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2007 ACF Nationals Tossups by Texas AM + VCU
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One character in this work attempts to deduce what Hermann Grimm would think of Julius II's mistreatment of Michelangelo before reflecting on the machinations of Mrs. Rance. A scheme hatched at Cadogan Place moves the plot along, but the billiard room at Fawns is where Adam declares himself to have infallible taste in art. Divided into two books titled "The Prince" and "The Princess," the novel's central crisis occurs when Adam's wife has an affair with his daughter's husband after Fanny Assingham arranges the marriage of Prince Amerigo to Maggie Verver. FTP, Charlotte Stant finds the cracked title object while shopping for a wedding present in what novel by Henry James?
Answer: The Golden Bowl
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He defeated Charles Lindbergh's father in the primary to win a Senate seat from Minnesota, twelve years after Theodore Roosevelt read this man's newspaper editorial asserting that the General Paper Company was an illegal trust and appointed him U.S. attorney to prosecute the case. He later served as the lead solicitor against Union Pacific and Standard Oil and as ambassador to Britain from 1923 to 1925. In his next position he succeeded Charles Evans Hughes, and while holding it he won a Nobel Prize. FTP, name this Secretary of State under Calvin Coolidge who won the support of sixty-two nations for an idealistic pact outlawing warfare, an agreement which is named for this man and French foreign minister Aristide Briand.
Answer: Frank Billings Kellogg
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75% of this molecule is in an alpha-helical secondary structure, and it exhibits a single hydrophobic cleft which contains an important metal prosthetic group as well as a histidine R group above the plane of its central ring. The first protein ever viewed in three dimensions by X-ray crystallography, it is common in the slow-twitch muscle fibers and is released into the bloodstream when a muscle is damaged, and thus a test for it can confirm muscle injury. The changing affinity for water in this molecule's reduced iron atom governs the changing color of meat. FTP, name this molecule, particularly common in the dark red tissues of diving mammals, which stores oxygen within cells rather than moving it through the blood like its counterpart, hemoglobin.
Answer: myoglobin
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This artwork is depicted in the top center of the fourth work in William Hogarth's Marriage A-la-Mode series. Originally commissioned by the Duke of Mantua, it is currently housed at Vienna's Museum of Art History. The extreme lower portion of the work depicts the rocky shore of a small stream. On that shore sits a large vase, overgrown by vines and earth. Atop the overgrowth, the central figure lies on a large white sheet. On the left, a tree is enveloped by a dark gray cloud from which emerges a paw-like form that caresses the central figure as a face emerges to kiss her. FTP, name this work by Correggio depicting the rape of an Argive princess who was subsequently transformed into a heifer?.
Answer: Jupiter and Io (accept Io and Jupiter; do not accept "Zeus and Io")
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One of the central characters in this work is a cotton merchant who has a resemblance to King Henry IV, while the main female character is said to have a crimson face and the tiniest of white teeth. Over dinner the stories of Judith and Holofernes and Lucrece and Sextus are offered as examples of self-sacrifice in which the "end justifies the means." The clanging of the scabbard of a Prussian officer at Totes is the first sign of trouble for a group of travelers on a journey to Le Havre from Rouen. FTP, name this story which was adapted for film by John Ford as Stagecoach, a work by Guy de Maupassant centering on Elisabeth Rosset, the titular portly prostitute.
Answer: "Boule de Suif" or "Ball of Fat" (or "Tub of Lard")
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One critic has argued that the essay "Embarrassment and Social Organization" places this student of W. Lloyd Warner in the Durkheimian school of ritualistic sociology. In one of his works he concluded that marketing reflects society's paternalistic subordination of women to men. In another he elucidated a tripartite classification of social devaluation: bodily, moral, and tribal. In a more noted series of works, he developed the theory of impression management and established the metaphor of sociology as theater, for which he tends to be pigeonholed as a symbolic interactionist. FTP, name this author of Gender Advertisements and Stigma, a sociologist best known for his The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life.
