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2008 ACF Nationals Tossups by Stanford
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He designed one church dedicated to a saint from Pietrelcina that is located in San Giovanni Rotondo, while he also designed a museum located in Riehen, Switzerland and the Maranello Wind Tunnel used by Ferrari. In addition to the Beyeler Museum, one of his designs is a collection of ten "huts" organized into three "villages" that represents Kanak culture. That work, the Tjibaou Culture Centre in New Caladonia, was finished after such works as the Menil Museum in Houston and a mile-long airport terminal located on an artificial island, the Kansai Terminal in Osaka. However, he may be best known for a building whose exterior displays color-coded pipes for water and electricity, a museum that he co-designed with Richard Rogers. FTP, name this Italian architect who co-designed the Pompidou Center.
Answer: Renzo Piano
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In organic materials, they are of the Frenkel type, whereas the Wannier-Mott type dominates in semiconductors. While accounting for the effective mass and the host matrix polarizability, the Bohr model can often be used to calculate their energy. In the low-density approximation, they are bosonic, and when strongly interacting with light, their namesake polaritons can show Bose-Einstein condensation through the coherence properties of the emitted light. Although chargeless, they can be bound by quantum wells and dots, interface fluctuations or host matrix impurities. In the latter case, their optical recombination can be used to make indirect bandgap materials optically active, as in nitrogen-doped gallium-arsenide-phosphide LEDs. FTP, what are these composite quasiparticles, consisting of a loosely bound electron and hole?
Answer: excitons
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This event resulted in the death of a boy named Johnson, and known popularly as "Little Billy." It happened a year before the Battle of the Windmill, during which men like Samuel Lount allied with groups known as the Hunters' Lodges. A letter by Governor Francis Bond Head responded to a communique between John Forsyth and Henry Fox in the wake of this event; Head denied responsibility for the happenings at Fort Schlosser, where Andrew Drew had acted under orders from Colonel Allan MacNab. This event saw the death of Amos Durfee after departure from Navy Island, but Alexander MacLeod was acquitted on all charges. General Winfield Scott was sent to quell hostility on the American side, after William Lyon Mackenzie had tried to incite war with Great Britain. FTP, name this 1837 incident, the Canadian-led takeover and burning of a ship on the Niagara River.
Answer: Caroline affair
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This functional group can chelate with metals such as cadmium in ectomycorrhizal fungi to increase metal tolerance. One of these will be created by treating a carbonyl compound with Lawesson's reagent and then reducing, and the Barton-Kellogg reaction uses the ketone variety of them to synthesize olefins. Aqueous work-up following the Herz reaction places one of them on an aromatic ring, as does the Leuckart reaction. They can be oxidized with agents like bromine, and compounds which interfere with that process are often used to denature proteins. A major component of skunk spray, they tend to form strong complexes with heavy metal cations like arsenic and mercury, which led them to be called mercaptans. FTP, name this functional group which consists of a sulfur atom bonded to a hydrogen atom.
Answer: thiols (also accept mercaptans before it's mentioned)
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A dirty tackle by Atletic de Bilbao's Andoni Goikoetxea left him severely injured, and helped end his two year stay with FC Barcelona. Earlier, he had debuted in his country's national team against Hungary at the unprecedented age of 16, and had led its under-20 team to a FIFA world youth championship in a final aginst the USSR. After leaving Barcelona, he would lead Napoli to two Italian titles and one UEFA cup. His career was interrupted due to a suspension for cocaine abuse in 1991, and after a brief stay at FC Sevilla, he would return home to play for the Newell's Old Boys. His brilliant passing allowed fellow strikers as Jorge Burruchaga and Claudio Canniggia to score important goals in the `86 and `90 world cups, but he is most famous for two goals he scored against England in the `86 Mundial, one of which involved the "hand of God". For ten points, who is this legendary Argentinian number 10?
Answer: Diego Armando Maradona
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Nina Sutton has written a biography of this man subtitled "A Life and a Legacy", while one of his own works consists of transcriptions of conversations he had with parents discussing child-rearing, and is entitled Dialogues with Mothers. He wrote about a child who would would plug an imaginary wire into the wall, believing himself to be a robot, in his essay, "Joey: A Mechanical Boy", while another work analyzes children raised in the Kibbutz. He advocated the "refrigerator mother" theory of autism in works like The Empty Fortress, but this author of Children of the Dream is better known for a work discussing the "Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales" in the development of children. FTP, name this psychologist who wrote The Uses of Enchantment, and discussed his experiences in concentration camps in "Individual and Mass Behavior in Extreme Situations."
