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2007 ACF Nationals Tossups by Stanford + South Carolina
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The Maier-Saupe mean field theory and the Onsager hard-rod model are theories that predict phase transitions in them. They can form from disc-shaped basic units that stack to form columns in the discotic columnar phase. The cholesteric phase is the thermotropic type of these substances, whose lyotropic type includes those formed by the Tobacco Mosaic Virus. The centers of its molecules tend to lie in layers in the smectic phase. Its molecules are mostly oriented the same way but distributed randomly in the simplest phase, known as nematic. FTP, identify this substance used in display devices.
Answer: liquid crystals
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Its leader became upset after Kido Koin, Okubo Toshimichi, and other officials refused his proposal to seize Korea. Although that man had helped the government come to power eleven years earlier, he became disenchanted with the direction it was taking, prompting him to return to Kyushu and enlist 40,000 members of the namesake clan. Its first offensive was at Kagoshima and was followed by a six-week engagement at Kumamoto, though by then less than 500 fighters remained. It ended with the Battle of Shiroyama, where its leader, Saigo Takamori, preferred to die ritually rather than from a bullet. Driven by the loss of status of a particular social class, this is, FTP, what short-lived 1877 Japanese insurrection that marked the end of the samurai?
Answer: Satsuma Rebellion
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The main plot of this work is juxtaposed with the tale of a Marxist uprising of mill-workers who take over a closed factory and start running it after the death of Will Thompson. It opens with Pluto Swint arriving in a blue shirt that clings to his skin, which leads to a discussion about superstition with the protagonist's sons, Buck and Shaw. The loose morals of Griselda contributed to the uproar over the book, which resulted in it being banned by the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice. Set in Georgia, the main character believes that an albino person will bring him luck, so he kidnaps and imprisons Dave Lawson to help him in his quest, resulting in the destruction of his land. FTP, name this 1933 novel in which Ty Ty Walden searches for gold on the titular plot of land, a work by Erskine Caldwell.
Answer: God's Little Acre
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According to one of the major texts of this faith, the individuals known as the "Hands of the Cause of God" are supposed to "diffuse the Divine Fragrances" of this religion throughout the world. That text, the Will and Testament of one of this religion's early leaders, also expounds on the idea of the Covenant with God, the concept of religious dispensations, and the history of Prophets known as Manifestations of God, or mazhar. Historical mazhars include Adam, Jesus, and Muhammad, but the current dispensation was opened by a figure known as the Bab. FTP, name this religion, whose major prophets include Baha'u'llah.
Answer: Baha'i
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A 1995 work by Christopher Adair-Toteff refers to him as a "Utopian Visionary." He categorized criminals as either "Gauner" or "Frevler," while one of his early studies examined violence during a dock strike in Hamburg. He examined suicide in his work Selbstmord in Schleswig-Holstein, while his most famous work discusses the Wesenwille, or essential will, and Kurwille, or arbitrary will. That work distinguishes between two types of societies: one where a sense of belonging and community interest is strong, and one which is more individualistic. FTP, those two types appear in the title of what German sociologist's Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft?
Answer: Ferdinand Tunnies
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The first required office-holders to have taken the sacrament of the Lord's Supper within a year before their election to any municipal office. The third prohibited conventicles of more than five people who were not members of the same household, while another of them required all ecclesiastical officials to read a certain set of prayers prior to the feast of Saint Bartholomew. The fourth and last of them forbade Nonconformist ministers from coming within five miles of their former livings. FTP, name this set of laws which includes the Corporation Act and the Act of Uniformity, which were passed in the 1660s to re-establish the supremacy of the Anglican Church and were named for the Lord Chancellor under Charles II.
