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2006 ACF Regionals Tossups by ACF Editors 1
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Klein determined that it was related to the H/M [H-over-M] ratio while, in Tobin's review of Friedman's Monetary History, he attributed the fall in this value from 1880 to 1915 to the spread of commercial banking. Irving Fisher famously predicted that this quantity would rise with increasing level of technology and Keynes attacked the concept, claiming that it was not independent of the level of money stock. It can be defined as the ratio of GNP to the supply of money, but it is more often given as P times Q divided by M in the quantity theory of money. FTP, name this term, defined as the rate at which money changes hands, which in physics refers to a speed with direction.
Answer: velocity of money
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The accuracy of scenes in this work is confirmed in William Libbey's "Autobiography of a Quondam Sailor" and Libbey is one of the "Yankee lads" that the narrator and his friend work with at the plantation of Shorty the Cockney and Zeke the Yankee. At the end of the novel, the narrator decides to sail to Japan on the Leviathan after being driven out of the court of King Tanee and Queen Pomaree Vahinee. The novel begins on the Julia where the two main characters are imprisoned in the Hotel de Calabooza after an attempted mutiny. The title refers to the Polynesian term for a "wanderer," which describes the narrator and his companion, Dr. Long Ghost. FTP, name this sequel to Typee, a work by Herman Melville.
Answer: Omoo: Adventures in the South Seas
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His most recent release is the bilingual opera Ca Ira, his longtime pet project backed by Francois Mitterand, and other recent efforts include the singles "Each Small Candle" and "To Kill the Child" and a concert in support of fox hunting. His older solo work includes the albums Radio K.A.O.S. and an album featuring the songs "Go Fishing" and "The Sexual Revolution", The Pros and Cons of Hitch-Hiking. Work with his most famous band includes a tribute to his father who died at Anzio, "When the Tigers Broke Free", which appears on The Final Cut. FTP, name this man who wrote much of Animals and The Wall, a bassist, guitarist, and singer for Pink Floyd.
Answer: Roger Waters
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Heinrich von Treitschke called it "a glorious beginning to a glorious history," a view criticized by William Henderson. Its greatest advocate was imprisoned in Wurtemberg in 1822 and deported to America for supporting the idea, which was inspired by Napoleon's Continental System. Karl Bruck advocated the entry of Austria, but this plan was halted by the minister of commerce, Delbruck. Founded through the efforts of Friedrich List, it was dissolved during the Seven Weeks War, but was reformed in 1867 with the state veto power removed by Bismarck. FTP, name this economic association founded in 1834 among the German states, whose name is German for customs union.
Answer: Zollverein (prompt on "customs union")
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When it involves a silyl enol ether, it is known as the Mukaiyama reaction. The first step is an acid-base reaction that removes an alpha-hydrogen from one of the reactants, forming an enolate. When this is followed by an aldol condensation, sometimes the ethoxide can combine with the ketone to form an ether, but generally bicyclic ring systems are formed in a process called Robinson annulation. The reaction donors are usually active methylenes like nitroalkanes and malonates. FTP, name this reaction involving a 1,4-addition of a carbanion to an alpha, beta-unsaturated carbonyl compound, most often used to create carbon-carbon bonds.
Answer: Michael addition or Michael reaction
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Hurwitz's Theorem gives the bounds for the best approximation to an arbitrary one of these. Ones that have periodic continued fractions are known as quadratic surds, and Rivoal proved that the form gamma of 2n+1 can generate infinitely many of them. Topologically, the set of them is a Baire space but is not locally compact. The Erdos-Borwein constant is this, as is Gelfond's constant, but this property is not known for pi to the e power or for the Euler-Mascheroni constant. FTP name these numbers that were feared by the Pythagoreans and that are non-terminating and non-repeating
Answer: irrational numbers
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During this man's reign, he quarreled with Rezon of Aram and was allied with the pharaoh, who burned down the Canaanite city of Gezer and offered it to him as a gift. His deeds included conquest on the sea with Hiram of Tyre and the founding of the city of Megiddo. The prophet Ahijah of Shiloh predicted that the son of Nebat would succeed him instead of one of his own sons, and this came true when Jeroboam succeeded him, but he may never have become king if not for defeating the conspiracy of Adonijah with the help of the prophet Nathan and of his mother, Bathsheba. FTP, name this man who recommended cutting a baby in half; the son of King David and the purported author of Ecclesiastes, Proverbs, and the Song of Songs.
