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2007 ACF Nationals Tossups by Vanderbilt + UCLA
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In one of this author's works, Shozo eschews the love of two women and devotes himself to his cat Lily. In another of his stories, a woman pretends to be a Buddhist saint to pose for an artist, while in another, a woman drastically changes after getting the tattoo of a spider. In another of his works a young engineer is obsessed with the title character, Naomi, while a later novel features a protagonist who dies from a stroke after sexual arousal. In his most famous books, Kaname chooses a geisha-like mistress over his wife Misako, and a group of four women try to find a husband for Yukiko. FTP, name this Japanese author of Some Prefer Nettles and The Makioka Sisters.
Answer: Junichiro Tanizaki
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Originally a freemason, he joined The League and gained his first political appointment after the passage of the Maura statute. After seizing power from his predecessor at the Tejeros Convention he and his 34 followers bargained for an escape. His followers killed potential rival General Antonio Luna to insure that he would lead them into such battles as the one at Tirad Pass. Accompanied by his right hand man Apolinario Mabini he presented a new Constitution in the town of Malolos in 1898, but soon ran afoul of American forces and was captured by Frederick Funston. FTP, name this Filipino revolutionary leader.
Answer: Emilio Aguinaldo
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The Tischenko reaction is one of its variants, in which use of an alkoxide instead of hydroxide as the catalyst results in the formation of an ester. In the "crossed" variety of this reaction, excess formaldehyde is used to increase the yield of one of the products. This reaction involves an initial nucleophilic addition by a hydroxide group, resulting in its namesake tetrahedral intermediate, which then reacts with another molecule of reactant in a disproportionation step. FTP, name this reaction whereby carboxylic acids and alcohols are formed from aldehydes, which is named for an Italian chemist.
Answer: Cannizzaro reaction
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One figure that can be discerned in the lower left of this work wears a black and green top hat, while a mostly red figure at the front and center carries a black sword and wears a yellow pointy hat. It depicts social reformer Emile Littre as a bishop. On the right, a clown in green and red stands on top of a green platform. They overlook a throng of people, some of whom hold signs, including one saying "Doctrinaire fanfares always succeed." Originally rejected by The Twenty, a group its creator helped found, a prominent banner at the top reads "Vive La Sociale," under which the title figure can barely be seen on top of a donkey. FTP, name this work depicting Jesus coming into the titular Belgian city, a work of James Ensor.
Answer: Christ's Entry into Brussels (or Entry of Christ into Brussels in 1889)
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He concluded that "Love's wings are over fleet / And like the panther's feet / The feet of love" at the end of his "Fragoletta." He wrote about a wind which blows "out of the golden remote wild west where the sea without shore is" at the beginning of his "Hesperia," while he wrote "I am tired of tears and laughter / And men that laugh and weep" in a poem set "where the world is quiet." He wrote about a "mystic and sombre" "Lady of Pain" in his "Dolores," which appears in his Poems and Ballads. FTP, name this Victorian poet who in 1865 published a verse drama about a figure from Greek myth, Atalanta in Calydon.
Answer: Algernon Charles Swinburne
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A digression in this work notes how the title figure's companions split in two groups when he turns so they always stay behind him, while the central figure discusses how the Spartans are in fact secret philosophers. It begins with Socrates stating that he has found someone more attractive than Alcibiades. Callias prevents Socrates from leaving after he becomes upset that his opponent talks too long, which leads to a discussion of a poem of Simonides. The final section includes a discussion of courage, in which Socrates reverses his position that virtue cannot be taught. FTP, name this dialogue in which Socrates speaks with the title sophist, who is known for saying that "Man is the measure of all things."
Answer: Protagoras
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Governor George C. Pardee appointed a panel to investigate this event. During it, soldiers shot three people on top of the Windsor Hotel before they could jump. After it, Mayor Eugene Schmitz was indicted on 27 counts of bribery, though not before he gave police orders to shoot looters on sight. It began on April 18th around 5:13 A.M. and its effects continued for several days, although the main event was finished by 5:14 A.M. FTP, name this event that registered somewhere between VII and IX on the Mercalli scale and 8.25 on the Richter scale, which leveled a California town in 1906.
Answer: The Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 (accept clear-knowledge equivalents)
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It manifests when the two partial 3d bands of opposite spin are shifted by exchange interactions, but only when the band width is comparable to the displacement. It is favored when the ratio of half the nuclear separation to the 3d radius is greater than 1.5, though Heusler alloys with manganese also exhibit this as an exception to the rule. Found when the difference in energy between magnetized and unmagnetized states is near a 10th of an electron volt, it is characterized by domain structure and irreversibility upon magnetic field application known as the hysteresis effect. FTP name this condition below the Curie point, the basis for permanent magnets like iron.
