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2008 ACF Nationals Tossups by Vandy
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This man asked for 20,000 rubles from Catherine the Great and, though he may have been her lover, he got only 1,000 and some troops. As a general in the French Army of the North, he was tried for losing at Neerwinden. Partly due to his inability to obtain firm support from his friend William Pitt, his first attempted invasion ended in a fiasco near Puerto Cabello; his second invasion at Coro also failed.He was caught violating the Neutrality Act of 1794 when his American crew on board the Leander was detained on a filibustering expedition.After being defeated at the Battle of San Mateo by the forces of Juan Domingo Monteverde, this man, who had been serving as dictator since 1811, was written off as a traitor by Bolivar and sent to die in a prison in Cadiz.FTP, identify this man known as "El Precursor," who fought for the independence of Venezuela.
Answer: Francisco de Miranda (or Sebastian Francisco de Miranda y Rodriguez; prompt on "The Forerunner" or "El Precursor")
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Optical properties of this mineral include a change from biaxial positive to negative when its most common cation makes up 85% of its total cationic sum, and Poldervaart provided the most popular diagram for estimation of this mineral's composition based on birefringence and 2V, though optical geochemistry estimations often fail due to its compositional zonation. Conchoidal fracturing provides a route for its alteration to iddingsite, and its alpha form changes to wadsleyite and ringwoodite with increasing pressure, leading to use of its structure as a depth indicator for kimberlites. Substitution of manganese in its M1 site produces the rare variety tephroite. Mafic rocks such as gabbro or basalt contain it in abundance, since it is at the beginning of the discontinuous branch of Bowen's Reaction Series. FTP, name this nesosilicate whose end members include fayalite and forsterite, the most abundant mineral of the upper mantle, named for its particular shade of green.
Answer: olivine
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Juan de Arfe is sometimes referred to as the Spanish version of this artist. One work attributed to him at the National Gallery of Art in Washington depicts the creation of the Hippocrene fountain. He borrowed imagery from a lost fresco of Rosso Fiorentino to create a bronze lunette which depicts a woman reclining among hounds who drapes her arm around a stag, the Nymph of Fontainebleau. His best known work includes a group of four seahorses and features one character placing his hand upon a ship, while his legs intertwine with the goddess Ceres who rests her hand upon an ionic temple. The Loggia dei Lanzi houses his "Perseus Holding the Head of Medusa" and he is also known for being repeatedly convicted of sodomy and shooting the Prince of Orange. FTP, name this artist who gave to Francis I the gift of an enamel, ivory, and gold Saltcellar.
Answer: Benvenuto Cellini
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One of these types of chemical reactions is named for Grieco, and results in a terminal alkene, while this type of reaction is the second step in a Knoevenagel reaction. Another example of one of these sees an alcohol react with a potassium xanthate to form a carbonyl sulfide and methane-thiol besides the main product - that reaction is named for Chugaev. An amine oxide is reacted with mCPBA in the Cope one of these, which is an alternative to the one using excess methyl iodide named for Hoffman which naturally obeys Hofmann's Rule. The deuterium isotope effect can differentiate the two mechanisms for this kind of reaction, one of which works best with anti-periplanar geometry. FTP, name this kind of reaction which follows Zaitsev's rule when it produces alkenes, a reaction in which substituents are removed from a molecule.
Answer: elimination reactions (accept E2 or E1 until "two mechanisms")
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He recently played a game for the Sundsvall Dragons in Sweden after completing a temporary contract with Torpat Pojat in Finland, once it was clear he would not make a return to the NBA after an ill-fated final season with his original team in '03-'04. He began his career as a backup to Brad Sellers on the team that, shortly after the draft, traded their pick Olden Polynice for him. In 1994, his questionable foul on Hubert Davis led to that team's loss to the Knicks in a playoff series that also saw him refuse to participate in a last-second play planned for Toni Kukoc due to a claimed migraine. Later a Houston Rocket for a season, this product of Central Arkansas then played for four years in Portland. For ten points, name this forward who won 6 titles with the Bulls alongside Michael Jordan.