Answer: King Solomon
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It is often called the classical companion to the artist's Vow of Louis XIII and was lambasted by Champfleury as "insincere mannerism" after its installation in room nine of the Musee Charles X. The artist himself can be seen peeping out from behind a pedestal, gazing at the central figure, which is flanked by a man holding a sword and another holding an oar in a triangular composition. Boileau, Racine and Moliere appear, but only in half-portrait, and men holding out a lyre, mallets, and scroll, represent Pindar, Phidias and Aeschylus, respectively. Based on a Hellenistic relief by Archelaus of Priene, the painter's master, David, is notably absent, but Tasso appears in the lower-left corner as does a cropped portrait of Shakespeare. FTP, name this painting by Ingres depicting the author of the Iliad being raised to godhood.
Answer: The Apotheosis of Homer
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It was followed by the naval battle of Ahvenanmaa five years later, and immediately after it, the losing commander fled to Bendery in the Ottoman Empire. Drunkenness and a battle at Ljesna prevented Marshal Lewenhaupt from linking-up with the main body, and a brave but foolhardy charge led to the injury of the losing commander, who was replaced by field marshal Count Rehnskold. Although the turncoats Konstatin Hordienko and Ivan Mazepa had joined the other side, superior numbers and artillery allowed Boris Sheremetyev and Prince Menshikov to withstand the enemy attack and force the surrender at Perevolochna. FTP, name this 1709 battle of the Great Northern War, a victory of Peter the Great over Charles XII of Sweden.
Answer: Battle of Poltava
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The flux-flow coefficient for this effect in type II superconductors is directly proportional to the Hall effect coefficient. The basic equations involving it were formulated by Lord Kelvin and are now considered a special case of the generalized Onsager relations. One source of it is phonon-electron collision, or drag, in the material, which can be estimated from the lattice heat capacity, and the other source, charge carrier diffusion, from Mott theory. When its coefficient is multiplied by the Thomson coefficient, the Peltier coefficient is produced. FTP, name this effect where a potential difference is created by a temperature gradient, utilized in thermocouples.
Answer: Seebeck effect (accept thermocouple effect before it's mentioned)
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A lesser-known group of this name was written about by Trebellius Pollio and was said to exist during the reign of the Roman emperor Gallienus. They were established by the decree of Drakontides of Aphidna during the archonship of Pythodoros and the failed campaign to restore them by Pausanias followed their being driven out by Thrasyboulos. Their deeds included the murder of one of their own by hemlock for lack of ruthlessness and the removing of the laws of Ephialtes from the Areopagus. FTP, name this group including Theramenes and the author of Sisyphus and uncle of Plato, Critias, established in Athens after the Battle of Aegospotami by Lysander; a group named for the quantity of men involved.
Answer: Thirty Tyrants
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This novel may have been inspired by a Grandville drawing. In the author's preface, he defends his biological knowledge against that of J.B. Charcot. The main character is a scion of a royal family of Cambria and often sits on a cliff by the sea, a place now known as his "chair". Later, the country he founds declares war on Alca and later still a society called Atlantis becomes a rival. The greatest leader of that country is Draco the Great, the son of Oberosia and of a man who dresses up like a dragon to steal from the poor, Kraken. FTP, name this book containing a scene where the saints argue over whether the title group should be given a human soul and in which St. Mael baptizes a flock of birds; a novel by Anatole France.
Answer: Penguin Island or L'Ile des Pingouins
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One system of their classification divides them into minor, replication-dependent, and replication-independent types. In the lab, they are isolated by cleavage of the source material followed by salt elution in a hydroxyapatite column. They never contain tryptophan and are usually rich in lysine and arginine. A type found in Euryarchaea may be the evolutionary precursor to those found in eukaryotes. Four of their classes form an octameric nucleosome, while the linker or H1 type regulates the formation of thirty-nanometer fibers. FTP, name this class of proteins which forms chromatin when DNA coils around them.