Answer: Erving Goffman
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Twelve days following this event, its principal participants led a massacre at a granary; for the next ten years their skulls were displayed at that site. After capturing Valladolid, where its instigator had been kicked out of school, its instigator decided not to attack the capital with his army of 80,000 men. While its cause was a search of the home of Epigmenio Gonzalez in Queretaro, it is now commemorated in September as a day of independence. Though its exact text is not extant, it called for land redistribution and tribute to the Virgin of Guadalupe. FTP, name this declaration calling for Mexican independence which was enunciated by Father Miguel Hidalgo at a church in the namesake town.
Answer: Grito de Dolores or Cry of Dolores
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A basketball team by this name won eighteen Liga and ACB titles from 1960 to 1977, thanks to such legendary players as Wally Szczerbiak's father, and was coached by George Karl immediately before Karl took the Sonics job. That team was also the last pre-NBA stop for Drazen Petrovic and Arvydas Sabonis. Another team by this name won five straight titles from 1986 to 1990 behind the play of the "vulture's cohort." Among this squad's current scoring leaders is Ruud van Nistelrooy, while its other stars include Mahamadou Diarra, Raul, and a player acquired from Manchester United in 2003. FTP, David Beckham currently plays for what longtime rival of F.C. Barcelona?
Answer: Real Madrid
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This effect can be used to fit the observed Stokes profiles of CaH transitions in sunspots while Schadee's theory of its molecular form was used to explain Stokes profiles. The Mueller matrix for intermediate Hund's cases can be used to calculate the impact of this effect which occurs when Russell-Saunders decoupling causes projections of orbital angular momentum to behave as if spin approaches zero. The net effect is that the number of spectral lines is reduced to three closely spaced doublets in the anomalous Zeeman Effect. FTP, what is this physical phenomenon in which atomic energy levels split in a strong magnetic field, which is named for its two German discoverers?
Answer: Paschen-Back effect
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A group of essays on "themes" from this book is collected in Crispin Wright's Rails to Infinity. Near the beginning of this work, we are asked to imagine a builder and an assistant who can only communicate with the words "block," "pillar," "slab," and "beam." The work opens with a passage from Augustine which provides an example of "ostensive definition," and introduces the metaphor of "family resemblances" and the concept of a "language game." FTP, name this unfinished 1953 work which argues against the notion of a "private language," a work which contradicts much of the author's earlier Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus.
Answer: Philosophical Investigations or Philosophische Untersuchungen
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Among Yahgan Indians of Tierra del Fuego, this creature was said to have slain the great stone giant who was invulnerable except on the soles of his feet, while in the eschatology of Northern California's Rumsen peoples, it steals light. In Hopi myth, two children make a paper replica of it that comes to life and returns with growing ears of corn. Among the Inca, it is the figure associated with the North. This creature is one of the forms taken by a certain god who rose fully-grown from his mother's womb to slay his sister and toss her head, which became the moon, into the sky. FTP, name this avian creature associated with the Aztec god of war, Huitzilopochtli [Wee-tsee-loh-poch'-tlee].
Answer: Hummingbird
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The first production of this work was set in Florence and featured characters with such names as Hesperida, Prospero, and Lorenzo di Pazzi, while the published version is set in the London suburb of Hogsden. A cloak inlaid with "russet lace" is seized by an aspiring falconer after the garment's owner flees a swordfight in this play, while a butler disguises himself as Fitz-Sword and Formal. Tib attempts to prove her fidelity to Cob and the Kiteleys turn on each other after the prospect of a duel between Matthew and Downright is fanned by Bobadill. Justice Clement settles the confusion, which began when Brainworm delivered Wellbred's letter to the younger Edward Knowell. FTP, name this play by Ben Jonson which was followed by a similarly-named sequel about being "out of" the title state.
