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2006 ACF Regionals Tossups by ACF Editors 2
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A man from this family with the cognomen Laetus was a Hippo Regian knight in the service of Otho. A Paulinus of this gens was governor of Britain during Boudicea's revolt. The most famous man of this name was dismissed from secretarial service due to a mutual disgust for Vibia Sabina after having been aided into Imperial favor by Pliny the Younger. His once-popular Prata has not survived and, though he's often considered the least rhetorical of the Silver Age authors, he recalls Julius Hyginus in his De Grammaticis. FTP, name this family of Romans whose most famous member, with cognomen Tranquillus, was the author of De viris illustribus and De vita Caesarum, The Lives of the Caesars.
Answer: Suetonius (or Suetonii)
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A seminal translation of these was made in the APR by Poulin in 1975. Claiming of "the hero" that he "strangely resembles those who die young," the sixth of these nevertheless notes "Thousands fermented in [his mother's] womb, wanting to be him." The fourth begins by asking the "trees of life, when is [their] winter?" The fifth is "dedicated to Frau Hertha von Koenig," while this work as a whole is "property of Princess Marie von Thurn und Taxis-Hohenlohe," who is also dedicatee of The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge. They are named for the Swiss town in a tower in which they were composed and the poet calls The Sonnets to Orpheus their "natural overflow." FTP, name this volume of ten poems by Rainer Maria Rilke.
Answer: Duino Eligies or Duineser Elegien
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In this engagement's fourth year, one of its central figures was replaced by the duque de Caxias and a key turning point was the destruction of a flotilla near Corrientes, at Riachuelo. After the fall of Humaita, this conflict culminated with the Campaign of Lomas Valentinas in which the army assembled by Bartolome Mitre forced Francisco Solano Lopez to run to the hills in the North, where he was killed in 1870. FTP, name this 1864-1870 conflict, the bloodiest in the history of South America; a war fought between Paraguay and the namesake entity consisting of Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay.
Answer: the War of the Triple Alliance
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The first polynomial-time test for this property was written by Shih and Hsu in 1999, but it is still outperformed by the 1974 algorithm of Hopcroft and Tarjans in many cases. A famous instructive example regarding this, the Petersen star, does not possess it because removing an outer vertex creates an object homeomorphic to K-three-three. Kuratowski's theorem given the necessary and sufficient conditions for it to hold for a graph and every graph with this property is four-colorable by the four-color theorem. FTP, name this property of graphs that may be unambiguously embedded on a surface, or drawn without crossing a line or lifting the drawing implement.
Answer: planarity
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Donatello's 1415 marble of this person with a forked beard and book is in the Duomo while El Greco's unorthodox depiction of him with a bear-skin and cross has a lamb at lower-right. Masaccio depicts him with St. Jerome on the Colonna Altarpiece and shows his death alongside that of St. Peter on the Pisa Altar. Rodin depicts him "Preaching" and the Ansidei Altarpiece includes Nicholas of Bari and this man. Ghirlandaio relates his life in Santa Maria Novella. Michelangelo's The Holy Family with this person is also known as the Doni tondo; he is also depicted as an infant in the Madonna of the Rocks. FTP, name this Saint often depicted in art performing his most famous function: baptizing Jesus Christ.
Answer: St. John the Baptist (prompt on St. John)
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Its author dedicates this work to the soul of Coquelin, which he claims is the main character's. Opening at the Hotel de Bourgogne, this drama has several lines for the orange girl, who finds it difficult to please Ligniere. The title character is presumed lost at the end of the fourth act after leading "men so fond of death," the Cadets of Gascoyne, who are stationed at the Castel-Jaloux. The central ruse is uncovered when the female lead notices that the title character is able to read a faded letter ostensibly from Christian de Neuvillette that she's kept in a silk bag around her neck. FTP, name this work with a title character who's based on the author of A Voyage to the moon and who loves Roxane; a play by Edmund Rostand.
