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2008 ACF Nationals Tossups by VCU
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The Knox-Thompson method computes the Fourier Transform of images associated with these objects. The simplest type of these is utilized in hyperfine structure analysis and utilizes a single component known as a Lummer-Gehrcke plate. In some varieties, the Martin-Puplett equation is employed in the calculation of input powers associated with them. A more common variety utilizes a gyroscope and laser, and uses the Sagnac Effect to determine angular velocity. An external modulator is typically used to vary the position of waveguides in the Mach-Zehnder type. FTP, name this common device useful for measuring phase altering media by producing its namesake figures, the most famous of which was used to disprove the existence of the ether by Michelson and Morley.
Answer: interferometer
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Swedish author Lars Gustafsson wrote a novel about the death of someone associated with these things, while in Anita Desai's Clear Light of Day, Tara abandons Bim after an encounter with them. In Annie Allen, Gwendolyn Brooks longs to return to a life with them "in the stomach," while in a story by Raymond Carver, Mel wants to use them to kill Marjorie. In "The People, Yes," Carl Sandburg tells of a man who herds them across the Rockies. Alexander Pope uses them to represent the monarchy in An Essay on Man, and Oliver Goldsmith published a periodical named for one of them. John Greenleaf Whittier wrote a poem about "telling" these creatures, while "Private Vices" and "Public Benefits" were discussed in Bernard de Mandeville's Fable of them. For 10 points, name these curved yellow insects that buzz and make honey.
Answer: bees [or BEEEEEEEEEEEEES]
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In a response to criticism of this scenario, its creator laid out a difference between derived and intrinsic intentionality. The "systems reply," "combination reply," and "many mansions reply" each attempt to debunk it, whether by suggesting the existence of external system elements, or by claiming that mental processes are equivalent to computation processes while assuming that brains cause minds. Its creator used it as an argument against strong AI, and it parodies the Turing test while restating a Cartesian differentiation between thinking souls and unthinking automata. For 10 points, this is what thought experiment, put forward by John Searle, where a monolingual English speaker translates writing through the use of syntactic rules without any understanding of semantic content?
Answer: Chinese room argument [or Chinese box argument]
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This military man was once shot by a subordinate, Lieutenant Andrew Gould, and responded by pulling out a pen-knife and skewering Gould to death. Sometimes called the "untutored genius," with a very small force he succeeded at repelling Colonel Abel Streight, defeating his forces at Cedar Bluffs to thwart his raid on Rome, Georgia. In a letter to Edwin Stanton, Sherman referred to him as "the very devil." He first gained fame for escaping from Fort Donelson, and afterwards, this man, also known as the "wizard of the saddle," scored his most impressive victory over Samuel Sturgis at Brice's Cross Roads. He'd earlier gained infamy for sanctioning the Fort Pillow massacre. For 10 points, name this man who also served as the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, a cavalry commander for the Confederacy.
Answer: Nathan Bedford Forrest
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A discussion of Verdi's Ernani occurs early in this work, with one participant believing it to feature a devil in red velvet. After correcting him, the other participant brags absurdly about her stairwell and claims to have the only library in the country. Other characters include a servant who dreams of opening a shop in the capital city, Nicola, and another servant who catches the eye of the fiancee of her mistress, Louka. That fiancee, Major Saranoff, ends the play by exclaiming, "What a man! Is he a man?" of a character whom he attempts to engage in a machine gun duel. That man eventually marries the girl who gave him the epithet "Chocolate Cream" after he climbed through her bedroom window, Raina. Dubbed an anti-romantic comedy by its author, this is, for 10 points, what play about the Petkoff family and the Swiss Captain Bluntschli, titled after The Aeneid by George Bernard Shaw.
