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2006 ACF Regionals Tossups by Boston University and Carnegie Mellon
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In the speech that announced this program, the speaker gave reference to revolution as igniting "a spark never to be extinguished." By contrast, Noam Chomsky derided this program as increasing beef production while citizens starved. It was formulated as a Ten Year Plan, with provisions to examine commodity market problems, to expand the Peace Corps, and to fulfill the Act of Bogota. The charter was formed at a conference in Punta del Este, Uruguay in 1961, and created a council to initiate social planning. Despite this, America contributed less than they had promised and it was dissolved in 1973. FTP, identify this American program which was announced by John Kennedy to aid Latin American economic development, abbreviated AFP.
Answer: Alliance for Progress (accept AFP before it's mentioned)
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One of his novels concerns a man who has a stroke due to excessive sexual arousal, while another depicts a disintegrating marriage through the use of parallel diaries. His first novel is about a westernized engineer named Joji and is called Naomi. A prolific translator, his early work, like the short story "The Tattooer" bears the influence of Edgar Allen Poe. He treated the conflict between modernity and national identity in his essay "In Praise of Shadows." Other works include Quicksand, Captain Shigemoto's Mother, and The Key, but he is best known for a novel about four sisters living in Osaka. FTP, who is this Japanese writer, best known for Some Prefer Nettles and The Makioka Sisters?
Answer: Junichiro Tanizaki
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The creation of this painting was influenced by a similarly titled 1619 work by Thomas de Keyzer as well as by its painter's studies with Pieter Lastman, while the commission itself was suggested by an art dealer named Ulyenburgh. Its subject was a man named Adriaan Adriaanson who had been found guilty of robbery, though the painting is named for a man known in his own time for his treatises on monsters. One of the men in the background holds a list of government officials, while in the foreground is another open book. The title figure is holding forceps, not a pointer, suggesting to some that he was trying to demonstrate something about muscle movement. FTP, identify this painting which shows a group of men watching a dissection, a work of Rembrandt.
Answer: The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicholas Tulp
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This novel's title character procures her job due to the abrupt departure of Filomena, an incident related in the novel's first sentence. Many of this novel's central characters are infatuated with Gloria, a beautiful prostitute who often spends the day at her window; these include Professor Josue, who publicly recites a paean to her. One subplot considers the rebellion of Malvina from her father, the powerful Colonel Melk Tavares. One of the main plots concerns a political battle between Amancio Leal and Mundinho Falcao, while the other concerns the title character's culinary battles. FTP, what is this novel set in Ilheus concerning the heroine's relation with Nacib; a work by Jorge Amado?
Answer: Gabriela, Clove, and Cinnamon
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In one story, this being ends a drought and heals the goddess of beauty after she tries to fly to his kingdom, burning herself ugly. He commanded his son to fashion a golden chain and dangle an egg from it, from which was born the bird Sankofa. He sent his maid Arugba out with a divine bag, which began life on Earth. In the Ketu cult of Bahia, he is worshiped as Yansan, while in other traditions he is called Ogus. Never worshipped directly, he owns everything that is white on Earth, so he is the god of purity and ruler of the sky. FTP, what is this father of Obatala and Odudua; the Yoruba creator god?
Answer: Olurun (or Oludumare; accept Yansan or Ogus before they're mentioned)
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They worshipped the god Huang Lo, a tradition that had originally been approved of by Emperor Xuan. They believed in the Magic and Immortality Tradition and wore amulets to ward off an epidemic caused by flooding of a nearby river. After being defeated at the battle of Yanzhou, their remnants were absorbed into the Qingzhou army. Ts'ao Ts'ao then used this army to win the battle of Guandu and establish the Wei Kingdom. Originally led by Chang Chueh, they were the partial cause of the foundation of the Three Kingdoms. FTP, identify this group that rebelled in 184 against the Han and that took its name from the color of heaven that would replace the blue heaven, the color of their headdresses.
Answer: Yellow Turban revolt (or Yellow Scarves revolt or T'ai Ping Tao)
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COUPP proposes to use these to search for WIMPs. There are proposals to use them as breeding blankets for fusion devices as they sometimes contain dense deuterium. These devices have no direct energy spectroscopy, but have a lower refresh time and higher reactant density than their predecessors. They work by changing the pressure in a tank, which causes its contents to become superheated; charges moving in the detector volume then create the namesake objects. FTP, identify these devices largely replaced by spark chambers, used to detect charged particles, and invented in 1952 by Donald Glaser.