Answer: Cyrano de Bergerac
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Considering a point of far beyond the scattering interaction range in the zeroth of these approximations yields the asymptotic boundary condition used by the method of partial waves, an alternative to them. The incident and zeroth-order waves are defined as Laplacian eigenfunctions. The key to deriving these is regarding the integral of the unknown state function as an inhomogeneous term, as this yields a Friedholm integral equation of the second kind. That integral equation is equivalent to the Schrodinger equation for scattering in a two-particle system, for which these approximations iteratively determine the wavefunction. FTP, name this series of successive approximations from the quantum theory of scattering, named for a German physicist.
Answer: Born approximations
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The creator of inada, the sight of this creature at birth was unbearable, which lead to banishment via the Celestial Ladder. This deity's main holy place, which contains a mirror in its inner sanctum and is pulled-down and rebuilt every two decades, is at Ise-Jingue. Enraged by the noise of her brother, she had to be lured from hiding by the antics of Uzume. As Tamayori is the son of Owatatsumi, her brother, Jimmu is a lineal, not direct descendant of this goddess. With a name meaning "shining heaven," this eldest daughter of Izanagi and Izanami is antagonistic to Susanowa. FTP, name this Shinto goddess of the sky and sun.
Answer: Amaterasu
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The preface to this work likens it to a try at the "bow of Ulysses" as the "subject? has been treated by the greatest wits of our nation," while its prologue likens critics to "vultures? gaping for the carcase of a play!" As it opens, Serapion tells a nightmare he's had to Myris but this is overheard near the temple of Isis. After a flourish at the beginning of Act III, Scene 1, the female lead crowns the male who responds by calling her his "brighter Venus!" Her offstage suicide in Act V, Scene 2, is communicated to him in Alexas' "Sir, she is gone." FTP, name this blank verse drama based on Antony and Cleopatra; the greatest tragedy of John Dryden, which describes what the main characters sacrifice in the title phrase.
Answer: All for Love; or the World Well Lost
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This system's chief objective of autarkeia is open to wide interpretation, as is its chief virtue, anaideia, but the means for attaining them, askesis, is well-defined. Sayre argues that this sect did not arise until the second century BCE but it claims descent from Socrates. Seeking a "natural life" by "defacing the currency" through parrhesia, this philosophy's practitioners valued shamelessness and self-sufficiency over all else and the shocking qualities of their lectures led to their being labeled as barking "dogs." FTP, name this school of philosophy usually considered to have been founded Antisthenes, who claimed that "nothing exists," but which is best exemplified by Diogenes of Sinope.
Answer: cynicism
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Their namesake value is the mass iodine equivalent of maleic anhydride used per unit mass of sample undergoing maleic hydride addition. Danishefsky's namesake one of these chemicals, H4C4Me4SiO2, produces a heterocyclic ring in the reaction named for it. This class of chemicals is especially amenable to Ziegler-Natta polymerization with cross-linking and allenes are a type of the less-common cumulated variety of them. The three varieties are classified by bond separation; the two most common are the unconjugated and conjugated varieties, of which the 1,3-buta- type is the simplest. FTP, name these hydrocarbons containing at least two double bonds, the conjugated type of which undergo Diels-Alder reactions.
Answer: dienes
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The beginning of this work is notably anti-Semitic and draws a distinction between the author's home and the one addressed by discussing the case of "Lord George Gordon fast in Newgate." Calling nobility "the Corintian capital of a polished society," this work's political philosophy is centered on the idea that, as the people are "prejudiced," any government not taking advantage of their ignorance is doomed to instability. It was closely followed by An Appeal and by Paine's Rights of Man, which is a response to it. FTP, name this early work of social history which was originally addressed to Charles-Jean-Francois Depont, "a very young gentlemen in Paris;" a lengthy letter about the French Revolution by Edmund Burke.
