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2007 ACF Nationals Tossups by Texas + Brandeis
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One character in this work wonders what people would want with Newfoundland dogs and old dictionaries. Minor characters include the bald Frank Lubey, an astrology enthusiast who believes that everyone has their own star. Eventually it is revealed that Ann Deever's father was jailed for a crime committed by the central character. The halved apple tree in the backyard serves as a reminder of the protagonist's son, Larry, a soldier who knew the truth and killed himself with a plane manufactured using his father's faulty engines. FTP, name this drama that concludes with a self-inflicted gunshot to the head of Joe Keller, a work by Arthur Miller.
Answer: All My Sons
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One figure by this name asserted that Carneades never revealed a preference for any one epistemological system and wrote the lost treatise On the Witholding of Assent. Another secured a military alliance that would ultimately be defeated at Souk El Kremis. Yet another figure fought on land at Dertosa and Baecula and at sea at Tarraco, and later killed both Gnaeus and his brother Publius Cornelius. He was defeated in 207 BC by Gaius Claudius Nero at the Metauras River, and subsequently had his head catapulted into his brother's camp. FTP, name this Carthaginian general, the second son of Hamilcar and brother of Hannibal.
Answer: Hasdrubal (accept Cleitomachus before "daughter")
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Along with an electron, this particle is the product of the semileptonic decay of a D meson. Gell-Mann and Pais investigated the oscillations in its neutral type, noticing that a pure beam would become a beam of its anti-particle. Leon Lederman established that it had two different weak eigenstates, which are labeled "short" and "long." Its (*) charged type contains an up quark and is 4-mega-electron volts lighter than its neutral type, which contains a down quark. Originally known as a V particle due to its decay pattern, its tendency to decay into either two or three pions led to the Tau-Theta puzzle. FTP, name this meson which is heavier than a pion and contains a strange quark or antiquark.
Answer: kaon or K-meson (accept k-zero until the asterisk)
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This theory was first discovered when graduate students were attempting to verify Richard Solomon's "two process" theory. Further experiments were conducted with Hiroto, demonstrating the phenomenon across differing domains of action. Its effects are moderated by how people explain events to themselves, either using a personal, permanent, or pervasive explanatory style. Altering one's explanatory style to overcome it is a focus of cognitive behavioral theory. First demonstrated in dogs that did not avoid an uncontrollable electric shock, this is, FTP, what condition in which people fail to take action to avoid discomfort, discovered by Martin Seligman?
Answer: learned helplessness
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In one story by this author, the friendship between Ben and the daughter of author Henry Castlemain spells the end of Carmelita Hope's happiness. "The Father's Daughter," along with "The Black Madonna," is collected in The Go-Away Bird and Other Stories. The addition to the Meadows Meade textile firm of the hunchback Dougal Douglas is the subject of The Ballad of Peckham Rye, while an anonymous caller telephones Dame Lettie Colston to tell her "Remember, you must die" in Memento Mori. Better-known are novels about the May of Teck club and the headmistress of the Marcia Blaine School for Girls in Edinburgh. FTP name this author of The Girls of Slender Means and The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie.
Answer: Muriel Spark
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One of his works depicts Father Magloire in a blue shirt and sandals walking down a sandy road. He depicted a series of kayaks near the location of his family property at Yerres, though his later work centered on Paris, where he created a number of paintings of snowy rooftops. Near his death he focused primarily on his garden, painting Dahlias, the Garden at Petit-Gennevilliers, while his early work includes painting urban toil as in The Housepainters and The Floor-Scrapers. His best known piece, which is at the Art Institute of Chicago, depicts a number of his impressionist friends and numerous folks carrying umbrellas. FTP, name this artist of Paris Street, Rainy Day.
