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2008 ACF Nationals Tossups by UC Irvine
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An article by John Harsanyi anticipated this man's major innovation, but used it to argue for utilitarianism. In one book, this writer attempted to provide solutions to the problems left open by both natural-right and classical social contract theories by introducing the idea of an "overlapping consensus." His last book, The Law of Peoples, applied his methods to the problem of inter-state relations, again grounding these relations on a minimal conception of relational fairness. This mentor of ChristineKorsgaard, Thomas Scanlon, and Amartya Sen wrote a work about starting conditions that are based on the idea of a "reflective equilibrium," and was criticized in Anarchy, State, and Utopia by Robert Nozick. For 10 points, name this philosopher of liberalism who posited the "veil of ignorance" in his A Theory of Justice.
Answer: John Rawls
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While looking in the window of a pork butcher's shop this character is disgusted upon seeing a fat blonde girl bend over. At one point he reads a portion of Eugenie Grandet in a restaurant, and he declares to Madeleine that he enjoys the song "some of these Days." He witnesses an acquaintance be thrown out of a library after he reveals that he's a homosexual. He goes to see an ex-girlfriend, Anny, only to find out that she has gotten fat, but his only sexual encounters occur with the owner of the Rendezvous de Cheminots, Francoise. Aside from occasional meetings with Ogier P., the "Self-Taught Man, most of this man's time is spent researching the Marquis de Rollebon, but he abandons the project due to a condition that he says travels to his body through his hands. For 10 points name this character who in a work by Jean-Paul Sartre suffers from nausea.
Answer: Antoine Roquentin (accept either)
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This agreement was drafted at the Val Duchesse castle, but since copies of it went missing, participants actually signed a blank document. One lesser party was represented by Lambert Schaus and Joseph Bech, while another was represented by Joseph Luns, who argued with Christian Pineau over certain issues. The Hallstein Commission was created the same year it went into effect, dealing prominently with the agricultural issues outlined in Articles 39-46 of this agreement. It was a direct result of the Messina Conference two years earlier presided over by Paul-Henri Spaak, who signed this document as did Konrad Adenauer. Specific articles give authority to a Court of Justice for preliminary rulings and set up a customs union between member states.FTP, name this 1957 treaty, amended by the Maastricht Treaty, which established the European Economic Community.
Answer: Treaty of Rome (accept Treaty establishing the European Economic Community orTreaty establishing the European Community, but not after the mention of "European Economic Community")
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One character in this novel is greatly affected by a photograph in a Life coffee-table book in which she is on her way home from school with Lydia, who is carrying her bag. That character criticizes the title character for abandoning his lover Ellen, after which he takes control of the truck that had been given to another character for his 40th birthday. That character is additionally maddened by Daniel, who, after teaching the title character how to drive the truck, steals his gun while the others are gathered around a music box. The children, Gina, Victor, and Royce, easily adjust to their new life, while in the end one of their parents abandons them to run after a helicopter, hoping to escape the racial violence that originally forced the Smales family to join the village of their servant, the title character. For 10 points name this novel set in revolution-torn South Africa by Nadine Gordimer.
Answer: July's People
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This artist depicts an old woman peering out from a vase of flowers on a ledge in his Bouquet of Margueritas, while his mythological scenes include "Oedipus Taken from the Tree" and "Offering to Pan." He depicted a much-loved family meeting place in The Church at Greville and did a portrait known as "Man with the Pipe, of Armand Ono, as well as one of his first wife Pauline Ono, after he studied at the studio of Paul Delaroche. One of his more famous paintings was originally commissioned by Thomas Appleton, though he later refused it and the artist added a steeple to the canvas; Salvador Dali authored a manuscript on the "tragic myth" of that painting. His most famous work features three people bent over in different-colored bonnets, while other characteristic works include The Angelus and The Potato Planters. FTP, name this Barbizon school naturalist best known for The Gleaners.
Answer: Jean Francois Millet
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The introductory epigraph from the poet Lydia Sigourney describes the plight of the wandering tribes of Israel "whom the desert devoured in their sin." In a chapter on "Inferences from Analogy", the author disputes the idea that humans are like counterparts in the vegetable and animal kingdom in matters of reproduction, trying to contend that humans are not bound in a Malthusian trap. In a section on "Improvements in the Arts", the author describes the effects of technological improvement on the demand for labor, while earlier the author contends that wages and interest are necessarily positively related, in a section on "The Law of Interest." Arguing that the "remedy" for increasing inequality can only be found through regulating capital, this ideas for this work were first laid out in the author's earlier essay "Our Land and Land Policy." FTP, identify this work that argued for a common tax on land, written by Henry George.