Answer: Arms and the Man
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First synthesized in free form by Theodor Curtius in 1887, this compound is often used for deoxygenation of boiler feed water. Its addition converts 1,3-diketones into pyrazoles, while it reacts with imides in the Einhorn-Brunner Reaction to produce triazoles. It is manufactured with 80 percent yield and no by-products by the Atofina-PCUK method, though it's often produced by the less efficient Olin-Raschig process, which uses oxidation by sodium hypochlorite. More notably, it is used in a reaction which is modified by the Huang-Minlon route; in that reaction it acts to condensate aldehydes or ketones in the first step and then a strong base produces reduction; that is is the Wolff-Kishner Reduction. Also known for its use in rocket fuel, FTP, name this compound which results from coupling two ammonia molecules, with the formula N2H4.
Answer: hydrazine
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This ruler aborted his attempt to use the campaign of his brother-in-law Petilius Cerialis in the Rhineland for his own triumph; instead his first triumph was awarded for subduing the Chatti in Gaul, a victory which some called a sham. After the assassination of the Moesian governor, Oppius Sabinus, he sent commanders to fight in two battles at Tapae - after the second battle, Tettius Julianus secured a treaty. This emperor also fought two Pannonian Wars and died while planning a third, after having little success fighting in the first two Dacian Wars against Decebalus. He was also revolted against by Saturninus and accused of jealous motives when, after the Battle of Mons Graupius, he recalled Agricola from his post as governor of Britain. FTP, name this emperor who was succeeded by Nerva, the last of the Flavian dynasty who came to power after his brother Titus.
Answer: Titus Flavius Domitianus
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In response to the death of Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso painted a set of fifteen variations of this painting. An ornately drawn picture of a flower vase highlights the center of the ivory wall in the background, which is offset by a slightly ajar set of double doors to the right and the slanted mirror above. An unworn red slipper rests in front of the jeweled necklace wearing figure lounging on a set of pillows in the lower left corner, the only one of the title characters directly facing the viewer. To the right, a standing black servant woman looks back at the other two title characters, who are enjoying a private moment with a hookah. FTP, identify this orientalist painting of ladies in a North African harem, a work of Eugene Delacroix.
Answer: Women of Algiers in their Apartment
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The part of his contextual theory of knowledge that he dubbed the "right to be sure" made him, along with Roderick Chisholm, one of the two examples set out at the start of Edmund Gettier's paper on justified true belief. This man's essay "Replies" posits that he could debunk the statement "Caesar is a human" by naming his dog "Caesar," and he also wrote a book of responses to Charles Sanders Peirce and William James entitled The Origins of Pragmatism. His major work begins by proclaiming "the elimination of metaphysics" and goes on to adopt an emotivist approach to moral statements, arguing that any propositions which transcend sensory reality are meaningless. For 10 points, name this British philosopher whose epistemological verificationism is found in Language, Truth and Logic.
Answer: Alfred Jules Ayer
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One city of this name lies on the Primero River and contains the Santa Teresa church and covenant and the Pajas Blancas airport, while the San Roque Dam provides it with hydroelectric power and irrigation. Another city of this name lies at the foot of the Morena Mountains and is home to the Calahorra fortress and Alcazar palace of the caliphs, as well as the Court of Oranges which is a part of the Mezquita or Great Mosque. The first city is at the northwest edge of the Pampas in the Tucuman province, while the second lies along the north bank of the Guadalquivir River. FTP, give this name shared by the second largest city in Argentina and a city northeast of Seville which lies in the Andalucia region of Spain.
Answer: Cordoba [or Cordova]
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Their original name was coined from the musician who originally performed "Who Do You Love?" They are commonly used in one series to steal opposing players' coins and stars, but they debuted as a playable character in that fifth installment of Mario Party. A group of them are devoured by Tubba Blubba, though he eventually regurgitates them. Specific examples of this species includes Lady Bow and her butler from Paper Mario, and more hostile ones are hunted using Elvin Gadd's Poltergust 3000. Their homes include the Ghostly Galaxy and Luigi's Mansion. For 10 points, name this normally invincible enemy of Mario, who debuted in Super Mario Brothers 3 and will stalk the title character until he faces them, at which point they cover their eyes.