Answer: Gustave Caillebotte
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His friend William Van Ness published an "Examination" of some charges against him under the pseudonym of Aristides. While in Philadelphia he met secretly with Anthony Merry, whose superiors refused this man's proposals. After taking a partial interest in the Bastrop grant on the Washita River, he received support from Harman Blennerhassatt. He was defended by Luther Martin when he was put on trial in Richmond, but John Marshall ruled that only an overt act would constitute the "levying" of war mentioned in the Constitution. FTP, name this vice president under Thomas Jefferson who was tried for treason and who fought a duel with Alexander Hamilton.
Answer: Aaron Burr
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Both the charged residue model and the ion evaporation model are two competing theories that explain this technique, which has been used in colloid thrusters to control satellites, and to study noncovalent gas phase interactions, in addition to its best-known usage. The substance to be analyzed is ejected from a 10 micrometer capillary, where it forms a Taylor cone. Coulombic fission breaks up the resulting droplets, forming the target lone ions. Used to isolate ions for mass spectroscopy, FTP, identify this technique that earned John B. Fenn a share of the 2002 Nobel Prize in chemistry.
Answer: electrospray ionization
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Lassie and Imp the Dog starred in a 1911 short film by this name, which was based on a story by Mark Twain. "O Superman (For Massenet)" was the lead track on an album by Laurie Anderson which had this word in its title. In "If I Ever Lose My Faith in You," Sting claims that he has lost faith in this and progress. In another song about this, the speaker laments that he cannot find his "careful notes" and "antiquated notions" since the title figure has "tidied up," and exclaims that Miss Sakamoto is beautiful after describing "poetry in motion." FTP, name this discipline, which precedes "of Sleep" in the title of a Michel Gondry film and with which Thomas Dolby was "blinded."
Answer: science (accept Big Science before the Sting song is mentioned)
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This work is mentioned and parodied just before the housemaid Dolly delivers a handjob in Tristram Shandy. In the chapter "Of Particles," the author points out the problems of defining the word "but," and elsewhere he claims that the signification of words is "perfectly arbitrary." The chapter "Of Identity and Diversity" hypothesizes a prince whose soul enters the body of a cobbler, while the author argues that ideas discovered through reason cannot be innate in the first book. The second book, "Of Ideas," begins by asking how the mind comes to be furnished, and features the distinction between primary and secondary qualities. FTP, name this epistemological work by John Locke.
Answer: An Essay Concerning Human Understanding
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In Paul Verlaine's "Parisian Nocturne," this river is described "in trappings that are royal," while a Baudelaire poem sees it pouring "into chasms made of diamonds." It is described as the sister of the Mississippi in Jean Toomer's "Blue Meridian." In "The Open Window," Vera tells a story in which Mr. Nuttel is frightened by dogs on its banks, while it appears "sunken" just before the Thunder's speech in The Waste Land. The title woman is told that she would find rubies by its side in "To His Coy Mistress." FTP, name this waterway which represents Asia in Bernini's Fountain of the Four Rivers, a river which flows through New Delhi and empties into the Gulf of Bengal.
Answer: Ganges River
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This author was the subject of Robert Louis Stevenson's story "A Lodging for the Night." In one of his works, this author insults the Keeper of the Seals by offering him a seal he has spat upon. In another poem, he ends each line with the letter "r" and inserts acrostics of his own name and that of his lover, Marthe, while in yet another he longs to be buried at the convent of Saint-Avoye. One of his ballads discusses famous rulers carried away by the wind of time and death, while the "Ballad of Dead Ladies" features the refrain "Where are the snows of yesteryear?" FTP, name this 15th-century French poet of The Grand Testament.
Answer: Francois Villon (accept Francois de Montcorbier or Francois de Loges)
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Commemoration of this battle falls annually on the "Day of the Vow," which since the 1990s has been known as "reconciliation day." Fought on the banks of a tributary of the Buffalo, it was precipitated by the one of the participant's forces smashing women and babies against rocks during an earlier engagement at Bloukrans. During this battle the victors organized covered wagons into a fortified circle known as a "laager," and an assegai hit Andries Pretorius in the hand, which was one of three wounds inflicted on the 474 defenders by the 15,000-man Zulu army. FTP, name this engagement which saw the defeat of Dingane, a major turning point for the Voortrekkers in the Zulu war.