Answer: histones
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He blinded and imprisoned his brother-in-law and ordered his father-in-law and prime minister, Asaf Khan, to murder the rest of the royal princes. He had to quell several rebellions, such as those of the Orchha chief Jujhar Singh in the region of Bundelkhand, and of the governor of the Deccan, Khan Lodi, whom he killed at Shihonda. At his death, he had been imprisoned by his son, who warred with Dara Shikoh, Shuja, and Murad Bakhsh over the succession. His greatest military success was probably the pacification and conquest of Bijapur, but he is better known as a patron of the arts, supporting the painters Govardhan and Bichitra and building the Red Fort in Delhi and the Jami Masjid. FTP, name this son of Jahangir and father of Aurangzeb, best known for building a mausoleum for his wife, Mumtaz Mahal.
Answer: Shah Jahan (prompt on Prince Khurram)
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The Nazi scientist Edith Ebers superimposed an image of one of these over a car with a swastika on it in a seminal paper on them. Regionally, they are alternately called whalebacks, sowbacks, schildrucken and ispatinow. Two rival theories attempting to explain their formation are the mobile bed theory and John Shaw's flood theory, and examples include the location where Smith discovered the Mormon tablets, as well as Bunker Hill. When many of them appear together, it is known as a "basket of eggs" topography. FTP, name these hills formed by the action of glaciers over the land that are generally teardrop-shaped.
Answer: drumlins (accept whalebacks or sowbacks or schildrucken or ispatinow before they're mentioned)
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This figure appears with the Cynic philosopher Menippus in the twenty-second dialogue of Lucian. Depictions of him in Greek art include a painting by Polygnotus at Delphi and he often appears on lekythoi dressed as a laborer. In Etruscan myth, he is represented as a large-winged demon with a hammer, and it is said that he can be bribed by giving him a golden bough from a Sibyl. The son of Erebus and Nyx, he is sometimes said to be located at Cocytus or Acheron, but is usually associated with another river. FTP, name this man who receives the obolus from the souls of dead man and ferries them across the river Styx in Greek mythology.
Answer: Charon
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One character in this work is referred to as a "water-drinker", a reference to the tee-totaling general that the character is based on. Some claim that Eupolis contributed to the second parabasis, although this is unlikely considering the author's accusations of plagiarism of this play by Eupolis in his Marikas. In the conclusion, a character dons a frog-green mantle and takes the place of his rival at the side of his master after stating that "because he lived on the market place in the midst of lawsuits," his name is Agoracritus, the name written on the oracles stolen by Demosthenes and Nicias. FTP, name this play where the Paphlagonian, a caricature of Cleon, is defeated for the love of Demos by a sausage vendor; a work of Aristophanes named for the chivalrous chorus.
Answer: The Knights or Hippeis
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The first seven years of his reign were dominated by the Italian adventurer, Concino Concini, who was shot to death by the royal guard on the order of Charles de Luynes and this man. His later reign saw the conspiracy against him by "les Importants" and the duchess de Chevreuse as well as the plotting of a favorite, the marquis de Cinq-Mars, with the Spanish court. Francis Bassompierre and this man's brother, Gaston of Orleans, were exiled from Paris in the incident known as the "Day of the Dupes," echoing the exile of his wife, Anne of Austria, ten years earlier. FTP, name this man, the son of Marie de Medici and Henry IV, who made France the greatest continental power in Europe with the help of his favorite minister, Cardinal Richelieu.
Answer: Louis XIII (accept Louis the Just or Louis le Juste; prompt on Louis)
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Unusual features of this work include the built-up diminished seventh and the conclusion, which includes a minor plagal cadence, a detail that indicates a possibly faulty transcription or even a wrong attribution to the composer by the transcriber Johann Ringk. Peter Williams places the work a fifth higher, so that the famous opening is in E and the dominant key is A minor, because he believes it to be originally a composition for violin that had been transcribed to its usual instrument. Edith plays the piece in Strindberg's Dream Play and, because it was Stokowski's favorite piece, it famously appears in the opening scene of Fantasia. FTP, name this spooky-sounding organ work, a two-part piece by Johann Sebastian Bach.