Answer: Progress and Poverty
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This man once compared his religion to a strip club due to its preponderance of rules, and at one point, he advertised a free trampoline in the local paper in order to help transition his act to dirty limericks, offering "there once was a man named Enos" as an example. His boring early career included asking AFL-CIO president John Meany if there was a "labor crisis" and interrupting his show to report that Britain had invaded the Falklands. He later bore a startling resemblance to Handsome Pete and lived under the alias Rory Bellows to escape a tax lien, following such poor financial decisions as betting on the Washington Generals. During the Los Angeles Olympics, this man promised to spit in every free burger won due to the Soviet boycott. A quote from Sammy Davis Jr reunites this man with his estranged father, who was voiced by Jackie Mason and is a rabbi named Hyman. For 10 points, name this owner of an eponymous burger chain who airs The Itchy & Scratchy Show and works with Sideshow Mel as the leading children's entertainer in Springfield.
Answer: Krusty the Clown [or Herschel Krustofsky; prompt on Krustofsky]
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This man, once referred to as the "Stormy Patriot," was one of five from his state to sign the Olive Branch Petition, along with Matthew Tilghman, William Paca, Thomas Johnson Jr., and Thomas Stone. He was sent to Canada along Benjamin Franklin and Charles Carroll of Carrollton, to try to get them to join the revolution. He famously argued with James Iredell over whether principles of natural law should be enforced by judges, after he replaced John Blair on the Supreme Court. That debate occurred in this man's first and most substantial opinion Calder v. Bull.This staunch Federalist from Maryland referred to Jefferson's overly democratic policies as "mobocracy" and was defended by Luther Martin when he was put on trial. FTP, name this only Supreme Court Justice to be impeached.
Answer: Samuel Chase
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Some sights in this city include Chautauqua Park and the Teahouse, which was sent here from its sister city of Dushanbe. Geographic expansion in this city is limited due to the Danish Plan, which was passed to manage residential growth, and the "blue line" which prohibits city water service to certain homes. A walking mall occupies Pearl Street in its downtown area and it is home to thefirst Buddhist-inspired university in the United States, Naropa University. Just west of this city along Green Mountain are the characteristic rock formations known as the Flatirons. FTP, name this city about 25 miles northwest of Denver also home to the flagship campus of the University of Colorado.
Answer: Boulder, Colorado
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One of this man's title characters learns that Shakespeare is forced to walk behind a "common tailor from Tennessee" named Billings, while in a novel of his, a man invents the Cursing Phonograph and another character pretends to be the outlaw One-Armed Pete. That novel was intended as a sequel, but the protagonist's name had to be changed to "Mulberry" after a lawsuit from a man who shared a name with the original character. That character first appeared in a novel where the fall of Senator Dilworthy and the murder trial of Laura dash Washington Hawkins's scheme to profit from establishing a black college. This author of "Captain Stormfield's Visit To Heaven" and "The Private History of a Campaign that Failed" wrote the quite-posthumouly published play "Is He Dead?" as well as a satire on the Congo called "King Leopold's Soliloquy," though he may be better known for such novels as one subtitled "A Tale of Today" and co-written with Charles Dudley Warner, "The Gilded Age." For 10 points, name this creator of Injun Joe, Hank "The Boss" Morgan, an amphibian from Calaveras County, and Tom Sawyer.
Answer: Mark Twain [or Samuel Clemens]
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This ruler was victorious at the Battle of Otlukbeli over the Akkoyun empire, also known as the White Sheep Turks. He also won at the Battle of Valea Alba, where he avenged his earlier loss at the Battle of Vaslui against Stephen the Great. He ordered his father to come out of retirement to command troops at the Battle of Varna, which resulted in a brief interregnum in his rule. He was accused of being the lover of Radu the Handsome, which prompted the Night Attack to be launched against him by Vlad the Impaler, seeking to regain his Wallachian throne. This ruler ordered construction of the Topkapi Palace and the Fatih Mosque, which became his tomb when he was succeeded by his son Bayazid II. FTP, name this Ottoman sultan, the son of Murad II who ruled from about 1444 through 1481, and is most famous for conquering Constantinople and ending the Byzantine Empire.