Answer: Ferromagnetism
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In one episode of this show, Dorothy, the mother of the main character, got married on the anniversary of her former husband's suicide. One storyline focused on the death of a cheerleader, which was covered by Willa, while another centered on the sexual exploits and blackmailing of Prince Tyrese, played by former Laker Rick Fox. After Kira Klay killed herself, Holt flipped his car and injured Julia, who turned to drugs while he became a big action star. FTP name this TV show featuring the schizophrenic photographer Don and Lucy Spiller, a program on FX in which the central magazine editor is played by Courtney Cox.
Answer: Dirt
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The wife of a man visited by this figure bakes seven loaves of bread to prove that this figure slept for seven days instead of staying awake. Later, he obtains a very special herb but leaves it to be eaten by a snake. Earlier, he had won a major victory in the Cedar Forest, though his triumph brought about the death of a friend of his who had been acculturated by a prostitute named Shamhat. Because he killed both the Bull of Heaven and Humbaba, his friend had to die. FTP, name this pal of Enkidu, a king of Uruk who figures in a Mesopotamian epic.
Answer: Gilgamesh
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This work is discussed in the second essay of Kenneth Burke's The Rhetoric of Religion, which refers to John Bowlby's research on infants to analyze the use of the word "inhaerere" in it. In Book 5, the author describes the nine years he spent waiting for the arrival of a man named Faustus, only to be disappointed by Faustus' ignorance when he appeared. In Book 8 Simplicianus tells the story of the conversion of Victorinus, while Ponticianus introduces the author to Athanasius' The Life of Antony. Other books discuss the problem of how one can remember forgetfulness and introduce the author's son Adeodatus. FTP, name this work which describes the death of the author's mother Monica and his education under Saint Ambrose, an autobiographical work by Saint Augustine.
Answer: Confessions of St. Augustine
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In Chomsky's review of this book, he criticizes the author's definition of the phrase "You should read David Copperfield." The book argues that individuals are exposed to cultural contingencies and also help to maintain them, in its chapter on "the evolution of a culture." It claims that the autonomous person is a myth and that environmental control has become the province of science. Criticizing the titular concepts as empty constructs, the author provides evidence from his Technology of Teaching. Arguing that bad people do bad things because they get rewarded for them, it suggests that social engineering can extinguish the bad by rewarding the good. FTP, name this follow-up to Walden II, a work by B. F. Skinner.
Answer: Beyond Freedom and Dignity
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One section of this work takes place in the Anti-Emperor's Tent, which Get-Quick and Quickloot ransack for treasure. An earlier scene takes place on the Pharsalian Fields, and features such characters as Erichtho and the river god Peneus. Its protagonist devotes the end of his life to reclaiming land from the sea in a costal province of which he has been made governor. St. Francis appears at the end along with the Virgin Mary, while Euphorion, the son of the protagonist's love interest, appears in act III. He fell for that love interest, Helen of Troy, after he conjured her for the Holy Roman Emperor. FTP name this work in which a German scientist sees the conclusion of his deal with Mephistopheles, a sequel to an earlier play of Goethe.
Answer: Faust Part II (prompt on Faust; do not accept Faust Part I, obviously)
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The author of a memoir entitled A Response to History, he briefly went into exile himself after the unsuccessful Operation Ajax. His reign saw such periods as the Resurrection, which crushed political opposition, and the White Revolution, which gave women suffrage. He banned the Tudeh party after one of its members tried to assassinate him, and his contentious relationship with nationalist Muhammad Mossadegh was played out during his consistent deployment of the SAVAK secret police. FTP, name this ruler who was replaced in 1979 by the Ayatollah Khomeini as the leader of Iran.
Answer: Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (prompt on the Shah of Iran)
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In the chiral bag model of nucleons, this effect explains the origin of non-zero expectation values for fermion bilinears, and it has been proposed as a possible explanation for sonoluminescence. It has been measured to within 1% of its theoretical value using a polystyrene sphere attached to the tip of an atomic force microscope. Its namesake originally proposed it after investigating van der Waals forces in colloidal solutions, when he noted that fluctuations in the second-quantized electromagnetic field could explain the interaction between two neutral particles. FTP name this effect that describes the attractive force between two uncharged conducting plates in a vacuum, which is named for a Dutch physicist.
