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2006 ACF Regionals Tossups by ACF Editors 3
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The originator of this legend may have been Heliodorus, the chancellor of Seleucus IV Philopatorm, who was prevented by the priest Onias from looting the Temple. A similar story from a cuneiform tablet lends veracity to this legend, which is set during the years following the victory at Carchemish by Nebuchadnezzar. Three Talmudic units of weight, the peras, shekel, and mina, have been hypothesized to be represented. After "the gods of gold and silver, bronze, iron, wood, and stone" are praised at a banquet, the central event occurs and the inability to vocalize three verbs meaning "to count," "to weigh," and "to divide" render an inscription undecipherable. Depicted in the fifth chapter of Daniel, this is, FTP, what harbinger that, according to the prophet, foretold the downfall of King Belshazzar of Babylon?
Answer: the writing on the wall or Mene Mene Tekel Parsin (accept Belshazzar's feast before Belshazzar)
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Passed three years after the Moro Rebellion, this bill attempted to appease Filipinos by loosening restrictions on the importation of hemp and sugar. Referred to as "the best bill the Republican Party ever passed," it would ironically lead to the election of a Democrat after a party split. The bill's Senatorial sponsor won support by pandering to anti-trust sentiment through a hike in rates on urban products, including those from his home state of Rhode Island. Signed into law against the wishes of Robert Lafollette by William Howard Taft, this is, FTP, what 1909 Tariff that lowered Dingley rates and the rates of which were later lowered by the Underwood Tariff?
Answer: Payne-Aldrich Tariff
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In 1978, DRAM soft errors in Intel chips were linked to these entities. Created in the fifth step of the proton-proton cycle, their production is modeled by preformation and tunneling in the Gammow model of their namesake decay. In 1908, Hans Geiger and Ernest Marsden incorrectly hypothesized that their angular deflection would be approximately one-one-hundredth of a degree in a certain experiment; three years later Geiger and J. M. Nuttall noted the empirical relationship between their kinetic energies and half lives. FTP, name this ionizing form of radiation that was deflected in Rutherford's gold foil experiment; free helium-four nuclei.
Answer: alpha particles
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Thomas Nashe's Pierce Pennilesse included an allusion to Talbot, the hero of one of this author's lesser-known works. That work included the line "O, tiger's heart wrapped in a woman's hide" which was used in Groatsworth of Wit by Robert Greene, who criticized the author as an "upstart crow beautified with our feathers." This critique was not unfounded, as the author later directly adapted Greene's Pandosto into work featuring Florizel, the prince of Bohemia. Florizel is in love with the daughter of the King of Siciliy whose maid's husband is the subject of the stage direction, "Exit, pursued by a bear." FTP, name this Elizabethan playwright known for his prodigious output including Henry VI and The Winter's Tale.
Answer: William Shakespeare
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In one Friends episode, Monica has a bathroom mishap while singing this song whose royalties support the soup kitchen alluded to in its lyrics. Though a live version is now most often played, the original, with background vocals by the I-Threes, was featured on the Natty Dread album. After a long night, the artist recalls cooking cornmeal porridge by "fire light." He mentions the Yoruban goddess Oba, observes the hypocrites as they "mingle with the good people we meet...the good friends we've lost" and notes "in this great future, you can't forget your past." Taking its title from a Jamaican manner of consoling, this is, FTP, what Bob Marley song whose female object, after being assured that "Everything's gonna be all right!" is urged "little darlin', don't shed no tears?"
Answer: "No Woman, No Cry"
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While attending a feast hosted by Cybele on Mt. Ida, this deity fell asleep and was nearly violated by Priapus, but the braying of an ass woke her up and saved her. Considered both the youngest and oldest of the gods, since Cronus swallowed her first and disgorged her last, she caused a great rift between Apollo and Poseidon when she was asked by both of them to be their bride. But she refused both of them, taking a vow in front of her brother Zeus to remain pure. FTP, name this goddess whose symbol was the circle whose duties included tending the sacred fire on Mt. Olympus.