Answer: Toccata and Fugue, for organ in D minor, BWV 565 (BC J37) (accept any of the underlined parts)
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In this author's story "Hell Screen" a painter attempts to recreate hell on Earth in order to create a more accurate canvas for a wealthy patron. A soldier receives equine limbs in his "Horse Legs." A Buddhist priest regrets his unnecessary surgery in his "The Nose," and the theme of overindulgence in pleasures is emphasized in "Yam Gruel." His "Memorandum to a Certain Friend" determines that a drug overdose is the best way to commit suicide, which he did in 1927. FTP name this author of the Japanese fairy tale "Kappa" and namesake of Japan's most prestigious literary prize, author of "Within a Grove" and "Rashomon."
Answer: Akutagawa Ryunosuke (accept Chokodo Shujin or Gaki)
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Robert Dahl analyzed the government of New Haven in response to this book and, in The End of Ideology, Daniel Bell chastises this work's glossing over the differences between the Republican and New Deal administrations. In the final chapter, "The Higher Immorality," Washington is praised because he read Voltaire and Eisenhower is berated for reading detective stories. In the thirteenth chapter, "Mass Society," the author attacks the idea of the "great American public" and in Chapter fourteen, "The Conservative Mood," the author stresses that the title group respects civil liberties and has an open membership. FTP, name this 1956 work about military, political and business leaders that comprise the title group, written by C. Wright Mills.
Answer: The Power Elite
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The main character of this work is invited to a vacation in the Aran Islands by Miss Ivors, but turns down the offer by claiming that he is going on a cycling trip instead. At the central event, the maid Lily yells at the main character for asking about her love life while Mr. Browne, an old man, attempts to calm down the drunk and late Freddy Malins. At the close of the festivities, the central couple listens to the tenor Bartell D'Arcy while Mary Jane accompanies him on the piano, causing the wife to think about her childhood love, Michael Furey. FTP, name this short story taking place at the party of the elderly sisters Kate and Julia Morkan, which is attended by Gretta and Gabriel Conroy, the last and longest story in Dubliners by James Joyce.
Answer: "The Dead"
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His early career included working as an army scout during the Battle of Monmouth and as the adjutant general to William Alexander, Lord Stirling. His treatise A View of the Conduct of the Executive defended his conduct as minister to France and viciously attacked Washington, who never forgave him. His diplomatic career continued as he assisted Robert Livingston in negotiating the Louisiana Purchase and argued against impressment in Britain. He supported the founding of the Liberia colony and was known as the "Last-Cocked Hat" for being the last of his generation to be President, but his best-known contribution was actually written by John Quincy Adams. FTP, name this man whose isolationist stance is now known as his "Doctrine," the fifth President of the United States.
Answer: James Monroe
2006 ACF Regionals Bonuses by ACF Editors 1
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Answer the following about the final years of the Western Roman Empire FTPE.,
[10] At the Battle of Chalons, Flavius Aetius was defeated by this bloodthirsty man, marking the last major military engagement for the West.
Answer: Attila the Hun
[10] After Chalons, this general, unable to claim the throne because of his Arianism, set-up a series of puppet emperors, including Majorian and Anthemius, although he held the real power until his 472 death.
Answer: Flavius Ricimer
[10] This man, king of the Ostrogoths, slew the usurper Odoacer at a banquet and became the viceroy of the Western Empire in his place.
Answer: Theodoric II, the Great (accept Dietrich von Bern)
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Answer the following about an unhappy thinker FTPE.,
[10] His dissertation, The Fourfold Root of Sufficient Reason, examined the origins of Leibniz's principle. Later works include On Vision and Colors and "On the Basis of Morality."
Answer: Arthur Schopenhauer
[10] This work, which posits two different domains of existence, one subjective and the other objective, is the most famous of Arthur Schopenhauer.
Answer: The World as Will and Representation or Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung (accept The World as Will and Idea)
[10] This collection of essays and fragments was Schopenhauer's final published work. It includes the essay on "Ghost-seeing" and criticisms of Hegel that Wittgenstein called "crude."
Answer: Parerga and Paralipomena
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Identify the following about a problem in computer science FTPE.,
[10] This is the general term for any maximization problem where you must fit multiple objects of different sizes and different costs in a single container with maximum efficiency.
Answer: knapsack problem
[10] An algorithm for solving the knapsack problem can be translated into one that can solve any NP problem; therefore, it is in this complexity class.
Answer: nondeterministic polynomial-hard
[10] This puzzle game, which is sometimes compared to a knapsack or packing problem, was shown to be NP-Hard by an intrepid team of MIT computer scientists in 2002.