Answer: bubble chambers
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At a break in this battle, fortifications were built at Great Redoubt, Balcarres Redoubt, and Breymann Redoubt. This battle would have been an even more complete victory had John Paterson's brigade supported the final charge. The main assault was commanded by a former Colonel at Wolfenbuttel, Friederich von Riedesel. In the final stage, a sniper mortally wounded Simon Fraser on the order of Daniel Morgan. This battle was fought in two areas, on Bemis Heights and in Freeman's Farm, and the rebel victory might be credited to the tactics of a wounded Benedict Arnold. FTP, identify this Revolutionary War battle fought in September and October 1777; a victory for Gates over Burgoyne in upstate New York.
Answer: the Battle of Saratoga
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The first atomic structure of one of these was published by Ban et al. in 2000. Its leading end is labeled P and is followed by A. In prokaryotes, it is made of three strands and consists of 30S and 50S subunits; in eukaryotes it has four strands. It uses an initiator called fMET and then works by using peptidyl transferase to bind two amino acids, creating a peptide bond; it does this by reading mRNA and using tRNA to create its product. FTP, these, sometimes located within the mitochondria or in the cytoplasm, are, what protein-assembling organelles, most commonly located on the rough endoplasmic reticulum?
Answer: ribosomes (accept 50S ribosomal subunits or large ribosomal subunits until "strands")
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One form of this, due to Lindeberg and Feller, applies to the difference of variates. While it does not hold for general stochastic processes, there is a version for martingales. The rate behind this relation is determined by the Berry-Esseen theorem. It holds generally under the Lyapunov condition, but the conventional statement of it requires that the variance be finite and that the mean of the sampling distribution of means be the population mean. FTP, identify this theorem stating that the distribution of a sample of independent random variables approaches a normal distribution with sample size.
Answer: central limit theorem
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In one line, a patriarch of sheep is compared to the Egyptian God Amun. One activity described is a reading from The Chief of Gambia, an allusion to a poem by Sarah Wentworth Morton. One character in the poem is compared to Apollonius and Hermes and he discusses "the eagle's eggs he got" and his "prodigies of rod and gun." After this, the old Doctor comes around to make sure everyone is all right. Then they try to assuage their boredom by studying the Almanac. FTP, identify this poem, subtitled "A Winter Idyll," which concerns a group of people trapped by a blizzard; a work of John Greenleaf Whittier.
Answer: "Snow-bound: A Winter Idyll"
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This work's inside cover shows the artist playing a Fender J-bass at left and near an upturned barstool at right. This album's tracks were produced by Bob Johnson except for its first, which was recorded at an ersatz New York studio with Al Kooper on Hammond. The title track is the seventh and discusses a location where Georgia Sam may run, but it is not nearly so famous as "Queen Jane, Approximately;" "Desolation Row;" "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues;" or "Like a Rolling Stone." FTP, identify this 1965 Bob Dylan album, ostensibly about returning to the title roadway.
Answer: Highway 61 Revisited
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Maxwell's equations may be derived by extremizing the time integral of the one of these corresponding to a charge in an electromagnetic field. Its form for a mechanical system is motivated by requiring the virtual displacements in d'Alembert's principle to vanish. Generalized momenta are velocity partials of this function. If it is cyclic in a coordinate, that coordinate's generalized momentum is constant due to the equation of Euler and this function's namesake. FTP, identify this function central to a non-Newtonian formulation of physics and conventionally equal to the difference of kinetic and potential energies.
Answer: Lagrangian function (prompt on L)
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Marcel Proust criticized the 1906 translation of this work by Madame Cremieux, complaining that it left out an index with information on San Giorgio dei Schiavoni as well as a discussion of Vittore Carpaccio. The theme of decay can be seen in the discussion of the Church of St. Moise and its most famous section contrasts the feudal relations between workers and authority with the subsequent relations during the rise of English mass production. Containing the essay "The Nature of Gothic", this work describes the architectural transition from Byzantine to Gothic and finally a decline to Renaissance. FTP, what is this three-volume artistic treatise on a Italian city written by John Ruskin?
Answer: The Stones of Venice
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This figure caused a group of men led by Heinin Vardd to be struck dumb; when questioned about his actions, he says that he had "borne a banner before Alexander," was in Canaan when Absalom was killed, and that Heinin and Idno call him Merddin. He protected a woman's honor by tricking Rhun into cutting off another woman's finger. By using a twig of holly, he is able to win a race on Dobbin to settle a feud with Maelgwyn. He was found by Elphin, who saved him from Ceridwen. FTP, identify this Welsh mythological figure, Gwion reborn, who lent his name to Frank Lloyd Wright's house.