Answer: Every Man in His Humour
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This area became autonomous under the Turkish pasha Ali Tepelene in the late 18th century, 500 years after it was ruled by Theodore Ducas as an independent "despotate." Alexander the Great's mother Olympias came from here, while a notable ruler of this state built the capital of Ambracia and negotiated an honest peace with Gaius Fabricius Luscinus. That king of this region ignored his advisor Cineas and came to the aid of Tarentum, leading to a defeat at Beneventum. Earlier, that king had won at Asculum and Heraclea but lost a third of his soldiers in the process, commenting that "another such victory would undo him." FTP, name this area to the north of Greece which was ruled in antiquity by Pyrrhus.
Answer: Epirus
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The article that postulated it is the most cited article in the history of the American Chemical Society. It is similar in transformational structure to one named for Beidler, and the Eadie-Hofstee representation compensates for its error structure. Its y-intercept is constant with varying amounts of competitive inhibitor, but fluctuates with uncompetitive inhibitor variance. Its slope, the ratio of a famous constant and the maximum velocity, increases by adding a mixed non-competitive inhibitor. A mainstay of enzyme kinetics, FTP, identify this double reciprocal linear representation of the Michaelis-Menten equation.
Answer: Lineweaver-Burk plot
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In one of his operas, a woman says goodbye to her family and promises to "die of love and happiness" in the aria "Non vi turbate, no." In another of this man's operas, a group of women pretend to be the Furies in order to scare Lucas away from marrying Colette. In addition to The Drunkard Reformed, he wrote an opera which opens with the "Dance of the Blessed Spirits." With Raniere de Calzabigi, he wrote a manifesto on the "reform opera," and the pair put their principles into action with Il Trionfo di Clelia, Armide, and the story of a man retrieving his wife from the underworld. FTP, name this German composer of Alceste and Orfeo ed Euridice.
Answer: Christoph Willibald, Ritter von Gluck
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Its eastern border terminates in Cape Orange and the port of Saint-Georges, and abuts another country's state of Amapa across the Oyapock River, while its western border is the Maroni river. Degrad des Cannes is the leading port of this area, which includes the archipelago known as the Salvation Islands. The third member of that island group is separated by the Kourou River and was formerly a leper's colony and a prison, where Alfred Dreyfus was held. FTP, Devil's Island is part of what overseas department, sandwiched between Brazil and Suriname but not bordering a former English colony with a similar name?
Answer: French Guiana (or Department of Guiana or Departement de la Guyane; don't accept or prompt on Guyana)
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Its doctrines are the subject of the Raigo paintings and emphasize the so-called "eigtheenth vow." One group within this sect is known as the "Time School" because it emphasizes the performance of its defining action at set intervals, while another subgroup believes in the collective-merit doctrine of yuzu. It worships a member of the Dhyani whose name means "infinite light," and it practices "nembutsu," the repetition of that figure's name. FTP, name this school of Mahayana Buddhism which promises rebirth in the Sukhavati, the namesake western paradise ruled by Amitabha at which one arrives in a blossoming lotus.
Answer: Pure Land Buddhism (or Ch'ing-t'u; or Qingtu; or Jodo; or Omit'ofo; accept Amida before it is read)
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Recently scientists have used readings of over 1000 Gauss to reinterpret the heating mechanisms of this class of object. The Rossi Explorer captured a superburst of ash on the surface of one in 2004, while a pair of them with a 2.4-hour orbit was discovered by the CSIRO Parkes telescope. Their masses are upper-bounded by the Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff limit. They undergo brief spin-up periods, or glitches, and their accretion of matter from a companion star can result in an equatorial bulge. A hot, rotating one was discovered by Giacconi in Centaurus and their release of gravitational binding energy powers supernovae. FTP, name these dense objects first postulated by Baade and Zwicky, whose rotating types are known as pulsars.
Answer: neutron star
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In this book, one character lists such "crimes" as spraying oneself with water in the manner of a bum and smiling like a coward. The protagonist is told to smash a cat against a log in front of a crowd of naked onlookers; later, "the chief" performs a dissection, foreshadowing the title character's fate. That character trains as a clothing-store manager but never gets the job, as he is given tea laced with sleeping pills and, by implication, murdered. Beginning with a thirteen-year-old boy watching his mother masturbate through a hole in the wall, it continues as Fusako takes Ryuji as a lover, first thrilling and then disappointing her son. FTP, name this Yukio Mishima novel in which Noboru grows angry at the nautical title character for acting unmanly and coming back to land.
