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View Packets Tournament Editor
2008 ACF Nationals Tossups by Zeke
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Inflammation can mediate the formation of stacks of these cells called rouleuax. Systems which classify these cells by surface antigenic response include the Colton, Diego, and Duffy systems, while the sole form of energy production in these cells occurs through fermentation. The object of the direct Coombs' test, overproduction of these cells results in the condition polycythemia vera. Damage to these cells leads to formation of schistocytes, and they are the best known example of cells without nuclei. The site of the location of diseases such as thalasemia, sickle cell disease, and pernicious anemia, FTP, name these cells which contain hemoglobin, the transport cells of oxygen of the body.
Answer: red blood cells or corpuscles or erthyrocytes
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The most famous person to hold this office married Margaret Lea and released the militia to put down the Regulator-Moderator War. The second person to officially hold this position almost caused financial collapse when he issued valueless paper currency dubbed "redbacks." David G. Burnet held this title twice in an interim role, while the last person to hold it was Anson Jones, a doctor who was once the "Apothecary General." The aforementioned second one, Mirabeau B. Lamar, came after Burnet who had negotiated the treaties of Velasco and led a mass evacuation known as the Runaway Scrape, which moved the capital to Harrisburg from Washington-on-the-Brazos. FTP, name this position most famously held twice by Sam Houston, the highest office in a certain Republic and later U.S. state.
Answer: President of the Republic of Texas (or equivalents that include "President" and "Texas")
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According to Pausanias they may have come from the Arabian Desert, and may have guarded the Amazons' shrine to Ares in the Black Sea. They had come to Arcadia in order to escape an invasion of wolves and had ruined crops in and around their namesake area. They were allowed to run roughshod until Phyleus was put on the throne in Elis. However, they had settled in dense forest, so, in order to lure them into the open, a certain hero had to climb a near by mountain and use a pair of bronze krotala, or clappers, provided by Hephaestus. The noise made by this instrument caused these brass-winged creatures to take to the sky where they were summarily shot down by a son of Zeus. For 10 points, identify these man-eating avians that were the subject of Hercules' sixth labor.
Answer: the Stymphalian birds
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This historical site is home to Lapida de Bazan, a chronicle of diplomatic relations. Building J at this site has been postulated to be an Observatory and contains some 50 "Conquest Slabs" listing conquered territories. Another monument depicts men with scrolls in place of their genitalia who likely represent mutilated war captives - that being the Temple of the Danzantes, or the "Building of the Dancers." This site was established after a move from San Jose el Mogote; it was roughly contemporaneous with Teotihuacan to the north and is home to a bunch of statues of the rain god Cosijo. FTP, name this capital of the Zapotec empire from 500 B.C. to 900 A.D. located in the Oaxaca valley, and named for occupying a hill lined with white trees.
Answer: Monte Alban
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This work was submitted by its artist as a contrasting companion piece to an identically-sized canvas The Concealed Enemy. The background features only a small clump of green foliage in the center. The grizzled character on the right wears a stocking cap and a red shirt while smoking a pipe, while the other character in a blue shirt appears more amicable and sprawls lazily across the center of the canvas. On the left, we see a shadowy black cat which appears to be a pet since it is on a tether; the central character holds a pouch and a dead duck. The two characters depicted are father and son, though the son is half-white. Held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art since 1932, FTP, name this classic of American genre painting, in which George Caleb Bingham depicts two men peacefully floating down a certain river.
Answer: Fur Traders Descending the Missouri
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One member of this royal house met with the Baron John Methuen, in order to agree to a trade agreement known as the Methuen Treaty. Another was nearly assassinated in a coup attempt which sparked the Tavora affair. This line of rulers was plagued by two civil wars around the same time - one known as the Patuleia ended by the Convention of Gramido and a larger one known as the War of the Two Brothers or the Liberal War, which ended when a usurper was defeated and rule in this house passed to Maria da Gloria. The first king of this line, John IV, had a daughter who became the wife of the English king Charles II, that being Catherine. FTP, name this house which ruled after the Aviz Dynasty from 1640 to 1910 in Portugal.