Answer: Mehmet II (or Mehmed II or Muhammad II)
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Gutatta appear when hexagonal cells in this structure's endothelium self-destruct in the genetic disease Fuchs' Dystrophy. No one is sure what it's Bowman's membrane does other than separate its largest layer from its epithelium, while that layer is separated from its endothelium by Descemet's membrane. Recklinghausen discovered the motile corpuscles in this structure's stroma, which consists mostly of collagen. This structure is completely avascular because it must be completely transparent to work properly, and its radius of curvature is changed in LASIK surgery. For 10 points, name this outermost layer of the eye.
Answer: cornea
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Like a recent event in St. Petersburg, a protest against the government of this man by suburban women was called the "March of Empty Pots." His economic plan was named for his minister Pedro Vuskovic and he recruited a cybrernetics expert Stafford Beer to run Project Cybersyn, designed to create a central computing system. He was nearly deposed by an event known as "El Tancazo" or the Tank Putsch. He arose to power after agreeing to sign the "Statute of Constitutional Guarantees," defeating his opponent Jorge Alessandri to succeed Eduardo Frei Montalva, after the general Rene Schneider was assassinated in a failed kidnapping attempt. After ruling for three years, he fled his palace La Moneda as the result of a military coup. FTP, name this socialist president from 1970 to 1973, who was succeeded by Augusto Pinochet after a CIA-sponsored coup in Chile.
Answer: Salvador Allende
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One of this man's poems compares his heart to the "blue kingfisher" that "dives on you in fire," while another speaks of our fathers who "fenced their gardens with the Redmen's bones." Both of those works appeared in a collection that featured ten revised poems from an earlier volume along with a poem revisited later in "Memories of West Street and Lepke." "Falling Asleep Over the Aeneid" was among the poems in this author's third volume, The Mills of the Kavanaughs. He wrote a trilogy of plays called The Old Glory followed by a collection that includes "Water," which concerns his earlier relationship with Elizabeth Bishop. He laments "I myself am hell" in his "Skunk Hour," while nautical imagery pervades the earlier poem "The Quaker Graveyard in Nantucket." The author of Lord Weary's Castle, this is, for 10 points, what confessional poet best-known for the elegy "For the Union Dead."
Answer: Robert Lowell (prompt on Lowell)
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In many instances where this has been hypothesized, such as the experiments of Shkedi, it can be explained by reduction in the Faraday efficiency. A "local" type of it can be created by using muons as a catalyst, an effect first described by Sakharov, though there is no net energy gain. Most theories of it concern the absorption of hydrogen by either palladium or titanium, and this process first gained popular attention with results released by Stephen Jones, Martin Fleischmann, and Stanley Pons in March 1989 suggesting that it could be achieved with relatively simple laboratory apparatuses. FTP, name this currently-discredited, room temperature, a version of a nuclear phenomenon whose standard variety occurs in locations such as the center of the sun.
Answer: cold temperature fusion
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One controversial member of this organization was Frank Ferrell, who caused an incident when it was suggested that he introduce the governor of Virginia. Its later leaders include Henry Hicks and John Williams Hayes, who was accused of misappropriating funds as its treasurer and conspired with another leader James Sovereign to lead a rival faction of this organization. It printed an illustrated manual called "Adelphon Kruptos" and its first leader proposed that an equilateral triangle set within a circle be adopted as its symbol. That leader, Uriah Stephens, was succeeded by Terence Powderly who quarreled over the inclusion of lawyers in this organization while serving as its second Grand Master Workman. FTP, name this organization discredited by the Haymarket Square Riot, a labor movement founded in 1869 and eclipsed by the AFL.
Answer: Knights of Labor
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Brent's method for doing this is sometimes called inverse parabolic interpolation. The Fletcher-Reeves algorithm and its superior cousin, the Polak-Ribiere algorithm, can also be used to do this, while the DFP and BFGS algorithms are examples of variable metric methods for doing this. Powell's algorithm is the prototype for direction set methods of doing this. This can also be done by annealing or through dynamic programming, whose "canonical problem" involves this. The easiest ways of doing it computationally are the golden section search and the simplex method. For 10 points, name this process which involves finding the highest or lowest point of a function.