Answer: The Sailor Who Fell from Grace With the Sea (or Gogo no Eiko)
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One side's battle plan called for cavalry under George Stoneman to raid the opponent's supply and communication lines. However, the inability of Howard's troops to speak English and the refusal of one side's commander to turn control over to Darius Couch after being injured led to failure. Occurring at the intersection of the Orange Plank Road and Orange Turnpike, it saw Early man Marye's Heights to isolate Sedgwick. During this battle, Lee's outnumbered Army of Northern Virginia outmaneuvered Hooker's Army of the Potomac after the Union forces crossed the Rappahannock River. FTP, name this 1863 Civil War battle in Virginia in which friendly fire led to the death of Stonewall Jackson.
Answer: Battle of Chancellorsville
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In the case of State vs. De Koenigswarer, it was ruled that the Delaware police had unlawfully detained this musician. He was thought to have played in Jerry Newman's recordings from New York's Minton's Playhouse, where he frequented cutting competitions. His contract with Prestige Records resulted in recordings with Sonny Rollins and Art Blakey such as "We See" and "Bensha Swing." His first recordings were with the Coleman Hawkins quartet, while his works with Blue Note were collected on Genius of Modern Music. He worked with Miles Davis on Bags' Groove, and he led a quartet including John Coltrane that performed at the Five Spot Cafe. FTP, name this composer and jazz pianist known for bebop works like "Round Midnight."
Answer: Thelonious Monk
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Its final section asserts that the Japanese government should be informed and makes specific reference to article 9 of the London Pact from the previous year. That article considered Anatolian promises made to Italy. Winston Churchill's White Paper was needed to clarify seemingly contradictory terms in it, as well as other secret promises and agreements reached at St. Jean de Maurienne, San Remo, and Sevres. It did not directly consider any Hejazi lands, but did allocate the cities of Acre and Haifa to Great Britain and set much of the modern Iraqi-Syrian border. FTP, name this agreement of 1916 which split the Middle East into spheres of influence, named for a British and a French diplomat.
Answer: Sykes-Picot Agreement
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A revisionist version of this work was created by Israel Zangwill, who also coined the phrase "The Melting Pot," and the daughter of Karl Marx. In that revision of this work, one character seeks a boarding school recommendation for his children from a clergyman, while in the original the protagonist abandons religion and states that she only knows what her clergyman has told her. In that revision, the protagonist also invites her friend to move into a spare bedroom, while in the original that friend, Christine Linde, collects the protagonist's things after a forged loan document leads to her abandonment of her husband and children. FTP, name this play by Ibsen which centers on a lover of macaroons, Nora Helmer, who escapes the title abode.
Answer: A Doll's House or Et dukkehjem (accept A Doll's House Repaired)
2007 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Texas AM + VCU
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Numbers were popular things to find in American painting during the early 20th century. FTPE:,
[10] Charles Demuth's reading of a William Carlos Williams poem inspired this painting, in which the rays of a streetlight illuminate several instances of a certain number on a fire truck.
Answer: (I Saw) The Figure Five in Gold
[10] Patrons mill around a window where tickets are being sold for a double bill of "We Live Again" and "Moonlight and Pretzels" in Twenty Cent Movie, probably the most important painting by this creator of Hauptmann Must Die and Why Not Use the `L'?
Answer: Reginald Marsh
[10] This numerically named band of Impressionist American painters included such notables as Edmund Tarbell, Childe Hassam, and William Merritt Chase.
Answer: The Ten
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This author of the essay "The Homosexual in Society" was the gay lover of Robert DeNiro's father. FTPE:,
[10] Name this cross-eyed American author, whose poetry collections include Bending the Bow and The Opening of the Field.
Answer: Robert Duncan
[10] Duncan's other essays include a work on the "sweetness and greatness" of this poet's major work. Charles Singleton was one of the foremost 20th-century scholars of this man, who was described as a "poet of the secular world" in the first book by Erich Auerbach.