Answer: Battle of Blood River
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One mechanism explaining their formation is the "hot tower" hypothesis of Simpson and Riehl. Kerry Cook of Cornell has famously used GCM simulations to show how they are affected by continental surfaces. In the southern Pacific their theory must be modified due to the Walker circulation between the waters of South America and Australia. They draw warm, moist air into the intertropical convergence zone and follow the "thermal equator" of highest temperature. Meeting the Ferrel cells at the horse latitudes, FTP, identify these patterns of wind circulation that lie in the equatorial latitudes and explain the trade winds, named for an English lawyer.
Answer: Hadley cells
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Act Three of this opera features the recitative "Sventurata," in which a servant mourns the blood shed in his city. In the aria "Zeffiretti lusinghieri," one character hopes that the wind will carry her songs of love, while another character claims that Alecto's torch brings her death in the aria "D'Oreste, d'Aiace." The servant Arbace creates trouble by suggesting one character be sent in secret to Argos. Meanwhile, the recently-exiled daughter of Priam, Ilia, competes with the unstable Electra for the affections of the title character's son, while the title character incurs the wrath of Neptune for his refusal to sacrifice Idamante. FTP, name this opera by Mozart named for a king of Crete.
Answer: Idomeneo, re di Creta
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A slander contest provides the only mention of this figure's tryst with Loki, who also claims to have killed her father. She was reluctantly amused by Loki's story of tying his testicles to the beard of a goat, and it was this figure who later hung a venomous snake over Loki's head while he was imprisoned in a cave. One story has her marrying Odin and being the mother of Saemling, a legendary patriarch of a clan of Jarls. Her marriage was bound to fail as she was unwillingly paired with the master of Noatun after she mistook his feet for Balder's. FTP, name this stepmother of Freyr and Freyja, a goddess of snow-shoes who was the unhappy wife of Njord.
Answer: Skadi
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The importance of this substance in disease is shown in Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome, in which a mutation in the VHL gene eliminates its ability to attach this substance to HIF-1 alpha, leading to cancer. VHL possesses a RING domain, which is required for attachment of this substance to its targets. Consisting of 76 amino acids, it modifies its protein substrates at lysine residues, and is mediated by the enzymatic action of three ligases E1 through E3. FTP, name this small protein whose primary function is to tag proteins. marking them for destruction by the proteasome, which is named for its presence in all eukaryotic cells.
Answer: ubiquitin
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At one point in this work, a character goes to Shell-heap Island to visit the grave of Joanna, who lived in isolation after her fiance deserted her. Its author wrote four additions to this work, including "The Queen's Twin," "The Foreigner," and another which introduces Esther Hight. One of the more famous sections concerns a journey to the North Pole by the reclusive Captain Littlepage, which is followed by the narrator's visit to Green Island, where she meets Mrs. Blackett. As the volume opens, the narrator leaves Boston for the coastal town of Dunnett Landing, where she befriends the widowed herbalist Almira Todd. FTP, name this series of sketches published in 1896 by Sarah Orne Jewett.
Answer: The Country of the Pointed Firs
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A rabbi named for this Biblical figure was said to have entered paradise along with Ben Azzai, Ben Zoma, and Rabbi Akiba, after which he became a heretic and was referred to only as "aher," or "the other." When he first appears in the Bible, this figure is seen plowing a field with twelve yokes of oxen, but after being touched by another man's cloak this figure killed his oxen and used his plough to boil them. Later, this son of Shaphat cured the leprous general Naaman and cursed some boys who had mocked him, after which bears came out of the woods and killed them. Before his death, he encouraged Jehu's revolt which led to the death of King Ahab. FTP, name this Old Testament prophet, the successor of Elijah.