Answer: optimization (accept minimization until "highest" or maximization until "lowest")
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This man founded the "letters of the living" after delivering impromptu commentary on a Quranic passage about Joseph. His aspirations were encouraged by Mulla Husayn, a leading member of the Shaykis, and he wrote about his ideas in the Bayan. His followers held the Convention of Badasht while he was imprisoned at Chehriq, where one attempt to shoot this man only destroyed his bindings. One of his disciples founded the Azali movement and eventually became a client of the British rulers of Cyprus, while after his 1850 execution, another of his disciples, Mirza Husayn, declared himself the returned twelfth Imam and adopted the name Bahaullah. For 10 points, name this man who adopted a name meaning "gate" and is the first sacred figure of Bahai.
Answer: the Bab [or Mirza Ali Mohammad of Shiraz; or nuqtah; or noqtey-e ula; or hazrat-e a'la; or jamal-e mobarak; or haqq ta'ala]
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A team led by Kaganer resolved an apparent contradiction in this by noting the strain on thin films of manganese arsenide on gallium arsenide.A team led by Cistola applied it to the behavior of fatty acids when placed in water, and William Johnson claimed that coherent solids fail to obey it.In 1980, A.I. Rusanov published a list of every generalization of this rule, including those for systems with curved interfaces and systems with chemical reactions. It states that n plus 2 minus r = f, and it can be syntactically transformed into the polyhedral formula developed by Euler - in this equation, n stands for the number of independent components in the system, f the degrees of freedom, and r the number of phases. FTP, identify this phase rule named for a ubiquitous chemist.
Answer: Gibbs' Phase Rule (or just Gibbs after "phase rule")
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Both this man's song "I Love and I Must" and the Alemand that opens the Suite No. 7 in D Minor from his A Choice Collection of Lessons curiously bear the nickname "Bell-Barr." A popular anecdote tells how in one of his many catches, "Of all the instruments," this composer of Bonduca and The Spanish Friar mocked the "zingle, zingle, zing" of the viola da gamba to irritate John Gostling. Franklin Zimmerman lent his name to the "Z" numbers used to catalog the works of this composer, whose "Martial Air," or "Trumpet Tune," is often played as a fanfare at weddings, and whose Abdelazar contains a rondo that served as the theme for Benjamin Britten's A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra. FTP, identify this Baroque composer who employed Nahum Tate as a librettist for his Dido and Aeneas.
Answer: Henry Purcell
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TB. One figure in this myth system was tricked into carrying a gigantic tree trunk into a hole, after which he turned his captors into the Pleiades. That figure was eventually killed by a mountain after being lured in with the promise of giant crab meat. A goddess in this culture was represented with a decomposed body hanging from a tree by a noose and was the patroness of suicide. At one point in the mythology of these people, a god sent a series of birds to break the bones of men, tear off their heads, and peck their eyes out before destroying humanity with a flood. In addition to Hurakan, these people believed in Hun Came, whose challenges at the Bat House to Hunahpu and Xbalanque are told in the Popul Vuh. For 10 points, name this group who worshipped Chac at Chichen Itza.
Answer: Mayans [or Quiche Mayans]
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TB. The decadal variations associated with this phenomenon were written about by James Harrell and Harry van Loon. Like El Nino, it was quantified by Sir Gilbert Walker using variations in air pressure between two locations; Walker identified this pattern with Bliss in 19It is in a positive phase more than twice as often as it is in a negative phase and recent evidence suggests it may stay in a stronger positive phase with anthropogenic global warming. That results in warmer, wetter winters for northern Europe while a negative phase results in colder winters with fewer storms. Defined as the relative variation in atmospheric pressure between Iceland and the Azores, name, FTP, this climatic oscillation which takes its name from the oceanic basin in which it occurs.