Answer: House of Braganza
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Chapter Seven opens with a discussion of Adler and a comparison of neuroses. Chapter Six describes the need for "collective catharsis" and uses examples ranging from Mickey Mouse to Tarzan to point out a certain pattern in villainization. It debunks the assertions of texts like Prospero and Caliban, but is perhaps better known for its discussion of the "epidermilization" of inferiority and the "dependency complex." Asserting the importance of Aimee Cesaire's writings, it begins with an analysis of "the negro and language" and its introduction proposes a: "liberation of the man of color from himself." For ten points, identify this study of the African psyche by Frantz Fanon.
Answer: Black Skin White Masks
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Act II features the primary villain meeting an Old Lady to purchase some apricots, while Act III ends with a pilgrimage from Ancona to the Shrine of our Lady of Loretto. Turning points in this work concern the misplacement of a horoscope and the inability of the servant girl Cariola to keep a secret. Act IV features several scenes in a madhouse before the title figure is strangled under the direction of a servant, who has returned after serving seven years in the galleys. The plot is set in motion when a steward named Antonio returns from France and his secret marriage to a widow above his station is discovered by her vicious brothers, Ferdinand and the Cardinal. For ten points, identify this 1623 work that is dominated by the melancholy Bosola, but ostensibly concerns a doomed Italian noblewoman, the best known work of John Webster.
Answer: The Duchess of Malfi
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It notes that one should only make friends with three kinds of people and that eight rows of dancers are too many. Book V opens with the assertion that a woman may marry a man who was once imprisoned if that man has not done anything wrong, and Book XII asserts that the mark of the benevolent man is that he is loath to speak. Its twentieth and final section explains the importance of "five excellent practices" to a successful government, while in another a recluse is reprimanded for not joining society. It is in Book XVI that the speaker sets out the most salient reasons for why his system should prevail in the empire. Advocating reverence for the Book of Songs and Compiled shortly after a certain sage died in 479 BCE and inspiring a passionate defense by such disciples as Mencius, for 10 points, identify this work that collects the philosophy of Confucius.
Answer: The Analects [or Lunyu]
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An apocryphal story about this battle says that, at one point, the losing side's commander took a battleaxe and split open the . skull of his own general, Lord Wenlock, for being too timid or traitorous to provide support. As a result, much of that army under command of men like the earl of Devon and John Beaufort were pushed back to the "Bloody Meadow," where they were slaughtered. That army had initially landed at Weymouth but soon discovered that the earl of Warwick had just been killed at the Battle of Barnet. Sir John Langstrother and the main commander, the Duke of Somerset, were among those in the losing camp who took refuge at the namesake abbey only to be removed and executed. Margaret of Anjou was captured in the aftermath of, FTP, what 1471 battle during the Wars of the Roses, a victory for the Yorkists under Edward IV which soon resulted in the death of Henry VI?
Answer: Battle of Tewkesbury
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It opens with the speaker acknowledging that although some say the tale he has come to tell is false, some hold that it is true. The story is set in motion when the aristocratic Lord Thomas professes his love for the title figure, though he really desires another woman and is only after her riches. Its author's first critical success, it would later serve as the title of his third book of poetry, a 1928 collection that followed such volumes as Color and Copper Sun. For ten points, identify this poem that revolves around a black woman who is betrayed and killed by her white husband, a work by Countee Cullen.
Answer: The Ballad of the Brown Girl
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A man uses the alias of Ramsey in order to get close to Suite 312 in this film, and a woman in this film is startled by her aunt while examining a medicine bottle, but it turns out that the aunt only wanted to give her a formal shawl. The police officer Winn berates a man on the phone for waiting three days to send a fax in this film, and the first sign of trouble in its main narrative comes when the protagonist is at a hair salon with Claire and Lisa and sees an ominous figure in a mirror. Aunt Karen breaks a dish in this movie, shortly before a hotel maid is stabbed to death. Ronnie's attempt to propose to Lisa is similarly interrupted by Lisa's murder at the hands of Fenton, who does most of his killing at a hotel while a party happens downstairs. The main character is being stalked by the man who murdered her immediate family three years earlier. For 10 points, name this 2008 remake, in which Fenton becomes a serial killer in order to get close to Donna, his former ninth-grade student, and escapes from prison on the titular high school festivity.