Answer: the Code of Clarendon or the Clarendon Code
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When this word is followed by "character," it is used to describe a family of sets that, according to Tukey's Lemma, has a maximal element with respect to the inclusion ordering. A set S satisfies Kuratowski's notion of this property if it is a member of the sub-semi-lattice generated by the empty set and the singletons in the power set of S. The set of all sets that are hereditarily this is denoted (V-sub-omega), and can be constructed recursively by beginning with the empty set, continually taking the power set of the last set in the sequence, and taking the union of every set in the sequence. A set satisfies Dedekind's notion of this property if it is not equinumerous to any of its proper subsets. FTP, what is this property which describes a set that has cardinality equal to that of a natural number?
Answer: finiteness
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His early works such as The Remains of a Poet drew on his experiences as a clerk, while he turned to literary inspiration for Hamlet Following the Ghost of his Father. He illustrated his own novella Under the Hill, which was a version of the Tannhauser story. Also controversial were the eight illustrations he created for an edition of Aristophanes' Lysistrata. Other illustrations included a series done for Le Morte d'Arthur, but he is better known for his work with such magazines as The Savoy and The Yellow Book. Noted for his black-and-white ink work, FTP, name this Art Nouveau artist most famous for his illustrations of Oscar Wilde's Salome.
Answer: Aubrey Beardsley
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He wrote about an eel and her son who are watching a fisherman when a piano falls into the sea and nearly crushes them in his story "The Big Gravel-Sifter." After a play set in early Ireland, The Outlaw, gained attention, he received a stipend that allowed him to return to school. He wrote about Arvid Falk in his first novel, Roda Rummet, while his other early works include a historical play about Olaus Petri, Master Olof. The dramas Easter and A Dream Play appear in his Damascus trilogy, while his other plays include The Spook Sonata and The Father. FTP, name this Swedish author of Miss Julie.
Answer: August Strindberg
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His daughter was so beautiful that she was referred to as "The Flower of the Lady." This mythological figure would spend many years looking for his son without knowing that he'd been killed at the battle of Gabhra. In one tale he named a pup Bran Og and trained him to battle a magical bird. In yet another story he sided with Crothar and helped him to prevail in his war with Rothmar. Found by his father on the slopes of Ben Bulben, he would age 300 years after falling off the magical horse Embarr, which was given to him by his lover Niamh. FTP, name this son of Fionn mac Cumhail (Finn Ma-Cool) and Sadb, a legendary warrior-poet.
Answer: Oisin or Osian or Ossian
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This person's namesake gas consists of a fixed array of spherical scatterers, with a single particle elastically scattering between them. When the effect of radiative reaction force is included, the equation of motion for a nonrelativistic charged particle is named for him and Abraham. Along with a Danish mathematician, he lends his name to an equation relating index of refraction to density, also known as the Clausius-Mossotti equation. His namesake factor equals one over the square root of one minus beta squared, and is symbolized by a lowercase gamma. FTP, name this co-discoverer of the Zeeman effect, whose namesake transformation shows how to transform spacetime coordinates to a moving reference frame in special relativity.
Answer: Hendrik Lorentz
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His Four Studies in Rhythm include two pieces entitled "Island of Fire," and also contains a piece sometimes considered the first work of total serialism, Mode de valeurs et d'intensites. His keyboard works include the Livre du Saint-Sacrament for solo organ, as well as a piece that contains such movements as Premiere communion de la Vierge. That work is a suite written for his wife Yvonne Loriod entitled Vingt regards sur l'enfant Jesus. He is best known for a work in eight movements which begins with the "Liturgy of Crystal" and was composed while he was a prisoner of the Nazis in World War II. FTP, name this 20th-century French composer of the Quartet for the End of Time.
Answer: Olivier Messiaen
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The Seven Hundred Pyrotists and the Count de Maubec de la Dentdulynx are among the figures appearing in Book Six of this work, which involves the "affair of the eighty thousand trusses of hay." Trinco and Madame Ceres are among the other figures appearing in the books devoted to "modern times," while the eighth and final book deals with the "endless history" of "future times." In Book Two, Kraken and Orberosia fool the creatures of the village into thinking that Kraken is actually the Dragon of Alca, after though creatures were accidentally baptized in the first book by the blind Saint Mael. FTP, name this satirical world history, a 1908 novel by Anatole France about some flightless waterfowl.