Answer: Dante Alighieri
[10] Duncan wrote the poems collected in The Opening of the Field after he began teaching at this progressive educational institution in North Carolina, whose other faculty poets included Charles Olson.
Answer: Black Mountain College
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Answer the following about electrophilic addition reactions FTPE.,
[10] Formulated by a Russian chemist, this rule states that a carbon atom rich in substituents will gain more substituents, while the carbon with more hydrogen atoms will gain more hydrogen atoms, in an electrophilic addition reaction.
Answer: Markovnikov's rule
[10] After an electrophile forms a covalent bond with a carbon atom in a double bond, this reaction is the second step of an electrophilic addition. It involves a carbocation intermediate and is often seen in reactions involving secondary and tertiary alkyl halides.
Answer: SN1 reaction (accept unimolecular nucleophilic substitution reaction or equivalents)
[10] In aromatic systems, electrophilic attack instead leads to substitution reactions like this one. It produces an aryl aldehyde or ketone from the reaction of a substituted amide with phosphorus oxychloride and an activated arene.
Answer: Vilsmeier-Haack reaction
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She was offered the throne by the Supreme Privy Council on the death of Peter II. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Russian empress whose reign was dominated by Biron, Osterman, and Munnich, and who oversaw Russian participation in the War of the Polish Succession during her reign.
Answer: Anna Ivanovna
[10] Under Anna, Russia allied with Austria for a war with Turkey that ended with this 1739 treaty. It eliminated Austria's gains under the Treaty of Passarowitz and removed Russian warships from the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea.
Answer: Treaty of Belgrade
[10] Upon Anna's death in 1740 an infant of this name briefly became tsar. The fifth ruler of this name was Anna Ivanovna's father, and co-ruled with Peter the Great until 1696.
Answer: Ivan
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It opens with a chapter on "The Field" which discusses "Knowledge in Computerized Societies," and ends with a chapter on "Legitimation by Paralogy." FTPE:,
[10] Name this 1979 "report on knowledge" which claims that the title situation is marked by the demise of "grand narratives."
Answer: The Postmodern Condition or La condition postmoderne
[10] This French philosopher who introduced the concept of the "differend" wrote The Postmodern Condition.
Answer: Jean-Francois Lyotard
[10] Lyotard's book Lessons on the Analytic of the Sublime is a commentary on sections 23 through 29 of this work by Immanuel Kant, whose second half discusses teleological determinations.
Answer: Critique of Judgment or Critique of the Power of Judgment or Kritik der Urteilskraft
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Clement VI made him notary of the Roman treasury in 1344, and three years later he declared himself tribune. FTPE:,
[10] Name this man who attempted to establish a peasant-controlled independent Rome as the capital of an Italian Christian brotherhood.
Answer: Cola di Rienzo (accept Rienzi or Rienzo or Nicola di Lorenzo)
[10] Cola's appointments from Clement and from Innocent VI were received from this French-controlled city, where the Papacy maintained its court from 1309 to 1377.
Answer: Avignon
[10] Opposition to Cola's popular revolt was led by two Roman noble families, the Colonna and this Guelf-affiliated house, from which Popes Celestine III, Nicholas III, and Benedict XIII came.
Answer: Orsini
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The mechanism for this phenomenon is a luciferase catalyzing the oxidation of a luciferin. FTPE:,
[10] Name this property of various organisms, including fireflies and most oceanic squids, in which chemical energy is converted to emitted light.
Answer: bioluminescence
[10] In fireflies, the bioluminescence reaction requires luciferase, luciferin, ATP, and the ionic form of this element, which is also see in biology as the center of the porphyrin ring in chlorophyll and in complexes with nucleic acids that are more flexible than calcium complexes.
Answer: magnesium (or Mg)
[10] In bacteria, the bioluminescence process requires oxygen, luciferase, and the molecule FMNH2, a coenzyme form of this vitamin, which is essential for lipid metabolism and is acquired by humans from milk and fortified cereals that have not been exposed to ultraviolet light.