Answer: Prom Night
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An amulet containing a prayer dedicated to one of these people led to a controversy which ended the practice of excommunication among a certain group. One of them was the godson of Augustus III of Poland who adopted the title "Baron of Offenbach" and used incestuous orgies to demonstrate his suspension of prior laws. The most notable one was propaganized for by the author of The Treatise on the Dragons, Nathan of Gaza, and founded the Donme after being imprisoned at Abydos in the "Tower of Strength." That one became the doorkeeper to Mehmet IV after converting to Islam. For 10 points, Osman Baba, Jacob Frank, and the seventeenth-century Kabbalist Shabbethai Zevi were all examples of what people, who were unable to deliver on their promises of redeeming Jews?
Answer: false messiahs [accept obvious equivalents]
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This procedure replaced the inefficient Birkeland-Eyde method, which involved air passing through a special zone generated by an electric arc. Its formulator worked with assistant Eberhard Brauer and Friedrich Uhde, who later developed the dual-pressure method for this, which involves cooling in a heat exchanger train resulting in preheating tail gas. It was actually first discovered by Karl Frederic Kuhlmann of Lille, who obtained a patent sixty years earlier. But its namesake developed a more efficient catalyst; the catalyst used today is most often a platinum-rhodium metal gauze heated to about 900 degrees Celsius. This method was greatly improved by the introduction of the work of Haber and Bosch, since it requires the combustion of ammonia followed by absorption in water. FTP, name this premiere way to make nitric acid.
Answer: Ostwald Process
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One of these works shows the fur clothing a polish nobleman. Another one depicts an oriental prince behind a dog posing with a dark red feather in his turban, while another finds the central figure attired after Titian's Ariosto. Two enormous semi-circles can be seen behind a white haired figure in the version painted at Kenwood. There are also numerous poster card size versions that show a man in "studio attire" and one depicting the scene of the prodigal son in a tavern. In a more famous example, the central figure, draped in red, raises a glass to his wife Saskia, that work was painted one year before its subject's more famous The Blinding of Samson was completed. For ten points, identify this series of drawings and paintings by a certain Dutch who also painted Night Watch.
Answer: Rembrandt's Self-Portraits (accept equivalents, i.e., depictions of himself, drawings of himself, etc.) prompt on portraits or pictures of Rembrandt
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His "Nevada Gas" opens with George Dial and Hugo Candless playing squash, while "The King in Yellow" ends with Steve Grayce eating breakfast at Rim-of-the-World Inn. Misplaced pearls are a major plot point in his stories "Red Wind" and "Goldfish." This author's last completed novel focuses on a search for Betty Mayfield in the town of Esmeralda and ends with the protagonist getting back in touch with Linda Loring. That work, Playback, was to be followed by Poodle Springs, which was left unfinished at his death. His first work, "Blackmailers Don't Shoot," was published in Black Mask Magazine in 1933, but his most famous creation, a hard boiled crime solver, was introduced in the story "Killer in the Rain." For ten points, identify this author who chronicled Philip Marlowe's adventures in Farewell, My Lovely and The Big Sleep.
Answer: Raymond Chandler
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This value can be calculated by the Evjen method, which is a direct summation of Coulombic potentials, or by the Ewald method, which uses integral transforms to validly calculate the Coulomb potential at any mathematical point. When this value cannot be obtained, one can still use the Kapustinskii Equation in order to make a reasonable estimate of energy. A term must be added to this value to account for the electron-electron repulsion of closed shells. Often represented by a capital or lower-case "A", for example in the Born-Mayer Equation, it is often calculated for sodium chloride to demonstrate its rapidly converging series. It depends on the relative distribution of cations and anions in a structure, and unlike lattice energy, it describes the energy of a single ion in a crystal. FTP, name this constant which depends on geometric arrangement of ions in a crystal, named for a German chemist.