Answer: Reflections on the Revolution in France
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The composer of these works created some new material for a piano four-hands version of the second released before the last four, which were added from 1882 to 1885. The first with a subtitle is called "Heroide-elegiaque" while the one in E-flat major, the ninth, is known as "The Carnival of Pest." The entire collection of nineteen has Rabbe number 106 and Berlioz set a scene in their namesake location to incorporate the fifteenth, in A minor, in The Damnation of Faust. FTP, name this set of solo piano pieces, Searle 244; the best-known works of Franz Liszt, named for his country of origin.
Answer: Hungarian Rhapsodies (19), for piano, S. 244 (LW A132)
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A velocity-space generalization of this lemma is used to take moments of the Boltzmann equation, because it trivially shows that the velocity-space integral of the distribution function under the namesake operation in velocity space vanishes. A special case of the generalized Stokes theorem for a Hodge-starred exterior derivative, it can be used to reduce by one the dimensionality of the set over which a scalar field is integrated as long as that scalar field can be expressed as a vector field under the namesake operation. FTP, name this fundamental theorem from vector calculus; a multi-dimensional analogue of integration by parts sometimes called Guass' theorem and named for the operation symbolized by del-dot.
Answer: divergence theorem (accept Gauss' theorem before it's mentioned; accept Ostrogradsky's theorem or Ostrogradsky-Gauss theorem or Gauss-Ostrogradsky theorem)
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This pathway's first enzyme, a transcarbomylase, requires an input of carbomyl phosphate. The synthetase at this pathway's antepenultimate step requires aspartate, which is dehydrated and combined with citrulline. Sometimes called the Krebs-Henseleit cycle, it requires three ATP, which it reduces to two ADP and an AMP. This double-celled cycle regenerates its required fumarate from arginosuccinate, after which arginase produces its namesake compound. FTP, name this biological pathway, the first metabolic pathway discovered, that degrades amino acids to a certain nitrogenous waste product.
Answer: Krebs-Henseleit urea cycle (accept Kreb-Henseleit urea cycle before it's mentioned; accept ornithine cycle)
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Kaiser's similarly titled 1963 work on this book is frequently referenced in Clarence Miller's important 1979 translator's introduction to it. After attacking the distinction between grace gratis data and grace gratificans, this work challenges the authority of the Speculum maius and Gesta Romanorum. It is often published today with a letter defending it to Martin Dorp. Claiming that worshipers of Saints Barbara, George, Hippolytus and the author's namesake are "closely related [to gamblers]," who engage in the title action, the narrator herself concludes that activity by noting that she "hate[s] a listener with a memory." FTP, name this 1511 religious tract; the best known work of Desiderius Erasmus.
Answer: The Praise of Folly or Moriae encomium
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The "Everlasting Remorse" addresses an episode during this event, a mutiny at Ma-wei that resulted in the death of Yang Kuei-fei. That favorite of T'ai-tsung had a somewhat inappropriate relationship with this upheaval's central figure, allegedly having compelled him to wear a large diaper at one point. Precipitated by the death of Li Lin-fu and subsequent grab at power by Yang Kuo-chung, this event was finally ended with the defeat of Shih Ch'ao-i. Its leader, eventually assassinated at the behest of Ch'ing-hsu, proclaimed the Yen dynasty shortly after taking Lo-yang in 756. FTP, name this eigth-century rebellion against the T'ang dynasty, led by a namesake Turkic general.
Answer: An Lu-shan's Rebellion
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This author confronts sexual issues in A Patriot for Me and Under Plain Cover, one of his Plays for England, which deals with incest. Having collaborated with his mentor Stella Lindon on The Devil Inside Him and with Anthony Creighton on Personal Enemy, he received effusive praise from Kenneth Tynan. Autobiographized in A Better Class of Person, one of this playwright's last works, 1992's Dejavu, is a sequel to the work set in a "one-room flat in the Midlands" for which he is best known. FTP, name this creator of Helena Charles, Cliff Lewis, and Jimmy Porter; the Angry Young Man behind Look Back in Anger.
