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2007 ACF Nationals Tossups by Yale + Rutgers
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In one of his works, the blacksmith Vakula asks to marry Oksana after being whipped by Choub. In addition to "The Night Before Christmas," he wrote about the decision of Petro and Ivan to capture a pasha for King Stepan in "The Terrible Vengeance." In a play by this man, Zhevakin and Omelet pursue the central female character, Agafya Tikhonovna. In addition to Marriage, he wrote such stories as "Viy" and "Old World Landowners," while he gained fame for a book introduced by the fictional beekeeper Rusty Panko, Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka. Also the author of "Nevsky Prospect" and "The Diary of a Madman," FTP, name this Russian author of "The Nose" and Dead Souls.
Answer: Nikolai Gogol
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Ranulph Flambard served as his treasurer and kept several bishoprics open so revenue would flow into royal coffers, which earned this monarch the animosity of the clerical keepers of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. His reign saw a major campaign against Robert of Mowbray, though he had to curtail it when he learned that Montgomery had been captured by the Welsh. A revolt against him was led by a group of nobles which included Geoffrey of Coutances and Robert of Mortain, who wanted to place his brother Robert Curthose on the throne. Walter Tirel killed him in a forest near Winchester in a purported hunting accident in 1100. FTP name this English monarch who succeeded William the Conqueror.
Answer: William II or William Rufus
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In three dimensions, one type of this phenomenon can be derived from applying two Lorentz transformations whose velocities point in opposite directions. In general, that phenomenon accounts for the difference between a naive estimate and the true spin-orbit Hamiltonian. Another type is utilized by NMR. In classical mechanics, its period is defined as 4 pi-squared times an object's moment of inertia, all divided by its torque times the period about a certain axis, while planetary orbits may undergo apsidal or perihelion types. Geometric, Thomas, and gyroscopic are also different types of, FTP, what phenomenon, the change in direction of an object's axis of gyration?
Answer: precession
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It is often cited as the secular analogue to the Lamentation at the Cappella di Eleonora. The old woman on the left is holding her head, while another figure has a young girl's face and offers a honeycomb. Painted as a gift for Francis I, a white dove can be seen on one side, while two masks lie strewn on the lower right. One of the title figures has a bald head and uses his long arm to draw back a blue curtain at the top of the painting. Another title figure is a smiling nude boy who clutches a handful of rose petals. Meanwhile, the two central titular figures are portrayed embracing. FTP, name this Mannerist masterpiece by Agnolo Bronzino.
Answer: Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time (accept Allegory of Love or The Triumph of Venus)
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He told the story of Kaspar, Melchior and Baltazar in the poem "The Three Wise Kings." His most important early work includes such sonnets as "The Song of Gold" and "In Search of Pictures," but centers around the a suite of four poems called "The Lyrical Year." Though works like "The Motives of the Wolf" and "Triumphal March" use the lush imagery of the Parnassians, by 1905 he had embraced the future of his continent in Songs of Life and Hope. Other works from this period include his diatribe against the seizure of the Panama Canal, "To Roosevelt," and a Song for Argentina which is based on this Nicaraguan's time working in Buenos Aires as a reporter. FTP, name this writer of Prosas Profanas, an author whose 1888 collection Azul is a landmark of Modernismo.
Answer: Ruben Dario
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He depicted the formation of the British naval profession as institutionalized through the conflict between sailors and soldiers in The Genesis of the Naval Profession. He described how the division of labor affected people's need for risky pastimes in a work written with Eric Dunning, The Quest for Excitement. He expounded on the ways in which evolving networks of interdependent individuals influence and are influenced by social processes, an idea that became known as "figurational sociology." In his best known work he claimed that in Europe, injunctions against violence influenced the adoption of table manners. FTP, name this sociologist best known for The Civilizing Process.