Answer: Scottie Pippen
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A transformation of coordinates can be shown to be a canonical transformation if and only if it preserves these quantities, while a dynamical system is Hamiltonian if and only if the time derivative obeys the Leibniz rule on these quantities. The operator obtained by taking this quantity for the Hamiltonian and the time derivative is called the Liouvillian, which can be used to rewrite the Hamilton-Jacobi equation in terms of this quantity. The Hamiltonian Noether theorem states that this operator applied to the Hamiltonian and a constant of the motion is zero. FTP, what is this concept, the classical mechanics analog of the commutator?
Answer: Poisson Bracket or PB
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A story from Winnebago myth concerns how Hare acquired one of these objects, while in Egyptian myth, two of these objects crossed represented the female form of Ka, Hemsut, as well as the cult of the goddess Neith. In the Mahabarata, Bhishma lies on a bed of these until the war is over, and upon the death of Heracles, those belonging to him were given to Philoctetes. Fourteen of them were used to punish Niobe, who had insulted Leto. In Norse myth, Hoder made one out of mistletoe. For 10 points, name these objects that were the undoing of Hoder and Achilles, used to inflict death or plague by Apollo and Artemis or to incite love by Cupid.
Answer: arrows
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Characters in this man's stories include a poet based on Robert Frost, Asa Bascomb, and a businessman who has an affair with Mrs. Flannagan, Charlie Pastern. Crazy people in this man's works include Paul Hammer, whose attempt to immolate Tony on a church altar is thwarted by the chainsaw-wielding Elliot Nailles, and Miss Dent, who attacks Blake on the five-forty-eight train. Johnny Hake is the titular "Housebreaker" of a neighborhood in which several stories like "The Country Husband" are set, and he wrote a novel in which the drug-abusing college professor Ezequiel Farragut is being incarcerated in the titular prison. Another novel focuses on Moses, Coverly, and their father Leander, members of the namesake family, and he wrote a story in which Neddy Merrill decides to go home through a series of pools. For 10 points, name this author of The Wapshot Chronicle and "The Swimmer."
Answer: John Cheever
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One of this man's poems is addressed to an "Ox that I saw in my childhood," while in another the speaker exclaims "The clock has rung three?If only it were She!" and describes himself as the "auto-Hamlet." One of his works quotes Poe's "Ulalume" by declaring "with Psychis, my soul," and in a book of criticism he notably placed Poe among the titular "Rare Flowers." Early in his career this man published a novel in which the villainous gambler Ernesto pursues the titular English girl, Emelina, but it was praise from critic Juan Valera that helped launch this author's best-known work. "Symphony in Gray Major" stands out among his Prosas Profanas, and he calls the title figure an "Alexander-Nebuchadnezzer" and scolds him for his imperialism in his To Roosevelt. For 10 points name this author of Azul, known as the father of Modernismo in his native Nicaragua.
Answer: Ruben Dario
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This conflict saw the death of Florimund de Mercy fighting against the Marshals de Broglie and Coigny at San Pietro. Reinforcements under Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia participated in the late Battle of Guastalla. After the issuance of a manifesto at Konigsberg, Adam Tarlo formed a confederation to oppose the army of Peter Lacy. Meanwhile, the fleet of Luis de Cordova was successful at the key Battle of Bitonto in another theater. It was ended by the Treaty of Vienna, which made Francis Stephen the Grand Duke of Tuscany after the last Medici ruler, and most importantly recognized the rule of Augustus III over the claim of Stanislaw who had fled to France at its beginning. FTP, name this 1733-1738 conflict, a certain war of succession fought when Russia attempted to set up a ruler in the namesake country.
Answer: War of the Polish Succession
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At one point in this novel, four village notables are called, a group which contains a schoolmaster who prides himself in his exceedingly concise history. Tosun accompanies a man who hopes "even harsher and darker tales" will go before him, and violence perpetrated in this novel includes a shopkeeper being nailed to a post by his ear. . The Jew Lotte constructs a hotel near the title location, at which the Gypsy Salko nearly dies while drunkenly dancing. The corrupt vizier Abidaga is later implied to have killed grand vizier Mohammed Pasha Sokollu, the man initially responsible for the central element in this novel. Radisav is impaled after being caught trying to stop the construction of the title structure. The residents of Visegrad appear in, FTP, what Ivo Andric novel about a titular structure that links Bosnia and Serbia.