Answer: North Atlantic Oscillation (or NAO)
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TB. One of this author's stories ends with a teenager pointing a gun at his sister after raping the elderly prostitute living upstairs, while others are collected in The Temptation of Jack Orkney. This author's dramas include Each His Own Wilderness and Play with a Tiger. Three men lust after the title figure of this author's "A Woman on a Roof," while Catherine's crush on Philip leads her to borrow a book by the titular author in her "Homage for Isaac Babel." George Sherban is the incarnation of Johor, a representative of the Canopus empire, in her space novel Shikasta, and an abandoned house is restored by Alice Mellings in The Good Terrorist. A Ripple from the Storm, A Proper Marriage, and Martha Quest make up her trilogy Children of Violence, while a better-known work contains the novel The Shadow of the Third by Anna Wulf. For 10 points name this author of The Golden Notebook.
Answer: Doris Lessing
2008 ACF Nationals Bonuses by UC Irvine
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Answer the following about a contemporary literary debate, for 10 points each.,
[10] This Anglo-Russian writer of Lolita and Pnin left an unfinished manuscript of his final novel to his son, Dmitry, who has recently vacillated over whether or not to destroy it..
Answer: Vladimir Nabokov
[10] Name the title of that final novel, which was begun under the title Dying is Fun
Answer: The Original of Laura
[10] The protagonist of The Original of Laura, Philip Wild, originally fell in love with this woman, who shares her name with this title figure of an Elizabeth Barret Browning work in which her cousin Romney is courted by Lady Waldemar but wishes to marry Marian Erle.
Answer: "Aurora Leigh"
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Its main tenet was that the value of a good is determined solely by its subjective scarcity. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this economic "revolution" that ushered in the period of Neoclassical economic thought, the first work of which was probably William Stanley Jevons' Theory of Political Economy.
Answer: Marginalist Revolution
[10] This other member of the Marginalist Revolution wrote such works as Principles of Economics and "On the Origins of Money", and founded the Vienna School with his disciples Eugene von Bohm-Bawerk and Frederick Wieser.
Answer: Carl Menger
[10] This third leader of the Marginalist Revolution was called the "greatest economist ever" by Schumpeter and is credited with founding general equilibrium theory in his Elements of Pure Economics.
Answer: Leon Walras
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This state's governors have included Thomas Moodie very briefly and the first actually born in the state, Walter Maddock. FTPE:,
[10] Name this midwestern state, which elected Raymond Nestos when Lynn Frazier became the first governor to be recalled in 1921.
Answer: North Dakota
[10] This railroad magnate known as the "Empire Builder" is best remembered for founding the Great Northern Railway, a private transcontinental line running through North Dakota.
Answer: James J(erome) Hill
[10] Sitting Bull was arrested and killed at the Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota when settlers got really nervous about this religious ritual first performed by Wovoka, which led to the Wounded Knee massacre.
Answer: Ghost Dance
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Name these mythological tricksters, for 10 points each.,
[10] This medieval French fox makes an appearance in Chaucer's "Nun's Priest's Tale".
Answer: Reynard
[10] This one legged Brazilian boy, with a red cap that allows him to appear and disappear wherever he wants to, will grant you a wish if you manage to catch him or steal his cap.
Answer: Saci
[10] This god of Vodoo lore is the intermediary between lowa and humanity, and is the gatekeeper between the living and the mysteries. He looks like an old man with a straw hat and a cane, and the dog is sacred to him.
Answer: Papa Legba
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Answer some stuff about art and artists in fin-de-siecle Vienna for 10 points each.,
[10] In 1901, Gustav Klimt completed this painting, an art-nouveau version of the beheading of an Assyrian general also depicted by Caravaggio and Artemisia Gentileschi.
Answer: Judith With the Head of Holofernes
[10] Several years later, this young Austrian expressionist and founder of the Neukunstgruppe sought out Klimt as an artistic mentor. He is best-known for his grotesque and erotic self-portraits, one of them being notably androgynous.
Answer: Egon Schiele
[10] While in Vienna, Klimt painted two art-nouveau portraits of this wife of a wealthy Jewish industrialist. The first notably sold for $135 million dollars in 2006.
Answer: Adele Bloch-Bauer
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Name these music videos by Michael Jackson, for 10 points each.,
[10] This video features the patented anti-gravity lean, and was featured in Jackson's movie "Moonwalker". Its song was later covered by Alien Ant Farm.
Answer: Smooth Criminal
[10] This video features a montage of different tabloid headlines that have been bothering him and a dance number with Joseph Merrick's bones.