Answer: Penguin Island or L'lle des Pengouins
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After the death of Alexander Hamilton, he became the third president of the Society of the Cincinnati, a post he held until his death in 1825. At the Constitutional Convention, he suggested 1808 as the year when the foreign slave trade could be halted, but unsuccessfully proposed that senators should serve without pay. He declined the command of the army, which instead went to Arthur St. Clair, and also declined the position of Secretary of State in 1795, though he did agree to succeed James Monroe as minister to France in 1796. He ran for president in 1804 and 1808 as the Federalist candidate. FTP, name this South Carolinian who along with Elbridge Gerry and John Marshall was involved in the XYZ affair.
Answer: Charles Coatsworth Pinckney (prompt on Pinckney)
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It can be described by a traceless tensor, whose components are equal to a weighted integral of "three x sub i x sub j" minus r squared times the Kronecker delta function. Because there is no such thing as negative mass, the lowest order gravitational waves should be of this type. The potential energy of an electrostatic one of them is proportional to the gradient of the external electric field, while the total power radiated by an oscillating one of these is proportional to the frequency to the sixth power. In particle accelerators, magnets of this type are used to focus beams, while electric fields of this type fall off like one over distance to the fourth power. FTP, identify this term which can describe a distribution of two positive and two negative charges.
Answer: quadrupole (accept quadrupole moment)
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The third chapter of this work offers a "sketch of a theory of knowledge based on the analysis of the idea of Disorder" and claims that "disorder" is itself an "oscillation of the intellect" between two kinds of order. In the final chapter, the author describes knowledge as snapshots of passing reality, and labels this the "cinematographical mechanism of thought." The second chapter describes instinct and intelligence as two diverging tendencies in the title concept, while the first chapter examines neo-Lamarckism and orthogenesis and claims that the title phenomenon is guided by a vital impulse, or elan vital. FTP, name this 1907 work which provides an alternative to Darwinism, the most famous work of Henri Bergson.
Answer: Creative Evolution or L'evolution creatice
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In this play's first scene, one character notes that a woman is watering "once a day her chamber round / With eye-offending brine" to "season a brother's dead love." Later, Fabian is excited about the chance to get revenge on a "rascally sheep-biter" who had caused him trouble over a bear-baiting. In the final act, one character notes that the "whirligig of time brings in his revenges" before someone who has been falsely imprisoned promises to be "revenged on the whole pack of you," and the play ends with a song whose refrain is "For the rain it raineth every day." The opening line "If music be the food of love, play on," is spoken by the Duke of Illyria, Orsino. FTP, name this play featuring Sebastian and Viola.
Answer: Twelfth Night
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He had sex with a woman named Phoebe on the tomb of Arthur Conan Doyle while studying at Oxford. The central episode of his childhood took place on November 27, 1973, while he was watching The Magician on TV. After getting a degree in psychology, he became a student of William Patterson, whose influence was reflected in the monograph he wrote on serial killers which led to the capture of Monte Props. He earned the nickname "Spooky" after graduating first in his class at the FBI Academy, but never overcame the trauma of seeing his sister Samantha kidnapped as a boy. FTP, name this man who opposed the Cigarette-Smoking Man and worked with Dana Scully on The X-Files, a character played by David Duchovny.
Answer: Fox Mulder (accept either)
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It had its foundations in the 9th-century Zaghawa tribe and its rulers include Umar ibn Idris, who relocated it to its second capital in the 14th century. Another figure, Ali Gaji, would retake its original capital after defeating the Bulala, the people who had displaced them to the other side of Lake Chad. It first converted to Islam under a man who claimed descent from the Yemeni hero Sayf ibn Dhi Yazan. That man, Hummay, founded the Sefuwa dynasty and moved this empire to its first major capital, Njimi. It reached its zenith in the 16th century under Idris Alooma, and much of what is known about it comes from Heinrich Barth's discovery of the Diwan in 1851. FTP, identify this African empire named after the two regions it inhabited.