Answer: The Bridge on the Drina or Na Drini cuprija
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This property is altered in the Voigt effect, and the Verdet constant describes the extent to which it is altered in an effect used in that effect's namesake's isolator.Glan-Taylor and Glan-Thompson devices impart this property with a high extinction coefficient, and it can be represented in a set of two by two matrices named for Jones. In more complicated cases, a Mueller matrix is used to describe how a material will alter its characteristics, as represented by I, Q, U, and V in a Stokes vector. The intensity resulting from creating this property is related to an average cosine squared in Malus' Law, and it is imparted for an incident beam hitting a surface at Brewster's angle. FTP, name this property that can be elliptical, circular, or linear, in which an electric field oscillates in a single plane.
Answer: polarization [accept word forms]
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This work's third movement Andantino features an extended arabesque in the solo flute, while the second movement theme features a single note on the glockenspiel followed by phrases in the flute and piccolo. That theme originally appeared in a cultural study by Jean-Baptiste de Halde, and Rousseau quoted it in his Dictionary of Music as an example of Eastern music. This work was originally planned as a ballet to be produced by Leonide Massine, but the composer withdrew when he learned Salvador Dali would design the sets. Although it has three movements based on piano duets, with the last turned into a vigorous march, its second movement is based on an overture to J.A. Schiller's adaptation of a Carlo Gozzi play and is entitled "Turandot Scherzo." FTP, name this Paul Hindemith work featuring variations on pieces by the composer of Oberon and Der Freischutz.
Answer: Symphonic Metamorphosis of Themes by Carl Maria von Weber (accept equivalents with "Metamorphoses" or with different prepositions, e.g. "Symphonic Metamorphoses on Themes of Weber")
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One character in this work is gossiped about by Miss Atkinson, who compliments his behavior at the Wallises'. Another character is looked down upon for skipping a meeting with Lady Dalrymple and worries about the machinations of Mrs. Clay. A visit to Harville at Lyme Regis results in an injury to the protagonist's putative rival, who eventually marries Benwick. A friend of the protagonist, Mrs. Charles Smith, reveals the true character of her cousin William, who schemes to marry her to secure his inheritance of Kellynch Hall. The central family resides in Bath while Kellynch is being leased to Admiral and Mrs. Croft, the sister of the protagonist's former love who nearly marries Louisa Musgrove. A letter from Captain Wentworth eventually secures the hand of Anne Elliot in, for 10 points, what final novel by Jane Austen?
Answer: Persuasion
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This city, home to such sights as the Bogyoke Market, is due east from the town of Pathein and sits at the confluence of two rivers on the Gulf of Martaban. It contains two major lakes - Lake Inya, on whose banks its university can be found, and Kandawgyi Lake, which contains a massive replica of a royal barge known as the Karaweik. a popular tourist attraction in this city. Home to the Strand Hotel built by the Sarkies brothers in 1901, directly to its northeast is the city of Bago or Pegu, which gives its name to the Bago River flowing through this metropolis. A railway runs from it to the second-largest city in its country, Mandalay, and this city sits just to the east of the Irrawaddy River. FTP, name this largest city in Myanmar.
Answer: Yangon or Rangoon
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One mechanism in this component can be implemented with either a Second-Chance Algorithm or an LRU replacement scheme. This entity needs to find a victim frame in cases where there are no free frames. It's not a cache, but Belady's Anomaly states that increasing the number of frames can lead to slower performance when implementing it with First In First Out frames. A translation lookaside buffer can improve the speed at which it translates addresses from page tables, and thrashing occurs when too much of it is allocated and a system spends all of its time retrieving pages. Its ability to provide programs with an address space creates an extra layer of security in operating systems, and provides an abstraction for non-contiguous memory regions. FTP, identify this representation of computer memory that often involves using the hard drive.
Answer: Virtual Memory
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This ruler had a daughter named Deinomache who came to marry Cleinias and have a famous son. His own mother was Agariste, a daughter of a tyrant of Sicyon who shared this ruler's name, and his father was Megacles. This man ascended to power only after the expulsion of an aristocrat, Isagoras, who ran on a platform of revoking citizenship and was supported by king Cleomenes I. This ruler divided the land into city, shore, and inland regions and set up a system of ten trittyes composed of demes. He also increased the size of the boule to 500, discouraged the use of the patronymic, and supposedly introduced ostracism. FTP, name this Alcmaeonidae ruler who came to power in 508 B.C. and reformed the Athenian democracy.