Answer: Boos or Boo Diddlys
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The site of this event was home to groups who referred to themselves as Kelly's Heroes, the Hazels, the Vikings, and the Dirty Dozen. The Cillie Commission was convened in response to it and evaluated the death of sociologist Melville Edelstein. It originated with a meeting at Orlando Stadium West planned by the Action Committee to protest the so-called "gutter education" mandated by the Medium Decree. Hector Peterson is probably its most famous participant; this event occurred 16 years after a similar event at Sharpeville and many of its participants were removed to Robben Island. For 10 points, name this 1976 tragedy during which students protested mandatory Afrikaans education and were killed in the namesake South African township.
Answer: Soweto riots/uprising/rebellion/massacre/etc.
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In one of this man's works, a drought dissipates after the protagonist is bitten by a mad dog and dies, while in a novel by this author a man is able to sail across the ocean on his kerchief after missing his boat in the course of helping a woman locate her husband. He changed his surname to a bastardization of the original title of his story "Forsaken Wives," which was followed shortly by the novella And the Crooked Shall be Made Straight. The protagonist is rehabilitated by Dr. Langsam after being forced to marry Mina in his A Simple Story, while the title character spars with Daniel Bach and befriends Yeruham Freeman as head of the Beit Midrash in A Guest for the Night. Better-known for a picaresque novel about Reb Yudel Nathanson, The Bridal Canopy, this is, for 10 points, what Israeli author who in 1966 shared the Nobel Prize in Literature with Nelly Sachs?
Answer: Shmuel Yosef Agnon [or Shai Agnon or Shmuel Yosef Halevi Czaczkes]
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Using Ramanujan's identity or a combination of the Euler identity and Jacobi triple product, p congruencies for it can be found, and Liebniz noted that it was not prime for n equals 7. Numbers which can not be written as a product of it correspond to nonisomorphic Abelian groups that are not possible for any group order. As a function of the volume, temperature, and number of particles in a system, it connects the mechanical properties of a system, through the quantized energies, with the system's thermodynamic properties and its inverse serves as the constant of proportionality between the probability of finding the system in a certain quantum state and the Boltzmann factor. FTP, what is this quantity, represented as Q or Z, which is the sum of all the energy states of a system and gives the distributed of energy over all the possible microstates of the system?
Answer: partition function
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One story about this battle involves a nearby forest of black poplar trees; the losing commander here reportedly struck his sword into a poplar in despair and it turned white. One side was aided by reinforcements under Georg von Frundsberg, whose pikemen surrounded a mercenary group known as the Black Band, while the pikemen of Richard de la Marck were slain. Alfonso d'Avalos, the Marquis of Pescara, led the arquebusiers under the overall command of Charles de Lannoy; he breached the wall of Mirabello around midnight and many combatants drowned in the nearby Ticino River. Its aftermath saw the losing side forced to sign the Treaty of Madrid, which would never be honored. Resulting in the capture of French emperor Francis I, FTP, name this battle by which Charles V solidified Spanish hegemony at the climax of the Italian Wars in 1525.
Answer: Battle of Pavia
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One work in this form points out that that people must continue "to earn their own living" because no one can "eat bread without paying." Another suggests that "to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife." Another of these is written on behalf of a slave and advises the slave's owner to treat Onesimus as if he were the author. Another of these exhorts its readers to "work out salvation with fear and trembling" and their author advises arming oneself with the "helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God" in one written to the Ephesians. For 10 points each, Galatians, Philippians, and Romans are all examples of what type of communication by a certain early Christian apostle?