Answer: Hestia
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A Guido Reni rendition of the archangel Michael was based on the features of this pontiff whose sister-in-law, Olympia Maidalchini, wielded influence in his court. During the seventeenth century, the dukes of Parma waged the Wars of Castro against his family and that of his predecessor, Barberini. Originally, he was elected as a compromise against the candidate put forth by Mazarin, with whom he bickered almost continuously for the eleven-year duration of his papacy. He issued the Bull Zelo Domus Dei in protest against the French-negotiated provisions of the Peace of Westphalia. The successor to Urban VIII and commissioner of Bernini's Fountain of Four Rivers for his family's piazza this is, FTP, what Pamphili Pope whose portrait was painted by Velasquez?
Answer: Innocent X (accept on Giovanni Battista Pamphili before it's mentioned and prompt on it afterwards)
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This reaction involves a tetrahedral alkoxide intermediate which is created by a nucleophilic addition of a hydroxide to a carbonyl group. The intermediate becomes a carboxylate ion which is protanated by addition of aqueous mineral acid to yield a carboxylic acid. Completed in a basic solution, its namesake constant indicates the amount of lye required to facilitate the breaking of ester linkages. That constant is 0.1330 for avocado and sesame seed; the relative amount of potassium hydroxide needed for them to undergo this process. FTP, name this triglyercide hydrolysis which takes its name from its use in the manufacture of soap.
Answer: saponification
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After a scene in which the protagonist falls comatose on the floor, he is kissed by his seventeen-year-old crush and told "Run on, little brother." The events of the novel all take place in a single March day in 1935, the protagonist's fourteenth birthday. That morning he awakes, watches a movie, and comes home to find that his stepbrother has been stabbed. Likened by the author to Noah's son Ham, the protagonist is disliked by his father who sees in him the now-deceased son Royal, whom he abandoned. The novel's second section, "Prayers of the Saints," tells the history of members of the central family including that of the stepfather, Gabriel, who, after being "blood-washed," becomes a preacher. FTP, name this novel centering on John Grimes and by James Baldwin.
Answer: Go Tell It on the Mountain
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In the year prior to this agreement, Alexandre Petion and Jean-Jacques Dessalines defected from army posts and England broke a promise made in the Peace of Amiens to evacuate Malta. The negotiations for it occurred in the wake of the Treaty of San Ildefonso, the exact provisions of which were in dispute until the Transcontinental Treaty of 1819. Lacking sufficient military force to secure his foreign territories, the emperor looked to extend the right of deposit established by Treaty of Madrid. Completed by ambassadors Robert Livingston and James Monroe, this is, FTP, what Franco-American agreement of 1803 which facilitated the transfer of more than five hundred million acres?
Answer: the Louisiana Purchase
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T.H. Huxley first coined the name of this feature, which is partially due to accretions during the tertiary period. It is contiguous with the Makassar Straits after which it turns forty-five degrees, continuing almost due East, North of the Spice Islands. At its Western extent, it cuts the Malay Peninsula between Lombock and Bali. The feature shares its name with Rhacophorus nigropalmatus, one of the species which Darwin's predecessor used during the 1850's to explain the lack of some oriental species South of about ten degrees South latitude. FTP, name this line; the hypothetical boundary between the zoogeographical regions of Asia and Australasia.
Answer: the Wallace line
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Among the supplementary depictions on this work of ebony, enamel and gold are the "handsomest" earthen creatures and four seahorses with interwoven tails. Eight cartouches of reclining figures alternating between representations of winds and times comprise the base, atop which sit two central figures whose legs are interwoven. With their right hands, the pair respectively cover a breast and hold a trident while their left hands hold an Ionic temple and an a boat, both sculpted for a practical purpose. FTP, name this Mannerist sculpture and condiment holder by Benvenuto Cellini.
Answer: The Salt Cellar of Francis I
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The movement which led to a daughter branch of this dynasty was inspired by the Cry of Ypiranga. Thirteen years after its initiation, that branch was rocked by the War of Tatters, in which one side was led by Giuseppe Garibaldi and which hastened the ascension of its founder's five-year-old son. The founder returned to his home nation and fought the War of the Two Brothers to return his daughter to the parent nation's throne. That parent dynasty was a collateral line of the House of Aviz, which ruled until the Habsburgs seized its throne in 1580. Sixty years later, John IV wrested that throne from the control of Phillip II, while it was John VI who sent his son, Pedro, to initiate a daughter line in Brazil. FTP, name this royal house of Portugal.