Answer: Tetris
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Answer the following about the Bloomsbury group FTPE.,
[10] The literary members of the group included Strachey, Virginia Woolf and this critic, Woolf's brother-in-law, who popularized Post-Impressionism in works like Since Cezanne.
Answer: Arthur Clive Heward Bell
[10] Three members of the group were involved in a famous practical joke, in which they disguised themselves as Ethiopian nobles and inspected this then-current flagship of the Royal Navy.
Answer: HMS Dreadnought
[10] Perhaps the most prominent member of the group was this author of The Longest Journey, The Hill of Devi, and A Room with a View.
Answer: Edward Morgan Forster
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Answer these questions about the late nineteenth century in South Africa FTPE.,
[10] The minister of the Cape Colony from 1890 to 1896, he created the De Beers diamond mining cartel and established a scholarship at Oxford.
Answer: Cecil John Rhodes
[10] This event, in which six hundred men attempted to create a British uprising in the Boer republic of Transvaal, had been planned by Rhodes but was executed without his knowledge.
Answer: the Jameson raid
[10] Rhodes resigned his post after the Jameson debacle, and was replaced by this man in 1897. His intransigence at the Bloemfontein conference led to the Boer declaration of war in 1899.
Answer: Alfred Milner, Viscount Milner
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Answer the following about some Hindu texts FTPE.,
[10] These sacred hymns and verses, collected into four samhitas, are the earliest known text of the Hindu religion.
Answer: Vedas
[10] This samhita contains many incantations and magic spells and represents a lower, folk level of religion. It contains the Kausikasutra.
Answer: Atharvaveda
[10] Many gods are praised in the Vedas, including this sun god, whose chariot is pulled by seven horses representing the colors of the rainbow.
Answer: Surya (accept Ravi)
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Identify these politicians who have recently held power in China FTPE.,
[10] President from 1993 to 2003, when he was succeeded by Hu Jintao, he made China more Westernized by privatizing many companies and pursuing friendlier relations with the United States.
Answer: Jiang Zemin
[10] Jiang was the protege of this man, who was himself the protege of Zhou Enlai. Rehabilitated by Hua Guofeng in 1976 after having been purged by Mao, he held the title of "paramount leader" until his death in 1997.
Answer: Deng Xiaoping
[10] Often considered the man most responsible for the Tiananmen Square massacre, he held the title of premier from 1988 to 1998. He is also known as the major sponsor of the Three Gorges Dam project.
Answer: Li Peng
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Name these artists associated with the Dada movement FTPE.,
[10] This sculptor of Growth and other oblong shapes was perhaps the most accomplished artist of the Dadas. He used elements of chance in his works of torn paper or papieres dechires.
Answer: Jean Arp (or Hans Arp)
[10] One of the only female Dada artists, she excelled in the technique of photomontage, as seen in works like Pretty Girl and Sliced with the Dada Kitchen Knife Through the Last Weimar Beerbelly Cultural Epoch Germany.
Answer: Hannah Hoch
[10] Although not officially a member, his works like Tzanck Check and Fountain helped popularize Dada in America and influenced Pop Art.
Answer: Marcel Duchamp
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Answer the following about a hero FTPE.,
[10] His exploits in Ireland are recorded in such works as The Interrogation of the Old Men and the Book of the Dun Cow.
Answer: Finn MacCumhaill (or Finn MacCool or Fingal)
[10] Finn received the wisdom from the Salmon of Knowledge when this teacher of his unwittingly gave it to him.
Answer: Finegas
[10] One of Finn's sons was this warrior-poet. The Fingal and the Temora were not written by him, but rather by James Macpherson.
Answer: Ossian
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Answer the following about anti-establishment figures in British history FTPE.,
[10] In Americam he was known as "Peter Porcupine" and attacked corruption, and in England he attacked nearly everything, including Joseph Priestley and the Treaty of Amiens, in his newspaper, the Political Register.
Answer: William Cobbett
[10] A member, successively, of the Social Democratic Federation, Fabian Society, Labour Representation Committee, and finally, the Labour Party, he was the first man from that party to become Prime Minister.