Answer: Taliesin (accept Merddin or Gwion before they're mentioned)
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This work describes the totality of all of the beliefs common to people as the "conscience collective." One way that people feel connected to one another is through these shared beliefs, which the author terms "mechanical solidarity." But the more important determinant of connectedness is through the title concept, which creates "organic solidarity. " Building on Adam Smith's discussion, the author casts this functional role as a necessary precondition for civilization. The author then shows how the title concept is coextensive with similar biological collective strategies. He also describes an abnormal form of it, in which citizens suffer from anomie. FTP, what is this 1893 sociological work that discusses specialization, written by Emile Durkheim?
Answer: The Division of Labor in Society
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The king is tricked by Villuppo into arresting Alexandro for murdering his son; once that is revealed, Villuppo is sentenced to death. The murder of Serberine is a set-up of Pedringano, who is further tricked into keeping silent about his earlier crimes and hanged. The play opens with a visit to the palace of Pluto and Proserpine, who command Revenge to accompany a ghost back to earth. Climaxing at a performance of Solyman and Perseda, the end features the murder of Lorenzo, Balthazar and Bel-Imperia. Hieronimo thus satisfies the ghost of Don Andrea and avenges the death of his son, Horatio. FTP, what is this 1589 Thomas Kyd revenge tragedy that inspired Shakespeare's Hamlet.
Answer: The Spanish Tragedy
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An ester modification of these is the Fries rearrangement, and it was first published in Comptes rendus in 1884. One form of them is strongly inhibited by the presence of electron acceptors and carbocation rearrangement decreases its useful yield. The reactivity of one of their constituents increases with the polarity of the C-X bond. Both forms are limited to fairly reactive arenas and use a Lewis acid catalyst, typically aluminum tri-chloride. FTP, identify these electrophilic aromatic substitutions that synthesize either an acyl or an alkyl from benzene, named for their French and American discoverers.
Answer: Friedel-Crafts reactions
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His religious policies were steered by his brother, Bruno, who later became an archbishop. He defeated Duke Eberhard and Giselbert at the Battle of Andernach after they aligned with this man's half brother, Thankmar. Later, he intervened in Northern Italy after the assassination of Berengarius and gained power there after marrying the daughter of Rudolph II, Adelaide. After further rebellions by his son Ludolph and by Conrad the Red, this man terminated their powers at the Imperial Diet of Auerstadt. Following this, he rushed to Augsburg to defeat the Magyars. FTP, Identify this man who ruled out of Magdeburg and the victor at Lechfeld; a German king who consolidated power and in 962 was crowned the first Holy Roman Emperor of the Saxon line.
Answer: Otto I, the Great (accept either underlined part subsequent to Otto as long as proceeded by Otto; prompt on Otto)
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Book Five of this work considers the causes of factional conflict and asserts that middle classes are crucial to mitigating unrest. Distinguishing between numerical and merit-based equality, this work also outlines three deviations from the ideal: tyranny, oligarchy, and democracy. A key idea in this work is the notion that the city is a kind of association called koinonia. Book Two discusses competing constitutional theories like those of Hippodemus of Miletus and Plato. FTP, identify this work concerning the nature of government, written by Aristotle.
Answer: The Politics or Politika
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In 1816, this man composed his first paid work, a cantata for the students of a Professor Watteroth entitled "Prometheus." Other works around that time include his libretto for the founder of the schoolmasters' widows' fund and an opera, Die Burgschaft. Due to the inept writing of men such as Georg von Hoffman, Josef Kupelweiser, and Franz von Schober, operas such as Alfonso and Estrella and Fierrbras were poorly received. Other works include a famous sonata for piano and arpeggione as well as an Ave Maria that was based on a poem by Sir Walter Scott. He is best known, however, for his Grand Duo Piano Sonata in C Major as well as songs like "The Doppelganger" and "Die Schone Mullerin." FTP, identify this German Romantic composer of Die Winterreise and the Trout Quintet.
Answer: Franz Schubert
2006 ACF Regionals Bonuses by Boston University and Carnegie Mellon
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Name the following battles of the Crimean War FTPE.,
[10] In this first land battle of the war, a British and French victory over the Russians, the British commander Lord Raglan spent his time nonchalantly observing from his post on Telegraph Hill.