Answer: Norbert Elias
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It was interrupted by a weekend visit to New York City which was objected to by Leo Pasvolsky, who feared that the trip would be seen as frivolous. The proposals it set forth represented an advance on the Four-Nation Declaration which had been signed the previous October in Moscow. Great Britain was represented by Sir Alexander Cadogan, while Andrei Gromyko represented the Soviet Union. It also included representatives from China, and saw spirited debate over whether France should have a seat on the Security Council. FTP, name this conference which was held in 1944 at a mansion in Washington, D.C., at which the groundwork for the United Nations was laid out.
Answer: Dumbarton Oaks Conference
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This equation plays a role in the debate on climate change because its solution predicts exponential behavior of saturation of water vapor pressure as a function of temperature. A modification of it uses a restricted temperature range and a three-parameter fit with Antione coefficients. It is derived from the Gibbs-Duhem relation of chemical potential, and equates the slope of the phase coexistence curve to latent heat, temperature and change in volume. FTP, identify this equation that characterizes the phase transition between two states of matter, which is named after its two discoverers.
Answer: Clausius-Clapeyron equation
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One Greek figure of this name was the son of Telephassa and Agenor and, according to some legends, was the father of Adonis. Another figure of this name was banished by his father Amyntor after seducing his father's favorite mistress; he also accompanied Ajax and Odysseus in order to offer Briseis to Achilles. In Jewish tales, this name identifies the only animal not to be banished from the Garden of Eden with Adam. According to Egyptian myth it had a melodious cry, was colored scarlet and gold, and lived no less than 500 years. FTP, give this name associated with a mythical bird that immolates itself and is then reborn from its ashes.
Answer: Phoenix
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This artist, a 2004 inductee into the Casino Legends Hall of Fame, won a Grammy award in 1985 for a duet with Luis Miguel, "Me gustas tal como eres," which appeared on her only Spanish-language album. She also collaborated on "Arms of Orion" for the Batman soundtrack, and appeared in Indecent Proposal, performing "The Nearness of You." Noted for singing the theme song to For Your Eyes Only while on-screen, she may be better known for her collaboration with Prince, "U Got the Look," and for a cover of "We Got Tonight" with Kenny Rogers. FTP, name this adult contemporary singer, also known for "Modern Girl" and the working girl's anthem "Morning Train (Nine to Five)."
Answer: Sheena Easton
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Sabine Baring-Gould suggests that her story has been merged with that of a Teutonic moon goddess who sailed up and down the Rhine. In the fourth century AD, the Roman senator Clematius was said to have visions which led him to build a basilica on the site of her death. She was the daughter of King Dionotus, and may have been killed after refusing to marry a chieftain of the Huns. Lebiniz used the term "Ximillia" to refer to her numerous companions. Often portrayed as a princess wielding an arrow, FTP, name this patron saint of the British Virgin Islands, the city of Cologne, and teachers, best known for being martyred with eleven or eleven thousand virgins.
Answer: Saint Ursula
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While he was in prison for mocking a monarch's visit to Palestine he wrote the story "Mine-Haha: The Corporal Education of Young Girls." That stint in prison resulted from his work editing the satirical journal Simplicissimus, an experience which inspired his Oaha, the Satire of Satire. He wrote about a swindler who pretends to be the title nobleman in The Marquis of Keith, while a young girl is killed by taking abortion pills in his first major play, 1891's Spring Awakening. FTP, name this German author of Earth Spirit and Pandora's Box, whieh was adapted by Alban Berg into the opera Lulu.
Answer: (Benjamin Franklin) Frank Wedekind
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The Spanish failed to recapture it in the Battle of Rio Nuevo, and in 1670 it officially changed hands via the Treaty of Madrid. In the late 18th century, escaped slaves led by Queen Nanny and Cudjoe fought two Maroon Wars against its possessors. In 1865, an arrest made for trespassing on abandoned property resulted in the Morant Bay Rebellion, and a namesake "commission" was formed in response to governor Edward Eyre's overreaction. The participants in that uprising were emancipated in 1838, seven years after a general strike planned by Baptist minister Samuel Sharpe got violent on Christmas Day. FTP, name this Caribbean nation, once ruled by the British from Spanish Town, but which now has its capital at Kingston.