Answer: Kanem-Bornu (accept Bornu before "second capital")
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It was discovered in 1935, though the receptor for this hormone has not yet been identified. The action of this hormone is hypothesized to develop through the action of dwarf1, a G protein, dwarf2 and sleepy1, both F-box proteins, and PICKLE, a chromatin remodeling factor, leading to degradation of the DELLA proteins. Generally containing a four-ringed diterpenoid structure and synthesized in the apical meristem, one of its important function is to mobilize sugar from starch by induction of amylase in the aleurone layer, thus inducing seed germination. Differing from auxin in that it never inhibits growth, FTP, name this plant hormone which promotes stem and leaf growth.
Answer: gibberellins
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In the B minor brindisi in the first act, one character attempts to repeat the first theme in F-sharp minor to the words "del calice," but he is too drunk to remember them. Not long after that chorus, "Inaffia l'ugola," comes a love duet entitled "Gia nella notte densa," which concludes with the so-called bacio theme, which reappears twice in the opera's fourth and final act. The title character sings "Dio! Mi potevi scagliar," but a more famous aria is that sung by the main antagonist, "Credo in un Dio crudel." More famous is a pair of back-to-back arias for the lead soprano, the second an "Ave Maria" and the first usually referred to as "The Willow Song." With a libretto by Arrigo Boito, FTP, name this Verdi opera, a tragedy based on a Shakespeare play whose characters include Desdemona.
Answer: Otello
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He wrote several philosophical works, such as The Book of Secrets, which expound on the religious ideas he developed in his youth while traveling through India and the Islamic territories. He is better known for his poetry, however, which includes such works as "Intoxicated by the Wine of Love" and "Looking for Your Own Face." Often cited as a chief inspiration by Rumi, his most famous work is an epic in which a Hoopoe instructs his fellow creatures with a series of allegorical fables until they reach the god-king Simurgh, who is revealed to be a mirror of themselves. FTP, name this 12th-century Sufi poet who took his pen name from his profession of herbalist and wrote The Conference of Birds.
Answer: Farid od-Din Attar
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British nuclear testing at Marlinga led most of the Spinifex Aborigines to abandon this region in the 1950s, while the town of Eucla sparked a hoax about a namesake nymph. Once an ancient seabed, it is now one of the world's largest examples of limestone karst geography. The Thylacoleo Caves here were the site of a major fossil discovery in January 2007, and Mundrabilla is home to many meteorite finds. Sprawling across Western Australian and Southern Australia, it is bordered on the north by the Great Victoria Desert and on the south by the Great Australian Bight. FTP, name this large, arid region of Australia, first crossed by Edward John Eyre in 1841 and notable for its lack of trees.
Answer: Nullarbor Plain
2007 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Stanford + South Carolina
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Name these disorders caused by trinucleotide repeat expansions, FTPE:,
[10] Expansion of CAG repeats in its namesake gene leads to this disease, which is caused by selective neurodegeneration. It presents itself with a namesake chorea and is autosomal dominant.
Answer: Huntington's disease or chorea or chorea maior or St. Vitus's dance
[10] Although a normal FMR1 allele has no more than 53 CGG repeats, over 230 repeats characterize this X-linked recessive disorder. Males with this syndrome are often mentally retarded and have large testicles.
Answer: Fragile X syndrome
[10] Characterized by loss of coordinated gait and cerebellar atrophy, many of the 25 subtypes of this disease are caused by CAG expansions. Type 3 of this disease is called Machado-Joseph disease and is found primarily in families from the Azores.
Answer: spinocerebellar ataxia
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He studied for the Catholic priesthood, taught secondary school, and worked as a secretary until the publication of his first novel allowed him to begin writing full time. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Australian novelist of The Place at Whitton, who won a Booker Prize for Schindler's Ark.