Answer: Cleisthenes
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This painting is bookended on each side by maroon chairs with tassles and gold studs. The image on the wall in this painting is, as in many other works by its artist, labeled with the word "Descriptio," its creators being known as "World Describers. The lack of candles in the golden chandelier adorned with a double-headed eagle in this work is likely a reference to the suppression of the painter's faith. A large tapestry serves as a repoussoir, held back by the chair on the left. Black and white tile belies this painting's meager setting and led to its misidentification as a work of Peter de Hooch. One figure, wearing a poofy black and white slashed doublet, has his back to the viewer and rests his right arm on a maulstick, while the other figure wears holds a book and a trumpet in the guise of Clio. For 10 points, name this work that symbolically depicts an artist painting a posing subject, by Jan Vermeer.
Answer: The Art of Painting [or The Allegory of Painting; or The Allegory of the Art of Painting; or Die Allegorie der Malerei]
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The gene S100A8 can protect against it, and a recent study showed that melatonin can antagonize it in partheno-genetic embryos. This process can be detected via the uptake of 7-AAD during flow cytometry, the exclusion of trypan blue, and the terminal dUTP nick-end labeling, or TUNEL assay. Binding of the Fas ligand induces it, as does upregulation of proteins like BAX and BAD, while other members of the Bcl-2 family oppose it. The exact number of times this process occurs is known for the development of C. elegans, whose ced-3 proteins are the homologues of the Apaf-1-activated human caspases that are responsible for many of its effects. Also initiated by p53 upon un-repairable DNA damage, FTP, name this process of type I programmed cell death.
Answer: apoptosis [prompt on "programmed cell death"]
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This man negotiated a namesake peace agreement with the general Jose Maria Moncada; it is often referred to as the Pact of Espino Negro. The author of Democracy and Nationalism in Europe, he collaborated with McGeorge Bundy on the memoir On Active Service in Peace and War. He negotiated the above treaty after he'd been sent to Nicaragua by Coolidge, and then in 1927 he became governor-general of the Philippines. His first cabinet post was in 1911 as Taft's Secretary of War, a position he'd hold again from 1940-45, when he had a significant impact over the Manhattan Project. But, it was during his time as Secretary of State for Hoover that he issued a proclamation in response to Japan's invasion of Manchuria. FTP, name this statesman whose doctrine says that the US will not recognize territorial changes achieved by force.
Answer: Henry Stimson
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TB. Raphael Patai wrote about it ...in Judaism. Henrika Kuklick's this ...Within describes the early history of British anthropology, including their division of human progress to include civilization, barbarism, and a stage comprised of these. Lewis Henry Morgan characterized that stage in terms of sexual promiscuity, a theme also taken up in a work about The Sexual Life of... them, and Sex and Repression in... their kind of society in books by Malinowski. More broadly, Levi-Strauss described the nature of human society in his book about this kind of mind. For 10 points, name this anthropological label for primitive, violent man, whose idealized version is known as the "noble" kind.
Answer: savage
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TB. The letter of Polycarp seems to have been a cover letter for writings by one man of this name, which include a letter to that same bishop. His fervent desire for martyrdom dominates his epistle to the Romans, while his letter to the Philadelphians instructs Christians to do nothing without their bishop. His other writings include letters to the Ephesians, Trallians, Magnesians, and Smyrnians, which contains one of the first extra-biblical references to the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist. This first-century bishop of Antioch inspired the given name of a figure who lived in a cave near Manresa while writing his Spiritual Exercises. For 10 points, name this saint, or the first name of the founder of the Society of Jesus, a certain Loyola.