Answer: Madelung Constant
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The attacking army suffered the death of Lieutenant Jules Ord and Hamilton Hawkins, whose brigade used a small trail revealed by Colonel Derby, when he ascended in a hydrogen Signal Corps balloon which was soon shot down. An area known as the "Bloody Ford" was the site of heavy fire and is sometimes dubbed "Hell's Pocket." Samuel Sumner commanded the cavalry since "Fighting Joe" Wheeler was deathly ill, but Wheeler rose from his sickbed to meet up with Jacob Kent, who had been dispatched by William Rufus Shafter. Henry Lawton's division got bogged down at the Battle of El Caney and never arrived; so the charge against Arsenio Linares y Pombo was led by men like Leonard Wood. FTP, name this battle in 1898 which made a name for the Rough Riders and Teddy Roosevelt when they ascended the namesake landmass in Cuba.
Answer: Battle of San Juan Hill (or San Juan Heights)
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He wrote a collection recounting the lives of such characters as Don Juan and Alexander the Great, while in another work he described eating lettuce three times a day to avoid being wasteful and laments the destruction of lilies by too much rain. Both Apocryphal Tales and The Gardener's Year preceded his response to Nazism, The White Plague. Early in his career he wrote the mystery, Tales from Two Pockets, and, along with his brother, published symbolist pieces like Insect Play. The virile Manya is contrasted with the titular miner, who returns home from America, in Hordubal, the first part of a trilogy that also includes Meteor and An Ordinary Life. Yet his best known characters remain Dr. Gall and Dr. Mercier, whose attempts at creating class of servants dooms mankind. For ten points, identify this Czech author of the early science fiction classics War with the Newts and R.U.R.
Answer: Karel Capek
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It includes songs entitled "How he looks at me!" and "Tzing, tzing, tzing." The putative hero is pressed into action by the character of Public Opinion, who is more disappointed in the outcome than the husband. One of the title figures has a violin solo and the score borrows from Gluck's "Che Faro" throughout. Carl Binder would later compose an overture to the 1860 Vienna production of this work which had begun its run in Paris two years earlier to great acclaim. Featuring a down and out Styx and a lusty Jupiter, who wants the abducted nymph all to himself, for ten points, identify this satirical operetta, best known for having the classical gods dance the can-can, a work about a legendary singer's descent into Pluto's realm by Jacques Offenbach.
Answer: Orpheus in the Underworld or Orphee aux Enfers
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TB. Longitudinal concavity gives rise to this phenomenon in the Gortler Effect, which may be amplified by the introduction of Tollmien-Schlichting waves. The von Karman equation gives the net value for its measurement for isotropic cases of its occurrence, while another indicator of its presence is a Strouhal Number of at least 2. Its permeation of vector fields under Couette conditions is chaotic, though Kelvin's circulation theorem assigns it a constant in the case of incompressible inviscid fluids, and it must always equal zero in the application of Bernoulli's Law. Calculated as the curl of the fluid velocity, FTP, name this measure of the localized angular velocity per unit area of a fluid.
Answer: vorticity
2008 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Zeke
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Answer the following about the legends surrounding Ganesh, for 10 points each.,
[10] According to some myths it was this god, the brother of Parvati, whose deadly gaze beheaded the young Ganesh.
Answer: Sani [or Shani; or Shanaiscarya; or Shaneesvara]
[10] After Ganesh was beheaded, several deities were sent to find a replacement head, including this mount of Vishnu, king of all birds, and avowed enemy of the Nagas.
Answer: Garuda
[10] Ganesh defeated this brother of his in a race to earn the hands of Buddhi and Siddhi in marriage.
Answer: Karttikeya [or Skanda; or Subramanya]
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This phenomenon arises due to the negative mass of the boundaries it affects, and is detected because of a response to an external field which generates an EMF. FTPE:,
[10] Name this series of microsecond-order rapid pulses in domain walls of a ferromagnetic alloy which gives rise to a namesake type of noise.
Answer: Barkhausen Avalanche or pulsation or effect
[10] Domain wall fluctuations are in part due to competition of a retardation pressure created by these currents with the pressure of the external field. These currents also cause the behavior known as Lenz's law.