Answer: Elisha (accept Elisha Ben Abuyah before the stuff about the oxen)
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When one member of this gathering cited the example of Charles I, another quipped that "he lost his head," to the dismay of Robert Hunter. Major Thomas Eckert, the head of the Telegraph Office, was sent out to meet one party at City Point before it took place. It was inspired by Francis Blair's plan to launch an attack against the French, a scheme which was supposed to help create a "continental regulator." The proposal included a refusal to recognize future treaties and an offer of $400 million to a certain group. This meeting took place aboard the "River Queen," where Alexander Stephens was forced to refuse a proposal of emancipation and reunion, since he was only authorized to accept independence. FTP, name this February 1865 peace conference meant to end the Civil War.
Answer: Hampton Roads Peace Conference
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This man wrote four piano concertos, two of which are subtitled "Youth" and "Prague." Other works include his "Requiem" Symphony, as well as the operas In the Magic Forest and Into the Fire. He also created incidental music to Romeo and Juliet, while a "Little Lyrical Scene" appears in his suite The Comedians. One of his operas concerns the Nazi invasion of Moscow, while in another the title character sculpts a Duke mounted on a donkey. He composed 24 preludes based on songs by Rimsky-Korsakov, and also edited the Sovietskaya Muzika, winning two Stalin Prizes for his work. FTP, name this Soviet composer and proponent of socialist realism, best known for his operas The Taras Family and Colas Breugnon.
Answer: Dmitri Borisovich Kabalevsky
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One character by this name is the fiancee of the recently deceased La Vela in Luigi Pirandello's Each in His Own Way, and this is the name of the Colonel's mummified wife in The Ghost Sonata. In response to Samuel Richardson's Sir Charles Grandison Henry Fielding wrote a novel about a woman with this name, which also identifies Miss Evans, the owner of Carson McCullers' "Sad Cafe." In an opera by Gian Carlo Menotti, a woman of this name "Goes to the Ball." FTP give this name, also belonging to a woman loved by William Dobbin and befriended by Becky Sharp in Vanity Fair.
Answer: Amelia
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This man's mistresses included Marion Boyd and Margaret Drummond, who may have been poisoned in a conspiracy. After coming to the throne upon his father's death at the Battle of Sauchieburn, he chartered a College of Surgeons in his capital city and abolished the Lordship of the Isles, then held by John III. He supported an invasion on behalf of the pretender Perkin Warbeck, but later signed the Treaty of Perpetual Peace and married Margaret Tudor. However, his country's involvement in the War of the Holy League led to his defeat at the hands of his brother-in-law, Henry VIII. FTP, name this Scottish king who was killed in 1513 at the Battle of Flodden Field.
Answer: James IV of Scotland
2007 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Texas + Brandeis
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Its final section includes a chapter on "Public Opinion as a Fiction of Constitutional Law" and the "Social-Psychological Liquidation of the Concept." FTPE:,
[10] Name this 1962 "Inquiry into a Category of Bourgeois Society," which explains how the title group came into being and began to debate government in the Western world.
Answer: The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere or Strukturwandel der Offentlichkeit
[10] This German thinker wrote Legitimation Crisis and The Strucutural Transformation of the Public Sphere.
Answer: Jurgen Habermas
[10] This 1996 work by Habermas defends his discourse ethics, and suggests that law has been characterized by the tension suggested in the title.
Answer: Between Facts and Norms or Faktizikat und Geltung
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At the beginning of this novel, we learn the protagonist killed a scab laborer during a trolley strike in 1901. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Pulitzer Prize-winning work whose protagonist meets the ghost of Katrina Daugherty, along with his hobo companion Helen Archer.
Answer: Ironweed
[10] Ironweed is the third novel in the Albany Cycle written by this author.