Answer: St. Ignatius of Antioch
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TB. One ruler by this name set up the usurper Priscus Attalus and served as Master of the Foot under him, but later deposed him for not complying with his demands, after which his army was ambushed by the general Sarus. Another ruler of this name was killed at the Battle of Vouille, where his people surrendered much of their territory; he also compiled a collection of law called the Breviary. The more famous one initially suffered defeat at the Battle of Pollentia at the hands of the general Stilicho, but after Stilicho was put to death, he set up residence in Epirus and then launched an attack which captured the sister of the emperor Honorius and was famously lamented by St. Augustine. FTP, name this king of the Visigoths who sacked Rome in 410 A.D.
Answer: Alaric
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TB. His love of the satyr Ampelos, who was killed by the river Pactolus, resulted in the creation of one of the things most associated with him. In one story, when King Lycurgus learned that this god was in his kingdom, he imprisoned the followers of him, which resulted in the god's fleeing to Thetis. He then made Lycurgus go insane, thinking his son was some ivy, a plant holy to this god, which in turn made the land go bare until Lycurgus was drawn and quartered by his rebelling people. In another famous case of regal hostility towards this god, who was worshipped by the maenads, his own cousin is eventually raped and torn to pieces by a group of women including his mother, Agave, after Pentheus is driven to the wilds following his forbidding of this god's worship in a story used for a play by Euripedes. For 10 points, this son of a woman who died when she saw Zeus in his full splendor, Semele, the Greek god of inspired madness and wine.
Answer: Dionysus [accept Bacchus before "Zeus" is read and do not accept or prompt on it after]
2008 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Vandy
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Its author originally meant it to be an introduction to his new philosophical system explained in Realms of Being. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this work that says "Philosophy begins in media res," a work on epistemology that describes the importance of doubt and the other titular concept, which can be described as trusting one's instincts.
Answer: Skepticism and Animal Faith
[10] Skepticism and Animal Faith was written by this Spanish-American philosopher, who also wrote about Three Philosophical Poets, as well as the novel The Last Puritan.
Answer: George Santayana
[10] This five-volume work from early in Santayana's career, inspired by a reading of Hegel, contains his famous quote that "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
Answer: The Life of Reason
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It mentions "Women of ...every shape, every age," and that "in winter he likes fat ones." For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this aria from Don Giovanni that describes the titular character's various conquests, including 1003 ladies in Spain.
Answer: The "Catalogue Aria" [or "Madamina, il catalogo e questo"]
[10] The "Catalogue Aria" is performed shortly after Giovanni and Leporello escape from Giovanni's ill-fated seduction of this woman, the betrothed of Ottavio and daughter of the Commendatore.
Answer: Donna Anna
[10] Salman Rushdie parodied the "Catalogue Aria" in The Ground Beneath Her Feet when describing the "noisy and quiet" and "gentle and rough" substitute lovers of this protagonist for the title character, Vina Apsara.
Answer: Ormus Cama (prompt on "Cama;" also accept Ormus)
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These substances can be formed via Feshbach resonances, and Tonks-Girardeau gases are examples of them. FTPE:,
[10] Name this type of matter first produced by super-cooling rubidium atoms, which exhibits effects like slowing light and flowing out of containers on its own.
Answer: Bose-Einstein condensates (or BEC)
[10] The wavefunction of a Bose-Einstein condensate can be described with this doubly eponymous equation that adds a coupling term based on scattering length to the Schrodinger equation.
Answer: Gross-Pitaevskii equation
[10] If the magnetic field containing a BEC is changed to make the atoms' wavefunctions attractive, an implosion can take place that is called this because it resembles a star's implosion, and because scientists love Brazilian music.
Answer: bosenova
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In it, Wada Katsuka attempts to procure Katsumi's aborted child for transformation into an Aquan. FTPE:,
[10] Name this novel in which a race of fish people are bred to survive a massive flood.
Answer: Inter Ice Age 4 or Daiyon kampyoki
[10] This author of The Woman in the Dunes wrote Inter Ice Age 4. Some of his short stories were collected in Beyond the Curve.
Answer: Kobo Abe
[10] As it falls onto stage the title character of this play nearly injures the hippie boy. The boy later sells it to a passer-by who had heard of the title character's transformation into an inanimate object earlier in the day.
Answer: The Man Who Turned into a Stick or Bo ni natta otoko
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A legend says that Eleanor of Aquitaine rode bare breasted as an Amazon with her first husband Louis VII, but it still didn't recapture Edessa. FTPE:,
[10] Name this crusade called by Pope Eugenius III where the Christians also botched the siege of Damascus.