Answer: Bruno Bettelheim
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In a 1969 paper, Petersen and Pendleton created a quantity called "modular momentum" to help explain the theory of this effect. Experimental confirmation of this effect was achieved by Tonomura and Osakabe while in 1999 Bachtold made measurements of how this effect could cause oscillations of resistance in carbon nanotubes. This effect was first predicted by Ehrenberg and Siday, whose names are occasionally attached to it. The textbook example of this effect is a beam of electrons being split and passing around either side of a solenoid, and then recombining with a phase difference equal to Berry's phase. FTP, name this quantum effect where charged particles are affected by the magnetic vector potential even in regions where the magnetic field is zero.
Answer: Ehrenberg-Siday-Aharonov-Bohm effect (accept: Bohm-Aharonov effect)
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One ruler of this place had a wife Consingis who was reportedly bitten by a dog for her rowdy behavior. For about a year, it was ruled by a female regent Etazeta, who was overthrown by her stepson Ziaelas. Another ruler here was replaced for a time by his brother Socrates Chrestus, but then restored by the army of Manius Aquillius; that king was known as Philopator. First established as a kingdom by Zipoites I, it attained wealth under two kings named Prusias. Containing cities like Apamea, Heraclea, and Chalcedon, the last king of this region, Nicomedes IV, proved unable to defend its borders. Pliny the Younger later served as governor here from 103 to 105 A.D., during which time it was jointly administered with the neighboring province of Pontus. FTP, name this ancient kingdom in Asia Minor, the last refuge of Hannibal.
Answer: Bithynia
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The residents of the place in which this novel is set believe the protagonist will "go away with the wind" shortly after his arrival. That place is characterized by residents as a place of "stone, iron, concrete, and glass and neon lights." The protagonist went to high school in Siriana with two other characters?one who was expelled along with the protagonist and another who loved English literature. The latter, Chui, later became a greedy industrialist, working for a corporate brewery. Other characters include Joseph, the seven-year-old employee of the shopkeeper Abdullah, and Godfrey, who conducts the investigation of the central event in this novel. That event results in the arrest of three chracters plus the protagonist, Munira, who saw the title entities in the flames consuming Wanja's house. For 10 points name this novel by Ngugi wa Thiong'o.
Answer: Petals of Blood
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He wrote the line "O blest stupidity, pious devotion / Able alone to set good souls in motion" in his poem "Sonnet in Praise of the Ass," which was included in a work dedicated to the Bishop of Casmarciano. In addition to writing the essay "A General Account of Bonding" and The Cabala of Pegasus, he wrote a work containing dialogues between Cicada and Tansillo that was dedicated to Philip Sidney. He developed his metaphysics in works like Cause, Principle and Unity, while he wrote several notable works on mnemonics, including The Shadow of Ideas and The Incantation of Circe. In his work Ash Wednesday Supper, he put forth his idea that the universe is infinite and that God is in each person, which led to a confusion of pantheism with Copernican cosmology. For 10 points, name this Italian philosopher who was burned as a heretic in 1600, casting a shadow over the career of Galileo.
Answer: Giordano Bruno
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This ruler came to power after grand pensionary Johan de Witt and his brother were executed by a lynchmob, ending the Act of Seclusion that had barred him from power since the death of his namesake father. Some of his military exploits included capturing Bonn from the elector of Cologne, and forcing the English into signing the second treaty of Westminster. He would build the Het Loo palace, and with the aid of emperor Leopold I, he'd force the French into signing the treaties of Nijmegen. Partly due to his longtime mistress Elizabeth Villiers, he was invited by a group called the "Immortal Seven"; a refusal to swear oath to his rule resulted in the Glencoe Massacre. That rule would be recognized by the French in the Peace of Ryswick, ending the War of the Grand Alliance. FTP, name this victor at the Battle of the Boyne, a Dutch stadtholder who became king of England after the Glorious Revolution.