Answer: William Kennedy
[10] Loosely based on a 1964 newspaper strike in Albany, this William Kennedy novel tells the story of the columnist Bailey and his co-striker Jarvis, who serves as a link to management.
Answer: The Ink Truck
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Answer the following about those wacky dimensionless numbers, FTPE.,
[10] This commonly-used number is the ratio of inertial to viscous forces in a fluid and is given by density times a characteristic diameter times velocity divided by viscosity.
Answer: Reynolds number
[10] The value for this number named for a French scientist is determined by dividing the contraction strain of a material by the applied extension strain. Incompressible materials have a value of 0.5 for this group, and auxetic material have a negative value.
Answer: Poisson Ratio
[10] This number is the ratio of momentum diffusivity to mass diffusivity and is used to evaluating the characteristics of boundary layers in mass transfer. Its heat transfer analogue is the Prandtl number.
Answer: Schmidt number
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In this battle, Ephialtes guided the Persians through a mountain pass where they were outflanked by the Greek forces. FTPE:,
[10] Name this battle of 480 BC at which the Spartan king Leonidas was killed.
Answer: Thermopylae
[10] This Persian nobleman commanded the Immortals at Thermopylae. His father of the same name was one of the seven conspirators who killed the usurper Gautama, allowing Darius to come to the throne.
Answer: Hydarnes
[10] A year after Thermopylae, the Persian army was defeated by forces led by Leotychidas at this battle near a mountain in Ionia. It was supposedly fought on the same day as the battle of Plataea.
Answer: Mycale
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The title family kneels before the asymmetrically-situated Christ child and his mother, who are located high up on the stairs, in this man's Pesaro Madonna. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Italian painter, whose other works include the Virgin with the Rabbit and The Crowning with Thorns.
Answer: Titian or Tiziano Vecelli or Tiziano Vecellio
[10] The heads of a dog, a lion, and a wolf are arranged below three human heads in this 1570 work by Titian which stresses the power of the title concept as one gains experience and wisdom.
Answer: Allegory of Age Governed by Prudence or Allegory of Prudence
[10] The surprised title figure of this Titian work is borne across the sea on a white bull.
Answer: The Rape of Europa
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They are responsible for providing a barrier composed of nephrin, P-cadherin, and a namesake protein to keep macromolecules in the blood stream, failure of which leads to excessive protein loss in urine. FTPE:,
[10] Name these specialized cells, an important feature of which are structures called pedicels.
Answer: podocytes or visceral epithelial cells
[10] Podocytes line the vessels of this body in the kidney, which is surrounded by the Bowman's capsule.
Answer: glomerulus
[10] The basement membranes of the glomerulus are thickened in this hereditary disorder caused by a mutation in Type IV collagen assembly. Strikingly, it can also cause gradual bilateral hearing loss.
Answer: Alport syndrome
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He slaughtered a detachment of enemy soldiers led by Abraham Buford in 1780's Waxhaw Massacre. FTPE:,
[10] Name this British soldier known as the "Butcher," who persistently tried to capture Francis Marion during the Revolutionary War.
Answer: Banastre Tarleton
[10] Tarleton's forces were destroyed by Daniel Morgan at this January 1781 battle, though Tarleton himself managed to escape.
Answer: Battle of Cowpens
[10] In February 1781 Cornwallis sent Tarleton to escort a band of loyalists who wanted to join his army, but they were instead slaughtered at this massacre after Lighthorse Harry Lee's forces came across them.
Answer: Pyle's Massacre or Pyle's Hacking March
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
He attempted to write a novel about every country in Latin America, but is better known for two works about World War I. FTPE:,
[10] Name this author who wrote about Julio Madariaga in his masterpiece, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
Answer: Vincente Blasco Ibanez (prompt on partial answer)
[10] At the end of this Blasco Ibanez novel set in Valencia, the bully Pimento is shot to death by Batiste Borrull, causing Borrull to realize he must move his family out of the title structure.