Answer: Jamaica
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With Finkelstein, the coordinates of the world line of a freely falling photon are named for this man. His namesake limit is violated by eta-Carina and some novae; that limit gives the luminosity at which radiation pressure is exactly counteracted by gravity and above which he claimed stars would blow themselves apart. He is also the namesake, with Zhevakhin, of a model for variable stars, and this author of Expanding Universe and The Internal Constitution of Stars argued in a 1920 address that the sun produced energy via helium fusion. However, he may be most famous for the results of his 1919 trip to Principe island. FTP, name this scientist whose observations of a solar eclipse helped confirm Einstein's theory of relativity.
Answer: Arthur Stanley Eddington
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The first of them is an F minor work which ends with a Prestissimo movement characterized by incessant triplets. The easiest are often considered to be opus 49 numbers 1 and 2, the latter of which contains a theme also used in the composer's Septet. The 18th has a scherzo instead of a slow movement, and is sometimes known as the "Hunt." The 26th begins with a movement entitled "Lebewohl," though the work is often known as "Les Adieux" as it was written to commemorate the departure of Archduke Rudolph, the composer's patron. The most famous may be the 14th, a work in C sharp minor which is known for its flowing triplets in the first movement and is subtitled "quasi una fantasia". FTP name this group of compositions which includes the "Hammerklavier," "Appassionata," and "Moonlight."
Answer: the piano sonatas of Ludwig van Beethoven (accept equivalents)
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Most of this nation is divided into the five welayatlar, which are subdivided into cities and etraplar. The most populous of its provinces is the Mary Province, which is mostly covered by desert, but is also home to an ancient capital city and irrigated by the Karakum Canal. In the north lies the Dasoguz region, while the westernmost Balkan Province is home to Central Asia's only port, a city formerly named Krasnovodsk, but currently bearing the name of a former despot. FTP, name this nation, which recently installed Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov to replace Saparmurat Niyazov as its leader in the capital of Ashgabat.
Answer: Turkmenistan
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This work's third section considers Schiller's conception of the "naive" and the wisdom imparted by Silenus to King Midas. In a dispute which followed its publication, the author's friend Ernst Rohde came to his defense, while a pamphlet attacking it was published by Ulrich Wilamowitz-Moellendorff. Its author laments that he failed to see that he was grappling with the problem of "science itself" in the opening "Attempt at a Self-Criticism" which he attached to it in 1886. The book takes a turn in section 16, when it shifts from a focus on Socrates and starts talking about modern opera, especially that of Richard Wagner. FTP, name this work which posits a distinction between the Apollinian and Dionysian, the first book by Friedrich Nietzsche.
Answer: The Birth of Tragedy or Die Geburt der Tragodie
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This protein is the target of glycosides such as digitalis that improve heart performance, as inhibiting this protein increases the concentration of calcium ions, causing stronger muscle contractions. Essential for maintaining osmotic balance and therefore cellular volume, in the gut, ionic gradients maintained by this protein are used for import of glucose. Consisting of two subunits, it is important in neurons for the creation of action potentials and for maintaining the resting state. Requiring the hydrolysis of ATP for function, FTP, name this enzyme located in the cell membrane that moves two cations into the cell for every three cations that are exported.
Answer: sodium-potassium pump or sodium-potassium ATPase (accept Na/K abbreviation)
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One side agreed to an alliance at a secret meeting in Sevres, and the massacre of Kafr Kassim occurred after opposing forces got word that Jordan might attempt to intervene on the other side. It stemmed partly from the revocation of a $56 million grant because a nation had purchased tanks from Czechoslovakia and established diplomatic relations with China. European forces launched Operation Musketeer to occupy the area, and though supported by Operation Kadesh, an appeal to the General Assembly resulted in a cease-fire. Lester Pearson negotiated the installment of a UN Emergency Force on the Sinai Peninsula. FTP, name this crisis that resulted from Gamal Nasser's nationalization of a waterway connecting the Mediterranean and Red Seas.