Answer: Epistles of Paul [accept letters of Paul]
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One work in this collection features a decrepit Sir Walter Scott dictating tales to an imaginary amanuensis and an 87 year old Robert Burns who cannot understand Tam O'Shanter. Another concerns the machinations of the witch Mother Rigby to send her titular pipe-smoking creation to woo Polly Gookin, while, in another part of this collection, George Herkimer visits a man who allegedly has a snake residing in his bosom in a story that was originally meant for a collection called Allegories of the Heart, "Egotism." Reuben Bourne shoots his son Cyrus on the very spot he left the dying title character of "Roger Malvin's Burial," while characters in this collections other stories include Aminadab, lab assistant to Aylmer, and Giovanni Guasconti, who falls in love with Beatrice Rappacini. Also Including "Young Goodman Brown," this is, For 10 points, what collection of short stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne?
Answer: Mosses from an Old Manse
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This work argues that the idea of classification is something that was inspired by natural division within human society rather than a priori. The titular concept was viewed as a "primordial matrix" from which other cultural elements emerged and since its author had no direct contact with the groups under investigation, much of its empirical evidence came from Spencer and Gillen's The Native Tribes of Central Australia. It expanded upon its author's notion of a "collective consciousness" encompassing a system of beliefs referred to as "collective representations," which included a cosmology or worldview. Society was divided it the sacred and profane, while the belief that social groups descend from a common animal or plant, totemism, was posited as a basic category. FTP, what is this anthropological work dealing with the bases of religion, written by Emile Durkheim?
Answer: The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life
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While its exact method of attachment and entry are unknown, it is thought to bind to the host cell via MSP-1. These organisms are known for giving rise to a series of apical organelles throughout their life cycles, including the microneme, the rhoptry, and the dense granule. A member of phylum Apicomplexa, it modifies the erythrocyte by exporting proteins such as PfEMP1 on the host surface. Containing 14 chromosomes, 1 mitochondrion, and 1 plasmid, species in this genus include falciparum, vivax, and ovale, and it changes form from a merozoite to a trophozoite, and then to a sporozoite. FTP, identify this genus carried by the Anopheles mosquito, the agent that causes malaria.
Answer: Plasmodium
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The first two sections of this piece consist of a swirling red yellow abstraction atop an animal hide and a green and pink floral shape atop a shell-covered piece of burlap, respectively representing primordial and floral spirits. The artist created a set of six tapestry banners to decorate the entrance to its current display in the Sackler Center in Brooklyn. The rise of Christianity is the focus of the second of its 13 section, 48 foot wings, and follows a range of figures from Marcella to von Schurman. The depressed floor that forms this work's center consists of shiny white porcelain with inscriptions naming Aspasia, Nepthys, Sofonisba Anguissola, and 996 others. A triangle decorated with 39 chalices and plates highlights, FTP, which rendering of a hypothetical suppertime gathering of famous women, a work by Judy Chicago?
Answer: The Dinner Party
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TB. It was first proposed in Traite de la Lumiere and is only valid for an odd number of spatial dimensions; however, the case of one spatial dimension is degenerate. Gustav Kirchoff demonstrated how it could be obtained from Maxwell's equations and the unresolved issue of backward propagation was expounded upon in Feynman-Wheeler theory. For an isotropic medium, it states that the three dimensional envelope of a point source can be either spherical or ellipsoidal, and to account for diffraction, it was modified to describe the amplitude at a point as the superposition of all secondary amplitudes by Fresnel. FTP, give this theory which states that spherical wavelets emanating from points on a wavefront conform to the next wavefront of a propagating wave.
Answer: Huygens' Principle [or Huygens-Fresnel Principle]
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TB. This politician was the author of an autobiography entitled Journeys and earned the nickname "Mr. Clean" for his stance on environmental issues, including his authorship of a Clean Air and Clean Water Act. He attacked William Loeb, the publisher of the Union Leader, which once printed a forged letter alleging that this man had used the word "Canuck" to describe French-Canadians. He later became Secretary of State after the resignation of Cyrus Vance under Jimmy Carter. But, he is still remembered for allegedly bursting into tears while giving a speech on a flatbed truck, which arguably played a role in him losing the Democratic nomination to George McGovern. FTP, name this one-time governor of Maine who ran for vice president with Hubert Humphrey in 19
Answer: Edmund Sixtus Muskie
2008 ACF Nationals Bonuses by VCU
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In 1864, when these were first created, Count Valuev argued that their power should be sharply curtailed by the nobility. FTPE:,
[10] Name these councils of local self-government in Russia which held power to tax land, provide roads and medical services, and establish local schools.