Answer: James Ramsay MacDonald
[10] This author of a birth-control pamphlet and associate of Annie Besant was elected to Parliament in 1885, but his refusal to take the religious oath of Parliament led to a five-year-long scandal in the House of Commons.
Answer: Charles Bradlaugh
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Name these members of the Seattle Seahawks as of January, 2006 FTPE.,
[10] On New Years Day, this starting running back broke the single-season touchdown record, netting his twenty-eighth against the Green Bay Packers.
Answer: Shaun Alexander
[10] With injuries to Darrell Jackson and Bobby Engram, this former Tampa Bay Buccaneer stepped up at the wide receiver position and scored nine touchdowns.
Answer: Joe Jurevicius
[10] Although no Seahawk defensive players were voted to the Pro Bowl, this rookie middle linebacker from USC is a reserve and played a major part in Seattle's run defense, which allowed only four touchdowns all season.
Answer: Lofa Tatupu
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Answer the following about rebellions and unrest in the United States, FTPE:,
[10] This revolt of Massachusetts farmers in 1786 amply demonstrated the uselessness of the federal government under the Articles of Confederation.
Answer: Shays' Rebellion
[10] Both Samuel King and the namesake man were elected to the governorship of Rhode Island in 1842, leading to this conflict concerning the electoral structure of that state.
Answer: Dorr's Rebellion
[10] This revolt was led by the Puerto Rican nationalists Pedro Albizu Campos and Blanca Canales, who were in league with the men that tried to assassinate Truman at the Blair House. It was ended when US bombers attacked the namesake town.
Answer: Jayuya Uprising
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Name these dramatic works of Richard Strauss FTPE.,
[10] His most famous opera is this, based on a work of Louvet de Couvray. It features a love quadrangle between the knight Octavian, his older lover the Marschallin, her cousin the Baron Ochs, and his betrothed, Sophie.
Answer: Der Rosenkavalier or The Knight of the Rose (accept equivalents)
[10] This lesser opera of Strauss was begun shortly after the death of Hofmannsthal, so the libretto was written by Stefan Zweig. This story of the retired admiral Sir Morosus is based on Ben Jonson's Epicoene.
Answer: The Silent Woman or Die Schweigsame Frau
[10] The composer character in this opera is forced to combine his serious work based on Greek myth with a Moliere-like comic farce to please the audience and finish his performance before the fireworks begin at nine o'clock.
Answer: Ariadne auf Naxos or Ariadne on Naxos
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Answer questions about the liver FTPE.,
[10] This pear-shaped organ lies below the liver and stores the bile produced by it.
Answer: gallbladder
[10] The hepatic veins of the liver send blood to this vein, one of a pair with similar names.
Answer: inferior vena cava (prompt on vena cava)
[10] The common bile duct, which drains both the liver and the gallbladder, meets the pancreatic duct at this location, named for a German anatomist, where it enters the duodenum.
Answer: Ampulla of Vater (accept hepatopancreatic ampulla)
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Name these Supreme Court cases that utilized the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment FTPE.,
[10] This Warren court decision declared the Racial Integrity Act of 1924 unconstitutional under the 14th amendment and ended all race-based restrictions on marriage in 1967.
Answer: Richard Perry Loving, Mildred Jeter Loving v. Virginia
[10] Lewis Powell wrote this decision that ruled race-based quotas in university admissions unconstitutional, although it still allowed universities to give minorities other advantages.
Answer: Regents of the University of California v. Bakke
[10] The plaintiff, the governor of Colorado, was not personally involved in passing the amendment in his state that banned discrimination laws against homosexuals. The court ruled six to three to overturn that amendment.
Answer: Romer v. Evans
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Identify these German silent movies FTPE.,
[10] Arguably the masterpiece of Fritz Lang, this science-fiction movie depicts a vast city whose underground workers, led by Maria and Freder Frederson, revolt against Freder's capitalist father, Joh.
Answer: Metropolis
[10] An allegory of the fall of Imperial Germany, Emil Jannings plays a doorman who gets demoted to bathroom attendant in this F.W. Murnau silent. It is unique in that it uses no title cards to describe plot or dialogue.
Answer: The Last Laugh or Der Letzte Mann
[10] Paul Wegener created three films with this name, but only the 1920 version survives. This tale of a monster from Jewish folklore is especially notable for the cinematography by Karl Freund.