Answer: Second Crusade
[10] Unlike Bernard of Clairvaux, this abbot of St. Denis under Louis VII opposed the Second Crusade. He became regent after Louis' departure, and is best remembered for promoting Gothic architecture at St. Denis.
Answer: Abbot Suger
[10] Some of the resources of the crusade were diverted by an attempt to forcibly convert these Slavic pagans who lived between the Elbe and Oder rivers in a namesake mini-crusade led by Henry the Lion. Seth Teitler always cries when he thinks that statues of their kickass god Svetovid were torn down.
Answer: The Wends (or the Wendish Crusade or Wenden or Winden or Vendere or Vender)
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This constant can be calculated for a simple amphoteric substance by taking the square root of the multiplied equilibrium constants of the relevant acid and base. FTPE:,
[10] Give this term for the pH at which there is no net charge on an amino acid.
Answer: isoelectric point
[10] In colloid chemistry, the isoelectric point is the point at which this potential is equal to zero.
Answer: zeta potential
[10] Isoelectric point distribution of proteins in this type of protein group can be used to divide it into acidic and basic groups. This is the group of expressed proteins for a cell or organization at a certain time under specific conditions.
Answer: proteome
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Answer these questions about a Florentine artist, FTPE.,
[10] This artist decorated of the great clock at Santa Maria del Fiore, but he is better known for paintings that depict Niccolo da Tolentino, Micheletto da Cotignola, and Bernadino della Ciarda, unhorsed.
Answer: Paolo Uccello (or Paolo di Dono or Paolo degli Uccelli)
[10] The Florentine government got Paolo Uccello to paint a picture of a statue of this English mercenary. The marble colored figure holds a red baton as his horse steps on a sarcophagus-like pedestal.
Answer: Sir John Hawkwood (or Giovanni Acuto or Haccoude)
[10] Uccello is criticized for wasting his time on perspective rather than focusing on "people and animals" in this Italian artist's The Lives of the Artists biography.
Answer: Giorgio Vasari
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Answer some questions about the exciting world of plant hormones, FTPE.,
[10] Like ethylene, this hormone is a growth inhibitor. It is responsible for causing leaves to fall from a tree and may function by inhibiting the creation of RNA.
Answer: Abscisic Acid (or ABA or Dormin or Abscisin II)
[10] A precursor to Abscisic Acid is this yellow xanthophyll which also serves to protect the eye from intense shades of blue light, which probably prevents macular degeneration.
Answer: Zeaxanthin
[10] Another function of Abscisic Acid is preventing the synthesis of this class of plant hormones, primarily synthesized in meristematic regions, responsible for cell division.
Answer: Cytokinins (accept CK)
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Answer these questions about psychophysics FTPE:,
[10] Weber's law defines this variable as the intensity times a constant. It denotes a minimum threshold of detection for a change in the stimulus.
Answer: just noticable difference or jnd
[10] This man factor analyzed intelligence into seven components and has an eponymous law of comparative judgment describing the discriminal process.
Answer: Louis Leon Thurstone
[10] Developed by Green and Swets, this theory models binary discrimination choices by characterizing the sensitivity, d-prime, as the mean difference between overlapping normal distributions. ROC curves are used in conjunction with it.
Answer: signal detection theory
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The title character is shocked by the flogging inflicted upon the sailors of the US Frigate "Neversink." FTPE:,
[10] Name this novel in which the title character discards his namesake garment after falling overboard.
Answer: White-Jacket or, The World in a Man-of-War
[10] White-Jacket is a novel by this author of Redburn and Israel Potter.
Answer: Herman Melville
[10] This is the petty officer under whom White-Jacket directly serves. He continually attempts to convince Captain Claret to reward the sailors for their productivity and lessen his strict punishment scheme.
Answer: Jack Chase (accept either)
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The title lawyer has a brain aneurysm and starts helping out down and out clients in order to make his visions go away. For ten points each:,
[10] First, name this ABC drama starring Jonny Lee Miller.