Answer: zemstvos
[10] This Russian emperor presided over the zemstvo reforms and signed an emancipation edict freeing the serfs, before being killed by the People's Will.
Answer: Alexander II of Russia
[10] This professional society of Russian physicians formed in 1885 and named itself in honor of a recently-deceased Russian doctor. It emerged from the zemstvo medical system and promoted public health and hygiene throughout Russia.
Answer: Pirogov Society
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Name these short stories that involve hunting for 10 points each.,
[10] When the title character of this Hemingway short story gains the courage to face a buffalo, his wife shoots him, prompting Wilson to ask "Why didn't you poison him?"
Answer: The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber
[10] Sanger Rainsford uses Malay Mancatchers and a Ugandan knife trap to barely keep himself alive while being hunted by General Zaroff in this Richard Connel tale.
Answer: The Most Dangerous Game
[10] Louisa Mebbin threatens to reveal that the animal the title character claimed she shot actually died of a heart attack in this Saki short story.
Answer: Mrs. Packletide's Tiger
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Identify the following about prions FTPE.,
[10] The main structural component of prions is this protein, which is named for its inability to be denatured by enzymes.
Answer: PrP or protease resistant protein
[10] Prions cause these plaques to form, which can result in tissue damage and death. It is a fibrous protein aggregate characterized by a cross-beta sheet quaternary structure and is very stable.
Answer: amyloid
[10] There are three major type of this most common human transmissible spongiform encephalopathy, which, like kuru and Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker disease, is caused by amyloid plaque build up in the brain.
Answer: Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease or CJD
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He explores class distinctions through the relationship dynamic between Therese Tarde and Florent France in one of his plays. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this author of Restless Heart whose other works include Romeo and Jeanette and Ring Round the Moon.
Answer: Jean Anouilh
[10] Subtitled The Honor of God, this Anouilh play concerns the relationship between King Henry II and the title character, who is murdered after being appointed Archbishop of Canterbury.
Answer: Becket, Or, The Honor of God or Becket: Ou, L'Honneur de Dieu
[10] A French train station and the cafe therein provide the setting for Anouilh's play titled after this mythical figure, also the subject of an opera by Jacopo Peri, who is sent to Hades after stepping on a snake.
Answer: Eurydice
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Passed over a veto as a reaction to the Crime of 73, which revolved around the Fourth Coinage Act, it came in the wake of the Specie Resumption Act. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 1878 law which prompted the US treasury to purchase 2-4 million dollars of silver at market prices per month.
Answer: Bland-Allison Act
[10] The Bland-Allison act stipulated that regardless of each metal's market value, this many ounces of silver would be produced for each ounce of gold minted.
Answer: 16
[10] A resolution named for this Ohio senator was passed just prior to the Bland-Allison act; this resolution stated that all bonds of the United States were payable in silver dollars containing 412-and-a-half grains of standard silver each.
Answer: Stanley Matthews (the Matthews resolution)
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This performer of "Stardust" made his name with "Interlude in B Flat." FTPE:,
[10] Identify this big band clarinet player, who had eight wives, and, like his rival Benny Goodman, was often called the "King of Swing."
Answer: Artie Shaw
[10] Artie Shaw may have been at his creative peak when he produced the hit "Summit Ridge Drive" as the leader of this combo, whose original incarnation included Billy Butterfield and Al Hendrickson. Despite its name, it actually had six members.
Answer: Gramercy Five
[10] Artie Shaw had a best selling record with his version of this Cole Porter song from Jubilee. Its lyrics describe the romantic feeling the singer gets when the band starts playing the titular Caribbean dance.