Answer: William III (in Holland and England, accept William II of Scotland)
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In one of his paintings, a white-haired man in a red cape leans over his harp asleep as gray-and-white figures of warriors appear in the clouds above him, representing his dream. In another of his paintings, a royal figure from Toledo kneels as he extends his hat back with his left arm and leans over to kiss a rapier on a pillow. In addition to painting The Dream of Ossian, this painter depicted the composer Cherubini with the muse of lyric poetry. He painted a nude woman stretching one arm over her head as she pours out a water jug in The Source, while this painter of Portrait of Countess D'Haussonville also painted The Valpincon Bather. Perhaps his most famous portrait shows a blue-dressed woman with a red bow in her hair appearing to scratch her chin. FTP, identify this painter of the Apotheosis of Homer, who painted too many vertebrae on the woman in La Grande Odalisque.
Answer: Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
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In 2001, the AZF fertilizer factory near this city exploded, killing 31 people and injuring several thousand. Its Saint Sernin basilica is one of the largest Romanesque churches in the world. Nicknamed the "rose city" or the "pink city" after the characteristic color of the flat brick used in many of the houses, it features a dam known as the Bazacle built on a natural ford. In April of 1814, the Duke of Wellington defeated Marshal Soult in a siege of this city, which lies on the banks of the Garonne River. The presence of EADS and Airbus make this city, the capital of the midi-Pyrenees region, one of the major growth regions in France. FTP, name this city in southwestern France, capital of historic Occitania, which during the Middle Ages was home to several counts named Raymond.
Answer: Toulouse
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Some ancient sources say his father was not Zeus but rather a grandson of Deucalion, Aethlius. One of his daughters, Eurycyda, had a son with Poseidon named Eleius. His son beat Paeon in a race at Olympia, which meant Epeius became this man's successor while Paeon went into exile. Other sources say he was the father of Aetolus and Narcissus, though in the best-known myth involving him, this son of Calyce has 50 daughters. After a single kiss on Mount Latmos in his sleep, he is said to have begged Zeus for eternal youth and immortality. For 10 points, name this shepherd-king of Elis who was granted undying youth in eternal slumber, the beloved of Selene and subject of an epic poem by Keats.
Answer: Endymion
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Three of this novel's characters attend a school visually dominated by a portrait of Queen Alexandra of Denmark. Another character refuses to speak aloud in class due to his Australian accent and spends much of his time in his parents' attic. Early in the novel, one character brings his friend to a place he calls Elvedon to assuage her jealousy of Jinny. A character known as "the poet" falls in love while watching his friend flick the back of his neck. That friend is eventually thrown by his horse in India, after which Rhoda finds consolation in an opera house. In the final section, narrated by the "maker of phrases," it is revealed that Rhoda has killed herself, while at an earlier gathering at Hampton Court Bernard had compared the six-sided flower on the dinner table to Percival, their deceased mutual friend. Described by its author as a "play-poem," this is, for 10 points, what novel by Virginia Woolf?
Answer: The Waves
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One ruler of this place, Kpengla, is thought to have constructed its "Royal Road" and was succeeded by Agonglo, who was reportedly poisoned by Dogan. Adonon and Hwanjile were two people who held its rather unique office of kpojito, which translates roughly as "wives of the leopard." One of its rulers captured Ouidah, the capital of the Savi kingdom, and was forced to pay tribute to the Oyo kingdom; that king Agaja later expanded its territory by conquering Allada. It has been referred to as "Black Sparta" for its use of female troops known as its namesake Amazons. A man known as "King Shark," Behanzin, was the eleventh of its twelve kings and led its resistance against the French. FTP, name this Fon kingdom which lasted from about 1650 to 1894 in modern-day Benin.
Answer: Dahomey (or Benin before mentioned)
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At one point in this play, one character is too occupied by keeping a sparrow away from a cat to open the door. Alain and Georgette, servants to one of the central characters, provide comic relief, while another character in this work who believes that babies come from the ear is forced to recite ten sayings by her master. The central character's plans backfire upon the arrival of his friend's brother-in-law, Enrique, to whose daughter the central character's rival is to be betrothed. That friend, Chrysalde, is hesitant from the start about his friend's plans for marriage. In the end, a marriage is arranged between Oronte's son?who has been confiding in Monsieur de la Souche, the main character in disguise?and the main character's ward. Horace and Agnes find happiness in spite of Arnolphe's plans for a cuckold-free existence in, for 10 points, what play by Moliere?