Answer: the Battle of Alma
[10] This inconclusive battle in October, 1854, the first attempt by the Russians to break the Siege of Sevastopol, is most remembered today for the disastrous Charge of the Light Brigade.
Answer: the Battle of Balaclava
[10] John Pettyjohns and Henry Percy were among the twelve soldiers award the Victoria Cross for their action in this November fifth, 1854 battle; a Russian loss which served to divert strength from the Siege of Sevastopol.
Answer: the Battle of Inkerman
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Answer each of the following about a really terrible call in this year's NFL Playoffs FTPE.,
[10] In the fourth quarter of the playoff game between these two teams, an interception by Troy Polamalu was overturned on review, much to the consternation of many.
Answer: Indianapolis Colts and Pittsburgh Steelers (accept either city or team name in each case; accept in either order)
[10] The review was called for by this Colts head coach.
Answer: Tony Dungy
[10] This travesty was due to Pete Morelli's misinterpretation of the rule calling for this to establish a reception. Defined as a motion only executable by someone with possession, it is sufficient but not necessary for a reception.
Answer: act common to the game of football (or football action or football move)
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Answer some questions about a drama and its author FTPE.,
[10] This play, taking place in the town of Gullen, describes what takes place when Claire Zachanassian returns to enjoy the townspeople to kill her former lover, Alfred Ill.
Answer: The Visit of the Old Lady or Der Besuch der alten Dame
[10] This Swiss playwright wrote the novel The Execution of Justice and the play The Marriage of Mr. Mississippi, as well as the aforementioned The Visit of the Old Lady.
Answer: Friedrich Durrenmatt
[10] This Durrenmatt drama, concerning scientific responsibility and the cold war, concerns Mobius, who has hid himself in an insane asylum to prevent knowledge of his discovery from destroying the world.
Answer: The Physicists or Die Physiker
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Name these writers who have written on George Eliot FTPE.,
[10] In many essays for his journal Scrutiny and in his monograph The Great Tradition, this critic provided a staunch advocacy for Eliot's place amongst the great novelists.
Answer: F(rank) R(aymond) Leavis
[10] In 1925 she started to renew awareness of Eliot's work, remarking "Middlemarch is one of the few novels written for grown-up people." Her own novels include To the Lighthouse and Mrs. Dalloway.
Answer: Virginia Woolf
[10] In his critical dialogue "The Decay of Lying" he compares Eliot favorably to Emile Zola. His other major critical dialogue, "The Critic as Artist" was written a few years before his autobiographical De Profundis.
Answer: Oscar Wilde
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Answer some questions about Christian monasticism FTPE.,
[10] Written about by Athanasius, this third-century Saint corresponded with Constantine and, along with Paul the Hermit, founded monasticism while wandering around Egypt.
Answer: St. Anthony the Great of Egypt
[10] This group of monks was established in 529 at Monte Cassino. The three vows of their Rule are stability, conversion of manners, and obedience.
Answer: Benedictines (or Benedictine monks or the Order of Saint Benedict)
[10] This autonomous branch of the Franciscans was founded in 1525 by Matteo de Bascio. Living a life of extreme austerity, their name comes from the their pointed hood.
Answer: Capuchins (or Capuchin monks or Order of Friars Minor Capuchin)
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Name these experiments and experimenters in physics FTPE.,
[10] This 1927 Bell Labs experiment proved the wave nature of the electron. Slow-moving electrons were fired at a nickel target, with electron intensity measured.
Answer: Davisson-Germer experiment
[10] In this 1920 experiment, a beam of spin-1/2 particles was sent through an inhomogeneous magnetic field. It demonstrated spin quantization.
Answer: Stern-Gerlach experiment
[10] Building on the work of Stern and Gerlach, this 1944 Nobel laureate determined the magnetic properties of nuclei using a type of electromagnetic oscillation named for him.
Answer: Isidor Isaac Rabi
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Name these things about short stories with something in common FTPE.,
[10] A drunk father throws the title creature through a window to its death in this author's "A Dark Brown Dog," which appeared in Cosmopolitan a year after his Whilomville Stories.
Answer: Stephen Crane
[10] Anna, the titular owner, engages in a love affair with Gurov in this man's story "The Lady with the Lap Dog."
Answer: Anton Chekhov
[10] Unlike the Yukon husky who accompanies him, the protagonist of this Jack London story freezes to death in the Canadian wilderness.