Answer: Branganza (or Braganca)
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A corollary of the Lyusternik theorem is that, at a certain point, the Frechet derivative of the map between Banach spaces has this property. According to the Fredholm alternative theorem, either the adjoint of a continuous linear operator with a closed range has a non-trivial kernel or the operator is of this type. More generally, a function is said to have this property if and only if the composition of it and its inverse is everywhere the identity function. Only applicable to functions whose domain spans the entire codomain, this is, FTP, what property, functions having which are bijective only if they are also injective?
Answer: surjectiveness (or onto)
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One logical positivist derided emotivism as a "Boo Hurrah theory" of this field while, in the Provincial Letters, Pascal attacked casuistic approaches to it. G.E. Moore elucidated the naturalistic fallacy, which occurs when approaches to it appeal to some definition of a certain "indefinable" construct, which Henry Sidgwick considered across three primitive paradigms of the field. Kant's categorical imperative is hailed as the most reasonable approach in deontology, a stance that John Rawls clarified by defining with respect to justice and right the construct of good. FTP, name this branch of axiology concerned with philosophical morality.
Answer: ethics
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During this conflict, one of the leaders used the island of Lido as a prison for those in his debt. The course of the war was altered by a meeting in Hagenau between Phillip Hohenstaufen and Boniface of Montferratt; their decision eventually led to the deposition of the "bushy-eyebrowed" Alexius V and the subsequent ascension of the Latin Empire. Earlier, Simon de Montfort had deserted the effort after he refused the overtures of Enrico Dandolo to sack a Dalmatian city. Originally aimed at conquering Egypt, this is, FTP, what war, which saw the first sack of Constantinople and a repeat of the failure of Frederick Barbarossa and Richard the Lion-Hearted to take Jerusalem?
Answer: the Fourth Crusade
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The characteristic communitas, which was influenced by Robert Merton's definition of society as "patterned," was attributed to Ndembu practitioners of this anthropological phenomenon in works such as The Drums of Affliction and The Forest of Symbols. The term for it was first used by Arnold van Gennep, whose work in rural France formed the basis of a model with three-phases: separation, liminality, and incorporation. In the previously named works, Victor Turner elucidated theories to explain the process of first humiliating, secluding, or testing before allowing a new societal role to be taken. Exemplified by the Norwegian russefeiring, Lakota vision quest, and Jewish Bar Mitzvah, this is, FTP, what phrase used to refer to any ritual symbolizing a change in status?
Answer: rite of passage
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Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease is caused by a recessive mutation of the gene on the long arm of the X-chromosome that code for PLP1, which is responsible for the generation of this feature by oligodendrocytes in the central nervous system. An action potential may be initiated by the depolarization of one node of Ranvier, after which saltatory conduction is able to propagate at higher speeds to the hops affected by this insulator. Responsible for the brain's "white matter," this is, FTP, what phospholipid layer that surrounds axons?
Answer: the myelin sheath
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Its last two lines, "Into the red Eye, the cauldron of morning" refer to the sun, to which the poet is suicidally flying like an arrow. As the poet continues on her path, she sees "Foam to wheat, a glitter of seas" and hears "the child's cry melt in the wall." The poem begins, "Stasis in darkness. Then the substanceless blue" as he exits a stable and suddenly "How one we grow, Pivot of heels and knees!" as she is unable to reach the reins and loses control of the namesake animal, whose name is taken from the Hebrew for "god's lioness." FTP, what is this namesake lyric of a poetry collection by Sylvia Plath?
Answer: "Ariel"
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After this composer "discovered" Boris Godunov, he adopted Balakirev's time signatures for an orchestral triptych and employed a women's chorus for its third section, "Sirens." Two trips to Bayreuth influenced him and he parodied Wagner's "Tristan chord" in the "Golliwog's Cakewalk" section of one his Children's Corner Suites. His friend Gustave Dore conducted the premier of a well-known piece which was intended as the first of another triptych and which, according to Pierre Boulez, marked the beginning of modern music. That work's first section is dominated by the flute, which represents the title animal from a Mallarme poem. FTP, name this French composer of Three Nocturnes and Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun.