Answer: eddy currents
[10] The outline produced by ferromagnetic domains in a colloidal suspension of iron particles is known as this type of pattern. They have provided occasional photographic evidence for the Barkhausen Effect.
Answer: Bitter Patterns
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Identify these members of the Justice League, FTPE.,
[10] J'onn J'onnz was one of the original members who came to earth from his titular planet. He is a great detective and has the ability to shift his shape at will.
Answer: Martin Manhunter
[10] Constantly accompanied by Skeets, this time-traveling football star travels back in time to become a famous superhero. Along the way he develops a reputation as a money hungry hero for hire, but in spite of this he befriends Blue Beetle and joins the Justice League.
Answer: Booster Gold
[10] This magic-user is regarded as one of the most powerful and knowledgeable in the Multiverse. She first met the Justice League while searching for father and later on becomes a relied upon resource for information and is sometimes an assistant to Batman in his detective work.
Answer: Zatanna
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He adopted as his motto the pseudo-Latin phrase "Illegitimi Non Carborundum," meaning "Don't let the bastards grind you down." FTPE:,
[10] Name this four-star general who commanded US forces in the China-Burma-India theater during much of World War II and served as chief of staff to Chiang Kai-shek, a man known as "Vinegar Joe."
Answer: Joseph Warren Stilwell
[10] Vinegar Joe often got into fights over war strategy with this man, who conducted the airlift of supplies to Chinese forces over the Hump route of the Himalayas. This man is best known as the commander of the Flying Tigers.
Answer: Claire Lee Chennault
[10] Vinegar Joe later served as deputy supreme commander of the South East Asia Command under this man, the last Viceroy of India.
Answer: Louis Mountbatten (Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas George Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma)
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It ends with a self-reflective section entitled "The Ceremony of Farewell" that details the events that the author to compose it in the first place, FTPE:,
[10] Identify this 1987 novel that centers on a middle aged Trinidadian writer's numerous walks through the English countryside.
Answer: The Enigma of Arrival
[10] The Enigma of Arrival was written by this man who also wrote such works as In a Free State and A Bend in the River.
Answer: Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul
[10] Among the authors that Naipaul's narrator wants to emulate during his stay in Britain is this Englishman, whose plays include Rain and who mad his debut with the novel Liza of Lambeth.
Answer: William Somerst Maugham
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Name the following European opera houses, FTPE.,
[10] Europe's first public opera house was this Venetian location which was originally designed by Palladio in 1565.
Answer: Teatro San Cassiano
[10] Following a fire in 1836 the Meduna brothers designed the current edition of this more famous Venetian house whose assocation with Verdi began in 1844.
Answer: Teatro La Fenice
[10] Giuseppe Piermarini designed this opera house whose season traditional opens on December 7th, the feast day of St. Ambrose the patron of Milan.
Answer: Teatro alla Scala
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Name these figures from Roman legend, for 10 points each.,
[10] Captured while trying to assassinate the Etruscan king, this man thrust his right hand into a fire in order to demonstrate Roman bravery, scaring the Etruscans into a truce.
Answer: Gaius Mucius Scaevola
[10] This was the king in question, who allied with Tarquinius Superbus to reinstate Etruscan rule in Rome and was also opposed by Horatius Cocles. Aristodemus defeated his son Arruns at Aricia.
Answer: Lars Porsena
[10] Lars Porsena began as the king of this Etruscan city, later destroyed by Sulla.
Answer: Clusium
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Answer some bloody awful history questions, FTPE.,
[10] La semaine sanglante, the Bloody Week, was a vicious period in the repression of this revolution which seized the Hotel de Ville against the provisional government of Adolphe Thiers in 1871.
Answer: Paris Commune (Commune of Paris)
[10] The Bloody Assizes tried the supporters of the Monmouth Rebellion after the "pitchfork army" of Monmouth was defeated in this 1685 battle, often dubiously called the last battle ever fought on English soil.
Answer: Battle of Sedgemoor
[10] "Bloody Bill" Anderson, the famed Confederate guerilla raider, served as a lieutenant in the company of this other guerilla leader who led the bushwhacking raid on Lawrence, Kansas in 1863.