Answer: Thomas Keneally
[10] In this recent nonfiction work, Keneally takes a microhistorical approach toward Australia's colonization, focusing on figures such as Arthur Philips, the colony's first governor.
Answer: A Commonwealth of Thieves: The Improbable Birth of Australia
[10] Shortlisted for the 1972 Booker Prize, this work sees the Aborigine protagonist rebel against Anglo society and kill a bunch of white people.
Answer: The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith
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His works include nine symphonies as well as a "symphony number zero." FTPE:,
[10] Name this Austrian composer, who also wrote such motets as the Os justi.
Answer: Anton Bruckner
[10] Os justi is written in this mode, equivalent to a major scale with a raised fourth. In "L'Allegro," Milton asks to be "lapped" in "soft airs" of this kind.
Answer: Lydian
[10] This 20th-century composer of the operas Gloriana and Paul Bunyan was notably fond of the Lydian mode, using it in his Missa Brevis in D major.
Answer: Benjamin Britten
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He was born Jeremiah Colbath, but had his name legally changed by the legislature of New Hampshire when he was in his early 20s. FTPE:,
[10] Name this politician, who represented Massachusetts in the Senate from 1855 until 1873, when he resigned to become vice president.
Answer: Henry Wilson
[10] Henry Wilson first entered the Senate to fill the seat vacated by this man's resignation. This one-time president of Harvard ran on the Constitutional Union ticket as John Bell's running mate in 1860.
Answer: Edward Everett
[10] Henry Wilson was the great-great-uncle of this 20th-century Texan politician, who briefly served as Secretary of the Treasury in the Clinton administration after running for vice president in 1988.
Answer: Lloyd Bentsen
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Name these figures from Greek myth, FTPE:,
[10] One person of this name was a son of Apollo and Psamathe who was abandoned by his mother and raised by shepherds. Another was a master singer who tried to teach Heracles about music, until Heracles killed him.
Answer: Linus
[10] Aurora turned this man into a grasshopper to relieve him of his suffering. Earlier Zeus had given him immortality without bothering to give him eternal youth.
Answer: Tithonus
[10] This King of Elis created a noisy brass chariot and rode through town claiming to be Zeus. This didn't last long as Zeus killed him with a lightning bolt.
Answer: Salmoneus
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Name these novels by Joseph Conrad, FTPE:[10] James Wait is the title character of this 1897 work, in which the title ship is commanded by Captain Alistoun.,
[10] In this 1911 novel, Razumov betrays the assassin Victor Haldin to the authorities, and has his eardrums burst by his fellow revolutionaries after confessing his betrayal to them.
[10] The title character helps Martin Decoud with his smuggling before being shot by Giorgio Viola in this novel, which is set in the South American republic of Costaguana.
Answer: The Nigger of the `Narcissus' Under Western Eyes
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When these objects possess electric charge, the name Newman is usually attached to them, and unlike the Schwarzschild type, they have non-zero angular momentum. FTPE:,
[10] Identify these rotating black holes, named after a New Zealand mathematician.
Answer: Kerr black holes
[10] This is the name given to the effect that a massive rotating body has on the space-time around it, as predicted by general relativity. It is also known as the Lense-Thirring effect.
Answer: frame-dragging
[10] The Kerr metric is most commonly written in this coordinate system. If the parameter "a,",equal to angular momentum per mass, is set to zero, it automatically reduces to the Schwarzschild coordinate system.
Answer: Boyer-Lindquist coordinate system
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It comprises 62 tractates divided into six divisions, including ones on "damages" and "appointed times." FTPE:,
[10] Name this Jewish code of laws whose longest division, Tohorot, deals with purity.
Answer: Mishnah
[10] According to tradition, this rabbi compiled the Mishnah at the end of the second century AD. The text often refers to him simply as "rabbi."