Answer: "To Build a Fire"
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Answer the following about decision problem complexity classes FTPE.,
[10] This class of problems can be solved by a deterministic Turing machine in time big-O of two to the p, where p is a polynomial in the number of elements. Solving chess is in this class.
Answer: EXPTIME (or exponential time, prompt on exponential)
[10] This class of decision problems is predicated on the fact that they can be solved by a nondeterministic Turing machine, but not necessarily a general one, in polynomial time.
Answer: nondeterministic polynomial
[10] This is the class of decision problems that can be solved in polynomial time. NP may be a subset of it.
Answer: polynomial
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Identify the following about a poet and his work FTPE.,
[10] Subject of a biography by Sartre, this French poet is the author of La Fanfarlo and The Painter of Modern Life and was devastated by a failed relationship with Jeanne Duval.
Answer: Charles Baudelaire
[10] This work, which contains sections on "Wine," "Death," and "the Spleen," is probably Baudelaire's most famous.
Answer: The Flowers of Evil or Les Fleurs du Mal
[10] In this 1860 collection of poems, Baudelaire discusses his use of opium and hashish, opining on how they could be used to bring about a utopia.
Answer: Artificial Paradises or Les paradis artificiels
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Answer some chemistry questions FTPE.,
[10] This term is used to describe a molecule in which a conjugated ring or unsaturated bond exhibits stabilization stronger then that of conjugation alone.
Answer: aromaticity
[10] This stipulates that a molecule is aromatic if the number of pi electrons is equal to four times a non-negative integer, plus two. It was developed by its namesake in 1931.
Answer: Huckel's rule
[10] Developed by three scientists, this method uses the zero differential overlap approximation to extend an analog Huckel's rule to organic dyes.
Answer: Pariser-Parr-Pople method (accept names in any order)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer these questions about an art movement FTPE.,
[10] This early twentieth century art movement was centered around a group of architecture students in Dresden and Berlin. Members included Erich Heckel, Fritz Bleyl, and the leader, Ernst Kirchner.
Answer: Die Brucke (accept the Bridge)
[10] This Norwegian's woodcuts were a major influence on Die Brucke. He is famous for paintings like The Dance of Life; Anxiety; and, of course, The Scream.
Answer: Edward Munch
[10] This member of Die Brucke had his art banned by the Nazis, which led to his Unpainted Pictures. His trips to the Far East influenced works like Dancer and Marsh Landscape, and he painted many watercolors of flowers.
Answer: Emil Nolde
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Answer some questions about an economic curve FTPE.,
[10] This curve, first described in a 1958 paper, plots an inverse relationship between unemployment and money wages.
Answer: Phillips curve
[10] The introduction of a natural rate of unemployment was posited to account for this phenomenon, which the Philips curve cannot explain. It can result from a shock of the supply curve. It happened in the `70's with the oil crisis.
Answer: stagflation
[10] In 1973, this American economist claimed that he came up with the idea for the Phillips Curve in the paper entitled, "I discovered the Phillips Curve." His namesake equation is fundamental to the quantity theory of money.
Answer: Irving Fisher
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When his wife asked him to remarry after she died he is said to have responded: "No! I will have mistresses!"A FTPE, name:,
[10] This British king who, early in his reign, left most of the governing to Robert Walpole.
Answer: George II (prompt on George)
[10] This man was George II's eldest son and the father of George III. Estranged from his father, he relied on funds from his friend George Dodington to patronize artists like Vanloo and Amigoni.
Answer: Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales (or Friedrich Ludwig, Prince of Wales; prompt on Prince of Wales or Frederick or Friedrich)
[10] Frederick Louis's younger brother, this man helped his father at Dettingen before becoming a hero by routing the Young Pretender at Culloden Moor. The Jacobites nicknamed him "Butcher" for his harsh measures against them.
Answer: William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland (accept either underlined part; prompt on William)
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Identify the following nonfiction works of Albert Camus FTPE.,
[10] This 1951 work examines several countercultural figures and movements from western thought and art and argues that the rejection of religion leads to utopian political philosophies such as communism.
Answer: The Rebel or L'Homme revolte (accept The Man In Revolt)
[10] This extended essay uses the title concept as a metaphor for life, though it notes that brief moments of happiness make suicide unjustifiable.
Answer: The Myth of Sisyphus or Le Mythe de Sisyphe
[10] This 1937 collection of essays was Camus' first published work. It includes "Irony," which asserts our fundamental aloneness in life, and "Death in the Soul," which contrasts central Europe with the Mediterranean.