Answer: Leave Me Alone
[10] This video, arguably his most controversial, features him bashing a car in with a baseball bat, grabbing his crotch, and turning into a jaguar. In a change of pace, the rest of the video is an affirmation of racial harmony, and features some cool morphing effects, not to mention Maculay Culkin sending George Wendt flying out of a house.
Answer: Black or White
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They can be synthesized in an enantioselective manner through reactions named for Sharpless, Jacobsen, and Shi. FTPE.,
[10] Name these compounds which exhibit high strain because they contain a three-membered ring with two carbon atoms and one oxygen atom.
Answer: epoxides (or oxiranes)
[10] These compounds are similar to epoxides, except instead of oxygen they contain nitrogen as the non-carbon atom in the three-membered ring. A Wenker synthesis makes these from 1,2-amino alcohols.
Answer: aziridines
[10] When epoxides are created through the oxidation of an alkene with a peracid, the reaction proceeds according to this mechanism. It's so named because the transition state, in which oxygen is added and a proton is shifted, resembles a certain animal.
Answer: butterfly mechanism
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This clash actually included two separate battles on land and sea against the commanders Tithrafstes and Ferendatis, and group of 200 Phoenician triremes were destroyed at Hydra island. FTPE:,
[10] Name this battle around 468 B.C. between the Greeks and Persians in Pamphylia on the namesake body of water.
Answer: Battle of the Eurymedon River
[10] This Athenian strategos led Greek forces at Eurymedon. He played a dominant role in Athenian politics after the Battle of Salamis, but after he decided to send support to Sparta during helot uprisings, he was ostracized through the efforts of Ephialtes.
Answer: Cimon
[10] Cimon was commanding this confederacy of city-states formed to combat the Persians, which absorbed a number of cities in Asia Minor after Eurymedon.
Answer: Delian League
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Identify the following relating to angiogenesis for 10 points each.,
[10] These are immature smooth muscle cells that surround capillaries.
Answer: mural cells or pericytes
[10] These sites of openness in the endothelial cell layer form under the influence of VEGF and Ang-2 after the mural cells and extracellular matrix leave.
Answer: fenestrations
[10] Closing of fenestrations and re-recruitment of mural cells requires a growth factor derived from these cells, whose main purpose is in clotting blood.
Answer: platelets (accept platelet-derived growth factor or PDGF)
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It centered on southern Kyushu and was led by Saigo Takamori, but after a clash at Tavaruzaka, it finally fizzled at the Battle of Shiroyama. FTPE:,
[10] Name this major Japanese rebellion staged in 1877.
Answer: Satsuma Rebellion
[10] The Satsuma Rebellion was defeated by the forces of this emperor, who was put on the throne as an infant after the fall of the Tokugawa shogunate.
Answer: Meiji emperor (or Mutsuhito)
[10] The Meiji Restoration had been completed by this civil war which raged from 1868 to 1869 during the "year of the dragon," ending with the Battle of Hakodate and the final subjugation of the shogunate.
Answer: Boshin War
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Identify the following films of Frederico Fellini, for 10 points each.,
[10] The title character of this Fellini film, a prostitute in Ostia, is betrayed by her boyfriend, a famous film director, and a seemingly-earnest accountant who eventually attempts to kill her.
Answer: Nights of Cabiria or Le Notti di Cabiria
[10] This adaptation of an ancient novel follows Encolpio and Ascilto through a series of fragmentary adventures that culminate in the image of a ruined ancient roman villa.
Answer: Satirycon or Fellini:Satirycon
[10] Zampano's murder of the circus acrobat Il Matto causes Gelsomina to have an emotional breakdown in this fine Fellini film.
Answer: La Strada or The Road
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Identify the following philosophers who interpreted Ludwig Wittgenstein, for 10 points each.,
[10] This American philosopher applied Wittgenstein's semantic skepticism to aesthetic problems in his The Claim of Reason and Disowning Knowledge.
Answer: Stanley Cavell
[10] This philosopher's book, Wittgenstein on Rules and Private Language, draws parallels between Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations and the inductive skepticism of David Hume. He is more famous for Naming and Necessity.
Answer: Saul Kripke
[10] She is buried next to Wittgenstein in Cambridge and wrote one of the first and best books on his Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus. She's also famous for beating C.S. Lewis's ass in a debate over theism at the Oxford Socratic Society.