Answer: "Begin the Beguine"
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He was born in "the Year of the Elephant," when the Abyssinian king Abrahah had his attacking force of elephants stop short of their destination. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this son of Abdullah who spent his early years in the desert under the care of Halimah.
Answer: Muhammad
[10] Muhammed was able to seek visions from God on mountaintops because he was married to this older merchant woman.
Answer: Khadijah ul-Kubra
[10] Along with the Banu Qaynuqa, this tribe of Jews was expelled from Medina during Muhammad's rise to power. At least they didn't get massacred like the Banu Qurayza did.
Answer: Banu Nadir
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It addressed a problem worked on by the authors teacher Francis Hutcheson, by claiming that the ability to form ethical judgments arose from an "inner man" who serves as an "impartial spectator" and condemns or approves of actions. FTPE:,
[10] What is this philosophical work that attempted to explain the socialization responsible for creating the market-oriented and class-bound actors that would play a prominent role in its author's subsequent work.
Answer: A Theory of Moral Sentiments
[10] Name that subsequent work, which spoke of a "system of perfect liberty" and enumerated the workings of a model pin factory capable of producing pins at the mind-boggling rate of twelve pounds a day.
Answer: An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations
[10] This Scottish journalist and editor wrote a definitive biography of Adam Smith and wrote a treatise on capital formation, Statement of Some New Principles on the Subject of Political Economy.
Answer: John Rae
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Name some Led Zeppelin works, for ten points each:,
[10] This Zeppelin song begins with the phrase "All that glitters is gold" and describes the exploits of a lady who uses the titular conveyance to reach the titular location. Other topics discussed are "a bustle in your hedgerow" and "the pipers calling you to join him."
Answer: "Stairway to Heaven"
[10] Often paired with "Livin' Lovin' Maid (she's just a woman)," this Zeppelin song discusses Annie who's "back in town" after "ten years and maybe more" and who practices the titular occupation while calling the speaker "some other guy's name."
Answer: Heartbreaker
[10] With cover art depicting a scene from Arthur C. Clarke's Childhood's End, this Led Zeppelin album features tracks such as "The Song Remains the Same," "Over the Hills and Far Away," and "The Ocean."
Answer: Houses of the Holy
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ANWER: Self-sustaining Dynamo hypothesis (or theory),
[10] What is this theory, which proposes that fluid motion in the Earth's outer core due to the Coriolis pseudoforce allows conducting materials to pass through a weak magnetic field to generate a current and a secondary field.
[10] Magnetic feedback from opposing electromagnetic currents in the outer core are theorized to cause these events predicted due to dual positive and negative solutions to the dynamo equation which can be detected across paleomagnetic isochrons present in oceanic plates leading away from mid-ocean ridges.
Answer: geomagnetic field reversals, or equivalent
[10] This value represents the ratio between the viscosity and the magnetic diffusivity, and plays a role in determining whether or not the growth of the dynamo is suppressed.
Answer: magnetic Reynolds number (DO NOT ACCEPT "Reynold's Number")
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Major Lemuel Montgomery was killed and Sam Houston wounded at this battle, which saw the detachment of a force under General John Coffee. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 1814 battle in which Andrew Jackson beat up on the Red Sticks in Alabama, putting an end to the Creek War.
Answer: Battle of Horseshoe Bend
[10] Earlier in the Creek War, a party of Red Sticks under William Weatherford and Peter McQueen had ambushed white and mixed-blood settlers under Dixon Bailey in this massacre.
Answer: Fort Mims Massacre
[10] After Horseshoe Bend, the war was ended by this treaty in August of 1814 which mandated the cession of 23 million acres of Creek land in Alabama and southern Georgia; it's called the Treaty of the Hickory Ground by the Creeks.
Answer: Treaty of Fort Jackson
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Answer these questions about eggs in literature for 10 points each.,
[10] The rambling thoughts of Rene Descartes as he sits waiting to be served a perfectly-cooked egg provide the body of this poem by Samuel Beckett
Answer: "Whoroscope"
[10] "A Cooking Egg" is the subject of one poem by this man, who also wrote Murder at the Cathedral and a poem in which "the women come and go/Talking of Michelangelo."