Answer: The School for Wives or L'Ecole des femmes
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It arises from a population known as initials, and its namesake identity genes activate a cascade involving cadastral genes. Vegetative types are known as inflorescence and give rise to bracts as well as floral varieties. Often featuring a tunica-corpus organization, one type features the quiescent center, a region of cells that rarely divide but can be induced to replicate after an injury. Following Frits Went's experiment with coleoptile tips, auxins were found to be produced in it. Responsible for primary growth, it gives rise to the stem and ground varieties as well as protoderm and procambium, which go on to form the epidermis, endodermis, and stele. FTP, name this totipotent plant tissue responsible for shoot and root growth.
Answer: apical meristem (accept "meristem" before "initials," otherwise prompt)
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The protagonist of this novel is injured after the passing of a noisy gasoline truck, which leads to him being cut by a wire. Another character, Mahailey, helps raise the protagonist until he matriculates at Temple College, where he is disillusioned by the attitudes of reverend Arthur Weldon. The protagonist's brother Bayliss unsuccessfully endeavors to marry his friend Gladys Farmer, who disapproves of the protagonist's marriage to the tee-totalling vegetarian Enid Royce. After Enid leaves for China to care for her sister the protagonist joins the army, in which he befriends the erstwhile violinist David Gerhardt, but under the command of Colonel Maxey he is killed on the front lines. Claude Wheeler fights in World War I in, for 10 points, what Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Willa Cather?
Answer: One of Ours
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In one work by this composer, the duration of each note in the cantus firmus is determined by the vowel on which it is sung. That piece is the Mass Puer natus est nobis, and another sacred work is the antiphon Gaude gloriosa Dei mater. Partsongs by this composer include Like as the Doleful Dove and O Ye Tender Babes. He set the first two lessons for Maundy Thursday in his two sets of Lamentations of Jeremiah, and the consort song Ye Sacred Muses is an elegy for him written by his countryman William Byrd. Another work, sometimes sung with the alternate English text "Sing and glorify," is his forty-part motet Spem in alium. FTP, identify this 16th-century English composer who provided the theme for a Fantasia by Ralph Vaughan Williams.
Answer: Thomas Tallis
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TB. This was the subject of a paper by Erich Fromm presented to the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. The most straightforward declaration of this idea came in Nixon's inaugural address and was presented as a variation on the policies instituted by George Kennan. It came to a peak with the affirmation of human rights at the Helsinki Conference, though a failure to follow those accords led it to be referred to as "a one-way street," while Gerald Ford referred to this policy as "peace through strength." Its successes included the establishment of a hot line after the Cuban Missile Crisis, Nixon's visits to China and Moscow, and the SALT talks. Chiefly associated with Henry Kissinger, FTP, name this "era of negotiation" between the US and the USSR during the Cold War.
Answer: Detente
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TB. Secundus of Tigisis layed the foundations for it at the Synod of Cirta when he was forced to call off his investigation of traditors. "Laudes Deo" was the cry used by members of its proselytizing wing, which was known as the Agonistici. Prominent members include Tychonius and Parmenianus, and this group particularly targeted bishops who had surrendered their Bibles during persecutions. The controversy over them was sparked by Felix of Aptunga's ordination of Mensurius's successor, Caecilianus, as bishop of Carthage. For 10 points, name this North African heresy that said priests who had sinned could not perform valid rituals.
Answer: Donatism [or the Donatist Schism, etc]
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TB. Helicobacter pylori contains genes for homologs of this protein, allowing it to survive inside the stomach. Deficiency of its type II variety is autosomal recessive and results in osteopetrosis and cerebral calcification. It can be inhibited by acetazolamide, methazolamide, and dichlorphenamide, all of which are used to treat glaucoma. In hippocampal cells, it regulates GABA theta activity, while renal tubule cells utilize it in conserving bases and parietal cells use it to generate HCl for stomach acid. Its discovery in 1932 made it the first known enzyme to utilize a zinc-containing active site. With one of the highest turnover numbers of any known enzyme, this is, FTP, what enzyme that rapidly converts carbon dioxide and water into bicarbonate and protons?