Answer: Casimir effect (or force)
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He succeeded his teacher Robin Mallapert in an important position after a religious figure from his hometown, Cardinal Giovanni Maria del Monte, became pope. Along with Annibale Zoilo, this man was commissioned to correct the chant books issued by the Council of Trent, which his son Iginio had completed after his death. He replaced Orlando de Lassus at St. John Lateran, and he served in the Pontifical Choir despite having a poor tenor voice until Pope Paul IV expelled its married members. FTP name this composer of 104 masses, including Missa Assumpta est Maria and Missa papae Marcelli, whose works became textbook examples of Renaissance counterpoint.
Answer: Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
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They include Bamapana, who committed incest, and Yurugu, who fights with his twin Nommo. Others, such as the Saci, live in the forests and are rarely seen by humans, while solitary ones like Olifat, who equipped sharks with their teeth, search for immortality. Another example, the Kumiho, has nine tails and takes the place of the bride at weddings; he can only be discovered after its clothes are taken off. Another of these figures is eventually foiled by the wax girl and reprimanded by his father Nyame. The best known descriptions of their activities occur in the tales of Native Americans who describe them in such animal forms as Hare, Raven, and Coyote. FTP, give the general term for these mythological figures who use cunning to evade responsibility and prank others.
Answer: trickster gods or figures or deities
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Several of its proteins contain a unique 36 amino acid sequence known as SXC domains. It can enter a dauer stage when stressed during development, whereas normally an anchor cell uses the LIN-3 growth factor to direct the formation of its vulva. The 2006 Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology was awarded for work on RNA interference in it, and Sydney Brenner is famous for using it to study apoptosis, which it uses to eliminate 131 cells on its way to a total of 959 somatic cells, each with a known lineage. Useful because of its transparency and developmental invariability, FTP, name this first multi-cellular animal to have its genome sequenced, a nematode often used as a model organism in biological research.
Answer: Caenorhabditis elegans
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His legate Corelius Palma annexed the Nabataean kingdom in preparation for his campaign to reinstate the king of Armenia, during which he took Bostra and named it for himself. He took only half the money given upon accession of new emperors and established the alimenta funds for poor children. He captured Sarmizegethusa, which led to the suicide of Decebalus, and made his cousin his successor because he had no children with his wife Plotina. Letters to Pliny the Younger reveal the ambitions of this optimus princeps who conquered Dacia and Parthia. FTP name this emperor who was succeeded by Hadrian, best known for commissioning his namesake column.
Answer: Marcus Ulpius Trajanus (or Caesar Filius Nerva Trajanus Optimus Augustus)
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At one point in this work, the narrator sees several drops of a "ruby-colored fluid" fall into a goblet after hearing a "gentle foot-fall upon the carpet." The narrator tries to remember the beauty of the eyes of the title character, whom he met earlier in Germany. First published in American Museum Magazine, its protagonist moves to England, but not before his dying wife recites the poem "The Conqueror Worm." When his second wife, who hails from Tremaine, dies suddenly, the narrator makes an eerie discovery. FTP, name this Edgar Allen Poe story in which the dead body of Lady Rowena transforms into that of the title character, the narrator's first wife and true love.
Answer: "Ligeia"
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According to Plutarch, this man appeared in full armor at the Battle of Tanagra ready to fight for Athens but was not allowed to take part. He died while besieging Citium, and his place as main leader of the aristocratic opposition was taken by Thucydides, son of Melesias. The Spartans decided to send the Athenians home, which hurt this man's prestige and led to his ostracism in 461, which was revoked early, perhaps due to negotiations between Pericles and this man's sister Elpinice [ell-PINN-uh-see]. He worked to expel King Pausanias of Sparta from Byzantium and became the main commander of the Delian League after 478. FTP, name this man who crushed the Persians at sea at the Eurymedon about 25 years after they were beaten on land at Marathon by his father Miltiades.
Answer: Cimon, son of Miltiades
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A 2005 paper by van Milligen asserted that the Fokker-Planck law should be used over this law in inhomogeneous systems. Its coefficient, dependent on temperature, fluid viscosity, and particle size, can be determined via the Stokes-Einstein relation. Generalized by the Onsager reciprocal relations, the second one describes changes in volume over time, while the first one describes steady-state volumes. FTP, identify this set of laws named after a German scientist which describe the process of diffusion.