Answer: William Clarke Quantrill
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Answer the following about eighteenth-century philosophy, for 10 points each.,
[10] This man broke from Locke with his 1754 Treatise on Sensations, a work which argued that all human knowledge emerges from sensation transformed, rather than reflection.
Answer: Etienne Bonnot de Condillac
[10] This Swiss-named man followed in Condillac's footsteps with his 1758 work De L'Esprit, in which he argued that man's debt to the senses causes him to seek out pleasure and minimize pain. Rousseau hated him.
Answer: Claude Adrien Helvetius
[10] Heavily influenced by the French sensationalists, the Italian philosopher Cesare Beccaria wrote a founding work of this social science.
Answer: criminology [accept obvious equivalents]
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An 1816 adaptation of the Paolo and Francesca tale, it was the first poetic success for its author, who went on to write "Imagination and Fancy" and "Abou Bhen Adem." For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this dramatic poem.
Answer: "The Story of Rimini"
[10] "The Story of Rimini" was written by this mentor and promoter of the Shelleys, who edited Percy Shelley's magazine The Liberal.
Answer: Leigh Hunt
[10] Leigh Hunt was caricatured as Harold Skimpole in this Dickens novel, in which Esther Summerson ultimately is allowed to marry Dr. Woodcourt and some spontaneous combustion occurs during the endless lawsuit of Jarndyce v. Jarndyce.
Answer: Bleak House
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He wrote such light farces as Jean the Fool at the Fair for Mme. De Pompadour's husband, FTPE:,
[10] Identify this playwright who tried to emulate Diderot with his Eugenie, but had more success with his Memoires, one of which was later adapted by Goethe as Clavigo.
Answer: Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais
[10] Beaumarchais is probably best known for writing this comedy, subtitled "Useless Precaution," about Ct. Almaviva who seeks to woo Rosine with the help of the title figure.
Answer: The Barber of Seville
[10] Yet he was less successful with The Guilty Mother a work that was supposed to be a sequel to this 1664 play whose characters include Valere and Cleante.
Answer: Tartuffe
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It was an extension of the Saraiva-Cotegipe Law passed three years earlier. FTPE:,
[10] Name this law passed in 1888 by Princess Isabel who was acting as regent and was given the epithet "the Redeemer."
Answer: Golden Law (or Lei Aurea)
[10] Isabel passed the Golden Law as the daughter of this emperor of Brazil from 1841 to 1889, whose reign was known as the time of "Union and Industry."
Answer: Dom Pedro II
[10] Conservative forces in Brazil were none too pleased with the Golden Law and this marshal led the military coup which deposed Pedro II; he was then elected as the first president of the Brazilian Republic but soon resigned in favor of Peixoto.
Answer: Deodoro da Fonseca
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His Twentieth Century works include Minstrel's Song, a Cello Concerto in F minor, and his last symphony, the Pastoral, which was completed in 1902, FTPE:,
[10] Identify this Russian whose 1885 tone poem about the titular leader of the Don Cossacks, Stenka Razin, interpolates the native folk "Song of the Volga Boatmen" with Persian themes.
Answer: Alexander Glazunov
[10] This 1888 work was inspired by Glazunov's visit to the titular country five years earlier. Its powerful central theme is accented by a series of arpeggios in the harp.
Answer: Serenade Espagnole or Spanish Serenade
[10] Before he hit it big with The Seasons, Glazunov found great success with this 1896 opera that pits the noble crusader Jean de Brenne against the Saracen Abderakhman for the hands of the title character.
Answer: Raymonda
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Name some fields in European history which have really cool names, FTPE.,
[10] The Serbian prince Lazar was crushed at this field during the Battle of Kosovo in 1389, while Milos Obilic got some revenge by stabbing Murad I.
Answer: Field of Blackbirds
[10] Henry VIII met with Francis I of France in a rather lavish display at this rather lavishly-named field in 1520, a diplomatic event organized by Cardinal Woolsey in the wake of the Treaty of London.