Answer: Eli Stone
[10] This musician appears in many of Eli Stone's visions. His songs like "Older" and "Faith" get stuck in Eli's head, and Stone even represents him in one episode.
Answer: George Michael (or Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou)
[10] This sassy black actress plays sassy secretary Patti on Eli Stone, but you may also remember her role as sassy teacher Marla Hendricks on Boston Public or as the sassy wife of Dr.Webber on Grey's Anatomy.
Answer: Loretta Devine
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Six Confederate generals, including John Adams, John Carter, and States Rights Gist, died at this battle, fought near Carter House and the Carnton Plantation belonging to the McGavock family. FTPE:,
[10] Name this November 30, 1864 battle, in which a Union army under John Schofield inflicted major casualties and succeeded in its attempt to flee to nearby Nashville.
Answer: (Second) Battle of Franklin
[10] The Confederate Army of Tennessee was led at Franklin by this general, who was previously wounded at both Gettysburg and Chickamauga, and who had succeeded Joseph Johnston in defending Atlanta from Sherman.
Answer: John Bell Hood
[10] Schofield was looking to meet up with this commander of the Army of the Cumberland who went on to smash Hood at Nashville. He's perhaps best known as the "rock of Chickamauga."
Answer: George Henry Thomas
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Its central cobalt atom led to its alternate name of cyano-cobalamin. FTPE:,
[10] Name this vitamin whose shortage leads to pernicious anemia.
Answer: B12
[10] Vitamin B12 can only be absorbed through the ileum when bound to this molecule produced by the parietal cells of the stomach.
Answer: intrinsic factor
[10] The Vitamin B12-intrinsic factor complex is absorbed by these receptors in the ileum. They have also been found in the kidneys and may absorb HDLs as well.
Answer: cubilin
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Answer the following about the Peacock Throne, FTPE.,
[10] The throne was built after the rejection of six other thrones by this fifth Mughal emperor who succeeded his father Jahangir in 1628.
Answer: Shah Jahan (Shabuddin Mohammed Shah Jahan)
[10] The throne once occupied the Diwan-i-Khas, or Hall of Private Audience, in this palace complex at Agra where Shah Jahan ruled from; Aurangzeb later added the Pearl Mosque to this complex.
Answer: Red Fort or Fortress (or Lal Qila, Lal Qil'ah)
[10] The throne was stolen in 1739 in a raid by this Persian leader who overthrew Tahmasp's son Abbas III and founded the short-lived Afshar Dynasty in 1736.
Answer: Nadir Shah Afshar (Nader Shah)
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Name some present and former possessions of Norway, FTPE.,
[10] This archipelago in the Arctic is the site of the Global Seed Vault on its largest island of Spitsbergen, which contains its center of Longyearben.
Answer: Svalbard
[10] This Arctic island north from Iceland has a population of approximately 20 at its lone settlement Olonkinbyen, but manages to establish for Norway an exclusive economic zone over some lucrative fishing grounds. Named for a Dutch captain, it contains the Beerenberg volcano.
Answer: Jan Mayen
[10] This archipelago controlled exclusively by Denmark since 1814 is situated about halfway between Norway and Iceland. It includes the islands of Mykines, Kalsoy, and Sandoy, and has its capital at Torshavn.
Answer: Faroe Islands (Faroes)
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Uncle William allegedly sacrifices his faith in order to save James, who had attempted to hang himself in the title structure. FTPE:,
[10] Name this play in which 13 year old Anne Callifer brings the family back together upon the deathbed of her grandfather.
Answer: The Potting Shed
[10] The Potting Shed is a play by this author of The Heart of the Matter and The Quiet American.
Answer: Graham Greene
[10] Central to The Quiet American is this French speaking Vietnamese woman with whom both Pyle and Fowler have a relationship. Her name translates as "Phoenix."
Answer: Phuong
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She was the goddess of crossroads, after she abandoned her son Mixcoatl at one. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this Aztec goddess usually depicted as an old warrior due to her association with childbirth. Women who died during childbirth became spirits named for her.
Answer: Cihuacoatl [or Chihucoatl; or Ciucoatl]
[10] Cihuacoatl helped this deity create humans of the fifth, or present age by grinding up bones from previous ages and mixing them with his blood.