Answer: The Cabin or La barraca
[10] A central character in the Blasco Ibanez novel The Dead Send is based on this Cuban author, whose works include the essay "Our America" and the Versos Sencillos.
Answer: Jose Marti
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
Martin Schwartz commented on the lexical concentric circles in this collection, calling it "the outer reaches of orality," and it has been translated by William Malandra and Helmut Humbach. FTPE:,
[10] Name this collection of sacred hymns composed by Zarathustra, whose final section consists of a dialogue between their author and Jamaspa.
Answer: the Gathas
[10] The Gathas comprise Yasnas 28 through 53 of this Zoroastrian sacred text, whose other sections include the Yasht and the Visprat.
Answer: the Avesta or Zend-Avesta
[10] This other section of the Avesta offers an account of creation, describes the original man Yima, and provides regulations on how to care for the dead.
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
They are divided into AB, C, and D varieties depending on whether they pulsate in the fundamental mode or in an overtone. FTPE:,
[10] Name these yellow or white giants belonging to population 2 that were once known as cluster variables.
Answer: RR Lyrae Stars
[10] RR Lyrae stars are similar in form and nature to these "standard candles," which, like RR Lyrae stars, obey a period-luminosity relation conducive to measuring distance.
Answer: Cepheid Variables
[10] Thought to involve double-mode pulsation or an oblique rotator, this poorly-understood effect involves a secondary variation of the amplitude and period of certain types of pulsating stars. It is notably exhibited by XZ Cygni.
Answer: Blazhko Effect
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Its artist hoped that it would "break down racial barriers and maybe be a crossover hit." FTPE:,
[10] Name this album which features a cover of Bryan Adams' "I Do It for You" as well as the single, "It Ain't Easy Bein' White."
Answer: Franklin Comes Alive
[10] Franklin Comes Alive was the sole effort by the black hand puppet of Gob on this TV show, which centered on the travails of the Bluth family.
Answer: Arrested Development
[10] Gob was played by Will Arnett, who is married to this SNL veteran. She now co-hosts "Weekend Update" with Seth Meyers, and also played Colby on Upright Citizen's Brigade.
Answer: Amy Poehler
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
It was also known as the Land of a Million Elephants. FTPE:,
[10] Name this ancient kingdom founded by Fa Ngum with capital at Xieng Dong Xieng Thong in Muang Sua.
Answer: Lan Xang or Lan Ch'ang (do not accept "Laos")
[10] The Lan Xang period saw the construction of the giant temple at Louang Prabang, which lies in this modern-day country with capital at Vientiane.
Answer: Laos or Lao People's Democratic Republic
[10] After Fa Ngum's Khmer wife died, he married a princess of this Thai kingdom to avoid war. Founded by Ramathibodi I, King Narai opened it up to westerners as early as the 17th century.
Answer: Ayutthaya
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Name these composers who created works inspired by the mythical Phaeton, FTPE:,
[10] This man composed tone poems such as Phaeton and Omphale's Spinning Wheel, but he may be better remembered for Danse macabre.
Answer: Camille Saint-Saens
[10] With the help of librettist Philipe Quenault, this man wrote such operas as Phaeton and Armide. His last opera, Achilles and Polyxena, was left unfinished at his death in 1687
Answer: Jean-Baptiste Lully
[10] This man composed twelve symphonies inspired by Ovid's Metamorphoses, including "The Fall of Phaeton." He also composed the singspiel Doctor and Apothecary.
Answer: Karl Ditters von Dittersdorf (accept either underlined portion)
Average difficulty: 0Average quality: 0Category:
It ends with Jaffier stabbing himself and Pierre to bring about the titular action. FTPE:,
[10] Name this play in which Jaffier beats his wife, loses his fortune to his father-in-law, and becomes part of a conspiracy against the senate of the title city.
Answer: Venice Preserved
[10] Venice Preserved is a play by this author of The Orphan and The Soldier's Fortune.