Answer: Suez Canal crisis (accept reasonable equivalents)
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He lamented how "thy poor head almost turns" because "so many books thou readest" in his "The Second Best," while he asserted "How fair a lot to fill / Is left to each man still" at the end of his "A Summer Night." He felt a "nameless sadness" roll over him because "Light flows our war of mocking words" in his "The Buried Life," while he wrote about a "grave Tyrian trader" who sees the "merry Grecian coaster come" and decides to depart to where "the Atlantic raves / Outside the western straits" at the end of a poem inspired by Joseph Glanvill's The Vanity of Dogmatizing. Pausanias and Callicles appear in his "dramatic poem" about a suicidal philosopher, Empedocles on Etna. FTP, name this British poet of "The Scholar-Gypsy" and "Dover Beach."
Answer: Matthew Arnold
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In Act Two, the lead coloratura soprano exclaims "We'll teach these motherfuckers how to dance!" A highlight of this opera comes when that character identifies herself in a previous aria. With a libretto by Alice Goodman, its opening act includes comments about time spent in Hawaii which may have been taken directly from a news transcript. The title character introduces himself by exclaiming that "News has a kind of mystery." Featuring "The People Are The Heroes Now," "The Three Main Rules of Discipline and Eight Points of Attention" and the "Landing of the Spirit of '76," FTP, name this opera whose characters include Henry Kissinger, Mao Zedong, and the title president, a work by John Adams.
Answer: Nixon in China
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In this novel, August Hempel offers a once-wealthy Chicago woman a teaching position in New Holland in the Illinois countryside. There she tutors a young boy named Roelf, who later falls in love with Dallas O'Mara. Eventually the woman ends up marrying Pervus, the owner of an asparagus farm. When he dies, she takes over the business and ekes out a life for herself and her son, who goes on to become a successful yet unfulfilled architect. The odd title of this 1924 work refers to Selina's description of the size of her son, Dirk. FTP, name this Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about the De Jong family, a work by Edna Ferber.
Answer: So Big
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One of its signers believed her son was involved in a plot to murder John the Fearless, the former duke of Burgundy, and that he would not live long enough to rule because five sons before him had all died. Though Philip the Good signed it, entering into an alliance with England, he was also party to the Congress of Arras, whose decisions nullified it. It was only effective for two years, as two of the rulers involved suddenly died. Clerics claimed it was illegal, citing Salic law, and Charles VII denounced it, leading the Armagnacs back into war. FTP, name this 1420 treaty which attempted to end the Hundred Years' War, and established Henry V as the heir to the French throne.
Answer: Treaty of Troyes
2007 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Yale + Rutgers
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Though a fisherman named Grim is supposed to kill the title character, he instead takes him to England, where he works as a scullion for the evil Godrich. FTPE:,
[10] Name this verse romance probably composed in the late 13th century, whose title character gets to marry Goldborough because he is the strongest man in England.
Answer: Havelok the Dane
[10] When Havelok the Dane goes to Lincoln, he is assisted by this cook who shares his name with that of a character loved by Helena in All's Well that Ends Well.
Answer: Bertram
[10] The evil regent Godrich in Havelok is Earl of this place. In King Lear, the husband of Regan who puts out Gloucester's eyes is Duke of this place.
Answer: Cornwall
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Answer the following about the strong force, FTPE.,
[10] This theory of the strong force explains the force through the exchange of gluons by quarks.
Answer: quantum chromodynamics or QCD
[10] In the early universe, the temperatures may have been such that the strong force was combined with the electromagnetic and weak forces into a single force. The forces were then separated by a process known by this name.