Answer: John Osborne
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This film's protagonist is able to find Zhora due to her use of a synthetic snake, a scale from which he locates in a bathtub. A vision of an origami unicorn in its director's cut is a crucial clue regarding his nature omitted from the original. At its beginning, Leon is unable to answer a question about his mother and attacks Holden while, near its end, Gaff notes "It's too bad she won't live, but then again, who does?" of the protagonist's love interest, Rachel, who almost passes the Voight-Kampff test. FTP, name this film by Ridley Scott based on Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and featuring Harrison Ford as Deckard, one of the title replicant hunters.
Answer: Blade Runner
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This character is unable to return the amorous advances of his interlocutor, a "dung goddess," who wishes to get his "other pencil to work." Though his penis survived an attempt on it by electric shock while he was himself a dog in the CUTIA, he lied about his virility to avoid having sex with his wife, so his testicles were fried and fed to dogs, "drainage below." He gained a tonsure when an abusive history teacher ripped-out some of his hair and lost his psychic powers due to "drainage above," a sinus operation. This founder of the MCC participates in a love triangle with Shiva and Parvati the Witch. His mother Anita died giving birth to him at midnight, August 15, 1947. FTP, name this main character of Rushdie's Midnight's Children.
Answer: Saleem Sinai (prompt on Sinai)
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Nehemiah Abbot's March twenty-second speech regarding this article was a key point in the debate about it and the proposer of a namesake compromise regarding it later ran with Winfield Scott Hancock on 1880's Hancock/English ticket. Robert Walker resigned over the legitimacy of this document, the first Section of the seventh Article of which states that "the right of property is? higher than? any sanction." It was defeated in two referenda largely due to that Seventh article, which is entitled after the controversial issue that it addresses, "Slavery." Predecessor to the Wyandotte and Topeka documents of the same type, it drew the ire of Stephen A. Douglass. FTP, name this pro-slavery constitution drafted in 1857 for Kansas.
Answer: the Lecompton Constitution
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This dynasty's artisans rediscovered the tin glazing and luster painting techniques in an attempt to imitate Chinese wares. Its backing of the Qays led to the revolt of Abu Harb in Palestine. Nominally beginning with the Battle of the Great Gab River, after which its namesake took the epithet "blood-shedder," as-Saffah, its decline began with the revolt of Babak, which compelled the import of mercenaries by al-Mu'tasim, son of Harun ar-Rashid. Taking over after the death of Marwan II, this Caliphate moved the capital to Baghdad. FTP, identify this second great Muslim empire, after the Umayyads.
Answer: `Abbasid Dynasty (or `Abbasid Caliphate)
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This thinker's 1966 work looks at its titular phenomenon in "Coral Fish in the Laboratory" and in "Rats," before declaring "Ecce Homo!" in chapter thirteen. Conducting A Search for a Natural History of Human Knowledge in 1973's Behind the Mirror, a late work of this writer examined The Foundations of the discipline he founded. The monumental The Natural Science of the Human Species is a recent posthumous publication of his, but better known are King Solomon's Ring and the aforementioned On Aggression. FTP, name this ethologist perhaps most famous for discovering imprinting by training some ducklings to follow him around; the winner of the 1973 Medicine Nobel with Tinbergen and von Frisch, a fellow Austrian.
Answer: Konrad Lorenz
2006 ACF Regionals Bonuses by ACF Editors 2
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Name each of the following chemical equations of state FTP.,
[10] This improvement on the ideal gas equation of state contains two fit parameters, conventionally denoted a and b, one of which corresponds to the molecular volume. It is named for a Dutch scientist.
Answer: van der Waals equation of state
[10] The van der Walls equation is a second-order truncation of this general equation, which states that the compressibility is one plus the sum over n of temperature functions divided by specific volume to the n.
Answer: virial equation of state
[10] Besides the van der Waals, Bertholet, and Dieterici equations, this semi-empirical equation of state for the pressure, introduced in 1949 and named for two scientists, is the other two-parameter equation that is widely used.