Answer: T.S. Eliot
[10] "The egg" is the nickname of Art Beckstein's gangster father in this Michael Chabon novel, in which Art contemplates his life and sexuality in the titular Pennsylvania city.
Answer: The Mysteries of Pittsburgh
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This territory raised a massive Orissan army and did battle on the Dhauli hills. FTPE:,
[10] Name this kingdom between the Godavari and Mahanadi Rivers, which the Mauryan Empire of India attempted to conquer and annex in 261 B.C. as part of a namesake war.
Answer: Kalinga
[10] This Mauryan emperor conquered Kalinga after his father Bindusara had failed; afterwards he put out the Rock and Pillar Edicts and vowed never to fight again.
Answer: Asoka (or Ashoka)
[10] In later times, Kalinga was ruled by the Eastern Ganga dynasty, but the general Karunakara brought it under the control of this dynasty in the 11th century. This dynasty dominated southern India from about 850 to the 13th century under rulers like Rajendra and Rajaraja the Great.
Answer: Chola Dynasty
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In addition to short stories like "The Psychiatrist" and "The Devil's" Church, he wrote novels, including The Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this author of Dom Casmuro.
Answer: Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis
[10] In this Machado de Assis novel, the protagonist saves the life of Deolindo, is in love with Sophia Palha, and eventually believes he is Napoleon III.
Answer: Philosopher or Dog or Quincas Borba
[10] This protagonist of Philosopher or Dog is a poor school teacher who inherits a bunch of money from the philosopher Quincas Borba.
Answer: Rubiao
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William Blake said this man was "the only man that e'er I knew/ who did not make me almost spew." For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this artist who displayed his love of literature with works like Oddysseus in Front of Scylla and Charybdis and Titania and Bottom.
Answer: Henry Fuseli
[10] Fuseli is probably best known for this work which depicts a pensive incubus atop a dreaming woman.
Answer: The Nightmare
[10] Fuseli's taste for the bizarre has drawn comparisons to this 16th century Italian who painted fruits and vegetables in the form of portraits.
Answer: Giuseppe Arcimboldo
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Located between Cape Blanco and Cape Bojador is its Rio de Oro region, and its major cities include Ad Dakhla and El Aaiun. FTPE:,
[10] Name this disputed African territory west of Mauritania and south of Morocco.
Answer: Western Sahara [or Spanish Sahara]
[10] This northern region of Western Sahara contains the rich phosphate deposits at Bu Craa and the costal city of Cabo Bojador; it also houses the capital of El Aaiun and Smara.
Answer: Saguia el-Hamra (Saqiyat al-Hamra'a)
[10] While Morocco claims control over the Saguia el-Hamra region, guerilla forces of this Saharawi insurgency group, which has its base in Algeria, declared a government in exile for the territory: the Saharan Arab Democratic Republic.
Answer: Polisario Front
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Fenrir and the Midgard Serpent both break free from their chains following this period of three snowy seasons without normal summers. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this period which signals the coming of Ragnarok.
Answer: Fimbulvetr [or Fimbulwinter]
[10] Ragnarok is described in this first poem of the Poetic Edda, which begins with Odin calling a wise woman to prophesy.
Answer: the Voluspa
[10] Ragnarok takes place on this plain, whose name means "battle-shaker."
Answer: Vigrid
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It arose from the observation that particles with half integer spins will have asymmetric wave functions while particles with integer spins will have symmetric wave functions. FTPE:,
[10] Give this principle which states that no two fermions can have identical quantum energy states.
Answer: Pauli exclusion principle
[10] Due to the Pauli exclusion principle, when electrons are packed together to the extent that not enough low energy states are available they are forced into higher energy states and produce this type of pressure
Answer: electron degeneracy pressure [or degenerate electron pressure]
[10] In quantum matrix mechanics, this determinant was developed to describe the wave-function of a system of electrons. It ensures an anti-symmetric wavefunction, which in turn ensures that the wavefunction obeys Pauli exclusion.