Answer: spontaneous symmetry breaking
[10] Gross, Politzer and Wilczek won the 2004 Nobel in physics for their elucidation of this property of QCD, where the strong force between quarks quickly reduces to zero as the distance between them is increased.
Answer: asymptotic freedom
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After studying fossils discovered by Ralph von Koenigswald, Franz Weidenreich argued that two regionally separated taxa should be combined into this taxon. FTPE:,
[10] Name this species of hominids which left Africa during the early Pleistocene and spread across Europe and Asia. One of its first specimens to be discovered was Java Man.
Answer: Homo erectus
[10] The most complete specimen of this subspecies of Homo erectus was found in 1984 at Lake Turkana in Kenya by Alan Walker and Richard Leakey.
Answer: Homo ergaster
[10] This Homo species had long arms and may have been the ancestor of Homo ergaster. The first one was found by Jonathan Leakey and was named "Jonny's Child.'
Answer: Homo habilis
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He became editor of The New Republic after serving as Secretary of Commerce. FTPE:,
[10] Name this politician, whose similarly-named father served as Secretary of Agriculture under Warren Harding.
Answer: Henry Agard Wallace
[10] Wallace was dumped as FDR's vice president after a visit to the Far East during which Joseph Alsop persuaded him to request the recall of this general. In the fall of 1944, this man was recalled anyway after Chiang Kai-Shek called for his dismissal.
Answer: Joseph Stillwell
[10] At the 1944 Democratic Convention, Truman edged out this Supreme Court justice and former chairman of the SEC for the vice presidential nomination.
Answer: William O. Douglas
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The 1925 novella Guest of Reality described his early life. FTPE:,
[10] Name this author of The Secret of Heaven and The Eternal Smile, who was awarded the 1951 Nobel Prize for Literature.
Answer: Par Lagerkvist
[10] The title character of this Par Lagerkvist novel is sentenced to work in a silver mine after being pardoned for a crime. He later converts to Christianity and becomes a gladiator.
Answer: Barabbas
[10] This 1933 Lagerkvist novella consists of two scenes, one set in a medieval tavern and the other in a German nightclub. In both, the title figure mostly remains silent while others laud his acts of violence.
Answer: The Hangman or Bodeln
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Answer the following about reactions with alkenes FTPE.,
[10] Ozonolysis of internal alkenes will form two compounds, both with this functional group.
Answer: ketone
[10] This reaction involves preparing alkenes from alpha-silylcarbanions that goes through an intermediate beta-hydroxy silane and the namesake's elimination step, which can be done by acid or base to separate the alkene stereoisomers.
Answer: Peterson reaction or olefination
[10] In this reaction, adding an ylide to a carbonyl group features a characteristic cyclic intermediate called an oxaphosphetine, which then forms a phosphine oxide and an alkene.
Answer: Wittig reaction
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Answer the following about an artist who wrote the memoir Crooked Trails, FTPE:,
[10] This artist's 1908 work Shotgun Hospitality depicts a bearded man hosting three Native Americans around his fire. His other works include Pony Herder and Fight for the Waterhole.
Answer: Frederic Remington
[10] Frederic Remington might be best known for this 1895 bronze sculpture that he presented as a gift to Teddy Roosevelt; it depicts a cowboy trying to train a rearing horse.
Answer: The Bronco Buster
[10] This 1889 Remington work depicts eight riders furiously galloping to the woods in order to escape an attack by Native Americans.
Answer: A Dash for the Timber
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The "tragic vision" of this writer is compared to the work of Racine in Lucien Goldmann's Marxist study The Hidden God. FTPE:,
[10] Name this man, whose major work wasn't published in a definitive edition until Louis Lafuma tracked down the original manuscript in the 20th century.
Answer: Blaise Pascal
[10] Lafuma produced the first definitive edition of this fragmentary Pascal work, which describes his notorious "wager" on God's existence.