Answer: Claude Debussy
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His characters include Formosante, who searches for her lover in The Princess of Babylon, and the Scythian Babouc, who sees the fall of Persepolis in The World as it Is. His poetic works include The Wordly One, an apologia about the author's love of physical comforts; Epistle to Urania, which rejects Christian orthodoxy; and An Essay on Epic Poetry, which was written in English to promote his epic, The Henriad. One of his plays centers on a queen of Messina who marries Polyphonte, Merope, while, in his most popular tragedy, the sultan Orosman kills the title slave girl, Zaire. FTP, name this prolific author whose most famous tale follows the adventures of Cacambo, Cunegonde, and Pangloss and is called Candide.
Answer: Voltaire (or Jean Francois Marie Arouet)
2006 ACF Regionals Bonuses by ACF Editors 3
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Desperate Remedies, Under the Greenwood Tree, and A Pair of Blue Eyes did not mention this fictional region. FTPE:,
[10] Name this English region of Thomas Hardy's that would later be the setting of works such as the Mayor of Casterbridge.
Answer: Wessex
[10] The Return of the Native follows the adventures of Damon Wildeve, Diggory Venn, and Clym Yeobright around this town of Wessex.
Answer: Egdon Heath
[10] Hardy first used Wessex in Far from the Madding Crowd, where he wrote that this site of a sheep fair was "the Nijnii Novgorod of Wessex."
Answer: Greenhill
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Name the following about art movements that were inspired by cubism FTPE.,
[10] This group was led by Jacques Villon and included Frantisek Kupka, Sonia Terk, and her husband Robert Delauney, whose Simultaneous Composition may be its most representative work.
Answer: Orphism (or Orphic cubism)
[10] Orphism was one of the inspirations of the American Precisionist School, of which Charles Demuth was a member. Its most representative work may be this Demuth work, based on a William Carlos Williams poem.
Answer: I Saw the Figure "5" in Gold
[10] Amedee Ozenfant and Le Corbusier advocated purism, which is exemplified in the Guggenheim's collection by this Frenchman's Woman Holding a Vase. Better known are his earlier synthetic cubist views of The City.
Answer: Fernand Leger
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Answer the following about a result from graph theory FTPE.,
[10] In 1890, this British mathematician showed Alfred Kempe's proof of the four-color theorem to be incorrect. His namesake conjecture gives an upper bound for the number of colors sufficient for graph coloring on a surface.
Answer: Percy Heawood
[10] The Heawood relation gives chromatic number as a function of this graph characteristic which, for an orientable surface, is the maximum number of cuttings along closed simple curves without rendering the resultant manifold disconnected.
Answer: genus
[10] The Heawood relation holds for all surfaces except for this genus-one, non-orientable surface, which requires six colors rather than the seven as predicted by the formula. The surface is the two-dimensional analog of the Mobius strip.
Answer: Klein bottle
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Answer the following questions about an important optical illusion FTPE.,
[10] In 1899, psychologist Joseph Jastrow published this double-animal optical illusionary cartoon in Harper's weekly. It was key to his contention that perception is not just a product of the stimulus but also of mental activity.
Answer: duck-rabbit or rabbit-duck
[10] This posthumously published 1953 work considers language games but is unable to explain the alternative "seeing" of a duck and a rabbit. It contends that the internal cognitive world cannot change if the external representation remained the same.
Answer: Philosophical Investigations or Philosophische Untersuchungen
[10] In The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, this philosopher used the duck-rabbit as an analogy to show that a paradigm shift can cause an idea to be viewed differently, despite the same external conditions.
Answer: Thomas Kuhn
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Answer the following about the literary legacy of Russian radical Nikolay Chernyshevski FTPE.,
[10] Lenin appropriated the title of this Chernyshevsky novel that uses the metaphor of the crystal palace to attack the notion of a perfect world. It centers on a group of intellectuals lead by Rakhmetov who become farmers to ease the plight of the serfs.
Answer: What is to be Done? or Shto Delat? (or A Vital Question)
[10] Fyodor Dostoyevsky adapted Chernyshevsky's frame to this novel, which features the intellectual Stepan Verhovensky. Appalled by his son's actions, including the murder of Ivan Shatov, he leaves his estate in order to search for the true Russia.