Answer: Slater determinant
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Answer the following about Johann Strauss Jr., FTPE:,
[10] This patriotic title names both Strauss' four part Op. 354 waltz with a C major theme and his operetta about a love triangle between Pepi, Josef, and Count Zedlau.
Answer: Wiener Blut or Vienna Blood or Viennese Blood
[10] In addition to being "the Waltz King," Strauss composed many of these lively Czech dances, whose name translates to "Polish woman." Examples include the "Figaro," "Pizzicato," and "Tritsch Tratsch."
Answer: polkas
[10] Strauss's father, Johann Sr., composed this march, which is typically played at the close of the Vienna Philharmonic's New Year's concerts and was named for the Austrian general who won the Battle of Novara.
Answer: Radetzky March
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The resin of this compound with melamine or urea results in polymerization to produce formica. FTPE:,
[10] Also known as methanal, name this simplest aldehyde, which has the formula H2CO and can be formed by oxidation of methanol.
Answer: formaldehyde
[10] On the other hand, formaldehyde may be reacted with phenol in this process, named for the thermosetting plastic polymer produced; this novolak resin was first produced by a namesake Belgian-born chemist in 1907.
Answer: Bakelite process
[10] Formaldehyde can be mixed with concentration sulfuric acid to form this reagent used to identify alkaloids; it's the main reagent used in ecstasy testing kits.
Answer: Marquis reagent
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Supplemented after its publication with Mixed Opinions and Maxims and The Wander and His Shadow, it utilizes hedonistic viewpoints of pleasure and pain to explain elements of psychological and cultural phenomena. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this work, subtitled A Book for Free Spirits, which discourses on such topics as "man alone with himself," "a glance at the state," and "tokens of higher and lower culture."
Answer: Human, All Too Human [or Menschliches, Allzumenschliches: Ein Buch fur freie Geister]
[10] Tracing its origins from Daybreak, and treated explicitly in Thus Spoke Zarathustra, this Nietzschean doctrine is identified with the vigorous expression of life itself, titles a posthumous work, and is depicted as lacking in the nihilistic values of religion and morality.
Answer: the will to power [or der wille zur macht]
[10] Although it is evident that Nietzsche is very wise, very clever, and writes good books, he chose to expound upon these topics as well as the notion of Dionysus replacing Jesus as the cultural standard of the future in this work.
Answer: Ecce Homo: How One Becomes What One Is
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Their ranks include St. Hippolytus of Rome, Novatian, Anastasius, and Anacletus II, while more notable individuals to hold this dubious distinction include Robert of Geneva and Benedict XIII. FTPE:,
[10] Name the position held by all of these individuals, the later two of which resided in Avignon during the Great Western Schism.
Answer: Antipope
[10] After the election and subsequent death 10 months later of a third pope, Alexander V, to go along with the already present Pope Gregory XII and antipope Benedict XIII, this dude came on the scene to replace Alexander V.
Answer: John XXIII
[10] Under pressure from emperor Sigismund, John XXIII called this council, which promptly deposed his ass and set the stage for the election of Martin V to end the Schism.
Answer: Council of Constance
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It called for a proof demonstrating that the axiomatization of mathematics was both possible and consistent. FTPE:,
[10] What is this proposal by a German mathematician which was to be carried out using "finitary" methods to produce the desired justification of classical mathematics.
Answer: Hilbert's Program
[10] This three volume work, which served as the major basis for Hilbert's Program, arose from earlier work in A Treatise on Universal Algebra and had its discussion of the theory of descriptions and the no-class theory written by Bertrand Russell.
Answer: Principia Mathematica
[10] Developed independently by Von Neumann, it asserts that "the system of Principia does not prove the formalization of the claim that the system of Principia is consistent.
Answer: Godel's second incompleteness theorem

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