10] These units consist of multiple genes with a common promoter and a namesake sequence that can be positively or negatively induced or repressed to affect transcription. A notable one regulates tryptophan production.
Answer: operons
[10] This operon contains the genes Z, Y, and A, or beta-galactosidase, a permease, and a transacetylase, which are required for the catabolism of an eponymous sugar - a disaccharide of glucose and galactose.
Answer: lac operon [accept lactose operon]
[10] This operon 's A, B and D genes are needed for the metabolism of an eponymous hexose into D-xylulose-5-phosphate. The regulatory C protein binds the hexose to activate transcription when the sugar is present.
Answer: ara [or L-arabinose operon]
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Featuring characters like the antelope hunter Llewellyn Moss and the hitman Anton Chigurh, this novel was recently made into a movie directed by the Coen brothers. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this novel by Cormac McCarthy whose title comes from the first line of Yeats's poem "Sailing to Byzantium":
Answer: No Country for Old Men
[10] The protagonist of this McCarthy novel is simply known as the "the kid." He encounters the villainous Judge Holden and the Glanton Gang, a group of outlaws who are hired to clear the borderlands of Indians.
Answer: Blood Meridian
[10] The title character of this novel, McCarthy's debut, is Arthur Ownby, who tends the corpse of a stranger that one day appeared in his spray pit. That stranger turns out to be Kenneth Ratner, the father of John Wesley.
Answer: The Orchard Keeper

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