Answer: Rabbi Judah (or Yehuda) Ha-Nasi (prompt on "Ha-Nasi" or "The Patriarch")
[10] The Talmud is comprised of the Mishnah and this set of commentaries on the Mishnah. The rabbis who wrote it are known as the Amora'im, as opposed to the Tanna'im of the Mishnah.
Answer: Gemara
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Name these architects associated with the development of the skyscraper FTPE:,
[10] This pioneering architect designed the Wainwright building in St. Louis and the Guaranty Building in Buffalo.
Answer: Louis Sullivan
[10] This architect, a former major in the Army Corps of Engineers during the Civil War and later a professor at Michigan, designed the first true skyscraper: the Home Insurance Company Building in 1883.
Answer: William LeBaron Jenney
[10] This architect mixed English and French Gothic in 1913 to build what was then the tallest building in the world, the Woolworth Building.
Answer: Cass Gilbert
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Name these German films, FTPE:,
[10] Hanna Schygulla plays a woman who tries to rebuild her life after World War II in this 1979 film by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. In the final scene, the title character dies in a gas stove explosion while a World Cup match is playing on the radio.
Answer: The Marriage of Maria Braun or Die Ehe der Maria Braun
[10] Peter Lorre plays a child murderer who likes to whistle Edvard Grieg tunes in this Fritz Lang film.
Answer: M or M: Eine Stadt sucht einen Morder
[10] The two title characters in this 2000 Tom Tykwer film are Sissi, a nurse at a mental hospital who is played by Franka Potente, and Bodo, a criminal who saves her life after she's run over by a truck.
Answer: The Princess and the Warrior or Der Krieger und die Kaiserin
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Name these Supreme Court cases dealing with the Fourth Amendment, FTPE:,
[10] In this 1961 decision, the Court ruled that evidence obtained in an illegal search and seizure is inadmissable in state courts. The case was prompted when police searched a woman's home, and found obscene materials.
Answer: Mapp v. Ohio (accept Ohio v. Mapp)
[10] Mapp v. Ohio overturned this 1949 decision, which ruled that state courts were not required to exclude illegally obtained evidence.
Answer: Wolf v. Colorado (accept Colorado v. Wolf)
[10] Justice Scalia authored this 2006 decision, which said that a violation of the "knock-and-announce" rule during a police search does not require the obtained evidence to be excluded from trial.
Answer: Hudson v. Michigan (accept Michigan v. Hudson)
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Identify these condensation reactions from organic chemistry FTPE.,
[10] This reaction forms a carbon-carbon bond between two esters, or one ester and a carbonyl group.
Answer: Claisen condensation
[10] This condensation occurs between a diester and a base to give beta-ketoesters. Its intermolecular equivalent is the Claisen condensation.
Answer: Dieckmann condensation
[10] In this condensation reaction, an enolate ion reacts with a carbonyl compound to form a beta-hydroxyaldehyde followed by dehydration to a conjugated enone.
Answer: aldol condensation
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A general assembly known as the "pankus" was established under one of their rulers named Telipinu. FTPE:,
[10] Name this ancient people, whose capital was at Hattusa.
Answer: Hittites
[10] The Hittites regarded their own history as beginning with the reign of this legendary monarch who passed on his newly founded kingdom to his son Hattusilis I.
Answer: Labarnas or Labarnash
[10] After the battle of Kadesh the Hittites made peace with their longtime nemeses, the Egyptians, when this pharaoh agreed to marry one of their princesses named Matnefrure.
Answer: Ramses II
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It was written to commemorate the death of the author's sister Mary. FTPE:,
[10] Name this poem which laments that a "year has gone as the tortoise goes, / Heavy and slow," whose title refers to a New England custom of mourning.
Answer: "Telling the Bees"
[10] This poet of "Moll Pitcher" wrote "Telling the Bees."
Answer: John Greenleaf Whittier
[10] Subtitled "A Winter Idyll," this 1866 work was inspired by a childhood event in John Greenleaf Whittier's life.