Answer: The Possessed or Besy (or The Devils)
[10] The originally censored fourth chapter of this author's The Gift was a biography of Chernyshevski.
Answer: Vladimir Nabokov
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"Eight hours labour, eight hours recreation, eight hours rest." FTPE, name the following related to the American quest for the eight-hour workday.,
[10] The slogan from this bonus' leadin was originated by this Welsh social reformer and leader of the New Lanark community.
Answer: Robert Owen
[10] On May 3, 1886, August Spies spoke at a Knights of Labor rally in support of the eight-hour day. That speech set off a chain of events that culminated the next day in this event, which led to the death of eight policemen.
Answer: the Haymarket Square Riot
[10] The eight-hour workday was standardized by the passing of this 1916 legislation, which was affirmed the next year by the Supreme Court in Wilson v. New.
Answer: the Adamson Act
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Scholars have attempted to link the ten plagues with Egyptian deities. Name the following about potential associations FTPE.,
[10] The first plague was blood, perhaps against this Baboon-headed personification of the Nile. He is said to have protected the canopic jars containing the embalmed lungs of the deceased.
Answer: Hapi
[10] The second plague was aimed at Heket, the goddess of childbirth, who's often depicted with the head of this animal.
Answer: a frog
[10] The sixth plague was boils, an attack on the first physician Imhotep and perhaps this Ibis-headed god of magic and healing.
Answer: Thoth
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
On February 4, 1703, forty-six of the forty-seven members of a famous group of masterless samurai committed seppuku to atone for avenging the death of their leader. Answer these questions regarding the incident FTPE.,
[10] That group of forty-seven was referred to by this term, generally used to refer to masterless samurai.
Answer: ronin
[10] The plot of the Forty-Seven Ronin was to avenge the seppuku necessitated of their leader after his non-lethal attack on a Tokugawa official. Name either that leader or that official.
Answer: Asano Takumi-no-Kami Naganori or Kira Kozuke-no-Suke Yoshinaka
[10] The seppuku the Ronin and of Asano for attacking Kira was required by this samurai code.
Answer: Bushido
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Name each of the following lab devices FTP.,
[10] Discussed in Ruzic's Electric Probes for Low Temperature Plasmas, this device named for an American physicist yields an I-V response to measure the properties of a diffuse plasma by creating a sheath.
Answer: Langmuir probe
[10] The classic active circuit for a Langmuir probe uses seven of these common multi-terminal electronic devices, symbolized by triangles. Ideal ones have four terminals and infinite open loop gains and input impedances.
Answer: operational amplifiers
[10] To read the output from your Langmuir probe circuit and its opamps, you'll want one of these time-voltage measuring devices. They were invented by Ferdinand Braun and modern makers include Tektronix.
Answer: oscilloscopes
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name the following authors of fictional memoirs FTPE.,
[10] In Confessions of a Mask, this author uses the protagonist Kochan to describe his struggles dealing with his homosexuality.
Answer: Mishima Yukio (or Hiraoka Kimitake)
[10] The perpetrator of the 1817 Chaldee Manuscript episode was this author of the novel Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner.
Answer: James Hogg
[10] This Brazilian realist was the author of the Tristam Shandy-esque Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas, which is sometimes entitled Epitaph of a Small Winner.
Answer: Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer each of the following about a European revolt FTP.,
[10] The first of these is somewhat misnamed as it was ended without incident by the Pacification of Berwick in 1639. The Second saw the conquest of Northumberland and Durham by rebels.
Answer: The Bishops' Wars
[10] The Bishops' Wars occurred due to the efforts of this Stewart king of Great Britain to force Anglican orthodoxy on Scotland.
Answer: Charles I of England (prompt on Charles)
[10] The need for funds for the Second Bishops' War compelled Charles I to convene this uppity body in April, 1640.
Answer: Short Parliament of 1640 (prompt on Parliament)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following about the fundamental forces of nature FTPE.,
[10] The 1983 discovery of the W- and Z-particles gave experimental support to the predictions of Weinberg, Salam, and Glashow about the unification or these two fundamental forces.
Answer: the electromagnetic and weak forces
[10] On macroscopic scales, the differences between the masses of the electric and weak bosons are explained by this phenomenon, which occurred as the universe cooled. It is the mechanism by which massless photons transform to massive W- or Z-bosons.