Answer: Elizabeth Anescombe
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Answer the following about the Large Hadron Collider, FTPE.,
[10] Said Hadron Collider is being built at this large particle physics research center.
Answer: CERN (or European Organization for Nuclear Research)
[10] The collider may produce these hypothetical objects which consist of equal amounts of up, down, and strange quarks and may make up the surfaces of neutron stars. Conspiracy theorists believe the creation of these may destroy the planet.
Answer: strangelets
[10] Along with the CMS detector, this large detector seeks to detect the Higgs Boson.
Answer: ATLAS (or A Toroidal LHC Apparatus)
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In Lafcadio's Adventures, Anthime Armand-Dubois notably engages in it. FTPE:,
[10] Name this once-common scientific practice of which Alfreda accuses Hurtle Courtney in a novel by Patrick White.
Answer: Vivisection (accept Vivisector)
[10] A Jew attempts to vivisect Jack Wilton in this picaresque novel, but he and Diamante are saved by one of the pope's mistresses.
Answer: The Unfortunate Traveller
[10] Noboru Kuroda and his friends vivisect and kill a cat in this novel by Yukio Mishima. Noboru eventually kills Ryuji Tsukazaki for retiring from his titular profession.
Answer: The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea or Gogo no eiko
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In it, Dr. Barnes praises Dr. Benjamin's idealism after he is fired because he is Jewish. FTPE:,
[10] Name this play, in which Clayton is revealed to be the corporate spy Clancy by his brother, which Fatt may or may not have known.
Answer: Waiting for Lefty
[10] Waiting for Lefty is by this author of The Big Knife and Golden Boy.
Answer: Clifford Odets
[10] In this retelling of the biblical story of Noah by Odets, God makes Noah younger to build the ark then older again, and upon Esther's death allows Ham and Japeth to marry the women they love.
Answer: The Flowering Peach
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Answer the following related to inequalities and vector spaces for 10 points each.,
[10] This class of vector norms takes the magnitude of each component of the vector raised to a power, adds those values, and then raises the sum to one over that power. In the special case where that power is 2, it is sometimes known as the Euclidean norm.
Answer: p-norms
[10] This inequality states that for two vectors x and y and constants a and b, if one over a plus one over b equals one, then the magnitude of x transpose times y is less than or equal to the p-norm of x with respect to a times the p-norm of y with respect to b.
Answer: Holder inequality
[10] This special case of the Holder inequality states that the magnitude of the inner product of two vectors x and y is less than or equal to the norm of x times the norm of y. On Euclidean spaces, it can be used to derive the triangle inequality.
Answer: Cauchy-Buniakovsky-Schwarz inequality (accept either name, and it's entirely acceptable if someone pronounces it "Schwartz" since lots of stuff misspells Schwarz with a t)
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Identify the following theologians, for 10 points each.,
[10] This German theologian was involved in the re-emergence of conservative theology, known as "Dialectical Theology," after World War I. He also took a stand against the Nazi Party in the mid-1930s and wrote Church Dogmatics.
Answer: Karl Barth
[10] this 18th-Century British theologian advocated a deterministic, materially-based variety of Unitarianism which he called Providentialism, in such works as the Institutes of Natural and Revealed Religion.
Answer: Joseph Priestley
[10] This follower of Hegel extended the latter's understanding of the interaction between human and spirit in his book The Essence of Christianity. Under his account, particular and universal are unified, and thus theology can legitimately be called atheistic.
Answer: Ludwig Feuerbach
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The plot of this novel is set in motion by the Marchesa di Vivaldi, who wishes to prevent the marriage of her son Vincentio and Ellena di Rosalba. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this Gothic novel in which Ellena is abducted and taken to a convent in the mountains of Abruzzo before she is revealed to be the daughter of Sister Olivia.
Answer: The Italian or The Confessional of the Black Penitents
[10] Name the author of The Italian and other Gothic novels like The Romance of the Forest and The Mysteries of Udolpho.
Answer: Ann (Ward) Radcliffe (accept either)
[10] This monk, the mastermind behind the kidnapping and later murder plot, is revealed to be a fugitive in hiding after he murdered his brother, the Count di Bruno.
Answer: Schedoni

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