Answer: Snowbound
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The author of this lengthy work later supplemented it with 17 Elucidations. FTPE:,
[10] Name this philosophical work, whose subtitle notes that it treats "the nature of man's mind and the use he must make of it to avoid error in the sciences." Its third chapter asserts that ideas exist only in God, and are made available to us through our union with God.
Answer: The Search after Truth or De la recherche de la verite (accept On the Search for Truth or Concerning the Search after Truth)
[10] This French philosopher wrote The Search after Truth. He is famous for his theory of occasionalism, which said that everything that happens is caused by God.
Answer: Nicolas Malebranche
[10] Malebranche's criticism of the idea of necessary connection proved influential on the theory of causation advanced by this philosopher in his Treatise of Human Nature.
Answer: David Hume
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It was brought about by Queen Margaret of Sweden in 1397. FTPE:,
[10] Name this union of three Scandinavian states which would last for over a hundred years.
Answer: Union of Kalmar
[10] This nephew of Queen Margaret was elected king of the Kalmar Union in 1397. He introduced the payment of dues to use the Oresund strait and was succeeded by Christopher of Bavaria.
Answer: Erik of Pomerania (prompt on "Erik")
[10] This is the colorful nickname given to Christopher II of Denmark's 1520 invasion of Sweden. It was launched to keep the latter in the Kalmar Union.
Answer: Stockholm Bloodbath or Stockholm Massacre
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In this work, an account is given of a tribe that administers a poison called benge to chickens in a type of divination ritual. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 1937 work that studied the practices of a certain tribe in the southern Sudan.
Answer: Witchcraft, Oracles and Magic among the Azande
[10] This British anthropologist wrote Witchcraft, Oracles and Magic among the Azande. He also wrote African Political Systems, as well as several works about the Nuer tribe of the Sudan.
Answer: Sir Edward Evan Evans-Pritchard
[10] Evans-Pritchard held the chair at Oxford formerly occupied by this structural functionalist author of Social Organization of Australian Tribes and The Andaman Islanders.
Answer: Alfred Reginald Radcliffe-Brown
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Name these plays by George Bernard Shaw, FTPE:,
[10] In this play Rania realizes that her fiance's bravery and love of battle are foolish and misguided while falling in love with a pacifistic "chocolate-creme soldier" named Bluntschli.
Answer: Arms and the Man
[10] This sequence of five works focuses on immortality, stretching from humanity's pre-history in the Garden of Eden to its eventual evolution to a purely spiritual existence in 31,920 A.D.
Answer: Back to Methuselah (accept A Metabiological Pentateuch)
[10] Sir Colenso Ridgeon, Sir Patrick Cullen, and other eminent figures in this play discuss the title problem of whether it is better to heal the sick or make money by prescribing expensive, unneeded surgeries.
Answer: The Doctor's Dilemma
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Answer the following about quantum field theory, FTPE.,
[10] This function of fields is one of the most important quantities in quantum field theory. In an interacting theory, it contains cubic or quartic functions of the fields. It is also frequently used in classical mechanics, where it is usually written as kinetic energy minus potential energy.
Answer: Lagrangian
[10] This is a procedure for dealing with divergent integrals. Two of the most common types of this procedure are the Pauli-Villars one, and one developed by `t Hooft and Veltman, known as "dimensional."
Answer: regularization or regulator (accept various word forms; DO NOT accept "renormalization")
[10] These are numbers which anticommute with each other. They are commonly used to describe fermions. Algebra with them is simplified since the product of one of them with itself equals zero.
Answer: Grassman numbers or variables (prompt on "anticommuting" numbers)
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Name these German states or Bundeslander, FTPE:,
[10] This state whose capital is Stuttgart features the Black Forest and borders Lake Constance.
Answer: Baden-Wurttemberg
[10] This state is famous for voting to rejoin Germany in 1935. It is located in the Southwest of Germany.
Answer: Saarland
[10] The Elbe runs through this state whose capital is Magdeburg; it was home to the Funnelbeaker culture.
Answer: Saxony-Anhalt

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