Answer: Thomas Otway
[10] Otway's first play was about this man who encouraged the Athenian expedition to Sicily and eventually defected to Sparta, only to defect again upon learning that the Spartans wanted him dead.
Answer: Alcibiades
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Lady Godiva is said to have taken her ride during the reign of this man, who according to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle "never accomplished anything kingly as long as he ruled." FTPE:,
[10] Name this grandson of Sweyn Forkbeard, who was succeeded by his brother Magnus Olafsson as king of Denmark upon his death in 1042.
Answer: Harthacanute or Canute II or Canute III (prompt on "Canute")
[10] Harthacanute was the son of Canute the Great and this Norman woman, who had earlier married Ethelred the Unready and given birth to Edward the Confessor.
Answer: Emma of Normandy
[10] Harthacanute nearly invaded England in 1039 to replace this half-brother who had been installed as regent, but this man obligingly died before an invasion could occur.
Answer: Harold Harefoot (or Harold I)
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It includes a notable essay on King Lear entitled "The Avoidance of Love," as well as an essay on "Knowing and Acknowledging" which introduced one of its author's central concepts. FTPE:,
[10] Name this essay collection, the first work by an American philosopher, which also includes an essay on "Austin at Criticism."
Answer: Must We Mean What We Say?
[10] Must We Mean What We Say? was written by this professor at Harvard, whose other works include The Claim of Reason and the recent Cities of Words.
Answer: Stanley Cavell
[10] Must We Mean What We Say? includes an essay on the "availability" of this German thinker's later philosophy. That essay discusses the views expounded in this man's Blue and Brown Books.
Answer: Ludwig Wittgenstein
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Answer the following about the life of a son of Faunus, FTPE:,
[10] Name this shepherd who was turned into a river god by the Nereid he loved after being buried by a huge boulder hurled at him by a spurned suitor.
Answer: Acis
[10] Acis' love, Galatea, was also loved by this Cyclops, who would later be blinded by Odysseus and his men.
Answer: Polyphemus
[10] This seer warned Polyphemus that he would lose his sight to a man named Odysseus.
Answer: Telemus or Telemos
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He wrote the poem "Beacons of Bealtaine" for the 2004 European Union enlargement ceremony. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Nobel Prize-winning poet, whose other works include Door into the Dark and A Haw Lantern.
Answer: Seamus Heaney
[10] This 1991 play by Seamus Heaney is his version of Sophocles' Philoctetes.
Answer: The Cure at Troy
[10] This literary critic devoted a 1998 book to the work of Seamus Heaney. Her earlier books include The Art of Shakespeare's Sonnets and a book about Wallace Stevens entitled On Extended Wings.
Answer: Helen Vendler
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Name these treaties which involved Italy, FTPE:,
[10] This 1798 treaty, signed between France and the Papal States, formally ceded Avignon to France, and resulted in the confiscation of hundreds of artworks from the Vatican.
Answer: Treaty of Tolentino
[10] Signed in 1805, after Austrian defeats at Ulm and Austerlitz, this treaty ceded Austria's holdings in Italy to France, and marked the effective end of the Holy Roman Empire.
Answer: Treaty of Pressburg
[10] Signed in an Italian town during the Genoa Conference of 1922, this treaty between Germany and Russia renounced all territorial claims of each country against the other in light of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk.
Answer: Treaty of Rapallo
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Given two compounds in solution, tell whether a precipitate forms. If a precipitate does form, name all the precipitated compounds.,
[10] ammonium phosphate and potassium chloride
Answer: no precipitate (accept equivalent answers)
[10] ferric chloride, silver nitrate, and sodium phosphate
Answer: iron (III) phosphate (accept FePO4) and silver chloride (accept AgCl)
[10] aluminum sulfate and lead nitrate
Answer: lead (II) sulfate (accept PbSO4)

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