Answer: carbonic anhydrase
2008 ACF Nationals Bonuses by Stanford
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J.S. Bach once walked over 250 miles from Arnstadt to Lubeck to hear this man play the organ. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Baroque-era organist and composer whose works include the Variations on an Aria by Lully, as well the sacred cantatas Membra Jesu Nostri and Was frag ich nach der Welt.
Answer: Dietrich Buxtehude
[10] This later composer created six symphonies, including "The Four Temperaments" and "Det Uudslukkelige," or "The Inextinguishable."
Answer: Carl Nielsen
[10] Buxtehude and Nielsen were both born in this country, whose other music includes the Tango Jalousie by Jacbob Gade and the Champagne Galop by Hans Christian Lumbye.
Answer: Denmark
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Answer these questions about a monthly dinner party organized by the Fabians, the Coefficients Dining Club FTPE:,
[10] The dinners were organized by this husband and wife who helped found the London School of Economics and wrote a History of Trade Unionism.
Answer: Sidney and Beatrice Webb
[10] Another attendee of the dinner parties was this geographer, who argued for the "heartland theory" in his Geographical Pivot in History.
Answer: Halford John Mackinder
[10] Always showing up with a dirty cravat was this pacifist philosopher who wrote German Social Democracy, Why I am Not a Christian, and A History of Western Philosophy.
Answer: Bertrand Russell
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Structural proteins play a major role in cell biology. FTPE,
[10] This protein can change from its G type to the F type, polymerizing to form microfilaments.
Answer: actin
[10] The shape of red blood cells is maintained because a meshwork of this ankyrin-bound protein stabilizes the plasma membrane.
Answer: spectrin
[10] The nuclear membrane is buttressed by filaments of these coiled coil proteins. They become phosphorylated during mitosis, leading to the breakdown of the nuclear envelope.
Answer: nuclear lamins
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Answer the following about electrolytes, FTPE.,
[10] Electrolytes tend to decrease the cloud point of these chemicals. These substances assemble into micelles at the CMC and act to reduce the surface tension at interfaces between oil and water molecules.
Answer: surfactants (or accept detergents)
[10] This doubly eponymous law relates the ionic strength of an electrolyte to the common logarithm of its mean ionic activity coefficient. It's used more commonly than the Pitzer equation to calculate activity coefficients.
Answer: Debye-Huckel limiting law
[10] Electrolyte solutions separated by a semi-permeable membrane may display this biologically important phenomenon in which a species may be unevenly distributed across the membrane. Sometimes partly named for Gibbs, it results in different osmotic pressures and the formation of an electric potential.
Answer: Gibbs-Donnan effect or equilibrium
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The violation of this symmetry was first observed in kaons by Cronin and Fitch in 1964. FTPE:,
[10] Name this transformation, which consists of turning particles into their antiparticles, and simultaneously reflecting their spatial coordinates through the origin.
Answer: Charge conjugation - Parity
[10] CP violation can only occur if there exist imaginary terms in this 3 by 3 unitary matrix. This matrix relates quark mass eigenstates to weak eigenstates, thus describing how the weak interaction can change quark flavor.
Answer: Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix
[10] The fact that CP violation is negligible in QCD is known as the "strong CP" problem. This hypothetical particle was postulated by Roberto Peccei and Helen Quinn to solve the strong CP problem.
Answer: axion
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Answer the following about experimental physics, FTPE.,
[10] Invented by Quate, Gerber and Binnig, this device can operate in either tapping or contact mode, and is used to measure surface morphology with unprecedented accuracy. It built on an earlier invention of Binnig's, expanding to non-conductive samples instead.
Answer: AFM (or atomic force microscope) accept scanning force microscope
[10] Based on the Josephson effect, this device is used to measure magnetic fluxes with accuracy on the single flux quantum level. It has DC and RF versions, and was famously used in a 1982 experiment by Cabrera, claiming the detection of magnetic monopoles:
Answer: SQUID (superconducting quantum interference device)
[10] This electron-beam based spectroscopic technique is based on its namesake effect and is used ubiquitously in materials science to determine surface composition. An electron gun is fired at the target and the emitted electrons are swept into a cylindrical mirror analyzer.