Answer: Redlich-Kwong equation of state
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Answer each of the following about an aspect of Piaget's theory of cognitive development FTP.,
[10] These "mental images or generalizations that form as people experience the world" are the fundamental units of intellectual development and knowledge according to Piaget.
Answer: schemas
[10] As contrasted to accommodation, this process is the addition of a novel object or experience to an existing schema.
Answer: assimilation
[10] Acquisition of this schema, the knowledge that an item does not need to be available to direct perception to continue existing, defines the end of the sensorimotor period.
Answer: object permanence
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer each of the following about membrane protein complexes FTP.,
[10] These large transmembrane proteins strongly facilitate passive transport. The aqua- variety is especially notable.
Answer: porins
[10] Porins are especially plentiful in the outer membrane of this organelle, where they allow various compounds into the cristae.
Answer: mitochondrion (or mitochondria)
[10] The mushroom-shaped F0F1 type of this molecule is present in the inner mitochondrial membrane. It performs its namesake function by switching the oxidation state of iron-sulfur centers.
Answer: ATP synthase
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Name these related sculptors of classical antiquity FTPE.,
[10] This creator of the Athena Promachos, Lemnian Athena, and Athena Parthenos was most widely regarded in antiquity for his Olympian Zeus. A bronze copy of his Man with a Helmet survives.
Answer: Phidias (or Pheidias)
[10] This favorite pupil of Phidias and probable crafter of many of the Elgin marbles is known for his Nemesis of Rhamnous, the head of which survives.
Answer: Agoracritus
[10] This possibly mythical master sculptor is said to have trained Phidias, Myron, and Polyclitus.
Answer: Hageladas
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name each of the following from mathematical economics FTP.,
[10] This mapping from consumption sets onto real numbers measures the amount of satisfaction or benefit a consumer gains from consuming the items in a consumption set. Jevons defined its marginal.
Answer: consumer utility function
[10] This function of the price and utility is equal to the price partial of the expenditure function. It is equated with an appropriate supply function to determine market equilibrium.
Answer: Hicksian demand (or compensated demand; prompt on demand)
[10] This PDE relates the Hicksian demand to the Marshalian demand. According to it, the price partial of the Marshalian demand equals that of the Hicksian demand, minus an income effect term.
Answer: Slutsky's equation
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name each of the following by Ovid FTP.,
[10] A somewhat cynical response to his own Ars amatoria, this one-book poem from 5 BCE opens with Cupid complaining that the poet, who purports to act as a physician as well, has declared war on him.
Answer: The Cure for Love or Remedia amoris (or Love's Cure)
[10] Addressed to Augustus, this collection of four books of letters begs a return from Ovid's banishment to the titular Scythian backwater.
Answer: Letters from the Black Sea or Epistulae ex Ponto
[10] This work contains twenty-one letters addressed to the faithless lovers of the titular women, except for the eighteenth and twentieth, which are from Leander and Acontius.
Answer: Heroides or Epistulae Herodium (or Epistles of the Heroines or Letters of the Heriones)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer each of the following about an African empire FTP.,
[10] The first of the great medieval African empires, this coalition of Soninke clans traded salt, ivory, and gold and was visited by Abu 'Ubayd al-Bakri in the eleventh century.
Answer: Ghana (or Wagadu)
[10] This final capital of Ghana was located by archaeologists about three hundred kilometers north of modern-day Bamako, Mali.
Answer: Kumbi (or Koumbi Saleh)
[10] Kumbi was seized by the forces of this confederation of Berber Muslims under Abu Bakr in 1076.
Answer: Almoravids (or al-Murabitun)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name each of the following stories by Poe FTP.,
[10] In this work, the title character incessantly stalks the narrator, getting him expelled from the Academy and exposing his cheating at cards and philandering, until the narrator runs him through, killing himself.
Answer: "William Wilson"
[10] Taking place "during the dread reign of the cholera in New York," this story finds the narrator transfixed by an insect "about the sixteenth of an inch distant from the pupil of [his] eye."