Answer: Fick's law(s)
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He adapted Joseph Blackburn's portrait d'apparat method for his works depicting a fat-looking woman with a blue book in Mrs. James Russell, Katherine Graves, an old elegant lady with a hint of a mustache in Mrs. Thomas Boylston, and a red-coated Samuel Adams. Influenced by John Smibert, his later historical works include The Death of the Earl of Chatham and The Death of Major Peirson. His The Boy with a Squirrel got him noticed, and he also painted a famous portrait of Paul Revere at his silver shop. FTP, name this American artist who depicted a dangerous incident occurring in Havana harbor in his Watson and the Shark.
Answer: John Singleton Copley
2007 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Vanderbilt + UCLA
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Name these related mythological figures, FTPE.,
[10] This son of Agenor, who later retired with his wife to Illyria, was saved when he was changed into black serpent by Zeus.
Answer: Cadmus
[10] Instead of finding his sister Europa, Cadmus followed a cow to Boeotia and founded Thebes by sowing the teeth of a dragon into the ground to give rise to these five fighting men.
Answer: Sparti
[10] A necklace created by Hephaestus brought misfortune to this woman. The daughter of Zeus and a Pleiad named Electra, she married Cadmus.
Answer: Harmonia
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At one point in this work Rogero flies on a hippogryph to a land ruled by Alcina. FTPE:,
[10] Name this epic poem, whose other characters include a sorcerer named Atlantes and a king named Agramant.
Answer: Orlando Furioso
[10] This princess of Cathay is beloved by Orlando. Near the beginning of the poem, Rinaldo and Ferrau fight over her.
Answer: Angelica
[10] This other female character, the sister of Rinaldo, is beloved by Rogero. She uses Brunello's magic ring to free Rogero from a spell cast by Atlantes.
Answer: Bradamant
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It contains both Stokes and anti-Stokes components. FTPE:,
[10] Name this type of inelastic scattering that provides information about the vibrational energy levels of the molecules being irradiated.
Answer: Raman scattering (or effect)
[10] In one form of Raman scattering, gold or silver nanoparticles increase the signal via this phenomenon, in which some incident light being totally internally reflected can interact with the free electrons of the metal and create the namesake electron density waves.
Answer: surface plasmon resonance
[10] Surface plasmons, and total internal reflection itself, create electric fields in the medium in the form of this kind of wave, which decays exponentially with distance rather than sinusoidally.
Answer: evanescent waves (accept word forms)
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Name these Mughal emperors, FTPE.,
[10] This son of Babur was challenged by his father's general Sher Shah, and fled to Iran before retaking Delhi and Agra. Supposedly, he died after falling off the steps of his library.
Answer: Humayun
[10] First ruling under regent Bairam Khan, this son of Humayun married two Rajput princesses, promulgated the new religion of Dini-Ilahi, and built the great fortress of Fatehpur Sikri near Agra.
Answer: Jalal Ud Din Akbar
[10] This namesake of the last Mughal ruler, who was also known as Shah Alam, was the fourth son of Aurangzeb and succeeded his father to the throne in 1707.
Answer: Bahadur Shah I (prompt on partial answer)
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Answer the following about Hellenistic sculpture, FTPE.,
[10] This work, which commemorates a victory of Attalus I of Pergamum, shows a naked man grabbing his right thigh. It was discovered during excavations at the Villa Ludovisi in the 17th century.
Answer: Dying Gaul
[10] Galen described this work by Polykleitos as the perfect expression of the Greek search for beauty. It shows a nude youth in the contrapposto position holding the title object in his left hand.
Answer: Doryphoros or The Spear Bearer
[10] Pliny mentions that this piece was done by Agesander, Athenodorus, and Polydorus. It shows a priest of Apollo and his two sons wrestling with two horrific serpents.
Answer: Laocoon
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Answer the following about stereoisomers FTPE.,
[10] This term describes stereoisomers that are mirror images of each other. They display optical activity and can be differentiated by chiral agents.
Answer: enantiomer
[10] Unlike an enantiomer, this type of stereoisomer has different chemical properties, and can be separated by fractional distillation and chromatography. Examples include meso compounds and cis-trans isomers.
Answer: diastereomer
[10] This term describes molecules with the same structural formula, but different shapes due to rotations about one or more bonds. Cyclohexane's boat and chair configurations are examples of this type of stereoisomer.