Answer: Pensees or Thoughts
[10] Pascal adopted the pseudonym of Louis de Montalte for this epistolary defense of Jansenism.
Answer: Provincial Letters or Lettres provinciales
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At the climax of this work, the protagonist's wife Iris comes home and yells "I am not an Appalachian!" FTPE:,
[10] Name this play, in which the main character works on the corrupt Wally O'Hara's campaign.
Answer: The Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window
[10] The Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window closed on Broadway only a few hours after this woman, its author, died. She also wrote A Raisin in the Sun.
Answer: Lorraine Hansberry
[10] This unfinished play, a realistic drama set in Africa, was adapted by Hansberry's husband Robert Nemiroff and published in 1972.
Answer: Les Blancs
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Answer the following about the anatomy of the ear, FTPE:,
[10] This thin membrane separates the outer and middle ear and transmits sound from the air to the malleus.
Answer: tympanic membrane (accept eardrum)
[10] This snail-shaped organ is located in the inner ear and contains the Organ of Corti, the sensory organ for hearing.
Answer: cochlea
[10] These specialized sensory cells within the Organ of Corti are responsible for detecting vibrations in the endolymph caused by sound and transforming vibration into action potentials. They lie on top of the basilar membrane and extend into the scala media.
Answer: hair cells
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Name these figures from Greek mythology who were involved in the preparation of foul dishes, FTPE:,
[10] This resident of Tartarus cut up his son Pelops, boiled him, and served him to the gods. Supposedly, Demeter ate a piece of the boy's shoulder.
Answer: Tantalus
[10] This woman cut up a ram and boiled it and a young ram jumped out of the pot. Believing that following her example would make their father young again, Pelias's daughters cut him into pieces and boiled them.
Answer: Medea
[10] After the rape of her sister, Procne killed this son of Tereus, boiled him, and served him to her husband.
Answer: Itys or Itylos
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He was tried on charges stemming from his stint as governor of Africa after his bid to be elected consul was blocked by Lucius Volcanius Tullus. FTPE:,
[10] Name this man, who was killed in battle against an army nominally led by his former ally Gaius Antonius Hybrida.
Answer: Catiline or Lucius Sergius Catilina
[10] Catiline's plot was exposed by representatives of this Celtic tribe, whom Catiline had invited to join his conspiracy but who instead revealed it to Cicero. They then revolted in 61 BC, but were defeated at Solonium.
Answer: Allobroges
[10] This historian who was alive at the time of the conspiracy wrote about it in his first book, The Conspiracy of Catiline. He also wrote a history of the Jugurthine War.
Answer: Gaius Sallustius Crispus
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He won a Pulitzer Prize for 1976's Air Music, while his other works of the `70s include Sunday Morning and the Book of Hours for flute and harp. FTPE:,
[10] Name this contemporary American composer, who is also known for the diaries he has been publishing since the 1960s.
Answer: Ned Rorem
[10] Rorem studied orchestration with this composer of the Symphony on a Hymn Tune and the ballet Filling Station, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his score to the film Louisiana Story.
Answer: Virgil Thomson
[10] While at the Berkshire Music Center, Rorem also studied under this composer of the ballet Billy the Kid and El Salon Mexico.
Answer: Aaron Copland
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Name these works by Moliere, FTPE:,
[10] In this play, Ariste and Sganarelle plan to marry Leonor and Isabella, their wards. While Ariste lets Leonor do as she wishes, Sganarelle tries to cut Isabella off from the world.
Answer: The School for Husbands or L'ecole des maris
[10] Though Elvira declares her love for Don Silvio, the actions of the title prince in this heroic comedy convince her that she can marry him without regret.
Answer: Don Garcia of Navarre, or the Jealous Prince or Dom Garcie de Navarre, ou Le Prince Jaloux
[10] The protagonist uses letters written by Argas to obtain possession of a house. His schemes cause the eviction of Damis, but everything works out in the end when the king orders the arrest of the title character.