Answer: "The Sphinx"
[10] The recounting of a deceptively old-looking man's tale of shipwreck, this story is set near Moskoe, which provides an alternative name for the titular phenomenon.
Answer: "A Descent into the Maelstrom"
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name these material moduli FTPE.,
[10] Having dimensions of pressure, this modulus is the constant of proportionality in the generalized Hooke's law. It is in general a tensor with the elastic constants as elements.
Answer: Young's modulus (or modulus of elasticity or elastic modulus)
[10] This is the strain energy density required to cause plastic deformation.
Answer: modulus of resilience (or resilience modulus)
[10] Related to the Poisson ratio by the Lame lambda, this is the specific volume response of a solid to a pressure change. Symbolized K, it can be defined as minus V times d P by d V.
Answer: bulk modulus
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name each of the following people important in the early lives of Romulus and Remus FTP.,
[10] Livy recounts that this Vestal non-virgin and mother of the boys got knocked-up by Mars.
Answer: Rhea Silvia
[10] After Rhea Silvia and the twins were thrown into this god's namesake river, he took mercy on them, sparing them from drowning.
Answer: Tiberinus
[10] This shepherd found Romulus and Remus and on the Palatine Hill. His wife Acca Larentia raised them.
Answer: Faustulus
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Given some dances contained therein, name each opera FTP.,
[10] This opera, JB 1:100 ["jay bee one one-hundred"], has a "Dance of the Comedians" that is sometimes performed in an arrangement for strings by Carlo Martelli.
Answer: Prodana nevesta (The Bartered Bride), opera, JB 1:100 (accept either underlined part)
[10] This Strauss opera has a pretty famous "Dance of the Seven Veils."
Answer: Salome, opera, Op. 54 (TrV 215) (accept any underlined part)
[10] To the chagrin of many, this Meyerbeer work features a "Dance of the Nuns."
Answer: Robert le diable, grand opera in 5 acts
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name each of the following characters from Beowulf FTP.,
[10] Beowulf serves as thane for this Geat King. He dies wearing the torque that Beowulf brings him from Hrothgar's queen, Wealhtheow.
Answer: Hygelac
[10] Near line two thousand, Beowulf foresees a battle at the marriage festivities of this Danish princess to a Heathobard prince.
Answer: Freawaru
[10] This son of Weohstan is the only one among Beowulf's "hand-picked troop" who does not "run to the safety of the wood." He aids Beowulf in slaying the dragon.
Answer: Wiglaf
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Name these works by Nietzsche FTPE.,
[10] Centering on the contrast between Apollonian and Dionesian and deprecating Euripides, this first book of Nietzsche's had an Attempt at a Self-Criticism prefixed to later editions.
Answer: The Birth of Tragedy or: Hellenism and Pessimism or Die Geburt der Tragodie aus dem Geiste der Musik (or The Birth of Tragedy from the Spirit of Music)
[10] This aphoristic volume of 1878 addresses Christian asceticism in aphorism one hundred thirty-six and the value of perceived holiness in number one hundred forty-three.
Answer: Human, All-Too-Human or Menschliches, Allzumenschliches
[10] Ending with the Aftersong From High Mountains, this work of 1885 speaks "On the Prejudices of Philosophers." The fifth section, "Natural History of Morals," is a key point in Nietzsche's thought.
Answer: Beyond Good and Evil: Prelude to a Philosophy of the Future or Jenseits von Gut und Bose
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer each of the following about a certain statesman FTP.,
[10] Chancellor for Gustav II Adolph, this Count drafted the riksdagsordning and negotiated the Truce of Ogra with Poland.
Answer: Axel, Greve Oxenstierna af Sodermore
[10] Oxenstierna was the driving force behind this corpus evangelicorum designed to win the Thirty Years War. It fell apart after the Battle of Nordlingen.
Answer: League of Heilbronn
[10] Oxenstierna was de facto ruler of Sweden as one of five regents for this Queen before she reached her majority in 1644.