Answer: spontaneous symmetry breaking
[10] Theoretically, gauge bosons attain mass via a mechanism associated with this hypothetical overarching field and its namesake boson, which has yet to be detected.
Answer: the Higgs field
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following about actress Linda Lavin FTPE.,
[10] Lavin has guest starred as Nanna Sophie Cohen on two episodes of this Fox drama.
Answer: The OC
[10] Lavin's first credited role was as Gloria Thorpe in a 1967 TV adaptation of this musical. An adaptation of the Faust legend, it includes the song "(You Gotta Have) Heart."
Answer: Damn Yankees
[10] From 1976 to 1985, Lavin starred as this titular TV character opposite Vic Tayback. In 1974, Ellen Burstyn won an Oscar for the same role in a Martin Scorsese Film.
Answer: Alice
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
When asked "What is the Buddha?" a monk named Ummon answered "A dried shit-stick!" FTPE:,
[10] Such an exchange is one example of this Zen device used to impart inaccessible aspects of their religion.
Answer: a koan
[10] Ummon's koans were collected in this group of forty-eight by Chinese monk women.
Answer: The Gateless Gate or Wu-wen kuan (or The Gateless Barrier or The Gateless Frontier)
[10] Koans are a tool toward total enlightenment practiced by this prominent Japanese Zen Sect, along with the Soto.
Answer: Rinzai
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Answer the following about superficially linked short stories FTPE.,
[10] This 1898 story recounts the efforts of four men, a writer, cook, oiler, and captain, to survive a shipwreck.
Answer: "The Open Boat"
[10] This 1914 story centers on a practical joke played on Framton Nuttel by the niece of Mrs. Sappleton.
Answer: "The Open Window"
[10] This 1969 story centers on Frances Tarver, who leads American journalist Robert Ceretti on a tour of South Africa.
Answer: "Open House"
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following about the connection between American Indians and Social Science FTPE.,
[10] Building on the work of Humboldt and Herder, amongst other, this dual-namesake idea of cultural relativity in linguistics was yielded by studies of the Hopi language.
Answer: the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis
[10] Erik Erikson's study of youth from the Sioux and Yoruk tribes contributed to his eight stages model of psychosocial development as originally elucidated in this work.
Answer: Childhood and Society
[10] In 1890, Adolph Bandelier published this fictionalized account of the prehistoric life of the Pueblo peoples in the Four Corners area.
Answer: Delight Makers
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Answer the following about the reign of the Roman Emperor Decius FTPE.,
[10] In 249 CE, Decius defeated and killed this Emperor at Verona and then became Emperor himself.
Answer: Phillip the Arab
[10] The Christian persecutions of Decius led to this Christian folktale according to which accused Christians were sealed in a cave and later awakened during the reign of Theodosius.
Answer: the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus
[10] During his reign, Decius attempted to revive this Republic-era office whose responsibilities included registering Roman citizens and their property.
Answer: censor
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According to Nigel Tufnel, a character in This is Spinal Tap, it is the saddest of all keys. FTPE:,
[10] Name this minor key used at the beginning of Nielsen's "Inextinguishable" and Liszt's "Dante" symphonies. Its key signature uses only one flat.
Answer: D-minor
[10] Perhaps the most famous D-minor symphony is this one, which premiered in 1824. Its finale is choral and uses Schiller's "Ode to Joy."
Answer: Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 in D minor ("Choral"), Op. 125 (accept any of the underlined parts after Beethoven so long as prefixed by Beethoven; prompt on anything less)
[10] This composer's ninth symphony, also in D-minor, was left unfinished at his death. His better-known third is called the "Wagner" symphony.
Answer: Anton Bruckner
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Answer the following about an astronomical feature that was discovered in 1675 FTPE.,
[10] This feature, almost three thousand miles wide, is seen from Earth as the black gap between Saturn's A and B rings.
Answer: the Cassini division
[10] This moon, which features a large impact crater, is gravitationally responsible for the Cassini division.
Answer: Mimas
[10] The large Mimantean impact crater is named for this man, the moon's discover, whose son who suggested the moon's name. He is more famous for his discovery of another planet.
Answer: William Hershel

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