Answer: conformer or conformational isomer
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He served as a minister to Turkey and as a U.S. marshal for Georgia following the Civil War. FTPE:,
[10] Name this military figure, who became unpopular in the South after the publication of his 1896 autobiography From Manassas to Appomatox.
Answer: James Longstreet
[10] In 1862 Longstreet was given command of the I Corps, which absorbed the brunt of the Union attack at this battle fought on December 13.
Answer: Battle of Fredericksburg
[10] Longstreet's success at First Manassas led to his being given a division under the command of this general, who surrendered to Sherman several weeks after Lee's surrender to Grant and later died after catching pneumonia at Sherman's funeral.
Answer: Joseph E. Johnston
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The protagonist recounts the story through two notebooks, the first of which is dated from February 26 to March 12, 1891. FTPE:,
[10] Name this novel in which a girl named Gertrude tries to drown herself after she has an operation to restore her sight.
Answer: The Pastoral Symphony or La Symphonie Pastorale
[10] This author of The Immoralist wrote The Pastoral Symphony.
Answer: Andre Gide
[10] In this Gide novel, Alissa refuses to marry Jerome. The characters are influenced by a sermon by Pastor Vautier which centers on the titular quotation from Luke.
Answer: Strait Is the Gate or La Porte Etroite
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
He differentiated between three approaches to reality which he termed "knowing," "faith," and "presage," which influenced Rudolf Otto's The Idea of the Holy. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 19th-century German thinker, who tried to revise Kantian thought to make it more anthropological and less speculative in his New Critique of Reason.
Answer: Jakob Fries
[10] Fries studied under this Kantian thinker at Jena, and later attacked him in a polemic that also discussed the views of Reinhold and Schelling. This man's own works include The Vocation of Man.
Answer: Johann Gottlieb Fichte
[10] Because of his liberal political views, Fries is singled out for criticism in this work by Hegel, in which he is described as a "ringleader of the hosts of superficiality."
Answer: The Philosophy of Right or Elements of the Philosophy of Right or Grundlinien der Philosophie des Rechts or Naturrecht und Staatswissenschaft im Grundrisse
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Answer the following about a class of signal transduction molecules, FTPE:,
[10] Also produced during the citric acid cycle, this purine nucleotide activates its eponymous protein class upon binding. and is inactivated by phosphate cleavage also intrinsic to the protein. Examples of its eponymous protein class include Ras, Rho, and Rab.
Answer: GTP or guanine triphosphate
[10] In contrast to the small Ras GTPases, large G proteins consist of three subunits, including the G-alpha-s subunit that activates this enzyme to increase cyclic AMP levels.
Answer: adenylate cyclase
[10] Increased adenylate cyclase activity by means of deregulation of ADP-ribosylation is a hallmark of a toxin produced in this disease, a major bacterial cause of severe diarrhea.
Answer: cholera
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Name these figures from the 1996 World Series, FTPE:,
[10] This Yankee relief pitcher earned MVP honors after getting saves in all four New York wins.
Answer: John Wetteland
[10] The momentum of the series turned in game 4, when this reserve catcher for the Yankees hit a home run off Mark Wohlers. This man hit the last home run of the 1990s when he connected in game 4 of the 1999 World Series.
Answer: Jim Leyritz
[10] In game 1, this rookie center fielder for Atlanta became the youngest player ever to hit a home run in a World Series game. He is considered the greatest player ever to come out of Curacao.
Answer: Andruw Jones
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Name these cites of southern France, FTPE.,
[10] This city contains the best preserved Roman amphitheater in the world, as well as an almost completely intact Roman Temple, the Maison Carree, which now contains a tacky 3-D theater.
Answer: Nimes
[10] The head of John Cassian, who introduced monasticism to the west, is located in the monastery of St. Victor in this city. The Chateau d'If lies off its coast.
Answer: Marseilles
[10] The Basilica of Sainte Cecile in this city is the largest brick building on Earth, and was built by Catholic inhabitants to show their opposition to its eponymous heretics, also known as Cathars.
Answer: Albi
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Name these Latin American composers, FTPE:,
[10] "The Dance of the Arrogant Gaucho" is the third of the Argentinean Dances by this composer, whose other works include the opera Don Rodrigo and a Harp Concerto.
Answer: Alberto Ginastera
[10] Orchestral works by this Mexican composer include the Horsepower Suite and six symphonies, the first two of which are the Sinfonia de Antigona and the Sinfonia India.
Answer: Carlos Chavez
[10] Works by this composer include an opera based on Garcia Lorca's Yerma and a Harmonica Concerto, as well as a 1951 Concerto for Guitar and Small Orchestra written for Andres Segovia.