Answer: Christina of Sweden
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Answer each of the following about a certain ancient battle FTP.,
[10] This 338 BCE battle in Boeotia saw two units of Athenian and Theban phalanx defeated by two opposing phalanxes and the Companion Calvary.
Answer: the Battle of Chaeronea
[10] This leader's greatest victory was at Chaeronea, at which he led the right wing of the victorious phalanx.
Answer: Philip II of Macedon (or Philip II of Macedon; prompt on Philip)
[10] This troop of one hundred fifty pairs of lovers tried to hold the Theban right flank but were utterly annihilated by Philip of Macedon's son, Alexander the Great. A stone lion at Chaeronea marks their grave.
Answer: the Theban Sacred Band
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer each of the following about a subject dear to my own heart, the abulia engendered by omnipotence, FTP.,
[10] The Sassanids practiced the namesake -ism of this omnipotent, omniscient creator of Ahura-Mazda and Ahriman who doesn't give much a of damn about anything as the Zoroastrian embodiment of time.
Answer: Zurvan
[10] This is the Gnostic term for the actual creator of the world, a blind quasi-god who doesn't care about much. Some of the Nag Hammadi books give his name as Yaltaboath.
Answer: Demiurge
[10] This Vedic agent of the absolute and member of the Trimurti is sometimes portrayed as being unable to care less about the descendents of his creation, the Prajapatis.
Answer: Brahma
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Answer each of the following about a band and its views on philandering FTP.,
[10] This supergroup consisted of Ginger Baker, Eric Clapton, and Jack Bruce, who played a six-string bass on their first album, Fresh. Being rock stars from the `60's, they presumably had lots of crazy hippie sex.
Answer: Cream
[10] In this blues standard from Disraeli Gears, Clapton notes that you "can't watch your wife / And [the title figure], too." Your attempts to do so anyway compel him to ask you "Buddy, what'cho tryin' to do?"
Answer: "Outside Woman Blues"
[10] This Wheels of Fire location has "black curtains." Jack Bruce tells his love he'll "wait in this place" until she returns, but then he hooks-up with a girl with "dark eyes" "at the party" anyway.
Answer: "White Room"
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Answer each of the following about an author and his work FTP.,
[10] The narrator of this story is in morning for Beatriz Viterbo, in the basement of whose cousin's house the title object exists, though the narrator denies this after having seen it.
Answer: "The Aleph" or "El Aleph"
[10] This author of "El Aleph" shares his name with its narrator.
Answer: Jorge Louis Borges
[10] This cousin of Beatriz is trying to use the Aleph to write an epic poem. Though he is unable to do so after his house is demolished, he still wins second prize in an Argentine national literary competition.
Answer: Carlos Argentino Daneri (accept either)
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Answer the following about a certain branch of mathematics FTPE.,
[10] A generalization of isoparametrics, this branch of calculus concerns itself with finding the function or functions that optimize certain integrals.
Answer: the calculus of variations
[10] These mappings from spaces of functions onto ones of numbers are often integrals. The calculus of variations seeks to optimize them and the variation is sometimes called their namesake differential.
Answer: functionals
[10] The problem of finding a functional the stationary property of which is implied by a given equation is known as this.
Answer: the inverse problem of the calculus of variations
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Name each of the following works of Edmund Spenser FTP.,
[10] Appended to the Amoretti, this work in four hundred thirty-three lines finds the poet asking some "learned sisters, who have oftentimes / Been to [his] aiding" to "Helpe [him his] owne loves prayses to resound."
Answer: "Epithalamion"
[10] Published in 1596, this work consists of like-titled sections "in Honour of Love," "in Honour of Beautie," "of Heavenly Love," and "of Heavenly Beautie."
Answer: Fowre Hymnes
[10] Spenser pretty aptly describes this work, which is dedicated to Philip Sidney, as "conteyning twelve aeglogues proportionalbe to the twelve monthes."
Answer: The Shepheardes Calender

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