Answer: AES (or Auger electron spectroscopy)
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The protagonist of this film hitchhikes with an escaped convict who had been sent to jail for ripping one of those "Do Not Remove Under the Penalty of Law" labels off of a mattress. For ten points each:,
[10] Identify this 1985 comedy directed by Tim Burton. The titular gray-suited, childlike man spends most of the film searching for his stolen bicycle. The movie features quotes like "I'm a loner, Dottie. A rebel" and "I know you are, but what am I?"
Answer: Pee-wee's Big Adventure
[10] This man-child is Pee-wee's archenemy. He wants Pee-wee's bike for his birthday, but when Pee-wee refuses to sell it, this character steals it. He and Pee-wee engage in a massive underwater fight in his pool.
Answer: Francis Buxton
[10] Francis was played by this actor, who also had a cameo with the line "Hey, that's Enrico Palazzo!" in The Naked Gun. You might also know him for playing Chubby in Teen Wolf.
Answer: Mark Holton
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This tariff was at the center of the key Supreme Court case Nix v. Hedden, which asked whether a tomato was a fruit or a vegetable. The Court emphatically answered vegetable. FTPE:,
[10] Name this Tariff of 1883 enacted under Chester Arthur, which was given its rather unique nickname because it satisfied nobody.
Answer: "Mongrel" Tariff of 1883
[10] Clever phrases must have been a dime a dozen at the time, because the election of the following year saw Reverend Samuel Burchard notably refer to the Democrats as the party of these three morally suspect things.
Answer: "Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion" (also accept Rum, Romanism, and Ruin)
[10] Of course, this other fun term taken from an Algonquin phrase was used in 1884 by Charles Dana and others to describe persons who switched their support away from Blaine to Cleveland.
Answer: Mugwumps
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It contains the ionosphere and is home to the auroras. FTPE,
[10] Name this layer of the atmosphere, which begins just above the mesopause at a height of around 80 kilometers above the Earth.
Answer: thermosphere
[10] The thermosphere also contains this demarcation; set at 100 km and named for a Hungarian scientist, it marks the end of aeronautics and the beginning of astronautics.
Answer: Karman line
[10] This series of aeronautical missions used jet-powered airplanes to reach the lower part of the thermosphere, providing valuable data on hypersonic airflow for future missions. Joe Walker twice exceeded the 100 km height, attaining an altitude record in August of 1963.
Answer: X-15
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The McGucken Committee was called in response to this event, which was sparked by the wounding of Joe Dacy Coleman. FTPE:,
[10] Name these disturbances in 1943 which saw servicemen employ taxis to comb the city looking to exact revenge upon pachucos.
Answer: Zoot Suit Riots
[10] Seventeen defendants were sent to jail as part of a mass trial in this murder case, which revolved around the killing of Jose Diaz and was a direct precursor to the Zoot Suit riots. It's often named for an irrigation ditch north of Los Angeles where the murder occurred.
Answer: Sleepy Lagoon case (or People v. Zammora)
[10] By early June, the Zoot Suit riots spread to this Los Angeles neighborhood, which saw six days of more famous rioting in 1965 after the arrest of Marquette Frye.
Answer: Watts
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He painted his fresco Madonna del Sacco in a lunette in the Santissima Annunziata. FTPE:,
[10] Name this painter and pupil of Piero di Cosimo, most famous for his Madonna of the Harpies.
Answer: Andrea del Sarto
[10] This pupil of Andrea del Sarto created works such as Joseph in Egypt, but a better known work may be his Deposition in Santa Felicita, which shows a man with strangely pink skin carrying the body of Jesus.
Answer: Jacopo Pontormo (or Jacopo Carucci )
[10] Pontormo created this lunette fresco in the Medici Villa in Poggio a Caiano. This fresco depicts two figures from a story from Ovid's Metamorphoses.
Answer: Vertumnus and Pomona
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His one-act plays include Cathleen Listens In and The End of the Beginning, FTPE:,
[10] Name this playwright better-known for plays about Donal Davoren and Juno Boyle.
Answer: Sean O'Casey
[10] This O'Casey play centers on the effects of the Easter Rising on Nora Clitheroe, Fluther Good, and other residents of a Dublin tenement. It takes its name from the appearance of the Irish flag at the time.