Answer: The Golem (How He Came into the World) or Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam
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Answer the following about a Faulkner novel, FTPE.,
[10] This novel is divided into three related sections, the first concerning the pregnant Lena Grove, and the third ex-clergyman Gail Hightower.
Answer: A Light in August
[10] Perhaps the best-known character in the novel is this mulatto man, who is castrated and killed by Percy Grimm.
Answer: Joe Christmas (accept either name)
[10] Christmas has an affair with this woman but, when she attempts to force him to join a law firm, he murders her.
Answer: Joanna Burden (accept either name)
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Answer the following about a concept in quantum field theory FTPE.,
[10] Although this method dates back to Boussinesq's fluid theories in 1877, it most often refers to the elimination of ultraviolet divergences in quantum field theory by the introduction of physically observable quantities.
Answer: renormalization (accept word forms like renormalize)
[10] Kenneth Wilson's seminal paper on renormalization involved the solution to this "problem" of condensed matter physics, which concerns magnetic impurities in non-magnetic metals.
Answer: the Kondo problem
[10] This fundamental force is the only one that has not yet been found to be renormalizable.
Answer: gravity (accept equivalents)
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Answer the following about an epic poem FTPE.,
[10] The opening scene in this poem involves Angelica fleeing a battle with the Saracens only to run into two of her former lovers, Rinaldo and Ferrau, in a forest.
Answer: Orlando Furioso
[10] This author of Orlando Furioso also wrote satires based on Horace and the comedies Il negromante and I studenti.
Answer: Ludovico Ariosto
[10] This Saracen general switches sides, is baptized as a Christian, marries Bradamant, and eventually becomes ruler of the Bulgarians.
Answer: Rogero
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Answer the following about a novel FTPE.,
[10] The title character, whose real name is Giambattista Fidanza, works in the silver mines of Sulaco and is entrusted to hide a cache of silver for his boss. Tragedy ensues.
Answer: Nostromo, a Tale of the Seaboard
[10] Conrad only visited South America for about a week, but his experience helped him to create this fictional country, the location of Sulaco and setting of the novel.
Answer: Costaguana
[10] Nostromo's boss is this man, the owner of the San Tome mines, whose obsession with the silver leads to his moral degradation and the decay of his marriage.
Answer: Charles Gould (accept either name)
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Identify these islands that belong to Canada FTPE.,
[10] This largest island of Canada is separated from Greenland by the Davis Strait and its namesake bay. The capital of Nunavut, Iqaluit, lies on it between the Everett Mountains and the Hall Peninsula.
Answer: Baffin Island
[10] This portion of Nova Scotia is separated from the mainland area by the Strait of Canso. A bridge across the strait makes the island the eastern terminus of the Trans-Canada Highway.
Answer: Cape Breton Island
[10] This island, which can be reached by the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry from Tobermory or the bridge at Little Current, is the largest island in the world located within a freshwater lake, that lake being Lake Huron.
Answer: Manitoulin Island
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Identify these carboxylic acids FTPE.,
[10] Probably the best-known carboxylic acid is this one with a methyl group radical found in vinegar.
Answer: acetic acid
[10] The two linked carboxyl groups in this acid, H2C2O4, make its consumption dangerous. It can appear in the body from overdoses in vitamin C and combines with calcium to make the most common type of kidney stone.
Answer: oxalic acid or (ethanedioic acid)
[10] During exercise, this carboxylic acid, produced by glycolysis, accumulates in the absence of oxygen and causes muscle soreness. Bacteria that produce it are a major source of tooth decay.
Answer: lactic acid (accept alpha-hydroxypropanoic acid; prompt on hydroxypropanoic acid)
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Identify the following authors from Australia FTPE.,
[10] He is well-known for historical novels like Bring Larks and Heroes and The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith, but is best-known for a work adapted into a Steven Spielberg film.
Answer: Thomas Keneally
[10] This author of Happy Valley, The Solid Mandala, and The Twyborn Affair is the only Aussie to have won the Nobel Prize for literature.
Answer: Patrick White
[10] This poet is most definitely not well-known for his novel The Shearer's Colt or his short story collection Three Elephant Power, but he did pen the poem "Waltzing Matilda."
Answer: Andrew Barton "Banjo" Paterson

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