Answer: Tartuffe
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This faction, which officially called itself as the Equal Rights Party, opposed a standard system of weights and measures and called for abolition of the Electoral College. FTPE:,
[10] Name this faction of Jacksonian Democrats, who got their more common name from the matches they used at their first meeting.
Answer: Locofocos
[10] The Locofocos emerged as a response to this political organization, which in the 1830s was led by Isaac Varian. Later in the 19th century it would be led by Isaac Fowler and Fernando Wood.
Answer: Tammany Hall
[10] As signs reading "Bread, Meat, Rent, Fuel!" were posted around New York City and signed by prominent Locofocos, they were accused of masterminding this reaction to the Panic of 1837, in which purveyors of the namesake commodity were attacked.
Answer: Flour Riot of 1837
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The second part of this work describes the overthrow of No-Ammon and predicts a similar dire fate for Nineveh. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Old Testament book which is only three chapters long, which was written by an obscure figure known as the Elkoshite.
Answer: Nahum
[10] The Book of Nahum precedes the book of this other minor prophet. Also three chapters long, it ends with a vision of God coming from Teman which causes the curtains of the land of Midian to tremble.
Answer: Habakkuk
[10] The last book of the twelve minor prophets was written by this man, whose name means "messenger." It ends with a promise that the hearts of the fathers and children will be turned back toward each other.
Answer: Malachi
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Identify these encryption schemes, FTPE:,
[10] In this scheme, two large primes are chosen, and their product, n, is computed. The public key for this algorithm is an exponent e coprime to the totient of n, and the private key is e's inverse modulo the totient of n.
Answer: RSA encryption
[10] Given a cyclic group of order q, an authority chooses a generator g and a random exponent x between 0 and q - 1, and publishes (g, h) where h is g to the x power under the group. Messages are encrypted as the pair (g to the y, m times h to the y), where m is a group element representing a plaintext.
Answer: ElGamal encryption
[10] Replaced by NIST with a protocol based on substitution and permutation, this symmetric scheme based on a 16-round Feistel Network was criticized for requiring a small 56-bit key, though applying it three times to get a "triple" variety appears to be cryptographically secure.
Answer: Data Encryption Standard
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Name these Latin American authors, FTPE.,
[10] He attacked his nation's revolution in the essay "Felos de Se," part of his collection of political essays, Mea Cuba, and is also known for the novel Three Trapped Tigers.
Answer: Guillermo Cabrera Infante (prompt on partial answer)
[10] This Argentine's first novel concerned a cinephile who dreamed of Rita Hayworth, but he is better known for his Kiss of the Spider Woman.
Answer: Manuel Puig
[10] The deranged artist Juan Pablo Castel is the subject of his El tunel, but his reputation for horror literature was made with On Heroes and Tombs.
Answer: Ernesto Sabato
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An 1858 gold rush opened up settlement of this river's inland waters. FTPE:,
[10] The Nechako, West Road, and Thompson Rivers are received by this river, whose source was found to be different from that of the Columbia River by its namesake.
Answer: Fraser River
[10] The Fraser River empties into this strait which runs between Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia.
Answer: Strait of Georgia (or Gulf of Georgia or Georgia Strait)
[10] This American exclave, located between the Strait of Georgia and Boundary Bay, was found to be connected to the Canadian mainland through the Fraser River delta.
Answer: Point Roberts
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Name these terrorist organizations, FTPE.,
[10] This Marxist-Leninist organization broke a ceasefire when it bombed Barajas International Airport on December 30, 2006.
Answer: ETA (or Euskadi Ta Askatusana)
[10] This Hutu nationalist militia, whose name means "Those Who Stand Together," killed more than 800,000 people during the Rwandan Civil War.
Answer: Interahamwe
[10] This German group, which was founded by Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin, and Horst Mahler, was especially active during the autumn of 1977.
Answer: Red Army Faction or Rote Armee Fraktion (prompt on "Baader-Meinhof")

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