Answer: Heitor Villa-Lobos
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It opens with the poem "Earthly Anecdote," which describes "bucks clattering / Over Oklahoma." FTPE:,
[10] Name this poetry collection that also includes "The Plot against the Giant" and "Le Monocle de Mon Oncle."
Answer: Harmonium
[10] This poem, which begins by depicting "complacencies of the peignoir," is one of the most famous in Harmonium. It ends with an image of pigeons sinking "downward to darkness, on extended wings."
Answer: "Sunday Morning"
[10] This longest poem in Harmonium announces that "man is the intelligence of his soil, / The sovereign ghost" and concludes with a section entitled "And Daughters With Curls."
Answer: "The Comedian as the Letter C"
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Name these kings of Assyria FTPE.,
[10] This contemporary of Hammurabi founded the Old Assyrian Empire and established his sons Yamash-Adad and Ishme-Dagan as vice regents. His empire disintegrated shortly after his death.
Answer: Shamshi-Adad I
[10] This ruler, who made Nineveh his capital, besieged Jerusalem and forced Hezekiah to pay a heavy tribute. After capturing Babylon two of his sons killed him, and he was succeeded by Esar-haddon.
Answer: Sennacherib
[10] This last major Assyrian king defeated Elam and Susa and collected an immense cuneiform library, but the power struggle that followed his death allowed the empire to fall to a Babylonian and Mede coalition.
Answer: Ashurbanipal
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They are divided into three categories: those which are sahih, or sound, hasan, or good, and da'if, or weak. FTPE:,
[10] Name this collection of the sayings of Mohammed which are used to supplement the authority of the Qu'ran.
Answer: Hadith
[10] The 7,275 Hadiths compiled by this 9th-century scholar in his Kitab al-Jami al-sahih are considered the most authoritative by many Muslim scholars.
Answer: Imam Abu `Abd Allah Muhamman ibn Isma'il al-Bukhari
[10] Hadiths which are merely hasan lack a complete one of these. It is the roster of authorities who have transmitted the hadith, and precedes the actual text of the hadith..
Answer: isnad
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Answer the following about probability testing, FTPE:,
[10] This abbreviated term refers to the general process of comparing the means of two or more samples. For two samples, it is equivalent to Student's t-test.
Answer: ANOVA or analysis of variance
[10] One method used in the ANOVA is this test, which has a namesake distribution if the null hypothesis is true. In the ANOVA, it refers to the hypothesis that normally distributed populations with equal standard deviations have equal means.
Answer: F-test or Fisher test
[10] The f-distribution, the namesake distribution of the Fisher test, has random variables that are ratios of random variables with this other type of distribution, most famously utilized by Karl Pearson.
Answer: chi-square distribution
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Answer the following about a novel and its creator, FTPE:,
[10] Supporting characters in this 1948 work set at Skully's Landing include Randolph and Jesus Fever. Eventually Joel Knox leaves the latter behind and finds himself at the Cloud Hotel.
Answer: Other Voices, Other Rooms
[10] Other Voices, Other Rooms was written by this American novelist best known for In Cold Blood.
Answer: Truman Capote
[10] This 1951 work by Truman Capote focuses on Collin Fenwick's relationship with his two very different aunts: Dolly and Verena Talbo.
Answer: The Grass Harp
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Answer the following about pitch in language, FTPE:,
[10] Some languages have tones that glide from high to low or from low to high. Name these tones that change pitch on single syllabic elements, signaling a difference in meaning.
Answer: contour tones
[10] Level tones that do not glide are given this name.
Answer: register tones
[10] This is the term used to describe pitch movement in speech that is not related to differences in word meaning, but can serve to convey aspectual information.
Answer: intonation
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In Shakespeare's Henry VI, Part I, his army is defeated by forces led by Joan of Arc. FTPE.,
[10] Name this greatest English commander during the later stages of the the Hundred Years' war, who was known as the "English Achilles" and was made the first earl of Shrewsbury by Henry VI.
Answer: John Talbot
[10] This last battle of the Hundred Years' war saw the death of Talbot in vain pursuit of a French force that outnumbered him six to one. It arose from Bordeaux's rebellion against Charles VII in 1452.
Answer: Battle of Castillon
[10] Talbot defeated the people of this region at Crotoy after Philip the Good took them out of an alliance with England and acknowledged Charles VII as king of France.
Answer: Burgundy

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