Answer: Quetzolcoatl
[10] Another Aztec goddess associated with childbirth was this mother of Centeotl, better known for her association with sex, gambling, and dirt. Unfortunately, she also caused STDs.
Answer: Tlazolteotl
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Answer the following about Hungary around the end of World War I, FTPE.,
[10] Hungary got royally screwed by this 1920 treaty which limited its army to 35,000 men and stripped it of some two thirds of its land and population.
Answer: Treaty of Trianon
[10] The Allies delayed negotiating the Treaty of Trianon so as to avoid having to deal with this founder of the Hungarian Communist Party who briefly held power in 1919 before fleeing to Vienna and ultimately being purged by Stalin.
Answer: Bela Kun (or Bela Kohn)
[10] Bela Kun's predecessor, Mihaly Karolyi, gained tentative control of Hungary and established a democracy via this "revolution" named for a type of flower that took place on November 16th, 1918.
Answer: White Aster Revolution (or Chrysanthemum Revolution)
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Answer these questions about the humble gluon, FTPE.,
[10] While there are nine different color-anticolor combinations, there are only eight gluons, since the gluon representing this state does not occur.
Answer: color singlet
[10] The Feynman rules for gluons use the Gell-Mann lambda matrices, which are the SU(3) equivalent of these familiar two by two matrices for SU(2).
Answer: Pauli spin matrices
[10] Gluons exhibit this property, where the strong interaction becomes increasingly weak at shorter distances, allowing partons to be treated as noninteracting particles.
Answer: asymptotic freedom
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Stars passing by this body cause disturbances that send long-period comets towards the center of our solar system. FTPE:,
[10] Identify this spherical region, some 30 trillion kilometers in radius.
Answer: Opik-Oort Cloud
[10] This proposed inner, dense region of the Oort Cloud, named for its American formulator, is thought to replenish the more easily disturbed outer layer of the Oort Cloud, solving the depletion problem.
Answer: Hills Cloud
[10] Objects outside of the solar system are sent towards the sun, and thus through the Oort cloud, due to these forces exerted by the gravitational field of the Milky Way.They can also form tails when galaxies collide.
Answer: galactic tides
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Identify these sects who consider themselves to be Muslim, for 10 points each.,
[10] Predominantly found in the Levant, this group, who call themselves Unitarians, began as an offshoot of the Ismailis but incorporates other philosophies such as Gnosticism. Their emblem is a five-colored five-pointed star.
Answer: Druze
[10] Football player Antwaan Randel-El's last name shows his family's previous association with this group, which was founded in 1913 by Noble Drew Ali. Its holy book is sometimes called the Circle Seven Koran.
Answer: Moorish Science Temple of America [accept word forms]
[10] The two groups given this name follow the teachings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, are heavily prosecuted in Pakistan, and believe that Jesus survived the crucifixion and died of old age in Kashmir.
Answer: Ahmadiyya [also accept Ahmadi]
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One of the main characters randomly starts to moan sexually in the middle of this work, which is odd, since she is otherwise a nice old lady in her 90's. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this play in which the Old Man and Old Woman talk to a bunch of invisible guests, including a colonel and an emperor, then jump out the window.
Answer: The Chairs [or Les Chaises]
[10] The Chairs was written by this absurdist and author of The Lesson and Rhinoceros.
Answer: Eugene Ionesco [or Ionescu]
[10] In this Ionesco play, everyone has the titular name or one based on it, except for some people named Robert or Roberta, one of whom has multiple noses and was supposed to marry the main title character.
Answer: Jack, or the Submission [or Jacques ou la soumission]
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Identify some submarines important in US history, FTPE.,
[10] The first American submarine to be powered by two nuclear reactors rather than one, it made history on its 1960 shakedown cruise by circumnavigating the world while submerged.
Answer: USS Triton (SSN-586)
[10] This piscine American submarine made history when, in 1944, she sank the largest warship sunk by a submarine before or since, the Japanese carrier Shinano, capable of displacing 68,000 tons.
Answer: USS Archerfish (SS-311)
[10] This famed Confederate submarine, named for its inventor, sunk the USS Housatonic in Charleston harbor in 1864 but also sunk herself in the process.
Answer: (CSS) H.L. Hunley

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