Answer: The Plough and the Stars
[10] The Dreamer chides the Atheist for bringing up the Young Woman without poetry in this morality play by O'Casey.
Answer: Within the Gates
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It is released from the posterior pituitary in response to drop in blood pressure. FTPE,
[10] Name this peptide hormone that increases water absorption in the mammalian nephron, leading to a rise in blood volume and pressure.
Answer: antidiuretic hormone or ADH or vasopressin
[10] ADH causes a rise in water permeability because it induces the cells of the nephron to form more of these transmembrane proteins. Peter Agre won the 2003 Nobel Prize for discovering them.
Answer: aquaporins
[10] This form of diabetes is caused by a deficiency of ADH and is characterized by increased, dilute urine output.
Answer: diabetes insipidus
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The immediate cause of this conflict was "The Law for Reforming the Penal Code," a decree released by President Plutarco Calles. FTPE:,
[10] Name this war fought from 1926 to 1929 against a number of anti-Catholic measures adopted by the Mexican government.
Answer: Cristero war/rebellion
[10] The Cristeros complaints dated back to anti-Catholic provisions of the Mexican Constitution adopted under this president, who ran on the Plan of Guadalupe and served for six years prior to Alvaro Obregon.
Answer: Venustiano Carranza
[10] The Guadalupe Plan attacked Madero, as did this document drafted by Emiliano Zapata, which promoted Orozco as the leader of the Revolution and echoed a cry of "Land and Freedom!"
Answer: Plan of Ayala
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One character in this work encounters a metaphysical entity that chooses to present itself in the form of Colonel Sanders. FTPE:,
[10] Name this novel, the chapters of which alter between the story of Nakata and the title character, who spends his time reading Burton's A Thousand and One Nights.
Answer: Kafka on the Shore or Umibe no Kafuka
[10] Kafka on the Shore is a novel by this author of Norwegian Wood and a novel featuring Boris the Manskinner.
Answer: Haruki Murakami
[10] Kafka also reads the complete works of this Meiji-era author of the novels The Three-Cornered World and I am a Cat.
Answer: Soseki (Kinnosuke) Natsume
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It's first chapter is entitled Descartes' Myth, and this work introduces the author's idea of the "category mistake." For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this 1949 work of philosophy that attacks Cartesian dualism, criticizing the separation of mind and matter as the "dogma of the Ghost in the Machine."
Answer: The Concept of Mind
[10] This Oxford philosopher wrote The Concept of Mind, as well Plato's Progress. In 1947, he succeeded G.E. Moore as editor of the journal Mind.
Answer: Gilbert Ryle
[10] This 1954 work by Ryle is based on his Tarner lectures delivered at Cambridge. In one section of this work, Ryle analyzes the paradox of Achilles and the tortoise, showing that Achilles will indeed catch up with the tortoise.
Answer: Dilemmas
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A young composer loves an elderly Japanese painter who has had a double mastectomy in his prose poem "A Story About the Body." For 10 points each:,
[10] Identify this Berkeley professor and poet, who writes that "all the new thinking is about loss" in his "Meditation at Lagunitas" and whose collections include Sun Under Wood and Time and Materials.
Answer: Robert Hass
[10] Hass has helped translate several volumes of this other Berkeley poet's work from the Polish, including Facing the River and Second Space. He is better known for The Captive Mind, a novel attacking the Stalinist control of leftist thought, and for making the first translation of The Wasteland into Polish.
Answer: CzesBaw MiBosz
[10] Robert Hass was succeeded as Poet Laureate by this Stanford classmate of his, whose works include The Want Bone and a translation of Dante's Inferno as well as the experimental floppy-disk-based novel Mindwheel.
Answer: Robert Pinsky
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This man drank three drops of a potion that Ceridwen brewed for Morfran, thereby acquiring wisdom and poetic genius. for 10 points each,
[10] Name this youth, who was then swallowed whole by Ceridwen.
Answer: Gwion Bach
[10] Gwion Bach was reborn as this mythical Welsh bard who was found and raised by Elphin.
Answer: Taliesin
[10] This prince, the son of Maelgwn Gwynedd, tries to rape Elphin's wife, but Taliesin saves her by swapping her for a look-alike.