Answer: riboflavin (or vitamin B2)
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Answer the following about short stories set in Wisconsin, FTPE:,
[10] Wisconsin native Hamlin Garland set the stories "Under the Lion's Paw" and "The Return of a Private" in his home state. Those stories were collected in this 1891 volume.
Answer: Main-Traveled Roads
[10] In this Carl Sandburg story collection, the title creatures travel through Wisconsin in "How the Animals Lost Their Tails and Got Them Back Traveling from Philadelphia to Medicine Hat."
Answer: Rootabaga Stories, Part One
[10] This writer set some of the stories from her collection One Basket in Wisconsin, though she may be better known for the collection A Curtain of Green.
Answer: Eudora Welty
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FTPE, name these Baltic composers.,
[10] This Finnish composer of the opera Love from Afar created the Ears Open Society with Esa-Pekka Salonen and Magnus Lindberg. She has created orchestral works based on the moon Io and the Northern Lights.
Answer: Kaija Anneli Laakkonen Saariaho
[10] This minimalist composed the children's cantata Our Garden and debuted his self-named "tintinnabuli style" in Fur Alina. He also created the first-ever piece of twelve-tone Estonian music, Nekrolog.
Answer: Arvo Part
[10] He wrote seven symphonies, the last of which was a C major work which premiered in 1924. His other orchestral works include the tone poems En Saga and The Dryad.
Answer: Johan Julius Christian Sibelius
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Answer the following about the mathematics of order, FTPE:,
[10] Formally this principle states that there cannot exist an injective function whose codomain is smaller than its domain. Informally it takes its common name from the avian family Columbidae.
Answer: Pigeonhole Principle or Dirichlet's Box Principle
[10] One classic problem of mathematical ordering is to find the number of people required at a party such that there is a minimum number of acquaintances. The problem is solvable by this class of numbers.
Answer: Ramsey Numbers
[10] One result of Ramsey theory is this theorem which discounts the possibility of "total randomness." The most accessible implication of the theorem is that a multi-dimensional, multi-player Tic-Tac-Toe contest cannot end in a draw.
Answer: Hales-Jewett theorem
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Answer the following about a Chinese province, FTPE:,
[10] The Xiang River runs through this Chinese province whose name means "south of the lake" due to its proximity to Lake Dongting. Mao Zedong established a short-lived namesake soviet here in 1927 after the Autumn Harvest Uprising.
Answer: Hunan Province
[10] This Chinese mountain is located close to the Suoxi Valley in the Hunan Province. Its name means "son of heaven" and it was named after an epithet of Xiang Dakun, a farmer who led a local revolt.
Answer: Tianzi Mountain
[10] The Hunan province was also home of the Xiang Army, raised to combat this Ching rebellion which sought to establish a "Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace."
Answer: Taiping rebellion
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His conception of God was compared to that of Henry Nelson Wieman in Martin Luther King Jr's doctoral dissertation. FTPE:,
[10] Name this author of Dynamics of Faith and The Courage to Be, whose expansive "Protestant principle" made him one of the leading theologians of the 20th century.
Answer: Paul Johannes Tillich
[10] One of the chief influences on Tillich's theology was this German philosopher whose rivalry with Fichte led him to write System of Transcendental Idealism and Of Human Freedom.
Answer: Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling
[10] Tillich was also influenced by this 20th-century German theologian, the author of The History of the Synoptic Tradition, a proponent of "form criticism" who argued for the necessity of "demythologizing" the New Testament.
Answer: Rudolf Bultmann
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Answer the following about an economic concept FTPE:,
[10] Monopoly pricing can cause this phenomenon, which refers to any failure to meet economic efficiency and maximum total surplus.
Answer: deadweight loss
[10] The definition of efficiency often used in assessing deadweight loss was devised by this Italian author of Mind and Society.
Answer: Vilfredo Pareto
[10] Often used in welfare economics, this alternative to Pareto efficiency is defined as a state of affairs in which those who are made better off could in theory compensate those worse off.