Answer: Field of the Cloth of Gold
[10] In 833 A.D., King Louis the Pious met with Lothar, Pippin, and Louis the German as well as Pope Gregory IV at this site near Colmar in Alsace; all of Louis the Pious' supporters faithlessly deserted him here.
Answer: Field of Lies (also accept Lugenfeld)
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Name these terms involving lava, FTPE.,
[10] This Hawaiian-derived word refers to an island of land completely surrounded by younger lava flow; often these islands feature significant vegetation and fauna.
Answer: kipuka
[10] This is the term for the extremely dangerous torrential mudflows of pyroclastic debris down the slope of a volcano in response to gravity.
Answer: lahars
[10] This other Hawaiian word refers to a lava flow which, unlike pahoehoe flow, features a surface broken into rough angular fragments.
Answer: a'a lava flows
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Answer the following about bicyclic chemical compounds, FTPE.,
[10] The system for naming bicyclic and polycyclic compounds was devised by this German chemist, a student of Kekule who also discovered barbituric acid and the chemical structure of indigo.
Answer: Adolf von Baeyer
[10] This rule applicable to bicyclic compounds says that a double bond cannot be formed at the bridgehead position unless the rings are large enough to accommodate the additional strain.
Answer: Bredt's Rule
[10] Wikipedia tells us that Julius Bredt, the namesake of the just-mentioned Bredt's Rule, also discovered the structure of this useful bicyclic compound. Having formula C(10)H(16)O, it can be reduced to isoborneol via treatment with sodium borohydride.
Answer: camphor
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Its third chapter bemoans the title's concept's "disintegration in contemporary Western society," FTPE:,
[10] Name this 1956 work that begins with a quote by Paracelsus and discusses the "motherly," "brotherly," and "erotic" versions of the title action.
Answer: The Art of Loving
[10] This German psychologist wrote The Art of Loving, as well as other works like The Sane Society and Escape from Freedom.
Answer: Erich Fromm
[10] Subtitled "An Inquiry into the facts and fictions of foreign policy," this 1961 Fromm work questions the wisdom of military buildup and contains such chapters as: "Is World Domination the Aim of the Soviet Union?" and "Suggestions for Peace."
Answer: May Man Prevail?
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Answer the following about novels set in and around the Civil War, FTPE:,
[10] This 1997 work by Charles Frazier follows Inman's travels from a Confederate hospital in North Carolina back to his love Ada at the title location. He gets there and dies.
Answer: Cold Mountain
[10] In this De Forest work, the title character is courted by two men: Colburne, a young lawyer without many clients, and Carter, a regular army officer from the South who chooses to fight for the Union.
Answer: Miss Ravenel's Conversion from Secession to Loyalty
[10] Perhaps the best known work by Albion Tourgee, this work depicts the end of the war and tragic consequences of Reconstruction through the eyes of the carpetbagger Comfort Servosse.
Answer: A Fool's Errand by One of the Fools
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Answer these questions related to the physiology of the heart FTPE.,
[10] The P wave of the electrocardiogram is generated by this anatomical structure, the pacemaker of the heart and source of the electrical signal for atrial systole.
Answer: SA node or sinoatrial node
[10] The pumping action of the heart obeys this law, which states that the larger the volume of blood at diastole in the heart, the greater the force required to eject that blood during systole.
Answer: Frank-Starling law or mechanism
[10] The Frank-Starling law is obeyed in part because of enhanced binding of the calcium sensistive subunit of this protein to myofilaments when cardiac tissue is stretched, increasing ejection force with higher heart blood volumes. The presence of the other subunits of this protein in the blood is a sensitive test for heart attack.
Answer: troponin
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Name these anarchists, for 10 points each.,
[10] This Russian author of Statism and Anarchy broke away from Marx at the First International.
Answer: Mikhail Bakunin
[10] This author of Illusions of Progress and Reflections on Violence was a French leader of the syndicalist movement.
Answer: George Sorel
[10] This man's one-man bombing campaign against lawyers and restaurants involved in the Clichy Affair got him guillotined in 1892, providing a byword for senseless violence in French.
Answer: Ravachol or Francois Claudius Koeningstein

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