Answer: Betwixt and Between or L'envers et l'endroit (accept The Wrong Side and the Right Side)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following about an early composer and his work FTPE.,
[10] This Renaissance composer was the greatest master of counterpoint in his day. His mastery can be seen in his masses L'Homme arme and Nasce la gioja mia and in his two hundred fifty motets.
Answer: Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
[10] Palestrina's most famous work, this mass was written for a pope who only reigned for one month. It adheres to the guidelines for sacred music recently set down by the Council of Trent.
Answer: Missa Papae Marcelli or Pope Marcellus mass
[10] Palestrina may have been but probably wasn't the teacher of this Spanish composer, who is best known for his offices for the dead and music for Holy Week. He also wrote a requiem for the empress Maria.
Answer: Tomas Luis de Victoria
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Answer some questions about mythological birds FTPE.,
[10] Appearing the Arabian Nights, this kind of bird was the genie's original master. Hailing from Madagascar and resembling a giant eagle, it carried off elephants to eat.
Answer: roc
[10] Having a golden body, white face, red wings, and an eagle's beak, this king of birds served as the mount of Vishnu.
Answer: Garuda
[10] This rooster of Valhalla will awaken the gods and warriors at Ragnarok.
Answer: Salgofnir (or Gollinkambi)
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He was the most important proponent of the `back-to-Africa' movement in the 1920's and 1930's. FTPE, identify:,
[10] The name of the above-referenced founder of the UNIA-ACL and publisher of The Watchman and The Black Man Magazine.
Answer: Marcus Garvey
[10] The shipping line Marcus Garvey founded in 1919 to employ blacks. It failed due to internal fraud and corruption.
Answer: Black Star Line
[10] The followers of this man, the founder of the Moorish Science Temple, likened Garvey to John the Baptist with this man as Messiah. He is considered an important formative influence on Fard and the Nation of Islam.
Answer: Timothy Drew (or Noble Drew Ali)
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Identify the following about the Spanish Civil War FTPE.,
[10] This man first came to national prominence working to suppress a revolt in Asturias. He became Chief of the General Staff in 1935 and went on to lead Spain for decades.
Answer: Francisco Paulino Hermenegildo Teodulo Franco y Bahamonde
[10] Franco managed to combine the energies of the monarchist Carlists with this far-right political party with ideology similar to Mussolini's party.
Answer: Falange Espanola Tradicionalista y de las Juntas de Ofensiva Nacional-sindicalista
[10] Along with Franco and Emilio Mola, this general was a chief architect of the revolt that led to the Spanish Civil War. He was killed in an airplane crash when he refused to discard any bags of clothes to lighten the load in his plane.
Answer: Jose Sanjurjo
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Answer each of the following about a hypothetical astrophysical phenomenon FTPE.,
[10] These propagating disturbances in space-time curvature should be emitted by any accelerating mass according to general relativity. LIGO hopes to detect some.
Answer: gravity waves (or gravitational waves or gravitons)
[10] These devices should be able to detect strong gravity waves. A detector using them consists of two metallic cylinders in cryogenic vacuum conditions kept a distance apart.
Answer: Weber bars
[10] Gravity waves seem to explain the decay of PSR1913+16, a binary pulsar probably consisting of two of these ultradense bodies with masses between one point four and five solar masses.
Answer: neutron stars
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According to a sketch on SNL, it includes Enron, the economy, Tom Daschle, Japan, Germany, Italy, Dick Cheney, and Evil Knievel, but usually it's just Iran, Iraq, and North Korea.A FTPE, identify:,
[10] This phrase, first used by George W. Bush in his 2002 State of the Union Address.
Answer: axis of evil (prompt on axis)
[10] This former Bush speechwriter coined the term "axis of evil." He described how he came up with the phrase in his book The Right Man: The Surprise Presidency of George W. Bush.
Answer: David Frum
[10] This member of the Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee and chairman of that board from 2001 to 2003 called for attacks on North Korea in 2003 and has been nicknamed the "Prince of Darkness."
Answer: Richard Perle
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Answer some questions about the liver FTPE.,
[10] Formed by the union of splenic and the superior mesenteric veins, this blood vessel carries blood from the liver to the heart.
Answer: portal vein
[10] The liver is grossly divided into four of these spongy, wedge-shaped sections; the left and right anatomical, caudate, and quadrate.
Answer: lobes
[10] Dividing the two anatomical lobes, this thing attaches the liver to the diaphragm and the anterior abdominal wall.
Answer: falciform ligament

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