Answer: Kaldor-Hicks efficiency
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Name these authors who love the name Pedro, FTPE:,
[10] This author of "Tell Them Not to Kill Me!" created the greatest Pedro of them all, the rascally title character of Pedro Paramo.
Answer: Juan Rulfo
[10] Aunt Matilde disappears from Pedro's house in "The Walk," a short story by this South American novelist, who also wrote the novels Coronation and A House in the Country.
Answer: Jose Donoso
[10] This Spanish playwright, whose first name is Pedro, wrote such works as Devotion of the Cross and Life is a Dream.
Answer: Pedro Calderon de la Barca
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He spent six years as governor of the Louisiana territory before being sent to the Bastille due to political intrigues. FTPE:,
[10] Name this French explorer who founded Detroit in 1701.
Answer: Antoine Laumet de La Mothe Cadillac
[10] Cadillac was moved from Detroit to Louisiana in 1712 at the end of this conflict named for a British monarch, which comprised the American theater of the War of the Spanish Succession.
Answer: Queen Anne's War
[10] Cadillac replaced this future founder of New Orleans as governor of Louisiana. This younger brother of the famed soldier Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville also founded Mobile, Alabama.
Answer: Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville
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Answer the following about some staircases FTPE:,
[10] The Codex Amiatinus and Erinna papyrus are among the holdings of this Florentine location, whose Vestibule is marked by a 'pietra serena' sandstone staircase constructed by Bartolomeo Ammannati.
Answer: Laurentian Library
[10] The Tulip Stairs, the first unsupported spiral stairs in England, are located at the Greenwich Queen's House which was designed by this architect who is also known for his Palace at Whitehall.
Answer: Inigo Jones
[10] Visitors to this Frank Gehry-designed museum access the main entrance via a staircase which accounts for the elevation differences between the city proper and the Nervion River on whose banks it was built.
Answer: Guggenheim Bilbao (prompt on partial answer)
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They were unavailable for a time when a giant abducted their owner, who was returned in the form of a nut. FTPE:,
[10] Name these objects which the Norse gods used to maintain eternal youth.
Answer: the golden apples of Idun(a) (prompt on partial answer)
[10] Idun's husband was this rune-tongued keeper of the mead of poetry, who was also the namesake of the cup by which kings swore their ascension oaths.
Answer: Bragi
[10] Idun was abducted by this giant, who became understandably angry with the Norse gods when he was impaled by Loki after eating too much ox meat.
Answer: Thiazi
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Name these Euripides plays, FTPE.,
[10] H.D. wrote a 1937 adaptation of this play. Its title character discovers that he is the son of a woman named Creusa who tried to poison him with the blood of a Gorgon.
Answer: Ion
[10] Tiresias tells Creon to sacrifice Menoeceus in order to protect the city from the "seven against Thebes" in this play, in which Polynices and Creon orders Oedipus to leave the city.
Answer: The Phoenician Women (or Phonissai)
[10] After Jason marries Glauce, the title character of this play goes nuts and kills her children.
Answer: Medea
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FTPE, answer the following about a meteorological formation.,
[10] Typically where the strongest hurricane winds are located, this feature surrounds the relatively calm center of a hurricane.
Answer: eye wall (prompt on "eye")
[10] This effect can be seen in strong hurricanes where the eyewall's clouds curve out from the center as height within the cyclone is increased.
Answer: stadium effect
[10] These small rotational spots within eyewalls of strong cyclones have wind speeds up to 10% higher than the rest of the wall. While they sometimes rotate with the rest of the wall, they can remain stationary or even cross the eye.
Answer: mesovortices
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Answer the following about salt in history, FTPE:,
[10] The production of salt was a main issue in the War of Chioggia between Venice and this other Italian city state. It was the home of the generals Ambrosio Spinola and Andrea Doria.
Answer: Genoa
[10] In France, dissent was common over this salt tax first instituted by Phillip the Fair.
Answer: the gabelle
[10] Henry the Lion founded this Bavarian city in 1158 due to its proximity to a salt trading route.
Answer: Munich

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