Answer: Rhun
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Answer the following about German-language novels from the latter half of the 20th century, FTPE.,
[10] The Pergamon Altar and Gericault's Raft of the Medusa are two of the artworks that receive extensive discussion in this author's three-part novel The Aesthetics of Resistance. He is also known for The Investigation.
Answer: Peter Weiss
[10] This novel, centering on the dwarf Oskar Matzerath, forms the first installment of its author's Danzig trilogy.
Answer: The Tin Drum or Die Blechtrommel
[10] Dr Henry Selwyn, Paul Bereyter, Ambros Adelwarth, and Max Ferber title the four sections of his The Emigrants, and other works include The Rings of Saturn and Austerlitz.
Answer: Winfried Georg Sebald
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This meeting resulted in agreement to preserve the territorial integrity of the Papal States and move the Italian government from Turin to Florence. FTPE:,
[10] Name this 1864 convention at which Napoleon III agreed to remove French troops from Rome.
Answer: September Convention
[10] This pope from 1846 to 1878 rebuffed all efforts of the Italian government to return to Rome until he became a prisoner in the Vatican after the taking of the Papal States; he also convoked the First Vatican Council.
Answer: Pope Pius IX
[10] Count Ponza di San Martino negotiated a letter with Pius IX to take Rome as a delegate of this ruler. He had been named the first king of a unified Italy in 1861 and would rule until succession by Umberto I in 1878.
Answer: Victor Emmanuel II of Italy
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He stole the flying chariot Pushpaka from his half-brother Kubera. For 10 points each:,
[10] Name this king of the asuras and lord of Lanka, who abducts Sita in the Ramayana.
Answer: Ravana
[10] This Hindu festival commemorates Rama's victory over Ravana by burning effigies of Ravana, his brother Kumbhakarna, and his son Indrajit.
Answer: Dusshera
[10] The burning of Ravana bears some resemblance to this Islamic ritual, performed during Hajj, in which pilgrims at Mina throw things at pillars in defiance of temptation.
Answer: ramy al-jamarat [accept Stoning of the Devil or reasonable equivalents]
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Dutch author Edward Douwes Dekker or Multatuli referred to it as to the `emerald belt'. FTPE, answer the following about locations in Indonesia.,
[10] This Islam-inclined province on the northwest tip of Sumatra has been particularly keen on its independence, with a violent separatist movement being active until 2005.
Answer: Aceh (or Atjeh or Achin or Acheh)
[10] This Indonesian island of 3 million souls is located due east of Bali, from which it is separated by its namesake strait. On the other side, the Alas Strait separates it from Sumbawa to its east.
Answer: Lombok
[10] This strait separates Borneo from Sulawesi and connects the Java Sea on its south to the Celebes Sea in the north. It contains islands like Laut and Sebuku as well as the port of Balikpapan.
Answer: Makassar Strait
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There's always the archbishop of Canterbury to blame when things go wrong. Name these archbishops, FTPE.,
[10] This archbishop of Canterbury was invested by Innocent III in 1207, against the will of King John. He was instrumental in drafting the Magna Charta.
Answer: Stephen Langton
[10] When Mary Tudor succeeded Edward VI, she had Thomas Cranmer executed, and installed this man as the last catholic archbishop of Canterbury; he would also serve as her chief minister.
Answer: Reginald Cardinal Pole
[10] This archbishop of Canterbury under Charles I colluded with the Long Parliament during the English civil war; a fervent supporter of Charles, his beheading would precede Charles's by 4 years.
Answer: William Laud
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Answer the following questions about a guy with a cool name, Tomas Transtromer, FTPE:,
[10] Tomas Transtromer hails from this country, also the homeland of Par Lagerkvist and Selma Lagerlof.
Answer: Kingdom of Sweden or Konungariket Sveriga
[10] Transtromer wrote a poem about a "dream" of this Russian conductor and composer, who is best known for composing Islamey: an Oriental Fantasy and bringing together "The Five."
Answer: Mily Alexeyevich Balakirev
[10] Many of Transtromer's works were translated into English by this poet of The Teeth Mother Naked at Last and Loving a Woman in Two Worlds.
Answer: Robert Bly

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